Best Eco Friendly Coffee Cups 12 Oz

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1. Eco Products EP CC16 GS GreenStripe Renewable Compostable

Eco Products EP CC16 GS GreenStripe Renewable Compostable

We want to make sure that their plastic cups are easy to manage and even easier to recycle so that they can add them to your recycling bin for quick, easy, eco-friendly disposal. Compostable, 16-ounce cold drink cup made from renewable resources. A smart alternative to a party cup. The standards for compostability were set by D6400. Comes in a case of 1,000. Don't expose to direct sunlight or hot temperatures for extended periods of time. Don't expose to direct sunlight or hot temperatures for extended periods of time.

Brand: Eco-products, Inc

👤Many of the cups were damaged. We had to toss a lot out because we needed them. The cups are not consistent in size, and the lids don't stay on, even after a new sleeve of cups. Try to be eco-friendly but cups that are faulty are costing me a lot and upsetting customers when they try to drink.

👤They were still holding their ground despite the heat and hold up great. They were used for my booth at the Hispanic festival and people loved the fact that they were compostable. If I ever run out of the leftover cups, I will definitely purchase these again.

👤They only sell these with matching lids because they don't fit cups. It's so annoying.

👤I put a sleeve out of every purchase I made of these cups. I tried to get a reply from the seller.

👤These cups are used for drinks. They are eco-friendly, and that makes them even better.

👤These are just as good as any good quality plastic cups. Buy these if you can afford it.

👤Work well! It keeps beverages cold. We use them in our cafe. They are compostable and I love it! The writing allows for great advertising of such. For the price, it is a great substitution for crappy.

👤We normally purchase these cups directly from Eco-Products but found ourselves in a pinch and needed them quicker than they could send them to us, so I ordered 1 case from Amazon to get us through until our normal order arrived. When these cups arrived from Amazon, each sleeve was short 1 cup, and the rest of the sleeves were cracked. The cracked cups made the entire sleeve useless. I am not happy with these cups. I would like to get a refund but I don't think that will happen.

👤Me gust el producto, aunque todava es un producto caro.

2. Disposable Beverage Suitable Kitchens Shops(khaki)

Disposable Beverage Suitable Kitchens Shops%EF%BC%88khaki%EF%BC%89

Their cute cups are made to last a long time and are of the highest quality. It's a great cup to hold your little ones in as they grow. Their value package comes with 25 packs of premium paper cups. Enjoy a cup of coffee, hot cocoa or warm tea in disposable paper cups. These sturdy disposable paper hot cups can be used by office workers in the office, or at home, for some birthday parties, etc., and can also be used in coffee shops. You can use a clean cup every time without washing if you put a stack in your favorite places frequently. The paper coffee cups are easy to clean up and recycle. It is convenient and better for the environment. Premium Paper disposable coffee cups provide a leak-resistant inner lining that provides firm, reliable use with even hot coffee, tea or any drink. The rolled rim is strong and rigidity. Paper cups can be used for hot and cold beverages. It can be used to hold food. It is suitable for many occasions, such as dinner, lunch, party, barbecue, gathering, supermarket, family, office and other.

Brand: Baldcc

👤Hot and cold drinks can be made with cups. Sturdy and doesn't absorb liquid for a while. I reuse it when I drink water.

👤I served hot spicy vine outside. They did a great job but should have more cups in the pack.

👤The cups were stuck inside the other. You had to use two cups because you couldn't pull them apart.

👤Didn't know how small they were. They worked. They were easy to hold my coffee.

👤They work, but I thought they would be wider. Very strong.

👤I had a party idea and it was perfect gold.

👤They did the job and looked like it.

👤The cups were worth the money.

3. Disposable Paper Coffee 100 Pack Premium

Disposable Paper Coffee 100 Pack Premium

The brown color adds a sense of authenticity. The coffee cup set is perfect for the home, office, cafeteria, and more. The cups and black lids are coffee themed. The set is perfect for hot drinks. Paper cups are durable. A green solution. Paper disposable cups are the responsible, disposable solution for both cold and hot drinks. The items in this kit were designed to be a cut above the rest. The poly-coated cups feature a rolled edge for reduced condensation and improved insulation, as well as travel lids for improved portability. Coffee is a necessity and you should save it. Don't let this pack of coffee cup sets run out of stock.

Brand: Shop Square

👤I spilled hot coffee down the front of my shirt when I first used this cup and lid. When I felt the lid snap, I trusted that it was locked into place. It had not. I found that empty cups and lids don't lock in place. I decided to write a review after spilling coffee three times. I hope I can help one person.

👤I usually use one cup all day. It is almost impossible with these cups. The cup will collapse when grabbed because the rim swells up making it impossible to put the lid back on. This is the first time I have had a problem with any other brand of cups. Will not be buying again.

👤The holders don't fit perfectly, but these are the best cup's 12oz I've found. I brought other brands that were double layer's but they leaked and I returned them. This is my set of 6. I'm going to stick with his brand because it's worth the price.

👤When you grab the coffee out of the cup holder in your car, the lid comes off.

👤This is the most leakproof disposable cup and lid we have found.

👤The covers were all over the main bag. I don't know what's going on with them or why the bags were open, so I won't use them. I had covers left from a purchase that didn't fit the best but they will do.

👤I like using these to save money, instead of buying coffee.

👤The heat goes through the cup.

4. Count Eco Friendly Biodegradable Compostable Coffee

Count Eco Friendly Biodegradable Compostable Coffee

Their disposable coffee cups are ideal for on-the-go drink options, great for serving coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and other hot or cold beverages. A good choice for parties, birthdays, weddings, office functions, etc. Eco-friendly Compostable Paper Cups are great for hot and cold drinks. PLA lined paper coffee cups are fully compostable, so no one will leave a mark on their planet. Unbleached paper. These cups are made from natural paper. These are the natural dyes for beverages. Ultra thick paper. The cups are leak- resistant and made of specialty thick paper. The rolled rim fits all standard 90mm lids and provides extra strength and firmness to the cup.

Brand: Comfy Package

👤The only purpose of a cup is to hold the liquid. There is a The cups are leaking out of the bottom.

5. Disposable Compostable Stirrers Integrated Biodegradable

Disposable Compostable Stirrers Integrated Biodegradable

All of their products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If their product doesn't meet your standards, they will give you a full and prompt refund. There are certifications for bioCUPS, LIDS, and stalkers. Their product is Compostable and free of any petrochemical derivatives, which is why it has been certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute. The integrated shearling design of their BIOCUPS gives you 2X more insulation capacity and eliminates the need for a separate sleeve which means lesscluttering to carry. Every cup makes a difference, and you can use them for every day. Show your support for BioCUPS! The LeAK-PROOF experience is a good one. Their cups are double-lined at the seams and have secure fit lids. The BIOCUPS are guaranteed to provide a mess-free drinking experience. Make your morning ecology eco-friendly. Their cups can be used with coffee makers and espresso machines. They are also great for cold drinks.

Brand: Lb Living Balance

👤I like to treat my team with coffee when I host meetings. We have a very progressive mentality and taking cups that are compostable is always a plus. I love that these cups come with everything you need in one place, so that's one less thing you have to carry. These cups look great! They give off a very sophisticated, progressive look and feel sturdy in your hand. Once this corona crisis is over, I will take these to my work meetings.

👤I've made a conscious decision to avoid plastic and Styrofoam since last year. I've bought cups from other brands before, but I can say with certainty that Living Balance has the best quality I've seen. I found their cups with bagasse lids and immediately loved them - they look chic, modern, elegant, and earth friendly. The texture of the bagasse on the cups and lids is a nice touch that shows they come from plants. I have been using these cups for a week and they are meeting my expectations. If you're looking for a high-quality, earth-friendly product, look no further.

👤Since I became aware of how much humans impact the environment, I've been trying to find a balance between efficiency and eco-friendliness in my daily routine. The right efficiency and eco-friendliness are achieved by these cups. They arrived in a box with information about compostability and had cups in separate packs. There is a The bagasse lids fit nicely over the cups and allow me to drink my coffee without worry. The bagasee lids give the whole cup a very "earthly" feel and look, and have earned the praise and interest of several of my colleagues. The green cups are stylish and convey the message "Earth is in our hands". There is a The integrated sleeves work well at keeping my coffee hot and my hands cool, and eliminate the hassle of carrying a secondary sleeve. Living Balance products continue to earn my loyalty. I recommend these cups and all of their other products, I hope they keep coming up with new ones.

👤Impressive cups! I bought it because I don't want to carry my cup all day. I am surprised at how well these cups hold up. I left my coffee in here for 2 hours accidentally and the cup did not fall apart, it was double layer so it kept my drinks warmer than a paper cup. It doesn't need the extra cardboard sleeve on the outside, which is nice, but it is not as firm as a Starbucks cup. The tops are a bit more firm than the cup. There is a This is the first time I've ever used a cup made of compost, and I would buy these again.

👤The cups are worth a few extra dollars. It feels more eco-friendly to drink from them. I've been using them for over a week and they are very sturdy. Go for them!

👤I found these to try after searching for green cups. They are great quality. They are quite thick. I had to put them on a shelf. I love them! Caps stay on so no more spills!

6. Compostable Disposable Earths Natural Alternative

Compostable Disposable Earths Natural Alternative

The disposable paper hot drink cups are made with a poly coating lining. The hot beverage cups stay warm and prevent them from getting soggy. The hot cups are very economical and can be used again and again. The bamboo coffee cups are made from sustainable, renewable, and fast-growing bamboo fiber. Earth's Natural bamboo cups are made from bamboo. They meet the standard. Home composting time may vary from home to home. Earth's Natural compostable bamboo paper cups are unbleached, plastic-free, andBPA-free. Not recommended for use in microwave oven or oven. ENA's Premium coffee cups are designed to hold hot liquid like coffee, tea, hot chocolate, hot boba tea, bubble tea, etc. There are OCCASIONS. The coffee set from Earth's Natural Alternative is fully compostable. They are strong to hold for a long time. bamboo's natural and beige color is reflected in cups. It's perfect for daily use, home use, office use, commute, and rustic or elegant theme parties. The two people are Dixie and the other person. ENA's compostable bamboo cups are comparable in size and strength, but reduce carbon footprint, reduce single-use plastic, decrease waste in landfills, and reduce harmful residue in the environment. Save their planet. Better for you, better for the Earth.

Brand: Earth's Natural Alternative

👤The cups did a good job. I was worried they wouldn't hold up after having liquid in them for hours but everyone at our party liked them and even after one of the little kids chewed the top edge of her cup, it still held up very well!

👤Sturdy cups that can be composted. Not adding to a landfill is great.

👤We bought these for those times when we can't use our coffee mugs, but don't want to contribute to the landfills. These are large and sturdy for hot or cold beverages. I will be buying more.

👤The sip lid is weird and uncomfortable to sip out of. The cups don't have heat retainment.

👤It was very thick and sturdy. The brown color is nice. It's a good choice and I would recommend it.

👤Excellent product. What was needed in my classroom. We are environment friendly.

👤They should be used daily. I don't have to carry my coffee very far because they get warm once filled. I reuse a cup throughout the day. They can hold up for two to three cups.

7. EcoSmart Recycled Georgia Pacific 2342R Sleeves

EcoSmart Recycled Georgia Pacific 2342R Sleeves

This cup is designed for both parties and everyday use. The bulk size of 100 pack of cups and lids will last you a long time. America's first hot drink cup is made of post-consumer recycled fiber. It is possible to recycle and recycle after use, made from recycled corrugated containers. Paper cups make ordering and storing drinks more efficient. If you are drinking with a hot beverage, use a sleeve. The 100% Recycled Fiber Hot Cup is visually unique. appealing The same lids fit 12 and 16 ounce cups. Over half of patrons are more likely to return to an establishment that serves beverages in the ecosmart 100% recycled Fiber hot cups. The majority of consumers say it's. It's important for restaurants to use disposable packaging.

Brand: Georgia-pacific

👤Not insulated. When it's not insulated, stop advertising. The true insulated cups are the PerfecTouch. It is still hot to the touch. I bought this for my place that has a few handicap people. I will not buy this again. It's a good thing this cup is 16 ounces, because our coffee maker make 12oz max, there's a little bit of space at the top to hold the cup, still not good for handicap people.

👤They are ok if you drink water fast. While holding the cup, you can burn your hand. The cup is weak because it absorbs the contents. Coffee cups are a waste of money.

👤These slides off the stack. It's a small thing. Many other brands take a long time to tug. They are not slippery in the hand. I left a syrupy drink in the cup overnight and had no leaks. They fit well in small spaces. These cups are great value. It's perfect: recycled and recyclable.

👤Excellent value and cups are both great.

👤It is made of recycled fiber. Yeah!

👤This is a good product. Very sturdy and recycled.

👤Great cups, great value for money, but need 2 or sleeve not to burn.

👤It's like to ecology for an item to not be prepared for damaged cartons and leaking cups.

8. Paper Coffee Disposable Improved White

Paper Coffee Disposable Improved White

Coffee is a necessity and you should save it. Don't let the 50-pack of grab-and-go coffee cup sets run out of stock. Classic white color displays well in any setting, and this package contains 12oz 100 count disposable coffee cups. It's ideal for water, juice, coffee or beverage. The disposable paper cup is made of thick paper and has a film inside. The paper is more resistant to compression. The film can be eaten. They are a professional paper cup factory. The hot cups are 100% food safe. Coffee cups are great for travel, party, drinking, and more. It's not necessary to clean for your life. Providing satisfactory products and services are their eternal pursuit. If you have a question about the paper cup, please contact them. Their factory is 20 years old. You can get a surprise if you contact them.

Brand: Racetop

👤I noticed a strong chemical smell when I opened the bag. The smell of the product is not like anything I've ever experienced before. I can't think of anything that smells similar to acetone or a newly-opened can of paint. The smell is strong. I've never had cups like this before. There is a The cups leak easily. There are thin strips of sealant material on the side of each cup, which can easily be swallowed, and can flop around and break off into your drink. There is a I am concerned that the cups may not be safe to drink from.

👤The cups are thin. You have to double up to hold the cup without burning your hand if you use hot liquids. The cups were partially crushed by the thin paper. I don't recommend this for hot beverages, but it could be good for cold drinks.

👤It's a great option for our at home business where we give our clients free tea and coffee. Hot cups in bulk. The cups are thick enough that you don't need a sleeve to hold them. Highly recommended.

👤We have 12oz cups. 12oz cups are okay. There is a We needed 12oz cups for Amerimissos and The Cappuccinos.

👤The cups don't fit in a 3.5 lid. They are very hot and flimsy. I used them for coffee cups and they were a flop.

👤I don't like that any to go cup lids don't fit on these and just pop off as soon as you push down and let go of the lid. You have to buy them with the lids or you can use them alone.

👤The cup is strong and good for cold and hot liquids.

👤It is hard to find a good price for paper hot drink cups. These arrived in perfect shape a few days ago.

9. 24oz Pack Biodegradable Cups Lids

24oz Pack Biodegradable Cups Lids

It is great for store owners and on the go. This paper hot cup is perfect for your home, office, coffee shop, bistro, concession stand, or kiosk. A bulk pack of disposable hot cups will ensure efficiency. These to-go coffee cups are great for serving up coffees, lattes, cappuccino's and more. Made From Plants is a pack of 50 plants. Their cups are made from plants. Take them to the compost facilities. These cups are great for drinks. Reusable straws are great, but are a pain to carry around. The sip holes in their cups are the right size. You can grab one in the morning as a smoothie cup. Tumblers are good for the Earth, but washing them adds time to your day. Why don't you use a cup made from renewable resources? Take their cups with you to work and school. It's perfect size and convenient. The strawless sippy lids have a 98mm diameter top that can be taken to go with you and no mess. You can make a smoothie right into these disposable cups with the Blend Friend. You'll save a lot of time if you don't have any mess. The convenience of smoothie cups with lids has never been better. The Blend Friend is compatible with some models. They can be found on Amazon.

Brand: The Blend Friend

👤I have been looking for cups that are not made from fossil fuels. I use these cups for my smoothie when I travel to work and the lids prevent spills like other products I have used before. They are made from all plant based materials.

10. AmazonBasics Compostable Laminated Paper 100 Count

AmazonBasics Compostable Laminated Paper 100 Count

Providing satisfactory products and services are their eternal pursuit. If you have a question about the paper cup, please contact them. Their factory is 20 years old. You can get a surprise if you contact them. Compostable in commercial facilities. Appropriate facilities may not exist in your area. It's ideal for serving hot beverages. Made of sturdy white paper. The design is easy to use and saves space. Backed by a limited warranty from Amazon.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤Amazon didn't tell you where these are made. They are being used for seedling started in peat Pods. I put some dirt in the cup along with the seedling that has at least 2 sets of leaves and let them grow up before planting. I wouldn't drink out of them unless they were thoroughly washed.

👤Better to wash glaes and jut as good.

👤The coffee cups are good.

👤It's possible to make ice cups in the freezer by filling them half way and then freezing them, but it's not as sturdy as my flask that keeps water cold all day.

👤The "AmazonBasics Compostable PLA Laminated Hot Paper Cup, 8 oz., 100 Count" paper cups are useful to have around. The cups are made of paper. They are good for coffee or tea, but also good for cold beverages. If I have guests who would like some hot coffee, they may not use my old stained and cracked ceramic coffee mugs. The solution is provided by the Hop Paper Cup. They are neat and clean and do a good job of containing coffee.

👤These are small cups. They don't leak. They don't get wet on the bottoms. Over the course of about 12 hours, I have used one with ice to drink cold drinks. There is a They are small for coffee and hot chocolate. If your hands are cold, that can be a good thing. They are also compostable.

11. Insulated Ripple Disposable Parties Corrugated

Insulated Ripple Disposable Parties Corrugated

Easy to drink from, dishwasher friendly, anti-scald technology. Convenience culture is friendly to the environment. They can end single-use plastic together. These cups are hard to pull apart. Triple-wall white paper cups insulated two-layer corrugated keep drinks at the perfect temperature and eliminate the need for sleeves or double-cupping. These paper cups have a textured surface that makes them a better grip and a better feel in the hand. The paper and black lids are made from food grade paper. 100 sets of cups. The paper cups are microwave safe, perfect to take your coffee, tea, or favorite beverage to-go, the best choice for everyday use.

Brand: Springpack

👤I bought these cups for my wedding to avoid embarrassment of cups leaking, my boyfriend made a test for them at extreme temperatures with 5 hours, no leaking occurred, will update my review and order more and more for daily uses after the wedding.

👤Paper cups are an eco-friendly choice as they are 100% compostable, and I can throw in the trash or recycle, since I don't have time to wash my mug after drinking my coffee. I think I have depended on the craft paper cups the first time, they are easy to grasp and feel better on hands, and they are made from paper.

👤I used the paper cups for the hot chocolate bar at the Christmas party. They are the perfect size to hold hot chocolate. The children were not allowed to add too much whipped cream and topping. No one burned their hand because they were well insulated. They were easy to pull apart and remake the stacks. The size of the cup fit under the spigot of the hot water dispensers made it possible for the dispensers to stay on the table.

👤I received these paper coffee cups today and I really like the S-Ripple textured surface on them. I don't need sleeves or double-cupping. I put my coffee in the microwave for 2 minutes when it got cold, because the cups and stirrers were packed separately. The paper cups have exceeded my expectations.

👤I have purchased the best cups over the last year. I have tried many. These are my favorites. I really like these cups, they are thick and strong and hold some seriously hot coffee, and they are easy to separate from each other. If you let leftover coffee sit in the cup for 4 or so days, they won't leak. They protect your hand from the heat of the piping hot beverage. Excellent cups and lids for the price, more than I expected.

👤The cups are large enough for large crowds. It's like having a built-in sleeve on a hot cup because cups are very sturdy. I like the look of it. They protect your hand from heat without a sleeve. It's a good size for guests in our office, but not a lot of coffee. It looks nice and does the job. --

👤They are very thick and sturdy, and I like to serve my coffee in them. After each use, I remove the corrugated outer layer to use in paper crafting, and share it with other crafter.

👤The cups are made of coffee cups with lids and will not leak. I love the color of the cups. It's easy to separate the cups. Don't let the temperature get too hot outside and keep my drinks in the right temperature. They will be my new go to cups when I run out.


What is the best product for eco friendly coffee cups 12 oz?

Eco friendly coffee cups 12 oz products from Eco-products, Inc. In this article about eco friendly coffee cups 12 oz you can see why people choose the product. Baldcc and Shop Square are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly coffee cups 12 oz.

What are the best brands for eco friendly coffee cups 12 oz?

Eco-products, Inc, Baldcc and Shop Square are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly coffee cups 12 oz. Find the detail in this article. Comfy Package, Lb Living Balance and Earth's Natural Alternative are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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