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1. Balloon Premium Helium Quality NYKKOLA

Balloon Premium Helium Quality NYKKOLA

Party favor or party decoration is ideal. 100% Eco-friendly, made of premium, pure latex. Their big round balloons are made of 100% natural latex which is eco-friendly and 40% thicker than average quality, so they will stay inflated for as long as you need. 36 inch latex balloons are thick enough for long- lasting fun, they make excellent decorations for a variety of parties and events like birthday/wedding decoration, baby shower, bridal shower, photo shoot, Thanksgiving day decorations, Christmas decorations, etc. There is a unique party decorum. The 36 inch giant round balloons will make your party more colorful. The big balloons bring out a big smile from the kids or guests. The package includes 6Pcs super large balloons, each balloon weight 45g, 36 inch inflated size. CREATIVITY: You can draw on your imagination and come up with some ideas for the balloons. The shiny latex balloons will make your party look elegant and fun, help liven up the venue, and add more fun to the party.

Brand: Nykkola

👤The balloons shown in the listing are not the ones shown in the listing. These are not the strongest balloons. These are cheap and thin, made in China, like the ones sold at H.L.

👤They worked out well. It's important to be aware of the cost of helium. The store was going to charge me 20 dollars for a balloon. Renting a tank was not an option. We hung them from beams after blowing them up with air. They worked well.

👤There were holes in the balloons right out of the package. It's really frustrating. I rented a tank to fill them and used them at my son's graduation party. I had to patch the holes in half of them. Be careful, buyer.

👤It was used for two birthday party decorations. I loved them! They are fun to toss around with the kids. They hold up well in decorations. They stayed up for 10 days until they were pulled down. Unless your kids are trying to ride/jump/hop onto them...

👤It is very hard to tie. The tops look like nipples if you don't inflate them big enough. They pop if you overfill. They are a beautiful piece if you can fill them right.

👤I got these for my gender reveal party, but we had to not blow it up so big or put less confetti. Webabied the balloon all the way home. I was worried it would go off before the party. It held through. Happy with it for most of the time, but can't give it 5 stars. It comes with 6 balloons so I would buy it again. That was smart on their part.

👤The balloons were easy to inflate with a hair dryer. The silver and gold were not as dark as the punk or purple. The silver is not white.

👤My girls will be getting surprise eggs for Christmas. I've read a lot of negative reviews. I took my chances. I was so glad I did. They blew up huge. There were no holes or rips. Stayed up for the whole project. Did not hit the ball. I thought they were very good.

2. Helium Quality Latex Party Balloons

Helium Quality Latex Party Balloons

The latex is very durable and will not pop easily. It is recommended not to pump air past the vertical height of the balloon. It's Biodegradable! This is eco-friendly and capable of breaking down into natural materials in the environment without causing harm. A pump is recommended for inflation. There will be 1-2 pieces of count difference per pack due to a manual process in the packaging process when there is a blue moon. Let them know if there are any problems.

Brand: Wingding Party Supplies

👤The balloons were great. We decorated the office with these balloons on Breast Cancer Awareness Day. Only 28 of the balloons made it. They had holes in them. It's not an issue if I had 100 balloons. It's an issue when it's 25% of the balloons.

👤The value is great. The balloons were kicked around by the kids, but they lasted forever. There were 15 toddlers at the party and we didn't have a pop. The color was vibrant and what was pictured was exactly what it was. I would buy again.

👤Poor quality. They popped without being touched. They were going to have a balloon arch. What a disappointment.

👤It was used for my sons gathering. Wine burgundy color.

👤These looked like beige colored objects that had been filled with air. I didn't use them because they looked terrible.

👤Good quality balloons. Good value. It was perfect for the party. Not as thin as some balloons are. Did not burst while inflating.

👤El color is mucho, pero se reventaron muchos.

👤The balloons were filled with air. It was held for several days.

3. Prextex Balloons Assorted Rainbow Colors

Prextex Balloons Assorted Rainbow Colors

There will be 1-2 pieces of count difference per pack due to a manual process in the packaging process when there is a blue moon. Let them know if there are any problems. There is an equal assortment of 10 rainbow colors. There are 45 different colors, including Blue, Purple, Green, Light Green, Yellow, Pink, Red, Orange, Peach, Light Blue. The most perfect bulk balloon pack for any event. Blows up to 12 inches big, by mouth, air pump, or helium, are thickened balloons. Party favor or party decoration is ideal. 100% Eco-friendly, made of premium, pure latex.

Brand: Prextex

👤I ordered these for a party that was canceled because of the Covid-19 self-quarantine restrictions. I drew a few faces on some of the inflated ones as a joke. I said to an empty room, "Here are the party guests." I have gotten to know them well and now they are some of my best friends.

👤I told my brother there would be consequences if he didn't let me celebrate his birthday. I filled his room with 450 balloons and an air compressor. He thought it was great and we all had fun with it.

👤I bought a bunch of balloons to prank my roommate. I filled his room with balloons and the pump I ordered didn't arrive until after the prank. It was easy to fill them up by mouth. I had a few pop right away as I tried to fill them up, but for the most part they functioned great. It's highly suggested for shenanigans.

👤We used these for a balloon arch. The seller claimed to have 45 different colors, but when we opened one of the bags, there were no dark greens. My arch was short by 5 balloons because I needed 35 of each color green. I was able to sub the light green but it was inconvenient. The quality of the balloons was disappointing but I was pleased with the quality of the inflated balloons.

👤Use estos globos para armar un garland. A final logre de la nada, fueron muchos globos.

👤The camp bought these balloons for the archery program. It was an affordable bulk option for us because we had a lot of easy pops.

👤We pranked our boss with these. The best way to fill his office was with a ton of balloons. We got a lot of balloons at a great price.

👤There were balloons with small wholes in them. I thought I had accidentally poked the tiny wholes when I looked at the balloons before blowing them up. The wholes were in a few balloons.

👤Cheap balloons are easy to work with. It is recommended for home party's. There were many more colors. I got the white latex ones for free and it was cute.

👤I was expecting bigger and better value from these. They lasted a long time and popped easily.

👤We filled our daughter's bedroom with balloons for her birthday. Very strong and large.

👤Excellent quality! Cheap ones that pop easily. Thank you!

👤Good quality and bigger than normal ballons. We filled up the room for our little girl's birthday. There was a bonus packet of balloons.

4. Colorful Remembrance Biodegradable Celebration Decoration

Colorful Remembrance Biodegradable Celebration Decoration

The balloons are easy to use, they stay inflated through basic air inflation, and they are made from natural latex, which is firm and sturdy, no need to worry about it bursting suddenly. The mourners can watch the balloons drift away into the blue sky if they have meaningful words printed on them. These memorial balloons are made of natural latex, non-toxic material for safe use, and they can break down at the same rate as an oak leaf, which will not harm the nature. Each memorial funeral balloon is about the same size. You can pay a touching tribute to your loved one by releasing a balloon in a 12 inch diameter, everyone can participate. These remembrance balloons can be decorated as funeral party decoration, ash scattering decoration, celebration of life ceremonies, also can apply for balloon release, which can show your sincere grief for the loss of a loved one, create a kind of gloom in the air. The package contains 72 pieces of colorful funeral memorial balloons in 9 colors, enough to support you to decorate; color: red, orange, yellow, green, white, blue, purple, pink, rose red

Brand: Gejoy

👤I ordered these to release a balloon on my husband's first birthday. They were what I was looking for. Would order again.

👤On the one year anniversary of my sister's death, we sent 100 balloons to her. Our family was helped to celebrate her.

👤The balloons are a great value. Knowing the balloons were made of bio-degradable material made me feel ok about the balloon release. I would like the company to consider a different choice because the ribbon is not earth friendly. Maybe cotton string? We put the ribbon in bags for the release.

👤Good quality balloons! It was filled with a variety of colors and it was perfect. Will buy again.

👤These were given to my friend's memorial. They were perfect.

👤I have ordered these many times. The price and quality are great.

👤The wording on the balloons was very dark and easy to read. It was perfect for my memorial service.

👤My sisters funeral was held so her children could let them go, so I brought these balloons.

👤Everyone was touched by the special messages.

👤For a celebration of life, it worked well. When filled with helium, none of them popped. For an anniversary of a loved one that has passed, have some leftover.

👤I've been looking for quality balloons for a long time. Excellent purchase.

5. Funeral Balloons Memorial Biodegradable Decoration

Funeral Balloons Memorial Biodegradable Decoration

You release the balloons and watch them drift away into the blue sky to remember the one who passed. It is possible to use a natural and non-toxic material for long time. It's suitable for funeral balloons, memorial decorations, ash scattering, graveside service or to mark the anniversary of the passing of a loved one, make a melancholy statement in style and with the black text "forever in their hearts" The balloons should be inflated to no more than 12 inches so they can have long lasting fun, please do not over-inflate the balloons more than this recommended size. You can get 100 pieces of white balloons with 3 rolls of 32 feet balloons ribbons, definitely enough for your needs.

Brand: Gejoy

👤The balloons were pretty. The wordings are the same. There are three small rolls of balloon strings in the bag. Didn't use the strings. I bought some from the tanks. I am sure it is enough for all 50 balloons. Would recommend! It's perfect for my brother's memorial. Don't be if you're hesitant. I was glad I got it.

👤The balloons are more affordable than going to party city. The string is strudy as well. All happy with the balloons.

👤These worked well for my sister's memorial. During the service, they added a decorative touch, and at the end of the service, our family and closest friends gathered together for the release.

👤I bought these for my mother's memorial service. The balloon release after the beautiful shipping was something special. You made a beautiful print on the balloons.

👤We lost my baby brother in August and I purchased them for his birthday memorial in October. We wrote on the back of them and let them go. They were perfect for the occasion.

👤I bought these for my mom's celebration of life, but they all popped before we could do the balloon release.

👤I had them inflated at Party City. They were beautiful and survived in my car twice. Some states don't allow balloon releases. It's allowed, but the helium didn't last as long as I needed it to. I gave my friend a bouquet of balloons and blew bubbles to remember her pets.

👤We had no issues with filling them because they were used for a memorial. I put a small light inside each balloon that didn't cause any problems when they were being filled with helium. They looked great.

👤I bought the balloons for my mom's memorial. We wrote our own messages on them and then released them. White ribbon also came with them. Really beautiful. Thank you.

👤Beautiful balloons. Excellent quality. The print is perfect. There were no issues with blowing them up. Not a single ine popped. The price is a great value.

👤It looks good after ordering Friday and coming Sunday.

👤What do you think about balloons? Half of the ties were wasted as they wound out like tin foil.

6. Balloons Biodegradable Quality Decorations Supplies

Balloons Biodegradable Quality Decorations Supplies

Premium quality. The party balloons are made of latex. They are long lasting. Premium round balloons which are only available in one color of IVORY are packed in a 50 count bulk set in a color printing bag with reclosable lock. Bulk pack buying will be cost-effective for your upcoming parties when you create balloons column backdrop, balloons arch kit, balloons garland, balloons bouquet, photo shoot background, floral arrangements, home and table decor etc. Kids' party balloons are made of natural latex which comes from rubber trees. Natural latex material is environment friendly and safe to be used around children. Birthday balloons don't expose your family and the party environment to harmful odors. Enjoy your time without worrying about the fumes of chemicals. The balloon is easily inflated by air or helium because it is thicker and more elastic. Their balloons are less prone to air leak because of the balloon's thick elasticity. Their balloon color will not fade because of unique and mature production technology. Max inflation size is 12 inches. Pearlized latex balloons are available in more than 30 different colors and can be used for any party theme. Colorful occasions are more distinctive. It is possible to add a warm and festive atmosphere to wedding birthday baby shower, bridal shower, graduation anniversary thanksgiving Christmas party and many other occasions with the help of the shiny helium quality balloon. If there is a quality problem within 60 days from the date of purchase, you can return the product for a full refund. Order from them with free shipping.

Brand: Party Ulyja

👤The balloons were used in a birthday arch. They were easy to inflate. There were no quality issues. A very similar color to coral. Not too pink or too peach. I've ordered balloons from other sellers that had holes in them, and they deflate quickly. Our birthday guest has not wanted to take the balloons down, but they have stayed inflated for a month.

👤I thought I was getting 72 balloons, but I got 50. Not their fault. The color I wanted was tan. I ordered a second bag. They came in yellow. The mistake was mine again. I was in a hurry. They will work on our project.

👤The price was great for the quantity. I wasn't happy with the quality. You would find the standard balloons at a local store. I noticed that half of them would deflate after blowing up a few. My son said that he could hear the air coming out of where I tied the knots. Some of them were almost melted together and couldn't be seperated from the part where you blow into.

👤The gold balloons were supposed to match the gold accents on the girl's dress. The balloons are thick and good quality, but they are not gold. They are inflated and look light orange. Not what I was looking for. Not working to get the money back.

👤There are balloons. They are peach when inflated. Any shade of gold is not close to being any. The school decided not to have one at the last minute, so we are struggling to have one for our seniors. The way this product is presented is very disappointing. Not gold at all. Not close to gold. The product will be somewhat different due to the batches of color. These are not correct.

👤My kids attend school and they enjoy trunk or treat. I was in the sun for four hours. Not one balloon broke. The balloons were popping left and right because of the sun and the heat. These are quality balloons.

👤I think I have a bad bunch. There were little holes in the balloons. I also bought the same brand of balloons. I think Dollar Tree balloons are better.

👤I loved them! None of the balloons popped nor were they bad. They kept their color and sheen for a few days and didn't get the dull look that some do. The colors popped and were really blue. They were very bold up to 7. They tend to be a little more sheer when they are inflated.

7. Metallic Engagement Anniversary Christmas Decorations Multicolored

Metallic Engagement Anniversary Christmas Decorations Multicolored

Party favor or party decoration is ideal. Premium, pure latex. 100% eco-friendly. BallOONS SPECIFICATION The most popular balloons are metallic. The chrome metallic version is an upgrade. They packaged 50 pieces for each color. It's a good choice for a different theme party. Stay time and bright color are important. There are gold, silver, rose gold, noble purple, navy blue and green balloons. They can be filled with either air or helium. For a month, the balloons filled with air will stay fulll, while Helium will stay for 24 hours. Quality and applications are important. These balloons are 20% thicker than average latex balloons. They can be used for all party decorations. A baby shower, kids room, spring garden, graduation, summer party are all like that. This is a notice and warning. There is a color difference after Oxidation. Please do not overfill the balloons, as well as avoid sunburn, overheating, pointed object, and excessive friction. Any holes or popped balloons within 1 or 2 of a pack is normal. SECURITY There are balloons that are non-toxic.

Brand: Kenandtom

👤These are lovely.

👤Balloons are pretty and worth it. They will scare you if you blow up to big. Good quality shipping used for a photo shoot.

👤There were balloons in a garland along with confetti and mini balloons. They were easy to blow up. I was surprised at how it all came together. I was looking for a turquoise green to go with the rose gold and these were the perfect fit. These definitely look more turquoise-y than a boyish metallic green. The product has two drawbacks. The smell. The smell is horrible! I would have thrown the whole bag if I had to blow these up. The color of the balloons transferred to my fingers as I was tying them. I had to scrub it off under my nails so my daughter wouldn't know how I spent my morning.

👤The color is not what is shown in the picture. I needed the balloons and didn't have time to order new ones. The balloon is of good quality. I would suggest putting a real example so people don't buy them with a false representation.

👤I made balloon clusters with metallic balloons. It stayed inflated for a few weeks.

👤I love it! Everyone was asking where I got the balloons. The other pink balloons in the photos I got off eBay, which was a huge mistake, they were terrible quality and were popping the second we brought the balloon arch outside. chrome ones made up for it. It still looked great in person, even better than in the photos. Excellent quality too! We got to the party at 10am and didn't leave until 1am. It was 95 degrees out. No more eBay balloons. I will stick with these!

👤The balloons are durable. The colors were as expected. There are more balloons in the garland. There are 180 and 100 balloons.

👤The balloons would pop. I get that balloons do that. It wasn't just one or two out of 50 balloons that popped within the first hour of being inflated. I wanted them to be smaller for a reason. The balloons are pretty.

8. Prextex Balloons Assorted Rainbow Colors

Prextex Balloons Assorted Rainbow Colors

There are perfect party supplies and decorations for adding a romantic and festive atmosphere to weddings, birthday parties, bridal showers, Christmas Parties and etc. There is an equal assortment of 10 rainbow colors. There are 30 of the following colors: Blue, Purple, Green, Light Green, Yellow, Pink, Red, Orange, Peach, Light Blue. The most perfect bulk balloon pack for any event. Blows up to 12 inches big, by mouth, air pump, or helium, are thickened balloons. Party favor or party decoration is ideal. 100% Eco-friendly, made of premium, pure latex.

Brand: Prextex

👤I ordered 900 of these balloons for a prank and we filled them only a small number because we hit them into nails by mistake. We were able to twist them into odd shapes. Great balloons at an affordable price.

👤Kids are happy, so am I. I inflated about 80 of them. I contribute to inflating them because I always want maximum size. The thickness and elasticity of each color makes them different and can be inflated more than others. I will be inflating more soon to replace burst ones.

👤I took the picture after 5 days after the party. Let me know how long it will be like this, the baloons are still strong. All baloons were perfect. The rainbow themed pack has pink and light pink in it.

👤We used red and green. The latex on the balloon was not evenly distributed and the dark green was distorted. Theses popped while we were blowing them up, or had small holes, or they blew up distorted and we couldn't use them. We were making a Christmas colored wreath. We have not used the other colors yet, but we hope to have success. It was a very low first impression.

👤Qualatex products are always used by a professional balloon artist. I wasn't able to order what I needed in time because I only received a few days' notice. I only used 200 of the 300 and only had 3 that were faulty. The Qualatex brand's colors were a little darker but not enough to make a difference. As far as I know, they held up well, even though I used helium in 15 of them.

👤I bought these for my son. We filled them all up the night before. Less than 24 hours later, we have 40 balloons left out of 300. If you touch them, they pop.

👤I bought these for my boss. It was not enough to fill the room. The balloons were durable and didn't pop when we were tying them. I bought a bunch of balloons from the store and attached a picture of them. You understand the idea. You need at least 1,000 to fill a room like I was. Hope that helps!

👤The balloons were dirty and ripped.

👤Great quality balloons and big. We bought these for a birthday party and they were great. I received some smaller ones as a free gift. I rated the flavour as a 5 star but I never tasted it.

👤I wanted to mention these because they were brilliant. The front room was going to be filled with 300 balloons for our boy's birthday. The balloons were great. We only needed 175 in the end because we were Aupair to such a nice size. We blew them up and they were great colors. A few burst while the kids were playing, but not as many as we thought. My 2 year old is sitting on one and it is not moving. There is a Great find!

👤The air was very strong for a while. One of the best I have ever seen. They were big and didn't blow up when they filled the air.

9. Balloons Assorted Birthday Decoration Accessory

Balloons Assorted Birthday Decoration Accessory

The toy of the year winner is. Bunch O Balloons won the outdoor toy of the year twice in a row. Party balloons are made with latex. It is the best birthday balloons for kids. There are 100 variety colors balloons. The latex balloons have been rigorously tested. Helium balloons are the best party favors for multi colored parties. Colored balloons are the best party accessory for all ages, blow them up with either your mouth or pump.

Brand: Dusico

👤My wife's birthday is coming up and I wanted to fill our entry hallway with balloons. She is very scared of balloons. Sheesh! It's been over 4 days and most aren't losing any air. Normally balloons deflate on their own, but these won't. I'm stuck with an unhappy wife, hopping over balloons until I risk popping them all and bringing the cops to the door. I didn't have a single balloon pop while I inflated them. I was using a compressor. That is pretty remarkable. These are the tickets if you're looking for balloons that won't pop and don't lose air, and your significant other doesn't have an irrational fear of them. There is a I inflated these balloons two months ago. I popped all but one. After 2 months, the leftover balloon is 1/3 full. Remarkable!

👤I needed almost every color to make balloon columns for the birthday party so I bought these balloons. I received a bag with 29 balloons in dark pink, 19 in red, and 12 in blue, but not whites or blacks. Some balloons were broken and others were covered in a brown dust. Thank goodness. I bought them ahead of time so I can return them right away.

👤Love them! I inflated them 3 days before the party and they lasted. They were against bushes when I put them outside, but they started to pop after 6 hours. I'm happy. The colors are bright and beautiful.

👤My daughter wanted her birthday party theme to be shopkins, with balloons in all colors of the rainbow. We don't need 100 but you get a lot of lemons if you have more. The quality was awesome, but the cheap price surprised me. My son filled too much air with the balloons that popped. There is a The colors are bright. All the kids stayed at the end of the party to play with each other.

👤I thought the balloons looked fine when I got them. A little thin. That is to be expected at this price point. I grabbed one and blew it up. It had a small hole in the bag, and I opened it properly. I grab another one. I inflated it and it ripped. The third one blew up fine, but only lasted about an hour before there was a small leak. There is a If you are okay with most of them being unusable, and the other ones are so delicate, I would only get them. I was hoping for something that my kids could play with a bit more, so I will look for something specifically labeled for thick latex.

👤I only give 3 stars because I am picky on the color. They are kind of opaque. Not bright enough. There is a I would recommend if you don't care about color. If you are looking for bright rainbow balloons, this is not it. See the photo.

👤A team member created an amazing balloon arch for our function. The balloons are of great quality. There is a We had a small amount of balloons pop. It could have been a bad balloon. The popped balloons were small. They were a big hit.

10. Inch Blue Balloons Party Decoration

Inch Blue Balloons Party Decoration

60 pieces of memorial balloons are in the package, the color is white with printed black words, "Love you always" and "We will remember you every single day". The weight is 280g/bag and the size is 12 inflated. The 12 inches pearlized blue balloons are in a pack of 100 balloons. There are quality party supplies. The 12 inches pearlized blue balloons are made from natural latex that is Eco-friendly and biodegradable. The rate of spoiled products has been decreased by increasing the thickness of balloons. The balloons were stronger than the general balloons. When inflated within 10 to 12 inches of gas, the rubber balloon weights 2.8 g. There is a warning andATTENTION. There is a color difference after Oxidation. Please do not overfill the balloons, as well as avoid sunburn, overheating, pointed object, and excessive friction. Any holes or popped balloons within 1 or 2 of a pack is normal. 100% money back guarantee. Customer satisfaction is a priority for them. Please don't worry about quantity or quality issues with your purchase! Please contact them. They will make you happy. There is a notice. Don't make it sound like you're blowing it up. There is Separant on the surface of each balloon.

Brand: Gaesqae

👤I have been looking for a bag of regular balloons. I thought it was easy. My dog loves to hit these back and forth. She wears out during the winter when we can't play outside. Even though they are full, these balloons pop with the smallest of marks on her nose or touch. They keep showing up in our faces. Every single one of them has popped in our faces so far. I thought about returning them. She is scared of balloons now because of it. It makes me sad. We used to be excited about things, but now they are scary. We will keep looking for a balloon.

👤There was a small hole in it. The other's were fine. It was thick enough to not see through.

👤The balloons popped very quickly. They popped when touching the grass. They were not over inflated. Very sensitive. I had to pop at least 3 to inflate them. They were very dusty. They had something on them that made my hands look bad.

👤I didn't expect them to be pearlized, but they were so happy. They were inflated. Excellent quality.

👤My twins birthday was a celebration of balloons. They were good quality and held up for a week before we decided to pop them all.

👤After an hour, a customer called me to say that the balloons are popping. I went back 3 times to refill the empty spots. This will be used for a private party.

👤1/3 of the balloons were useless because they had pin holes in them.

👤Me encantado estos hermoso, nada transparente, lo voy a usar para el cumpleaos de Sonic.

11. Different Biodegradable Inflatable Celebrations Decorations

Different Biodegradable Inflatable Celebrations Decorations

There are party decorations. These latex balloons are perfect for decorations at weddings, baby showers, and carnival festivals. The balloons are colorful. For holiday decorations. The 12-inch big balloon is used for home and garden decorations during almost all holidays, such as New Year, Easter, Mother's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. There are ten different colors. There are many vibrant colors, including red, yellow, blue, green, orange, white, baby blue, purple, soft pink and apple green. There are 10 balloons. Natural latex is bio-degradable. Natural latex comes from rubber trees. The latex is environment friendly. Premium quality. The party balloons are made of latex. They are long lasting.

Brand: Yinchi

👤There were holes in some of them. I used them to decorate my car for a drive by my birthday so it worked out, however, it was pretty frustrating spending the time blowing them up to find they were different sizes and different shapes. If we spent all that money on a tank of helium, we would have wasted it on poor quality baloons or needed these for a gift or party.

👤We used them for filling with helium to release it for dad's birthday, and they worked very well.

👤These balloons were very disappointing. They are made out of cheap material and are very thin. The description doesn't come close to the actual product, so I don't recommend these for anyone.

👤They would pop in my face when the air was blown into the Orange ones. The green cat ones did it as well. There is a My nerves were shot when I tried to blow these up. It's disappointing.

👤I bought mainly for the environment. Kids can blow these up. It was the last time it blew up. I am happy to find balloons that are eco friendly.

👤There were 49 balloons in the bag. There were several holes. Many deflated in a couple hours. The seller said they couldn't do anything since Amazon fulfilled their orders. I was told to contact Amazon directly. I'm only going to spend a small amount of time on it. If you don't need them to work, buy these.

👤No es mucho la calidad quĂ© pasa? 1. Los colores son dicen. Se tienen rehusar, quien practica primero 3. No alcanzan medidas, pero son de 12inch no otra marca, llegan a 3.5 inc con forma. No se explotan, pero son buenos.

👤Party City and Pandemic were closed in 2020 and balloons were great for my celebration. I'm thankful for Amazon.

👤The balloons were a great value for money and they made a perfect balloon garland, the same colour as photos and not one of them popped!

👤They are really good quality balloons. Some of them have defects. Will still recommend it.


What is the best product for eco friendly balloons biodegradable custom?

Eco friendly balloons biodegradable custom products from Nykkola. In this article about eco friendly balloons biodegradable custom you can see why people choose the product. Wingding Party Supplies and Prextex are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly balloons biodegradable custom.

What are the best brands for eco friendly balloons biodegradable custom?

Nykkola, Wingding Party Supplies and Prextex are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly balloons biodegradable custom. Find the detail in this article. Gejoy, Party Ulyja and Kenandtom are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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