Best 13 Gallon White Tall Kitchen Trash Bags Eco Friendly Drawstring

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1. Gallon Clear Trash Bags Contractors

Gallon Clear Trash Bags Contractors

It is possible to fit simplehuman H, Q, K, M, N, J liners and trash cans. The bag is kept in place by the durable drawstring. CSR clear recycling trash bags are as tough as it gets. 1.5 mil thick gauge means your project will stay puncture, tear, leak and frustration free. CSR premium recycle bags are tough on cans, bottles and paper, not on your wallet. They provide the same value as the big brands at 20 cents per bag. All Aluf trash bags are made in the United States of America. Their bags are packed neatly and dispersed one at a time so no bag is wasted.

Brand: Aluf Plastics

👤These are not heavy duty or equivalent to 1.5 mil. They are thin and weak. The bags I've been using are much stronger and thicker. I don't understand what they mean by "equivalent", because I thought that was a term used to compare high density plastics to low density plastics. Most of us know what low density is when we buy trash bags like Glad or Hefty. There is a lot of stretch. High density plastic is much stronger than other plastic, but it is more rigid and easier to tear. The bags used to bag our purchases are usually thinner and denser. These bags are stretchy and thin. My finger would go right through them. These are going back, so I didn't poke a hole. The merchant needs more information.

👤I have a 1.3 mil bag and it doesn't meet the 1.5 mil rating in the description. I cannot measure the thickness of the bags, but I can compare them against another bag. I have not tried as it could rip. For simple light items that don't have sharp edges, this is more than enough. Paper was shredded.

👤These are not 33 gallon trash bags. I have a 23 gallon trash can and these are shorter than the liners I used before. There is a The quality is not as strong as others I have purchased. There is a Disappointed with the purchase. Won't be buying them again.

👤The order just arrived. It would be 33 gallon bags, and 27 bags here. Very disappointed. I have to go through the hassle of a return to get the rest of the bags. ughhh

👤I ordered 1.5mil but these were much thinner. I bought 1.5mil and 1.2mil brands to make sure I got another brand. They were both larger than these. I won't buy them again.

👤A good product, but I wanted a thicker paper. I didn't have to worry about the bag ripping because this is not as thick as I was looking for.

👤It was very cheap and thin. I could put as much in the bag as I wanted because it started to tear.

👤The packaging is cheap and low quality. It's not good for lawn clippings. Maybe for empty soda cans.

2. Hippo Sak Kitchen Recycled Plastic

Hippo Sak Kitchen Recycled Plastic

The liners are multi-function. Garbage bags can be used indoors and outdoors, but also for applications such as cat litter, dog dung, car waste, etc. They are easy to store and carry around. It was collected along the beach before entering the ocean. The 13 gallon tall kitchen bag is made in the USA. The film is puncture resistant. The Powerstrip is patented. Extra Wide handles for easier lifting.

Brand: Hippo Sak

👤They say it's "ocean plastic". It is plastic that might get into the ocean. My plastic water bottle might eventually get into the ocean, though this doesn't make it "ocean plastic." " It's only 20% of what's meant by "ocean plastic", the rest is other plastic. " Don't be deceived by misleading manufacturers.

👤I was excited by the idea of using recycled plastic. Hipposak makes a variety of bags, which have good user reviews. I decided to buy it. The bag was rolled out from the cutout. The bag with its handles was perfectly wrapped around my trash can and did not dip regardless of the weight added. I still had room to tie the handles for an easy pickup at the end. There is a These things have always been a fight for me with trash bags. I am happy with my purchase and would recommend this product to others.

👤It's a bag. It needs to hold garbage. I'm not throwing fresh plastic away because these are made with recycled plastic. They hold up well in our use. They fit our garbage cans perfectly, which is nice since some brands fit better than others. It's easy to tie and not break when stuffed. It's nice to know that they don't leak, since I learned this the hard way, and it's not a huge deal for me since we don't have that problem a lot. These bags are perfect. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤The bags fit a 13 gallon trash can perfectly. The handles are strong. Our favorite trash can is here. The Hippo company makes great products. We usually buy their bags made from plants, but we decided to use these because we liked the idea that the plastic in the ocean will be reduced, and jobs will be created.

👤Almost yard quality bags are very durable. There is no weird plastic smell.

👤The bags I have ever purchased are truly the best. I bought them so I could help save the world. They are the bomb in garbage bags, so you will be completely satisfied if you purchase them. I am so happy that they were available and we used them at our cabin. It's nice to have them at my door. I have them at home as well. Thank you Amazon! Thank you, hippo!

👤The 13 gallon recycled bags I usually use are taller than these, which is nice since we often overfill our kitchen garbage, but there is still plenty of room to tie. I have not had an issue with bags leaking or breaking over the course of a week.

👤Good for ecology, which is important these days.

👤A little heavy to use but worth it.

3. Glad Tall Handle Tie Kitchen Trash

Glad Tall Handle Tie Kitchen Trash

Their bags are packed neatly and dispersed one at a time so no bag is wasted. There are 13 GALLON white plastic. Trash bags. Glad's 13 gallon garbage bag is ideal for handling kitchen and household demands. The gasoline can liner. The Glad 13 gallon trash can liners feature a diamond design that allows the tall trash bags to stretch at the top while the reinforced bands contain bulk through the middle. There are 15 GALLON white plastic. Trash bags. Glad's 13 gallon garbage bag is ideally sized to handle kitchen and household demands. The tall kitchen trash bags were designed with Glad strength in mind. Glad 13 gallon trash bags are easy to clean and can be used to tackle any household chore. Glad 13 gallon trash bags are easy to clean and can be used to tackle any household chore.

Brand: Glad Trash & Food Storage

👤I've been using this product for a long time. They stopped selling them in the supermarkets. They were there when I checked on Amazon. I have been buying them on Amazon. They are easy to tie. I like hanging the handles over the door knob. Great product!

👤These bags are the best garbage bags. I worked as a design engineer. The design of these bags is the best. I have never had a handle tear loose from a bag because the handles connect to the bag in a manner that ensures maximum strength. These bags are easy to use and the best available. The handles are used in the proper container for ease of use. Lift the bag and tie the handles together. All of the other bag types with built in draw string handles are very weak and are only used as a marketing ploy to imply added value to justify a higher price. If these will work for you, please give them a try. The bag is simple.

👤These are the best trash bags on the market. They are made of plastic that is strong. The handles are great to pull the bag out and tie it up. They are better than the bags. You should try these if you haven't already.

👤There is a 13 gal can in the kit. Have used many types of draw string bags. I don't want to ever use a draw string again after giving these a try. The bags are tough and perfect for my can. When you tie the bag up using the loops, it will hold up. You put a trash can outside and later realize you have one more mess to dump. You put a fresh bag in Kit Can and don't want to smell it. No problem! You should bring the mess to the bag. You're good if you easily untie the bag. Whatever the composition of the bags is, it's perfect to hold the tie you just made and can be undone as well. I had to untie these on reg bases. I always buy the 4pk in stores because it's cheaper. Don't bother stocking these, Stop/Shop, Target. Don't ask why. There is an important update on 3/7/22. I stopped using the Glad bags as they changed their formula and acidic liquids. I use "Hippo Sak" 13 gal. The Hippo Sak has a lot of saliva. No acid burn through.

👤The local stores don't stock these anymore. I don't like the "draw string" variety, it tends to tear the bag when you draw it, and I don't like it at all. It wouldn't surprise me if Glad discontinued these, since so many companies have discontinued their best offerings recently. These are easy to tie and are durable.

👤They were of a lesser quality, but had been changed because they weren't as thick. I have the same ones in my basement. The handle ties are the best. It takes a long time for the lint to pile up in the laundry room and I would need to change the bag. The ones in my basement look and act the same as these. I threw the box away because they are hard to find in stores, but I can't say that the measurements are the same. GLAD AHNDLE TIE bags should not be stopped.

4. Seventh Generation Drawstring Kitchen Trash

Seventh Generation Drawstring Kitchen Trash

Natural resources are saved. Post consumer content is 45% of recycled plastic.

Brand: Seventh Generation

👤We've been buying the major brands of trash bags for a while but one day I saw Seventh Generation on sale. I decided to try it. I'm very happy I did. Our main complaint is how frail the trash bags are. They are very easy to put in the trash can. They are my go to for that. I was surprised by the reviews of other people. We did not experience any unpleasant odors. I'm not sure if they bought a scented one or the standard one.

👤They are a crappier version of the not/less eco-friendly version. The bags tear through normal use and are a pain to put in the can. They haven't burst yet, but there are always holes, and sometimes I have to carry it out in a cart for fear it will burst. There is a They are better for the environment. They are not great at what they are used for.

👤We use Seventh Generation products all the time. TP, paper towels, detergents, dish soaps, etc. are all done by a good company. There is a Wow, that said... Garbage bags are not something I have experienced before. See the pictures. Did I overfill the first bag? The previous bags could hold more. The second bag was only 50% capacity. You can save time and get a different garbage bag if you love Seventh Gen.

👤These bags are my go-to trash bags. I had them on my list for a long time. They appear in an email from Amazon as a product I might like, so I snap them up whenever I can. They fit my trash can perfectly and are very strong.

👤We use them all the time. They have not had a break when carrying it out doors. The bags do what they're supposed to do without tearing, and it's easy to separate them from each other.

👤At least put a claim of'scent' on the box. It was disappointing and a miserable experience for people with sensitive skin.

👤I wanted to like them. There is a Everything about them is wrong. I'm an average trash person in terms of how much I generate, I'm single and haven't cooked in a while. My trash isn't intense. The material is very thin and easy to rip. All your trash will always be slightly open at the top because the handles don't tighten all the way to tie them together. I tried to recycle them, but they still ripped. I think my shredder is the only thing that these might be useful for.

👤Recently have been sprayed with a bad perfume smell. I love Seventh Generation products. I wrote to the company and hope they bring back the unscented variety. I encourage others to write as well.

👤Work as well as any other brand, but are better for the environment. We're happy with their strength and quality.

👤Cheap bags work well enough, though they are not "tough" by any means and the red draw strap to close them is very flimsy and often breaks. Don't buy if you need a strong bag.

5. Neat Gallon Drawstring Trash Bags

Neat Gallon Drawstring Trash Bags

Superbio bags are 100% compostable. They are guaranteed to be strong, durable and tear- resistant when used according to the recommended usage directions. There are patented processing technologies. The handle tie and star sealed reinforced bottom hold the heaviest load. The 30 gallon trash bags are fortified using advanced film technology. They made trash day a lot smarter by being resistant to puncture, tears, and leaks. 50% recycled material is used in their bags to help the environment. It's good to know you're helping to decrease your carbon footprint. The inside of the bag is white to give a clean, pure look to your kitchen. When it's time to take the bag out, the outside is black to hide what's inside. The neutralizing technology kills odor at the smallest level. It's neat that there is no smell. Their Firm Fit is the only one that grips the 13 gallon can without ripping. It was easy on and easy off.

Brand: Neat Trash Bags

👤Everything about the trash bags is wonderful. I can't tie it up before I pull it out of my trashcan because it breaks the string. It is the best trash bag I have ever owned because I pulled it out of the trashcan.

👤I only gave one star for scent because I don't like scented trash bags. The review is now on. I will buy again. These bags are up to their promises.

👤It works well with our trash can.

👤I don't like the smell of trash bags. These are just trash bags that can be used for anything. Trash bags like these are hard to find in brick and mortar stores. I will buy again.

👤The trash bags have stood up to a lot of use. I've never had a pizza box leak like with other brands, even if it was the entire box. The handles are easy to tie off and long enough that you can get a good grasp on them when carrying them into a dumpster. It's a plus in my book that there is no scent.

👤I ordered this product for the second time and the box arrived with no packaging at all. It was open as well. Not good.

👤They hold up well. Don't leak. The drawstring is not very good. That is the reason for 4 stars. It's a good buy for the price.

👤Good target for kitchen trash can. I won't buy bags with ties that break.

6. Seventh Generation Drawstring Kitchen Trash

Seventh Generation Drawstring Kitchen Trash

Extra strength is ideal for kitchen waste. Convenient closing. Made from recycled plastic. Trash bags from virgin plastic are more sustainable. There is Certified Frustration-Free Packaging on the ship.

Brand: Seventh Generation

👤I was searching for trash bags that were actually non-toxic when these popped up, but no where on the box or website did I find out they were actually non-toxic. If you want to use a bag made from recycled plastic, do not buy it, it will last forever in a landfill.

👤Very good value for the price. I fill them up with all kinds of stuff, including jars and sharp items, because they aren't the strongest. I emptied the entire can into the dumpster because I was too nervous to pull it out. These hold up well for most of the time. I will be buying them again.

👤The bags were cheap. They aren't durable. They broke quickly. I ripped the trash bag out of the trash can. I thought it was just that one bag. It was not possible to double the bags because they will rip.

👤These are environment friendly. You need to push your arm through to open the bag because they are wrinkled. The garbage smell will go through because they don't hold air, and they have tiny holes. They are so thin, candy think they are strong. Any box can make a hole. They are smaller than regular bags. I'm sad that a good sturdy environmental bag hasn't been created yet, but I'm also sad that I lost my money here. Going back to a regular brand. Don't spend your money on these!

👤I didn't notice any smell like others did, because scented bags are gross. These things are very fragile. Not strong or durable. My fingers are like paper. I don't recommend. I like many other 7th Gen products. These are failures.

👤I love most seventh generation products but was excited to see these! I used to not use garbage bags but my wife thought that was disgusting and now we use bags. I think she was correct because now I don't have to clean the garbage can as often. These aren't terrible for the environment since I have to use bags. They are a little pricey but worth it. We haven't had any issues with tearing or looking with these.

👤I ordered them multiple times and had no problems, but I got a hole in the bag when I lined the trash with a bag. Maybe it was just an off day. I am happy with the way Amazon Refunds my money quickly.

👤I feel like I was deceived. I typed in the number of trash bags in the search menu. I saw these were a good price and they were highly rated. I bought them. There are 20. I take most of the blame for not reading this more carefully, but 200 and 20 is a big difference when searching.

7. Biodegradable Thicken Kitchen Garbags Recycling

Biodegradable Thicken Kitchen Garbags Recycling

Their cheese server set is a great gift for any occasion, whether you're looking for wedding registry ideas or searching for the perfect housewarming presents. A new brand is coming soon. The garbage bag is degradeable. The garbage bag is made of plastic and has no handles. 49 liters of different shapes of trash cans can be accommodated in a 13 gallon green kitchen garbage bag. Leak-Proof And Stab-Resistant: The garbage bags are not easy to tear and have a thicker design. Perforated, compact and friendly. Garbage bags can be made stronger by using this material, it can hold a maximum weight of 50 L. What do you get? You will get 4 rolls of trash bags. You can use it in trash bags, kitchen yard garbage bags, recycled materials, garbage disposal, container lining and backyard. If you are not satisfied with their trash bags, please get in touch with them. They will help you solve the problem. You don't need to worry. If you are not satisfied with their trash bags, please get in touch with them. They will help you solve the problem. You don't need to worry.

Brand: Okkeai

👤These are regular plastic bags. It is definitely not compostable. Compost facility will not accept them. There is no certification label for the bags. Green washing from China.

👤I'm trying out a new garbage bag and it wasn't the right one. I've been more conscious of the environment this year. Garbage bags are another step in that direction. I won't be buying this brand again. It was expected that it would be in its packaging. Garbage bags are wrapped inside the box. It's not necessary to wrap bags in another bag, it's still not needed, and it causes unnecessary waste.

👤I contacted the city rep for these bags and she said they were no better than regular plastic bags. If these bags go to a landfill, they would give off methane which is a very powerful greenhouse gas, so it would be worse for the environment. There is only one time when to use bags that are made of bio-degradable material. I wouldn't use them for that either because they aren't certified compostable.

👤I've been looking for a bag that's not made of plastic. There is a Solid enough to hold a decent amount of trash. The price is also great. I am very happy that I don't have to use plastic bags for trash anymore, and feel proud that I am not producing plastic waste that harms the environment, I will recommend this product to anyone.

👤I've tried several bags from Amazon to find one that will fit in the house. This one is the best. It is leak proof and won't cause a stinky brown puddle in the bottom of your can after you accidentally throw an egg yolk in there. The bags are slightly more brittle than other bags that I have tried. Don't throw something straight down, place it gently and you will be good to go. The bag works well in my 13gallon kitchen can.

👤These are better than regular plastic bags. We prefer to use our own bags since our apartment provides tons of them. They are thicker, more durable and make this dirty job less dehumanizing than the others. The price is high. Is the earth worth it?

👤I made a resolution to reduce plastic waste. These bags fit the bill. They are not as strong as traditional plastic bags, so don't jam them full or push the contents down, they will rip because they are not plastic. It was a small annoyance compared to the reduced plastic out there.

👤Very affordable and helpful. I thought they would be flimsy but they are stronger than I thought. I'll be making it again after buying it.

👤They say "Compostable" on the box, but not on the bags. The Region of Waterloo doesn't consider these to be compostable because they don't say so on the bag. This product should have a warning on it that it doesn't meet all codes.

👤They are not actually compostable. There is a Garbage collection stopped accepting them because there was no symbol for it being composted.

8. Neat Gallon Drawstring Trash Bags

Neat Gallon Drawstring Trash Bags

Their Firm Fit is the only one that grips the 13 gallon can without ripping. It was easy on and easy off. The 30 gallon trash bags are fortified using advanced film technology. They made trash day a lot smarter by being resistant to puncture, tears, and leaks. 50% recycled material is used in their bags to help the environment. It's good to know you're helping to decrease your carbon footprint. The inside of the bag is white to give a clean, pure look to your kitchen. When it's time to take the bag out, the outside is black to hide what's inside. The neutralizing technology kills odor at the smallest level. It's neat that there is no smell. Their Firm Fit is the only one that grips the 13 gallon can without ripping. It was easy on and easy off.

Brand: Neat Trash Bags

👤I'm headed into middle age because I'm excited about submitting this review. I think that's correct. I've never been happier with a trash bag. These are very strong. I'm not going to call these trash bags life-changing, but they're close. Excellent value for money. I am very happy with my purchase and will definitely be re-ording these on a regular basis. I would give it 6 stars.

👤I put a small amount of trash in one of the bags and it split along a side seam. One side of the bag seam is reinforced, but the other side is not. There is a small amount of trash in the picture. The bag split. The side seam is reinforced. 7&8 show the other side. I pulled another from the roll and it splintered in my hands as I tried to open it. When you pull the fold, it's very loose and floppy. I made the purchase because of favorable reviews on Amazon. I might have received a bad batches. Even if they are a bit more expensive, I will stick with other well-known and trusted brands. If all of the defects are fixed, this item would be purchased again. The bags are not usable in their present state, so I had to return them.

👤Most of the eco-friendly products I've purchased have been flimsy. The trash bags would be the same. A trash bag is a trash bag, and this isn't a bad price for how many you get. I don't like trash bags, but these are awesome. Sturdy bags. I'm a mom of two kids in diapers and odor control is always a plus. I know many people don't read reviews on trash bags, but if you do, buy the dang things.

👤I thought the bags were great. When we got a third of the box gone, all of them were not seamed correctly on one side and were only good for filling a little less than halfway. I don't know if it was a bad lot or if they are all like that. I'm going to see if I can exchange or get a partial refund. It's not possible to get a refund due to being purchased more than six months ago. If I were you. If you get a bad box, you can still return it. I now know that I'm not the only one with this problem.

👤I don't like buying trash bags. I am buying something that harms the environment. I was excited to see the bags. I read all of the reviews and knew that the seams would rip. I can deal with seams. If you are at the review, you are already at the point where I was. There is a As advances are made, we sacrifice product quality and spend more money. I open the box and pull out the first bag as if I was Charlie searching for a golden ticket. I dropped a pair of jeans in the bag to see if they worked. No! Don't tear down the side. Oh my gosh, NOOO! Maybe the first bag was a result of boxing. 2nd bag, 3rd bag, 4th bag, 11th bag, 20th bag. I give up. The drawstrings are strong and secure.

9. GreenPolly Drawstring Kitchen Trash Gallon

GreenPolly Drawstring Kitchen Trash Gallon

There are 90 blue, tall kitchen trash bags. Less wasteful packaging is in line with their company goals of sustainable development. Heavy duty trash bags made with the highest content of recycled plastic, which is a better choice than traditional trash bags made from 100% Virgin plastic using fossil fuels, are designed for durability when collecting recyclables. The bags are made from recycled content and have a secure drawstring. Their products are made from post-consumer recycled plastic and 10% Green Polyethylene from renewable cane.

Brand: Greenpolly

👤These bags are made from recycled materials. I knew when I bought them that they wouldn't be as strong as the other nonrecycled bags I had been using. I didn't think these bags were durable. The bag is usually ripped off the top half of the time, and I often try to fit it over the top of my garbage cans. I have begun double bagging my garbage with two of these bags, because I think one will rip. I have been successful by making sure I don't fill them all up, but then I find I am still using more garbage bags each week, which feels like it defeats the purpose of using eco-friendly bags. The corners of the boxes result in the bag ripping, so I have tried using these bags for my recyclables that are lighter. I applaud the manufacturers for their work because there is a need for a stronger bag and I hope they continue to work on it.

👤I was not expecting the bags to be as strong as non recycled plastic, but I am happy with them. I feel good about using a product that helps. The bags may tear a little easier, but they are worth it. They are more sturdy than your usual bag.

👤I placed my third order for these bags. I solved the tearing problem by giving the bag a little stretch before opening it. It was a nice snug fit. They are used for mixed stream recycling. The contents of the bag have never caused us to have any issues with leaks or tears. There is a I use these bags to line a 40 L / 10.6 Gal Simple Human recycling/trash can that takes a K size bag. These bags are very sturdy. The bag needs to be stretched a little to fit around the top of the can. The bag will split if it is stretched near the seam. It is still usable, but it is not very secure in the can. The bag is not stretched from the seam. I have used a whole box and am back for more, so clearly I like them enough to buy them again. I like them so much that I will recommend them to you.

👤The bags are a bit stronger than we expected. The product carton does not have a cutout to act as a dispensers area, but it is pretty study. We just cut a piece of the top of the box to feed the bags. There are two rolls of bags in a carton. The roll of bags is the same size as a roll of paper towels and has a single sheet of paper on top. This is not good or bad, it is unusual for this kind of bag. We live in an apartment with trash pickup. We have to separate our recycling from regular trash by putting it in a green or blue bag. The blue bag gets the job done.

👤I needed the bags sooner because my normal brand was back-ordered for months. I wanted eco-friendly and made from recycled product, however they are very thin and break easily with medium kitchen garbage. The bag tore right through when I pulled it out of the basket to replace it with a new one. The bag fell apart when I tried to pull it up. There is a The pull ties are terrible and I believe they make the bags weaker at the top portion.

10. Plant Based Kitchen Handles Gallon

Plant Based Kitchen Handles Gallon

The product is made from sugar cane and not fossil fuel. Made using renewable resources. Trash bags made from recycled or virgin plastic are more sustainable. Guranteed stronger than all leading brands.

Brand: Hippo Sak

👤The bag is made from sugar cane, which is better than a plastic bag. The biggest US sugar cane supplier is located in Florida, which causes the toxins from the sugar flow to Lake Okeechobee, which is then released into the ocean- in the Gulf. The marine life in the Gulf is dying because of the pollution. Don't buy these bags.

👤Not what I thought I was ordering. The box does not indicate that the bags are plant-based. I was disappointed.

👤My fault is that I didn't research and read more into this product. I hope this helps someone. The product is made of plastic and not bio-degradable. I was disappointed in my purchase. You will believe you are buying an eco friendly product if you read all the wonderful descriptions. If you want to reduce plastic consumption, you should beware of this product.

👤I had the option to order larger quantities of the bags. The bags I received are plastic. There is no mention of plant based or biodegradable on the box. Caution with plastic is said on the box. The plant based on the website is only for 45 bags. I will return the item.

👤The reviews said these were the best trash bags ever. Nope. These are amazing. I am looking at a trash bag.

👤Decided to try it out. The water was hung in the shower. There were no leaks after over 24 hours.

👤The box I received did not say "Made from Plants". I tried to contact the manufacturer but they didn't reply. I feel like I was cheated. I'm reporting it to Amazon. I sent a photo of the box I received.

👤I bought these a few months ago and have waited to review them. They are as strong as regular bags and can hold up to gravy and other foods. We left gravy in the bag for 5 days and it did not leak. We will be buying these bags soon. I am trying to get plastic out of my house as much as I can, and these are plant based. I can't tell you how excited I am that I have found this. Thanks for making these great.

👤These fit are better for the environment and I have had no leak issues. Would buy again.

11. Inwaysin Biodegradable Trash Compostable Bags

Inwaysin Biodegradable Trash Compostable Bags

There are multifunctional recycling trash bags. Trash bags are great for many things. Garbage bags made from raw materials can be naturally decomposing in the natural without causing damage to the environment. The regular 13 gallon trash bag measures 61*69.5Cm (24.0*27.4 inch), and their trash bag has an improved size of 63*80 cm (24.8*31.5 inch). A garbage bag can be used to tackle any household chore. Rubbish bags are 1.18mil. Strong to hold garbage. No more leaking and tearing. The compost trash bags are very strong and do not tear easily. The trash bags are odorless and harmless to the human body. Provide a healthy lifestyle for your family. The multi-purpose waste bags are great for kitchen trash bag, food waste collection bag, office trash bin liner, and other organic waste. The multi-purpose waste bags are great for kitchen trash bag, food waste collection bag, office trash bin liner, and other organic waste.

Brand: Inwaysin

👤The product is not certified by either the ASTM D6400 Spec or the BPI Certification and cannot be used for municipal industrial composting services. Misleading.

👤These bags are very nice. I had to figure out a better way to get the bag out without ripping it when I tried to take it out of the trash can. All should be good if you just use your whole hands.

👤These bags are very nice. I have bought other brands before. They were very thin and leak when I use them. I don't put liquids in the garbage. The trash can was rusted. The bags are stronger. They haven't leaked at all. I will order this brand.

👤These are the best trash bags I have ever tried. They are better than everyone else. These are much stronger. The bags are long enough to fit over the top of the trash bin. They're very reasonably priced, which is less expensive than the last two times I tried.

👤These are wonderful! They are strong. I only fill 75% of my trash because it is hard to pull the bag out if it is too full. I bought an elastic to hold the bag in the trash can.

👤I love these bags. I don't over load them. I have smaller ones that I use to load food scraps and messy garbage that goes out once a day and then I use for my bigger van that collects the lighter non rotten stuff. They are not as strong as a Glad bag, but once you get used to using them, you know how to handle them so they don't rip. I am willing to make a trade for a more eco-friendly trash bag.

👤I wanted to be a fan of these bags, but they are not. They don't have a way to tie them.

👤I'm happy to have a bag that is non-biodegradable for my trash container. The others are too small. They always tear when putting them in and taking them out. Always. This is a plus size, so there is no problem with the fit. Thank you! There is a I tied the bag up with some sisal twine to keep the trash out of the trucks. It's so simple! The twine was in a metal can.

👤Strong enough to hold garbage. The bag lasts most of the week because we don't have much garbage. Paper towels are wet and haven't had a bag break yet. I was worried about that. So far, everything's good. I will buy these bags again.


What is the best product for 13 gallon white tall kitchen trash bags eco friendly drawstring?

13 gallon white tall kitchen trash bags eco friendly drawstring products from Aluf Plastics. In this article about 13 gallon white tall kitchen trash bags eco friendly drawstring you can see why people choose the product. Hippo Sak and Glad Trash & Food Storage are also good brands to look for when you are finding 13 gallon white tall kitchen trash bags eco friendly drawstring.

What are the best brands for 13 gallon white tall kitchen trash bags eco friendly drawstring?

Aluf Plastics, Hippo Sak and Glad Trash & Food Storage are some of the best brands that chosen by people for 13 gallon white tall kitchen trash bags eco friendly drawstring. Find the detail in this article. Seventh Generation, Neat Trash Bags and Okkeai are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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