Best Eco Friendly Balloons for Release

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1. Black Balloons 100 Pack 12 Inch Latex

Black Balloons 100 Pack 12 Inch Latex

The latex balloons are Eco-friendly. The pack is black. Latex balloons can be used for a party decoration. You can add romantic and festive atmosphere to any occasion, such as your wedding reception, birthday party, bridal shower, peppy business demonstrations, Christmas Party and etc.

Brand: Superhappy

👤These are not of good quality. They kept deflating. If you are in the balloon business, you use them for a client. Don't. These are balloons. They will deflate.

👤I wanted to write an honest review about these balloons, so I waited a few days. The first picture was taken on August 29th and the second picture was taken on September 7th. They are the best set of balloons I've ever purchased. They were used for a sign, a garlands for a table and columns for the entrance. I will continue to purchase balloons from this vendor for future events. Thank you for the product.

👤One bag was glossy and the other was not. This was for my daughter's birthday party. My balloon lady had back up balloons on hand if my designs wouldn't work and the decorations wouldn't work. No pun intended.

👤The balloons were purchased to be displayed. They were easy to manipulate. If you plan on using these balloons for an extended period of time, they will transition from shinny to a matt color which will show fingerprints and dust.

👤I decided to try these out since the previous reviews said they were black not clear black. Welp... They are a great color. If you are doing a balloon Garland, I don't recommend fishing line. The fish line won't hold with balloons. They will either pop or deflate. Js...

👤This is a great prize. The ballon arche held up well for two days after we made it. The balloons were so easy to tie up that it was so fast to tie them all up.

👤These balloons were terrible. When I saw these, they had good reviews, but I was wrong because all the places I could buy black balloons were sold out. Only 35 of the balloons would blow up, the rest were stuck or melted together. The air was difficult to get in some of them and the balloons started popping after 2 hours. They didn't do well in the sun light or heat. I don't recommend them.

👤It is easy to inflate balloons. They oxidize within minutes of being inflated, which I didn't like. There are products you can use to make balloons shiny. I didn't expect these to be so dull. They look like they were inflated the day before. The picture was taken about 20 minutes after they were inflated.

2. Funeral Balloons Memorial Biodegradable Decoration

Funeral Balloons Memorial Biodegradable Decoration

The package includes 60 pieces of white heart shape funeral balloons and 2 rolls of white balloons ribbons, sufficient quantity and nice combination for meeting your various using demands. You can release the balloons and watch them drift away into the blue sky, nice supplies for you to express your high tribute. These funeral balloons are made of latex material, they are non-toxic and odorless, and can serve you for a long time. These memorial balloons can be used as funeral balloons, memorial decorations, ash scattering, graveside service or to mark the anniversary of the passing of a loved one. The personalized memorial balloon is about the same size. The balloons are inflated product that users should be careful when inflating in case of over inflation, and please keep away from children or adult supervision.

Brand: Sumind

👤I ordered them for a memorial tribute. I had to do a dry run because I ordered them early. If they could have taken air and retained the heart shape, it would have been fine. They were a big circle after they were blown up. So disappointed. The only way to retain their heart shape is without air.

👤I wish I had looked at a review before buying balloons. I bought these for my dad's birthday and we were very disappointed. I only received 50 of them, so I took away another 20 that had holes in them, and left 30 balloons. Half of them don't look like hearts, so I blew them up. Half of them were deflating when I blew them up two hours before release time. I only had 15 balloons to release. My three children were very sad to see all of their balloons on the floor. I would like to go to our local party store. These are junk. I cannot stress that enough.

👤There may be a total of nine balloons that were not used from the package. The balloons are very thin and easy to pop. They popped on their own if they didn't pop while being filled with the helium, and waited for the balloons to be filled for the activity. We were very disappointed.

👤Don't waste your money. My daughter passed away one year ago and I wanted to remember her with balloons. I had all 60 balloons ready for the ceremony. Half of them were inflated, but the rest were leaking air. I was hoping the remaining 30 would last. Not a single balloon floated that night. We were very disappointed. There were a few people who brought balloons. I wouldn't recommend them for any reason. I spent $30 on the stuff.

👤Beautiful balloons! I bought the balloons for my son's celebration of life. They tended to round out and lose their heart shape a bit. You want to under inflate them if they become the rounder.

👤I bought these for my mother's memorial birthday and they were to be inflated with helium. Within 2 hours inflated ones would no longer float. I was able to inflate some balloons from last year. I was disappointed.

👤The first one I blew up in my face was not a heart shaped balloon, but a bust, and I only used maybe 4 of them.

👤Ich waren waren! Aber das lag beim Aufpusten geplatzt. Gasflasche

3. Colorful Remembrance Biodegradable Celebration Decoration

Colorful Remembrance Biodegradable Celebration Decoration

The balloons are easy to use, they stay inflated through basic air inflation, and they are made from natural latex, which is firm and sturdy, no need to worry about it bursting suddenly. The mourners can watch the balloons drift away into the blue sky if they have meaningful words printed on them. These memorial balloons are made of natural latex, non-toxic material for safe use, and they can break down at the same rate as an oak leaf, which will not harm the nature. Each memorial funeral balloon is about the same size. You can pay a touching tribute to your loved one by releasing a balloon in a 12 inch diameter, everyone can participate. These remembrance balloons can be decorated as funeral party decoration, ash scattering decoration, celebration of life ceremonies, also can apply for balloon release, which can show your sincere grief for the loss of a loved one, create a kind of gloom in the air. The package contains 72 pieces of colorful funeral memorial balloons in 9 colors, enough to support you to decorate; color: red, orange, yellow, green, white, blue, purple, pink, rose red

Brand: Gejoy

👤I ordered these to release a balloon on my husband's first birthday. They were what I was looking for. Would order again.

👤On the one year anniversary of my sister's death, we sent 100 balloons to her. Our family was helped to celebrate her.

👤The balloons are a great value. Knowing the balloons were made of bio-degradable material made me feel ok about the balloon release. I would like the company to consider a different choice because the ribbon is not earth friendly. Maybe cotton string? We put the ribbon in bags for the release.

👤Good quality balloons! It was filled with a variety of colors and it was perfect. Will buy again.

👤These were given to my friend's memorial. They were perfect.

👤I have ordered these many times. The price and quality are great.

👤The wording on the balloons was very dark and easy to read. It was perfect for my memorial service.

👤My sisters funeral was held so her children could let them go, so I brought these balloons.

👤Everyone was touched by the special messages.

👤For a celebration of life, it worked well. When filled with helium, none of them popped. For an anniversary of a loved one that has passed, have some leftover.

👤I've been looking for quality balloons for a long time. Excellent purchase.

4. Memorial Remembrance Biodegradable Condolence Anniversary

Memorial Remembrance Biodegradable Condolence Anniversary

Latex balloons can be used for a party decoration. It is possible to use balloons to express your grief to your friends and family, and it is also possible to use balloons to remember a loved one. White memorial balloons are made of natural latex and can be filled with air or with a disposable canister of helium, which makes them float even higher. There are many words printed on the memorial balloons, which can be a meaningful symbol to the remembrance of loved ones, easy to use and ideal for funerals, memorial, ash scattering, celebration of life ceremonies, memorial services or any other remembrance event sand graveside service or to mark the anniversary. The personalized memorial balloon is 12 inch in diameter and suitable for you to use, please do not overfill when inflation occurs, and it should be supervised by an adult. 60 pieces of memorial balloons are in the package, the color is white with printed black words, "Love you always" and "We will remember you every single day".

Brand: Gejoy

👤I ordered this product to use at my mom's funeral. The balloons were okay. I thought they had ribbon. I did not get any. I am not sure how these balloons were going to float away. The description said they would. I had to take the balloons to a party store and have them blow up the balloons with a product to keep them afloat for 16 hours. It would have helped if they had a description of the balloon kit.

👤The balloons are perfect. We were made to cry. They were released in memory of our father. We released them on my mother's birthday this year. She said they were beautiful. We have a lot of balloons for next year. Thank you AMAZON!

👤My mom had a memorial. They were packaged well. The price was so good that I didn't feel like I was wasting my money on the ones we didn't use. I gave the balloons to the lady who blew them up for me. My only wish is that they were non-toxic.

👤The lettering on the balloons is crooked. The saying color and size is great but the letters are off. The meaning behind it was important to me. We lost a few loved ones and these balloons help us say goodbye.

👤These balloons will bring a lot of peace to our hearts, remembering our loved ones heavenly mole stones.

👤When my baby boy passed unexpectedly, these were the perfect way to send off.

👤The balloons were perfect for the occasion. A memorial celebration was held. It went well with the theme. They blow up large and don't pop easily. The balloons were praised many times. I wish I could take a picture. It was beautiful. . I had to buy these balloons. It is recommended to recommend.

👤The item is the same as pictured. There are nice size balloons. It's easy to add a value to the grass. Would definitely purchase again.

5. WinkyBoom Pastel Balloons Assorted Unicorn

WinkyBoom Pastel Balloons Assorted Unicorn

We use grade A quality materials for their happy birthday balloons and are very confident in the quality of them. The production process is being monitored. You will be covered with a 100% money back guarantee after purchasing this product. Are you ready to make romantic movies? Their rainbow of balloons will make your space look better and make you happy. This is an exclusive set of 8 romantic colors. It is safe and odorless. Kid safe! Their balloons are made of natural latex. No unpleasant smells will make you feel bad. There is anEVEN COUNT, FEWER TEARS. Their set has exactly 101 pastel colored balloons (12 each x 8 colors plus 5 golden chrome) so you will never run out of children's favorite colors. Less frustration means more fun. Each balloon is checked for holes before packaging. It's easy to blow up and tie off. Kick, roll on, or pop them before the party ends. These rainbow colored pearl balloons can be used to make arches, garlands or bouquets. They can be filled with either air or helium.

Brand: Winkyboom

👤These balloons are great. The colors are easy to inflate. My husband noted that these were even easier to tie as we added other balloons from the dollar store and the smaller ones from the top. The low rating had no smell that was unusual.

👤These balloons are awesome! They were easy to blow up. The balloons were inflated for 4 days. Everyone loved the balloon arch I made. It was a huge hit.

👤I needed these balloons for my birthday. I made a cascading half-arch. The pictures were beautiful. Everyone loved them. I added a few more balloons to complete the look, but the balloons looked great alone.

👤My daughter had a donut theme party and I wanted to make a balloon Garland. I was happy with the quality of them. I was able to blow them up. The color scheme is pretty. They come in shades of pastels, confetti, and gold, which was nice. The gold balloons all popped, that was the only issue I had. I didn't blow them up big. I made it a point to inflate the gold smaller since one popped at the beginning. It popped and touched the other balloons. I loved the gold as well. Don't get your heart set on using the gold as a focal point. The balloons were great. I would have given them 5 stars if the gold hadn't popped. I would buy again if I were you. These were a good price. I used an air compressor to inflate them without any issues, aside from the gold. I inflated the gold to make it pop. It didn't. It was a great purchase.

👤I just can't love these balloons. I thought maybe they were in storage after I noticed the inside of the plastic box was dirty. I smelled them. They smell of something rotten. I blew up one balloon to see if I could still use it. I am not sure if I can handle the smell. I reached out to the company, but didn't hear back. They look pretty, so I am disappointed.

👤I was looking for balloons for my daughter's party. These balloons were worth every penny, I chose this huge box. There is a The balloons are strong and easy to blow up. They did not have an unpleasant smell or holes. The pastels in the balloon's assortment made me smile. There is a They are soft and opaque. Looks great! There is a My baby had a lot of fun. I was surprised to get good quality balloons. Highly recommended! P.S. What makes me happy is the fast delivery.

👤I bought them for my daughter's birthday and they kept popping when I inflated them, but I wanted them for a ballon arch. I used one of the things to measure the balloon's size. I've done a lot of balloon arches. I did it and my kids were so sad that their ballon arch had big gaps because of the balloons popping. I bought 3 of them and it was the same, so please don't buy, it wasn't just that one bag.

6. Gejoy Memorial Biodegradable Remembrance Decoration

Gejoy Memorial Biodegradable Remembrance Decoration

You can get 100 pieces of white balloons with 3 rolls of 32 feet balloons ribbons, definitely enough for your needs. It comes with 50 pieces of funeral memorial white balloons and 3 pieces of white ribbon in the packaging. The white memorial balloons are made of natural latex and can be used for balloon release, which will not harm the nature. Each white balloon has a message "forever in their hearts" printed on it. They hold the balloons with their thoughts and memories and then release them, watching the balloons drift away into the beautiful blue sky. These white remembrance balloons can be decorated as funeral party decoration or balloon release, which can show your sincere grief for the loss of a loved one, create a kind of gloom in the air. Each memorial funeral balloon is about the same size. You can inflate them with either air or helium, the ribbon is 10 m/ 32.8 ft long and 5 m in width.

Brand: Gejoy

👤I wanted to do a balloon release in honor of my loved ones who passed, so I bought these. I was impressed with the quality and the value for the money until I found a balloon that said "you're dead to us". I find this to be disgusting and not funny. I reached out to the seller and they did return my money.

👤We decided to send these balloons for our due date after we had a second trimester miscarriage. They were beautiful and they helped to heal some wounds by honoring our baby. We didn't have to worry about ruining the peace of mind we had saying goodbye to our baby.

👤The balloons didn't hold air long enough to make it to the event. Use quickly. Get something else.

👤My son has been gone for 3 years and these were purchased to commemorate that time. We wrote on them before releasing them and they were good quality balloons. Highly recommended.

👤Nothing to complain about. The balloon had a beautiful verse on it. They could be inflated with hellium. It was a beautiful way to end the service and it was matched with memorial verse lanterns.

👤The balloons were terrible, they popped easily. I inflated 24 balloons for my guests to release at the end of the night, but almost all of the balloons had popped and we didn't have enough balloons left to release. The print on the balloons looked sloppy and crooked. I paid for a garbage product.

👤This was a huge disappointment. They didn't last after we blew them up for a celebration of life. We filled them with helium about an hour before the event and they were on the floor 20 minutes later. All of the liquid was leaked. The quality was poor and we didn't get to use them in our celebration. Don't waste your money.

👤They were writing on balloons. I don't know if it was the balloons or the tank. They would float.

👤The balloons were great, but I forgot to order the deer. Save them for her first anniversary.

👤Blow up with helium as it won't fly away.

👤For a special boy. These were lovely.

👤The air went down the next morning because of not holding the helium. But nice wording.

7. Confetti Balloons Birthday Wedding Decoration

Confetti Balloons Birthday Wedding Decoration

You can add romantic and festive atmosphere to any occasion, such as your wedding reception, birthday party, bridal shower, peppy business demonstrations, Christmas Party and etc. Glitter and glamour There are 5 different types of balloons in the royal blue balloons set. To make your party unforgettable. The party has a color theme. A variety of colors is perfect for art. Premium quality. Premium latex material is used to make these balloons. It's safe to use for children. They can be filled with either Helium or Air. If you tie them tight, you can hold the air for several days. How to make balloon confetti. The confetti moves in the direction of gravity because it is heavier than helium. The silk, wool, and hair will help the confetti stick to the balloon. The balloons will look better. Blue party balloons are perfect for any party. Blue and white decor, perfect boy baby showers, birthday parties, anniversaries, celebrations, barbecues, opening ceremonies, etc. For both indoor and outdoor activities. They use grade A quality materials for their happy birthday balloons and are very confident in the quality of them. The production process is being monitored. You will be covered with a 100% money back guarantee after purchasing this product.

Brand: Hiquaty

👤The balloons were a great birthday surprise for my husband. I rubbed the confetti balloons on the polyester to make them static. I was very happy with the purchase.

👤I bought the ballon's for my family after graduation. I will be the first in my family to graduate college with a degree. I have been working hard for the past 4 years in order to get this achievement. My school colors were royal blue and white, so I felt that these ballon's were perfect. These balloons will be a great addition to my party at the VFW. The balloons were vacuum sealed so that confetti could not be seen in the balloons. I was very happy that the balloons are well priced. Due to my graduation in December, I have not had the chance to blow the ballons up yet. I will update the post once they blow up for graduation. I hope that they are as beautiful as the photos show. The balloons are colored just like in the photos. I hope the balloons live up to the images that they have online. I hope they give my party a lot of color and pop.

👤There was a weird smell to the balloons. The balloons had something on them, even though the package was vacuum sealed. There were 3 blues, Royal, baby blue and a light blue which had a metallic shine to it. The light blue and baby blue look the same. Except for the shine. There is a white balloon and a clear balloon, with not a lot of confetti in them. The clear does not look very nice, it has weird streaks to it, and the yellow is gone, but I might not use them. I've never used confetti in a balloon, but I'm not sure if there's a way to use it. The balloon looks sad and I would have to use more confetti. I would return them. I don't feel like the hassle.

👤I want to write a review for these balloons. The combo is great and the quality is great. There was no weird chemical smell. Highly recommend to everyone!

👤I was nervous to order because of a review that said they deflate quickly. I put them together at 8am Saturday morning and they are still gorgeous, 36 hours later on Sunday. I used a balloon pump, so maybe the reviews of deflating were done manually. I will definitely be ordering again for future parties. 10/10!

👤The balloons were beautiful and the colors were perfect for the party we had for my brother. We had a few that popped, but it may have been because we filled them up too much. I would buy them again.

👤Amigos, tienes buenos fuertes vonitos.

👤A little disappointed. The blue confetti is inside the white balloons. The confetti is heavy so you need to put a good amount of helium in them, but the balloon is cheap so it won't pop if you put too much in it. They were not able to float because we had to put a small amount of helium in them. Many of the balloons had holes.

8. Memorial Balloons Funeral Remembrance Personalizable

Memorial Balloons Funeral Remembrance Personalizable

We will give you a 100% money-back guarantee if these magic balloons aren't up to your standards. 60 pieces of white and silver latex balloons are included in the package. When a simple flower arrangement is used, they add a personal warmth. As balloons float away, they represent the lifting away of grief and replacing it with light and love, when balloons are released during these events, they bring a light and hope to the occasion. The first option is "We love you forever, They miss you forever." "We remember you forever", second is " Those they love never go far, but live forever in their hearts", third is "Gone but not forgotten", and funeral gathering areas are decorated in subtle and classy way. The balloons are easy to use, they stay inflated through basic air inflation, and they are made from natural latex, which is firm and sturdy, no need to worry about it bursting suddenly.

Brand: Gejoy

👤I received the item we ordered. Watching these float into the air is comforting. The letters and images were clear and beautiful, a product you will never need, but are so glad already exists. These balloons are a great way to honor a loved one.

👤I bought them for a funeral. I needed them to decorate. I only filled them with air because it was so windy. They were only filling them with air. The quality of the writing on the balloons is terrible. I don't think they're a good idea.

👤The balloons were pretty. They didn't hold up with the liquid. We bought them for my dad's memorial. I was very disappointed.

👤We were going to do a balloon release for my mom, and these balloons were perfect. They blew up nicely. There were a lot of sayings on the balloons. We got these for my mom's memorial. The kids were happy to see their balloons fly.

👤I didn't have anything to hold the balloons with after airing them up. I didn't get to use them yet because I couldn't get helium.

👤I bought these balloons for my aunt's memorial. I can send messages to my loved ones now that I have 60 balloons.

👤There are lots of balloons. The price is good and the 4 different sayings are printed well.

👤When silver is blown up, look at it in a different way.

👤Wording was clear and beautiful. A balloon bouquet was made with them and another brand. It was like releasing a poem for a loved one.

👤I blow up the first one I saw because it had a hole in it that wasn't funny, but this is the last thing I need to worry about.

👤My dad had a celebration of life. I couldn't be happier with the results of the balloon release. They looked exactly like the picture and floated away. If I need special balloons in the future, I will leave this company.

9. Bunch Balloons Pack Amazon Exclusive

Bunch Balloons Pack Amazon Exclusive

Pay attention to avoid high temperature, sharp objects and excessive friction, and do not inflate the balloon more than 90% to avoid sudden popping. There are water balls. Jump into the outdoor fun this summer by saving filling time. In 60 Seconds, you can fill and tie 100 water balloons. Self-sealing technology. ZURU's self-sealing Bunch O Balloons design makes tying it easier. TerraCycle makes parts and packaging 100% recyclable. Stems and caps can be recycled. The unrecyclable is now recyclable thanks to ZURU's partnership with Terracycle. If you sign up for the Terracycle program, you can download a free Terracycle shipping label and send all your waste to Terracycle. The toy of the year winner is. Bunch O Balloons won the outdoor toy of the year twice in a row.

Brand: Bunch O Balloons

👤Since the Colorado winter ended, this has been the most fun we have had as a family. I figured out a few tricks to make filling them all quick. I soaked all the balloons before filling them because they were mentioned in some reviews as being dry. The hot ground pops the balloons, so I put them in empty laundry baskets. Don't let balloons touch the ground. The weight of the water causes the balloons to pop right off the ground with a small rubber band. Some of the smaller balloons leak slowly because the rubber bands are not small. The rubber bands that seal the cars are tighter if the water in the balloon is more than they can handle. If you are going to fill-n-go, get the balloons as full as possible. Transport in buckets or something that can hold liquids without tipping over in your car. Some balloons will fill up before others. As soon as the first balloons fall off and seal, I give the hose a quick up and down motion and the weight from the rest will fall off together. The balloons get heavy as they fill. Water from the hose stays cold all year in Colorado. It's a lot more fun when the balloons are filled with cold water. I'm definitely buying more this summer. It's perfect for after dinner family activity to get the kids ready for bed.

👤There is nothing in the packaging of Bunch O' Balloons. Not the same as pictured on Amazon. This weekend, using them. Will report back on quality.

👤These were not authentic and came with no branding. Returned.

👤These are not the real thing. They were filled for a function and most broke. They weren't overfilled. Disaster.

👤My son asked me to get these for the yard. It is hot. The water runs nicely from the screw attachment, but they don't fill completely and many bounce. The clean up was disappointing. Yes. They are water balloons. The pieces of latex melted on to the house. 30 minutes after we threw them, we started to clean up. They stained the concrete with melted latex. The lanai now looks like a donut. We tried to clean them away. We have to repaint now because we can't get them up.

👤Half of these were bought. Over half of the balloons ended up deflating over a period of 30 minutes and the rest drained to their original size after 2 hours. I'm guessing these balloons are made in bulk and sit in stirage for years before being sold and the rubber bands lose their elasticity if elasticity is too high. If you buy this, make sure you have good water pressure from the hose so that you can use the balloons within 30 minutes.

👤I bought 4 packs of these for an event, filled 2, 55 gallon tub full of balloons, and within a few hours only a few of the balloons were left with water in them. A lot of money was wasted. Will not purchase again.

10. White Dove Balloons Memorial Release

White Dove Balloons Memorial Release

If there is a quality problem within 60 days from the date of purchase, you can return the product for a full refund. Order from them with free shipping. You can write or draw on the white memorial balloons, like wishes, memories, and all your thoughts. The funeral remembrance balloons can be used to show their respect and love to people who have passed away, and can be used to express their sadness about the loss of a loved one. The dove mylar foil balloons are made of a type of polyolefin that is Eco Friendly and can float in the sky for more than 24 hours. The memorial dove balloons will automatically seal when inflated to about 90 percent. There are happy heavenly birthday balloons, happy birthday in heaven balloons, happy birthday in loving memory balloons, death anniversary balloons, dove lanterns, and engagement wedding party balloons. It's perfect for: funeral decorations for a memorial service, funeral favors, funeral decorations, celebration of life decorations, celebration of life ideas, celebration of life favors, rest in peace memorial decoration. You will receive 12 pieces of white peace pigeon flying bird balloons in total.

Brand: Nalakuvara

👤The balloons were perfect for this.

👤The balloon was large and that was the only positive I could think of. They were difficult to blow up because of the entry point. They wouldn't rise up in the air. A few people rose to about eye level as they hung out on the ground. I was going to release them in remembrance of my husband who died a year ago. A friend picked up some red heart Mylar balloons from Dollar Tree. It cost me when I was trying to look out for our environment. Poor product in my opinion.

👤The balloons are beautiful and would be good for weddings.

👤I bought these balloons for a memorial for my baby girl who passed away in January of 2020 but they are so thick that they can't float under their own weight. This was her one year memorial. The balloons wouldn't even get off the ground, making it an epic fail.

11. Pieces Rose Burgundy Confetti Balloons

Pieces Rose Burgundy Confetti Balloons

We use grade A quality materials for their happy birthday balloons and are very confident in the quality of them. The production process is being monitored. You will be covered with a 100% money back guarantee after purchasing this product. There are 62 balloons in the romantic pack, including rose gold balloons, confetti balloons, burgundy balloons, and rose gold balloons. PREMIUM MATERIAL The birthday balloons were made with high-quality latex and are safe. It is safe to use for children. When inflated, the balloons measure about 30 cm. The confetti balloons can be used to decorate a wall or ceiling. WIDELY USE REQUIREMENTS: The balloons are made of rose gold latex and are ideal for any party decorations, such as under the sea party, baby shower, bridal shower, birthday party decoration, Valentine's Day, anniversaries, wedding decoration or any themed parties. You can use a photo booth backdrop to make a big hit. There is a weapon tip of CONFETTI. The confetti moves in the direction of gravity because it is heavier than helium. If you want to make the balloon look more beautiful, rub the confetti on your hair or silk or wool and make it stick to the side of the balloon. After the jumbo balloon blast, enjoying a colorful confetti shower! Customer shopping experience is very important. Please contact them if you have any quality problems with their products.

Brand: Oumuamua

👤I was expecting the rose gold to be more pink and the champagne to be more light, but it looks too orange. Overall, they're ok.

👤The balloons were terrible. The balloons were blown up to the recommended size before they popped. I have to blow these up to 9 in order for them not to pop. Some of these popped before they were blown up. I don't recommend. I was able to use other balloons that I had ordered for my daughter's party.

👤The "champagne" balloon is a shade of peach. The other colors are pretty. It was worth mentioning if anyone was buying this bundle to match other decorations with that color.

👤My mom is having a 60th birthday party. I get balloons from a local floral market. The floral company was not to blame when I came to pick up. There are balloons on the ground. The owner of the shop said that the quality of those colors was very low and that they were not comparable to the other colors in the pack. They floated for 15 minutes. The other colors floated as expected.

👤The set was great. I used a machine to blow them up. The colors were pretty and easy to tie. They were inflated for 30 hours before I had to take them down. I think they could have lasted a week or more, they looked the same all the time. It's really pretty.

👤I was going to get these for my daughter's party. I was not happy with the colors. The burgundy and confetti were great but the pink and rose gold were not. There is a bright orange. The coloring made it hard for me to use more than half the bag. I had to buy other balloons to have the right colors.

👤The balloons are great. I used balloon arches for the colors. The dark burgandy color made me happy. Everything came together. There were no issues with these balloons. To get a nice round shape, we learned to overfill, then release air until the balloon was 1/3 full, or smaller to size needed. It was easier to tie them.

👤The color scheme is beautiful. I mixed it with a different set of colors. The ballons with the most issuses were the ones with confetti. One had a hole in it. Maybe it was the batches I got. Very happy with it!

👤They don't hold much air or helium. The ones with the confetti dots are special. After 2 blowing up and confetti going everywhere it was not worth the hassle. The balloons fell after 3 hours. We had other balloons and foil balloons that held the helium just fine.

👤I expected champagne to be less orange and more golden, but it was. It was difficult to blow up the balloons. There are 2 rolls of tape.


What is the best product for eco friendly balloons for release?

Eco friendly balloons for release products from Superhappy. In this article about eco friendly balloons for release you can see why people choose the product. Sumind and Gejoy are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly balloons for release.

What are the best brands for eco friendly balloons for release?

Superhappy, Sumind and Gejoy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly balloons for release. Find the detail in this article. Winkyboom, Hiquaty and Bunch O Balloons are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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