Best Eco Friendly Bubble Wrap Mailers

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1. 100 Count Envelope Mailing Shipping

100 Count Envelope Mailing Shipping

If you don't like it, just return it and they'll replace it or refund you the cost. The shipping bags are made with virgin polyethylene which is incredibly strong and durable on the outside and has tough protective black inner linings. The self-seal glue is strong and won't break unless you tear it up. The bag comes with a self-seal strip that will not stick to your hands or the bag itself, and is part of the patent design. Even if they are stored for a long time, the strong glue will stick with ease. The strips for easy packing are water and tear resistant. Privacy is guaranteed thanks to the pure black inner lining. The 10"x 13" Shipping bags are perfect for everything soft, such as clothes, blankets, scarves, apparel and other non-fragile items. They're confident you'll love their bags just as much as they do. If you don't want to exchange your order, contact them and they'll give you a full refund.

Brand: Imailer

👤I had to buy this item and write a review. Exactly what I wanted. I have ordered 3 more so I don't run out.

👤These mailers are adorable. They match my business' attitude and color scheme. I like the "Thank you" and don't mind that I have to put the mailing label on the flap. My mailing labels and 3M tape are peeling off. I bought a labelmaker to save time and money. The tape and labels don't stick. I have to wrap the tape around the package to make sure it sticks. Other stickers don't stick. I like these. I probably won't.

👤I bought these because I thought they would be cute for my customers packages. They are even more beautiful in person than in the pictures. I can't wait to use these for my customers purchases.

👤These mailers are pretty. The special touch is that they display in an elegant style on the back of them. I want my customers to know that I appreciate them and that I'm thankful that they chose to do business with me. These pretty mailers help get that point home. I would love to keep this all to myself, but I really don't mind sharing it with others. I would purchase this product again. I think you get a lot of bang for your buck with the price.

👤These mailers are very nice. I bought the mailers because they look good. I thought pretty mailers would be a nice change. I used the same size mailers previously. The new mailers are very thick and strong, as well as the others with beautiful color and design. The cover strip over the glue is an added bonus. It is easy to pull off and not made from a substance that sticks to everything. I use mailers for my online business. I am very pleased with this product.

👤I am obsessed with these! I like to use fun mailers for my business. These were a good value for mailers. I can trust that they will get to my customers without tearing or ripping, I am happy with how thick they are. I have used their mailers and they are strong and do not need to be reinforced with tape or stickers. A great product. I would purchase again. The customers like it.

👤I like the leaf patterns on these. I am sold! These will make for a nice touch in the shipping of product to my customers and they are a lot cheaper than the normal bubble envelopes I have been buying. The bubble envelopes were too expensive for a lot of the things I ship out so I'm going to use these instead. Less waste.

👤I was very happy with the purchase. The bags are cute and made of awesome materials. I hope my customers enjoy it. I'm going to buy a bigger one. Thank you.

👤The polymailers are poorly designed. The seal needs to be reinforced with tape to stay shut because they are too thin to protect the items inside. The cute design could be forgiven, but the Thank You design is where the shipping label needs to go! There is a There is no place for such shoddy work in my business.

2. Compostable Mailer Eco Friendly Shipping Adhesive

Compostable Mailer Eco Friendly Shipping Adhesive

We use vegetable oil as the base for ink. It is more eco-friendly than traditional ink because it doesn't include plastic orPVC. The mailers are made from renewable bioplastic derived from corn starch and have a synthetic binding agent that helps with strength and durability. They can be composted in either a home compost bin or an industrial composting facility. Don't throw away the mailer, use your local composting facilities or home compost bin to break it down into natural components. Shipping is easier and more efficient with self-adhesIVE STRIP. Save on shipping charges with this lightweight mailer.

Brand: Slpr

👤These were ordered used. The seams are very fragile and ripped immediately, even though they look nice. I can see why these were returned.

👤I have lost several packages in the mail. The contents of the bag seem empty. The bags don't stay together. Some bags have ripped while trying to hold something inside. They were highly recommended.

👤The shipping labels don't stick to them and they say " 100% waste free", but the tape that you remove to stick them together is bulky plastic.

👤The smallest amount of pressure causes the bags to rip. These are cute, but there are better options.

👤I sell a lot of items on eBay. These work great as an interior bag because I double package most everything.

👤I will be returning the bags I bought. The bag's seams rip apart when I try to put something inside. They don't smell good. I am worried that the smell will transfer to the clothing I am putting in the bags.

👤I have been using these for a while and I really like them. They have a nice material and look sleek. Definitely recommend.

👤These bags have a double seal and are made of compost.

3. UCGOU 10 5x16 Mailers Envelopes Shipping

UCGOU 10 5x16 Mailers Envelopes Shipping

It was boring to take BREATHTAKING. A vibrant design will inspire your repeat customers. Poly bubble Mailers. The inner size of the bubble mailers is larger than the outer one. Their bubble mailers have full air bubbles that can protect your products. Even if there is strong light, the items in the bag can't be seen because the inner lining is made of gray film. Strong Self Sealing. Even if the weather is hot or cold, their padded envelopes can still be strong and sticky. Your items are not being secretly replaced during transportation. The bag is sealed with a silver strip that can be easily peeled off. Sturdy and durable construction. The shipping bags cover is made of polyethylene, which makes them not easy to puncture. The shipping bags have excellent waterproof and tearing proof effects because of the reinforce seal on the edge. Even on foggy or rainy days, they can keep your stuff safe. It's easy to use. The poly shipping bags are the perfect choice for small and middle businesses because they are easy to use and don't require extra packaging material. It's very convenient to carry jewelry, makeup supplies, photos, magazine, books, and more. Brand influence can be enhanced. The bright colors make the items you transport more noticeable and will not be lost. Beautiful colors can make your customers happy. They are committed to making better products so that their customers can get better and better.

Brand: Ucgou

👤The package bags are adorable. I love the color and it is lined with bubble wrap so I know what I put inside will be safe. It is easy to close up with the help of the glue. The only thing I would change is their packaging. The bag is too small and it creates unnecessarywrinkles, but it is not serious enough to deduct a star.

👤I received 40 after I ordered 50. They were perfect size and color, but they didn't send me all of them. I will return this. I gave a one star review. I told them the problem and they gave me a partial refund, but now I'm changing it to 4. The return was canceled by me. Their customer service is excellent. Thank you so much!

👤When I got my package, I was a bit disappointed. There was a photo that said it would be light bubble pink. The package on the left side is not light pink. It was a dark color. I had to go somewhere else to get the pink I wanted. If you were expecting a pink like I was, please be aware. It is a good mailer.

👤I love my mailers. I want them to be back in stock. They are the perfect size, quality and shade of pink. It's so frustrating when you can't get the things you need to run your business.

👤I have been searching for this padded envelopes and this color for a long time. I have never received a complaint from my customers regarding damaged item, and I had no issue with the envelopes. I recommend this padded envelopes, as you can see in the video, my products are sold in these links, and have been shipped to my customers with this padded envelopes.

👤These are not close to the light pink in the photographs. I buy jewelry specifically for the color. I received a pink thing. Completely unattractive. There is a These are the smallest padded mailers I have ever seen. Since 2006 I have been exclusively selling my work by mail and buying most of my supplies from sellers in padded mailers. The mailer won't hold my item without bending the card in half, so I can't put a small thank you note in. Very, very, very disappointed. These were inexpensive and came quickly, so I only give 2 stars. I get the correct number of mailers. Will not be buying from this shop again. There is a It would have taken accurate photos for them to have a repeat buyer. I will not gamble on buying a different color from them as they have lost my trust.

👤These have been great for my small business. I used to buy from a different seller, the same idea of product, but you could see through the mailers. I use jewelry gift boxes that are 3 inches wide on each side and 1.5 inches deep, I can fit two in the 6x10 mailers. They fit. I saw a lot of reviews about people only receiving 49 of the 50 in the pack, but mine came in 50. I am very happy with the purchase and my customers love the packaging. Highly recommend this product. The glue is awesome! I used to worry about the other brand I used to buy, but these are so much better.

4. Pack Chic Geometric Envelope Available

Pack Chic Geometric Envelope Available

Make a Lasting Impression with Metronic bubble mailers. A lasting impression will keep your customers coming back. They will be happy to receive your packages in the mail. Metronic Poly bubble mailers are the best. The Geometric Leaves pattern is 10” X 13” Poly Mailer Envelopes. The Pack It Chic Standard is made to be incredibly durable to resist punctures, tears, and moisture, and is crafted with only the highest quality materials. Their mailer bags have a powerful glue that will help protect your business from theft and lost packages. Their 10 X 13 envelope mailers are perfect for packaging clothing, t shirts, and other non fragile items. Simply peel the bag to expose the glue, and you will be able to self seal it in seconds. The need for packaging tape and shipping boxes is eliminated by their custom printed mailing envelopes. Pack it chic to build lasting impressions. Pack It Chic is a small family business that is committed to providing many ways to stand out with your retail, shipping, and packaging supplies. They have other modern and chic designs.

Brand: Pack It Chic

👤So... I love them. I would only give them a 4.5 because I wish they were a bit thicker. I sent my first orders using these so we can see how they hold up. The design is beautiful and they close nicely, no need for tape. I will be getting these in other designs.

👤The pattern is beautiful. The product is terrible. I have purchased 100 poly mailers from various sellers and unfortunately they have been the worst. The first couple of bags had holes and I thought I had received a few faulty bags. Most of the bags have split or have holes, now that I have used 20 of them. They smell terrible.

👤The quality is great and these are cute. The cactus image appears to be printed wrong. I attached two photos to compare the mailers in the pack I got. When I bought them, I thought it was just part of the design, but the colors seem to be on some envelopes differently than others. It makes them look blurry and I should wear 3D glasses to look at them. That's a good thing. I will email the seller to find out what I can find. When I hear back, I will update this.

👤It is small and cute, but you can use it. Not much will be able to fit when you want to ship an item with a few inches of depth. This can fit 4 bars of soap, but not any larger items. It is a shame. No one makes them larger. Businesses need packages like this to be produced to fit their standard shipping boxes and there is no competition. Everyone is making a mistake by designing childish pink mailers with silly roses, which is putting off a lot of serious businesses. There is a I would buy hundreds of these on a monthly basis if this design had two inches bigger on each side.

👤The floral print is beautiful. I had black ink on my hands and mail as I was carrying it from the mailbox.

👤Packitchic has a lot of mailers that they always deliver. These are very durable and beautiful.

👤I've had a problem with other mailers with the strength of the glue, but these are exactly as pictured. I will continue to order from this product line.

👤My first order was great. I loved them. I might've gotten a bad one this time. It's weird. The insides of the print are stuck together. It ruins the outside of the bags and makes them less pretty when I MzE I have never had to do this with polymailers. This is the first time I've ever received bags that have the insides stuck together and have to manually open them.

5. Premium Compostable Shipping Envelope Self Seal

Premium Compostable Shipping Envelope Self Seal

All of them at HanzOn are thrilled to welcome you to their community. Their friendly US-based customer service is only a click away to answer your questions. Try HanzOn. If you make the right choice, they'll extend a full, prompt refund without questions. You will get a 50 pack of 10x13 inch after 180 days. The Black Ellspo Eco mailing bags compost in 180 days. Plastic poly mailers are made from plastic material. The plant base is plant. The material was from the cornstarch. Clean high grade eco friendly packaging is created by PBAT + PLA. Better than plastic. The Ellspo Eco mailers are suitable for all climates. The Ellspo Eco mailers are thicker than the average polymailer to resist tears and punctures. New design. Their improved design features scaled text and compost certification logos. Loyal customers appreciate your environmental responsibility. Post labels. They display TV AUSTRIA's OK compost INDUSTRIAL & HOME label, so Ellspo Eco mailers will always be recognized to go in the compost bin. Take a look at the waste.

Brand: Ellspo Eco

👤The material and design are very nice.

👤I will definitely be ordering more of these in the future.

👤I like this packaging. It is very easy to use. Would recommend!

👤It is a tight fit for most items, but it does the job. The bigger ones are recommended.

👤It ripped right away when something was put in one. I worry if they will last during shipping.

6. Sealed Air Shipping Recycled Cushioned

Sealed Air Shipping Recycled Cushioned

The lightweight cushion mailers are ideal for online sellers shipping handmade goods, or for small businesses sending products to customers. There is 100 - #2 and 8x12". Genuine padded envelopes. Their mailers are made from heavy-duty kraft and have a uniform inner padding. This mailer is eco-friendly and offers excellent protection while reducing freight costs and warehouse storage space. There is recycled content. The mailers are made from recycled paper. 100% recycled newsprint is used to makeerated paper. It is easy to recycle. Curbside with paper.

Brand: Sealed Air

👤There are a lot of small lightweight items that I ship. These mailers are a great size, sturdy and seal well, however they are much heavier than bubble mailers and will often push me into the next weight class. A lighter weight option would be great.

👤I love these because they don't add much to the shipping costs. There is a I'm having trouble with my labels sticking and I'm adding clear packing tape because it's not 100% eco-friendly. Is there a label that will stick to them?

👤I ordered these mailers because I needed to replenish my supplies. The first few envelopes seemed fine, but as I got deeper in to the 100 count box, I started to find mailers with manufacturing defects. I bought these because they were self sealed, but on many of them the glue was missing or they were already partially glue together. I kept them because I used so many already and it was not convenient to tape them shut. I am not happy.

👤I've been using these padded envelopes for a while and lately I've started getting messages from my customers saying they got empty envelopes. I can see the pictures and the damaged labels from the post office, so I know it's not a scam. There is a gaping hole in the side of the envelope. They are easy to rip. The labels don't stick very well. They're coming loose on the sides or corners. I will phase out the boxes once I'm done with them.

👤The usable space is not as large as anticipated. The dimensions seem to be off by an inch. Paper envelopes are more eco-friendly than plastic because they are less likely to be thrown out, but they weigh more and cost more to ship. Depending on what is being shipped in them, it may or may not be a good option.

👤My business partner had to tape all of the mailers shut after they unglued themselves when she dropped off the orders. It was weird because we didn't notice any defects with our order, and each envelope had a seemingly intact glue/seal strip when we enclosed our items. In terms of item safety, I would recommend this to replace bubble mailers. We will probably order again because this seems to be one of the better eco-friendly mailers out there.

👤When you tear them apart, they get a bit dusty, but we love them. There's no plastic, they're recycled, and so no room for concerns from customers. We can get two bags of coffee in one, but they aren't super flexible.

👤These are more sturdy and stiff than bubble mailers. I put a strip of clear packaging tape over it to make it stick. No worries! The mailers do not provide a stick for your labels. That's just the nature of a beast. Throw some tape over it. I need protection for our mailings. Great product!

👤The mailers are very good. Canada Post over-sized letter mail is awesome. They are thick, but you could fit a medium or smaller tee inside. The next size up might work as well. These are great for branding. They're blank, so bust out a stencil and spray paint your logo on it. You should watch out for warehouse deals from Amazon. The listing stated that the mailers were in great condition, but may have had some damage. It's probably only 90 or 80 mailers. It's still a great deal. I received 25 mailers. The package stated it was inspected by Amazon. Yes, right! Only 24 mailers? What a joke! The listing did not state that you'll pay almost 2 bucks each for the mailers. I was able to get a refund as it came down to false advertising. I'll never purchase a warehouse deal from Amazon again because of their customer service. I will be buying these mailers again.

7. RUSPEPA Mailers Shipping Surrounded Envelopes

RUSPEPA Mailers Shipping Surrounded Envelopes

The inside and outside dimensions are 4x8". The shipping bags are made with virgin polyethylene which is incredibly strong and durable on the outside and has tough protective black inner linings. Self-Sealing is a form of seal that is easy to close and ship your envelopes. The self-seal strips for easy packing have a high strength and water and tear resistance. Privacy is guaranteed thanks to the pure black inner lining. RUSPEPA's poly mailers are perfect for everything soft, such as clothes, blankets, scarves, apparel and other non-fragile items. If you don't like it, just return it and they'll replace it or refund you the cost.

Brand: Ruspepa

👤It was exactly as described and pictured. These are pink with gold roses. These are used for shipping small products. It is important to note that: These are not bubble mailers, these are poly mailers, so there is no padding inside. You can simply wrap it with bubble wrap, paper, or something similar. The little mailer instantly dresses up your package. It's super cute! We will definitely be buying more of these. It's a good thing.

👤These bags are pretty. When I put my postage labels on it, they can be easily removed, and peel off without any issues. The postage label will not come off the other bags I have used. I haven't had an issue with a label coming off with these bags yet, but I think it could happen.

👤These are great for small items. I have these in different sizes and colors. These are my go to for polymailers. If you are thinking of buying, just buy because they go fast. I recommend them.

👤I love the new innovation of poly bags because it keeps your stuff intact and it is durable. Once you remove the barrier, it really holds your items inside until you try to tear it or cut it with the scissors. Poly bags are waterproof and keep your documents intact. My cute bags are the best thing ever made, they are in different colors and shapes and sizes.

👤They look great. The placement of the "Thank you" makes it a little awkward if you want that to show. It's fine. My shipments have made it to their recipients in one piece, and they're pretty.

👤I bought these to hold my work. These are cute! The perfect size for a folded sheet of paper. The strip works well. You need to be ready to close it forever. There is a The plastic is hard to break through without a blade. I think it would work well as a mailer.

👤Love, love, love these mailers! Great price and prints! Adding a little bit of happiness to your packages will make you stand out.

👤These bags are adorable. They're perfect for my masks to be shipped in. The seal is strong and the image is on both sides, so when I put my label on it, the customer still sees Thank You! You can't see through it either.

👤The rose gold ones don't keep anything glue on the package. It must be due to the material. We had to tape every single part of the shipment down to prevent the address label from coming off during transit. It kind of comes off after that. It will peel off if something catches on the smallest part lifting up. You need something.

👤This one is on sale. You can read the print and see the floral design, but it is blurry and not as crisp as you would like. There are better mailers out there, but I wouldn't return it because it wasn't enough. I will buy the ones I normally buy next time.

8. Biodegradable Compostable Envelopes Waterproof Stretchable

Biodegradable Compostable Envelopes Waterproof Stretchable

Round trip fulfillment of samples, replacement parts, exchanges, returns, documents, and other items can be accomplished with reuse mailers. Compostable Mailers are made from raw material from gum and can break down in 3-6 months. I'll transform into an agricultural product. If you don't compost me, I'll disappear within 18 months. 100% safety. The mailer can be in contact with food for a long time after passing the ecotoxicity test. It doesn't contain chlorine or heavy metals. The perfect size is 12 x 15 and is suitable for clothes, documents, gifts, books, accessories and other non breakable items. Strong and stretchy. It is very durable and can be used in many anti puncture experiments. It can stretch out double the length and has stronger strength, if you use destructive hot melt glue. The biodegradeble d2w mailer is the best choice for express packaging. Better brand image. Your customers will be pleasantly surprised to open the bags of Eco friendly materials. The distance between enterprises and customers will be shortened by using the high quality of the brand and the use of biodegradable express bags.

Brand: Ywduoying

👤I don't think this product is actually compostable. It has a plastic smell and it doesn't feel like the other bags that I have. It feels like a regular poly mailer. There is a It is thin and flimsy. You can see through it and it will tore. I will be back and I'm very disappointed. It might be a knock off to jump on the sustainable train, but it was made in China.

👤I was excited to be able to switch to a more sustainable packaging but I was still getting ready to package an order. There were some small cuts on the mailer. I looked at the rest and found that about 7 of them had been slashed. I don't know if I'll keep them or just tape the hole and return them. As I was checking each one, I noticed that they were separate. I think the smell of nail polish is normal. I think it is from the materials they are made from, because it was mentioned in other reviews. If you have a sensitive nose, I would recommend these, but only if you let them go, because my room has a strong smell now.

👤I use these for mailing baby clothes that I sell online. I was concerned they were a little thin. I tried to rip them. They don't cry. They are very durable. The self seal tape is great. I've tried to change it, but you can't. It's stuck once it's stuck. I'll buy them again once I run out.

👤I received these in perfect condition, but they didn't smell like the real ones I used to have. I am very disappointed that they smell like plastic.

👤These were kind of a look through. I can see the color of the garment when I ship them. I would wrap the shirt in tissue paper. It is not obvious.

👤These sweet gift tags are gorgeous. They are a good texture, but they are not made out of plastic. Would purchase again.

👤It's convenient to have in hand. They close really nicely, they are great size, quality and quantity.

👤Good bag. I am worried that the strip won't stay closed during shipping since it doesn't go all the way across like other mailers. If I didn't need any right away, I would come back.

9. UCGOU Bubble Mailers Envelopes Shipping

UCGOU Bubble Mailers Envelopes Shipping

Their small padded envelopes are ideal for small businesses. Your customers will come back and save you money if you build a lasting impression. Poly bubble Mailers. The outer size of the navy blue bubble mailers is 10 inches, while the inner size is 9 inches. Their bubble mailers have full air bubbles that can protect your products. Even if there is strong light, the items in the bag can't be seen because the inner lining is made of gray film. Strong Self Sealing. Even if the weather is hot or cold, their padded envelopes can still be strong and sticky. Your items are not being secretly replaced during transportation. The bag is sealed with a silver strip that can be easily peeled off. Sturdy and durable construction. The shipping bags cover is made of polyethylene, which makes them not easy to puncture. The shipping bags have excellent waterproof and tearing proof effects because of the reinforce seal on the edge. Even on foggy or rainy days, they can keep your stuff safe. It's easy to use. The poly shipping bags are the perfect choice for small and middle businesses because they are easy to use and don't require extra packaging material. It's very convenient to transport for cards, CDs, jewelry, makeup supplies, sunglasses boxes and more. Brand influence can be enhanced. The bright colors make the items you transport more noticeable and will not be lost. Beautiful colors can make your customers happy. They are committed to making better products so that their customers can get better and better.

Brand: Ucgou

👤The time taken to write reviews on items that are worthy of our time is by far the most important thing. I can assure you that this product is exceptional. We spend over $56,000 a year on products from Amazon and only leave reviews on products to meet our needs and exceed our expectations. Thank you for the product.

👤It's like a grey white which works perfectly for me. If you are going to send something delicate, you need to add more bubble wrap.

👤I like the mailer. There is rain protection on the outside and bubble wrap on the inside. I would order them again.

👤My choice of mailer for the CDs I ship is more durable and protective than other mailers I've tried. If I am given an extra layer of wrapping, I will recommend a larger mailer for larger jewel cases and double CD jewel cases. I've mailed more than 1,000 CDs and not a single mailer has failed or cracked, and not a single CD has been damaged. Even the best bubble mailer alone won't provide enough protection, so I advise all who ship CDs to use a layer of bubble wrap around the CD.

👤Quality packaging. Can't beat the price for 25 mailers.

👤We purchase this a lot. There were no issues.

👤I used up all my envelopes and I can say they are the best. This quality is unbeatable with this price. I have been sending stuff. I read that they are small and don't try to fit anything thick. I sent my friend a large 15-pan eyeshadow palette with extra bubble wrap and it fit in perfectly. I've sent envelopes from Boston to California with fragile objects, and not once have they broken or crashed. One of my favorite beauty brands uses the same style of envelopes for small-medium orders. This will meet any expectation, they are durable, resistant, thin to the touch, and cheap.

👤Exactly what I needed. The size is described. There is a I was glad to know that my orders are secure and that the package is strong, because I might have wasted one if I had ripped it open after I made a mistake on one of my orders.

👤These are great bubble mailers. I use them to ship out orders. They are very sturdy and so far have not been ripped. The actual usable space inside of the envelope is slightly smaller because the edges are pressed in, but I have no complaints.

👤These are not heavy mailers. I wouldn't ship things that were too fragile in them, but so far, I've had no issues with shipping things such as Barbie hangers and shoes. Who doesn't like a pink envelope?

👤I don't like labels and stamps sticking to things. It won't be repurchasing.

👤I received 6 X 9 envellopes.

10. Fuxury Self Seal Shipping Envelopes Packaging

Fuxury Self Seal Shipping Envelopes Packaging

Metronic products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Let them know if you have any problems with their products. Opaque Bubble Mailers The items in the bag can't be seen even if there is strong light, which is why their bubble mailers are made with gray film. Poly bubble mailers are made with the finest materials. Making them less vulnerable to damage. The shipping bubble envelopes are waterproof and tearing, a thick layer of air bubbles protects against impact, and will keep your packages safe until they reach their destination. Their poly bubble mailers are lined with 80gsm bubble with unique air cellular layers and are perfect for wrapping and protecting fragile items. The bubble mailers are an affordable alternative to standard packaging. Simply fold over the package to seal it. The bubble envelopes are perfect for shipping books, jewelry, photos, magazine, makeup supplies, clothing, handmade cards,paintings and other items.

Brand: Fuxury

👤It is very difficult to insert even one piece of heavy cardstock if it is bulky, and it must be pushed down completely to close since the additional inch is the flap. Don't count on it for that, it's really, Bleeding, 8.5 x 11. No office store in the U.S. would count the FLAP in a measurement. There is a They are nice mailers, but it seems they created the size knowing people had a need to mail 8.5 x 11 but didn't care enough to make it work for that size - highly disappointed, and useless for the purpose for which they were purchased...

👤It was perfect for what I needed. I've mailed some things that have gone missing while using larger paper envelopes. The seal was taped to give it extra protection. The paper was ripped and items were missing. I hated to think that the author's books kept coming up missing, even though they had won or purchased them. I wanted to get these so that they would be harder to steal and thus harder for items to disappear. One of the first things I sent to England was a book. No issues! I have yet to have an issue with writing on the plastic, despite reading reviews about it. I use a piece of paper with shipping info on it to make a permanent marker. I will definitely be buying these again and again and recommend them to others.

👤There is no wiggle room inside, even though it may or may not have an inside width of 8.5". None. I had to stretch it out for five minutes to fit a 3 page document. I bought these envelopes so that I could mail the docs to my clients without any issues. I may have to return these now or I will have to fight like that to get the docs. Don't try to insert a big, multi-page document. Without folding it, it will not fit. The inside length is 11. There is a The product should be quite satisfactory if this is not a concern for you. I gave it five stars for its packaging.

👤I can't say enough good things about these mailers. The price is important. I am a musician. My music books are a regular size and spiral bound. I can fit a thick book in these. I put cardboard in them so they can't be folded. I am happy that my books are more resistant to water on the outside than on the inside. I have used bubble mailers for years. They are pricey. I bought these because of the price, when I wanted 25 of them. I know what a great decision it was to have them.

👤These are exactly the size I needed. You can put a lot in this sleeve. The seal works well with the glue. I was very pleased with the package, it arrived quickly and well packaged. When I run out, I will order again.

👤These are for shipping my online sales that are under a pound. They hold larger men's pieces which is great, I have only used them for clothing. I haven't shipped jeans in these yet because they are over 1 pound, but they would definitely hold a pair of jeans. There is a The glue is holding it all together. I don't need to tape it up. I add a small piece in the middle to be safe if it's a bulkier item. I like that these are all female. My brother likes teal/turquoise. I got these for men's and women's shipping because of that. I thought the light blue was a little too revealing. I thought black padded envelopes would be a better fit for my packaging theme, but I fear that a black envelope could be dropped on the ground in a shaded area, which would make it more likely to be overlooked. I'm pretty sure that's just paranoia. I ended up with these pretty envelopes because I considered something. I haven't had any issues with customers getting damaged or opened products. I consider that a victory. The packing tape and labels adhere well to the outsides.

11. Metronic Bubble Mailers Padded Envelopes

Metronic Bubble Mailers Padded Envelopes

Brand influence can be enhanced. The bright colors make the items you transport more noticeable and will not be lost. Beautiful colors can make your customers happy. They are committed to making better products so that their customers can get better and better. Their custom teal color bubble mailers are a reliable shipping and packaging solution for your store or online business. The pack of 25 mailers is 6x10" in size. The teal poly bubble mailers are fun and fashionable. You can personalize the package you send to your customers. Make your business stand out from the rest. Each poly bubble mailer has a self-sealing strip. Simply fold over the package to seal it. A padded mailer is a cost-effective and efficient way to ship your packages. It's perfect for businesses and e-retailers. Bubble mailers are lightweight and convenient. Use padded bubble mailers instead of costly shipping boxes and tape to save money. Their poly bubble mailers are strong and durable. Their mailers are strong and durable. The mailer has a self-sealing strip that is resistant to tampering. These poly bubble mailers are puncture- and tear- resistant. Their poly mailers will protect your packages from the elements and keep them safe until they reach their destination. Adding bubble mailers will help keep your customer's items safe while reducing shipping costs. Light and less fragile products can be shipped with padded mailers. These mailers are great for shipping items such as jewelry and accessories, cosmetics, beauty and healthcare products, vitamins, supplements, handmade items, and small electronics. Increase your efficiency and bottom line. Their custom teal padded mailers will make a lasting Impression. Your customers will come back if you leave a lasting impression. They will love receiving your colorful packages. Your brand image can be built with colored mailers. You can use your own stamps or stickers to personalize your mailers. Their colorful mailers can help you build your business.

Brand: Metronic

👤If you need a shoddy package, don't buy these reviews. They will let it post after I gave 5 stars. It's ridiculous. The first time I ordered them, they were a little thin but strong. They were a disappointment this time. Thin, flimsy, and the bubbles are deflated. Very disappointed. Will not buy again.

👤The product is cheap and lacks padding. The worst part of the design is that they have the bubbles going all the way up to the flops to seal the envelopes and then they put the glue to seal the envelope on top of the bubble. If you hold the envelope after it is sealed, the bubble will come back with the glue. If you buy this lot, you will be using a lot of tape and I will not buy again.

👤I waited until after a confirmation delivery to write this review. I was hesitant to order bubble mailers online because I wanted to make sure they were durable enough, but these did not disappoint and I am using them to ship crystal suncatchers. The quality of the product will be improved because of the vibrant color.

👤I love the color of these and they are great for mailing jewelry orders. There is a Customers are excited to see the blue package because they keep everything safe.

👤If you depend on quality, this is an honest review, I ship many retro games and discs. In waterproof mailers. I gave these a try, but they are not a way to depend on paper thin mailers. There is very little protection. The material is cheap. I am concerned that these tear are easy to tear. I am not going to bubble wrap an item and mail it in a bubble mailer. I don't like cheap mailers like these.

👤They are perfect for a small mailer. The color is bright and the bubbles are filled as they should be, the glue that seals them is strong and stays closed. I think they give my packages a nice look and make them stand out. I will buy them again. There is a The usable inner area of the mailer is 6X9 and the mailer is 7X9 when sealed. The mailer is not a 6x10 mailer with the flap open. If you read through the description, you will see that the inner usable area is 6x9 but if you have enough space to keep them, they are a little bit longer.

👤The lower price for a larger amount drew me in. I will never purchase these again. I can imagine how bad they look after going through the postal service because the color comes off of them easily. I can't afford to throw away 50 of these that I don't want to use. The bubble wrap inside is not as good as my last brand, they were creased in one area. The buyer should beware.

👤I used the bubble mailers to send my handmade cards. They seem to last a long time. I like the way they look on the outside. The flap has bubble wrap on it, which is a plus, because mini bubble mailers don't have bubble wrap on the flap itself. The flap is very strong. I don't think it would come in the mail. I have used a few of them and they have worked well. They are perfect for mailing A2 size cards, and I have sent a few other small items as well.


What is the best product for eco friendly bubble wrap mailers?

Eco friendly bubble wrap mailers products from Imailer. In this article about eco friendly bubble wrap mailers you can see why people choose the product. Slpr and Ucgou are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly bubble wrap mailers.

What are the best brands for eco friendly bubble wrap mailers?

Imailer, Slpr and Ucgou are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly bubble wrap mailers. Find the detail in this article. Pack It Chic, Ellspo Eco and Sealed Air are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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