Best Eco Friendly Body Wash Bar

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1. Naturals Moisturizing Collection Ingredients Therapeutic

Naturals Moisturizing Collection Ingredients Therapeutic

Cold pressed oils and sustainable palm oil are good for all skin types. Their soaps have a luxurious lather which will glide over your body, leaving your skin feeling smooth, cleansed and softer than ever before. It's ideal for use on the face, body or hand. This premium quality, triple milled, vegan soap set will cleanse and nourish your skin because of their rich and sustainable Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Oatmeal,Vitamin E and Agave Nectar. A soap for any time of the year: six unique bars of soap. It was perfect as a gift.

Brand: O Naturals

👤The description of the product had me believe that it did not contain palm oil, however it does contain palm oil, which is harmful to animals.

👤Really nice soaps. They fit nicely in the hand outside the box. I have loved everyone and used 4 out of 6 of them. There is a The soaps have a cardboard sleeve around them to indicate the scent of the soap, however they are shipped in the same box and there are 6 different fragrances. Each soap has its own packaging. They all smelled like each other when they arrived. I separated them and put them in a bag to keep their individual scent. My suggestion to the sellers is to package them in 2 separate packages.

👤The bar I used was for sensitive skin. I had to use lidocaine cream to sleep. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone who has sensitive skin. It was a complete waste of money.

👤I love this product. I have dry skin and this soap helps. All natural soaps make your skin feel soft. This product is very good.

👤I received O Naturals 6 piece soap. Each soap has a pretty floral band around it telling what it is. The soap is soft and smooth and smells wonderful. It left a lot of soap scum with my water. I'm used to using body wash and it doesn't leave scum. I use a bubble bath every night. The bubbles last if I use my regular body wash. The bubbles vanished when I used this soap. The soaps that lather in such a way as to leave behind scum are called the Castile soaps. Both Kirk and Dr. Bronner do the same thing. I use these soaps to wash my hands and scent drawers because they make my bathroom cleaning very intensive. Someone who knows the chemistry of soap might be able to explain it.

👤Doesn't feel right. Not good. Whole foods have similar soaps that are cheaper and better.

👤These soaps lather. So well! I like the oatmeal and coffee soap. My skin feels hydrated after use. The only complaint I have so far is that the two tea tree bars completely cover the box and all of the other soaps smell like tea tree. They were allowed to sit separate from the box all night and the others still had a tea tree smell. Will update this review when we use the soaps.

👤I have opened one bar of this soap. I love it all! There is a This soap is perfect for sensitive skin. Natural soaps that smell great but don't have a lot of lather are the ones I have used in the past. This isn't the case. I like the experience of bubbles in the shower and I look for soaps that lather. That is similar to a hair product that has a lot of suds. The suds make me feel as though the product is actually working as opposed to it not, which is a psychological thing. The soaps have great smells and serve a purpose depending on what key ingredients are in them. I love that these are part of the subscribe and save program so that I don't have to worry about running out of soap or buying something I don't like in my local store.

2. Avalon Organics Nourishing Lavender Shower

Avalon Organics Nourishing Lavender Shower

A bottle of Avalon Organics Natural Nourishing Lavender BodyWash. Extra dry skin is gently cleansed. The formula is made with organic botanicals and essential oils. There are noPreservatives, Synthetic colors or fragrances. Not tested on animals.

Brand: Avalon Organics

👤Avalon Organics BodyWash was effective and high-quality when I first used it. I was very happy that this soap uses no animal products and the company doesn't test on animals. The two purchases I made resulted in watered-down soaps. It was obvious that someone or the company has cut the formula with a lot of water. I thought it was a one-off problem, but my most recent purchase was just as watery. There is a I have a vegan brand of body wash. It is high-quality, but more expensive. I have decided to switch brands permanently.

👤The company must have changed the formula and packaging because I have ordered this for a few years now. The product is very watery. The past two or three orders have been watery. This is the third time I have received it leaking all over the place and it is gone. They sealed it with plastic wrap so it wouldn't leak through the box. Some long-time users are experiencing the same issues after this delivery. I am done with this product until the company fixes it. It has been a nice smelling body wash that didn't burn my skin, so I'm too bad. It's a waste of money to have a product that's half gone and all water.

👤All the ingredients listed on the item are not included in the ingredients listed on the page. This item includes preventative services such as sodium sorbate. Not recommended.

👤I bought this product because I wanted to save time in the shower and wash my daughter with the same soap that I use, but it's not organic, it only contains some organic ingredients. I have to keep two separate products in the shower because this seems to be drying my hands out, so I'm sure my body isn't far behind.

👤I have been using them for 2 years, but will no longer buy them. They use a gel-like substance to produce more volume, just like what you would find at a gym shower, but not as bad. You will notice that you need a lot more liquid.

👤I bought it because it was on sale. I have been using sulfate, paraben and perfume free body wash for years and have used many different brands. All of those brands are better than this one. If you have dry sensitive skin, Avalon does not leave you feeling clean. Don't spend your money on things that aren't worth it.

👤The smell is divine and it smells like the real thing. It does smell nice when I shower, but the smell doesn't linger for a long time afterwards which is disappointing. This is a shower gel, not a wash, so a lot comes out in order to make it foam up, so I'd like to point that out. I have plenty after a few months. It does a good job of hydrating my body and also neutralizing odors for a few hours after use.

👤This is the best body wash I have ever used. I used to love having their lotion in lavender. I was happy to find this stuff. Avalon organics lavender has a lavender smell. The body wash is almost half essential oils, it cleans my skin but never leaves it stripped. I've tried other body washes, like kissing my face, but they dried my skin out and left a smell on my skin. Not with this stuff. It's all natural essential oils and it smells amazing. Every time you use it, it will leave your skin feeling soft.

3. DOVE BAR Cleanser Smoother Moisturizing

DOVE BAR Cleanser Smoother Moisturizing

The Dove Go Fresh Cool Moisture Beauty Bar is made with cucumber and green tea and Dove's mild cleanser. The Dove Beauty Bar is the #1 dermatologist recommended beauty bar. Dove Beauty Bar helps keep your skin hydrated and maintains its natural hydration barrier. Dove Beauty Bar leaves skin feeling softer and smoother than bar soap. Dove Beauty Bar doesn't dry skin out like other soap bars.

Brand: Dove

👤I have been a Dove girl for 20 years. The scent of the go fresh bars is never overpowering. The scent won't affect your perfume. The large quantity is worth a lot. The volume pricing is the better value than small packages. They are full size bars.

👤Amo! Toda. He usado por piel delicada. No hay manera, cajas dentro de cajas! Amigos, tiene un marca a ojo cerrado en pieles.

👤I'm not into moisturing or cremes. When using Dial antibacterial soap, the facial skin was peeling. Dial is a great soap. Dove doesn't cause facial peeling. I use Dove and Dial everywhere I go. The way it is, two soaps are a complicated change for me.

👤I've only used this bar soap for a few years. It has a scent that appeals to me. It leaves my skin clean and smooth.

👤This is perfect for my sensitive skin.

👤I can only use Dove products because of my health issues. Dove is great for the skin and all of the different scents are wonderful.

👤It doesn't dry out your skin.

4. Dove Body Moisture Gentle Bodywash

Dove Body Moisture Gentle Bodywash

Microbiome Nutrient Serum is used to make a moist body wash. 98% of the cleanser is packaged in a bottle. This body wash is for dry skin. Sulfate and paraben free products. The #1 Dermatologist recommended a brand of body wash. 98% of ingredients break down into carbon dioxide, water and minerals.

Brand: Dove

👤I love using this product daily, gotta wash the nuggets.

👤I love Dove products. I have never had any issues with my deliveries from Amazon. When I opened my shipment, there were two bottles that were spilled out. I lost on two bottles. Very disappointing.

👤Only 3 bottles were paid for and received. Not good!

👤I've been using this version of Dove body wash for a long time and have liked it. It's never been fragrance-free, but the scent has been very light and almost invisible. The entire box of Dove was shipped in a strong, unpleasant odor with my most recent order. The Dove containers had a chemical smell when I opened them. There is nothing floral or natural about this scent. I'm looking for a truly fragrance-free body wash and I'm going to destroy these four bottles.

👤This is my favorite body wash. Couldn't find it in the store and was unwilling to change.

👤I only use dove because of extreme dermatitis and with stores low on inventory this was the smart thing to do one bottle last about a month and I shower around 3-4 times a day, the lather and smell are great, I will be a dove lover for the rest of my life.

👤I think I got a good deal.

5. Toms Maine Natural Blossom Moroccan

Toms Maine Natural Blossom Moroccan

There are six 5-ounce bars of Tom's of Maine Natural Beauty Bar. There is a way to wash away germs. Natural bar soap can be used to wash your hands. The skin is tested to retain its natural hydration. The bar soap is made with organic botanicals. Tom's of Maine bar soap is natural and responsible.

Brand: Tom's Of Maine

👤It's a good smell but subtle. I love the natural ingredients. While rainforest allegiance certified sustainable palm oil still causes the same issues, I found out after ordering that it contains palm oil. I will not be ordering this soap because I love it.

👤This is not tea tree soap. Stop lying to people. After I received soap with no tea tree, it was replaced twice. I'm done with this product. This shipment does not contain tea tree oil.

👤I only received one bar of soap. The package was supposed to be there. It was paid $24.

👤I had used Tom's soap before and it worked great, but I think it was in a guest bathroom. I bought it for kitchen duty and it was soft and slippery. It was falling apart. Goopy. There is a The soap is high and dry, not sitting in water or a wet soap dish. Just passing it along.

👤Due to my allergies and extreme scent, I usually need a soap with no scent. The scent is light and natural and does not stick around once out of the shower. I can not tolerate scented products, so saying this is light means a lot to me. I recommend the unscented bar if you have a high level of MCS.

👤I loved this stuff for a long time, until they doubled the price. Sorry Tom. You lost my business.

👤The Expiration date is legible and can always be depended on. My book has 10 stars. I used to useLavender soap withShea butter and never had a reaction to Yardley. Thank you!

👤It's hard to rinse off this soap. It's on your face, but you don't notice. You'll get out of the shower and it's still in your eyebrows, chin stubble, and a little white substance around your nose, even though you rinse your face. It's great if you just use it on your body or hands.

👤Me gustaron mucho, pero su aroma es una fresco.

👤Barra de jabon de coco...deja la piel limpia. A coco lo volveria.

👤Quizs 2 barras.

6. Love Beauty Planet Relaxing Lavender

Love Beauty Planet Relaxing Lavender

The Love Beauty and Planet Relaxing Rain Body wash is made with organic argan oil and heirloom French lavender to calm the mind and soothe the skin. The body wash is inspired by nature and should be used to nourish and refresh your skin. Relaxing Rain Bodywash is made with organic argan oil. Their formula gives skin a boost. Love Beauty and Planet's is a relaxing scent. Relaxing Rain body wash has a unique scent of lavender and fruit. This vegan body wash is made with naturally derived ingredients and formulated with ethicallysourced extracts. Love Beauty and Planet believes in doing good and looking good at the same time. It is more than a body wash. Whatever they do must be good for the planet.

Brand: Love Beauty And Planet

👤I was excited to receive this product, but when I opened the box, the bottles were only half full and the rest of the box was full of body wash. I wouldn't complain to the seller, but the bottles weren't screwed on.

👤The body wash smells amazing. I was hesitant at first because I have never tried this body wash. Sometimes I'll buy a body wash and get so sick of the scent that I need to switch it up. But not with this one. There is a It's amazing... I swear I'm not prone to exaggerate, but this stuff smells amazing and after my husband. I killed the first bottle and I was pretty sure we had a whole other bottle. I have been using this scent for the entire summer and I am not sick of it yet. It lathers up nicely and leaves my skin feeling soft. I don't feel like I have to keep my skin hydrated after my shower, I'm interested in how this will affect my winter skin. I'm curious to try the other fragrances from this brand, but it will be tough because this one smells so delicious.

👤I have been dealing with a skin problem for over a decade and recently found out that it was due to a sulfate allergy and have been changing all of my skin care products. It was in everything I used. I was unable to find a sulfate free body wash at the food store. The price was reasonable for a 2 pack. I switched to sulfate free products 2 months ago and it's gotten better every day. I rarely have flair ups. Thank you! I am using your products.

👤I bought this and the She's Butter body wash duo after I heard about the brand and how eco-friendly it was. When I opened my boxes, there were no leaks, but I noticed that the bottles were missing almost half an inch of product from the top. This seems to be normal for all their products, and is probably due to their machine processing. The coconut oil at the bottom of the container is something that is expected from a natural product. The lavender scent immediately hit me when I used the lavender body wash. I am a huge fan of lavender, but this scent was so strong that I felt like a grandma would wear it. The body wash worked well on my skin, with little bubbles being produced, which meant the product was trapping more oil and dirt. If I used most other body washes, I needed less product. It's referred to as TL;DR. The body wash formula is good, with minimal bubbling and a little going a long way, but the scent is too strong for my liking. I will continue using the product, but I won't buy it again unless Love Beauty and Planet make the scent less strong and use different lavender blends.

👤I was looking forward to this being a nice scented body wash that wouldn't dry out my skin, but I am so disappointed. I hope this is spoiled because I can't place the accompanying scent but it's in no way aroma oil. I went online to process my return after I opened it to smell and it gave me a headaches. I don't like to leave a negative review for something I can't do. The shipping was fast, the return was easy, and the packaging was nice.

7. Dove Body Wash Pump Moisture

Dove Body Wash Pump Moisture

Dove Deep Moisture Body wash is just as effective for cleaning hands. Dove body wash contains a blend of skin-natural nourishers and plant-based moisturizers that absorb deeply into the top layers of skin. A body wash that leaves your skin softer than a shower gel can. Dove body wash is made in 100% recycled plastic bottles, so you can feel good about using Dove body wash instead of shower soap. Dove body wash is plant-based and gentle on the skin. Care as you clean. You need the cleansing and care in one product.

Brand: Dove

👤Not a fake. I didn't get the bottle. The ingredients on the back of the bottle are the same as those on the Dove website. It's not a different thing. The product helped clear my skin up. We have been ordering the same bottle for a year. When you're done using it, I suggest keeping it above and away from where you're going to use your shower or cabinet because the water in the bottle starts to smell like it's been sprayed with something.

👤Even though I packed my own soap, I tried this wash at a relative's home. My skin is very sensitive. I have to read ingredients and do trial runs to make sure the wash is safe. I have had some soaps and washes that were great, but the skin wouldn't accept them. I forgot to bring my wash to the bathroom and my suitcase was downstairs. I was not dressed. Okay! Let's try the Dove wash and see what happens, no irritation, no super dry, no breakouts for two weeks. It was perfect! I decided to buy it. I am very happy.

👤I looked up the ingredients on the official dove website and it was the same as the one I got from Amazon, so I almost didn't purchase this item. Maybe something happened with your order. This is the real dove. I love it.

👤I am fat and ugly, but when I use this soap, I smell good and my skin is soft.

👤I like this product. I don't have to change my body wash bottle as frequently because of this large bottle. The bottle holds a lot of product, and the pump doesn't give my husband as much body wash as he would like. The scent is clean and neutral, so we are fine using it. One less bottle of product in the shower is what this means. My skin feels softer out of the shower, but I still need to follow up with lotion.

👤Buy it! My old body wash broke my skin out and it was painful. I needed a new body wash immediately. I got it the next day as I ordered it. The smell is very pleasant. My skin feels better after the first wash. I recommend it because my skin is soft and clean after one wash. A huge bottle for $8. Absolutely worth it.

👤My children have very sensitive skin. It would get very dry even if I lathered them in lotion. I bought a lot of different kinds that were not really good. The doctor thought I might need prescription grade stuff. She told me to use this and pair it with Cetaphil non scented lotion. 3 years ago! I haven't turned back since. I don't have to use the Cetaphil in the summer because it's enough for their skin. It's been great!

👤Hola. The producto has a solo pomo of 34oz and no 4 paquetes de 22oz. Ese pomo, tiene una hubiera, quiere todos los mismo precios en Walgreen y seguimiento de la casa. No atravez de ustedes. It is una explicacion. Gracias.

8. BBTO Pack Exfoliating Natural Saver

BBTO Pack Exfoliating Natural Saver

Each bad is individually wrapped, a great gift for family and friends. The material is suitable for making foam and lathering soap and releasing the scent of the soap. The bag is around 13 cm tall and 9 cm wide, the right size to hold most soaps. Instructions: put a bar of soap inside the bag and hang it from the hook. You could hang your soap with the bag if you wanted to prolong its life.

Brand: Bbto

👤I've switched to using soap bars in order to reduce waste. I'm sure a lot of people who buy soap bags are similar to me. I took off stars because they arrive individually wrapped in plastic, and then all of them are put into a plastic bag and vacuumed out. Why? I haven't used them yet because they have a funky smell. I'm unwrapping them to let the air out.

👤These bags are great for using bar soap in the shower. We keep them hanging from the shower head because they help make a good lather and keep soap from getting soapy in the shower. They are soft and don't feel slimy. I will not purchase from this listing again because the packaging was excessive. Each bag is wrapped in plastic and the lot is in plastic inside the shipping packaging. Why would you need to individually wrap these bags?

👤The product is described. The amount of single-use plastic is ridiculous. It defeats the purpose of buying a more sustainable product. This is a recurring problem for me. When will the problem become a priority?

👤They hurt! I understand how to remove dead skin. If you know what I mean, these aren't practical for body washing. These are not for the soft parts of your body. I have given it 2 stars because they held up after one wash. After my review, the company reached out to make my purchase right and offered to take care of me to make me happy. A good company.

👤When our old ones were forgotten in a hotel bathroom, I bought these to replace them. I like that they are cotton and sisal, but the amount of packaging is too much. The soap bags are bundled together in another plastic bag. If you're making this switch as part of a waste reduction effort, well... They lather up well, and the level of exfoliation is fine for me. The side seam of the first bag I used split open in a week. I've been using it, but the busted seam keeps widening, so soon this one will have to go in the compost bin, and we'll see about the other four. I'm not holding out a lot of hope, but I hope this one is a mistake and that the others hold up longer. The first set I bought from a different company felt better.

👤I did not think I would like these. They are perfect. Some people might say they are rough. I think I can grow some thick skin. It will help in the shower. I didn't think they were too rough. I can understand why someone would do that. Most of the products that are like this are too long for a bar of soap and the material gets folded when scrubbing. The material helps the soap lather up and is the perfect length. I will always buy this brand.

👤I really wanted to like these bags. They don't allow soap to dry which will cause it to die quicker. The bag is still wet, the soap is soft, and I can feel the bar getting smaller as I use it. I bought a plastic bag called the "Frcolor 10 PCS Exfoliating Mesh Soap Saver Pouch Bag" which works better than the one they have, but they have a problem with the knot coming undone, if you know how to tie a knot.

9. Mrs Meyer´s Clean Day Lavender

Mrs Meyer%C2%B4s Clean Day Lavender

Softens with a unique blend of essential oils. It was tested to be gentle on your skin. Not tested on animals, and free of animal-derived ingredients. The bottle is plastic.

Brand: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

👤I've been searching for effective vegan products for the last year and a half. I was excited when I found this product, it was an add on price. The wash smells great and it didn't break me out, which is great. It doesn't lather well even with a lot of effort and I don't feel it effectively cleans. It's a shame. It was vegan-friendly and gave two stars, but will not buy it again.

👤This body wash is wonderful. I was looking for something that was truly natural and not a lot of companies claim that. I find that it matters on a shower sea sponge. This product is compatible with my skin because I have small patches ofPsoriasis and I don't have dry skin. I love the scent of their other products. It was a victory for me.

👤The product is great but I only received half because the cap was open and spilled all over my other items. They need a seal.

👤I've been using Dr. Bronner's castile liquid soaps because they're too drying, have too many chemicals for me to trust, and are tested on animals. My husband moved the Dr. Bronner's from the bathtub and Mrs. Meyer's hand soap was the closest. I was amazed at how soft my skin was after using Olive oil. I didn't realize it at the time, but the difference in how my skin felt when I'd used the Bronner's was so great that I probably had been drying it out for a long time. There is a I was wondering if Mrs. Meyers made a body wash, which might be more appropriate than hand soap, but work just as well. I used it for the first time today, and it's just as good. The scent of the Honeysuckle is unique in the soap world. Wouldn't it be great if Mrs. Meyers came out with a complimentary hair product?

👤Mrs. Meyers has it going on in the natural clean scent department. I always have at least 3 or 4 different scents to choose from, so I can keep it fresh. My go-to scent is Lemon Verbena. I live with my husband, 2 sons, and 2 male dogs, and I'm out of place. I love my boys, but they stink. Sorry, but it's true. The only cleaner that has the power to cut the stink completely is Mrs. Meyers Lemon Verbena. I like to take a nice hot shower after a long day of cleaning, but the lemon-verbena body wash makes me feel like I've been cleaning all day. I have to say no to this scent while bathing, because the body wash is great. The lavender and honeysuckle washes are better for not smelling like I've been cleaning.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by this product. When they were sold, there were more products that came out which was good, but I have noticed that their signature scent had changed and not for the better. If I wanted it, I would buy it, but I have been disappointed that it is barely noticeable in the dishsoap. I had a signature scent in my home for years. The signature scent is not as strong as some of the other products. It seems that the orang oil has increased. They have lost something in the process. I am very pleased with the new product line for the body, but it is still not the signature scent, so I have been suggesting to the family that they launch products like this. I wish they would just bring back the original formula for lavender and translate it into the products they have done here. 2. The new lavender scent is lovely but it is not the original lavender and many would agree that we want it back. There is a The quality of the product is really good. The way soap is supposed to be for the environment is not sudsy. You need the suds to get the job done, that is psychological marketing and does nothing except make you use too much water, which is not a good thing. There is a I like the scent of the new line, but I want the old back. I will try more products in this new line.

10. ECO AMENITIES Travel 0 5oz Hotel

ECO AMENITIES Travel 0 5oz Hotel

It's perfect for use in hotels, travel, airline, home, cleaning, facilities and so on. It's free of Paraben. The item is sold in large quantities. Not tested on animals. The unit weight is a small amount. It does not contain any harsh chemicals, heavy perfumes or other Additives which can irritate the skin. The scent of green tea is pleasant and fresh. Feel refreshed and clean.

Brand: Eco Amenities

👤I bought these for my rental and they are used by a lot of guests. Guests can choose from a number of options, and I chose to give them travel toiletries to help them make a decision. I think " Eco" helps sway their decision, and I have not heard any complaints about the quality.

👤I have three short term rental properties and I was looking for an inexpensive set of products to give to my guests. I like the whole line of products. They have a neutral scent that is great for everyone. I have used them myself. Excellent value.

👤They were ordered for our bed and breakfast. I used a few myself and loved them. They smell like fresh lime. They are small but not crazy. They are perfect in preventing waste. They leave skin clean but not dried out. These are perfect!

👤Excellent value for money and the packaging is non-toxic. We put care packages for homeless people in a bag of toiletries. We have used them for travel and have been very pleased with the quality. Again, the packaging is non-biodegradable.

👤It's perfect for my lodge. People like them. They are not as easy to break as other brands. The price is correct. Our guests leave and the clean up is easy. I would recommend other rental facilities. They are available through Amazon Prime. I use this brand's individual shampoos in our guest bathroom.

👤I wrote a negative review for another product but ended up writing a positive review for Eco Amenities and am trying to find it to remove it, but I wanted to make sure that a positive review was written. We have been satisfied with the soaps we have used. I like the smaller size of the soaps and they're perfect for our guests. I like that there is less waste. Excellent soaps and highly recommended!

👤The face and body bars are great to give our guests at our AirBnB.

👤This year, they were used for the Christmas Shoebox. Each box should have at least 8 in it. The children can use soap for longer since each bar is individually wrapped. We thought these would last longer than a bar of soap that has to be kept up for a long time. They can give a bar of soap to their family members as well.

👤Perfecto para Air b&b, ya tienes ms grandes y senta.

👤Producto para quienes rentan. Son pequeos.

👤They were too small. There is a The product is nice. A picture is deserving.

👤Los jabones son minis are 1oz and have a weight of 28.7gr. Son pequeos, son caros, son sea, son vendan a mas de 4 pesos cada 1, son sea.

👤I was surprised by the size of the soap bar. There is a We have used Eco Shampoo and have always been satisfied. Great product guys!

11. CeraVe Hydrating Cleansing Non Soap Alternative

CeraVe Hydrating Cleansing Non Soap Alternative

Formula contains 5% CeraVe. The cream is meant to make the skin feel better. Thoroughly cleanse without stripping the skin of its natural hydration. The formula helps maintain healthy skin and restores the protective skin barrier. CeraVe is a dissection recommended. There are products for dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, and more. The National Eczema Association accepted the NEA Seal of Acceptance. It's suitable for face, body, and even hands. Non-drying and non-irritating are some of the qualities of a fragrance free.

Brand: Cerave

👤I like the Cerave foaming face wash but am concerned about the mountain of plastic we are building. Natural soap does not work in our water and is worse than nothing. The face bar does not contain soap. I think it does a better job of washing off my mascara than the liquid face wash did, so I think it's doing a better job of cleaning my face. It doesn't make it feel clean, but it does remove makeup and dirt. It is great to use when shaving because it has a slippery effect. I am very happy with this soap.

👤I suffer from a skin condition that a doctor has decided to treat. I decided to treat like a person with a skin condition because after I showed him my symptoms he looked right in the eye and said that he didn't know what was wrong with me. I had terrible itching and bloody scratches when I got too hot and sweaty. My prescription cream took a long time to work because I couldn't sleep. This soap is the only soap I have ever used that actually helped to keep my skin free of the harmful effects of castilian or tea tree oil. I buy it on Amazon and they beat Walgreens and Safeway's prices.

👤I am sensitive to smells and get headaches from chemicals. I could smell the scent of the product when I took it out of the packaging. I used it in the shower and it made me feel like I was in a cloud of perfume. I had to scrub my skin after taking a shower. It gave me a throbbing head even after a second shower. I've never had a problem with a fragrance free soap or body wash before, but if it contains some other ingredient that made me angry, I would not use it. I don't recommend this product for anyone who is scent sensitive.

👤When I was 10, I started to have problems with the skin. Since then, we've been trying to find the right cleanser to fight the problems. Two years ago, when I was 30 years old, I began to get skin problems on my legs, arms, and shoulders. I have tried expensive and drug store products, as well as cleansers described by a dermatologist. After researching the benefits of hyaluronic acid, I tried the CeraVe cleansing bar for my face and body. It is amazing. I have not experienced new breakouts on my body since I started using this cleansing bar, it works perfectly for my face and body, and the best part is that it doesn't cause breakouts like most other products I have tried. I am sold on CeraVe. After 20 years of trial and error, this product is perfect for me, even though I have different skin types.

👤I was given a tub of their lotion and absolutely loved it, so I had high hopes for this soap. I found that the soap left my skin very dry.


What is the best product for eco friendly body wash bar?

Eco friendly body wash bar products from O Naturals. In this article about eco friendly body wash bar you can see why people choose the product. Avalon Organics and Dove are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly body wash bar.

What are the best brands for eco friendly body wash bar?

O Naturals, Avalon Organics and Dove are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly body wash bar. Find the detail in this article. Tom's Of Maine, Love Beauty And Planet and Bbto are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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