Best Eco Friendly Bubble Mailers 6x10

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1. UCGOU 10 5x14 5 Mailers Envelopes Shipping

UCGOU 10 5x14 5 Mailers Envelopes Shipping

Provide better service. If you are tired of regular mail bags, their design mail bags are for you. They can provide 100% satisfactory service if there is a quality problem. They are committed to making better products so that their customers can get better and better. Kraft Bubble Mailers. The outer size of the yellow bubble mailers is about 13 inches, while the inner size is about 12 inches, which is bright and clean. It feels nice to touch it. The smooth surface is perfect for writing. Their bubble mailers have full air bubbles that can protect your products. Strong Self Sealing. Even if the weather is hot or cold, their padded envelopes can still be strong and sticky. Your items are not being secretly replaced during transportation. The bag is sealed with a silver strip that can be easily peeled off. Sturdy and durable construction. The shipping bags cover is made of strong paper material, which makes them not easy to puncture. The bubble bags have excellent shockproof and tearing proof effects because of the interior built with bubble lined wall construction and the reinforce seal on the edge. Even though it is a harsh environment, they can keep your stuff safe. It's easy to use. The yellow padded envelopes are the perfect choice for small and middle businesses because they are easy to use and don't require extra packaging material. It's very convenient to transport for CDs, DVD, jewelry, makeup, photos, magazine, books, clothes and more. Provide better service. If you are tired of regular mail bags, their design mail bags are for you. They can provide 100% satisfactory service if there is a quality problem. They are committed to making better products so that their customers can get better and better.

Brand: Ucgou

👤The flap is open and these are only 14.5 inches long. You can't ship an item that is 14 inches long because the size should be advertised as 13 in length. Nobody ships an envelope with the package open.

👤This is very thin. These are about half the thickness of Scotch, and I bought them to replace the Scotch 3M brand I ran out of. The envelope is not as heavy as the Scotch. You get what you pay for. They don't offer much protection. They may be able to use light material. I wouldn't use them for heavy books such as books I use frequently with the Scotch and never had any problems. Would not recommend them.

👤It was very easy to use. It's easy to remove the sticky glue. The bubble wrap inside is thinner than I expected, but it still provides enough security in my case. I used to send prints to my friends in the U.S. and outside the country. I was worried since the paper seems thin. Under certain pressure, it got wrinkled easily. All of my friends received the package, and there was no damage to the item inside. I think it is a good product. I had a plastic sheet wrap on the prints to protect them from the elements. You can find other products that provide more security. There is a The real effective dimensions of the item you can put in is 13 1/2” L and 9 1/2” W.

👤The padded envelopes were needed to mail books. The measurements are smaller than stated. Books didn't fit. Had to come back.

👤I use them to send books. I know they are strong. If you scratch the outside at all it will rip a bit. Prepare with tape if you have it. There is a These are worth it for the price and easy to ship.

👤These are great. I bought them because they worked so well when I tried to sell stuff on an app called Mercari. I have used them to send things to family and friends, but I didn't realize how useful they would be during the holidays. They are the same quality as the ones you can buy in the post offices. They have a great deal of flexibility, you don't need to tape over where you seal it, but you can for extra protection. I saw a lot of them on Amazon, but these are the best.

👤It's not a bad product for what it is. It's fine to send cards, but don't send anything that's breakable. The bubble wrap is not very thick.

👤It is nice and rigid and doesn't bend very easily. I wish the padding was a little thicker, I feel confident when mailing items in these envelopes.

👤I put a tshirt in one of these envelopes. It worked out great. The postal worker asked where I bought the envelope because it slipped through the measuring tool better than other ones.

2. Compostable Biodegradable Mailers 2xSelf Envelopes Packaging Brown Packsaurus

Compostable Biodegradable Mailers 2xSelf Envelopes Packaging Brown Packsaurus

Recent studies show that consumers are more likely to order from brands that use sustainable packaging, and they thank you for being part of the effort to care for their planet while growing your business. Compostable bubble mailers are eco-friendly and can be used for small business. Composted raw material is used to make the mailing envelopes. The mailer has 2 self-sealing strips for REUSE. It's perfect for books, games, clothing, crafts and more. This mailer is eco-friendly and perfect for small businesses. Shipping with boxes and tape will use a lot of storage space. It is time consuming when bubble wrapping. Packsaurus mailers are eco friendly and provide a shipping solution. It is easy to pack your item. Eco-friendly bubble mailing envelopes are great for shipping light and less fragile products. Packsaurus mailers are tear-resistant, puncture-resistant, and water-resistant. Perfect padded packaging envelopes for shipping jewellery, accessories, lip gloss, earring, soap, cosmetics, beauty, health products, etc. Packsaurus mailing bags are a lightweight shipping solution compared with boxes. It is necessary to reduce your shipping supplies as they are. The small padded mailers have the right size, 2x self-seal, thank you note and fragile word printed. Small business has a sustainable brand image. The business is sustainable. Your customers will be pleasantly surprised when they open the bubble wrap mailer. The use of bio-degradable shipping supplies will speak to social ethical responsibility and a good business image. Customers will be more likely to purchase products. Eco-friendly packaging can help you boost your brand.

Brand: Packsaurus

👤The edges add 6 inches to the total, and you have about 1 inch taken up with the edges. About 5-inches of internal space is left. I expected them to be larger. The package is good quality and has a double seal at the top. I usually strap my packages with packing tape, but this will help keep them sealed during transit. The package has all the information about it being made from recycled material. It is on the back and a small marking on the lower left corner of the front, which may or may not be covered by the shipping label. The quality is very good, but the size is not as large as I was expecting.

👤I ordered bubble mailers for my business. I'm a big fan of recycling materials, and any items that can be properly composted, instead of just contributing to the already out of control waste problem. I'm really impressed with these mailers. I will say that the glue is great, unlike many other bubble mailers I have ordered in the past. The glue on my mailers becomes less sticky when the temperature and humidity are right. I had my open mailers from my mailbox. I tested the mailers by putting two in the laundry room with the heat on and the other two outside in the cold. I was impressed when I checked hours later, there was no sign of the glue failing on them. It's difficult for the package to be accidentally torn open, so it's exceptional. I tried to open it with my fingers, but it was difficult. The bubble wrap layer inside is very soft, unlike the flimsy layer of impractical filler that I've seen with many other brands. I love the fact that these are good for the environment. I'm usually forced to sacrifice one for the other in order to get those two qualities. The mailers are a win-win. Highly recommend these! I would love to give ten stars.

👤These are a nice alternative to using plastic mailers if you have the right size item. They're more eco-friendly than most mailers and completely compostable. I've used them for several items now, and they seem well constructed, at least as durable as kraft-style mailers. The labels stick to them. The size of media like CDs, DVDs, and blue rays is too small. The interior width is off by just over an inch, but they do work great for small flexible items or odd-sized paper products.

👤The maker says that the bubble mailer is 100% Compostable. I was able to mail something and it worked well as a 6x10 bubble mailer, but I am not able to test this out. I wish it didn't have so much writing on it as it could affect the automatic scanning of the post office when sorting. It feels very sturdy and similar to a bubble mailer. The bubble mailer has another sticky tape for the receiver to use if they want to send something in it.

3. Fuxury Honeycomb Envelopes Cushioning Protected

Fuxury Honeycomb Envelopes Cushioning Protected

There is a need for shipping in schools and shops, so Multipurpose Envelopes can be used. The mailers come with a full satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the product, they will replace it. Outside size is 11x10.5 inch. A pack of 10 items. These padded sturdy envelopes are your first choice if you are thinking of mailing documents. The padded envelopes keep your shipment safe from damage. SAY. If you are a supporter of plastic prohibition, Honeycomb Padded Envelopes with patents can solve your packaging problems. Fuxury Fibers padded envelope is made from recycled paper and is sustainable. Super security. The surface of the envelopes is made from paper. The packages arrive in great condition because the interior is built with honeycomb padded construction. Opaque and lightweightKraft Paper Fibers Cushioning Protected Padded Envelopes are completely opaque and protect the shipped item from curious eyes. You can mail sensitive documents without fear. Tight The self seal is a tight seal that can be used to secure enclosures. The smooth surface is perfect for writing.

Brand: Fuxury

👤Don't buy a scam. I purchased these to be an eco friendly shipping option but not only were they not sturdy enough to survive being shipped inside another box with additional support of wrapping and cushion but the wrapping is in plastic and The Cushining is plastic too. It is greenwashing and a quick money grab for this company.

👤These mailers are great. My friends have shipped things to me before and they hold up well. Is they perfect? No. They do a good job. There is a Why is the review score low? There is a I wanted these over other mailers to reduce the amount of plastic waste. It's wrapped in unrecyclable plastic and it doesn't matter. I thought I could get away with it, but I have to put some plastic in a landfill. Your recipient won't have any guilt. There is a Thanks to China and Amazon. :')

👤I spent a lot of time trying to find recycled paper and padded mailing envelopes. I was able to ship packaging-guilt free because I got a larger quantity than I needed. The paper honeycomb interior is not as strong as the stuffed mailers. They are fine for my purpose. They were an affordable price and were shipped fast.

👤The envelope material is sheer with a smooth waxy paper and has little thickness to support the contents in the package. The problem was with strength. The edges of the packaging were delaminated. We had minimal secure packaging goals for outgoing parcels. We received 1/3 of the envelopes. We paid extra to have these nice looking envelopes.

👤My son did paintings for Mother's Day. They wouldn't get involved in transportation. The envelopes are nice, but I was upset to find that they wouldn't fit in the 8x11.5 paper. The inside of the envelope is much smaller than the 8x11.5 dimensions would suggest. We are trying to be more eco-conscious. I didn't think I would have to sacrifice something. Not worth the hassle of returning them.

👤I wanted to find padded envelopes that were not made of plastic. It is possible to write on them withcent padding. I would love to see these in smaller sizes.

👤I sell stuff on the internet through an online marketplace called eos. I have used the red ones. These are better than any poly ones in stores and a lot better for money.

👤I took a chance because I saw a lot of other reviews complaining about how small these were, but I thought the books I hoped to mail were much smaller than the envelope. I might be okay. Nope. I might cut them apart and tape them together. I get some use out of them. I was able to use them because one was large enough to wrap around my books.

👤I like using something like this. No complaints!

4. Fuxury Self Seal Packaging Envelopes Accessories

Fuxury Self Seal Packaging Envelopes Accessories

Provide better service. If you are tired of regular mail bags, their design mail bags are for you. They can provide 100% satisfactory service if there is a quality problem. They are committed to making better products so that their customers can get better and better. White Poly Bubble Msilers. Their white color bubble mailers are a great solution for your store or online business. A pack of 50 mailers are in a bubble mailer envelope. The white poly bubble mailers are fun and fashionable. You can personalize the package you send to your customers. Make your business stand out from the rest. Each poly bubble mailer has a self-sealing strip. Simply fold over the package to seal it. A padded mailer is a cost-effective and efficient way to ship your packages. It's perfect for small businesses and e-retailers. Bubble mailers are lightweight and convenient. Use padded bubble mailers instead of costly shipping boxes and tape to save money. Their poly bubble mailers are strong and durable. Their mailers are strong and durable. The mailer has a self-sealing strip that is resistant to tampering. These poly bubble mailers are puncture- and tear- resistant. Their poly mailers will protect your packages from the elements and keep them safe until they reach their destination. Padded bubble mailers are an affordable alternative to standard packaging and they will help keep your customer's items safe while reducing shipping costs. Light and less fragile products can be shipped with padded mailers. These mailers are great for shipping items such as jewelry and accessories, cosmetics, beauty and healthcare products, vitamins, supplements, handmade items, and small electronics. Increase your efficiency and bottom line. Their custom white padded mailers will make a lasting impression. Your customers will come back if you leave a lasting impression. They will love receiving your colorful packages. Your brand image can be built with colored mailers. You can use your own stamps or stickers to personalize your mailers. Their colorful mailers can help you build your business.

Brand: Fuxury

👤I added photos so you can see the quality of these, compared to an old batches I had from a different company. There is a The mailers are not the correct size. They are supposed to be 9. I got 10. I also received a short mailer from the same company. They are actually 7x7. The "usable space" is 6x9. Why not advertise something else in the title? It's so dumb. The bubbles on the inside are not inflated. It's difficult to call these bubble mailers at this point as they don't have any protection. The mailer is very padded because I put up comparison photos to my old pink ones. There is a The side seam is not well pressed. Poor quality control is what it is because they are at varying thickness. I tried to put a fat item in it and it broke the seam because the left side had less thickness than the other side. There is a I will have to tape down all the seals after packing because the tape on these is not very sticky. Will it hold up? Yes. Do I trust the USPS? Absolutely not. There is a I still use a small piece of tape to make sure that my old mailers are not tacky. These will need it. There is a The smaller purple ones have a silver/gray coating to make them opaque, but the larger of the same brand is missing. They're seeing through. You can see what is inside when the light is small. Overall, very disappointing. I was hoping to get a good deal on these bubble mailers from the reviews I saw, but they are not what I received. The quality of these mailers are really bad, so I'm hoping customer service contacts me to resolve this. I would not recommend or buy it back. The brand I got the pink ones from does not carry that product at this time so I decided to try this brand instead. What a mistake.

👤I buy packaging from FU Global. It is well padded and sturdy. I sell handmade jewelry and want it to be protected from shipping. For a good price, these do the trick. I have never had a complaint about them showing up bruised or torn. The glue strip is strong. I think it makes someone's mailbox look brighter.

👤I received these in the promised amount of time and have no issues with the way it was shipped, but they are see through and flimsy. I ship for business. I was hopeful that these would suit my needs, but I can't use flimsy envelopes to ship my goods. I can't safely use them to ship my items. It was very disappointing. I can read the business card through the packaging if I really look at it, the picture is inside one of the mailers. I don't leave reviews often, but I don't want other small business owners to waste their money like I did.

👤My small jewelry business uses the pouches.

5. Designer Mailers Shipping Envelopes Premium

Designer Mailers Shipping Envelopes Premium

Contributions to advance socially responsible will advance the environment. Premium designer shipping mailers are printed with no ugly logos. Customers should remember your brand. Their special blend of Polyethylene creates an extra strong, flexible, and tear resistant bag, while being super light weight, reducing shipping costs, and being more eco friendly. These bags are easy to open and free of strong plastic odors. The Strip is permanent and strong. The interior of their bags are made with a dark lining to prevent the contents of the bag from being seen during shipping.

Brand: Pro Supply Global

👤The design is cute, but it is faded. The bags are very thin.

👤Just like the photo, it's super cute. They seem to be well made, and I shipped my first order in them.

👤Cute design. I expected the colors to be similar to those in the photo on Amazon. The colors of the ones that were delivered are not as bright. I'll be returning them.

👤Love the design. I pride myself in selling and shipping my murchandise in nice packaging. These are gorgeous!

6. Small Sized Self Sealing Recyclable Eco Friendly Mini

Small Sized Self Sealing Recyclable Eco Friendly Mini

Post labels. They display TV AUSTRIA's OK compost INDUSTRIAL & HOME label, so Ellspo Eco mailers will always be recognized to go in the compost bin. Take a look at the waste. There is a 100 pack of eco-friendly mailers. These designer poly mailers are great for packaging non-fragile items and are great for small businesses. Pick the pattern that best fits your brand from their different size options. It's good to know that these bags can be recycled. Make it easy to recognize your shipments with beautiful prints. Your brand stands out from the crowd with the use of their stunning shipping bags. Who wouldn't want to open that package first? Box and tape are not worth the time of a quick peel and seal. The packages are ready to ship after folding over the flap. Their bags come with extra-strong glue that ensures a safe seal without extra tape. Your packages will look great and be safe from your hands. The weather replenishant emits light weather precipitations. Their lightweight mailing bags are made of 60 mic-thick plastic that is tear and weather resistant, without adding extra bulk or padding. It means less shipping costs and more dry items. The secure seal and opaque design of their custom shipping envelopes ensure that your items always arrive safely at their destination. Money-back guarantees are offered for 30 days. They hope you love them as much as they do, because every design was hand drawn in the US and then produced in the best factory. The family business worked hard to deliver the best patterned poly mailers to you. Please let them know if you have any questions or doubts. If you are less than 100% happy with your purchase, they will look into it and make it right.

Brand: Mini Wander

👤The price is on point for the quality of these. Mini Scout knew what they were doing when they designed the product. It's a staple for my side hustle. Definitely coming back for more.

👤I love the poly mailers, they are gorgeous, but two cans in slightly ripped one of them, completely unusable.

👤It was really irritated. I thought I was buying the large mailers. I received 6x9s that are useless for what I need to ship.

7. Pack Chic Tropical Envelope Available

Pack Chic Tropical Envelope Available

Pack it chic to build lasting impressions. Pack It Chic is a small family business that is committed to providing many ways to stand out with your retail, shipping, and packaging supplies. They have other modern and chic designs. The design is Tropical Leaves - 10” X 13” Poly Mailer Envelopes. The Pack It Chic Standard is made to be incredibly durable to resist punctures, tears, and moisture, and is crafted with only the highest quality materials. Their mailer bags have a powerful glue that will help protect your business from theft and lost packages. Their 10 X 13 envelope mailers are perfect for packaging clothing, t shirts, and other non fragile items. Simply peel the bag to expose the glue, and you will be able to self seal it in seconds. The need for packaging tape and shipping boxes is eliminated by their custom printed mailing envelopes. Pack it chic to build lasting impressions. Pack It Chic is a small family business that is committed to providing many ways to stand out with your retail, shipping, and packaging supplies. They have other modern and chic designs.

Brand: Pack It Chic

👤I have ordered many poly mailers over the years and was excited to try these. I was not happy with the quality of the mailers. They are thin and tear very easily, not a good combination for USPS processing facility sorting machinery. The problem is that the strip that seals the package does not seal the edge to edge, but leaves a loose strip on each end, which can cause mail sorting machinery to tear the mailer. These are not worth the price for the quality. The designs are cute, but not if the packaging is sub par.

👤I love these! I use these for postmark shipping and they fit shirts, jeans, dresses and most sweaters, but they don't fit most sweaters. They don't need another piece of tape to secure it. I've used 50 of these mailers and haven't had a single complaint about them. These are wonderful love these!

👤This design was perfect because I switch up my poly-mailers every once in a while so my customers have something fun instead of the boring white envelope. They have a very strong chemical smell to them and I am worried that they will make my product smell the same when I ship it. I hope they air out overnight.

👤The design on the mailer is very cute. I saw a lot of reviews that said the package was ripped when I opened it. It seems like someone opened the plastic before sending it. It ended up ripping the mailer. I found one that was ripped, but I will have to look at the rest to see if they are okay. The quality is good. It doesn't tear very easily with your hands. I wonder how they are handling their products. Don't get me wrong! I am not picky about these things, but I would like them to be more careful.

👤Even though delivery confirmation says they did, there is an astounding rate of people who claim they didn't receive their package. What can you do to stop them from making comments on the internet? We are sent a replacement. The customer can ask their neighbors if they received the package accidentally. It makes us stand out so the carrier can remember.

👤The issue is the same. There are 99 mailers and not 100. I assume this is a manufacturer error. The product is good. I don't know if this will be anyone else's experience, but since they started branding their logo on the bags, I have only received 99 out of 100 bags. It's not a big deal as the product is nice and affordable and there is only one bag missing. I wanted to see if anyone else had counted their bags and if they were missing. I think the Adhesion could be better. My bags seem to be lifting at the sides and I need some tape to stop the packages from opening too early.

👤I had to double-check that these envelopes were bubble wrap/padded. I must have been in a hurry to place the order because I trusted the search. I have to find a way to pad them all because I can't decide whether to keep them. It was my bad. They are cute. I haven't actually used one yet, so I can't speak to the qualities of it.

8. Biodegradable Compostable Packaging Envelopes Friendly

Biodegradable Compostable Packaging Envelopes Friendly

It's perfect for all your moving, shipping, and packaging needs. The bubble wrap is made from PBAT and modified corn starch. The envelope is made of paper. They meet the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials and the European Society for Testing and Materials. They generate less CO2 than traditional plastic. Your customers will be surprised and relieved to open a bubble mailer of eco friendly materials. You will be able to communicate your sense of social responsibility and the high grade of your brand with the use of biodegradable shipping supplies. Your brand and concepts will be recognized by your customers, which will boost your sales performance. The size is 9 x 11, 25 Count. The shelf life is 12 months. Keep these bubble mailers in a dry place and avoid direct sunlight. The padded bubble envelopes are laminated to make them waterproof and resistant to puncture or tears. They are made to endure the shipping process. These padded envelopes can be used in offices, at home, in shops, schools and everywhere where there is a need for shipping. The bubble bag can't be opened until the whole bag is torn up.

Brand: Ktob

👤Surprised to find that these aren't the same size as advertised on Amazon. They are not stated as 8.5 x 12. They are about the same size on the outside and inside. I checked the box I received and it said the same size as the label said, so it's not that they sent me the wrong size. They are not the size advertised. It is a shame that will have to return. There was a lot of non-biodegradable material wasted during the shipping and return of these items.

👤I don't use these often due to the nature of what I ship, but I did recently receive a return from a buyer and they used this bubble mailer as the return packaging. I was excited to see if the closing worked out well when shipped around and opened. If you try to open the envelope from the closure flap, the bubble mailers will destroy it. That is what I wanted to see. On the other side of things, you have to be careful filling these bubble mailers because they can tear on the corner of a flat box being inserted. I will deal with it since they are green.

👤The mailer is great, but the side you put the address on is half taken up by "hey I am 100% COMPOSTABLE" I wouldn't buy these again.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. I sell my old clothes on Depop and this envelope is worth the price. You can write on it and it's made from renewable resources. You don't have to worry about the rain ruining it because of the bubble lining. Will buy again.

👤The envelope is too short to properly seal with the self-seal tab, so you will have to send the documents in a different way. In my case, the purpose was defeated because you end up having to tape the package or fold the documents. A great idea for a product with some flaws.

👤The envelopes are 100% compostable. The opening won't hold a document of that size. The width is too small and the length is fine. If the usable width was increased, I would purchase more.

👤I wanted to use mailers that were more Earth friendly. I am happy that I got these. I don't have to worry about my items getting damaged in shipping because they will not rot in landfills. I highly recommend them.

👤I have been shipping packages for 17 years and am happy to have found these on Amazon. They are durable and a quality product. They will compost instead of leaving more plastic on the earth.

👤These are great. They're the perfect size for most small packages, and they're non-toxic. I run a small business from home and use these a lot. I will be ordering more as I use them. These are highly recommended.

👤The size of the mailers is not advertised. The dimensions are not that big. The inside and external dimensions for posting are about the same size.

9. KeePack Envelopes Shipping Packaging Delivering

KeePack Envelopes Shipping Packaging Delivering

They're so confident you'll love their Pet Supplies with Purpose that they're giving you a risk free purchase. Let them know if you're not happy. They'll give you a full refund, no questions asked. A portion of your purchase goes to animal rescues and no-kill shelters. Their mission is to provide a risk-free experience, and they have many happy customers to prove it. Poly bubble mailers measure inner size: 12x9 and outer size: 12x10 and are self-adhesive. Shipping bags are convenient, light weight and easy to use, which will help to save on shipping costs. Simply fold it. You can ship every package with total confidence if there are visible signs of tampering. The air bubble padded mailers are made from high quality protective polythene Pearl film, which is waterproof and resistant to puncture or tears which is much stronger than the paper envelope. Bubble mailer 12x10 is widely used packing bags for small business, nicely for shipping Holiday gifts,cosmetic,lip glosses, used in offices, at home, in shops, schools and other scenarios where need for shipping. A good impression on your customers is a great way to build your brand image, and package envelopes with high quality will definitely set your business apart from the others. If you have a problem with the products, please contact them.

Brand: Keepack

👤I love these! They were packaged well and have a great bubble wrap interior. It is also a great value. I was initially using the same size with an opening from the short side, but these are much easier to use. I was worried that I was crushing the item before I could mail it because I was packaging items that need to stay flat. No worries about that with these. I wish I found them sooner.

👤I was looking for a large bubble mailer that would fit a range of items and protect them, as I was selling off some small items from around the house. This was perfect for the bill. They were packaged together and had thank you stickers on them. They are easy to open and fit and have an easy pull glue for seal. I apply an extra strip of shipping tape over the seal because it is going through the mail, but I feel the glue it comes with does a good job on its own. I chose the blue color because I think it protects the light from hitting the bubble insulation. I bubble wrap my delicate items in another thin layer to be extra safe. I would not hesitate to order again if I ran out of them, I have not had any issues with any of the ones I have used. These are very light. I know that these are not a factor in adding more weight to my shipping total or costs when I am totalling the weight of my items to mail.

👤When my wife was looking for packaging to send out her book, she found these on Amazon. These have worked well. They are the perfect size and the price was right.

👤Not 12by10. The magazine is not even in the envelope. The money was wasted.

👤Will not fit a 10x10 plaque.

👤My wife ships scarves by the grundles and I love the side loader style mailers. They are easy to load, very protective of contents, and light so postage is saved. Highly recommended from this seller with their fast shipping.

👤The top of the packaging was ripped open when I was packaging my product. I missed the window, but I would come back.

👤These are my favorite bubble mailers because I have been shipping products for over 7 years. The envelope style works for my products and I love the color. We need more sizes.

10. Eupako Self Seal Cardboard Envelopes Documents

Eupako Self Seal Cardboard Envelopes Documents

Money-back guarantees are offered for 30 days. They hope you love them as much as they do, because every design was hand drawn in the US and then produced in the best factory. The family business worked hard to deliver the best patterned poly mailers to you. Please let them know if you have any questions or doubts. If you are less than 100% happy with your purchase, they will look into it and make it right. The Eupako 8.25 x 8.25 inches photo mailers are made of premium quality and rigid cardboard. It is rigid enough to protect your stuff. 25 pack photo mailers are included in the set of 25. The stay flat feature makes this cardboard envelope the perfect choice for CDs, photos, books, paper, documents, certificates, art prints, etc. The self-sealing flap is easy to use and doesn't need to be wet. To get a sanitary mailing, just peel off the strip and seal the flap. The Eupako cardboard mailers are very strong, secure and lasting, preventing contents from falling out and protecting your privacy during shipping. There is a pull tab on the flap after it has been sealed. These document mailers are very professional. You could add your own flair to them by painting, stamping or adding your own branding flair.

Brand: Eupako

👤These are 2oz each and have a smooth texture. I will need to add cardboard inserts to keep the photos from being curled or bent.

👤I was looking for a great quality envelope.

👤I was hoping that the cardboard would be strong. They shipped on time.

11. Metronic Bubble Mailers Padded Envelopes

Metronic Bubble Mailers Padded Envelopes

The key principle of their service is responsible approach to all customer needs. Their packaging experts carefully chose the packaging products that they offer. They use these products ourselves. The inner size of the poly bubble mailers is 4x7 inch, while the outer size is 4x8 inch. The bubble mailer weigh is 0.2 ounces. It's great to transport for cards,key chains, iPhone Cases, Jewelry, lips, Phone Cases, Jewelry and more. The added mailers are an affordable alternative to shipping boxes, and they will make handling your package less traumatic while reducing shipping costs. Metronic mailing are made with the finest materials. These mailers are puncture-proof and tear-resistant. Mail products, supplies, gifts, and more can be found in your online shop or home based business. Bubble mailer has real water resistance with strong self-adhesive, please don't worry! Protect your customer's packages from rain or damage if they meet rainy day. Bubble poly mailers are lined with 80gsm bubble with unique air cellular layers and strong air bubble technology, helping absorb shock during shipment. Make your customer happy by keeping your products safe. Their small padded envelopes are ideal for small businesses. Your customers will come back and save you money if you build a lasting impression.

Brand: Metronic

👤It is definitely worth the price. I will be selling things. These bubble mailers are for small orders. I took a few pictures with items inside to show how much room there is.

👤The mailers were a little smaller than I thought, but they were perfect for what I needed. Cute colors. The dead bug was in the package.

👤I got them and noticed they were small. I used 6 x 9 inch mailers. I usually don't need packages that big. The length is what I cared about most. I thought the 4 x 8 should work but it was too small. I don't know how you measure these things, but if I include the folding flap, it's over 8. That must not be how they measure it... I measured the flap over to where a normal person would fold it. There is a If you fold it at 7.5", you can do it, but I'm afraid it wouldn't hold up during shipping and would need to be tape to be sure. There is a These mailers are larger than 4 x 7. They will work for some of my smaller items, but not for the items I intended on shipping in these. I haven't sent anything yet. I can't review based on performance but I can note the size difference for other customers. There is a Ps. I measured the store's mailers. They measure 9 by 6.

👤I end up spending way too much on packing supplies when I go to Target, Walmart, or any of the other stores. It's difficult to buy online because you never know what you're going to get. I'm very happy I took the chance on these envelopes. These envelopes are perfect for sending out samples of beauty products and thank you gifts for my home-based business. There is a If I accidentally forget what's in there and need to re-check, I can open the envelope and stick it closed again with packing tape, without it looking like the envelope has been completely destroyed. There is a The pearl color makes my packages look elegant and simple, which is exactly what I want. I have cut the cost for my shipping materials by a lot. I was paying 6.98 for 5 envelopes of the same size, and here I get 25. Happy day!

👤I use the pretty packaging for my lipgloss orders.

👤It was tight inside. It could fit up to 3 bars of soap and still be able to close. The closing flap wouldn't close so they won't be able to stuff them. The color is not as metallic as I had expected.

👤I have been selling things from my home and they were perfect for smaller items. The flap is tacky, no need to add reinforcement tape, and the mailers are privacy mailers, meaning you cannot see the contents inside, so no tearing!

👤The package was larger than I expected and they were able to ship smaller items with care. I need the bubble wrap to make sure my packages arrive intact. I would like the address areas to be a little more light, but for the price, I'll just print out some labels. I like the peel off sticker. It's much easier to lick the back of the envelope.


What is the best product for eco friendly bubble mailers 6x10?

Eco friendly bubble mailers 6x10 products from Ucgou. In this article about eco friendly bubble mailers 6x10 you can see why people choose the product. Packsaurus and Fuxury are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly bubble mailers 6x10.

What are the best brands for eco friendly bubble mailers 6x10?

Ucgou, Packsaurus and Fuxury are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly bubble mailers 6x10. Find the detail in this article. Pro Supply Global, Mini Wander and Pack It Chic are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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