Best Eco Friendly Air Freshener Car

Freshener 3 Dec 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Air Wick 5x0 67oz Essential Freshener

Air Wick 5x0 67oz Essential Freshener

FragRANCE: The refreshing scent of papaya and the soft, delicious scent of vanilla make for a great evening breeze. It provides up to 60 days of continuous and long- lasting fragrance per refill. Natural essential oils are used for a better scent. Escape to a tropical island sunset in Hawaii and enjoy the unspoiled notes of exotic papaya and hibiscus flower. It provides up to 60 days of continuous and long- lasting fragrance per refill. Natural essential oils are used for a better scent.

Brand: Air Wick

👤One of my favorites! I wish it lasted a bit longer.

👤Long lasting scents are very strong and refreshing. The papaya is stronger than the other two.

👤All but one was broken.

2. Freshener Non Aerosol Infused Essential Honeysuckle

Freshener Non Aerosol Infused Essential Honeysuckle

Water content is at least 94% naturally derived. It is made with essential oils and plant-derived ingredients. Any room should be refreshed quickly.

Brand: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

👤If you are considering this spray, you already know what Mrs. Myers Basil smells like. For the price, you get some good value. Sometimes a room just needs a little refresh, so that time-frame between when a window is opened or a candle is lit, and the room feels the effects, is shortened. The spray does a good job. I would recommend it to others. If you are a fan of their Basil scent. The smell won't linger for hours on end. There are no words. I put a lot of time into reviewing everything I buy on Amazon for personal or business use so I can help other people find the item they're looking for. If you found my review helpful, you should hit the "helpful" button below.

👤I use a lot of the Mrs. Meyers products in my house. There is a The spray does not smell like fresh real basil, but it does have a pleasant scent. There is a The bottles arrived undamaged and well packaged. There is a The scent of this product is too light and it will evaporate very quickly. There is a It makes my floors sticky. There is a The Room Air Freshener Spray is a complete waste of money because it is not performing as expected. I will not be buying this spray again.

👤The product smelled great, but the packaging was gross. After trying to save what we could, we only got one full bottle after ordering the minimum of two. There is nothing to cushion the product inside the box.

👤All general purpose cleaner and laundry detergent liquid are included. I ran into this brand in my small town yesterday, and it's rare to see it in stores. It is costly compared to prime prices. I cannot be the best judge with all the Honeysuckle I use.

👤The product is good. The smell is amazing. They did not tape the lid to the bottle for shipping, and one bottle came completely empty, and the package was soaked.

👤One of the bottles was completely empty. I am not sure if it broke or spilled, but I am short half of my order.

👤I love the scent of Mr. Meyer's products. The price on Amazon is great and the store that carries Mr. Meyers is hard to find. This is a great scent. I use it to spray the inside of my car. The scent lasts a long time. The product is a 10 and I wish the spray was a bit sharper.

👤I bought this. I have a bird that is sensitive to cleaning. This product is recommended for use around animals. It works great. The smell is heavenly.

👤Mrs Meyer's home cleaning products are expensive but they don't smell as bad as Zoflora. They work and they last. Thank you.

👤The hand wash smells almost chemical and there's no trace of lavender in it. It was recommended to me for it's delicious scent, but I'm very disappointed. It's very harsh. I will not buy it again.

3. Enviroscents Natural Fresheners Seaside Coconut

Enviroscents Natural Fresheners Seaside Coconut

It is made of all-natural,biodegradable and recyclable paper. Hang from the mirror and enjoy the scent. The right amount of scent is needed for your car, RV, truck or boat. The pure fragrance can be delivered for up to 30 days. There are 3 packs with 6x auto sticks.

Brand: Enviroscents

👤It's a great scent and lasts a while. My co-workers cat smelled and I asked her what it was. She told me about them. I love them! I have used them around the house.

👤The smell of the ocean is powerful, so I think that's positive. If you want your car to smell like a 13 year old boy, just doused yourself with the product and then leave the house and you'll be good to go. I had to wrap it in 2 plastic bags at home to keep the smell out of my nostrils. This brand has lost my trust completely, even though I love the idea of a more natural way to keep your car smelling nice.

👤Since they first came out, I love them. It's hard to find them in stores. Amazon has everything here. Purchase Cherry Punch, Vanilla Bean, and Rainforest often. The reviews on the scent were nice and clean. The scent was not detailed enough. It's a good thing! It smells like strong men's cologne. It was too overpowering for my liking. I don't want my car to smell like men's cologne. These babies will be returned for the cherry punch.

👤I put these in the trunk of my SUV and it makes my vehicle smell great, I'm always getting praise. These are perfect because I don't like having scented items in my vents and they're too overpowering. I just put them in the trunk or under the seats and it works well, I wish they had some type of holder. I don't think the scent lasts very long. The smell could be used as a learning experience.

👤I would like to say thank you to the seller. She went out of her way to make sure I got the right product after I received the wrong product. I love the smell of the air fresheners. I used to buy them at Target, but now I get more bang for my buck here. I like the fact that I can hang them from my rear view mirror instead of my vent. The scent is strong, but not overpowering, and it lasts me about 2 months before I have to replace it. Highly recommend these!

👤The air freshener was strong and smelled like coconut. It smelled like soap. You should read the warning label on the package.

👤I like the scent. It is true. Each time I open my car door, it emits a pleasant scent. The scent is not overpowering while in the vehicle. I have one in my bedroom. I like doing my scented candle. My diffuser makes me sneeze. This does not.

👤The taste is very strange and it looks cheap. Not worth the price.

4. Glade PlugIns Freshener Bathroom Lavender

Glade PlugIns Freshener Bathroom Lavender

The Plug In air freshener will make the air smell better. Oil PlugIns change the mood with 2x more adjustability. Their air freshener dispensers have notes of French lavender, aloe and violet petals. The scent of the air freshener is infused with essential oils. You can enjoy up to 50 days of fragrance with a refill.

Brand: Glade

👤I received all of the items. I ordered air wick plug ins and they were completely full. I will be returning this purchase. You don't pay full price for half empty product.

👤After putting the refill in the warmer, I walk through my hall to see a pool of oil on my carpet and an overwhelming smell from the large amount of oil. I check on all of the things I bought after buying 3 of the 5 that I bought. I thought maybe I did something, so I went back to the directions, and I followed the very simple directions to the T. The oil is not easy to remove from my carpet, the hardwood is fine, but the smell is overwhelming. I should have looked at the reviews first, there have been plenty of people with the same issue, but I only see the issue for the new update. Go with a different version of the product.

👤I don't know if I just received a bad batches, but there is little to no scent. I thought I would buy these because they were cheaper than buying them in the store. Guess I was wrong. They don't have a smell. None of the three plugins that we have around our apartment have anything to do with the passing whif. I checked the outlets that are plugged in and they work, as well as the warmer unit. It is the refill. I bought the refill in the store, but there was no scent. The store bought ones that did not have a scent that was noticeable, while the ones that did had a scent that was noticeable. Maybe it was a bad batches or they were old, but for us they didn't do the job.

👤I have been using lavendar essential oils in candle heated form for a decade to keep my house smelling nice as we have 3 dogs. I thought a plug in scent would be nice, as it would be easy to clean the oil pedestal, and there would be no need to buy more candles. The Lavendar and Aloe scent plug in was purchased by me. Installation is easy, just screw on the top to a jar and plug into the wall with the scent bottle at the bottom. The scent is wretched, but it's easy to use and does its purpose. I have used many different brands of lavendar essential oil. The scent oflavendar and aloe has no resemblance to lavendar. The scent is not close to lavendar. This item would be a great April fools joke to play on a friend.

👤The scent was not as strong as the ones I buy in the store. I will buy in store from now on.

👤There is a plug in device and 5 plastic "refills". Not much scent on the highest setting. The packaging is a bunch of cardboard.

👤I found myself becoming more sensitive to smells when I was at home all the time. I can clean my entire apartment, but if it smells like litter boxes, cooking oil, cigarette smoke, or grease from the nearby restaurant as soon as you walk in, it doesn't feel clean. I read some reviews of other products like this one. This was the best price for the quantity. I put it on the lowest setting after I got it and haven't touched it since. I keep the litter boxes and the main living room in that spot because my family walks between my kitchen and the main living room. I keep my vertical fan plugged in next to it, which seems to help spread the smell. I like the smell. I bought the lavender scent and it doesn't smell like a typical lavender scented air freshener or candle, but it is nice and subtle. I can smell it when I walk in, but I can't tell if it works. I think that it is not always dispersal of the smell but rather dispersal every few hours. I prefer this way because it allows the smell to last longer and it doesn't use so much at once. If I wanted to smell this constantly, I would get 2 of them if I could find a spare outlet. The only thing that pisses me off is that the refill is only half full. It is expected with most products nowadays. I am happy that it doesn't seem to use a lot of it when it is plugged in. Absolutely recommend.

5. Air Wick Delights Essential Freshener

Air Wick Delights Essential Freshener

It is possible to clean air for years with a charcoal odor absorber. Set your charcoal air freshener under direct UV sun rays for 2 hours to refresh the charcoal pieces and enjoy optimal performance for years to come. FragRANCE: Fresh white floral, sweet melon, and subtle vanilla are what you'll get when you bring the delights of summer into your home. The value is. The mega pack has up to 600 days of continuous and long- lasting fragrance. Natural essential oils are used for a better scent. Their current pack is easier to open because it has 50% less plastic. There are box and glass bottles that can be recycled. This product is manufactured in a plant that doesn't produce waste to landfill. The cardboard box allows easy storage.

Brand: Air Wick

👤This was my first time ordering online, and I have used air wicks for years. Never again. Within a week, they were completely empty. The ones I have purchased from the store have a scent that fades after a week, although they have never become completely empty or half empty in that time. There is a It is as if these are re-filled with water and essential oils. Total ripoff.

👤I had to completely unplugged 2 of them because they were so loud and I have 5 total in my home. I'm telling you that it hurts my head because it smells so loud. Jesus smelled it from Heaven and called me. These could be used as smelling salts. I've never had an airwick like this before. I like using apple cinnamon and clean linen. These are not good. I can't stand the smell of one room in another room. There is a They are on the lowest setting. I usually put them on the 2nd or 3rd setting and they will smell nice when I walk past. This is making people drive by a lot of headaches. It's horrible. I would return them after haste if I hadn't already thrown the lid out. I'm going to pawn them off on a friend who was blind during the Pandemic.

👤I decided to switch to the Airwick plug-ins because I was tired of buying large three-wick candles for an insane amount. There is nothing like smelling the sweet summer delights in the air as you walk into my house. I have gotten my best friend hooked on it as well. The scent throw is amazing. My all-time favorite is summer delights, even though there are tons of fragrances to choose from. Summer delights is where it is at.

👤These were not good. I thought they needed to warm up but it never happened. I know they smell delicious and have bought them before. I bought some at the dollar store and saw the difference. I will never buy a multipack from Amazon again. I would return them. I threw away the empty bottles because I never got any scent out of them and I kept hoping they would work until the liquid ran out. Go to the dollar store and get a good product.

👤Some of the oils on the box are empty. I had to get a refund because of the oils and the rest. Or they send me more. I couldn't.

👤I don't like the smell. The smell is strange. The smell is similar to the smell at a hair salon. You can increase or decrease the levels of my plug ins. I leave mine on level 3 to increase longevity. I feel like they don't last on level 3. I replace them frequently. I don't think these companies make plug ins that last. You have to purchase more plug ins if you have many.

👤A quantity of this is a good value. I put a plug in my garage to ward off any bad smells from the scent, since it isn't something I like. It has a long life.

6. Air Wick Familiar Essential Freshener

Air Wick Familiar Essential Freshener

FragRANCE: The smell of clean laundry, sunshine and white flowers blend together. The value is. The mega pack provides up to a thousand days of continuous and long- lasting scent. Natural essential oils are used for a better scent. Their current pack is easier to open because it has 50% less plastic. There are box and glass bottles that can be recycled. This product is manufactured in a plant that doesn't produce waste to landfill. The cardboard box allows easy storage.

Brand: Air Wick

👤The scent is strong and it smells like chemicals. I put it on the counter and it burned a hole. Don't want to breathe in this stuff anymore. Would definitely not recommend.

👤Great product. It works immediately and is perfect for my apartment. The start pack is cheaper than the 10 pack refill. You should always buy the start pack and throw the heater away. It is sad because it is a waste. I hope they fix it because it doesn't make sense.

👤These are great for small rooms. But... I bought two packs of plugs. I got a few plugs. One of the plugs was plugged in for 4 hours and then it started to rust and black. I thought it was going to catch on fire. I noticed it and I am very happy about it. It was the one plug. I hope the rest are not going to be the same.

👤I like the smell of the perfume and it is always right. Never overpowering. I had to move it to a receptacle that I didn't like because furniture could block the scent. I don't notice it anymore, it doesn't smell as bad as it did the first couple days. Maybe it is just that I am used to it. It doesn't put out enough unless it's on high output setting I will try it on a higher setting to see if I can smell it again. There is a It lasts for the advertised up to 270 days on the lowest setting. The liquid is at less than half its original size after about 3 weeks on the middle setting. I think you don't notice it very much at the medium and below settings.

👤The package is well packaged to prevent breaking. I think there are 6 bottles of scent product. I had one of them plugged in and running in the bathroom for a few days. So far, so good. There is a The scent is pleasant. There is a The best features are the scent release levels that seem to work. The plug in feature allows for installation on the sideways mounted 120volt receptacles, which are very common in bathroom sink areas.

👤I put the scent level to the strongest for 3 stars. They run out pretty quickly if you put the setting that way. The second scent setting lasts way longer than the first, I tested it for the strongest scent setting and the other for less. So 1. The setting works 2. If you want a subtle scent, it may last a long time on you. There is a If you want a whole room to be scented, you need two or three in a room because you smell it only when you pass by. My house is small, but I can not smell the one I plugged away from the entry. I smell it when I walk by my room. You get the idea.

👤The scent was strong after the delivery. The scent was not noticeable until it was empty. The scent was not noticeable when you put a refill in. I got a refill package with a different scent after all the others were empty. The scent of both units is not noticeable. Even on high. There is a I will either Goodwill these or smash them with a hammer once this last refill is done. Don't buy this garbage thing. It is a waste of money.

7. Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel

Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel

Fresh Wave Gel can be used in your kitchen, bathroom, or any other room. It removes odors from food and trash. Their odor eliminator gel works well as a pet odor eliminator and as a bathroom odor absorber. The strongest odor to remove is the odor absorber. The Fresh Wave works on cigarette smoke odors. Fresh Wave Gels have earned a label from the EPA. They're safe for people, pets, and the planet. Synthetic perfumes, alcohol, and phthalates are not allowed. It is manufactured in Rising Sun, Indiana. Fresh Wave's plant-based ingredients include pine needle, lime, clove, anise, and cedarwood. The scent of the gel will disappear as it leaves the air, leaving your space smelling clean and fresh.

Brand: Fresh Wave

👤This stuff is amazing. ... I rescue and foster dogs, and right now I have 4 very large dogs, one small dog, and 6 tinny puppies, so my house can end up smelling at times, and it drives me crazy. I am a very clean person and this is something that I can not put up with. I've tried everything on the market, from essential oils to cleaners, and nothing really takes away the smell, so I just mask it with another strong smell. When I live in Florida, I can't just open doors and windows to let air out of the house, it makes my house smell like a pet. I can't get rid of the food smells when I cook. I was going to have to remove all my carpets and tile my house to make it smell better, but I found this product that would do the job. I put them around the house after opening them and noticed a big difference. The smell is not overpowering like most things on the market. This product isn't just for mask. I love the fact that it absorbs it and neutralizes it. I only have 2 at this time, but it has already made a huge improvement in a few days. I no longer have to smell dogs when I walk into my house. I am very satisfied. As soon as I can help more, I will be ordering more for upstairs. This is a must for people with pets or smelly teenage boys. I highly recommend one for your laundry room, kitchen, bathroom, or any place that tends to have a strong odor. This will leave your house smelling great. I will order more when I can, and I recommend you to do the same, instead of masking the odors with strong smelling products. There is a You will love it.

👤There are animals in our home. My dog still smells like a wet dog after a bath in which half of the dog wash is applied. The cats make the most noxious smelling litter pans. Let's not forget the humans I live with. Feet, gases, and the overallteen smell are all present in my home. I live near water. Construction is going on in my crawl space. It is like the perfect storm. Crawl space stirred all up, in addition to being opened up, has caused my home to be overrun with Stink. One of the construction guys is a smoker. I am not making this stuff up. I am living in the middle of a nightmare. I put a dehumidifier in my crawl space. Helped, but not enough. It was in about 25 Bath and Body Works scent things. All the doors and windows were opened. Nothing really removes the odors, just covers them up. There is a I reached out to my friend, Amazon, and searched for help after I lost my mind and was living in a tent. The Fresh Wave Gel is magic. That is magic. Within 12 hours, I placed a jar near my crawl space entryway. There was no stink. Within less than 12 hours, I put another upstairs in my living room behind my couch. It sounded like it was happening in here. A pleasant smell. My teen is sitting on the couch next to me. I can't speak to him. Do you know how wonderful that is? I don't smell the smoke smell, the must, the cats, the husband's feet, or the wet dog. I smell good. My brain will not burst. I have been saved. There is a This magic is for sale now.

8. Savage Car Air Freshener for Men Car Cologne

Savage Car Air Freshener for Men Car Cologne

Their stylish mini diffuser is made for small spaces and has a compact design to hang almost anywhere. You can be sure that the scent you emit replicates one of the most popular perfumes on the market. They make their own scents, unlike the other car fragrances on the market. The perfect blend of strength and longevity is created by using the highest quality ingredients. It is one of the best accessories to have in the car with it's flash design. Quality and ethical manufacturing are at the forefront of their brand. All the smells will not be masked but completely destroyed with the Odour Eliminating Technology. All of their products are manufactured in the UK and are not tested on animals. The Mini Diffuser is the perfect gift for those getting a new car, whether a ford fiesta or a Mercedes, because it is made with a glass bottle, real wooden cap and premium packaging. They passed their driving test and moved into a new home to hang as a bathroom diffuser. A mother's day gift. The possibilities are endless and stress-free if you include a hamper. If their high-quality air fresheners don't fill your car with a long- lasting scent, they will give you a full refund. The range includes Air Fresheners, Reed Diffusers, Car Air Fresheners and Personal Fragrances. Check their reviews to see what customers have to say about their experience.

Brand: Bliss

👤I could not smell it when I put it in my vehicle. I took it upon myself to loosen the cap and empty the wooden cap in hopes that it would absorb the scent. I can smell the scent when I open my vehicle door every time, even though I turned the A/C on. There is a A better ventilation system is a cons. There is a It has a draw string for a conversion system so it could be placed almost anywhere. Would I recommend this product? Of course! There is a If you're looking for a different scent than the one you're used to, it's worth it. Is it worth the money? I have to keep you updated to see how long it will last. So far, a great buy!

👤I cannot support small businesses. This smells like a cheap soapy cologne, like if Adidas had a bad baby and out came this cheap soapy cologne. I can tell you that this is not a Christian Dior cologne, even though I have read other reviews that say so. I wear Christian Dior Homme and Christian Dior Fahrenheit. This bottle is not even close to anything except the evil baby of Adidias cologne watered down with a dash of essential oils and a spray of BOD spray.

👤I was looking for something more upscale from the run of the mill Yankee Candles and this product was exactly what I was looking for. Everyone knows that essential oils will mess up plastic, so I don't understand why people would write negative reviews about a product. It says on the back that you should follow the directions and be fine. It says to remove a plastic insert and re screw the cap, all you have to do is turn the bottle of side down. That way it doesn't leak. I think the price is justified.

👤It smells great and is more aesthetically pleasing if you clip on air freshners or hangable trees. The manufacturer doesn't offer refill of the scent. I've linked a smell that is close to the ground. There is a product named "B07DBDNS3R" on the website.

👤It doesn't smell like your car's interior. It smells like cheap perfume. If you follow the instructions, the wood could absorb the scent. It will pour out. Why? There are two holes in the wood where they loop the shoestring through the top to hang. It is a stupid idea. I thought the string was held in the wood. It is not. There are two holes at the top. They tell you to hold it upside down. It is cute. It is too small to make a scent. If you hold it close, you can smell it but it doesn't fill up the car like a pine cone or Yankee Candle.

👤Highly recommended. It smells amazing and works. Everyone loves the scent.

👤The scent gave me a bad headaches. That was on the top of my Jeep. The scent is strong even after the top is off. The fluid leaked from the dash when the cap swung on the mirror, stained my dash. There is a The scent is pleasant at a less strong level.

9. Air Wick Chamomile Essential Freshener

Air Wick Chamomile Essential Freshener

FragRANCE: The scent of lavender is rounded off by gentle chamomile and precious woods. The value is. The mega pack provides up to a thousand days of continuous and long- lasting scent. Natural essential oils are used for a better scent. Their current pack is easier to open because it has 50% less plastic. There are box and glass bottles that can be recycled. This product is manufactured in a plant that doesn't produce waste to landfill. The cardboard box allows easy storage.

Brand: Air Wick

👤I live in L.A. I own two of these. It's not big in my bathroom and the rest of the studio. It's probably like 12 square feet. Counting the bathroom. As small as my place... I don't smell them. I smell a little bit when I go out and come back, but not a lot. I have the right by the entrance. I would think that the smell would accumulate, but it isn't. You can smell some of my mom's other ones. Her living room is larger than my place. Maybe it's my place or my luck. I didn't get the experience I was expecting. To be fair to the product. I haven't had anyone say anything about the smell.

👤These arrived today. They smell strong when you open them. I put 1 downstairs and 1 upstairs. Not strong or over powered. I don't have a throbbing head. They were packaged well, not leaking or anything. I will buy these again.

👤Sometimes, my sump pump is in a utility closet in my downstairs mudroom and it has an odor. A strange smell that screams SUMP PUMP. Adding a fair smell. There is a The air freshener masked the smell. It felt like someone put a bar of soap in my nose when I went to the mudroom. I switched the unit from level 3 to level 1. This didn't help. The air freshener is changed. The air-freshener is designed to release the scent at a constant rate. I plugged the air freshener into the smart outlet plug. I set rules based on time and activity. If no one is at the house for more than 4 hours, the air-freshner will run for 20 minutes, and if no one is at the house for more than 2 hours, the air-freshner will run for 20 minutes. The approach has lowered the intensity of the smell in the mudroom, but still masks the smell of the pump. It's still early, but I assume that the air-freshener will only be running for about an hour and 20 minutes a day, which is less than 24 hours, so each oil cartridge should last me longer than what's advertised.

👤I like the smell of lavender, but this doesn't. This smells like an aerosol spray. It is still strong even on the lowest setting. I don't think anyone would be able to survive in a bathroom or an enclosed room without feeling unwell. Both of my places are large so it's manageable. I bought the Hawaiian scent and hope it is better. The lavender scent is not something I would recommend. I had this thing for a month. When I changed out the scent, I noticed that it had left a dark stain on the night light I had under it. One plug worked but the other didn't.

👤I thought lavender and chamomile would smell good. It smells like men's shaving cream. I walk into my bedroom and it smells like my father. Which is not what I want to be smelling in my bed. The product works well and fast despite the poor scent.

10. California Scents Eco Friendly Neutralizer Strawberry

California Scents Eco Friendly Neutralizer Strawberry

They're different. Their scent lasts for 60 days or more. All of their air fresheners have a premium engineered formula. The product is made in the USA. The design is extraordinary. Premium air fresheners are formulated to last up to 60 days. There are multiple uses. California Car Scents is great for cars and trucks that are hard to reach. It is easy to use. If you open a can of California Car Scents, you can pop it under the seat or in a cup holder and you'll have fresh air for months. The innovative vent lid can be adjusted to control the output of fragrance. ECO-FRIENDLY. The aluminum canister has a reduced carbon footprint.

Brand: California Scents

👤I bought a pack of these after I was satisfied with the scent and the longevity of the previous purchase. I went with the scent that was available. I am serious when I say it smells gross. It smells like sour milk.

👤I love the scent of California. I will buy these brand of car washes. I am sad that I can't get a hole of napa grape, but this scent is just as soft and not so overwhelming. I highly recommend any of the products from California. I get nothing but praise for how my car smells.

👤I have been using them for a long time. They are hard to find at brick and mortar stores. Pull the plastic cap off, peel the tin top off, apply the top and put it under your seat. It stays smelling fresh for months, versus weeks like others. You will be happy with the product or price point.

👤I ordered these for my car because I have used similar ones before and they were great. That was not the case with these. They arrived dry and odorless. It was like they had been used in the desert and then resealed. You can't return them because they are an open non-reusable item, which is a waste of money.

👤These are great. They are my go-to car freshener. You get 4 for $10 and the smell lasts forever. The smell of the car is great for my riders. I get a lot of praise. I use one under the seats and the whole car smells great when I start a new adventure.

👤The scent didn't last long, I wasn't sure if these would last.

👤I have animals in my SUV. When my city friends are in my car, they can't smell my animals. The scent lasts for a long time. I have one in my bag as well. It makes my clothes smell good. I get a lot of love during hugs.

👤Tiene un rico aroma aunque lo promocionan, pero no es as.

11. Air Wick 5x0 67oz Essential Freshener

Air Wick 5x0 67oz Essential Freshener

FragRANCE: The scent of a summer evening breeze and a cool, sparkling stream mix together. It provides up to 60 days of continuous and long- lasting fragrance per refill. Natural essential oils are used for a better scent. The temperature is warmer. The warmer is easy to adjust. All Air Wick plug warmers are compatible with the refill. If you place a cap or bottle on a wood surface, do not place it above the warmer. Don't use extension cords. Don't immerse in water. Over time, fragrance oils may collect on warmer surfaces. Remove the electrical outlet and wipe it with a dry cloth. After handling, wash your hands. Use in any room, including the living room, bathroom, bedroom, hallways, kitchens and office.

Brand: Air Wick

👤I love the scent of Air Wick. There is a big issue. There is a The product lasts less than 2 weeks when set to the lowest setting. I'm spending more on your product than you say I will. Is this going to be fixed or is the packing going to change to reflect the 70 day lifetime for a five pack?

👤The product is the same as what you get at stores. If you want to save more money, you can refill the Walmart fragrance oil and then re-insert the wick.

👤It was very pine-y. The little pack has enough to last a long time. My son will inherit whatever is left when I die in 20 years. There is a He didn't laugh. That's okay. I was not joking.

👤My dog got sick and that made my house smell rotten. My house began to smell like rotten apples after 3 weeks of using this refill scent. I ripped apart my pantry thinking it was spoiled. The smell lingered for about a week until I remembered that the only change in my house was the new scent. I saw a film and crystal deposits when I pulled them out. I found the rotten apple smell when I took a good wiff. There is a My company could smell it. I made one of the worst purchases. After a few weeks, the scent goes rotten. There was less than half of the fluid left. Its not worth the money. There is a A few weeks ago, my dog got sick. I had to put him down because he was so sick. He coughed and coughed when he was in my house. It came about a week after plugging these in. There is a He was coughing and he was getting sick. I had to put him down. I'm praying the smell wasn't what gave him the cough. There is a You can't have strong smells in your house if you have a dog. I have used odor unliminators for years with my pomeranian and this was the first time he had problems. I plugged them in but forgot. I would have liked to have figured it out in time. It only took 2 weeks for him to go from healthy to sick. Rest in peace Harley. I'm not with you. So sad.

👤I have been buying this scent for years and years and their new formula has left me with a bad headaches. I was helped out by Amazon's customer service. I had to write the company because I disliked their new and improved scent. If enough people do it, they will make the old scent again. I wrote to the company to say that I am sorry that the new and improved fragrance is not improved, it's terrible. If you continue with the lavender chamomile formula, I will have to take my purchases to the Glade lavender vanilla, because I have been purchasing the lavender chamomile refill since 2003 Your new refill smells like lavender, it's sickly sweet. I've read similar reviews on Amazon. We love the scent and need to bring it back. It is better than the "New and improved fragrance". I hope that Airwick gets feedback like this and makes us happy.


What is the best product for eco friendly air freshener car?

Eco friendly air freshener car products from Air Wick. In this article about eco friendly air freshener car you can see why people choose the product. Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day and Enviroscents are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly air freshener car.

What are the best brands for eco friendly air freshener car?

Air Wick, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day and Enviroscents are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly air freshener car. Find the detail in this article. Glade, Fresh Wave and Bliss are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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