Best Eco Friendly Body Wash Men

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1. Dove Body Wash Pump Moisture

Dove Body Wash Pump Moisture

Dove Deep Moisture Body wash is just as effective for cleaning hands. Dove body wash contains a blend of skin-natural nourishers and plant-based moisturizers that absorb deeply into the top layers of skin. A body wash that leaves your skin softer than a shower gel can. Dove body wash is made in 100% recycled plastic bottles, so you can feel good about using Dove body wash instead of shower soap. Dove body wash is plant-based and gentle on the skin. Care as you clean. You need the cleansing and care in one product.

Brand: Dove

👤Not a fake. I didn't get the bottle. The ingredients on the back of the bottle are the same as those on the Dove website. It's not a different thing. The product helped clear my skin up. We have been ordering the same bottle for a year. When you're done using it, I suggest keeping it above and away from where you're going to use your shower or cabinet because the water in the bottle starts to smell like it's been sprayed with something.

👤Even though I packed my own soap, I tried this wash at a relative's home. My skin is very sensitive. I have to read ingredients and do trial runs to make sure the wash is safe. I have had some soaps and washes that were great, but the skin wouldn't accept them. I forgot to bring my wash to the bathroom and my suitcase was downstairs. I was not dressed. Okay! Let's try the Dove wash and see what happens, no irritation, no super dry, no breakouts for two weeks. It was perfect! I decided to buy it. I am very happy.

👤I looked up the ingredients on the official dove website and it was the same as the one I got from Amazon, so I almost didn't purchase this item. Maybe something happened with your order. This is the real dove. I love it.

👤I am fat and ugly, but when I use this soap, I smell good and my skin is soft.

👤I like this product. I don't have to change my body wash bottle as frequently because of this large bottle. The bottle holds a lot of product, and the pump doesn't give my husband as much body wash as he would like. The scent is clean and neutral, so we are fine using it. One less bottle of product in the shower is what this means. My skin feels softer out of the shower, but I still need to follow up with lotion.

👤Buy it! My old body wash broke my skin out and it was painful. I needed a new body wash immediately. I got it the next day as I ordered it. The smell is very pleasant. My skin feels better after the first wash. I recommend it because my skin is soft and clean after one wash. A huge bottle for $8. Absolutely worth it.

👤My children have very sensitive skin. It would get very dry even if I lathered them in lotion. I bought a lot of different kinds that were not really good. The doctor thought I might need prescription grade stuff. She told me to use this and pair it with Cetaphil non scented lotion. 3 years ago! I haven't turned back since. I don't have to use the Cetaphil in the summer because it's enough for their skin. It's been great!

👤Hola. The producto has a solo pomo of 34oz and no 4 paquetes de 22oz. Ese pomo, tiene una hubiera, quiere todos los mismo precios en Walgreen y seguimiento de la casa. No atravez de ustedes. It is una explicacion. Gracias.

2. NIVEA Men Maximum Hydration Body

NIVEA Men Maximum Hydration Body

Men with dry skin can use a multi-use body wash. The body cleanser provides hydration. Men's body wash has a masculine scent with notes of orange and amber. This cleansing body wash is enriched withAloe Vera that gently washes away dirt and pollutants. Three bottles of the NIVEA MEN Maximum Hydration Body Wash are included.

Brand: Nivea Men

👤I haven't liked any of the body washes that I've tried before, but I wanted to give this one a try because it was "maximum hydration." I am not sure how you judge hydration-ness, but I would say this body wash does a good job in that area. It is where it excelled as a product. There is a There isn't much else to get excited over. It is a little thin for my liking, and the scent is not something I would like to write about. If you are sick of the smell of the Secret Dragon Fart Sauce in a bottle, then you should try the other brand. You may like this subtle scent. There is a It works well as a body wash and is well priced in this pack. For me, I like to find others in the same price range. I would use this again in a pinch. There are 3 stars updated on 1/24-21. I have been using this body wash for the last six months and I am increasing my rating. I keep coming back to this. I can't seem to move to something else. There is a My wife likes the clean scent of this. It gets me nice and clean without being harsh or drying out my skin. This stuff is a winner. For the stars of 3 to 5 stars. I put a lot of time into reviewing everything I buy on Amazon for personal or business use so I can help other people find the item they're looking for. If you found my review helpful, you should hit the "helpful" button below.

👤My husband will only use this soap. He had a really itchy skin and this soap seemed to calm his reaction and stop the itch.

👤I wrote "decent" in the title because the soap smells good and gets the job done. If you're looking for a good value on cleaning the old body, then you should purchase it. It's simple enough. There is a The soap doesn't last as long as other soaps. Old Spice. Body soaps cost more than 2x. When I bought them, they were $4. I am not sure about the effect. Over the years, bar soap tends to dry my skin out, so I would put this on par with any other liquid body soap. As a guy, I'm just in there to get clean and don't care about my skin being smooth as a pillow. That's what pillows are for. There is a It may or may not be worth it to buy soap again. Enjoy your day!

👤I'm on my sixth type of men's body wash on my quest for the best. They are above average compared to other brands of men's body wash. I like the Maximum Hydration body wash. They leave you feeling clean and refreshed. They rinse off easily. My skin feels the most hydrated out of them. It is the same consistency as all other body washes and comes out in a white color. It is smooth and there aren't any small bits that other washes have. The scent is the most pleasant and masculine I've ever smelled. It doesn't smell artificial. I would describe this scent as a mild cologne smell that hangs on for a bit longer than the other types. There is a The value of these body washes is very good. Most work out to around $3.50 - $3.90 per bottle. This is cheaper than anything you can find in the store and delivered to your doorstep. I'm completely satisfied with this product and will continue to order it from the company.

3. Right Shower Sulfate Dignity Ounce

Right Shower Sulfate Dignity Ounce

The Right To Shower is a body wash that helps bring dignity to people living on the streets. The scent of charcoal and cotton blossom will leave your skin feeling renewed and refreshed. This vegan soap is packaged in a 100% recycled plastic bottle and is not tested on animals. The Right To Shower BodyWash is made in the USA with local and imported ingredients. Everyone can use a sulfate free body wash with head to toe cleanser that can be used as a body soap, hand soap, and face wash.

Brand: The Right To Shower

👤I am not a big soap person, mostly I'm stumbling into the shower and only care that I get clean with a soap that has the least amount of hard-to-pronounce ingredients in it. This looked good. I picked it and forgot about it. There is a I used this soap. It smells great. Not flowery, not gardeny, not fruity. A unique smell profile. There is a It goes on well. There are sudsy suds. It is generous. I've been looking for a favorite soap. Everything is different now. The birds are singing, the sun is shining, and it's all because of this soap. Entire worlds have been created. I'm kind of goofing around because I'm spending my Saturday nights on Amazon, I guess. There is a The soap is very good. It leaves you clean but not as clean as you were. The smell is very strong. I entered into an autoship arrangement with this mug. SMELLS are so good. It feels good. Highly recommended.

👤The soap does great things for the homeless, but the price is too much for me. The smell in the shower is amazing but doesn't stay on your skin so it seems like a waste. It isn't a wither. I don't wear perfumes or oils and was hoping this would last on my skin but as soon as I leave the shower it's gone. They have mobile showers for homeless. I would rather give to that cause. I wouldn't buy it again because of the cost and the smell in the shower.

👤The story behind its development was what drew me to this product. After reading a few reviews, I decided to purchase a bottle, even though a few said the bottle leaked during delivery. There is a The good is that you get a small amount of the product for the money. It is definitely worthy of the price. It smells lovely and has a light scent after showering. It doesn't dry out my skin, which some shower gels do. I was worried that the scent of the product would irritate my skin, but luckily it didn't, I used it for three days. It is VEGAN. There is a The reason why I only gave it 4 stars was the bad. I had to transfer the product into an empty bottle at home because the pump was hard to open. The bottle I received leaked as well, so I guess I am lucky that the other items in the box weren't damaged as a result. If I had to guess, it would be because they don't cover the pump with a seal to prevent spills during shipping. Every liquid product I have ever ordered online or in a store has that. Every product that I have ordered online has a protective seal on it. There is a Unless they improve the packaging, I will probably not purchase this product again. I would love to support it.

👤I like body washes that have good smells. All my boxes were checked. It smells great. I have never smelled a scent like this before. It lathers well. I didn't feel like I needed to use a moisturizers after using it. I highly recommend. Sales help the homeless by giving them access to showers.

4. CeraVe Hydrating Body Wash 10

CeraVe Hydrating Body Wash 10

Formula forms a gentle lather to cleanse without stripping skin of its natural hydration. The skin is left feeling smooth and dry. The hydrating body wash is made with Hyaluronic Acid to help retain skin's natural hydration. Skin care for dry skin includes massaging CeraVe. The hydrating body wash can be washed with a washcloth or shower loofah. Can be done with CeraVe. It is important to keep the cream moist. The 3 essential cayennes are listed. 50% of the lipids in the skin barrier are made up of ceramides. CeraVe products are made with three essential ceramides to help restore and maintain the skin's natural barrier. The skin on the genitals is wrinkled. Non-comedogenic, sulfate-free, soap-free, allergy-tested, and Fragrance free. Accepted by the National Eczema Association.

Brand: Cerave

👤The body wash is hydrating. It does not rinse off easily. It was difficult to get out of the bottle because of the hard plastic. The hydrating cleanser is easy to use and washes off quickly.

👤The body wash is very hydrating. It is awesome. I bought this because I think the previous body wash I had been using was contributing to my dry skin. This one is different in many ways. It is very thick, so it is easy to use without much waste, and the moisturizers really work. It is a game changer for me. The bottle is smaller than most. I hope I can keep buying this as it is helping my skin. I hope this is helpful.

👤CeraVe bars are better. This stuff is difficult to get out of the container and has an unpleasant smell. The foam does not remove body odor, but does remove water from it.

👤The body wash is ok. I am obsessed with CeraVe and I thought the body wash would be good for me. You have to use a lot to get a good wash and you run out of it quickly.

👤The product is hard to get out of the bottle and I will not buy it again. The bottle was full when I received it. I keep it upside-down to help the body wash collect at the bottom, but it doesn't come out very well. I have to shake the cap off. The product would be better with a pump delivery system. I can't complain about the formula itself. It seems to be hydrating and has ceramides and hyaluronic acid which is great for that. I don't see a difference in the experience of people with dry skin. A pro: it is not colored.

👤This wasb is ok, but it's difficult to squeeze the product out of a thick bottle. Will not buy again.

👤It's too thick to wash off but it's all natural and I like it.

👤I enjoy using CeraVe products, and this body wash gets the job done. I don't think it beats some alternatives, but it is still a good product. It takes a lot of product to lather effectively, and even with the bottle turned upside down, I have difficulty squeezing the body wash out. I think this is a decent product, but it is hampered by its cost and poor packaging.

👤Good but not worth the price.

👤I like the shower gel. My skin feels like it has been washed and dried every day just from using the shower gel, it doesn't feel dry after using harsher gels.

👤I thought I was buying a larger volume of product because of the price. The product I received was 10 Oz and was overpriced at over twenty grand.

👤The consistency is thick but that is to be expected. Highly recommend this product.

5. Softsoap Body Coconut Scrub Ounce

Softsoap Body Coconut Scrub Ounce

Jojoba butter and coconut extracts are used in the Exfoliating Body wash. Softens the skin by keeping it moist. Coconut and Jojoba butter are in the body wash. Your skin feels clean and soft.

Brand: Softsoap

👤I thought I was buying hand soap. Good product. Exfoliating. It was thick. It was a subtle smell. It's moist. I have no skin problems.

👤I like the smell and wanted something different after using men's fragrances. It does smell good but it doesn't lather well and the pump is jank, every 3rd pump is just air. I wasn't a fan.

👤I like the scent of coconut butter. The soap has a creamy consistency, but it has no exfoliating beads. There is a The pump bottle collapses after a few weeks of use. I had emptied the pump bottle of the SoftSoap body wash, but hadn't yet put it in the recycle bin. I wish SoftSoap would sell this in a sturdy bottle and then refill it in an eco-friendly package. I wish liquid soap sellers would do this.

👤The price was fair and the shipping was fast. You will love the smell. You can add it to a basket with wash cloths, a floral towel, or a beach themed towel, as a gift. It's nice to give something. A large bottle will last a long time. You will save money on shipping costs if you get Prime. This one is heavy.

👤My skin is very dry and flaky and this has made it soft. Love the smell of it. My husband uses it as well. He gets a lot cleaner than he did with his other body wash.

👤This body wash is awesome. I don't like going to the store for only one thing. I decided to give it a try. The price is reasonable and the smell is good. It makes me feel good and makes me smell good. It's great for families.

👤Almond is my favorite scent of handwash. I took what I could get, even though I wish I could have purchased smaller containers. I placed one in each of the 3 bathroom, and despite the large size of the dispensers, they work well and I only use them to wash my hands.

👤The packaging is terrible. I buy this product in the store. The pump is so frustrating. You have to pump it 20 times to get enough to use your washcloth. You have to mess with it constantly because it sticks. I took the whole pump out and am pouring it into my loofah.

👤I like it. When I found this bigger bottle, I was over the moon. It smells like a coconut storm.

👤I was disappointed that the soap was sudsy. With my past body wash, I had a lot of sudz, but with this soap, I was at 20 pumps and still no sudsing. I didn't expect the lack of suds when I first used the soap as a body soap. There was not a lot of scent, but I may have been the smeller. I can't condemn the soap for not being sudsy as I think it's the way the exfoliator is supposed to be.

👤The product is great in helping you feel clean and fresh. The pump makes it easier to use. The seller was delivered on time.

6. Softsoap Exfoliating Scrub Coconut Butter

Softsoap Exfoliating Scrub Coconut Butter

For an effective clean, Exfoliating body wash. The coconut body wash is made with coconut seed butter. Retains skin's natural hydration to help it feel soft and smooth. There is a body wash that is Paraben free and formulated without phthalates. The body wash was tested on both men and women. If you run out of soap, you can use it to wash your hands. The product is packaged in a bottle that can be recycled. A pack of body washes with 20 fluid ounces in each.

Brand: Softsoap

👤It caused an allergy to Flare up. There is a This is not true for sensitive skin. I was upset that I didn't see all the ingredients until I got a bath. I am severely allergic to synthetic fragrances and dyes. There is a When I got into the bath, there were bright red patches and a spot. I will be in rough shape for a while. I take responsibility. If it is not really sensitive, stop advertising it. It contains sulfates.

👤It feels even better after smelling it.

👤It's nearly impossible to find this scent in stores anymore, so I was happy to find it on Amazon. This scent is perfect for Spring and Summer, and I'm one of those people who likes different times of the year. It is fruity and strong in smell. It's one of those scents that makes you smile and you will find yourself smelling it. It's so true when it comes to hydrating. It doesn't leave skin tight, but it does leave it soft. It does a decent job of hydrating at the price point, but if you have dry skin, this isn't a good option.

👤The women at our house like the scent of soft-soap body wash. It doesn't appeal to my husband. We like another one as well. We usually buy in the 2 or 4 packs when we can find them.

👤The brand was bought to refill a bottle. This product is better. The scent is wonderful and creamy with little beads. Not a fan of the packaging but finding a pretty pump bottle or other kind of dispensers is as easy as ordering one on Amazon or using an old container from Bath and Body Works. It is possible to use it as a wonderfully hydrating hand soap for those who are done, with drying Covid soap that doesn't clean your hands any better than regular soap. This stuff is great for making bubble baths. A winner all the way around.

👤The best body wash I have ever tried. There is a Enough said.

👤I like buying these products in bulk. With 3 daughters buying this multi pack of body wash is a money saver and guarantees that I won't be running to Dollar General in a week because we are out of body wash.

👤I didn't like the smell. I didn't know it would smell like old lady cologne. In regards to the amount of water. I didn't feel softer.

7. NIVEA Men DEEP Active Clean

NIVEA Men DEEP Active Clean

The NIVEA MEN body wash actively cleans the skin. The skin is rejuvenated. The cleanser leaves the skin feeling clean and refreshed. Men's body wash has a unique scent of vanilla and Bourbon, which helps prevent body odor. Natural charcoal is enriched to draw out dirt and impurities. Three bottles of the NIVEA MEN DEEP Active Clean Charcoal BodyWash are included.

Brand: Nivea Men

👤All the reviews are put together by Amazon. This is for men. The Active Clean Body Wash is made of natural charcoal. I only use NIVEA products. There are over 11 different items, including shaving gel, lip balm, and a dry impact antiperspirant. The Body Wash with Natural Charcoal is awful. If my kids don't want it or other family members don't want it, it's going in the trash. You can save money by buying a different body wash.

👤My husband was told by the Dermatologist to find a wash that had charcoal in it. Flare ups and inflammation have been curbed by it. Dr. recommended rinsing the body with hot water. The water should be turned off. The body should be washed with a body wash. Let sit for a while. It takes about a minute to wash face, apply a cleanser and scrub the body. Then rinse off the rest of the body. Bring water to a cooler temperature at the end of the shower. This stuff is amazing. I started using this myself after abandoning my own wash. The preteen bathroom was stocked with this wash as well. The boy smell is definitely eliminated. This is the cleanest I've ever had. The smell is long lasting and amazing. Doesn't leave your skin dry, sticky or like it has a film on it. The shears are up nicely, rinses off quickly and easily. There is a I found pain relief when showering with this product after a wicked sunburn. The kids got bitten by mosquitoes and this gave them instant relief.

👤I liked the price. A pack of 3 bottles is slightly more expensive than a single bottle of the same body wash. It was well cleaned. It's just soap. I don't know much about skin care. I want to be clean. It was all good. Except for the smell. It has a strong antiseptic scent that lasts for a long time after the shower. I used it many times. I told my wife that I need to get a different body wash. I smell like lysol. " My wife and I tell each other everything. We've always been married for 20 years. She could have said, "Oh honey, you smell good." "Why, you don't like it?" No. She said thank you. That stuff is terrible. We will get something different if we get rid of it. The one bottle I opened is going in the trash, the other two bottles are going to the local food pantry. There is a If you don't mind smelling like a freshly scrubbed bathroom, the DEEP Active Clean body wash might be just what you're looking for. Don't waste your money.

👤Been using this product for a long time. I noticed that the scent has changed. It has a strong scent like all of the other bodywash products for men. I got confirmation that the formula was changed last year. It was the only scent I could tolerate. It had a nice light and refreshing scent, now it smells like cheap cologne. You ruined a great product.

8. Ginger Lily Farms Botanicals Cruelty Free

Ginger Lily Farms Botanicals Cruelty Free

The body wash is made with ingredients that nourish and cleanse the skin. The rich, creamy formula gently washes away dirt, oil andbacteria. It is gentle enough for sensitive skin. The green tea and ginger scent will leave you feeling calm and relaxed. Their special blend of vitamins and botanical extracts protects and heals skin. The formula is free of toxins. Gingerlily Farms Botanicals is vegan and never tested on animals so you can feel good using it. Environmentally friendly. It's perfect for fitness centers, hotels, spas and home use. A liter, 128 liters. oz.

Brand: Ginger Lily Farms

👤Lathers work well as a shave gel. The Green Tea scent smells like orange. It's a smack in the face with righteous indignation. For many, this is not a big deal, and may even be awesome to feel like a major league pitcher threw an orange fresh from the tree at 90 mph that slammed right between your eyes while standing in the middle of a Florida orange grove. I don't like the taste of oranges. When my husband put it into a smaller pump for our bathroom, he was shocked that I bought something orange for him. I thought I could deal with it since it was open. I was wrong. The scent is not strong. The nausea from the scent has shortened my shower time in the morning and I am more alert as I am trying to keep my stomach calm. Since the scent doesn't linger on your skin, I take off 2 stars for it, but since it's just 3-10 minutes a day in the Underworld, I kick 1 star. The body wash is great, but it's hard to appreciate it when you're smelling it.

👤The product says that it is gentle. Olefin sulfonate is listed as the second ingredient. It is just as harsh as sodium laurel sulfate, which is usually used in soaps and shampoos. This product is very hard on sensitive areas. I got a chemical burn on my body. The smell is not like that of lemongrass. It smells like oranges and musk. Not an appealing smell. This product lathers and cleans well. I would have been okay with it if it had been labeled as a hand soap. It's too harsh for a body wash.

👤I was trying to avoid buying this product because sulfonate is not a sulfate, but it is irritating to the skin. You are still in the wild, wild west because Amazon does not vet how products are advertised. Don't buy if you're warned. After opening, I noticed the weird way the liquid flowed, so I checked the ingredient list. No sulfates, but saying that is misleading. Cheap stuff, worse than Suave.

👤I live alone and am 73 years old. I have been using Dr.bonners soap for at least 35 years. I used a face wash that was bio clean. I went online a year ago to buy those and realized I couldn't afford them. I looked around and found this one. It was very frightening to buy an entire gallon of something I had no idea about. I decided to take a risk because of the good return policy of Amazon. I loved the smell when it arrived. I was worried that the scent of the order might stick to my skin. It did not. I didn't write a review because I was curious if it would smell off, but I was happy with the smell and feel. Dr. Bonners does often. This gallon has lasted me one full year with no degradation that I can ferrite out. I said that I am very sensitive to that kind of stuff. I just ordered my second gallon. Really good product. Thank you. I hope your prices don't go up.

9. Basis Sensitive Skin Ounce Pack

Basis Sensitive Skin Ounce Pack

Natural calming agents soothe and comfort skin. No harsh ingredients. The skin is clean, calm and comfortable.

Brand: Basis

👤You will be happy you did! Listen... Ladies! I have been a pH balance sufferers since college at least once a year. In my younger years, more than once a year. I don't want to go to my Doc for an appointment. And or refill for prescription drugs. Dove has been used by me since high school. I am 36 years old. I will continue to use Dove. It leaves my skin soft and moist. Unless something better comes along, I will use this soap in my routine for that area. After buying a 6 pack of bars, I brought my pH balance back in order and now I am ecstatic. A total euro moment here! I don't take my advice as medical advice. Do the research yourself or ask your care provider. I decided to look at what the normal pH balance range is for women and see if I should be using soap with it. Your skin's normal pH range is 4 - 5.5 and Dove is not great in that area. Dove soap has a 7 pH while other traditional soaps have a 9. See good, but not great. Dove was recommended to me by my doctor when I was in college. The Basis Bar Soap pH is the best I have seen on the market. The balance range for that area is 3.8 - 4.5 and Basis has a pH of 5 - 6. Basis is the best product on the market today, Dove Sensitive Skin Bar is included. The bar has been recommended by OB-GYN's. This review is for people who aren't knowledgeable on this issue and I hope it helps them as much as it has helped me. If you have pH balance issues like me, Dove is not the end, I will still use it for my body. Get your pH back to normal. I will not replace my Dove bar/gel for the Basis Bar as a total body cleanser because I am use to how my skin feels after washing. The Basis bar makes me feel more dry. I will use it on my body for total body cleansing. Add in the following: There is a If you found this post useful, please share it. Ladies... Please. You can type "Boric ACID" in the search engine of your choice. I don't need to thank you later. You're welcome!

👤Only soap we can use is the only soap we use. I did some research after drying off. Basis has become better recignized by people after it payed off. I see it in more stores. There is a It is a management product. When we see it, we buy 5 or 6 at a time. We will get it from Amazon. There is a It is odorless. Lathers are really well. It's easy to rinse off. No attempt at a switch after 4. There is a If you have sensitive skin, this is for you.

👤For a long time, Basis has been recommended by the dermatologists. I remember at least 35 years ago Basis was recommended to me because of my allergies. Beiersdorf Inc. USA makes and distributes Basis soap. The company is located in Connecticut. Walgreen's, Walmart and Amazon sell Basis soap. I use it now. People with sensitive skin can use Basis soap. It's free of any harsh ingredients and is recommended and highly rated by consumers. All of its ingredients are known to be very beneficial to all types of skin. Beiersdorf Inc has other brands such as Eucerin and Aquaphor.

10. Avalon Organics Nourishing Lavender Shower

Avalon Organics Nourishing Lavender Shower

A bottle of Avalon Organics Natural Nourishing Lavender BodyWash. Extra dry skin is gently cleansed. The formula is made with organic botanicals and essential oils. There are noPreservatives, Synthetic colors or fragrances. Not tested on animals.

Brand: Avalon Organics

👤Avalon Organics BodyWash was effective and high-quality when I first used it. I was very happy that this soap uses no animal products and the company doesn't test on animals. The two purchases I made resulted in watered-down soaps. It was obvious that someone or the company has cut the formula with a lot of water. I thought it was a one-off problem, but my most recent purchase was just as watery. There is a I have a vegan brand of body wash. It is high-quality, but more expensive. I have decided to switch brands permanently.

👤The company must have changed the formula and packaging because I have ordered this for a few years now. The product is very watery. The past two or three orders have been watery. This is the third time I have received it leaking all over the place and it is gone. They sealed it with plastic wrap so it wouldn't leak through the box. Some long-time users are experiencing the same issues after this delivery. I am done with this product until the company fixes it. It has been a nice smelling body wash that didn't burn my skin, so I'm too bad. It's a waste of money to have a product that's half gone and all water.

👤All the ingredients listed on the item are not included in the ingredients listed on the page. This item includes preventative services such as sodium sorbate. Not recommended.

👤I bought this product because I wanted to save time in the shower and wash my daughter with the same soap that I use, but it's not organic, it only contains some organic ingredients. I have to keep two separate products in the shower because this seems to be drying my hands out, so I'm sure my body isn't far behind.

👤I have been using them for 2 years, but will no longer buy them. They use a gel-like substance to produce more volume, just like what you would find at a gym shower, but not as bad. You will notice that you need a lot more liquid.

👤I bought it because it was on sale. I have been using sulfate, paraben and perfume free body wash for years and have used many different brands. All of those brands are better than this one. If you have dry sensitive skin, Avalon does not leave you feeling clean. Don't spend your money on things that aren't worth it.

👤The smell is divine and it smells like the real thing. It does smell nice when I shower, but the smell doesn't linger for a long time afterwards which is disappointing. This is a shower gel, not a wash, so a lot comes out in order to make it foam up, so I'd like to point that out. I have plenty after a few months. It does a good job of hydrating my body and also neutralizing odors for a few hours after use.

👤This is the best body wash I have ever used. I used to love having their lotion in lavender. I was happy to find this stuff. Avalon organics lavender has a lavender smell. The body wash is almost half essential oils, it cleans my skin but never leaves it stripped. I've tried other body washes, like kissing my face, but they dried my skin out and left a smell on my skin. Not with this stuff. It's all natural essential oils and it smells amazing. Every time you use it, it will leave your skin feeling soft.

11. Gentle Hydrating Body Tree Tub

Gentle Hydrating Body Tree Tub

There is a gourmet touch to the wild ingredients. Their body wash is free of harmful chemicals and leaves you clean and fresh. Or maybe it is their soothing cleanser that leaves the skin soft and supple. Their body wash is perfect for the most delicate skin. Sulfate cleaning for sensitive skin. You must keep the acidic pH at around 5.5 for calm, clear skin. The soapberry in their sulfate free body wash is naturally balancing. The best body wash for sensitive skin is created by adding coconut cleanser, Shea Moisture,Aloe Vera, Cucumber, and Chamomile. This vegan body wash for women and men is the cleanser you have been waiting for. There is a constellation of citrus species. Body washes from many brands still contain harsh chemicals, and it feels as if it is on your skin. You will be happy to know that tree. The refreshing orange essential oil in this body wash for women and men is from nature and is different from other products. Add their face wash and lotion to your natural skincare regimen. Forget "natural" and "eMBRACE NATURE". Soapberry For Body is free from many ingredients. It is also safe as a baby product. This vegan body wash is Sustainably Harvested in eco-reserves in Taiwan, protecting local habitat. Today's order also comes with a wild soapberry. This is nature's purest soap, made with fresh saponin, for a gentle, cleansing lather that's naturally soothing. Take your sensitive skin body wash and then shower after you discover its wild beauty. If you love your Soapberry Skin, they'll give you a full refund.

Brand: Tree To Tub

👤This body wash is wonderful. I've used a lot of this product, and it might be my favorite yet. The smell makes me feel good in the morning. The wash lathers nicely, but doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or tight. I was a little worried about using it during the winter months, but I have had no problems with dry skin so far, and I even skipped the lotion one day to see how my skin felt. It wasn't dry or itchy. Is it the cheapest body wash you can buy? No. Is it worth spending more if you have a skin problem? Absolutely.

👤I have been using Tree to Tub products for six months. I suffer from mild sphinx and these products have helped keep it at bay, instead of all the chemical laden skin care products that cause more inflammation. I'm happy to be using a product that doesn't contain any nasty stuff that I don't want to put on my body. They are a little more expensive but they are a great value. I believe Tree to tub is right up there if not higher, because many people spend more on high quality skin care products. The lather comes from the soap berry. It doesn't lather as much as you'd expect, but it isn't made with harmful chemicals. Tree to Tub has a customer for life. I want them to make a hand soap for me to use at my sinks.

👤The smell is pleasant, mostly orange. I think the perfume level is moderate. You can smell it. I like the pump and I think I can feel it on my skin once I get out. Four stars are due to the price. I am trying to rid my home of products that contain artificial dyes. I am still getting used to the higher cost of a better product. There is a I thought the nut in the box was a mistake, but reading it I realized it was intentional. They want you to boil it to see the science behind it. I have been meaning to do it for a long time. Cool idea!

👤I have been buying Tree to Tub products for a year. I am very happy with them. I agreed to an offer for a free bottle of this product in exchange for answering a survey, but the Amazon review was optional. I like this scent so much that I will be changing it from lavender to it. The price may seem high for the number of ounces, but I didn't compare products when I ordered this. You only need a small amount due to the amazing lathering properties of the soapberry.

👤I should have stocked up on vitamins C shower gel when it was $7 on Amazon, because it was going to jump in price like that, but I didn't. It was very gentle on my skin and one of the main reasons I purchased it was because it was on sale. It is way up there right now. I can't pay $17 for 8oz of body wash. I liked the orange shower gel a lot, I would like to try other scents if it becomes affordable or goes on sale. The other ones are more expensive. No thanks! I think that's correct.


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