Best Eco Friendly Bubble Mailers Bulk

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1. Pack Envelopes Envelopes Shipping Wholesale

Pack Envelopes Envelopes Shipping Wholesale

Large shipping bags are accepted by the USPS, FedEx, and UPS. The high- strength seams and 1.5” flaps of the white poly mailers make them ideal for over-stuffing. There is a pack of 25 bubble mailers. Brown is a natural color. Large envelopes. USPS, FEDEX, and DHL were approved. The packing mailers should be recycled. Extra protection during transit is provided by the tamper-evident bubble cushion. Premium quality is made from natural paper with a high slip inside lining. There are heavy-duty packaging envelopes. 55lb brown paper is laminated with a clear bubble film. The bubble weight is 56 grams and the bubble lining is 16 grams. The self-sealing was done with hot melt glue, tamper-evident closure, 2 sided protection, and 10mm fins. Natural bubble mailers help you reduce shipping costs. One third of the traditional shipping bags weight is due to the lightweight nature of the mailing bags. It's a cost-effective way to ship products. There is a wide range of application. It's ideal for post offices, mail order companies, shipping companies, retail stores, and home use. Mailers for wrapping and shipping promotional items, cosmetics, book, handbook, catalogue, manual, booklets, magazine, newspaper, binders, medical and dental supplies, drugs, accessories, handmade crafts, clothing, pictures. Money back guarantee. Their premium quality bubble envelopes are backed by a 100% money back guarantee. If you don't like your product, you'll get your money back.

Brand: Abc Pack & Supply

👤Not happy at all! These were delivered about 10 minutes ago and I can tell you are not the same ones I buy from ABC Pack & Supply. There is a reason these were discounted and sold on Amazon. They're not as good as the ones I get. There is a sticker on the outer package that says "inspected and re-packaged" yet many of the mailers have ripped edges on the top. This is very cheap quality and not the ones I've always gotten from ABC, which is how they are advertised. It was a very disappointing waste of money. It was half the price. The price is half and the quality is 5%. Either ABC sent a poor mailer or Amazon has no experience with quality mailers. Lesson learned. I can tell the difference. I'm sure my customers will as well.

👤I ordered them because they said they were Brown. You can't even claim that the orange color is tan. The product is not like what is in the photos. I don't like leaving negative reviews, but when you purchase a specific color, that's what a person wants to get.

👤The envelopes are great for shipping things. If you're looking for the lowest cost option for shipping these types of items, this is a great find. They are strong and the glue has not caused any problems. I didn't have to use anything else. Overall very happy. Thank you!

👤If they send you what you asked for, this is a great product. I have ordered mailers from this seller three times. I got what I wanted the first time. It was a bit larger the second time. I let it slide because it was the same as before. I got 7x10 twice before. Is that a word? I don't need that. It is a huge waste of money and time to send small things. I reached out to the seller, hoping they would fix it, but I was only told that they were sorry. There is a No. That is not the way to resolve a problem with a customer. There is a The mailers are sturdy and good. Quality. You have no idea what you will get. I don't use this seller anymore because I need reliability.

👤Even though the envelopes are nice quality and the color matches my jewelry packaging, I cannot fit my Thank You cards in them because my jewelry boxes barely fit. I ordered some larger ones that are perfect for my jewelry boxes, but I'll have to buy the other 4x7" padded envelopes that I used before.

👤I don't know if they sent me the wrong size or if they didn't measure correctly, but the mailers I got are 4x7. I am sad that most of my products don't fit in this size, but I don't mind the quality overall. The paper is thinner than usual, but it will still work. I like the white color and it's good to have it.

👤This product was purchased a few times for mailing gifts. My company uses bubble mailers for shipping lightweight items. They are very high quality. The mailer is in tact during the shipping process. There was never a complaint about the condition of the product that was shipped. The mailer looks classy. It has a nicer look and feel than a poly-bubble mailer and that adds value to the product we ship inside of it. We love them.

2. Famagic Shipping Packaging Business Envelopes

Famagic Shipping Packaging Business Envelopes

The interior of their bags are made with a dark lining to prevent the contents of the bag from being seen during shipping. The upgraded design of the poly mailers with handle makes it easy for customers to carry packages and build your professional brand image. Saving your storage space and reducing storage costs are two things that could be achieved by hanging shipping bags with built-in handle on the wall. The size of the Poly Mailers is 12x15.5 inch. The 100pcs poly mailers with handle are perfect for packaging non-fragile items. Shipping bags have a handle that is 2.75 mil. Poly Mailers are waterproof to prevent the package from being affected by the external environment, but also tear-resistant to reduce the probability of product loss. The bag with the opaque design could be used to protect the privacy of your packages. The poly mailers with handle integrate bag and tape, which greatly improves your packaging efficiency. The shipping envelopes with handle are less likely to be stolen because they are tamper-resistant. Shipping bags with handles are mostly used for mailing and are suitable for non-fragile items. Poly mailers with handle could be used as a storage bag to be hung on the wall. The Famagic shipping envel is a safe and reliable transportation solution that uses high-quality materials and has a variety of color options.

Brand: Famagic

👤Adhere well. I was able to ship board game, clothes, hat, and other items, but you need to have extra protection for hat to prevent bend and damage. I like the color. The apple green is the same color as the picture. I have not received a complaint about the bag's quality so far. Everyone praised the packaging. I received a damaged package from shipping. I request by online. I got the new one the next day. I returned the damaged package before the due date. It was easy to do. Thank you. The quick response was appreciated.

👤The quality of the product is great, but I wish the side with the glue was on the same side as the handle. If I were selling more of them, I would order another one a long time ago. It's worth the investment if you sell and ship things. It's good for party favors as well.

👤The item arrived late, but they were quick to provide a solution in possible replacement bags, which are of great quality.

👤Poly mailers are really stylish and sturdy.

👤The dark green mailer bags are the perfect size for my application and look great in it. It was very easy to pack and seal my first parcel. The bag held the contents. I like the design of the vinyl. The mailers are department store quality.

👤These poly mailers are easy to use and can be used to ship clothes to small businesses. Customers seem to like the design of my packaging, as well as the reviews I've received. The package has a little 'oomph' over the average mailer. When I run out, I'll be ordering more.

👤I have had them in a different color. I decided to try it. I love it! Handles are the most important thing.

👤These are the right size for me. The plastic is thick and the glue is strong. I will buy again.

3. Compostable Mailers 10x13 Poly Black

Compostable Mailers 10x13 Poly Black

Small business has a sustainable brand image. The business is sustainable. Your customers will be pleasantly surprised when they open the bubble wrap mailer. The use of bio-degradable shipping supplies will speak to social ethical responsibility and a good business image. Customers will be more likely to purchase products. Eco-friendly packaging can help you boost your brand. They plant a tree with the help ofEden Reforestation Projects that will help restore forests and provide a livable wage to those from impoverished villages if you purchase BeauVibe Valentines Poly Mailers. The Mailers are made of PBAT and PLA in accordance with the standards of OK COMPOST HOME. Their certified compostable poly bags are used for shipping and can reduce CO2 emissions. Everyone needs poly mailer, mailing bags, shipping envelopes for their home or office. Their large shipping bags are an alternative to plastic and paper polymailers. Their cute shipping bags are perfect for a variety of gifts, whether soft, hard, large, or small. BeauVibe's poly mailers bags won't allow damage to the contents. Send anything, anywhere, anytime with peace of mind that it will arrive safely on Earth Day. Their eco friendly mailers are heavy duty, sturdy, tear resistant, flexible, and opaque and are designed to last. Their double self-sealing adhesion ensures that your shipping packages are not open, and gives you the option to reuse.

Brand: Beauvibe

👤It feels like it would survive a lot. I like the re-use ability of this bag. There are 2 strips of glue. If you have a business that accepts returns, this would be great. I am a little sarcastic. I like the wording. It says on the bag that it is compostable. I know it is, but some don't say it. I like to let my customers know that I am working to be better for the planet. I will be ordering again. I bought black, but will get the blue. There is a Jamie.

👤They have good resistance to water. The mailers are great for the environment, but they need to be composted, so they are only a sleeve. It doesn't have any padding or bubbles inside, so it requires additional materials.

👤You can get a set of 25 for $13. The price beats it on its own. These mailers are sturdy and don't tear easily. The hold on the seal is insane. I really like using them. The use of them is even better because they're also biodegradable. There is a They only come in black or blue, that's the only problem I have with them. I'd love to see these in pink as well.

👤I use hundreds of poly mailers a year and these are the best I have ever seen. If you are shipping items that are on the edge of tipping the scale, keep that in mind because they weigh more than my usual mailers. I have not had it affect my shipping costs. They have two strips of glue so they can be used when accepting returns. I like that they advertise how they are disposable since many of my customers use them to reduce waste.

👤These mailers are made from recycled materials. They are easy to use. It's convenient to have at home.

4. Recycled Friendly Packaging Envelopes Supplies

Recycled Friendly Packaging Envelopes Supplies

Recent studies show that consumers are more likely to order from brands that use sustainable packaging, and they thank you for being part of the effort to care for their planet while growing your business. Smart Shipping Supply is proud to offer mailers made from 100% post-consumer recycled material. When compared to conventional poly mailers, they require significantly less energy to be produced, and they also give existing plastic waste a new life. Their mailers are 10" x 13" in size and 2.5 mil in thickness with black interior lining and a tamper-evident seal. They are more resistant to tear than compostable mailers. The self-sealing closure of the mailers is anti-static for faster and easier order fulfillment. Reducing CO2 emissions and environmental impact is achieved by using 100% recycled shipping envelopes. They donate a portion of their sales to carbon reduction and tree planting programs. They plant a tree for every order they get. Recent studies show that consumers are more likely to order from brands that use sustainable packaging, and they thank you for being part of the effort to care for their planet while growing your business.

Brand: Smart Shipping Supply

👤Excellent mailers. They adhere very well. I was able to get them to hold more than I thought. Durability seems to be good. I will buy more when I need them.

5. Biodegradable Shipping Compostable Packaging Envelopes

Biodegradable Shipping Compostable Packaging Envelopes

The perfect size for all types of products is the 3/16" air tight bubble packing wrap. They are easy to store and reuse. The 100% biogenic is made of PBAT and modified corn starch and complies with the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials. The material is non-microplastics and has a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions. Leave a lasting emotional state. Your customers will be pleasantly surprised to open the bags. You will be able to communicate your sense of social responsibility and the high grade of your brand with the use of biodegradable shipping supplies. Your brand will be catapulted to the forefront by this little effort. These shipping envelopes are strong and resistant to punctures and stretching. The only way to open the packing envelope is by cutting or destory the strip. You can be sure that your parcels will reach your customers in the same state they left you. Simply peel and fold over to seal each package. This is an affordable and efficient alternative that makes your products feel more branded and like an exciting package you'd want to receive. These fully opaque mailing bags help to respect the privacy of your customers. Their 2.5 mil compostable poly mailers are perfect for sending out non-fragile items such as clothing, shoes and knitwear. Your customers will smile when they see the poly bags, they will protect your online business from water damage and other superficial blemishes.

Brand: Ktob

👤I like these. I love using them. They are a great deal for the amount that you get. They melted in a customer's mailbox during a heat wave, which forced a return. I'm nervous to use them as my primary mailer this summer. I have to use heavy-duty mailers that are going to take 1000 years to break down, so this sucks. I will be using these as my primary bag when Fall arrives. The mailer is great for shipping on eBay or Poshmark, it is non- gender, and it is strong. Overall happy. It is important to be careful with hot months that can cause the mailer to break down quicker than expected.

👤I ordered them to be more sustainable. When they arrived, I was surprised. I will be following up with customers to see how the mailer holds up. The compostability Plus side of the bag will be put through my compost bin to see if it is sticky or tough.

👤I can not say anything bad about these bags. They are fantastic. I can get 100 regular bags for the price of these. I love supporting businesses that offer products that are less harmful to the environment and I would rather spend the money on less bags that are. I ship a lot of orders out of my eBay store and an Etsy store. These bags are great for carrying things. My customer know I care about reducing, reuse and recycling because they know that the bag is compostable. The bags are great. Excellent quality. Great glue. Buy them!

👤The poly mailers are very durable and can be forgiven once the seal is placed. I don't have to worry about sending these through the mail. I found my favorite packaging. Thank you.

👤Are there cheaper options at about $0.24 a piece? Yes. Is it possible that those cheaper options do the job while making me feel less like I'm destroying the planet? I found these not very durable and the stickiness is not very good. Sometimes I wish it was less sticky because I will stick it to itself. That is a totally user error on my part. Good for small businesses. It fits 2 20oz tumblers or a couple of shirts.

👤I pride myself on being sustainable. When I needed to mail out catalogs, I wanted them to be water-proof, yet I felt like it would be hypocritical to send in traditional mailers. I was relieved to find these mailers. When you get them, I have one caution, and that is to store them flat. I put them in a box of other things and they get wrinkled. That's right!

👤It is not as thick as regular poly mailers, but it serves its purpose. I only reinforce the gap where the seal folds so that it won't tear in transit. There have been no complaints of torn packages.

👤It's easy to use and it's strong. I ship shirts out well and protect them. Resists tearing.

👤These are great! There is a This kind of packaging is appreciated by my customers.

6. Compostable Biodegradable Mailers 2xSelf Envelopes Packaging Brown Packsaurus

Compostable Biodegradable Mailers 2xSelf Envelopes Packaging Brown Packsaurus

Recent studies show that consumers are more likely to order from brands that use sustainable packaging, and they thank you for being part of the effort to care for their planet while growing your business. Compostable bubble mailers are eco-friendly and can be used for small business. Composted raw material is used to make the mailing envelopes. The mailer has 2 self-sealing strips for REUSE. It's perfect for books, games, clothing, crafts and more. This mailer is eco-friendly and perfect for small businesses. Shipping with boxes and tape will use a lot of storage space. It is time consuming when bubble wrapping. Packsaurus mailers are eco friendly and provide a shipping solution. It is easy to pack your item. Eco-friendly bubble mailing envelopes are great for shipping light and less fragile products. Packsaurus mailers are tear-resistant, puncture-resistant, and water-resistant. Perfect padded packaging envelopes for shipping jewellery, accessories, lip gloss, earring, soap, cosmetics, beauty, health products, etc. Packsaurus mailing bags are a lightweight shipping solution compared with boxes. It is necessary to reduce your shipping supplies as they are. The small padded mailers have the right size, 2x self-seal, thank you note and fragile word printed. Small business has a sustainable brand image. The business is sustainable. Your customers will be pleasantly surprised when they open the bubble wrap mailer. The use of bio-degradable shipping supplies will speak to social ethical responsibility and a good business image. Customers will be more likely to purchase products. Eco-friendly packaging can help you boost your brand.

Brand: Packsaurus

👤The edges add 6 inches to the total, and you have about 1 inch taken up with the edges. About 5-inches of internal space is left. I expected them to be larger. The package is good quality and has a double seal at the top. I usually strap my packages with packing tape, but this will help keep them sealed during transit. The package has all the information about it being made from recycled material. It is on the back and a small marking on the lower left corner of the front, which may or may not be covered by the shipping label. The quality is very good, but the size is not as large as I was expecting.

👤I ordered bubble mailers for my business. I'm a big fan of recycling materials, and any items that can be properly composted, instead of just contributing to the already out of control waste problem. I'm really impressed with these mailers. I will say that the glue is great, unlike many other bubble mailers I have ordered in the past. The glue on my mailers becomes less sticky when the temperature and humidity are right. I had my open mailers from my mailbox. I tested the mailers by putting two in the laundry room with the heat on and the other two outside in the cold. I was impressed when I checked hours later, there was no sign of the glue failing on them. It's difficult for the package to be accidentally torn open, so it's exceptional. I tried to open it with my fingers, but it was difficult. The bubble wrap layer inside is very soft, unlike the flimsy layer of impractical filler that I've seen with many other brands. I love the fact that these are good for the environment. I'm usually forced to sacrifice one for the other in order to get those two qualities. The mailers are a win-win. Highly recommend these! I would love to give ten stars.

👤These are a nice alternative to using plastic mailers if you have the right size item. They're more eco-friendly than most mailers and completely compostable. I've used them for several items now, and they seem well constructed, at least as durable as kraft-style mailers. The labels stick to them. The size of media like CDs, DVDs, and blue rays is too small. The interior width is off by just over an inch, but they do work great for small flexible items or odd-sized paper products.

👤The maker says that the bubble mailer is 100% Compostable. I was able to mail something and it worked well as a 6x10 bubble mailer, but I am not able to test this out. I wish it didn't have so much writing on it as it could affect the automatic scanning of the post office when sorting. It feels very sturdy and similar to a bubble mailer. The bubble mailer has another sticky tape for the receiver to use if they want to send something in it.

7. Biodegradable Compostable Shipping Packaging Envelopes

Biodegradable Compostable Shipping Packaging Envelopes

Poly and bubble mailers are not the problem, they are recycled, but only a small portion. Zero waste will be left behind when their mailers break down. The 100% Compostable Home is made of PBAT and modified corn starch and is in accordance with the standards. The material is non-toxic and has a reduction in CO2 emissions. Your customers will be surprised and relieved to open the bags of eco friendly materials. Using eco friendly shipping supplies will show your sense of social responsibility and bring you closer to your customers through a good corporate image. Your brand and concepts will be recognized by your customers, which will boost your sales. Their 2.5 mil compostable poly mailers are unpadded and easy to use, perfect for sending out non-fragile items. Poly bags are not allowed to open during transit if the seal is tampered with. Compostablility doesn't compromise integrity. KTOB's shipping envelopes are resistant to a number of things. You can be sure that your parcels will reach your customers in the same state they left you. They use vegetable oil as the base for ink. It is more eco-friendly than traditional ink because it doesn't include plastic orPVC.

Brand: Ktob

👤I'm a big fan of these mailers. You have to be careful to get it right the first time because it is very sticky. It was very convenient for me to switch the shipping labels that I had put on the wrong bags because of the material they are made out of. I think it's cool that they're compostable, and I and my customers agree with them. I feel like they aren't super thick, but for my purposes of sending clothes and non-fragile home decor items, they work just fine. If you need something more sturdy, I would buy a bubble mailer or a box. There is a These are great for what they are. They came on time, have no weird smell or film like some other mailers I've used, and they're a good price for the size. They should make them in more designs and colors in this size so that I can buy cuter ones. It's a good thing. I will be buying again.

👤The seal is easy to get stuck to and it is helpful for shipping light but bulky items. It's impossible to redo the part of bag or wrapping paper. Is it sticky? Firm strip under the sticky part would help.

👤I expected them to be thinner. I think they need to be doubled in order to make sure items inside are not damaged and the bag doesn't rip. They have too much printed on them. They're busy. Would not buy again.

👤The white ink gets on everything. Yes, they are sturdy. It is eco-friendly. They are messy. Be careful.

👤It is a good product for the environment.

👤We need more products like this.

8. Mini Scout Boho Mailers Large

Mini Scout Boho Mailers Large

Seal in seconds with the powerful adhesive strip that comes with this product. There was no need for extra taping. Light postage savings are what you will get with the abolition of bulky boxes. There is a 100 pack of eco-friendly mailers. These designer poly mailers are great for packaging non-fragile items and are great for small businesses. Pick the pattern that best fits your brand from their different size options. It's good to know that these bags can be recycled. Make it easy to recognize your shipments with beautiful prints. Your brand stands out from the crowd with the use of their stunning shipping bags. Who wouldn't want to open that package first? Box and tape are not worth the time of a quick peel and seal. The packages are ready to ship after folding over the flap. Their bags come with extra-strong glue that ensures a safe seal without extra tape. Your packages will look great and be safe from your hands. The weather replenishant emits light weather precipitations. Their lightweight mailing bags are made of 60 mic-thick plastic that is tear and weather resistant, without adding extra bulk or padding. It means less shipping costs and more dry items. The secure seal and opaque design of their custom shipping envelopes ensure that your items always arrive safely at their destination. Money-back guarantees are offered for 30 days. They hope you love them as much as they do, because every design was hand drawn in the US and then produced in the best factory. The family business worked hard to deliver the best patterned poly mailers to you. Please let them know if you have any questions or doubts. If you are less than 100% happy with your purchase, they will look into it and make it right.

Brand: Mini Wander

👤The quality is amazing, unlike any I have used before. The best mailers out there.

👤These are cute and great to ship out my products.

9. UCGOU 10 5x16 Mailers Envelopes Shipping

UCGOU 10 5x16 Mailers Envelopes Shipping

It was boring to take BREATHTAKING. A vibrant design will inspire your repeat customers. Poly bubble Mailers. The inner size of the bubble mailers is larger than the outer one. Their bubble mailers have full air bubbles that can protect your products. Even if there is strong light, the items in the bag can't be seen because the inner lining is made of gray film. Strong Self Sealing. Even if the weather is hot or cold, their padded envelopes can still be strong and sticky. Your items are not being secretly replaced during transportation. The bag is sealed with a silver strip that can be easily peeled off. Sturdy and durable construction. The shipping bags cover is made of polyethylene, which makes them not easy to puncture. The shipping bags have excellent waterproof and tearing proof effects because of the reinforce seal on the edge. Even on foggy or rainy days, they can keep your stuff safe. It's easy to use. The poly shipping bags are the perfect choice for small and middle businesses because they are easy to use and don't require extra packaging material. It's very convenient to carry jewelry, makeup supplies, photos, magazine, books, and more. Brand influence can be enhanced. The bright colors make the items you transport more noticeable and will not be lost. Beautiful colors can make your customers happy. They are committed to making better products so that their customers can get better and better.

Brand: Ucgou

👤The package bags are adorable. I love the color and it is lined with bubble wrap so I know what I put inside will be safe. It is easy to close up with the help of the glue. The only thing I would change is their packaging. The bag is too small and it creates unnecessarywrinkles, but it is not serious enough to deduct a star.

👤I received 40 after I ordered 50. They were perfect size and color, but they didn't send me all of them. I will return this. I gave a one star review. I told them the problem and they gave me a partial refund, but now I'm changing it to 4. The return was canceled by me. Their customer service is excellent. Thank you so much!

👤When I got my package, I was a bit disappointed. There was a photo that said it would be light bubble pink. The package on the left side is not light pink. It was a dark color. I had to go somewhere else to get the pink I wanted. If you were expecting a pink like I was, please be aware. It is a good mailer.

👤I love my mailers. I want them to be back in stock. They are the perfect size, quality and shade of pink. It's so frustrating when you can't get the things you need to run your business.

👤I have been searching for this padded envelopes and this color for a long time. I have never received a complaint from my customers regarding damaged item, and I had no issue with the envelopes. I recommend this padded envelopes, as you can see in the video, my products are sold in these links, and have been shipped to my customers with this padded envelopes.

👤These are not close to the light pink in the photographs. I buy jewelry specifically for the color. I received a pink thing. Completely unattractive. There is a These are the smallest padded mailers I have ever seen. Since 2006 I have been exclusively selling my work by mail and buying most of my supplies from sellers in padded mailers. The mailer won't hold my item without bending the card in half, so I can't put a small thank you note in. Very, very, very disappointed. These were inexpensive and came quickly, so I only give 2 stars. I get the correct number of mailers. Will not be buying from this shop again. There is a It would have taken accurate photos for them to have a repeat buyer. I will not gamble on buying a different color from them as they have lost my trust.

👤These have been great for my small business. I used to buy from a different seller, the same idea of product, but you could see through the mailers. I use jewelry gift boxes that are 3 inches wide on each side and 1.5 inches deep, I can fit two in the 6x10 mailers. They fit. I saw a lot of reviews about people only receiving 49 of the 50 in the pack, but mine came in 50. I am very happy with the purchase and my customers love the packaging. Highly recommend this product. The glue is awesome! I used to worry about the other brand I used to buy, but these are so much better.

10. Famagic Mailers Shipping Envelopes Ultramarine

Famagic Mailers Shipping Envelopes Ultramarine

Metronic has a quality guarantee. Metronic is a professional manufacturer of packing material. Thousands of customers from around the world trust their products. Their friendly customer service team is happy to help if you are dissatisfied with your order. Ultramarine green bubble mailers are 4x7 inch and 50 pc. It's perfect for packaging small businesses. Famagic bubble mailers provide more options to meet the diverse needs of customers. Their 4x8 inch bubble mailers are popular in online business because of their outstanding color and smooth touch of the padded envelopes. Commercial and non-commercial use of bubble mailers is possible. There is a waterproof bubble. The mailing envelopes are tear-proof and can be used as a buffer. Bubble mailers have a sealed area that is covered with bubbles. The premium poly surface of bubble mailers keeps your products dry. The mailers have a puncture-proof design. It is a good idea to use bubble mailers to reduce customer complaints. The poly padded envelopes integrate bag, bubble cushioning wrap, and tape, greatly promoting your packaging efficiency. The bubble mailers look more fashionable because of the matt surface. The gray lining of the bubble mailers makes it impossible for the product to be seen. The bubble mailers have a strong glue that improves product privacy. Fantastic bubble mailers are an affordable packaging option that can be used without packing boxes or tape. The padded envelopes could be used to protect the product without increasing shipping fare. The small volume bubble mailers are perfect for small businesses. Bubble mailers are multipurpose. You can put postal stickers on bubble mailers. The bubble mailers can be used to mail accessories, cosmetics, paintings, etc., and can be used in stores, offices, schools. The brand image can be established with Famagic colorful padded envelopes.

Brand: Famagic

👤The bubble mailer works and has more padding than other bubble mailers that I have purchased in the past. There is a The inside of the bubble wrap is shown without a background to hide the bubble wrapping inside. I have had bubble mailers before but these are the first ones that I can pop the individual bubbles in the bubble wrap which is a positive for people.

👤After picking up several Size 0 bubble mailers from my post office, I realized that these were the right size for the movies I ordered. I was low on calories. I wanted to get them on Amazon, I know the size I need. Size 0. The mailer from my post office is actually size 0 These are an inch smaller and can't fit a blue ray with a slip cover or a steelbook. Proceed with caution.

👤They are thin and fragile for my business. I am pretty disappointed.

👤The labels were creased when they came folded. It defeats the purpose of going out of your way for a better presentation. There is a Better options are available for the same price. The options are always sturdy. Standard black has never disappointed. If you want to minimize frustration, go with anything.

👤If you are shipping high quality items, I wouldn't search on Amazon for what you need. They are decent for the price. I would give the padding a rating of 3.5 out of 5. You are guaranteed safe delivery without others knowing the content because they are not translucent. It is a decent product for $10 I have a small business that is perfect for what I need.

👤I always try to save money wherever I can, and I sell a lot of small parts. I saw these 50 packs for a good price and they came out to 0.15 cents a piece. They are good quality and seem to be durable. The product is good for a good price. Will buy again.

👤These are great for around $0.30 per envelope. I have tried other brands of the same size mailers, but they all failed. They feel like a higher quality material because they are sturdy, have a great seal on their flap, and are very well made. I love the deep blue color. I use these multiple times a day with my eBay store, and will continue to purchase from this brand. The top of the line is their category.

👤This is my go to brand as it is the same quality as all the others but it is cheaper. The sides are stuck together. There is a Most others here don't have a problem with the fact that the glue is on top of the bubbles. I put packing tape over it.

11. Mailers Cardboard Shipping Envelopes Documents

Mailers Cardboard Shipping Envelopes Documents

We use vegetable oil as the base for ink. It is more eco-friendly than traditional ink because it doesn't include plastic orPVC. Stay Flat Mailers are the perfect solution for mailing photos, pictures, CDs, passports, art prints, and a wide range of documents. A strong glue bond is built right into each mailer and provides a tight seal; the mailer has pull-tabs for easy unsealing by the recipient. The thick cardboard envelopes are made to keep your documents free of bending and wrinkling. Make sure to always have some rigid mailers on hand with this bulk set of 100 white envelopes; stock up for your online business, personal use, and office supplies. The paperboard photo envelope is 6 x 8 inches.

Brand: Juvale

👤I use these to ship trading cards on eBay. I was worried that they would consider these too strong. I have shipped 75 of them. I can now offer buyers a more affordable shipping option with the peace of mind that it will arrive safely.

👤They say these mailers are rigid. Whatever you put in there will be protected. It's hard to bend or fold, but they're going to be snug and secure in there. 85 cents is the cost to mail out instead of 55.

👤I'm not sure if it's hit or miss, but my latest shipment of these mailers is considerably thicker. These are good for my laminated products because they are affordable. I will have to look at what they send next time I order. It got four stars. The original review was original. There is a I usually buy the 6x8 mailers, but this time I decided to save a few bucks and purchase these. There is a These weigh 1.2 ounces and are extremely thin. Make sure that whatever you are shipping is very thick.

👤I use mailers in my business. It is important that customers do not bend when they receive decals. These mailers are very rigid. I bent as hard as I could to see if they bulged. I highly recommend this product and I am confident using it in my business.

👤I package my orders with these envelopes. I can mail them with USPS postage of $0.65 which is great. There is a If I put more than 2 in at a time, they can get stuck in the door mechanism and I have to push them down. This isn't a problem if I'm careful, but it makes me worry that at some point these might get stuck in the same machines during the shipping process. There are two more The "tear-off" tab on the flap is useful, but it leaves a bunch of paper particles flying around when you tear it off. It's not a big deal but it's something to keep in mind.

👤If you want to use these for cheap letter mailing, get something less heavy duty. I have had them shredded twice because they are not compatible with usps sorting machines. These are perfect if you are willing to spend more money for non-machinable shipping. They didn't meet my needs for shipping photography safely and cheaply.

👤I asked for samples from I was happy with the mailers from there. I needed something. I decided to purchase these immediately. MailersUSA mailers are very thin. The MailersUSA ones are flexible for my needs. If you're looking for thick, durable, not easily bendable rigid mailers, then I would go with these ones from Amazon. They look more professional. I weighed the MailersUSA one. They came out to about 1.2 ounces. These are about 1.4 ounces.

👤The top flap of these is not sticky enough to stay down without an extra layer of tape. It keeps peeling at the edges as I fill the envelope, set it down, and get the address for it. I was hoping the 20-40 packages would save me time with a few small flat things I sell. They now take more time and tape to make sure they are ready for mailing. Save money and time by buying a different brand.


What is the best product for eco friendly bubble mailers bulk?

Eco friendly bubble mailers bulk products from Abc Pack & Supply. In this article about eco friendly bubble mailers bulk you can see why people choose the product. Famagic and Beauvibe are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly bubble mailers bulk.

What are the best brands for eco friendly bubble mailers bulk?

Abc Pack & Supply, Famagic and Beauvibe are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly bubble mailers bulk. Find the detail in this article. Smart Shipping Supply, Ktob and Packsaurus are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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