Best Eco Friendly Bowls for Kids

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1. Unbreakable Cereal Bowls Lightweight Dishwasher

Unbreakable Cereal Bowls Lightweight Dishwasher

If their products have any quality problem, or if you have a question or suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact them. Natural organic wheat straw fiber is eco-friendly and odorless. There are no harmful chemical materials. Your new home will have very healthy and beautiful tableware. These bowls are lightweight and unbreakable. Light to hold and different colors of bowls make life more pleasant. Even if you fall down, it's unbreakable. The dishwasher and microwave are safe. You can wash these bowls with soap or hot water, they are very easy to clean. They work well in microwaves and ovens. It's deep enough for cereals, salad, fruit, rice and noodle. It's great for parties, picnic, camping, and everyday meals. A good choice for promotional gifts.

Brand: Duoluv

👤The site says it is microwave safe. Wrong. The bowls are in the microwave. The strings are falling off the bowls when they are used in the microwave.

👤I was told that my daughter is 17 and that they will not let her go down. I am going to prove my father wrong. Did not break. After chasing her around the house, she was hit with it. I will update after we try the bat.

👤The bowl began to peel after getting hot.

👤You can buy a microwave safe at Walmart for 50 cents.

👤I microwaved food for 3 minutes and it was not safe. It melted.

👤These bowls are wonderful. They are durable. We have four kids and these bowls have been washed, microwaved, and dropped and still look amazing. Definitely recommend.

👤The bowls are large. These bowls are perfect for soups, chili, and breakfast cereals. I have to hand wash my dishes and they are not breakable. I ordered 2 sets because I liked them so much.

👤I am happy with the size and quality of the bowls. They are the best bowl I've had in a while that holds my cereals, fruit, and milk without spilling. They are easy to clean. These bowls are very good. I like ordering dishes to match. I like these bowls.

👤Producto a buen.

👤The bowls are great for breakfast cereals, fruit salad, and sweet and sour with rice. There is a They are the best bowls I have ever used.

2. Dishwasher Microwave Safe Unbreakable Reusable Lightweight

Dishwasher Microwave Safe Unbreakable Reusable Lightweight

We know you will love their personalized set. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, they will give you a full refund or replacement. Food safe and non-toxic is made from natural bamboo fiber. Eco-friendly and sustainable choice for family members. Light (5 ounces per bowl) and easy to handle are some of the qualities that make it lightweight, Sturdy and Durable. Chips and cracks will be gone. It is suitable for all age groups. Safe for use in dishwasher and microwave. The maximum heat resistance of the bowl is for 5 minutes. Space and Storage Saving Design is easy to stack compactly without occupying much space of your kitchen cabinet and disk rack. 5 pieces/pack with assorted colors is a convenient and colorful size. These cute bowls are perfect for serving breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner, and can be used for many other meals. It's great for home use, school functions, and outdoor activities, which are wonderful replacements for paper bowls.

Brand: Euodia

👤Beautiful colors, sturdy, and easy to clean. It's perfect for the microwave and dishwasher. The value is great.

👤I used one of the bowls to warm up the chili in the microwave. The bowl didn't melt and you could touch it in the microwave. It was nice to clean up. There was no staining from the chili. They are also beautiful colors.

👤The bowls were what I was looking for. They are light weight and stack nicely. They wash up well.

👤I love the colors and they are perfect for popcorns for my kids.

👤The bowls are sturdy and deep.

3. Unbreakable Eco Friendly Lightweight Degradable Dishwasher

Unbreakable Eco Friendly Lightweight Degradable Dishwasher

We know you will love their personalized set. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, they will give you a full refund or replacement. Natural wheat straw fiber and premium PP material are Eco-friendly. All of their wheat straw bowls are non-toxic and have no harmful effects on the body. The design is designed with space-saving style and smooth round edges. It was deep enough for the food to not get splashed out. It's perfect for cereals, salads, fruit, rice and noodles. The wheat straw bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe. They are easy to store and use. There is a note. The temperature can reach as high as 120C. 6 x bowls are dark green, blue, beige, red, gray, white. Their bowls are light to hold, they are unbreakable, chip resistance, and no worry about falling down. They know you will love their personalized set. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, they will give you a full refund or replacement.

Brand: Generi

👤These bowls are my go to for serving soup for cereals, and they are small enough to fit in a purse. They are easy to clean and have become my favorite item in the kitchen. Absolutely perfect size. I love the way they match the colors of the kitchen cabinets because of their light colors.

👤They have withstood pasta sauces, fried foods and spices. There are scratches from using a knife. It is easy to clean.

👤The material that these are made of does not stand up.

👤The quality is very good, but it is a bit more expensive than other choices. The bowls have good weight and can be used for mixing or serving.

👤The colors work well with my dishes. It could be bigger for grown ups. The quality is good, but the finish seams are not as smooth as I would like.

👤I needed to replace heavier dishes with lighter ones. These things are great. They're strong and can be put in the dishwasher.

👤I don't like the look of plastic. They are light and sturdy, but we won't use them at home. We'll use them in our camper.

👤Light weight and safe. Good size bowls.

4. Baby Bowls High Suction Base

Baby Bowls High Suction Base

It's stress-free and enjoyable. Enjoy a hassle-free experience while feeding your kids with the highest-suction Silicone Bowls. The Juju World Bowls are specifically made to bring a large smile to your child's face. FRIENDLY WITH ALL OF THE APPLIANCES. The Juju World Bowls are compatible in all of the aforementioned places, making them an easy and unique experience. These Bowls are completely safe for your health and easy to clean. They are easy to clean under running water. ORDER WITH CONFIDENCE: If you are unhappy with a product, they will give you a 100% Money Back Guarantee. ORDER WITH CONFIDENCE: If you are unhappy with a product, they will give you a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Brand: Juju World

👤My 2 year old loves throwing his plate off his chair. He wouldn't throw it off, so I needed something strong. This has worked. We've used it for about three months. I carry one in his diaper bag to use at restaurants. There is a It's easy to clean and it's strong. Isn't it? Even after eating spaghetti, it's easy to pack up and store, if the table is not flat. The amount of suction doesn't hold as much as before. If you found the product helpful, please rate the review and I would purchase it again. There is a The mother of 2 boys.

👤Very good, can not pull up without pulling on the tab. There is a It is easy to clean since it is all smooth Heavy bowls, but I wish there were more color variations. I like this better than my plastic bowl.

👤After a few uses, they lost their suction. It has the taste of the food in the bowl even if you wash or soak it a few times.

👤An update on the product. It is easy to clean and durable for toddlers. If your child doesn't know how to open the bottom, it's a good idea to have a sward. If you cut it with a knife, it will never break. I think the worst kind of bowl and plate on the market is the soapy or strong food smell. No matter how long it takes to boil it. It looks like you will never find a product if you try to search without this problem.

👤The bowls taste like soap after being washed. The soap flavor is what takes on everything that you put in it. I would love to get them back, but it's past the window. I could not get the soap taste out even though they held up well in the dishwasher or hand wash. They are no longer useful. I've tried boiling them and using different dish soap, but nothing works.

👤These work great if your surface is flat. The surface won't hold suction if it has texture for air to come in. My kitten likes to tip over her water dish. Didn't stick to the floor, but sticks well to a heavy plate or table top.

👤These bowls are fine even without a chair. My child does not tip anything out of the bowl when they treat the bottom of the cup as a base. It is easy to wash. He has the pink one because his mother misplaces the blue and yellow one. The silent remonstrating gaze of the Sphinx is a cipher.

👤These bowls are wonderful. The base is very durable and should last a long time. The colors are bright and easy to clean, they are a good size for my 14 month old grandson and should work until he's at least 3 or even 4. I just press the bowl down on the tray of the highchair and presto! He can't throw it because it sticks into place. I love these!

5. Avanchy Toddler Feeding Stainless Container

Avanchy Toddler Feeding Stainless Container

The bowl is INSULATED. The baby bowl keeps food warm while protecting baby's hands. The simple release tab will allow you to safely move the bowl after a clean-up. Stay organized and give fresh meals. Feed your child with fresh food from the airtight lid. Use bright lid colors to stay organized. It is now easier to live a healthy life. Get a grip. Their bowls have a Silicone base that fits most high chairs. This design allows you to own the grip, so you can be prepared for baby flipping. SAFELY SOURCED: Their baby bowls are made from high-quality materials. Their bowls are made from 304 steel. It will last a lifetime. The bowls are made from double-walled, non-heat transferring, 18/8 stainless steel. Their baby bowl is made of a tough steel and can get thrown in bags. It will last a lifetime. The bowls are made from double-walled, non-heat transferring, 18/8 stainless steel. Their baby bowl is made of a tough steel and can get thrown in bags.

Brand: Avanchy

👤I decided to purchase this product because it was made of steel. It is not. It is made of aluminum. This isn't a metal of strength. It is made of aluminum with dents and scratches. I am very disappointed. This is not an advertisement. This isn't a bad choice if you want an aluminum bowl that has a good amount of power. The tray I bought is aluminum, not the same as the one advertised. It was made in China.

👤The metal bowl is more durable than other materials, but it is still prone to break if dropped repeatedly. A small crack at the top of the bowl allowed water to enter. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before mold develops.

👤I think the types of baby plates and bowls that are 100% Silicon have a little more suction power, but they stink of dishwasher detergent after just a few washes. I wouldn't want to eat them. They retain no taste or smell. There are no worries about dangerous chemicals. The power is good. Highly recommended. The spoons are very nice.

👤I really wanted to like this. Of course for the money. I decided to spend the money on a plate and bowl that will stick after seeing a video recommendation. I don't understand the reviews. Am I doing something wrong? My 11 month old doesn't have to pull it because it sticks for three seconds. It pops right back up. I will use it because it is a hassle to return. I'm not happy about buying a set that only looks cute but has no function.

👤I was excited for this, but I haven't used much since. The wooden one can't be put in the dishwasher, and the metal one can't be put in the microwave.

👤Absolutely perfect. A 16 month old uses this bowl a few times a day. We keep the tab on the back side. She doesn't see it. I like the steel. The hand is pulled back on in a few seconds. I am very pleased with this for the last 3 weeks.

👤This set is very nice. I don't use eating utensils that touch the food. It is easier to clean in the dishwasher and stays sanitary than it is to use Silicone. The silicone base on the divided dish does not fit properly and is difficult to re-attach to the dish, making it only four stars. I contacted the company and they immediately sent another base, but it still doesn't fit well. The second base has the same issue as the first, so I thought it was the wrong one. If you can get it attached, it's not that big of a deal. You can leave it on the dish. It will work in the dishwasher.

👤My child eats scrambled eggs and cereals. The bowl is stuck to the high chair tray so he can't throw it in the floor. He has gotten it unstuck once or twice, but it stays put even with him hitting it with his cup. I will probably buy a second one. There is a It has a lid as well. I haven't had the chance to use it yet and can't comment on its function.

6. Greenandlife Lightweight Wheat Straw Bowls

Greenandlife Lightweight Wheat Straw Bowls

They're 100% confident that you'll enjoy your bamboo bowls. Your child will use them. They will work with you to make sure you are satisfied if you don't like your purchase. The straw is made of wheat straw and the PP is food grade. The smooth rim is suitable for soup, noodles and cereals. There is no heavy metal, food-safe grade, dishwasher, microwave, fridge and freezer safe. Their bowls are light to hold, they are unbreakable, and no worry about falling down. A good alternative to plastic bowls. Excellent Color will not fade or run because it is designed on both aesthetic and comfort. There are 4 x Bowls in this package. 6 cm (H) is the measurement. The capacity is 14OZ.

Brand: Greenandlife

👤I wanted a bowl that could handle soup or milk without spilling and was tired of chipping stoneware. These are light, dishwasher safe, and pretty pastels. I ordered a second set after loving the first 4. Also planning on ordering plates. I have no idea how the bowls cracked. We have no children in the house. I really thought I had found a good thing. My rating has been reduced to 2 stars. I hope you can see the pictures.

👤It's cool. We love these. It seems silly to say that. I like that they are quiet, they don't crash into other dishes in the sink or the dishwasher, and they don't clank against the bowl when the kids eat cereals. They stack tightly, which makes the cabinet taller. There was an update on October 10, 2019. I don't see scratches after 6 weeks. The pastels don't matter to me. Love.

👤I like the size, colors and light weight of these bowls. They stay cool for 2 minutes in the microwave. They are eco friendly. The tomato sauce stains won't come out of the brand new bowl after a family member ate spaghetti out of it. That's why it's four stars. You'll be fine if you stick to oatmeal, cereals and soup that is not tomato based.

👤I tried the left over pad thai test and could not hold the bowl as I ate, but I was hoping that they could tolerate microwaving without getting piping hot. The top part of my ceramic bowls was not too hot, but it didn't really fix my problem because they cool off much faster than them. These seem to address some of the concerns I have about sustainable living and not leaking microplastics into my food. They are light and unbreakable and will make for great outdoor eating.

👤The bowls have a weird smell even after washing by hand several times and running through the dishwasher 3 times. I wouldn't put food in them. They went to the recycle bin instead of being sent back. It was just terrible. I wouldn't buy any of these things again. Garbage!

👤This bowl is great. We use it when we eat inside and outside. The bottom isn't two squared off, so it's a good stacking bowl. There is a The construction of the microwave bowl was not an issue, but two of them seemed to have gotten stained, I believe, while microwaving with pasta and marinara sauce. There is a stain on the bottom half of the bowl. The bowl is clean and stained, so it doesn't bother me, but I might second-guess putting it out for a guest.

👤These bowls are really nice. They are larger than our Correlle bowls and are easy to clean. Not ice cream, never ice cream.

👤Liked: Light, very durable, but dulled finish after awhile.

👤The dishes are light to carry and do the job perfectly.

👤There is a dishwasher safe that I love.

👤I tried to drop one from a height of 1.5m onto a tile floor. It bounced off and was fine. There is a The texture is nice, but they seem to be made from plastic. There is a I like the pastille colors.

7. Unbreakable Microwave Dishwasher Friendly Assorted

Unbreakable Microwave Dishwasher Friendly Assorted

Excellent quality for events. Their bulk packs are perfect for food trucks, camping, holiday potlucks or church festivals. TheWheat straw bowl is ideal for kids, elderly, and adult to have oatmeal and cereals. It's easy to carry out while camping. Natural organic wheat straw is made of eco-friendly wheat material. Your family will love the beautiful and healthy tableware. It's deep enough for cereals, salad, fruit, rice and noodle without being splashed out. It's great for parties, picnic, camping, and everyday meals. The dishwasher and microwave are safe. You can wash the bowls in your dishwasher. They work well in microwaves. They commit to providing the most comprehensive customer service. The quality of their inventory is what they stand behind.

Brand: Homestockplus

👤The first set of bowls that stand up to a dishwasher and the microwave are all different materials. After heating up and splitting the last set I purchased, I really needed something that would heat the food and not the bowl, which is what most assume is microwave safe. These work well. They are not very thick. Some give to them that others call flimsy but they are light weight and maintain their shape. This was a good purchase.

👤It was lightweight and cheap. Not high quality or durable dishware is what it is. It feels like disposable garbage.

👤Two young boys break regular bowls on a regular basis. These are a great alternative as they are lightweight, easy to clean, and don't chip or break. As far as I can tell, there is no concern about chemicals in the material as they are made of wheat.

👤I like these. I dropped everyone on the floor. Yes. I am that person. They bounced and held on. They are tough but not heavy. I like that they are thicker than a typical plastic. The bowls feel more like a kitchen utensil. They are casual but still nice. There are two matching greys, that's the only thing I could complain about. The graduation from dark blue to grey has an individual color per transition until you get to the grey which is two bowls. Not a big deal. I am an artist. I would like them to be different. My kids haven't destroyed them yet, but they are lovely.

👤These bowls are really nice. They ate a good amount of oatmeal and cearel. They are strong. They are easy to clean. They fit nicely in the cupboard.

👤The bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe. If they are dropped, they will not break. They are deep to help eliminate spills.

👤These bowls are very lightweight. The perfect size for soup or cereals. The colors are soft. I have used them in both the dishwasher and microwave. The dishes are great.

👤Needed some plastic bowls for salad or cereals but didn't want ceramic or plastic. These fit the bill nicely. I'll have to order another set for everyone in the house.

8. Bamboo Bowls Kids Super Cute

Bamboo Bowls Kids Super Cute

Made in South Korea. Komax Biokips collection won the "Red Dot Design Award" in 2004. Biokips absolute powers are beyond comparison. It was made in South Korea. The baby bowls have a square-shaped lip. It's easy for small hands to keep the bowl steady. It's easier to carry and hold for parents. Their bowl set is fun and interactive. The design features happy animals. It's safe for kids. The bamboo dinnerware set is made with your child's health and safety in mind. Rest easy knowing that your child's food won't be contaminated with any harmful substances. These bamboo fiber kid bowls help you make sustainable choices for your home more easily. They are made of absolutely zero plastic and will last a long time. The bowls make it easy for parents to clean up after a meal. You just put them in the dishwasher. You could get the little one to help out.

Brand: Beebon Beauty Home

👤I thought these were cute until I used them yesterday. The food looks spoiled because of the dark colors on the bottom. I would not buy them again.

👤I thought I'd use them for snacks, but how could I resist making them into dishes for our cats? They are cute, clean up nicely, and feel good in the hand. The bowls will show some fading and a roughening of the texture on the outside if they are put in the dishwasher all the time. I have had plant pots and other cat dishes that are made of bamboo that are still doing their job. These bowls are adorable.

👤These bowls were not available when I found them. I took a shot in the dark and messaged the seller when they would be available to order. I got a message from them saying that they would make one set available for me if I still wanted it. Great communication and quick response! The bowls are great, the kids love them for their snacks, and I got matching cups to go with them.

👤The bowls are easy to handle for my grandson. My little boy liked to see the different bowls. The bowl is large enough to hold food. They are easy to clean. We have had them for almost two weeks and so far they have been good.

👤I waited so long to buy toddler bowls. We had been using our own bowls for a while. These are the perfect size, they stack, and they are dishwasher safe. They are cute as a button.

👤These bowls are great for kids. They don't get too hot in the microwave, they wash easily in the dishwasher, and they are adorable. So far, they have stood up.

👤The bowls have animal graphic design. Light weight but sturdy. The kids pick out a dish. It makes them happy and makes Grammie and Grampa happy as well. Will buy again and give as a gift.

👤These bowls are adorable. They are not rubber that hold the smell of food. They are more of a substance. Love them.

9. BPA Free Eco Friendly Children Microwave Oz 4pack

BPA Free Eco Friendly Children Microwave Oz 4pack

There are many sizes available. Enhance your restaurant or take-out food service with these cups. You can cater to each portion in different sizes, no matter how small or large. The measurement is 11 cm/4.3'' high and 6 cm/2'' wide. Each bowl is 14 ounces and free of heavy metals. The bottom thickening design has more fall resistance. Don't worry if your baby breaks it. Use wheat straw and PP material to bring you and your family health. Use the small serving bowl to serve at home, at a picnic, at a restaurant or at a catered event. Set of 4 snack bowls, dishwasher and microwave safe, perfect for cereals, ice cream, soup, pasta or a small snack.

Brand: Old Tjikko

👤So sweet looking. We use these for leftovers. When the grandchildren visit, the true test will come. I think these bowls will do well.

👤One of my cars had a big dents. I came back. They look nice in the picture, but in person they feel cheap.

👤The bowls are cheap looking and I was disappointed in their appearance. There were two bowls that were dirty, with debris in the top bowl and dirt on the outside of the bottom bowl. I won't be keeping them.

👤These bowls are great. Not big or small. It's just right for a big scoop of ice cream. They don't clean up well, so I gave them 2 stars. They do not stack inside each other. They take up a lot of space. You can microwave them.

👤Have been looking for a bowl that is not flat-bottomed. This is perfect. It's easy to get all of the milk. The size is large enough to hold 2 plus cups and 3 cups.

👤I was very happy with my purchase. Use them all the time to prepare food.

👤I like the 4 bowls. It's perfect for breakfast. The bowl leaked milk after it was washed in the dishwasher on the top shelf. I found a small crack on the side. There is a The bowls that have been used are all fine.

👤These are diet bowls. They are a nice size. One of them has a rough edge. I am keeping them.

👤These bowls are amazing. They have very trendy colors. I'm not afraid to accidentally drop them or push them over. They are a great size and hold a lot. I tested them and they are microwave safe. They are not like ceramic or glass bowls. Cleaning them is easy. Highly recommended!

👤The product description is not accurate. The bowls are made of plastic. It is not a plastic alternative. There is a It uses the description PP material to hide the fact that it is plastic. It is like all microwaveable plastic bowls. Don't waste your money. You could buy it at the dollar store.

👤There was a mistake, they responded in record time, and got things back on track. It's on the reorder list, perfect sized bowls for kids or small portions. I would give more stars if I could.

👤I am a little disappointed that the set that matches the first picture does not match the ones I have. The product received is portrayed in the following pictures. Very nice, but a bit smaller and thinner. I expected that. The outside is more textured. A star was lost because of a misunderstanding.

👤These bowls are easy to clean, unlike plastic products. They are very sturdy and lightweight. I like to eat ice cream or cereals.

10. Shopwithgreen Unbreakable Microwave Dishwasher Safe Natural

Shopwithgreen Unbreakable Microwave Dishwasher Safe Natural

It's deep enough for cereals, salad, fruit, rice and noodle. It's great for parties, picnic, camping, and everyday meals. A good choice for promotional gifts. Shopwithgreen kid's bowls are made of wheat straw and food-safe PP material, which is healthy and food safe. It is free of the chemical. The baby can use the wheat straw bowl without fear. The design is user-friendly and has space-saving style and smooth round edges. It was deep enough for the food to not get splashed out. It's perfect for cereals, salads, fruit, rice and noodles. There is a light weight. Their bowls are light to hold, they are unbreakable, chip resistant, and no worry about falling down. A good alternative to ceramic bowls. Shopwithgreen bowl sets are dishwasher safe, so you can save time. They are microwave and oven safe. They know you will love their personalized set. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, they will give you a full refund or replacement.

Brand: Shopwithgreen

👤It feels like plastic. There are yellow stains on the curry I microwaved. The smell of food that was microwaved never goes away even if you wash it. Even after washing, there is always an oily inside.

👤These bowls are perfect. They can hold a lot of cereals or salad. They are not hot when they come out of the microwave. My five kids have done their best to knock them around, but they don't break or chip, even on my tile floor. I'm happy that my kids' hot food won't be contaminated with chemicals. They are also dishwasher safe. I was worried that they wouldn't hold up to hard use, but they don't have any signs of wear and tear after use. I plan to buy smaller snack bowls and plates.

👤I like these. I bought the items. I highly recommend these for safe microwaving and for use with kids in any situation where one would need an unbreakable set. My only criticism is the color choices. I would like to be able to order a set of only the green, yellow, and cream color. It would be even better to be able to choose the color that best suits your kitchen scheme.

👤I bought them for use in the microwave, but I like these bowels. The bowls are too hot in the microwave to touch, but the heat is not from the food inside, but directly from the microwave. It's not a deal breaker, but it's annoying. I would like to have a matching set of 4 bowls of the same color, which is fine for some uses, but would be nicer if the manufacturer offered it.

👤My son always wants to use my ceramic hand made dishes. I hope these will be child friendly. They are very light and do not get hot in the microwave. I easily washed off the tomoto sauce. There is a The bowls are on the left and the ceramic ones are on the right.

👤We use a lot of bowls this size for soups, cereals, leftovers, salads and more. I have hunted for bowls that didn't get hot in the microwave in the past, but I have never been able to find one that did, and I don't know how I stumbled upon them this time, but they have finally solved that problem. I like the idea of using items that are friendly to the earth and these fit that bill, so I looked 888-349-8884 I don't have to worry about plastic getting into our food because they're made from wheat straw. My favorite point is that my food is cooked faster and more thoroughly in the microwave than in any other container I own, and there is no problem holding the bowl when it's done. The 30 oz bowl is the most versatile one. It allows oatmeal to bubble up without going over the top. It is easy to hold and wash. I love them!

11. Coconut Wooden Spoons Suvana Market

Coconut Wooden Spoons Suvana Market

The puzzles use sturdy pegs which are not detached and there is no risk of a child getting hurt. Their toys are made from smooth-sanded, solid-wood and non-toxic paints. The Suvana Bowls are Sanded to Perfection and Hydrated with Oil by Artisans, unlike the other bowls in the market. They worked with artisans to design coconut bowls that are durable and eye catching. Suvana Bowls are your daily Tropical Escapes in the comfort of your home. Each bowl is different. They noticed that the bowls in the market did not have a flat bottom, which caused the food to spill. The process they use is called "Suvana Sandation" and it flattens the bottom of every bowl so they say balanced. The bowls are perfect for your friends and family. No spill, all smiles. So. Many. Their high grade Coconut Bowls can be used in many ways. You can make many different types of bowls, including acai bowls, vegan bowls, salad bowls, cereal, Buddha bowls, Smoothie bowl, ice cream, Kava Kava and much more. A coconut bowl and wooden spoon is a great addition to your kitchen. They love mother nature so they make sure their bowls are created in a Zero Waste process. They protect the environment by creating Suvana Bowls out of Coconut shells that would be burned as waste and have a devastating impact on the earth. Premium Jichi Wood is used to make their spoons. 100% LIFETIME WARRANTY Their goal is to make their customers happy. If you run into a problem, they will replace the bowl faster than you can say "I love Suvana Market". Their US based team is ready to help. They are happy to have you in the family.

Brand: Suvana Market

👤These coconut bowls are very good. I plan to use one as a table decoration and the other to eat ice cream. The bowls have their own marks and bumps. The wooden spoons have an elegant touch. The company is very strong with their products. Always. " These items are of high quality.

👤Excellent quality coconut bowls. They arrived with 2 bowls and 2 spoons. They are plastic free and organic. They are different from other sellers because of Suvana's charitable donation to save the environment.

👤I like the look and feel of the bowls and they are organic and natural. Adding variety to my eating vessels is what they do. I liked them. I sent a pair to my son.

👤It is an awesome bowl. Looks great. Better than the pictures! There is a We have been using it for a lot of things.

👤These coconut bowls are very cute. I use these for my home made ice cream. It makes me feel like I am on a tropical island when I eat dessert. There is a It is better than those things you find at world market. It looks pretty as an accent decor. It will make a great gift. I love them!

👤We use these bowls for yogurts and salads many times. When I got them out of the box, they looked new. The coconut shells are better than the plastic alternatives. There is a The kids were always spilling the food because my other bowls didn't have a flat bottom. Not with these ones! There is a They are used all the time by the family. These bowls are not easy to break.

👤Just received and broke. I had never made kava before. The water was warm, not hot, and 2 minutes into kneading the mix there was a loud crack and bitter liquid leaking everywhere. I will not try the other bowl for anything other than keeping plectrums. The spoons are strong.

👤I received my order of coconut bowls. One of the bowls does not have a flat bottom. The seller contacted me through Amazon after I sent a message to them. I requested a new one. The seller had issues in sending a replacement because they are based in the US and there are other issues with customers outside the US. There is no guarantee that you will get a flat bottom bowl. There is no guarantee that they can send a replacement. This was not a good experience.

👤We love using these bowls. They come with wooden spoons that match the bowls. These are the things I recommend getting.

👤Don't buy. Not a flat bottom. Un strong. One broke in the first week.


What is the best product for eco friendly bowls for kids?

Eco friendly bowls for kids products from Duoluv. In this article about eco friendly bowls for kids you can see why people choose the product. Euodia and Generi are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly bowls for kids.

What are the best brands for eco friendly bowls for kids?

Duoluv, Euodia and Generi are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly bowls for kids. Find the detail in this article. Juju World, Avanchy and Greenandlife are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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