Best Eco Friendly Coffee Cups Bulk

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1. EcoSmart Recycled Georgia Pacific 2342R Sleeves

EcoSmart Recycled Georgia Pacific 2342R Sleeves

This cup is designed for both parties and everyday use. The bulk size of 100 pack of cups and lids will last you a long time. America's first hot drink cup is made of post-consumer recycled fiber. It is possible to recycle and recycle after use, made from recycled corrugated containers. Paper cups make ordering and storing drinks more efficient. If you are drinking with a hot beverage, use a sleeve. The 100% Recycled Fiber Hot Cup is visually unique. appealing The same lids fit 12 and 16 ounce cups. Over half of patrons are more likely to return to an establishment that serves beverages in the ecosmart 100% recycled Fiber hot cups. The majority of consumers say it's. It's important for restaurants to use disposable packaging.

Brand: Georgia-pacific

👤Not insulated. When it's not insulated, stop advertising. The true insulated cups are the PerfecTouch. It is still hot to the touch. I bought this for my place that has a few handicap people. I will not buy this again. It's a good thing this cup is 16 ounces, because our coffee maker make 12oz max, there's a little bit of space at the top to hold the cup, still not good for handicap people.

👤They are ok if you drink water fast. While holding the cup, you can burn your hand. The cup is weak because it absorbs the contents. Coffee cups are a waste of money.

👤These slides off the stack. It's a small thing. Many other brands take a long time to tug. They are not slippery in the hand. I left a syrupy drink in the cup overnight and had no leaks. They fit well in small spaces. These cups are great value. It's perfect: recycled and recyclable.

👤Excellent value and cups are both great.

👤It is made of recycled fiber. Yeah!

👤This is a good product. Very sturdy and recycled.

👤Great cups, great value for money, but need 2 or sleeve not to burn.

👤It's like to ecology for an item to not be prepared for damaged cartons and leaking cups.

2. Härthwood Paper Coffee Cups Lids

H%C3%A4rthwood Paper Coffee Cups Lids

Cone cups are great for arts and crafts, as well as desserts and baking projects. Harthwood's coffee paper cups with lids 12 oz. are the perfect way to sip your coffee at the office or in the morning. Enjoy your coffee, hot cocoa, and more. Don't worry about leaks when drinking your hot brew. These cups have perfectly rolled rim at the edges which creates a compact seal to prevent spills. Coffee cups can't retain temperature for more than a few minutes. Poly-Coated coffee cups are better for insulation and temperature retention. What makes these 12 Oz white paper hot cups stand out? They are here to make sure your coffee experience goes smoothly. Sturdy cups, black dome lid and corrugated sleeves are included in the package. Preserve Public Health is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint. By using disposable white coffee cups with lids daily, you can help preserve Public Health and protect the environment for future generations.

Brand: HÄrthwood

👤If you buy these, don't say I didn't warn you. They seem to be good quality materials. The lids don't stay on when you use them. If you don't want to drink with a kid on top, the lid will pop off and the hot liquid will spill down the side of the cup, burning your hand. It will spill all over you when you drink. It's good to know not to drink out of them in my bed. Looking at them, they seemed to be great. I don't like having hot drinks spilled on me.

👤I bought these cups for the waiting room. These were the most affordable I could find because our typical supplier was out of stock. I sat for 8 hours straight with no issues with coffee leaking. They held up well in the microwave a few times. I was happy to see that they fit in to our dispensers that we haven't been able to use in years. There is a We still have a lot of lids left that fit our suppliers cups perfectly, even though the office went through them in 3 days. These worked out well for us. If need be, I would buy them again.

👤Excellent hot drink cups. The plastic lid is sturdy and easy to fit on. There were no problems getting a tight seal. The corrugated sleeve fits perfectly on the cup and with a little push stays on around the middle. It adds more insulation than a thin paper sleeve because it is corrugated cardboard. Everything is recycled. If you want to personalize the cup and sleeve, this is a great way to do it.

👤The cups are really sturdy and don't cut your lips. I like the covers. The cups are fine. The cardboard cuffs take the ink from a rubber stamp very well. My logo looks great. You have to be careful not to push the cup too far into the cuff or it will rip on the folded seam. This is a great set. A little pricey, but good.

👤The cups, sleeves and lids are included. The kids like to use the lid on the cups, but I mostly use the cups and sleeves. The set contains fifty of them. They are twelve ounce cups and perfect for hot chocolate or coffee. The sleeves keep your hands from burning. The cups are white and the sleeves are brown. They are great to keep in the coffee bar area.

👤I bought these cups to use in the morning. And for my business. I usually start my day with a cup of coffee. I used my morning saver because I get behind on starting my day. The cups and sleeves absorb all the heat, and the lid stays on the cups with no leaks. The cups have five thumbs up. I will purchase more when I finish these ones.

👤The top pops off too easily, making it easy to spill all over the car. Which was not the goal. The kids were going to get hot chocolate when they bought these. They look great. The lid can be released by grabbing the cup. If they don't stay on and help to not spill when drinking on the go, there is zero point of a lid.

3. Pack Disposable Hot Cups Insulated

Pack Disposable Hot Cups Insulated

The smooth rolled rim of the cup gives rigidity and makes it leak- resistant. The disposable coffee cups 16 oz will keep your beverage hot. The ideal insulated disposable coffee cups will let your hot beverage warm from the first sip to the last. Do you feel uncomfortable with paper coffee cups that offer minimum insulation? No need to wear sleeves. Fit Meal Prep's travel coffee cups have double layer rippled construction that makes them safer for kids. 50 pack disposable insulated cups is a great deal. It can be used as hot drink cups, hot cocoa cups, hot chocolate cups, or disposable tea cups for your food truck, cart, cafe, bistro, or restaurant. Each insulated ripple cup is manufactured with superior ingredients that follow strict food safety and quality assurance. FMP's 16 ounces coffee cup is the perfect size for enjoying a hot beverage. Fit Meal Prep's hot coffee cups are made with brown paper that is recycled. The manufacture of this insulated coffee cup follows strict Good Manufacturing Practices controls.

Brand: Fit Meal Prep

👤I like the cups. They keep a hot drink hot for a long time. They are stacked to other cups. If you have achy hands like I do, you won't enjoy squeezing, turning and pulling, twisting and yanking to get yourself a cup. She doesn't want to come off a stack. I'm Grrr. Happy days are here again when it finally happens.

👤Great cups. When you use these, they are thick enough not to burn your hands when you drink hot coffee or tea. They are not easy to separate from each other, so we have people touching everyone else's cups to get them apart. I separated them all with gloves on so others didn't need them.

👤I used to be at a wedding reception outdoors. Everyone was impressed with the look of the cup and how their hands didn't burn while holding it. Our tropical theme was perfect with white tablecloths, green napkins, palm leaf plates, green leaves, white flowers and mercury gold glass candles.

👤The disposable coffee cups I was looking for were great. The color is gold. It is not too big or too small. I don't think anyone got too hot carrying their hot beverage to their table. A+.

👤The ridges make the cup easy to hold and the heat doesn't burn your hand. The multi layers of insulation are very good. I'm happy it's available in the 8oz size. I would recommend it.

👤I liked the look. Liked it a lot. Liked the shade. I didn't like the way they stuck together. I don't know if I compressed them inadvertently or if they came like that. Some were difficult to separate. I would buy them again.

👤These cups are great. It's easy on the eye and hand. You have to be old enough to get this.

👤I can wash and use it again when I go on short trips. Very strong.

👤The cups hold a hot beverage.

4. Pack Kraft Paper Coffee Cups

Pack Kraft Paper Coffee Cups

Paper cups can be used for hot and cold beverages. It can be used to hold food. It is suitable for many occasions, such as dinner, lunch, party, barbecue, gathering, supermarket, family, office and other. The package is 8 ounces. The hot coffee cups are from the 300 Pack. The rim is rolled for rigidity and strength. It's thick paper wall makes it great for hot coffee cups, hot cocoa cups and hot tea cups. It is suitable for a wide range of beverages. 100% safe and healthy. Enjoy the rich brown color, it adds personality, authenticity and a natural feel.

Brand: Comfy Package

👤The cups are hard to pull, but the color is right, and that was important to me, even though it was frustrating to want a cup that was hard to pull. I can reuse one of these cups many times before I have to recycle them. I'll buy them again.

👤Does not collapse when gripped. May need to double the cup for hot drinks. We reuse the cups. It's easy to have all sorts of other gadgets for holding hot cups.

👤Who wants to clean oatmeal out of a dish? I like the fact that I don't have to use a lot of scrubbing to clean my oatmeal, and I use a nice sturdy paper cup like I do, so I use these cups for oatmeal.

👤The cups need to be crushed to be used. Crazy amazashi.

👤I still use disposable cups for coffee. There have been a lot of leaks, either from the seal on the side or from the bottom. I will not be buying them again.

👤Everyone avoids these cups because they require two cups at a time in order to comfortably hold hot coffee. There is no protection from the heat. I didn't want to order these again because I wanted to avoid foam or plastic cups.

👤I bought these for my classroom. Kids were always looking for cups when the fountains were turned off. I found this to be one of the best values for cups that can hold both hot and cold beverages. They hold up well.

👤I like that they hold 12 ounces of liquid. Some are not fixed.

5. Compostable Disposable Earths Natural Alternative

Compostable Disposable Earths Natural Alternative

The disposable paper hot drink cups are made with a poly coating lining. The hot beverage cups stay warm and prevent them from getting soggy. The hot cups are very economical and can be used again and again. The bamboo coffee cups are made from sustainable, renewable, and fast-growing bamboo fiber. Earth's Natural bamboo cups are made from bamboo. They meet the standard. Home composting time may vary from home to home. Earth's Natural compostable bamboo paper cups are unbleached, plastic-free, andBPA-free. Not recommended for use in microwave oven or oven. ENA's Premium coffee cups are designed to hold hot liquid like coffee, tea, hot chocolate, hot boba tea, bubble tea, etc. There are OCCASIONS. The coffee set from Earth's Natural Alternative is fully compostable. They are strong to hold for a long time. bamboo's natural and beige color is reflected in cups. It's perfect for daily use, home use, office use, commute, and rustic or elegant theme parties. The two people are Dixie and the other person. ENA's compostable bamboo cups are comparable in size and strength, but reduce carbon footprint, reduce single-use plastic, decrease waste in landfills, and reduce harmful residue in the environment. Save their planet. Better for you, better for the Earth.

Brand: Earth's Natural Alternative

👤The cups did a good job. I was worried they wouldn't hold up after having liquid in them for hours but everyone at our party liked them and even after one of the little kids chewed the top edge of her cup, it still held up very well!

👤Sturdy cups that can be composted. Not adding to a landfill is great.

👤We bought these for those times when we can't use our coffee mugs, but don't want to contribute to the landfills. These are large and sturdy for hot or cold beverages. I will be buying more.

👤The sip lid is weird and uncomfortable to sip out of. The cups don't have heat retainment.

👤It was very thick and sturdy. The brown color is nice. It's a good choice and I would recommend it.

👤Excellent product. What was needed in my classroom. We are environment friendly.

👤They should be used daily. I don't have to carry my coffee very far because they get warm once filled. I reuse a cup throughout the day. They can hold up for two to three cups.

6. AmazonBasics Compostable Laminated Paper 100 Count

AmazonBasics Compostable Laminated Paper 100 Count

Providing satisfactory products and services are their eternal pursuit. If you have a question about the paper cup, please contact them. Their factory is 20 years old. You can get a surprise if you contact them. Compostable in commercial facilities. Appropriate facilities may not exist in your area. It's ideal for serving hot beverages. Made of sturdy white paper. The design is easy to use and saves space. Backed by a limited warranty from Amazon.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤Amazon didn't tell you where these are made. They are being used for seedling started in peat Pods. I put some dirt in the cup along with the seedling that has at least 2 sets of leaves and let them grow up before planting. I wouldn't drink out of them unless they were thoroughly washed.

👤Better to wash glaes and jut as good.

👤The coffee cups are good.

👤It's possible to make ice cups in the freezer by filling them half way and then freezing them, but it's not as sturdy as my flask that keeps water cold all day.

👤The "AmazonBasics Compostable PLA Laminated Hot Paper Cup, 8 oz., 100 Count" paper cups are useful to have around. The cups are made of paper. They are good for coffee or tea, but also good for cold beverages. If I have guests who would like some hot coffee, they may not use my old stained and cracked ceramic coffee mugs. The solution is provided by the Hop Paper Cup. They are neat and clean and do a good job of containing coffee.

👤These are small cups. They don't leak. They don't get wet on the bottoms. Over the course of about 12 hours, I have used one with ice to drink cold drinks. There is a They are small for coffee and hot chocolate. If your hands are cold, that can be a good thing. They are also compostable.

7. Disposable Reusable Recyclable Beverage Beverages

Disposable Reusable Recyclable Beverage Beverages

The straws are a great way to reduce your plastic footprint, but straws are not the only way to reduce your plastic footprint. Life begins after coffee. A set of 100 cups. The cup is printed with bright geometric elements, which are perfect for the Home, Office, Cafeteria, Events, and more. It's much better to serve hot beverages. Let's start the day with a cup of hot cocoa or black tea. BPA-Free, Made with the Food-grade Paper and Materials was passed by the US and California. It is made with paper that is 100% recycled. The poly-coated lining resists condensation and increases strength and provides insulation for a more durable cup. To keep your cups hot and for a leak-free drinking experience, snap on the lid. It's perfect for To Go Drink. The paper coffee cups with lids are just right for your commute because of the tight and securely lid, which makes it easy to keep your drink in your cup. It's convenient to sip without having to flip the lid when you commute or drive because of the straight drinking spout and air-flow hole. Keep Warm is portable, convenient, and keeps warm. The cups with lid set are perfect for on-the-go hot drinks, from tea and coffee to hot cocoa and warm cider. No matter when you are, this coffee set will keep your drinks hot. It can keep warm for at least an hour. Eco-friendly, cost-effective and reuse-friendly. Why use disposable paper cups? It's portable, convenient and more sanitary. Isn't it not economical to only use it once? The set of 1 time-use paper cup is even stronger than normal. The coffee cup can be used multiple times. It is convenient and economical to use this for short periods of time.

Brand: Truvito

👤The hot liquids are leaking quickly.

👤It's not much to say about 100 coffee cups for a good price.

8. Disposable Recyclable Eco Friendly Chocolate Attractions

Disposable Recyclable Eco Friendly Chocolate Attractions

100% food safe, and made from eco-friendly material, strong enough to hold up hot liquid without soaking through. 100 pack of disposable hot paper coffee cups. There are 10 cups with free travel lids. Each design had a famous American local view. They have their own amazing skylines. Use these cups for festive occasions such as holiday parties, winter weddings, Christmas, New Years, banquets, travel, and everyday use. You can save money by making coffee at home. No more $5 cups of coffee. These 10 designs will show you have a sense of style, and they last all day. You should take pride in supporting a small business. Resealable bags -- They designed their lids to be tight fitting and resealable to help prevent spills and leaks, it also keeps your beverage hot for a long time. The best insulation for your beverage is in the disposable coffee cups. Premium food grade paper and plastic is non-toxic and safe to use everyday. The interior coating helps prevent leaks. It's great for restaurants, cafes, and shops because of the wide range of uses, such as bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, weddings, banquets, engagement parties, travel, and everyday use. The design is designed in the USA. The White House, Empire State Building,Independence Hall, Congress building, Harvard University, Hollywood, Golden Gate Bridge, Times Square, and the Statue of Liberty are some of the famous American skylines. The Empire State Building. It's easy to distinguish your cup. If you don't like their coffee cups, they'll give you a full refund. It is that simple. Get this hot coffee cups and lids pack of 100 RISK-FREE if you want to upgrade your coffee drinking experience. Don't hesitate to contact them if you have a problem with the item. The customer service team is professional. They support new replacements or full refunds without a fee.

Brand: Atsani

👤I like the look of these cups. I would suggest buying cup sleeves. It will burn your hand if you put in a hot beverage, but it is an inexpensive fix. I ordered 50 ct. for $6.00. The sleeves gave me the best of both worlds. Good looking to go cup and the sleeve works well and still looks good. We buy pretty cups after all that.

👤The concept is great, the look is great, but the lid pops off. I can't begin to write how firmly I push it down, make sure it's attached, and then at the least opportune time when carrying the cup, the lid pops off and hot coffee or tea slips over my hand. The pics on the cups are good, but I won't be buying them again because of the lids.

👤I was able to use these for hot cider and coffee at my son's wedding rehearsal dinner. The set was very nice. This was the second time I ordered these. When I put up Christmas decorations, I will be buying more hot cocoa for my home.

👤This set does what it is supposed to do. The cups are sturdy and easy to hold, which is why they have a 4 star on the easy to hold question. Overall, 5 stars. I have not had a leak, the lids fit just fine. Great purchase!

👤The tops were leaking because they are pretty. Quality is not so good. Won't buy again.

9. NYHI 300 Pack White Paper Disposable

NYHI 300 Pack White Paper Disposable

Enjoy the rich brown color, it adds personality, authenticity and a natural feel. The bulk pack of 300 paper hot cups is ideal for stocking up the water coolers and coffee room of your home, office, classrooms with enough disposable cups. The paper and materials are eco-friendly. The rolled rim is strong and rigidity. The paper cup is leak resistant because of the coated lining. They fit most standard coffee cup lids. When you come home, drink a cold glass of orange juice or a cup of hot coffee. The white disposable cup makes life simple. When you're done with your drink, throw it away. There is no need for mugs or glasses to be washed. This plain paper drinking cup is perfect for cafes or coffee shops that want to personalize the cup with a customer's name or message. You can use this cup for many things, including arts and crafts, decorating, and cup stacking for kids.

Brand: Nyhi

👤I bought these paper cups when I realized I was fed up with washing dishes. They are strong enough to hold coffee. The cups are great for snacks. This cup size is perfect for a quick glass of water or juices when we drink a lot of ice water. There is a If I have a used cup, I might use it to hold a hot cup of coffee. These cups are strong for everyday use. If you have company for their drinks, it's perfect.

👤The cups are not suitable for use in dispensers because they don't separate with two hands. I tried to separate them before. They are great cups.

👤A cup. It was plain white. I loved my first order. The cups were stuck together the second time I bought them. I do my own yard work. I have to pull them apart. Please fix the factory machine so it isn't compressed.

👤They were used for a school dance where either water or coffee could be put inside. They worked well. It is a perfect size to reduce waste. A clear plastic cup is not as pretty.

👤It depends on where you live. If your utility bill is too high, you can go somewhere else. I saved time and money by doing my math. I use it in the microwave to warm up food or cook eggs.

👤Happy to find a cup. It took a while to find the right size, but it is a good price.

👤It was hard to use in the cup dispensers.

👤I bought these off the reviews because they fit the standard cup holders. They did not fit in and were returned immediately.

👤I am trompée in front of ma commande, and I am retourner le produit pour un crédit. Donc pour un crédit de 42.00 $, ma coutait 47.00 $ de frais de livraison.

10. Paper Eco Friendly Blodegradable Compostable Green

Paper Eco Friendly Blodegradable Compostable Green

Better grip and protection for hands can be provided by sleeves with corrugated construction. It's perfect for writing. The materials are Eco-friendly. 100% food safe and made from paper. Convenient disposable for easy cleaning. It's ideal for home or office use. 50 count cups with lids and sleeves.

Brand: Yes!fresh

👤I used these because they claimed to be compostable and I have a vermicomposter. I pulled plastic pieces from the outside of the cups out of my compost before I could use them. It was frustrating when I researched several brands. It's Grrr...

👤I searched for plastic-free/biodegradable/wax-lined/compostable cups... These arrived inside a plastic sleeve with plastic pillows. Good grief.

👤When I placed my order, I was expecting the cups, but was pleasantly surprised to find a set that included the covers and sleeves. I don't know if the entire set is sent or not, I purchased the package of 50. We've used these on four occasions so far and have been very pleased. Even with hot liquids in them, the cups are sturdy. If the liquid is not super hot, they are comfortable to hold without the sleeves. The sleeves are a great fit if the liquid is very hot. I have put the cups in the microwave before and had no problems. The covers have not been used yet. I will update my review with that information once we do. I am happy with the purchase and will buy more once these run out.

👤I bought these as a more planet-friendly option, and they are surprisingly sturdy. The bottoms seem to give a bit when coffee is added, and you definitely need the sleeves if the drink is hot, but the lids go on easy and the seams don't show any signs of coffee leaking after an hour+. I have used one cup a day for a week and haven't had a leak. The lids don't transfer heat easily. When hot coffee hits the lid, it burns my lips because other products are so thin. That is not the case with these. I can't speak to the product's ability to stand up to either test because I haven't put it in the microwave.

👤The cups smell like perfume. I thought it was my hands or something, but they are not. I can't drink with the cups anymore. I regret buying it because I have tons of them still.

👤These are just as good as any good quality cups, but they are eco-friendly. Buy these if you can afford it.

👤I didn't want to use plastic utensils. For my birthday. I did that when I was a kid, but aren't we supposed to be past that now? I think that's correct. I used bamboo cutlerie and these cups were perfect for the cider I was serving. 5 stars. I wish they were less. A neutral color. I love green, so no complaints. That's right.

👤They say 8oz so fair that they are small. They are in a plastic sleeve that is not easily recycled. They get wet after a drink sits in there. They do work so well that they get 3 stars. I'll buy the 12oz clear ones at my local coop, they are sold in a compostable sleeve. Live and learn.

👤I like to brew my coffee at home. I want really good coffee. I like to make a few cups for my friends. It feels like we get the same quality from a coffee shop. It doesn't feel like a compromise. They have a hot jacket that keeps the coffee warm and our fingers cooler. Nothing has ever leaked out of the lids.

11. Pack Disposable Coffee Cups Paper

Pack Disposable Coffee Cups Paper

It is great for store owners and on the go. This paper hot cup is perfect for your home, office, coffee shop, bistro, concession stand, or kiosk. A bulk pack of disposable hot cups will ensure efficiency. These to-go coffee cups are great for serving up coffees, lattes, cappuccino's and more. Premium disposable cups. Classic white color displays well in any setting with the 8 oz 100 count disposable coffee cups in this package. It's ideal for water, juice, coffee or beverage. The disposable paper cup is made of thick paper and has a film inside. The paper is more resistant to compression. The film can be eaten. They are a paper cup factory with FDA certification. The hot cups are 100% food safe. Coffee cups are great for travel, party, drinking, and more. It's not necessary to clean for your life. Providing satisfactory products and services are their eternal pursuit. If you have a question about the paper cup, please contact them. Their factory is 20 years old. You can get a surprise if you contact them.

Brand: Racetop

👤I was looking for cups that were similar to what I was looking for. The cups leaked. You had less chance of leaking when 2 cups were used together. There is a Excellent customer service rating has been increased. We're going to try the cups again because they are the best cups available.

👤We stopped buying styrofoam cups at our church. These are wonderful. Our guilt has been given a rest. There is a The texture is perfect. It's not a problem to hold hot coffee. It was thick enough to do the job. We are very happy.

👤I recommend this product without hesitation. It's simplicity is beauty. I like the animal theme.

👤Me agrado mucho.

👤The cups were not what I ordered. The design is missing. I would return them. I needed them for my business.

👤They had a logo that looked like a re-sell.

👤It was purchased to use for coffee. Very strong.

👤Do not drink hot beverages. It will burn your hand. Also small.


What is the best product for eco friendly coffee cups bulk?

Eco friendly coffee cups bulk products from Georgia-pacific. In this article about eco friendly coffee cups bulk you can see why people choose the product. and Fit Meal Prep are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly coffee cups bulk.

What are the best brands for eco friendly coffee cups bulk?

Georgia-pacific, and Fit Meal Prep are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly coffee cups bulk. Find the detail in this article. Comfy Package, Earth's Natural Alternative and Amazon Basics are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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