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1. Modeling Clay Kit Stretchy Accessories

Modeling Clay Kit Stretchy Accessories

No risk for 1 year. If you have a problem with the product, please contact them, they will either send you a new one or give you a money back guarantee. Pick the size you want for your baby according to the size chart. If your baby needs more room to grow up, they recommend you choose the larger size swim diapers. The air dry clay kit is the ideal arts and crafts activity for kids and adults alike, and it is easy to use for everyone. 24 modeling clay in 24 colors, a project booklet, 3 small tools, and 34 animal accessories are included. It's a good idea to occupy your child for hours, so that they can develop their creativity, motor skills, and eye-hand coordination, while engaging in fun, sensory play. It's so much fun. The modeling clay is soft to the touch, non messy, and doesn't leave a mess; it's a stress-free way to create modeling magic clay and art projects. The clay is not food. Please contact them if your product does not perform as expected. Any problem with their products will be fixed.

Brand: Essenson

👤My son loves it, but it has some drawbacks. The perfect age range is 3 - 5 or 6. There are a lot of tiny pieces to make silly faces with. If you want to give this to a young child, I would remove the bag of pieces and give them the clay. There is a The clay feels very different. It feels wet when you first touch it. That didn't bother my son. I could see how some kids would be upset. There is a There are 1 positives. The pieces to make silly faces are wonderful. My son loves the characters we make. 2. There are many colors. 3. The colors are vibrant. There is a There are 1. The clay dries out more than expected. If you don't put it away for a while, it's still usable. It's not as good. 2. Some kids will like it. Others won't. 3. It leaves a lot of little pieces on the floor because it's stringy. There is a My 3-year-old loves it. It's a good value for money.

👤The clay was easy to work with. We created monsters and snakes. There is a I hear them scream a few hours later. The animals got hurt. They had not been hit. The had deflated. They wouldn't recommend this clay. I have used other clays and have been very pleased.

👤My son asked for clay after completing his clay project. The package was very well received. The tools helped him make the right shapes and he loved the many choices of colors. The cute eyes and hats he made come to life with the accessories he made. The clay didn't crack when it dried, which I liked. If you are looking for a variety pack, this is the one for you.

👤My granddaughter is 3 years old. Yesterday and today she came by. We had fun with the clay. She was excited to mix a small amount of yellow with my blue and make green. We made the balls and bluebirds. I put the green ball under the faucet to add a little water andKneaded it really good and put it in a bag. The ball was easier to mold today. She made a ball after making a frog and elephant. She made two pancakes out of it. They bounced and rolled. The water was on the ball and bag. Next time, we will see consistency.

👤This is a big hit in my house. It was my daughter's favorite gift of the year because we bought it for her 8th birthday. My 5 year old is obsessed as well. It feels neat when it dries. Will definitely be buying more.

👤The colors are vibrant and my daughter loves them. It is easy to use with instructions. My daughter plays with it.

👤The clay inside the product was open and ready to be used. It's a pain to have to go through the entire process.

👤The clay sets are for our grandson's birthday which is a few months away, so hopefully all of the above is true. The only way I could get to know you was by completing the survey. I opened the boxes and everything appeared to be okay. I/ We hope the clay is easy to work with. There is a Thank you for that.

2. Crayola Inspiration Portable Coloring Convenient

Crayola Inspiration Portable Coloring Convenient

We design every toy to the highest quality standards and to nurture minds and hearts, if your child is not inspired, give them a call and they'll make it right; their phone number is on every product. There is a coloring set with 64 crayons, 20 short colored pencils, 40 markers, and 15 pieces of paper. The crayon and marker organizers helps keep art supplies together. Kids have more room to create with large paper sheets. This case is a great gift for girls and boys. These non-toxic art supplies can be used by artists of all ages.

Brand: Crayola

👤I purchased two craft items for Christmas gifts on Amazon and both of the products were dried out. The markers were not usable. All of them were dried out. Will not order craft items again on Amazon.

👤A five-year old girl loves to draw so she purchased a Crayola Art kit. This one was her favorite of all the cases we looked at. She loves this case and it is still in great shape after four months of use. It keeps her busy. We ordered a pink case for her because it was a beautiful swirl of colors. It's easy to open and close, but it's strong and secure. It makes a snapping sound to make sure it's closed. She can carry it by the handle without fear. The plastic insert that holds the crayons, pens and pencils is strong. It is not like the other art kits we have purchased in the past. Everything snaps. There isn't a waterfall of art supplies when the case is opened. The crayons, pencils, and pens are all created by Crayola. The little pens and pencils are small enough to fit in little hands. This art case is very impressive. It's the perfect gift for the artist in your life.

👤There is a lot of stuff in this art kit. I think it could be built a bit stronger. The back is almost like a book. My daughter made sure she was very careful with her kit. My kid came unglued after the dang thing split in the back, it wasn't even a week after Christmas. The products inside are great, but the case is not. If you have a kid that is a devil, you won't get 5 days with the case like we did.

👤I am disappointed a lot. The whole point of buying this case was that it held everything in one place, which is great for my daughter who is severely OCD. The slots to hold the crayons are not very tight. There were markers floating around in the box. I bought this as a gift for my daughter and I don't want to have to return it or wait for a new one as I don't want to deal with the hassle of a return and so on. I would rather just buy her individual packages and put them in a box. She wanted a case like this because she saw it in a toy ad.

👤The case is just as cute for a little girl as it is for a boy. Maybe they won't care. The little girl is an artist who is on the rise. She is going to love it. I also have a mix-media paper. I am an artist and could tell it was not recommended, but I didn't get it. I got a 7x10 media pad. I know the brand is cost effective but it's descent paper for the money. It is in a spiral style binding, so it lays flat. 7 X 10 should fit easily in any back pack and not be cumbersome for a small child, but enough to really do some serious drawing and coloring.

3. Pigipigi Scratch Bookmarks Art Kids

Pigipigi Scratch Bookmarks Art Kids

If you have questions about their products, contact their friendlier customer service. The scratch bookmarks art set includes 36 pieces of scratch bookmarks, 10 pieces of wooden styluses, 36 pieces of colorful ribbons, 36 pieces of clear plastic bags and a gift box. It is a great value scratch rainbow set for kids to play with and make their own crafts. It's easy to use a wooden stylus and scratch the black surface. The scratch paper bookmarks can be used as ornaments or notes. Kids are doing scratch paper crafts and parents don't worry about the paint. Their arts and crafts bookmark comes with colorful ribbons and clear plastic bags. Kids can store the bookmarks in transparent bags to make souvenirs. There is no odor or toxic powder. The scratch paper art uses premium materials, while the styluses are made of natural materials. Children play in a non-toxic environment that is good for their growth. The magic scratch bookmarks are an ideal gift for kids Birthday, Children's day, holiday parties, Valentine's Day, New Year's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Halloween and Christmas. The box of bookmarks for kids is the best gift for children. The magic scratch bookmarks are an ideal gift for kids Birthday, Children's day, holiday parties, Valentine's Day, New Year's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Halloween and Christmas. The box of bookmarks for kids is the best gift for children.

Brand: Pigipigi

👤A small gift for everyone in her class was what my 2nd graders needed. She was excited to bring these because she loves rainbow scratch art. They are a bit thinner than a standard poster board, but good quality, packaged well, and a great price! You get 36 bookmarks, ribbons and even gift bags, but only 10 wooden sticks to scratch with. Not an issue for most people, but as we were planning to make baggies for 13 kids with unscratched bookmarks, ribbons and a scratcher, this was not ideal for us. I was able to find small popscicle sticks with a pointed end that worked well for these. I rated this 5 stars because it said you only get 10 in the product description. If you love these and want to buy them, just skip ahead to the reviews to make sure they're not junk, just know there's only 10 scratchers.

👤We did a food drive on Saturday and I ordered the bookmarks to use in the bags. Make sure to scroll all the way down. They come in a pack of 36 with only 10 scratch pencils. When I opened the pack, I didn't realize that I gave my son one of the extras. When I noticed, I started to fill the bags. I wasted the money I spent on these because of the donations we received. So disappointed!

👤I bought these for my students. It has enough bookmarks but not enough scratchers. There are 10 total. I had toothpicks to send to my kids. I don't think it's right to have a plastic liner for every bookmark. Will not be buying again. I would return and purchase something else. I don't have time.

👤I bought these for my son. The book markers are nice. We only got half of the sticks to scratch them because they come with individual packaging. We didn't get enough to scratch each bookmarker. He is having a birthday celebration at school this week. I ordered them in advance but they were short so we have to deal with that. Disappointing. If we had everything we needed to assemble each one, I would have given this a good rating.

👤This was one of the crafts that was used at my 10 yearold's birthday party. They were a big hit. I love that there are so many. We broke the group of 16 in half so we had enough sticks to decorate them. popsicle sticks or toothpicks can be used. They were easy to clean.

👤This was a present for my grandies. They love them so they can make gifts for everyone. A fun surprise from their grandmom who lives 100 miles away.

👤There are 10 scratch sticks. How is that going to work? All the kids share? Pointless. I needed to buy more sticks.

👤It was purchased for a kids birthday party and I thought it would give the children something to do while we transitioned into cake time. Everyone loved making their own art. The adults sat and watched the children play at the end of the night. It's relaxing to make something of your own.

4. Art Markers Rainbow Washable Original

Art Markers Rainbow Washable Original

These non-toxic art supplies can be used by artists of all ages. Made in the USA. Designed and manufactured in their own factory guaranteeing that you are getting the best product without the risk of unknown and unwanted contaminants, using only the highest quality materials and standards to ensure kids have endless fun, and parents and teachers have piece of mind. All do a dot art! There are markers that are GLUTEN free and LATEX free. It's easy to hold a beer for little hands. Do A Dot Art makers have more paint in their bottles. The creativity will begin when you twist off the cap. Children of all ages can benefit from fun art medicine. Do A Dot Art markers have a large sponge tip dauber that is designed to be mess free, never dry out, and make a perfect dot every time. Kids love to mix and blend colors. No cups, no brush, no mess, and the markers are easy to set up. Comes with 5 non-toxic colors. There were red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. LaTEX and GLUTEN are free. Early childhood development is important. Children are given the opportunity to do original planning and thinking while creating art and developing eye coordination. Quickly.

Brand: Art!

👤My 4 year old loves these markers at her preschool, so I decided to get a set for her, but she destroyed the foam felt tips when she opened the package. I called Do-A-Dot customer service to see if replacement tips were available for purchase after the markers were full. The call was answered by a real person, and the representative was very friendly, and I'm getting replacement tips for free! What a great company! It pays to buy from a company that makes products in the USA. The marker came off of the walls using water, Norwex envirocloth microfiber cloth, and a little elbow grease. The marker came out of the cotton canvas shades using the same method as in the commercials. The crisis was averted!

👤Is it possible that it is Washable? I was excited to have a less messy paint option because my almost 3-year old son loved playing with these. I was surprised to learn that the paint does not wash off skin with soap and water. I tried scrubbing his hands after use after he left his hands stained for a few days. Some reviewers have said that it washes off easily. People have different experiences with these. Is there a trick I'm not aware of or has the product changed? Would love to be able to use more without having a stained toddler.

👤My daughter has been using them for a year. We started them young because she is only 2.5. I can't tell you how many pages of dots are the same color. We have around the house because they are so many. The markers are still strong after all that use. As they get older, squeeze the middle of the marker before giving it to your child. That will get the ink flowing. Try to avoid them pressing the marker down. This leads to very messy puddles of ink on the pages of most coloring books and construction paper. There is a I will definitely buy another set of markers whenever my original ones die, I am very satisfied with this set.

👤Made in the USA. Designed and manufactured in our own factory guaranteeing that you are getting the best product without the risk of unknown and unwanted contaminants, using only the highest quality materials and standards to ensure kids have endless fun, and parents and teachers have piece of mind. All do a dot art! There are markers that are GLUTEN free and LATEX free. It's easy to hold a beer for little hands. Do A Dot Art makers have more paint in their bottles. Just remove the cap and let creativity begin. Children of all ages can enjoy fun art medicine. Do A Dot Art markers have a large sponge tip dauber that is designed to be mess free, never dry out, and make a perfect dot every time. Kids love to mix, blend and layer colors. No cups, no brush, no mess, and the markers are easy to set up. Comes with 5 non-toxic colors. There were red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. The Frogn Free and LaTex Free Early Childhood Development is designed to give children the opportunity to do original planning and thinking while creating art, developing hand eye coordination and color recognition. Quickly.

5. JOYIN Sticker Safaris Fantasy Supplies

JOYIN Sticker Safaris Fantasy Supplies

SAFTY SLIME- The ECO-friendly material makes the slime that is safe for kids to play with. For ages 6+, but can not eat. There are 36 pieces of animal themed party supplies. The pack includes a lion, monkey, elephant, shark, clownfish, and Narwhal. It's really fun! Each sheet has different designs of eyes, mouths, and eyebrows to make your kids look silly or cute. Birthday and House Party, Group Activity, Art Class, or other activities can be enjoyed with creativity and fun. Team work and creativity are important. It's perfect for anyone to make their own face of the animals. Also good. Team work for kids to play together. It's re-usable! The 10 Inches by 6.75 Inches Mix and Match Stickers are made from high-quality paper. Customer satisfaction. Their priority is to provide a 100% satisfaction experience. If products don't meet your expectations, you can message them through contact sellers. The celebrations begin at Joyin!

Brand: Joyin

👤These things are amazing. We bought these for our child. He would have something to do while at restaurants, in the car, plane, etc. They have bought us peace and quiet because he loves them. There are a lot of different animal faces, and each of them has different options for their facial features. Since they are just sheets of sticker paper, they can get wrinkled and torn easily, but we usually slip a few into them. You could keep them in the car. He makes us help him a lot because he is a teensy bit on the young side. If you give a 7-8 year old several different sheets, they will be able to keep up with you for a while. This is one of the few purchases that I think is smart.

👤Good quality stickers. The grandkids had a lot of fun. The stickers aren't replaceable.

👤These are cute! My kids love stickers, but they don't always know what to do with them. They love playing with stickers and this allows them to do so. The colors are gorgeous, the size is great, and there are many sticker sheets for the money. Quality is good. You only get one head for all the face components, but the stickers peel off of each other so you can reuse. Excellent activity for my 3 year old twins. These are for sticker lovers.

👤The kids loved them because they were bought for a rainy day. Aged 3-6. We have a lot left for another day. The stickers were good, but I wish they had a blank sheet to put the heads on when they were done.

👤These sheets have saved my life. My child loves them. She has made many faces. You get a lot of stickers for the price and they are vibrant. There are multiple faces worth of stickers on each sheet. We drew different heads using the extra eyes, ears, and mouths. There are many hours of happiness to be had.

👤These are fun for toddlers. Also playing at home for parties. They love mixing and matching animals and features. Promotes creativity. My son likes to tell me stories about the different hybrid animals he makes.

👤This set is very good. Great purchase! This was one of the two favorites my three-year-old great granddaughter had when she was visiting me. The fairy village was more expensive than the other one. I think this set is good quality and has lots of pages. There are a lot of hours of creativity here.

👤These are great. My daughter has a lunch bag. We decorated the paper plates as faces by cutting eye holes in them. I let my daughter put them on my face. My daughter had a medical procedure. We decorated the anesthesia mask with these a few weeks ago. It helped when it was time for the anesthesia mask.

6. Crayola Count Rainbow Inspiration Gifts

Crayola Count Rainbow Inspiration Gifts

There is a painting that is free of fur. Young children can be introduced to painting with Crayola Washable Kids Paint. Blending colors can help young children learn colors and improve their fine motor skills. There is a coloring set with 64 crayons, 20 short colored pencils, 40 markers, and 15 pieces of paper. The crayon and marker organizers helps keep art supplies together. Kids have more room to create with large paper sheets. This case is a great gift for girls and boys. These non-toxic art supplies can be used by artists of all ages.

Brand: Crayola

👤The product is not as advertised. It claims to be a set of 140 pieces. It has only 123. It doesn't include a piece of paper. If you are a six year old who saved up all of your money to buy an art set with your own money, it's a pretty big deal.

👤The Crayola Color Inspiration Kit is a lightweight fold open case that reveals a wide range of colors across crayons, pencils, and markers, and a lot for any kid pre-K to be creative with color. There are 64 different crayons in the kit, but there are also 20 half-size colored pencils, 20 half-size color markers, and 20 full-size color markers. It includes a pack of paper, which makes me laugh because it looks like an instruction manual package with blank instructions and unbound. There is a I had no problem wiping away the marks that missed the paper. I would rather my daughter not be playing with a small razor, so you'll probably need to get one to keep separate. It comes with paper, but if you don't have any decent art paper or coloring books, you'll want to grab that as well. A 2x4 hardboard with large clips on it can keep the attention on the paper. There is a I think it's a good idea to give it a try because of its great price and what it comes with. If your child is starting to really round out their art and are interested in going further, this won't satisfy. This is a kit for a child to get started with art.

👤I was happy with the quality of the case, but not so happy with the contents. I received mostly blue mini markers, but I did not receive a single red or orange mini marker.

👤The art set is great for kids. I bought it for my granddaughter and she is very happy.

👤I buy these art sets as gifts a lot. They are reasonably priced, and great! There are no more big containers of broken crayons. No more markers without caps. My kids put the crayons and markers away because of the small spots for each and every crayon and marker. Nothing gets lost if everything stays organized. My kids play with it a lot, and we have had one of these cases for over a year. I'm a big fan of sports.

👤Everyone has mentioned a fantastic case. At times this set is listed as $39, and other times as $19. If it is more expensive than $19 or $20, you may want to wait and see if the price drops over the next few days.

👤I've bought my two daughters lower quality plastic sets before at craft store-type places and the cost has ranged from $2-5. I guess that's to be expected at a cheap price. I decided to buy a better set for Christmas. I bought two of the Crayola sets. First things first, what you get is the inspiration art set, not the premiere set with scissors. The case is sturdy and it's packed with the items your child will actually use, not things like the useless pastel chalk/crayons or cheap water color paint set. The set has crayons, pencils, markers, and sheets of paper. You know and trust the quality of the Crayola brand. One thing should be noted. The clasp on my 11 year old's Crayola case broke less than a week after Christmas. I contacted Crayola through their Facebook page and asked how to get a replacement, and they promptly replied requesting the model number and my mailing address. I will update when I know for sure, I'm assuming they are sending a replacement. There is a This set is perfect for any child who likes to draw or color. It might be better for a child who is able to take care of it. My 10 and 11 year olds seem to enjoy their cases more than anything else they've received this Christmas, and that's saying a lot! I was contacted by Crayola and they are sending me a new Inspiration Art Set to replace one daughter's broken case. I received a new set since my daughters enjoy this set so much, and they gave me the choice of a new set or a same-value coupons for other products. Customer service was fantastic.

7. Honeysticks Washable Watercolor Food Grade Ingredients

Honeysticks Washable Watercolor Food Grade Ingredients

It's slightly waterproof but not include markers. If you need more than one bag, please look for sandflower coloring bags. 100% NON TOXIC FOR PEACE OF MIND: The honeysticks water color paints are made using food grade ingredients making them safer for toddlers and children to use. It's suitable for kids aged 1-8. The Watercolor Paint Palette contains 8 vibrant and long lasting colors including yellow, red, pink, purple, green, blue, brown and orange. Your child will enjoy creating masterpieces with Honeysticks. The set includes a natural paint brush. A natural paint brush made from wood is included in the set. The Honeysticks Watercolor Paint Set is a perfect gift for the little artist in your life, it's beautifully packaged in a recycle metal tin and includes a natural paint brush. Don't risk them today. Their mission is to create safe, sustainable products that children will love to use, without the nasty ingredients that you find in most products today. A 100% satisfaction guarantee! Don't risk them today. Their mission is to create safe, sustainable products that children will love to use, without the nasty ingredients that you find in most products today. A 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Brand: Honeysticks

👤While my kids are playing with the paint or crayons that Honeysticks has they aren't exposed to harmful chemicals, I'm always on the hunt for nontoxic products for my family. The clean up is easy because of the big thumbs up from us.

👤It is non toxic. There is a Some colors are not clear.

👤The watercolor are not put in the botton so they can fall easily and break.

👤Excellent quality hobby supplies.

👤Paints fall out of a container.

👤Do not buy these if you want a smooth, semi-moist, easy to wet and glides across the page kind of watercolor. These paints might interest you if you are open to a different experience. They are tablets of food-safe dye and sugar that release vibrant color when wet. They don't rewet easily, as they are dry and absorbent, but when they hit the page they are very bright. They go on with a lot of grain. The grain that reminds me of a lot of mineral watercolors and handmade watercolors is not a chalky grain. There is a The tin is the best packaging I have ever seen for my watercolor, including the expensive professional grade sets. I used some of the paints up just playing and having a blast, and when I took the tin apart and washed it out, I could refill it with my own. Don't worry about it with your kids, but if you're an artist, you should be careful with this because the edges are razor sharp. This set is fun. If your kid just wants a set of smooth, gel-like crayons, they might not like this. I recommend this if your child is interested in something unusual.

👤My daughter's birthday is next month and I grabbed some watercolors for her. There is a They are very pretty on the paper. I've used Prang's watercolors before, which are great, but these have such lovely, vibrant colors, and it's easy to get them to pop on the page. They work well on regular old paper, but watercolors seem to benefit more from actual watercolor paper. The packaging is very nicely done, so if you're giving these, they will seem special compared to regular old watercolors, and of course it's nice that they are more "natural." My only concern is that they are very expensive. You can get double the colors from Prang for half the price. You might want to look at other options if it's not a gift. It seems like they might get used up relatively quickly, but only time will tell. There is a I'm really happy with these watercolors and would consider giving them to other kids.

👤Paints for kids are wonderful and safe. I used these for a baby play date with my littlest and her little baby friends and it was a messy and fun experiment. With babies there was plenty of testing and tasting, so it's great that these paints are non toxic. The paints are bright. We used cardboard boxes for them to pant on so they didn't come out terribly bright for us, though of course that didn't really matter. The experience of seeing my kids explore and learn about paint and color is what makes these fun. There is a The little tin is very nice and the paints dried quickly and went back to their original texture. If you want to give your kids the chance to try out painting while knowing the paints are safe, then these are the ones for you. 5 stars!

8. Crayola Washable Classic Painting Supplies

Crayola Washable Classic Painting Supplies

There are six different colors of kids paint: blue, violet, green, red, yellow, and orange. The paint does not separate from the brushes, making it freeze-thaw stable. Creative art supplies can keep spirits high. Simple and fun crafts for kids are a great way to stay entertained. There are some washable colors. They can help keep your child clean and creative with products that are easy to wash from their skin and most clothing. Crayola paints are perfect for use in the classroom. Their formulas are non-toxic and safe for artists of all ages. Their paints and sets are available in a variety of colors. There is a painting that is free of fur. Young children can be introduced to painting with Crayola Washable Kids Paint. Blending colors can help young children learn colors and improve their fine motor skills.

Brand: Crayola

👤My kids had a blast using it. They had more paint on themselves than on the papers when they were painting on a large paper drop cloth. The paint washed off their swim suits. My kids could experiment and play as they please, without being afraid of being in a huge mess. Will purchase again.

👤I purchased this as an add-on along with 6 other items and when it arrived, it looked okay without even looking at it. I bought a pack of paint brushes with it and thought it was unused. I was going to give it to my daughter when I decided to open it, but it was already open both top and bottom and was taped on. I blamed myself for not inspecting thoroughly. I opened the paint bottles and found 3 of them had different colors on them. I don't know if I'm going to give it to my daughter because someone already used them and the seller just refill them for resale.

👤The product was horrible. Nothing about this can be " non-toxic" when it smells that bad. We had to put it up because it was giving me headaches. I wish I could get my money back.

👤The pains were a little bit smaller than I had expected. I didn't look at how many ounces each jar was. We were able to paint at least 10 times on our art easel. The paint brushes from Crayola worked well for us. There is a Even after drying overnight, the paint came off the brushes very easily. This paint is very easy to remove from clothing, wood floors, and skin because it doesn't leave any color behind. I was so confident that my 2 1/2 year-old would not get it on something if she used this paint in the kitchen that I was certain that we could get it off easily. The paint is thick enough that if a child gets a small amount of paint, it doesn't fall off. The paint is a gel and the thickness is perfect. If you want to save money, buy the larger jugs of the same product. You will not be disappointed.

👤These paints are great for children. My son is 2 years old and loves to paint, so these have been used a lot. The paint is easy to apply and washes off quickly.

👤The paint set is non-toxic. My nephew loves doing craft projects and painting so I bought him a box of paints. The title really holds true. This paint has been applied to clothes, carpet, upholstery, etc. It comes out with little to no effort at all. We have never had an issue with my son's paint not coming out of his clothing even after it has been dried on for hours.

👤It was fun! It's just fun. I usually start with two or three colors and add a few more when they dry. This is a painting with toddlers and it's very messy. It's so messy. It's a good thing. Twin boys are 21 months old. It takes about two hours to paint pictures and clean them up. It's important that it's not toxic as they eat it. It's the best. I allow them to be creative. It's great for their development. There is a We can give stuff to grandparents. They've painted picture frames, their hands, and lots of paper. Great stuff.

9. Art 101 142 Piece Wood Set

Art 101 142 Piece Wood Set

We are Dan and Darci! They think that two is better than one. Quality toys and science kits are both entertaining and educational. Their lab of mad scientists know that while you love to grow your brain and be the smartest one in the room, you're only going to do it if it's fun. Art 101 is a leading supplier of innovative and fun artistic products with 13 years of experience providing high-quality artistic tools at an affordable price. China is the country of origin. 24 Premium Core Colored Pencils are included.

Brand: Art 101 Usa

👤The art set was in excellent condition when it was received. There were no scratches on the box, no drawer was broken, and nothing was thrown around or out of place. Everything was intact and complete. The Grandson is very happy that we bought this for him. I was worried about the arrival but it is good for kids who want to do more than just write. It is portable and can be used in many places without having to worry about lost items. The delivery method may have caused some damage, but our delivery with USPS is great and we never have any issues. We looked all over under the items but did not find the "3 mixing palettes", that is not an issue and is easy to fix. It is an awesome purchase and we can definitely recommend it.

👤Hi! I am 10 years old. I received this for my birthday. It is amazing. You get a lot of crayons, a lot of colored pencils, oil pastels, an eraser, a pencil sharpener, and 2 pencils for just $24.79. The colors are pretty. The carrying case is very nice. It is a good quality wood. I can't believe how good it is. It's a good thing. It's a good thing. It's a good thing. Bye!

👤I rarely write negative reviews, but $27 was too much for this product. The box fell apart the first time we unlatched it, and the art supplies are the cheapest you can imagine. The crayons were stuck in the drawer. The packaging was very small. The Frozen art set from Crayola that I got for my other daughter was well worth the money if you are looking for an awesome art set, and my artistic daughter was very disappointed.

👤It is a great kit. I gave this as an anniversary gift to my girlfriend, and she loved it. It has everything an artist needs. It may not be the same as the product in the picture. The colored pencils I received were different from the original, and the colors in the palette were a bit different as well. I still think it's a great product, and that wasn't an issue for me.

👤You get a lot of stuff and a wooden case for the price. There is a It's great for anyone who wants to learn how to draw. You have a lot to choose from since there are so many different drawing materials. This is something I recommend to everyone. The case was put together well. All components can be removed and replaced with new materials. There is a When you are done using up all the materials, you have a nice case that will keep your materials organized. The wooden case does not have a handle, so the part of the case that slides out and holds the crayons could potentially slip out and spill. Other than this, it's great.

👤My grandson wasn't happy because he wanted it to be perfect, but I would have given it 5 stars. It probably happened during shipping. Nice set.

10. Crayola Color Supplies Travel Pieces

Crayola Color Supplies Travel Pieces

The complete art set includes 18 Broad Line Markers, 24 Crayons, 18 Short Colored Pencils, 1 Pair of Scissors, 2 Glitter Glue Sticks, 15 Sheets of Line Art, and a Storage Caddy. The travel activity kit has a travel caddy that is perfect for on the go. There are arts and crafts. It keeps crafting essentials together for school projects. It's a great gift for kids ages 4 and up.

Brand: Crayola

👤It's ok, but I'm not happy that it's made of cardboard. I was surprised that it came with some supplies. The tote ripped the cardboard.

👤The art supply box has 90+ pieces. There are 60. If I counted every piece of cardboard. I came up with 60 sonething. No 90 pieces. There was no packing slip in the box. I wanted to see the details after it was done.

👤The box that you can see in the attached video is made of cheap cardboard that is not strong, it arrived damaged, and the box contains $5 worth of supplies you can buy from the dollar store. Don't waste your money or time on this box. Very disappointing.

👤I'm sure that the product is great, but the packaging is what sells it. The handle makes it easy for a child to carry. My handle was torn off when I opened the box.

👤I didn't know that it's made of cardboard. I should've known that the tote I was hoping for wouldn't be durable because of the price. I'll have to find a way to store his stuff now that he loved it.

👤I bought 2 of them. One was brand new and the other was a return that someone had opened, smashed the handle and taped the bottom back together. That is Amazon's fault, not Crayola's. It was a cool gift and the caddy is great for keeping everything organized, even though it was only a gift to one child. It is made out of cardboard and it is easy for kids to carry around and put everything back into when they are done.

👤The handle to the caddy was broken when I received it. Originally it was purchased as a gift, but won't be giving it now.

👤The idea is cute, but most of it is empty. I would suggest hitting the dollar store and stocking up on markers, crayons and colored pencils and finding a cheap bin to put them in. It is cute. You could buy what you want for less if you didn't have this kit. It is not terrible. Also has scissors for you. It is not bad, but not great.

👤It looks cheap and empty. The handle is torn off. Not worth the price. Not even close!

11. Crayola Washable FingerPaints Stocking Stuffers

Crayola Washable FingerPaints Stocking Stuffers

There are art supplies. The Fingerpainting Paper is ideal for kids. The set of finger paints includes 8oz bottles of blue, yellow, orange, green, violet and red. The bottles with flip-top caps prevent spills. Each of these paints can be washed easily from skin and clothing. There are essential art supplies. The perfect art supplies for kids to use. It's SAFE and NON TOXIC. Paint for kids of all ages.

Brand: Crayola

👤I needed non-toxic paint to do an art project with my dogs and this was perfect. It is easy to use and wash off. They look great on the canvas. I used this paint to make my vision come to life, because I had a vision of my dogs pawprints in all different colors. It was easy to remove when I didn't want it and one of the dogs licked it before I washed his paw. It's highly recommended for anyone who wants to paint with a pet.

👤If you're not familiar with the different paints, fingerpaints are a lot worse than regular liquid pain. They won't dry quickly once squeezed out. Fingerpaints aren't good for painting with brushes. If you're looking for a more liquid paint, try tempera paint for kids.

👤These finger-paints are very bright. I am a preschool teacher so I know how to paint. They are a good consistency and they washed off my students hands without staining them. The price is the only reason I deducted a star. I would only pay 20ish dollars for the amount of paint. I used these paints for one art project with my class and half of the paint has already been used. I expected more paint. The price is too steep for home use, but I think these should be more than enough. There is a Unless you need finger-paint in a pinch, go for Colorations somewhere else.

👤My kids had a lot of fun painting with these finger paints. The texture was easy to work with. Some of the colors were a little too saturated. My banister was not as lucky as the kids and their clothes came off. We used a hose to clean up the mess after we set up the paints outside. It is still discolored.

👤The colors are well packaged. I used it to make prints for my baby. It worked well on both paper and canvas.

👤I bought this for a student. These are used for abstract paintings. The colors are bright. White is not included in this set for serious painters or for children. The white finger paint is available on Amazon. The paints are designed for children and intended to be clean. My friend was able to remove the paint from the table. The picture is from an artist named iris Scott. She uses a large surface because her fingers are blunt. I would recommend using canvas-paper or mixed media for these paints. Children's finger paint paper is very hard to play with. The paint never dries. The product is very wet and takes a long time to dry even on the papers I recommend.

👤I was impressed by the packaging before I opened the paints. You can keep the paints in a great box, not just a flimsy piece of cardboard you rip apart to get to the product. My kids loved painting. We have painted with sponges, q-tips and fingers so far. All worked well. There is a The only thing I didn't like was opening the seal. If you don't bag the bottle down before opening it, a bunch of paint will squirt out at you or cause a mess. If you purchase these paints, be sure to hit the bottle on the counter to make the paint go down as much as possible. The quality was great.


What is the best product for eco friendly art supplies kids?

Eco friendly art supplies kids products from Essenson. In this article about eco friendly art supplies kids you can see why people choose the product. Crayola and Pigipigi are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly art supplies kids.

What are the best brands for eco friendly art supplies kids?

Essenson, Crayola and Pigipigi are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly art supplies kids. Find the detail in this article. Art!, Joyin and Honeysticks are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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