Best Eco Friendly All Purpose Cleaner Refill

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1. Mrs Meyers Clean Day Multi Surface

Mrs Meyers Clean Day Multi Surface

It is easy to spray on dirt. A fresh way to clean, refresh, and remove odors from non-porous surfaces. Garden-fresh lavender has a floral scent. It's safe to use as a hardwood floor cleaner. Mrs. Meyer's produces cleaners that are free from harmful chemicals. Their products are not tested on animals.

Brand: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

👤We decided to try this product after watching a presentation on the internet. This comes in several different scents. The scent of lavender was less expensive than other ones. Mrs. Meyer's Multi-Surface Concentrate is very concentrated. A quarter cup to a gallon of water is all you need. The kitchen tiles and wood grain vinyl floors are the same material. The tiles interlock and float on foam. The paper fiber bulk portion of the tile will be affected by water in the seams. The old mop and pail of soapy water are no longer around. A combination of rubbing alcohol, 1 ounce of Mrs. Myers and a liter of hot water in a spray bottle will do 1,000 sq ft of floors. A spray bottle and a Swiffer are all that is needed. Run the Swiffer over the area that was lightly sprayed. There were no streaks or a clean floor. The alcohol causes the water to evaporate quickly. It is amazing how little solution it takes. Too much concentrate may cause sticky floors. Less is more. Vinigar may leave a sticky surface.

👤After a standard store cleaner caused our dog with heart failure to go into respiratory arrest, we decided to buy a new dog. I had never considered how close the dogs are to the ground when using strong smelling cleaning products. It was a devastating lesson. There is a I am not worried about my pets exposure to the ingredients because this product works well, smells lovely, and most of all, I like it. I have been using it for 3 years and have no issues.

👤Mrs. Meyers is greenwashing. Their products aren't natural. I feel stupid for trusting them. My son and I have skin allergies. We have always used seventh generation products, but decided to try Mrs. Meyers. We bought laundry detergent, dish soap, hand soap, and scent booster. The point of bleeding was caused by the drying out of my hands from the soap. I began researching the ingredients and realized the problem was the soap. My son and I broke out all over his body because of the laundry detergent and scent booster. I found that their products were not natural. They use wording on the label to make consumers think they are getting something else. We are paying almost double the price. When I bought Mrs. Meyers products, we were out of everything and so we stocked up, so I spent nearly $200 on them. All of it ended up in the trash. $200 was wasted. My hands were sore for weeks and my 3 year old son skin was still healing. Don't trust these people and don't give them your money. Do research.

👤I bought this product thinking it was air freshener. You would think that I am Greek because I have been using Windex for so long. I was a bit skeptical when I got this cleaner. The black range-top is my toughest job. Whoever thought of making a range black and shiny was very smart. It would take me several cleanings to get the grease on the top of my range where I wanted it, even Windex was not a match for it. I am very impressed that the cleaner cleaned it on the first try. I decided not to return the product. I'm going to be their customer for the rest of my life.

2. Method Purpose Cleaner French Lavender

Method Purpose Cleaner French Lavender

There are spray bottles of all purpose surface cleaner in this package. The spray puts the hurt on dirt. The formula cuts through grease and grime. Most non-porous surfaces are cleaned. It is cruelty free. Not tested on animals. The bottle is made with recycled plastic. French lavender is an enchanting scent that is perfect for any chteau. Doing business with a purpose is what they are doing.

Brand: Method

👤I've been using this cleaner for over a year and I love it. It's easy to find, well-priced and comes in a nice scent. I have a tendency to clean surfaces several times a day because I am allergic to bleach and chlorine based cleaners. My cleaners have to be gentle on my hands. This is what I need and more. The sent is mild and fresh and leaves a freshness in the air quickly. I bought this six-pack from Amazon. My usage is probably above average, I tend to double clean everything and it's lasted me nearly eight months. I bought the six-pack again for quantity and price. The product is clear when sprayed. The bottles are easy to clean. I used one of the old bottles to mix my car cleaner and the other to spray water on flowers around the house, so it's pretty multi-functional, nothing goes to waste. This product is a great household cleaner.

👤I like this stuff. It makes it easy to clean. It's seriously. I broke many nails trying to get pancake batter off my stove. I sprayed it and it wiped off in two minutes. I used it in my microwave, which had months of pizza rolls on it. I have yet to find a better product.

👤I like method. I like lavender. I grow French lavender and can't get enough of it. There is a This smell just didn't seem right. I wondered if the bottle I received was a legitimate Method cleaner. I went back to my Method cleaner and picked it up at the store. The smell was weird and I felt bad wasting it.

👤I tried a lot of different products to get the surface of the refrigerator clean. The products left the steel with a "blotchy" appearance. We hired a cleaning company to clean our home before our wedding because the surface wasn't shiny. We also have a gas stove that needed to be shinier than I could make it with the products I was using. I searched Amazon for products that were good on glass. The reviews were very positive so I bought it. We are happy with the results. Our refrigerator and the glass surface on our stove were easy to clean up. My appliances are beautiful. I use the Method for quick touch-ups on sticky spots on the kitchen floor. I love that it's non-toxic. We've told friends and family about it. I'm back for another order. We would like to thank the Amazon customers for helping us find this product.

👤This was not the original version. The Method cleaner was great. I am stuck with 8 shoddy bottles of it because of something wrong with this batches. It uses clean cloths and paper towels. It doesn't clean thoroughly. It is a waste. We don't know what was done to it, but it was not the original cleaner we were expecting.

👤I will remember that I can make this less potent. Just cleans like crazy. I smoked like a chimney and had a white hat. I took it apart and sprayed it. It melted the dirt and nicotine off like butter. I quit smoking so I don't have to.

3. Seventh Generation Professional All Purpose Unscented

Seventh Generation Professional All Purpose Unscented

Made in a Climate Positive factory. The Seventh Generation professional all-purpose cleaner formula is USDA certified bio based. There are no harmful chemicals in their formula. It is a ready to use spray bottle with a refill size of 1 gallon. EPA safer choice product.

Brand: Seventh Generation Professional

👤I like the product a lot. The label states that it performs as listed. It's spray and wipe. I suffer from multiple chemical sensitivity and this is the only product I've tested that I can use anywhere without fear that I'll have symptoms. I like it.

👤Cheap products like Mr Clean were making me have headaches. There is a This is awesome, we searched for a cleaner that wasn't scented. There is a The floors are very clean. I noticed the floors were not as clean as Mr Clean left them. Looks like we found a new cleaner.

👤When I tried this cleaner, I was skeptical. It has worked on the house. My client is allergic to dust and mold, so this helps keep everything sparkling. It works great on floors.

👤The container and the item cam were broken. I had to clean and the delivery guy was nice. I had to keep it because of the disease.

👤We use this to clean our house. I love that it doesn't have a scent.

👤Returned because it isn't a disinfectant. It is used in school. Nope. There was no mention of killing anything.

👤The smell of the product is not offensive but it is unpleasant and I will not use it as much as I wanted. I use these types of products for both environmental concerns and my home environment. I'm sensitive to smells, and this is less pleasant than the non- professional versions, but we go through it quickly, so I was trying to save money. Quality is less than their other cleaning products.

👤I always get my bottles on time. They will probably use the same small bottles for years if they keep them in a rotation.

4. Method Squirt Hardwood Cleaner Refill

Method Squirt Hardwood Cleaner Refill

There is a refill bottle of hardwood floor cleaner. The refill is for your method wood floor cleaner bottle. No rinsing is required. It is possible to clean sealed hardwood and laminate floors. Not on animals, tested by people. The bottle is made of recycled plastic. Almond is a rich and nutty scent that makes it easy to clean up a piece of cake. Doing business with a purpose is what they are doing.

Brand: Method

👤I used to love using this product. The maple hardwood floors looked beautiful and the almond scent was wonderful. I discovered that the ingredient list contained a chemical that was known to be a releaser of formaldehyde. I use a lot of products on my floors because I have two cats, but I am very careful about them. I asked Method why they chose to use thisPreservative, given their focus on non-toxic products. They said that they were working on reformulating the almond product and that they could be using a safer alternative. This was several months ago, and I don't believe they've ever done it. I switched to the Lemon Ginger scent because it does not contain the drug. It works well, but I miss the almond scent.

👤I bought this cleaner because I was trying to find something more natural. I liked it on the first use. The floors looked clean and soft. The almond smell was amazing. I playfully fought over who was going to mop the floor. After a few months of use, my floors did not feel clean and there was a waxy build up. I wish I never started using it. Hopefully this will help another person. The clumps of wax can be seen in my picture.

👤I bought this to use in my Swiffer wetjet mop instead of the cleaner that comes in them, and I wanted it to work as the reviewers said, but even after beingDiluted, it's just gunk on my floor. You can feel the waxy build up in the glare on the floors from where it stays stuck on the surface. I can't imagine how bad it can get over time, even if it isDiluted and used sparingly. I have 120 year old soft wood floors and it took me forever to get them clean when I first moved in due to the build up over the years from other people using what I assume were products like this. It's not a good method of cleaning. I understand the need to protect the wood, but not the need to clean it. Sorry, but not sorry. There is a According to reviews, the smell isn't what it seems. I thought it would be a natural almond scent, but it is a sweet and artificial smell. It is subtle, but not subtle enough. If you like the scent of "warm vanilla sugar" then you would probably appreciate it, but I don't like those types.

👤I live in the Pacific NorthWET with a German Shepherd puppy. We use mats and area rugs to keep the mud out of the yard, but the pup still brings in a lot of mess. Oak parquet and travertine are on my floors. My floors are taking a beating with the mud paw prints of the pup, people joke about the dogs being German Shedders, but my floors are taking a beating with the pup. I bought a Rubbermaid mop and tried it out because I thought it would be cheap. I used the Rubbermaid to clean the surface after I squirted the product on the floor. I was surprised. The smell is nice, the floors came clean, but I love the combo of the Rubbermaid Reveal spray mop and cleaner. It was wonderful to collect his dog hair. It's very easy. I wash the Rubbermaid's pads after soaking them, and they come clean. The cleaner does a great job. I think it's a good idea. 5 stars.

5. Meyers Multi Surface Cleaner Concentrate Bottle

Meyers Multi Surface Cleaner Concentrate Bottle

Multi-Surface cleaner concentrate is tough on dirt. All non-porous multi-surfaces can be cleaned with Biodegradable cleaners. A heavy floral scent is present in the concentrate. It's safe to use as a door cleaner. Mrs. Meyer's produces cleaners that are free of animal products. Their products are not tested on animals.

Brand: Mrs. Meyers Clean Day

👤There are 2 plastic bags around it. You can read the label'restrewn in deteriorated condition'. There is a I have to return it now. There is a Quality control is important. It should not have made it to my door step.

👤I love peonies, and when one of my favorite natural cleaning product brands came out with a peony scent, I was in love with it too! Mrs. Meyer's spray is my favorite. I have tried several of their scents. The best is Peony. I use it on my kitchen counter, breakfast table, and bar top. It has a nice scent, but it doesn't last long. It's right for kitchens and dining areas. I love it!

👤Mrs. Meyers is one of the better eco-friendly products. You can use this concentrate on almost all surfaces for a streak-free clean with a nice scent. peony is my wife's favorite scent. I like lemons. There is a This stuff is strong enough to clean toilets. Just pour a bit in the bowl and clean. You will get great results without noxious fumes. I can recommend this product without reservation. You will not be disappointed.

👤I like this stuff. It smells great and cleans well. It leaves a film on the surface. It's not noticeable on some surfaces but it's very noticeable on my kitchen counter when the sun is shining.

👤This product smells great! It does an amazing job at cleaning. After my home was renovated, I decided to try new products. I decided to give it a try after doing a lot of research. I was hesitant at first and had a hard time getting out of my comfort zone, but this product does an amazing job. I have no regrets. The product replaced all of my windex. I will definitely buy more once I leave. The price was not terrible. You will not regret it if you give it a try.

👤I buy Mrs. Meyers cleaners because they are pet friendly and I feel safe mopping with them. I use it for the scent. I only clean the pet feeding floor area with water and water, or with baking soda in the microwave. I use this and Mrs. Meyer's lemon verbana air freshner spray to control bugs. I spray on the sliding door bottom metal frame. I keep away from patio lights. The price on this 3 pk is very affordable but one bottle was damaged and leaking into the box. The box was intact so it wasn't damaged during shipping or packaging, unless the heat created the sides to pull into make the dents? Not sure.

👤The item smells great and cleans like all the other Mrs. Meyers items. It does well with most basic clean up, but sometimes have to use different products for deeper cleaning. The bottle had a sticker on top of it, but the cap wasn't tightened all the way, so the bottle leaked all over the box, and some of the product was lost. The box smelled great.

6. Mrs Meyers Multi Surface Concentrate Verbena

Mrs Meyers Multi Surface Concentrate Verbena

The concentrate is tough on dirt. All non-porous multi-surfaces can be cleaned with Biodegradable cleaners. A light and mild lemon scent is present in the concentrate. It's safe to use as a hardwood floor cleaner. Mrs. Meyer's produces cleaners that are free from harmful chemicals. Their products are not tested on animals.

Brand: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

👤I'm looking at the scent. A little goes a long way. I've been researching ways to get rid of the harsh chemicals in my life and to help my family. There are a lot of possible side effects of store cleaners. Natural cleaners are better for the environment and I don't want to worry about taking someone to the ER or calling the CDC. White Vinegar is my usual natural cleaner. It can be a bit harsh. This is still my go to for heavy cleaning, but I wanted a more pleasant way of cleaning. I'm new to Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products. I decided to try some of their other products after using the laundry detergent. I've used this cleaner on fresh grease splatters, floors, windows, and around my kitchen counter and splashboard. The jobs and surfaces were tackled well so far. I love the scent. I can't get enough of it. Don't be fooled by the name of it, it's a clean smell. The smell of lemon vermouth is supposed to be like lemon. I don't think so in this cleaner. It is not a floral scent. It's very pleasant. There is a I have been using 32ozs of water to 2ozs of the cleaner for my general cleaning. I bought spray bottles for a couple dollars and they will last a couple years. I bought this from the seller of "", which I feel is important to list. I've come across sellers who have variations in their items, even if they are listed as the same brand.

👤Mrs. Meyer Lemon Verbena is a wonderful product. I use it to clean everything. The scent of mopping my floors is so pleasant that I don't mind. I recommend this product to my family and friends. The needs of what you are cleaning should dictate the amount of concentrate you should use. I use a quarter of a cup of water with my floors. If you use too much on the floor, it can leave streaks.

👤I wanted to try an all natural product and it had great reviews and ratings. I was excited to open it and start mixing and cleaning. This was a great smelling product, not too strong and not a chemical smell at all. I loved that. I have a smell in my house, but I can't do anything about it. My son has severe allergies and the same scent in the house. This didn't affect me or him at all. My dogs liked it and it didn't bother them like most cleaners do, they didn't sneeze and grunt as usual. I mopped with it after it cleaned well. It was great. I will recommend this product to others and try the other products in the Mrs. Meyers line.

👤We tried Mrs. Meyer's clean day a few months ago. I think it's fantastic. A fast-acting degreaser that easily lifted off a variety of stubborn grease and caked on gunk. We've sprayed it on so far and it tackled everything. It makes the kitchen and house smell great. The one that really smells lovely is the one that is not sure how the others smell. It doesn't seem to affect my allergies. I have an allergy to fragrances. Can't use Febreeze around the house anymore. There are no problems with this stuff. We're going to try more of their products in the future. I forgot that the last order we placed was for the Lemon Verbena scent. They didn't have the scent of honeysuckle in stock, but we liked the scent of lemon verbena because we had purchased their spray in it. The cleaning concentrate is just as good.

7. Elements Purpose Cleaner Surface Cleaning

Elements Purpose Cleaner Surface Cleaning

Hard water? No problem. The fast-acting hard water stain removal formula works on hard water stains. VINEGAR POWERED: To remove dirt, grease, and grime with the help of the power of vinegar and allow to sit for a minute. They use only the ingredients you need and are free of artificial preservatives, dyes, thickeners, bleach, and synthetic fragrances. The EPA SAFER CHOICE LABEL helps you choose products that are safe for your family and the environment. All of the surfaces in your home are safe on multiple surfaces.

Brand: 9 Elements

👤The best natural cleaning product I've ever used! I'm over the moon. I know it may sound silly, but when you have hard water, you'd understand. I thought it was another waste of my money. I sprayed it on my kitchen faucet and it bubbled. I sprayed it in my sink and it sparkled. After 7 days, it's still sparkling. I can't get over the fact that I received a lemon at 9. I have a life and only someone with super hard water like me would understand it. I've tried all of them and this is the best product on the market. Thank you so much! One less thing to think about. One more thing. It cleans appliances like nothing else. The windows are 3 years old and the cook top is 20 years old. It looks brand new after I sprayed 9 on it. I am going to purchase the laundry detergent as well. I had to brag on 9 because I don't review cleaning products. It's a keeper.

👤I decided to try this out on glass shower doors as I was struggling with it. Excellent! I got a brand new stove that someone made a huge mess with, so I used my self clean setting and cleaned the oven, but the glass was still a mess. I tried a cleaner in my wood stove glass, but it didn't work. I was shocked when the window came completely clean after I sprayed it with this stuff. No harsh chemicals did amazing. I smell like lemon head candies. My cleaning business has changed my life. I sprayed the door before I ran the cycle to make sure the dishwasher was completely clean. I will take before and after I get hooked. I wanted to share a cleaning tip.

👤It smells good. I was hoping that it would make a difference, but it didn't. I have some water. I've tried many others and I thought this would be the best. It didn't have a great smell.

👤This product doesn't work well. Mirrors and glass are streaky. It needs to be reapplied a number of times. It's time intensive because of that. It's not worth the cost or time. Disappointing.

👤I'm impressed... We don't have squeegees and we battle hard water stains on glass shower doors. Only one application of this cleaner cleared most of the stains. It works better than the white vinegar/water we've been using. I highly recommend this product. I can't wait to clean the oven. I'll be happy with the results.

👤It is amazing! I've tried many products to get rid of the hard water build up on my shower doors, but nothing has worked. I scrubbed 9 Elements off with an abrasive sponge after I sprayed it heavily. I did this twice, and now it looks brand new. It did leave a bit of a haze, but it washed away when I washed it with water and squeegeed. It was easy to clean my coffee pot and the inside of the toilet. The scent is not overpowering and has a slight lemon scent. I didn't notice any smell of vinegar. I think this is a great product and works as advertised. I highly recommend!

8. Clorox Company Purpose Cleaner 00457

Clorox Company Purpose Cleaner 00457

Natural dehydration. All-purpose cleaner is a ready-to-use cleaner that can remove dirt, grease and grime. 98% of the cleaning ingredients are derived from plants and minerals and help remove stains with no harsh chemical fumes. Ready-to-use refill makes it easy to refill your spray bottle, it can be used on multiple surfaces. EPA Safer Choice is made with recycled packaging and never tested on animals. It's great for missionary use from Clorox Commercial Solutions. The all purpose cleaner is ideal for use in offices, day care centers, schools and other commercial facilities.

Brand: Cloroxpro

👤I love this product. Fast delivery. I was disappointed when I received it. Packi g was great, but one of them is empty. They came inside a bag and there was no fluid in it.

👤My contractor recommended Green Works to me. He says it is safe on stone and other surfaces. Don't use Windex on your countertops. I have been using Green Works All Purpose Cleaner for a long time but recently it has become difficult to find at local hardware stores and other places.

👤The product had a broken seal. The original product is most likely not the content of the product. I am testing this product. It doesn't match the original product. Don't buy it from this source. It is not a real product. People should be embarrassed. I will file a complaint and hold them accountable once the test results come back. This fake product was for someone with allergies who had suffered an allergic reaction.

👤I am sensitive to caustic chemicals. This is a great product. It works on several surfaces. I use it to clean most of the surfaces in my home. I use a lot and love the refills but they were available in larger volumes and more eco-friendly packaging.

👤Our local stores in Kentucky don't carry this stuff. It is an enclosed, smaller space for our 5th wheel. I don't like breathing chemicals that are harsher. It seems to be clean. How do we know if a cleaner is better than water? It is all perception. The 5th wheel is brand new and we have not gotten sick with it. It removes the pink stuff from the clear seals in camper showers. After the camper has been cleaned and stored, it doesn't reappear. After cleaning and storing the camper, there is nothing growing in the fridge. Clean as new.

👤This has a clean scent which I was thankful for. I was worried it would be a strong smell. Not the case at all! It seems to clean as well as any other cleaner. Until I'm down with a blacklight all over the house, I'm not going to know how clean the house is. I'm satisfied with the purchase.

👤My house is made of granite. Target sold this product. I ran out and couldn't find anything. Where else do you go? Of course! Found these babies and the rest is history. The product leaves no mess. Highly recommended.

👤I ordered it on Amazon. I couldn't find it in the stores. There is a Green Works is my favorite cleaning product.

9. Method Purpose Cleaner Ounce Count

Method Purpose Cleaner Ounce Count

The pressure washer concentrate can clean up to 6,400 sq. ft. There are spray bottles of all purpose surface cleaner in this package. The spray puts the hurt on dirt. The formula cuts through grease and grime. Most non-porous surfaces are cleaned. It is cruelty free. Not tested on animals. The bottle is made with recycled plastic. Everyone loves sunshine, spring break and margaritas, so Lime + Sea Salt is for them. Everyone, so. Doing business with a purpose is what they are doing.

Brand: Method

👤A big fan of Method. It was the only one available and I needed a surface cleaner. Method works great, but the scent is far fromlime and sea salt, as you can imagine. It doesn't smell like Lime or sea salt. It was more like "Drakkar Noir" circa 1995. I feel like I should slick my hair back and put on a gold chain because of the smell.

👤Method did a great job putting this scent together. I own a cleaning business. I'm able to tackle the dirty tasks at hand while also being able to breath better at the end of the day.

👤My wife was adamant that the product smells like cheap cologne, but it works fine. I don't have a sensitive nose, but I do know that this cleaning product has a distinct smell. I usually get the pink bottle of the grapefruit or the purple bottle of the lavender, both of which have very mild smells. The product works well in cleaning. You may be surprised by the smell.

👤I don't culture the surfaces, but this smells good and seems to do the job. I have been using Method more than other cleaners because of the availability.

👤We love the scent of this Lime + Sea Salt cleaner. The person who read the review didn't like the scent, but we love it. It was very clean and pleasant. There is a In case, we like to have a bottle of cleaner in the bathroom and kitchen at all times. This works the trick.

👤I was surprised by the smell. I've used a fruit before. I prefer this one more. It cleans well and doesn't burn my hands like wipes.

👤I use this cleaner in every room of my house. The scent is clean. There was no sticky substance. There are bottles on every floor of my house.

👤The cleaning products are the best I've ever used. The scent is refreshing and can be used in many ways. I've been buying it from Amazon for the last couple of years. Some bottles were damaged this time. This is very disappointing. I don't know if the bottle's defect or the delivery man's fault is what caused it. I only gave it 4 stars because I didn't want anyone to be deterred from buying it. It is a very good cleaner.

👤The smell is fresh and light. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well this works to remove grease and old marks. If I run into grease on the hood of our oven or the part of the door where it gets particularly gross, I spray it on and let it sit for about 30 seconds before wiping. Then it is gone. This stuff is very good and worth buying a large pack for.

👤I love my cleaner. It smells wonderful. I use it to clean everything. I have them all over the house of ease of use, since I got the multipack.

👤The smell is great and I love the Method line of cleaning products. It leaves cloudy film and lots of streaks, so don't use it on windows or mirrors.

10. Mrs Meyers Clean Day Multi Surface

Mrs Meyers Clean Day Multi Surface

The concentrate is tough on dirt. All non-porous multi-surfaces can be cleaned with Biodegradable cleaners. The scent of garden-fresh honeysuckle cleaner is sweet and has a mix of flowers and fruits. It's safe to use as a floor cleaner. Mrs. Meyer's produces cleaners that are free from harmful chemicals. None of their products are tested on animals.

Brand: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

👤Cleans like no other. It seems to put oil back into the wood when I use bus oak furniture in my house. Works well on porcelain tile as well. A film is on the glass. The only place where I have found a problem is the interior of a car. It cleans well but leaves vinyl feeling dry. It does remove Mothers Protectant, but it doesn't replace it with anything that is sufficient. The best interior household cleaner is available.

👤I would spend a lot of money on cleaning products for this or that, and I have found a little bit of Mr. Meyers Honeysuckle concentrate where a little bit goes a long way. After using Mrs meyers, my house smells amazing and I get a lot of feedback. Thank you.

👤I didn't purchase Mrs. Meyer's products when I first saw them. We bought the house. When I ran out of the spray bottle, I immediately searched for more Lemon Verbena. This is my favorite multi- surface cleaner. I've had the same spray bottle for over 3 years, and it's still the best one I have.

👤I like the scent of this stuff. It doesn't give me an asthma attack when I use it. Most household cleaners clean my throat. I can't breathe for a while. I don't have a problem spraying this around me. It's great to be able to clean up at the moment. Wait a few seconds and scrub the mess up. I can mix it up in my original spray bottle if I buy it this way.

👤I don't think I'm a good judge of value as many of these cleaners are comparable in their effectiveness and can be found within a certain price range. In opinion polls, smell seems to win. This product works well for me and it smells good. It's pet friendly too. I would buy it again if I had guests. I don't know how a clean smell can be observed through a mask.

👤Absolutely love the product. The smell isn't overpowering. It works great to remove dirt, grime and soap scum, and I use it for my counters, floors, sinks, tub, just about everywhere. I'm not sure what the cleaner/water mixture ratio is supposed to be. I use a little cleaner for every 2 cups of water. It works well.

👤I love everything about this product. How well it cleans, the natural ingredients, and the fresh scent. I only buy from Mrs. Meyers. This is a quality all natural cleaning product.

👤The scent of this cleanser makes me want to clean my kitchen even more. I've been using it for a while now and I haven't gotten tired of it.

11. Mrs Meyers Clean Day Multi Surface

Mrs Meyers Clean Day Multi Surface

It is easy to spray on dirt. A fresh way to clean, refresh, and remove odors from non-porous surfaces. The scent of garden-fresh Honeysuckle is sweet and has a mix of flowers and fruits. It's safe to use as a hardwood floor cleaner. Mrs. Meyer's produces cleaners that are free from harmful chemicals. Their products are not tested on animals.

Brand: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

👤I have been using this product for a long time. I have been stocking up since having a baby. In the last month, I have ordered 12 bottles of different scents. The one I use is very light and doesn't affect my baby's breathing. If you put it in a bottle, it's good to kill ants. You can spray the ants and wipe them away. We used it on our driveway to kill ants. Leave it for 5 minutes and then rinse or wipe it away.

👤I love this cleaner. Most cleaners give me a strong headaches, but this stuff is amazing. I will definitely be buying again because it works wonders and smells amazing.

👤Been using this for a long time. I thought it wouldn't clean as well as the harsh chemical cleaners I was using before, but I was wrong. My house smells great after I clean it, and I'm not exposing my family or pets to toxic fumes. I'm happy.

👤I am loving this cleaner. I have used several other scents by Mrs. Meyers and found them to be too overpowering. It can make or break products for me. I bought the Honeysuckle concentrate, which is a great deal, and am very pleased with it all around. There are no streaks when I use a damp towel to clean my black appliances. It cuts through grease on my stove top. The scent is sweet and fresh but not overpowering like the lemon verbena scent. I bought the lemon verbena toilet bowl cleanser and my husband said never again as it sticks around for too long. This really works in the kitchen, bathroom, outdoor tables and shiny surfaces. It's going to be a staple in my cleaning arsenal.

👤The smell of chemicals is finally gone. It really cleans. I had a smoke contaminated area, and tried everything, but this product takes up the bar. The dog with outstanding results is the only one I have used it on. I will never go back to the store that bought the cleaners.

👤I'm very paranoid. I like to clean. I have two dogs and my house is always clean. I like this stuff. It gets the job done, it smells good, and it doesn't hurt my nose.

👤I like Mrs. Meyer's products. I used to use hand soap for the bathroom because I liked the scent of honeysuckle. It was great to discover that there were other products from the same line. The cleaner stays works great, it cleans the counter, stove top, and the like, and it has an aromatic bonus that is clean, not harsh and not overpowering. I would recommend it 100 times over.

👤The smell is sweet, floral, and doesn't linger past its welcome. I've tried a lot of different things, but mostly it's a gentle way to wet down construction dust so that I can wipe it up without kicking it back into the air. It doesn't hurt my book covers or the look of my counter.


What is the best product for eco friendly all purpose cleaner refill?

Eco friendly all purpose cleaner refill products from Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day. In this article about eco friendly all purpose cleaner refill you can see why people choose the product. Method and Seventh Generation Professional are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly all purpose cleaner refill.

What are the best brands for eco friendly all purpose cleaner refill?

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day, Method and Seventh Generation Professional are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly all purpose cleaner refill. Find the detail in this article. Mrs. Meyers Clean Day, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day and 9 Elements are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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