Best Eco Friendly Cat Litter Box

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1. Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter

Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter

The cat litter box looks like a clay pot. The plants and parts are in the middle of the litter box. It is made of polypropylene. Dust and odor can be controlled with a Filtered Vented System. Large cats and multi-cat households.

Brand: Good Pet Stuff

👤I've never written an Amazon review in my life, but I felt like this was necessary to review. If you're thinking about ordering a litter box, do it! My house is a small 1000 sqft home that's low on living space and has a hideous cat litter box. This hidden cat litter box is an answer to my prayers. The entrance is completely unnoticeable and guests have been floored when I tell them that it's the litter box. The original color is ugly and matches nothing in my house, but that's nothing a spray paint can't fix. I don't like how gross the litter boxes are and I was not willing to dump the cat litter directly into this litter box. I did some research on Amazon to find a round basin, and I found one that was perfect for this hidden litter box. The Vrinda Plastic Economy Round Basin (18 inch) is the name of the basin I ordered through Amazon and it's only $20, but you should get it. I put one of those litter bags in the basin, tuck it over the edges, tie it tightly around the outside and then fill it with litter! I will never use a regular old litter box again. The cats immediately took to the new litter box and we haven't looked back since. A man!

👤I want to warn anyone considering buying this litter box for their cat that the leaves and straw can be dangerous for a cat that chews and plays with it. My cat had surgery to remove the leaves he ate from the plastic plant part. I am not bashing this product, but it is not a good design for cats to get into stuff. Before buying, please consider this. The leaves and straw should be thrown out.

👤Great purchase! I used 2 cans of white spray paint to make a beautiful litter box. I saw people who didn't like the leaves but I don't think they look bad. I used the feed bin as a liner and used trash bags on the bottom. It's easy to clean. The only downside is putting it back together. I don't have to put it back together because I clean it while it's assembled, and I found it difficult to line up the grooves after cleaning.

👤I was interested in the container. The thought of my cats going in there to do their businrss under the guise of a plant was magical. I ordered this because I wanted my cat's toilet to be less obvious. It was huge when it came. I would have given it 5 stars, but the price of $50 for a kitty porta pottie was not usable. The plant is a joke. Really bad. Themoss was a choking hazard. All my cats like it. They tried to make something out of it before I could put it together. The litter pan is worth the most. I already used glass marbles instead ofmoss when I switched out the plant. The marbles were supposed to be used for a wedding centerpiece, but they were better used for my cat's washroom. Thanks to the floral department at JoAnn Fabrics, I added new pics of my new plant. I consider myself the Martha Stewart of litterbox decorating. Is that a beautiful orchid? Nope. My cat has a smelly litterbox. Got you?

2. PetSafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Automatic Disposable

PetSafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Automatic Disposable

Automaticly removing waste is what you can do with your cat's litter box. ODOR CONTROL: UNBEATABLE. Crystal litter dehydrates solid waste. No more mess floors. 99% of low- tracking crystals are dust free and don't stick to your cat's paws. There is protection for leAKs. The plastic lining on disposable trays helps keep your floors clean. Remove the tray and throw it away, it's easy to clean up. Make sure your cat's health is taken care of. The health counter and motion sensors keep track of how many times your feline uses the box. Customer care is based in the U.S. Their pet product experts can help.

Brand: Petsafe

👤Buy this, it is the short and sweet. Arm & Hammer Platinum Slide litter, a litter tray, and a cat litter deodorizer are available if you throw out the crystals. I can stand next to a full litter box and not smell it.

👤This product is great, but it doesn't work like a miracle solution for all cats, at least not for me. I guarantee that it won't last you a month without upkeep. After some adjustments, it's still well worth it. I bought this just before my first cat was adopted, a fully grown and litter trained cat. I work 9 hours a day and live in a one bedroom apartment with a roommate, where the smell would be terrible if left untamed. I thought it would be worth the investment to make owning my first cat easier. There is a There is a side note. A plastic tray was invested in by me. They are worth every cent after you realize how much you are saving with disposables. If you plan on going with actual litter, it's important. It was almost remarkable that my cat adjusted easily. She figured it out in 2 hours of being placed in a brand new home. I was able to go through the experiment I am about to share because she is tolerant of change. If you are one of the people who can't mess around with different litters, I did it for you and you can see what works best for you. There is a I used the crystals that came with the product in the first 2 weeks of using it. I knew it would cost a lot to replace the trays, but the product said for one cat it should need monthly changes. That wasn't true at all. It began to smell by 1 week and by the next week it was turning to sludge and the smell was bad. My cat wasn't going to work well with the crystals. She pees in one spot and won't change it. It turned to sludge and smelled like death in the apartment, even with frequent stirring of the litter. I almost vomited when I tried to dump the litter out. The sludge was removed from the tray. Nope. My roommate was not happy. He didn't like the smell of the crystal litter before it was urinated on. It had to be made in a Lego factory because it was hard to step on. There is a I was done with the crystals after just one round. My roommate didn't like them, my cat didn't like them, and my landlord never came in for a sniff because my roommate didn't like them. Replacing the throw-away trays weekly would be financial suicide. I thought about getting a regular litter box, because it would be better than this. I researched if I could use real litter, but the majority of people said no. My cat is one of the few that doesn't mind if I change things up, so I decided to go nuts with different litters and test them for a week. I decided to get some real litter after buying a Litter Works permanent tray. I haven't noticed a reason why it would be worth the extra 20 bucks, but there is also a cheaper one. There is a Non clumping litter of any kind was a no. She pees in a storm. It's over saturated in a matter of days. I have to remove the litter from the tray. It was wasteful! I moved up to the center of the clump. I bought a cheap version of Fresh Step at Walmart because I knew nothing about litter. I thought the cheapest would work, but I didn't know if it would explode my machine, so I started cheap. The Fresh Step was the first time I thought it might work for me. It was looking good after 3 days. On the 4th day, the clumps were getting stuck behind the rakes and it was starting to look dreary. It took some cleaning to get rid of the rakes, but it was still better than the crystals since it wasn't dragging around my house and it was getting rid of the urine. When the tray is being filled with pee clumps and poo clumps, it fills up faster. It smelled like febreeze which was a big upgrade. The roommate was still upset with the smell. The Papa bear is about solutions. I moved the price list up to Arm and Hammar because I was not convinced that this was as good as it gets. He swears by two objects. I bought a version that said "hard clumps" on it. The clumps sounded great. Maybe they wouldn't touch the rakes. I filled the tray with that and Kitty liked it. She didn't allow me to put the lid on before dumping it. I was lucky. I let that run for a week. And it did, okay. It didn't smell at all until I lifted up the lid of the poo trap, and it was not pleasant. There is a If you are on a budget, this is the solution. It's inexpensive and works well with little upkeep. It takes 5 minutes to clear out the trap when you're around 30-40 rounds. I would wrap a scarf around my nose and it wouldn't be bad because it wouldn't smell again after a few minutes. I had to clean a rake after 4 days to keep it looking good. I think you should get a Litter Genie trashcan. I've put 4 rounds of trap cleanings in my house and it's still not full for the first time. If you are like me and my cat, and you hate crystals, this is a good place to stand. It's not the monthly hands-free promise, but it's still very convenient to stop it from smelling while away from work. There is a I suggest Arm and Hammer Slide litter for those who really want the good stuff. It is expensive, but it is worth it. I got a 19lb box for 12 dollars at Target, and it is usually on sale for 3 weeks or so. It's a financial jump since the boat load is less than 13 bucks a week for the disposable crystals from hell. Some places offer the bigger box for less than 2 of the small boxes, but they are hard to find, is one of the few that does. It is worth it if you have the money. I put this stuff in my cat's mouth and she loved it, but I can't smell it unless I put my head in the box. It requires almost no upkeep for a week at a time. I need to clear out the poo trap after about 40 scoops because it fills quickly with big rock hard urine clumps. That is a million times better than dealing with urine sludge. I scoop all of it into my litter genie and it takes less than 5 minutes. I don't like the smell of the litter, but once it's mixed with urine, it gets a little stinky, but I can't smell it unless I get close. I did not need to turn away or gag while cleaning it. I realized that my roommate hadn't complained about the litter box smell since I put this litter in it when I mentioned that he smelled it when clearing the trap. It doesn't get stuck in the rakes much. I will move the rake forward once a few days to clean out any small bits that got behind it, but that's most for aesthetic reasons and would be fine for a week. After I dump the poo trap, I throw in more litter to make it go away. If I think about it, I'll stir the litter and even it out when I walk past. She needs to pee in one area and that spot gets bare quicker. There is a She gets a pancake of litter on her pee spot after about 2 days. It doesn't stop the rakes, but it sticks to the tray and goes into the trap. I toss the litter in the trash because it comes loose with a good scraper from the scooper, and it's good to go. There is a minor problem. This product is good, but you need to make it work for your cat and life style in order to be great. It's not going to be upkeep-free for a month at a time, even with one cat, if she's a big pee-er like my baby is. If you can get the good stuff, clumping litter will work. If you have a willingness to clear it once a week, you will be able to get a much easier time than daily cleaning. I think it is a 5 star product with Arm and Hammer Slide, but it took me and my cat 2 months to get there, so I removed one star. They seem to go out of their way to convince you that nothing but crystals will work, and that's not true at all. I would have returned the product after 2 weeks if it weren't for the Arm and Hammer Litter and the Litter Works tray. There is a Hopefully this will help a cat parent.

3. PetSafe ScoopFree Premium Clumping Crystal

PetSafe ScoopFree Premium Clumping Crystal

The litter boxes can be used with the PetSafe ScoopFree Reusable Litter Tray. The bags of premium PetSafe crystal litter are pre-portioned and ready to use. ODOR CONTROL: UNBEATABLE. Solid waste thatAbsorbs urine and dries it for better odor control than clumping clay litters. Premium PetSafe Crystal Litter is 99% dust-free.

Brand: Petsafe

👤Nature's Miracle crystal cat litter product is no longer available in my area, so I have been testing 6 different crystal cat litter products. One of my cats refuses the box if it's too dirty. I have a lot of chemical sensitivities and have to be careful with most products. I was able to go down to one box and not have to clean it all. The dehydrating action reduced odor. The criteria included in my evaluation were price, odor after use, tracking, time needed before litter change, and ease of care. Most performed well, except for odor control. I change litter weekly with crystal litter. 1. The winner was Ultra Micro Crystals Cat Litter, 5 pounds. Each week there are 2 cats in a box and a bag. 2. Excellent odor control, 8 pounds of amazing cat litter, high dust when filling box. Pet Safe Scoop Free Premium Blue is a low price per pound. Ultra Pearls Cat Litter is 5 pounds and has no tracking. The 8 pounds of Clear Choice Silica Crystals did not cover the cat box odor. Fresh Step Crystals are 8 pounds and have the same issues as non-crystal litters.

👤There is a The litter is dirty. I sneezed twice. The crystals followed after my kitty got out of the litter box. I am a bit disappointed that other cats don't drag the litter out with the same litter boxes. Many people praised this litter. Yeah. No. It holds the smell in a day or two. 2 weeks later! There is a Oh gosh! The pee does not get wet. The litter is horrible two weeks later. I had no idea how to dump it out.

👤They bought this to use in a standard box because they don't have an automatic cleaning box. This is the best crystal litter I've ever tried. It took both bags to fill Mr. fatty's box, but in over a month there is no smell of urine orammonia in the box, nor is there anything in the bottom of the box that I've experienced with other crystal litters. It's a bit pricey, but for how long it lasts, I think it's worth it, even though I end up having to change within 3 weeks. There was a revision on 2/2/17. : The last two shipments have been so dusty that if Mr kitty uses it, there is a cloud of dust that will linger for a while. I wonder if that's been part of our breathing/sneezing issues as of late, as I've noticed he breathes heavy for a bit after using his box. I can't deal with the dust from it so I'm going to have to find an alternative. ducting 2 stars for now At a later time, may revisit the product.

👤I have been cleaning the litter box and using traditional clumping cat litter for over a decade. I used the litter in a typical litter box without the automatic cat litter pan. I have a large cat and a litter box. There is a It is easier to clean every day if you scoop out the litter and mix it around. A lot easier. There is less litter outside of the pan. I'm not finding a lot of litter around my apartment, but I do find a small amount of litter on the litter mat. It doesn't need to be emptied as often because there are no urine clumps going into the Litter Genie. There is a It is very dusty. It is as dusty as the traditional litter. I'm not sure if it's the same litter I got, but I might try another brand. It won't last a long time (directions say to change out the litter once a month). The smell of urine is strong in the immediate litter box area. I used two bags to fill the box because one bag didn't fill it. I saw this in other reviews and thought maybe those people were just extra neat or had a lot of cats using the same boxes, but it really is going to need to be changed out every 2 weeks. If your litter box is in an area you live in, or if your cat is particular about having a clean litter pan, you're not going to get to a month. If you have multiple cats, you might not be able to get to 2 weeks and need weekly changing. I don't think I can get a month out of it, so I had to use 2 bags to fill the box. At the end of the day, I don't think I'm going to spend more than $40 a month on cat litter. It's unfortunate because it's easy on a daily basis.

4. ökocat Natural Litter 12 Pound Clumping

%C3%B6kocat Natural Litter 12 Pound Clumping

The natural cat Litter. Their next-generation, plant-based, premium clumping cat litter is lightweight and absorbent, which makes it convenient and clean. An exception to ODOR CONTROL: The creation of ammonia and odor can be stopped by the use of wood fiber. The capillary ruler is a capillary ruler. The clumps of wood fiber that make up the litter box are easy to clean. It's free for a healthIER home. Their cat litter is made from clean wood fiber that has been screened and de-dusted for a cleaner pour and a healthier home. Their cat litter is free of artificial fragrances, synthetic chemicals, toxic dyes, and genetically modified organisms; unlike clay, their cat litter degrades quickly and cleanly.

Brand: Ökocat

👤I thoroughly disliked this product when I reviewed it a long time ago because of the tracking and scooping issues. I still don't like the problems. I wanted to submit a new one because I couldn't find my old one. I like this stuff very much after several months. I'm currently using World's Best and Swheat Scoop. Arm & Hammer's corn-base litter was disappointing, and I found Blue Buffalo litter a bit heavy on the side, and the odor control wasn't as good as it could have been. There is a There are pros and cons to odor control. Wow. Some of the best I've encountered are either natural, clay or unnatural. It works well with heavy masking scents. I use World's Best in two of the boxes and Oko in the other. After 3-4 weeks, the first two boxes need to be emptied completely. While I've been away, I've gone as long as 4-5 days without scooping. After 5 days, the Oko smells like World's Best or Swheat. There is dust. There isn't any. I notice this when I clean my litter boxes. There was no dust around the box. I thought the other natural litters were good for dust, but this is the best. The weight. Fantastic. The containers are light and easy to handle, even though I have a bad back. I like the cardboard containers over the plastic bags. I have an Oko subscription and I am happy now that I have package delivery people. Oko litter can be dumped out of the box and carried with less trouble than other lightweight litters. Quality control is important. I have had batches of both World's Best and Swheat. The corn and wheat products are attractive to rodents. They don't seem interested in wood. There is a Clumping is ok but not the tightest on the planet. There is a texture. It's not the same. I would mix litters for a few weeks and then continue with the Oko litter. They don't seem to prefer the other litters when they are given the choice between boxes. There are environmental issues. I don't know how this compares to other options. Corn subsidies and wheat are problematic for me. I don't know enough about the Oko production process to evaluate its impact on the environment, or any potential dangers to pets or humans during its creation or use. There are pros and cons to tracking. It's not a particularly trackable litter, but the problem is that it consists of large particles that are painful to bare feet, and you don't want the stuff anywhere near your bed. I find a lot of it sticking to my long-haired cat's backside since I'm not using the long-haired breed version. I ordered a box of the long-haired version and will review it later. Scooping. You might need to replace your litter scoop. The large particles are too large to fit through the fine scoops. There is a This is the best wood litter I've tried. This is one of the best litters on the market in terms of odor control, weight, dust, and economics. I'm still giving it five stars because I think it's better than everything else I've tried. There is a I did not receive the product for free, so this is an impartial review.

5. EcoFLEX Cat Litter Cover Table

EcoFLEX Cat Litter Cover Table

It's easy to clean up the front door. It's easy to assemble, no tools necessary. The litter box cover is multi-purpose. Plants, lamps and other household items can be stored on top. A space saver that is perfect for small spaces. Jumbo Size can accommodate a self cleaning litter box. It is resistant to the effects of humidity, cracking, and splitting.

Brand: New Age Pet

👤Five stars! Don't worry about bad ratings. This is amazing. I got a piece of furniture that had been molded that I used to protect my floor from my cat. The wood material was terrible, but I found this product. It was done in 20 minutes. There is room for the box and the spare in the standard size, and it's spacious. This product is amazing. I am surprised to see that people wrote a bad review. The company makes a single piece of the product from recycled materials. It's helpful to be able to clean the furniture and not have to worry about rusted screws. They give a 1 year warranty which shows they really care about the quality of the product. There is a The only thing I have that is a problem is the parts don't have labels on the actual part, but in the instructions it gives details pictures of what each piece is and was easy to figure out! This is a must buy.

👤The plastic is assembled with plastic "thumb screws" so that it can be disassembled and washed with water. The assembly takes about 5 minutes. I am happy with how it looks. The Breeze Litter system is very tight. The whole litter box needs to be pulled out.

👤I was skeptical about buying this because I think products that have a lot of great reviews and then don't live up to expectations are a bad thing. Omega litter box! . I moved the litter box from the bathroom to the living space because it was obvious. I know I should have measured, but this thing is awesome and exactly what I need. After some minor confusion with two pieces, I was good to go. The litter that my cat likes to kick around has been helped by the high backed litter box I have. A litter mat is a must for catching anything your cat brings outside. I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤I put this together. The top was cracked. I reported it to the company and waited for them to respond. They needed information from me and sent out a replacement for the cracked piece after I gave them the information. I was the only one who had a delay. There is a Otherwise- The piece of litter box furniture is being replaced. Even though I had a high-sided litter pan, he cats still managed to pee over the sides. There is a The jumbo litter loof was easy to assemble. Easy directions and no tools. I made a mistake and had to take a piece of it, but I'm worried about the screws. I put it in place after it was together. It's not that heavy. It is too big. I got the silicone caulk out after reading posts from people who said to seal the seams. I put double-sided tape around the sides to hold the puppy pads in place. Way too cautious! There is a I locked the sides of the jumbo litter pan after taking it off of the other room where it was located. It was perfect. I didn't want to take any chances with this litter box. Do if you're trying to decide whether or not to go jumbo. The litter box is hooded. I tried the cat pan from Cat it Design. The litter loo is too big. My cats have been using this for about a week, and I'm still loving it. Both of the cats use it. I like having more room for my stuff. The top shelf is large.

6. Dr Elseys Precious Ultra Litter

Dr Elseys Precious Ultra Litter

It's easy to clean up. Remove the disposable litter tray and throw it away. Excellent odor control. The entire box should be replaced once a month. The disposal of used litter is done in a manner that is respectful of the environment. Do not use any water.

Brand: Dr. Elsey's

👤I will never buy this litter again after ordering a bag based on recommendations from The Wirecutter. The formula has changed since Wirecutter's tests. I clean their litter box every morning. It takes a few seconds to do. I had so much to clean out after I switched to this litter. A few seconds each morning turned into a 10 minute nightmare. The urine sinks straight to the bottom. I have to chisel it off the sides and bottom of the box. The clumps are very heavy. They are too large to fit in the opening of my litter genie. Put your fists together. Imagine a third fist. That's how big the clumps are. When it gets wet, this litter will be over twice its size. You'd get hard clumps with other litter. I have to clean my litter box multiple times a day because the clumps are so large. I was happy to see I'd run out this morning so I could use regular litter again. There is a Excellent clumping/hard clumping is false. It's false to say that the Litter Box prevents Moisture from reaching the bottom. What does this claim mean? Was it used in the mechanical industry? Why would a pet owner care about that? There is a Will not break apart. The clumps are unstoppable and cause multiple chunks to fall off. Everything is made without harmful chemicals. If you are exposed to them in the wrong way, they can be harmful. It's just cashing in on a fancy term when it says something doesn't use harmful chemicals. It means nothing. Photo: I left my cats for two nights and my pet sitter forgot to clean their litter box. My cats drink a lot of water and pee a lot, which is why I clean their box daily. The entire bottom of the box was covered in a thick layer of clay sludge because there was no cleaning for 3 days. I had to chisel out the litter of the box and scrub the scoop since it was completely coated in clay. If you already hate cleaning a litter box, don't buy this litter. This litter will make cleaning more difficult.

👤Out of our usual litter, we couldn't get it in time and so we bought something else. If possible, would give zero stars. Our other litter is not very good and this is worse than that. It sits next to a litter box with one week old litter and is awful. There is a I tried to make dust. No smell from the bag. Cats prefer this texture over our other natural one that costs less. The smell of the cat peeing on the floor would be nicer. I wouldn't buy this if it made all kitty waste disappear. I wouldn't buy this with free money because of the smell. I wouldn't choose this litter even if it was free and money was given on top of that. I don't know how the ratings are doing. I'm going to buy new litter at the store. Trying to save money and time by buying something else.

7. 42036 Hammer Large Sifting Litter

42036 Hammer Large Sifting Litter

The sifting kitty litter box includes two regular pans and a sifting pan to provide an efficient way to clean your cat's litter box. It helps keep litter fresh. Lift the sifter pan to separate the dirty litter. The bottom is reinforced to hold up heavier loads. If you want to quickly clean up after your dog or cat, use a variety of waste management products. They've got you and your pet covered, from waste bags, rakes, pans, trainings pads, poop scoopers, litter boxes, and more. Petmate has been passionate about their dogs, cats, and furry friends for over 50 years. They've produced a lot of eco-friendly products that pets will love. Just for animals. Petmate makes a variety of pet products. Check out their brands such as Aspen Pet, Arm & Hammer, Booda, Chuckit!, Jackson Galaxy.

Brand: Petmate

👤We have three cats and are a cat loving family. I bought this litter box because I was fed up with the horrible litter box smell in our home and the fact that we spend so much money on cat litter. We tried a lot of sprays, powders, and scented litters, but they didn't get rid of the smell. We were tired of stepping on litter around the litter box constantly, even though we had a fully enclosed litter box and would sweep around it more than once a day. Purchase "Pine Pellet Bedding". We got a 40lb bag from Tractor Supply. Our normal tall kitchen bags work for this, so line the bottom tray with a garbage bag. The pine pellets should be placed in the top tray. You have to put wood chunks on the bottom tray under the plastic bag liner in order to make this work. Make sure the wood is thick enough to fit between the two trays. When you scoop the box, you shake the top tray around and all of the "urine dust" falls into the bottom tray. When the cat urinates in the box it causes the pellets to fall to the ground. We have been using this set up for over a week and have not had to change the bag liner in the bottom tray. There is a The best part of this set up is that you don't have to change out all of the pellets. You just add more as you need. I would have to dump all of the litter at least once a week because of the smell. We have been using this set up for over a week and I have not smelled cat urine. When the cat poops, it has to be thrown in a normal litter box. The smell of poop is worse than a traditional litter box because it does not get covered in litter. The smell of the box is better than our old traditional box because of the pine smell, but you want to get it out as soon as you can because of the smell. The amount of litter that would be kicked out throughout the day is more than the amount of pellets that have been kicked out of the box. My experience with this set up has been great. I wouldn't think about going back to the old litter box. It's ridiculous that we will be saving so much money. There is a Maybe we can get more cats? It's funny.

👤I am not the fastest pooper in the west.

👤I bought a second one for the two new kittens we just adopted because I thought this was great. It works as advertised and filters through the cat litter, but it is too small for kittens. The other cat's larger litter box which doesn't have sifting pans was the reason why they rejected the smaller litter boxes. Don't expect this to sift out all the feces. The sifting process makes smaller bits happen. Even scoopers have this problem, so it's not clear what you can do about it. Sh*T happens! Is that 2) If the manufacturers made a bigger version of this, I would buy it, but they need to stop calling it large. Adding a guard or even deeper pan would be great to keep the kitties from pushing litter out of the side.

8. Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Control

Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Control

A litter box with scoop, a pack of cat pads, and two bags of 3.5 lbs. are included in the Purina Tidy Cats Breeze XL litter box system. Your cat will get one month of litter pellets. Extra large litter boxes for big cats come in a larger size to give your cat a better experience and have high sides to help prevent tracking and keep messes contained. The Breeze system has an anti- tracking system. The floors are neat. Feet are neat. It is guaranteed. Solids stay on top for fast removal and urine is locked away in the super-absorbent pads below so there are no clumps to scoop. Absorb. Throw. It's time to replace.

Brand: Purina Tidy Cats

👤The price tag and all the components needed to make this system work made my eyes cringe. An old lady cat is one of the cats that I have. Would she give it a chance? Set up is the first step. There is a This thing is pretty cool. Bigger than it looks. They are not lying about the model being made for multiple cats. The cats can tango in it. There is a The pellets are new to me. This type of litter has never been seen before. There is a drawer for the pee pad. The liquid falls through the grate into the absorbent pad if the solid stays in the pellets. Step 2 ends with "What the heck is this, human?" There is a I put the Breeze XL next to the regular litter box. The old lady cat wanted nothing to do with it, while the younger cat was playing with it. It took a few days for pee to show up on the pad. Still no solid. I stopped refilling the old litter to encourage them to use the Breeze and moved some "solid" over from the old cat box. There is a The girls began to use the old box less and accept the new box more over the next two weeks. I stopped cleaning the old box because it was recommended. It worked. There is a I don't know what the pellets are made from, but they dry up the "solids" and eliminate the smell. I am serious. The amount of cat box smell that I notice has been reduced by 80% between the pee pad and the pellets. That is the most amazing thing about it all. The neutralization of odors. I have been digging semisolid sand for years, and I am sure most of you have as well. There is a better way to go. I gave it a try and do not regret it one bit. You won't as well!

👤This litter box has made me not want to use normal cat litter again. I only have to replace the little pellets once a week with my two cats because they don't track around my entire apartment the way regular litter does. Their old boxes were so stinky that I haven't noticed any odor. There is a That is not the reason I am writing this review. If it weren't for this litter box, I wouldn't have discovered that my cat had a serious urinary tract infection. The litterbox uses potty pads that absorb urine, and you have to replace them every couple days. I noticed blood in one of my cats urine when I replaced the pad. She was diagnosed with a bad urinary tract infection after I took her in. There is a If I hadn't gotten this box, I might not have realized my cat had blood in her urine. The product is really solid.

👤I had a good idea of what I was going to do prior to buying, so I read several reviews. I never used the supplied plastic pellets. I bought a 40 lbs bag of animal pellets for $5 at my local Tractor Supply store. When the cats pee on the pellets, they break down into sawdust. I scoop out the sifted stuff from the bottom tray and keep it in an empty container for a week. It's easy, clean and there's no bad cat pee smell. The top section is not fit into the bottom. I duct taped the top to the bottom. I can grab the top and shake it to get the sawdust to go to the lower tray. When it's taped together, this is a more stable litter box. I have a metal kitty litter scoop on the way because I broke my plastic one trying to get the sawdust down. I'm thinking of putting the whole thing in a pan and removing the tray entirely. That is just a thought. It pays for itself in no time at all. We've got 2 cats and have been using this for 3 weeks and still on the original bag of $5 pellets. Update 10/10/ 2020. The system works great, but it does smell like urine when cleaning the tray daily. The system seems perfect after I started using Nature's Miracle deodorizer. It doesn't take much and it smells good. After cleaning, just sprinkle a little. This is a great set-up!

9. Fresh Step Outstretch Concentrated Freshness

Fresh Step Outstretch Concentrated Freshness

Lasts 50% longer. Fresh Step Outstretch Advanced clumping cat litter lasts 50% longer, even in multi-cat households, and extends the clean of the box so you don't have to change litter as often. The corrugated cat litter is a containment cat litter. It is easier to keep your cat's litter box clean and smelling fresh with the 50% more waste and odor absorbed by this kitty litter. It was made with an activated carbon. Get their best odor control ever with activated carbon that fights odor on contact, creating a cleaner and more welcoming experience for your cat. SMOOTH PARTICLES ARE FORMULATED. Small particles are gentle on cats paws and help keep your home environment clean. Small and TIGHT CLUMPS are easy to scoop and stick to the box. The trademarks used by The Procter & Gamble Company are leading competitors.

Brand: Fresh Step

👤I received 37 lbs. There are two boxes of Fresh Step Clean Paws Advanced clumping cat litter for review. I decided to remove what was left of my current litter in order to start fresh with the Fresh Step, because I have 2 large litter boxes for one large cat. There was a cloud of dust when I poured the Fresh Step into the boxes. I was disappointed that the litter was advertised as being dust free. It settled quickly. I have not experienced any dust since, holding true to the nearly dust free claims. The scent of this litter is pleasant. Really nice. It is pleasant and clean, but not overwhelming, and lasts throughout the use of the litter. The ability to clump is amazing. I don't have any issues with clumps sticking as I remove them each day. The litter is very low to no tracking. There is virtually no litter spread beyond the area with a good sized mat under each box. I've never experienced this with any other brand. The weight of the 37 lbs. It lasted about a month for one cat. This is the litter I want. I just bought another 37 lbs. Highly recommended.

👤I have used litters with my cats before, but this one was the worst. They say it doesn't track, but it only doesn't track because it goes to the bottom of the litter box with a lot of water. It didn't absorb anything, it didn't clump, and it didn't dry out waste like other litters do. I had to replace the litter more often because I had to chisel the cat waste out of the box. I have two adult cats and use large boxes, not like they share one small box. I'm going back to the place where I was born.

👤I have used cat litter before, but this is worse. It was based on reviews and ratings. Pictures don't do justice. It's not absorbent, it doesn't absorb odor, and it's not low dust and low tracking, so I don't know if it was changed recently from manufacture or I just got defected boxes. I would never recommend buying again.

👤The packaging is on point. The box was approved by William H. Meowcy.

👤I live in a tiny apartment and I love this litter. The cat likes it. I scoop the entire box every day. The litter is spent once. I dump the trash into the dumpster. I can see some things sticking to the box. I use hot water, bleach and a toilet bowl brush to wash it out. I rinse well, flush the water down the toilet, and the few grains of litter don't bother me. I wouldn't flush large amounts because they would cause a sewer system problem. I change litter every few weeks. If the litter is getting older, I use Arm and Hammer Double Duty Litter Deodorizer. I like that the litter is delivered to my door, it's a lot less cumbersome. I think it's pretty good.

10. Litter Genie Cat Box

Litter Genie Cat Box

It is made of flexible plastic and can fit in small spaces. The handles come together to make it easier to transport and empty the litter. High walls give your cat privacy.

Brand: Litter Genie

👤The litter box is easy to clean and easy to handle. After 2 months, it cracked on the back side.

👤I like this box. The cat in the house, named Lady Olivia, prefers to back up in the box until she gets to the back wall. To do her job. She has peed in the nooks and crevices of her two-part box. It was nasty. The litter genie box is not like that. It has nice, sleep walls. She goes to town when she covers up her business, like M. Stewart on steroids. Not to worry about it. Cats can't litter on the floor because the walls are high. The box is easy to clean. You can grab it by the handles and bring it to a place that is comfortable for you to clean it. I'm hoping the finish lasts because so far it scoops out very easily. It was easy. You will not regret getting this box. It is the best. I don't have an affiliation with either manufacturer or Amazon. A lady who knows a good litter box.

👤The pictures make it look like it's made of a softer plastic. It's not. It's very hard plastic. It arrived covered in scratches and scuffs, so it seems like it was easy to scuffs. The time spent in the box made it bend so that the handles were not touching. It looked like a triangle. It was very narrow and had a couple of small holes on both sides. Bottom line kiddies can be deceiving and watch out for how it's shipped to you. I put it back in the box after one look and returned it the next day.

👤The walls of the litter box are badly scratched by my cat, which has been in use for 3 weeks. It will be more difficult to clean when changing litter. clumps of urine stick to the wall and bottom Too bad! I have to dig at them with a litter scoop to remove them. There were more scratches from that. There is nothing good about this litter box. How do you send a used litter box back to Amazon? Yuck.

👤The handles are the only redeeming quality. It's a laundry basket. It doesn't fit in tight spaces. The litter will go everywhere if your cat digs in it. I will use it for traveling instead of taking a large box. I can't use this as a regular litter box. There is a It depends on your cat too.

👤It's odd to review a litter box, but we have five cats and it's important to keep up with the litter. We've used litter genies for a while, and they're great, so I saw they put out a box and decided to try it. They work well from what I've seen. All of our cats like them, so we're replacing our standard boxes with these. The cats seem to like them and they're easy to clean. If litter kicks directly back towards the lower opening, it can get kicked or tracked out, but that was an issue with our previous boxes. I like to keep my litter boxes on tile surfaces as it's easy to sweet up when you're cleaning.

11. Petmate Entry Litter Brushed Nickel

Petmate Entry Litter Brushed Nickel

The enclosed kitty litter box has high walls for cats' privacy. The wide, top entry design is easy to use and has a grate to collect litter from cats' paws when they exit. There is a lid with openings. The floor is battery-free. Cats can dig and cover waste in the tall litter box. Cats exit the pan with litter falling into the pan below. A hook is included to hang your cat litter scoop. If you want to quickly clean up after your dog or cat, use a variety of waste management products. They've got you and your pet covered, from waste bags, rakes, pans, trainings pads, poop scoopers, litter boxes, and more. Petmate has been passionate about their dogs, cats, and furry friends for over 50 years. They've produced a lot of eco-friendly products that pets will love. Just for animals. Petmate makes a variety of pet products. Check out their brands such as Aspen Pet, Arm & Hammer, Booda, Chuckit!, Jackson Galaxy.

Brand: Petmate

👤The litter box is easy to clean and keeps the litter contained. My cat was able to adjust quickly. It makes it more difficult for the dog to raid the litter box, but as you can see from the picture below, it doesn't stop him.

👤I had tried everything, from heavy litter to high walled litter boxes. My cats would fling litter in ways that made me wonder about physics. The Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan was simple and had my cats in awe. The 3 of them, driven by healthy bowel movements and a strong urge to squeeze into every box ever, held a battle for who could soil this magnificent creation first. Indiana tried to throw litter and feces around the room after he won. He conceded defeat and climbed out of the box after being Exhausted and defeated. There is a There were a few litter sprinkles that made their way to the top of the Petmste, but none made it to the floor. There is a My girlfriend is buying 2 more of these. Highly recommended.

👤I was surprised to see that the litter boxes I bought were the same. The material, quality and pattern of the holes on top. The design for the bottom of the petmate was supposed to be flat, but it is not. You can get ten dollars cheaper than arm and Hammer with a brand name and color scheme.

👤My dogs would dig into my cat's litter box. My cat is 12 lbs and doesn't like small enclosed spaces. I decided to remove the lid after he didn't want to use it for a week. I gave him time to use it without the lid and then replaced it a week later, because he could jump in easily. I have noticed a lower amount of litter outside the box since he uses it regularly. There is a This is a new design. The handle bars at the bottom of the box make it difficult to clean, but they don't appear on the box I've received so cleaning is easy. Try this box.

👤It works well for my normal sized cats. It's so much for minimizing the mess.

👤Product designers should be required to use the product for a month. There is a The criticisms: 1. The lid is loose and will scare your cat. Each time I have to tape it down. 2. It is not possible to clean with a scooper when the corners are configured that way. 3. It is difficult to scoop over the pan because of the bumps in the bottom. 4. If you use the hinges to turn the lid, it will fall on the floor. You need to remove the lid and then fit it onto the hinges.

👤This litter box is not good. The area at the bottom of the box that was designed to have a handle was not put there because it made sense, but rather to force customers to buy plastic bags. I'm not going to buy your square plastic bags unless you buy their plastic liners, because this handle is not supposed to be there other than to get in the way and make cleaning your box more difficult. I'm buying a different box.


What is the best product for eco friendly cat litter box?

Eco friendly cat litter box products from Good Pet Stuff. In this article about eco friendly cat litter box you can see why people choose the product. Petsafe and Petsafe are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly cat litter box.

What are the best brands for eco friendly cat litter box?

Good Pet Stuff, Petsafe and Petsafe are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly cat litter box. Find the detail in this article. Ökocat, New Age Pet and Dr. Elsey's are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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