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1. Mrs Meyers Clean Day Multi Surface

Mrs Meyers Clean Day Multi Surface

It is easy to spray on dirt. A fresh way to clean, refresh, and remove odors from non-porous surfaces. The scent of garden-fresh Honeysuckle is sweet and has a mix of flowers and fruits. It's safe to use as a hardwood floor cleaner. Mrs. Meyer's produces cleaners that are free from harmful chemicals. Their products are not tested on animals.

Brand: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

👤I have been using this product for a long time. I have been stocking up since having a baby. In the last month, I have ordered 12 bottles of different scents. The one I use is very light and doesn't affect my baby's breathing. If you put it in a bottle, it's good to kill ants. You can spray the ants and wipe them away. We used it on our driveway to kill ants. Leave it for 5 minutes and then rinse or wipe it away.

👤I love this cleaner. Most cleaners give me a strong headaches, but this stuff is amazing. I will definitely be buying again because it works wonders and smells amazing.

👤Been using this for a long time. I thought it wouldn't clean as well as the harsh chemical cleaners I was using before, but I was wrong. My house smells great after I clean it, and I'm not exposing my family or pets to toxic fumes. I'm happy.

👤I am loving this cleaner. I have used several other scents by Mrs. Meyers and found them to be too overpowering. It can make or break products for me. I bought the Honeysuckle concentrate, which is a great deal, and am very pleased with it all around. There are no streaks when I use a damp towel to clean my black appliances. It cuts through grease on my stove top. The scent is sweet and fresh but not overpowering like the lemon verbena scent. I bought the lemon verbena toilet bowl cleanser and my husband said never again as it sticks around for too long. This really works in the kitchen, bathroom, outdoor tables and shiny surfaces. It's going to be a staple in my cleaning arsenal.

👤The smell of chemicals is finally gone. It really cleans. I had a smoke contaminated area, and tried everything, but this product takes up the bar. The dog with outstanding results is the only one I have used it on. I will never go back to the store that bought the cleaners.

👤I'm very paranoid. I like to clean. I have two dogs and my house is always clean. I like this stuff. It gets the job done, it smells good, and it doesn't hurt my nose.

👤I like Mrs. Meyer's products. I used to use hand soap for the bathroom because I liked the scent of honeysuckle. It was great to discover that there were other products from the same line. The cleaner stays works great, it cleans the counter, stove top, and the like, and it has an aromatic bonus that is clean, not harsh and not overpowering. I would recommend it 100 times over.

👤The smell is sweet, floral, and doesn't linger past its welcome. I've tried a lot of different things, but mostly it's a gentle way to wet down construction dust so that I can wipe it up without kicking it back into the air. It doesn't hurt my book covers or the look of my counter.

2. Mrs Meyers Clean Day Multi Surface

Mrs Meyers Clean Day Multi Surface

It is easy to spray on dirt. A fresh way to clean, refresh, and remove odors from non-porous surfaces. The Lemon Verbena has a light, mild scent. It's not recommended that surfaces are clothing, fabric, leather, vinyl, Linen. It's safe to use as a hardwood floor cleaner. Mrs. Meyer's produces cleaners that are free from harmful chemicals. Their products are not tested on animals.

Brand: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

👤I have never used this cleaner before. I was let down. It is not antibacterial and it is weirdly oily. I have oily streaks on my countertops. Chicken won't kill salmonella. It won't hurt your bathroom. It will not clean glass. It will make the room smell great and make any surface look streaky with the promise of fingerprints and smudges. Go for it if you like it. I don't like an organic mess in place of a chemical that cleans it. I guess it's a personal preference. There are better organic options on the market that don't have oily mess and smell nice.

👤Don't waste your money. This product does not clean, sanitize, or take away germs. We bought it after reading good reviews. We were both surprised that this product is not clean. I think people like the smell of lemon. It will not clean a bathroom faucet or get any gunk that builds up around it. It doesn't clean or shine counters or simple items. It only sounds nice. There is a It didn't clean our shower doors, they were already clean and were not even dirty. Each week they are cleaned and sanitized. It may be a natural product, but it doesn't smell good, doesn't clean, and doesn't ruin. We tried using Clorox wipes on our sinks. Wow! They are clean, filthy and shine everywhere. We tried Mrs. Meyers and it was a huge disappointment. The Mrs. Meyers product was very disappointing. It does not clean things that are not dirty. It doesn't kill germs to keep them away. The only nice comment I can make about this product is the smell. It doesn't clean at all, even on things that aren't dirty. You will notice a huge difference if you use lemon-scented Clorox wipes. They get rid of germs. We discovered how well they cleaned after shining our sink and faucets and cleaning them well. I thought that Mrs. Meyers could cost less and be clean as well. Huge mistake! Your product does not clean. Don't waste your money. If you like the scent oflemon- clean items, buy a real lemonade. The product seems to be mostly water that is lemon scented. There is a We are not associated with CLOROX WIPES or any other company or endorse any products for anyone. Don't. This product is a waste of money.

👤We love the integrity of the company that makes Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products. I live in San Diego and have ant problems even with a whole house. Mrs. Meyer's spray kills them instantly and keeps them from returning to the scent trail when they find cracks in the walls. This is perfect because I won't use pesticides.

👤I love all the Mrs. Myers products. I might be called obsessed by some. The lemon is my favorite scent. It smells clean. I want to shake her hand, but I don't know who she is. I wash all of the dishes in my large household. This stuff makes this chore enjoyable. I spray things that are already clean so I can smell them. My house has always been clean and smelled great. I burn the candles.

3. Ecover Toilet Cleaner Fluid Ounce

Ecover Toilet Cleaner Fluid Ounce

Mineral based ingredients include fragrances from essential oils. Decalcifies and freshens up stains. The bottle is made from 100% plant plastic. Not tested on animals. It's safe for the tanks.

Brand: Ecover

👤It was very bad! It smells terrible for a more natural product. It has a strong smell and you can smell it after using it. This stuff is awful if you are sensitive.

👤I can no longer say that this product has been satisfactory. There is a The smell of pine is gone. It does not clean as well. What has changed? A little research can help find answers. The ownership of Ecover was taken over by a man. The company that put the cancer-causing ingredients in the powder sold it as a "trusted" and "safe" product. The proprietary formula has been changed into something with an awful, overwhelming stench that fails to do the job it previously did. The natural cleaning line is messed up by SJ Johnson. How sad.

👤I've used it before and it has a nice scent that you can smell for about 15 minutes after you clean the toilet. It is relatively mild. There is a The smell is overpowering for about an hour. It was heard throughout the apartment. Didn't like that part. There is a I probably won't get it again because of the smell, but it did clean the toilet very well.

👤I remember Ecover using natural oils, but it seems my memory failed me. The scent of synthetic male cologne lingered in my bathroom for 24 hours after I used it. It's wonderful. It is not a natural scent or a pleasant smell, but it is listed on the ingredients list.

👤This is my favorite toilet bowl cleaner because it is eco friendly. I like that it doesn't have the strong chemical bleach products that make my bathroom smell bad. Amazon won because the store that carries it charges $6.49 a bottle.

👤Gave this one a try because I'm tired of using Clorox. The cover worked well and was better than I expected. It works quickly and removes any build up in the toilet. It means I don't need to buy any more CLR brand to get rid of calcium deposits.

👤I recommend this product. It is difficult to find cleaning supplies that are not harmful to the environment. It is easier for companies to stick to harsh chemicals in order to tackle hard dirt. The product has a strong odor even though it is more natural. I had to take off a couple stars. It is a cleaning product. I don't think this is a big deal. You probably won't enjoy the scent while you are cleaning but it does the job and your toilet will be clean after.

👤This product is easy to use. Storage is easy and not messy. The scent is so overwhelming for the first few minutes that you might want to hold off on cleaning the toilet during your bathroom deep clean. It might be hard to lose your sense of smell for a while.

👤The product is amazing without all the nasty chemicals. I've been using this brand for 3 years. You use less if you say a toilet bowl cleaner. The eco system is less damaged by these cleaners.

4. Method All Purpose Cleaning French Lavender

Method All Purpose Cleaning French Lavender

There is a canister of 70 cleaning wipes. It is possible to clean wet wipes with compost. Under municipal conditions. The power of plant-based cleaning cuts through grease. Most non-porous surfaces are cleaned. It is cruelty free. Not tested on animals. The canister is made from 70% recycled plastic. French lavender is an enchanting scent that is perfect for any chteau. Doing business with a purpose is what they are doing.

Brand: Method

👤These are wonderful! The best part is that they smell great. For someone who is sensitive to scent. Yes. I know I sound Karen, but it's not. There are head-splitting migraines. These are dreams come true. There is no strong smell of chemicals.

👤It's good to clean up dirt and dust. I don't use it for grease, but I would imagine it would work for a fresh grease spill, but it wouldn't be strong enough for a baked on grease stain. I like to use Clorox wipes to get the sticky tape off my scissors because it only takes a few touches. I have to scrub to get rid of it. Since Clorox was saved for the Pandemic, they needed them for light cleaning.

👤These wipes don't irritate your hands and I love them. I use them to clean exercise equipment, yoga mats, spot cleaning, door knobs, remotes, and light switches.

👤I loved using these instead of Clorox. They clean very well and have a nice scent.

👤These are great for small messes. These are perfect because I use the lavender cleaner. I have a tub in both the bathroom and kitchen. They work well for grease in the kitchen.

👤They do a great job on grease.

👤Absolutely love them. The cleaning power is all without the chemical remnants. Would buy again.

👤They are more safe for the environment than harsh chemicals.

👤I like the people who clean whips. They leave a nice smell.

5. Earth Friendly Products Orange Cleaner

Earth Friendly Products Orange Cleaner

One of nature's toughest degreasers is powered by orange oil. Use it everywhere. Cleans virtually any surface, including sealed stone, hardwood floors, painted surfaces, linoleum, vinyl, porcelain, chrome, marble and more. Quickly removes tough dirt, oil and grease, gum, lipstick, crayons, pencil and tree sap. There is no harsh chemicals. The formula is made without a lot of harmful substances. They promise to never use any of the nasty chemicals. 100% vegan formula. Made in a Climate Positive factory.

Brand: Ecos

👤I've never tried the orange scent before, but it smells so fresh and works just as well as parsley, which is my favorite. This stuff works on any surface, even glass, and gets it clean and shiny. I ordered them in a case of 6 and it turned out to be 3 bucks a bottle. I'm glad I can get a case online because it's not offered in every grocery store. I will never be without this stuff. Just love it! You will also be highly recommend!

👤I like this stuff. It cleans up. It's not poisonous at the same time. You can't beat that. I use it on my kitchen counter and table. Does the stove have streaks on it? After I clean it with this, I will wipe it down. I'm almost done with my 3rd bottle. I will keep buying.

👤I get this spray because I clean houses from time to time and use all the other cleaning sprays. Make it hard for me to breathe. I almost felt like I was suffocating when I used those other cleaning sprays. The smell is really nice and the sprays are much lighter on my lungs.

👤I accidentally ordered this product because I was looking for the parsley product in our kitchen. I have a go-to brand of orange products. I was willing to give it a try. The cleaning power of cutting grease, soap, general cleaning after a 3yr old, did not perform as well as other brands. The scent is reminiscent of orange peels left in an office rubbish bin. There is a I need to say something nice. A spray head was included. I would like to sign on for a monthly subscription to get this product. Nope! I hope the parsley product performs better.

👤I used this to clean skateboard bearings and they were really good at getting the dirt out. My friends bearings were terrible, they used a lubricant called WD-40, and it was horrible, they had so much grease and dirt, not even water or soap could save them. The cleaner got the job done. The scent is strong but not great for me. If you are sensitive to scent, wear a mask and let the area be cleaned. The spray bottle nozzle is garbage and can leak the product so I would suggest placing the product in another bottle. I recommend the product. It comes with two.

👤Excellent cleaner! It seems like you need a lot to clean a surface compared to other brands.

👤It's clean and has a fresh scent. This was one of the best ratings on, which makes me feel great about using it.

👤I love this cleaner. I bought it because I wanted my cats to stay off the counter. It did not work for that. It works wonders on grease. You don't have to let it soak, just wipe it away. When I first used this, I went crazy and cleaned all the windows in my house. It smells wonderful.

6. Seventh Generation Professional All Purpose Unscented

Seventh Generation Professional All Purpose Unscented

Made in a Climate Positive factory. The Seventh Generation professional all-purpose cleaner formula is USDA certified bio based. There are no harmful chemicals in their formula. It is a ready to use spray bottle with a refill size of 1 gallon. EPA safer choice product.

Brand: Seventh Generation Professional

👤I like the product a lot. The label states that it performs as listed. It's spray and wipe. I suffer from multiple chemical sensitivity and this is the only product I've tested that I can use anywhere without fear that I'll have symptoms. I like it.

👤Cheap products like Mr Clean were making me have headaches. There is a This is awesome, we searched for a cleaner that wasn't scented. There is a The floors are very clean. I noticed the floors were not as clean as Mr Clean left them. Looks like we found a new cleaner.

👤When I tried this cleaner, I was skeptical. It has worked on the house. My client is allergic to dust and mold, so this helps keep everything sparkling. It works great on floors.

👤The container and the item cam were broken. I had to clean and the delivery guy was nice. I had to keep it because of the disease.

👤We use this to clean our house. I love that it doesn't have a scent.

👤Returned because it isn't a disinfectant. It is used in school. Nope. There was no mention of killing anything.

👤The smell of the product is not offensive but it is unpleasant and I will not use it as much as I wanted. I use these types of products for both environmental concerns and my home environment. I'm sensitive to smells, and this is less pleasant than the non- professional versions, but we go through it quickly, so I was trying to save money. Quality is less than their other cleaning products.

👤I always get my bottles on time. They will probably use the same small bottles for years if they keep them in a rotation.

7. Puracy Natural Dishwasher Detergent Enzyme Powered

Puracy Natural Dishwasher Detergent Enzyme Powered

Plant-powered performance. Puracy Free & Clear dishwasher tabs are free of harmful substances. A single dishwasher Pod can quickly remove gunk without pre-rinsing or soaking. This 99.5% natural dishwasher soap can do all the work if you just stack the dishes. It is a trusted formula. The dishwasher tablets are tried, tested and trusted. The dish washer clean Pods are at the top of their game, passing many real-world tests with diverse water types, dishwasher models, and realistic usage. They believe they have created the perfect detergent to clean your dishes. Puracy dishwashing Pods are a grease-cutting, spot-free, automatic detergent that is perfect for all dishwasher safe items. These dish tabs are easy to clean because of their cleaning power. These dishwasher tabs are designed for all types of dishwasher-safe items. It is made with natural ingredients. Are you looking for a dishwasher detergent that is plant-based, cruelty-free, and biodegradable? Those who want to steer clear of harmful chemicals should check out these dish washerpods. The powerful Pods leave no trace of food stains. Keep your dishes clean with this soap. Pure Love Guarantee Puracy is passionate about creating products that are tested by doctors and PhD chemists. Your happiness is important to them. Let them know if you're not happy with any of their products. They'll give you a full refund of your purchase.

Brand: Puracy

👤I saw an ad for this brand and thought, "Hey, why not try a different natural brand?" For a long time, we used seventh generation. The first time use was a failure. I didn't read the instructions, so I emptied my dishes before loading the dishwasher. The dishwasher overflowed with suds. You are not supposed to rinse your dishes after reading the packaging. I put everything in with food stuck to it. The results were better this time. Everything was completely clean. I don't give this 5 stars because I don't like waiting for the dishwasher to fill up completely. Sometimes the dishes need to be washed in order for it to be half full. If you don't have your dishwasher filled to capacity, you cannot use this product. We keep a box of seventh generation powder for the smaller loads. I will switch completely if you make a measurable powder in addition to yourpods.

👤The first generation dishwasher packs left a film on plastic and silicone, but worked great on glass and stoneware. I washed all plastic and silicone by hand. I ordered immediately when I heard of the third generation dishwasher packs. The order was received about 15 minutes ago. I made sure I had plastic and silicone in the dishwasher. There were pieces with butter on them. I wanted a representative mixture in the dishwasher for the first run. Everything is perfect after the dishwasher just finished. No film, no grease, no cashews. Puracy third generation works better than the other two. Happy day!

👤The negative review is likely to be an outlier because the detergent components are clearly labeled. We have a mid-to-high end dishwasher that has served well and never had a problem. Puracy replaced our typical dishwasher packs because we wanted to remove all potential offending chemicals from the home. I came into the kitchen early in the morning to find water on top of the kitchen counter and a puddle on the wood floor after the first wash. It was strange because no one ran water in the sink overnight. I ran the dishwasher during the evening and walked into the kitchen to find a lot of foam coming out of the bottom of the dishwasher, and running across the floor. There was water pooling as the suds sat for a few minutes. The dishwasher was filled with suds when I opened it. This soap appears to create foam that spills out of the door of the dishwasher, possibly due to the increased pressure inside the dishwasher. If you have a Miele dishwasher, you should keep an eye on it during the first few washes using this soap.

👤This is the first time that this has happened with a different soap.

👤The best dishwasher detergent! The machine smells clean after each cycle and it does not leave any messes on our dishes. lemi-shine detergent did not clean. The seventh generation did not clean our glasses. The Puracy dishwasher detergent gets our glasses super clean, no smoothie or vitamins C or D. I have been looking for a product that cleans our dishes and is non-toxic for our family. It rinses off. There is no soap taste on utensils or drink ware. The Eco brand dishwasher gel detergent will leave your dishes worse than when they were put in the dishwasher, so don't bother buying it. It may cost more than other brands, but it is worth it because of your health.

8. Reusable Unpaper Friendly Products Sustainable

Reusable Unpaper Friendly Products Sustainable

The bamboo paper towel sheets can be used from 80 to 100 times. The paper towels will last you 3 to 6 months. Their bamb kitchen towels are great for many situations, including small spills, floor spills, dusting, house cleaning, car cleaning, as napkins and more. Their towels have a high quality texture. Each of the 20 bamboo is made of 100% organic and bio-degradable bamboo, without the addition of synthetic material. The new generation bamboo paper towels can absorb more than a traditional paper towel. The towels are strong even after being wet. They become softer and more absorbent when washed. The upgraded fabric is April 2020. They collected your suggestions to improve the product. The sheets of this roll are more absorbent and resistant than before.

Brand: Am Nolimit Trade

👤I have been impressed with the towels. I used to go through a lot of paper towels. I'm using the same one for a couple of days. I just use it and rinse it under warm water, squeeze out and hang it over my oven door handle. It dries in about an hour. It's good to go again! I use it to wipe everything down in my kitchen. My only concern is this. I used to use traditional paper towels to pat chicken breast before cooking but I was not sure if it was safe to use these. I still use regular paper towels. I think I could rinse them in hot water with a bit of soap because it's antibacterial. What thoughts are there? I use bamboo towels for everything else, even though I use regular paper towels for the chicken.

👤The description stated that they fixed the kink with the materials that were more durable. I washed these in a delicates mesh wash bag and they were basically destroyed. I only used one of the REUSABLE towels I paid for. It's really sad.

👤I thought I'd try these because they were $2 cheaper than the more expensive brand I had been buying. You get what you pay for. I have been able to wash the other brand up to 8 times before sending them to my husband. The towels were still in great condition, but had shrunk a bit, but were still in good shape, and the first wash indicated that they were not a woven baboo fabric, but one that somehow was adhering to a substrate and pieces. I couldn't reuse them. I decided to keep paying the extra for the other brand as it was worth it. This one leaves a lot to be desired when compared to other "bamboo towels" on the market.

👤First time through wash, came out with holes all through them. Paper towels are basically over priced. This is a disgrace for an eco friendly product.

👤I was looking for a more green alternative to paper towels. They work well and can be washed and reuse easily. I've been using these for about 2 weeks and I'm still on my first towel. My 1st sheet has been used to clean up food spills including a bright, concentrated magenta tea which can stain your lips while drinking. A lot of the stains can be washed with simple water, but for tougher stains, I use a little dish soap and wash it with a soft cloth. In the past, I used paper towels as napkins, but that's not an issue anymore. I'm trying to decide if I want a designated towel. I live alone so this isn't much of a problem but I can imagine with a full house, assigning towels might be difficult.

👤When I washed them, I was very disappointed because I thought I would not use as many disposable paper towels. After washing they come out missing pieces of the paper towels. They can be washed, but only if they are cleaned and thrown away.

9. Skoy Eco Friendly Cleaning Cloth 4 Pack

Skoy Eco Friendly Cleaning Cloth 4 Pack

70% wood and 30% cotton. Made of cotton and wood. A Skoy cloth can replace up to 15 rolls of paper towels. It's perfect for use in the kitchen, bathroom and office. 100 percent non-toxic.

Brand: Skoy

👤If you're looking for something that can be recycled and composted, then this is for you. I don't like them as much as the reuseable cloths. These are sponges and need to be wet before you can apply them to a spill. It takes a few seconds. The juice is slowly dripping over the edge. If you have a screaming toddler, you may understand why it takes me a few seconds to wet the skoy cloth. They are small for my needs and look gross fast. They are starting to smell bad despite being microwaved. Microwaving sponges doesn't kill the most harmful ofbacteria, it simply kills less harmfulbacteria and makes room for the more harmful ones to grow, according to an article I read recently. This is a minor bug and I think it's related to the fact that it dries all contorted and falls when dried over a towel bar. There is a I bought a dish cloth when I was overseas. I have it for 10 years and it looks great, even though it is a little threadworn. Trader Joe's carries similar dish cloths made in Germany that are tested for harmful substances. They don't need to be wet to absorb. I included a photo of Trader Joe's, my reuseable cloth, and Skoy. I won't buy again after I'm done with Skoy. My clothes will probably last another ten years.

👤They claimed to be a good alternative to paper towels. We decided to order a set and live with them for a while, then leave a review. We're still going strong on the first two of the set, seven months later. The cloth is as absorbent as can be, if I spill a small or large amount, they seem to be able to take it all. They absorb even more after they are squeezed out. If they are completely dry, we can just use the corner and the water will suck right away. After the second month with these, I realized we had gone all the time without finishing the roll of paper towels. We were in the kitchen. I use one of them for washing dishes, and they are a bit squishy, so I can get into all of the nooks and crannies for an excellent job of hand- washing glass and ceramicware as well as cutlery. I don't know how these things are put together, but they haven't torn or broke apart despite the fact that all of our dishes are hand washed with this item. There is a Spot cleaning spills on the floor are done with the other one, sometimes with a scrub needed if something was spilled but not noticed until later. It picks up the debris and sops up the liquid. It cleans with a squeeze of soap and a few squeezes in the hand. If the sales are slow it is only because the product is so well made that it lasts a long time. There are two more that I have in the cupboard that are unused, and there are a couple of months left in the ones currently in use. If you are looking for a long- lasting and hard-working product that will reduce your reliance on paper towels and dish sponges, look no further. The Skoy Eco-Friendly Cleaning Cloth is worth a lot.

10. Swedish Dishcloth Cellulose Sponge Cloths

Swedish Dishcloth Cellulose Sponge Cloths

250 eco friendly napkin paper towel Their Swedish dishcloths for kitchen and bathroom cleaning pick up spills and splashes like magic. Paper towels are reuseable. This Swedish dishcloth can be thrown in the wash after use and it will be good as new. These kitchen dishcloths can be used for scrubbing or drying dishes, cups, mugs, sinks, tubs, and showers. You can get 10 dish rags in your choice of blue, grey, lime, pink, purple, watermelon red, white, yellow, or assorted colors. The color packs shown are based on availability. When wet, the dish cloth becomes soft to the touch, and it's not too hard to clean when dry.

Brand: Swedish Wholesale

👤The product was marketed as "Made in Europe". The marketing on their site says "European Made - Don't settle for low quality Chinese alternatives!" The over-use of the word "Swedish" leads you to believe that they are from Sweden. I am ok with buying from any European country because they all have high labor standards, pay reasonable wages, place a lot of importance on sustainable practices, and maintain high standards to protect the health and welfare of consumers. The package that arrived said it was made in Europe. There is a package in China. What?! How is a product that has been sent half way around the world to be put into a plastic bag? You can't put the cloths in a plastic bag where they are manufactured for less money than shipping them to the other side of the planet, not to mention the environmental cost. The dish cloths are expensive. I am happy to pay a higher price to buy from a country that has good business practices. I have the feeling that something is not right here. The fact that China is involved in any capacity makes me angry because I was looking for a product that was free of China. I ended up doing business with China at European prices. Not good! Not good at all!

👤It's much better than all cotton dishcloths because they are absorbent, easy to wring out after use, and can be used to wash dishes. They don't stink. I threw them in the washing machine and hung them up to dry, but I didn't put one in the dryer until after I'd gotten home. It was at least an inch smaller. "Maybe if you run water on it, it will get big again!" my husband said. I ran water over it and it came back to its normal size. If you want, they can be put in the dryer. I am very happy with this purchase and recommend them.

👤I don't understand why people like these. They are stiff and awful. They stain. They don't dry flat and look wrinkled when they are dry. The purchase was the worst of my life. If I could, I would return them. I kept trying to convince myself that I liked them. Terrible. You can save $18 by buying a 6 pack of white wash rags from Target.

👤I feel they were misrepresented. I searched for products made in Sweden. These came up. I was disappointed when I saw nothing in the product description to indicate they were made in China. Maybe the country of origin was disclosed, but I didn't see it. After the Chinese dog food debacle a few years back, I don't allow Chinese products in my kitchen. These will be returned.

👤These are weird, but not bad. They are not as flexible as regular kitchen towels. You can tell they are a weird hybrid. They leave nothing behind. The color makes it look like I'm using hospital sheets to wipe my counter. They are dry to sheets that refuse to lay flat after washing per manufacturer instructions. They're not bad, but they're not usable for some purposes. I like to lay out a clean paper towel for spills in the morning. I intended to use these instead. After washing, they are so weird you can't even place a spoon on them. There is a They are not bad for general purposes and have washed well. If you use a rough towel, keep an eye out for bits falling off. When they get grungy, we throw them in the compost bin. I won't buy these again. I expected them to be softer for the price. It's very expensive for what you get.

11. Sapadilla 101656 Rosemary Peppermint All Purpose

Sapadilla 101656 Rosemary Peppermint All Purpose

All of the surfaces in your home are safe on multiple surfaces. There are nice little eco-cleaners that do nice things for you, your family and the earth. The liquid eco-cleaners are fragranced with only essential oils. The products that are created by Sapadilla are non-bioaccumulative. Animal testing on any of their ingredients or finished products is not condoned by Sapadilla. Almost every hard surface in your home can be cleaned with a liquid super cleaner. Works wonders on walls, floors, kitchens, and more. The revitalizing duo of pure peppermint and Rosemary pack an oh-so fresh punch, while a touch of orange adds to the blend. The final touch in this heavenly blend is a warm clove. The revitalizing duo of pure peppermint and Rosemary pack an oh-so fresh punch, while a touch of orange adds to the blend. The final touch in this heavenly blend is a warm clove.

Brand: Sapadilla

👤I try to keep my home as natural as possible, and my go-to cleaner is always watered down. I mix it with baking soda. The problem with this is no matter how thorough I am with my cleaning, there always seems to be something leftover. There is always a trace of it laughing at me and my futile attempts to rid my kitchen of it. I couldn't find the ingredients listed on the Amazon page when I saw this product. When I have a lot of children with random allergies, I find it hard to find what isn't in it. I found the list of ingredients after I went to the website. It wasn't bad. The nice thing about the website is that they show the ingredients and what they are used for. It is not something I would consume on a dare, but there is nothing that will harm my kids when it comes to cleaning. I ordered this to try it out because I knew it was ok and not toxic. There is a Each night I clean my kitchen and prepare sourdough bread for the next day. I cleaned the area where I prepare my dough after grabbing my solution. The counter got really clean while I was wiping it. It was clean. I wiped my stove top down. That also got clean. Everything was very clean tonight. This smells better than the stuff. I started to clean the front of the oven after cleaning my stovetop. Then inside the oven. I fell into a hole to clean my kitchen. The dishwasher is shiny, the countertops are clean, and the sink is sparkling. It is just clean. It smells good. I am not talking about a strong smell or a nice scent, I am talking about a subtle mellow nice scent. It is fleeting. I am sensitive to chemical smells and this makes me happy. There is a I decided that I really like this. It makes cleaning less of a "elbow grease and weird smells" event and more of a "WOW, this smells nice, I think I'll clean everything" event. I am excited to see what other products are produced by Sapadilla, as my kitchen is now clean, the smell is pleasant, and I am excited to see what other products are produced. I need to make that bread.

👤I bought this product from a different company and I love it. I was very excited when I saw the product in Amazon, but this product is different. The bottle is the same, but not as thick or concentrated. The seller and product were very disappointing to me. I don't recommend it from this seller.

👤I already have a spray bottle with the same scent, so I bought this refill to refill it. I can add a little water and it will last me a long time. This is a refreshing scent that is fresh and peppermint-forward, and it has a less strong scent of Rosemary. I have been using this on my countertops, in my sink, on my wooden cabinets, and even around my house in other areas and have no problems with it staining or marring any surface, and it leaves a great scent around my house. There is a Since it is concentrated, it will last a long time, and the price is reasonable. I use this mainly in my kitchen, but I would also use it on my floors if I wanted a bright clean scent. I only use this scent in the kitchen, but I have the same scent in my handsoap. I love the scent of the handsoap in the bathroom and would buy the cleaner in the same scent. There is a There has been no spills or drips with the items I have ordered. I will purchase again from this company. I would like to thank you for reading my review.


What is the best product for eco friendly cleaning products refill?

Eco friendly cleaning products refill products from Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day. In this article about eco friendly cleaning products refill you can see why people choose the product. Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day and Ecover are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly cleaning products refill.

What are the best brands for eco friendly cleaning products refill?

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day and Ecover are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly cleaning products refill. Find the detail in this article. Method, Ecos and Seventh Generation Professional are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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