Best Eco Friendly Coffee Cups with Lids 10 Oz

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1. Disposable Coffee Cups Lids Stirrers

Disposable Coffee Cups Lids Stirrers

Comes in a case of 1,000. The cups have tight fitting lids that make sure your drinks don't leak or spill in your car. The insulated cups keep the drink hot or cold. cups come with built-in sleeves and will never burn hands on grip. Sturdy, durable and good for your money, cups are equipped with the finest materials which make them durable. They can be used for a couple of days after cleaning. Don't waste money. These cups are made from renewable paper materials that do not harm the nature. This cup is designed for both parties and everyday use. It's perfectly enough size of 50 pack of cups, lids and stirrers will be useful.

Brand: Basalla

👤I was looking for cups to drink from. This was a great choice. It comes with whole cups sleeves, which is convenient. My hot coffee can't burn my hands. The lids make it easy to drink. Put this one inside of your mouth and it won't leak when you drink. I love this part. The material keeps my coffe hot longer. Great products. Exactly what I was looking for. Highly recommended! The quality is shown by this price point. I will stick with the best one instead of buying cheaper ones. Fix all my needs with a cup. Highly recommended. Will definitely order again.

👤I was looking for a cup that was good for my recent office event. No dripping, the lids fit perfectly. I can hold the cup without an extra sleeve. I absolutely recommend them.

👤We're probably not using these as others typically would, but I wanted to share this as you may find other people who would benefit from this. There is a My father in law is older than me. The recovery period is very hard. There is a He can't do a lot of basic things because he can't drink a cup of coffee. He used to start his day with a cup without spilling or the ability to finish it before it goes cold. There is a The cups have been good. They are easy to grip and the cup is not too hot to hold. He can keep that coffee around for a long time. There is a You have a small slot on the top of the lid to sip from, so they aren't going to spill as easily. There is a We need to get more of these. It's a good deal for the number of cups you are getting. There were a few things that were not worth bothering about. The taste of tea is slightly different than that of coffee. Milk and sugar can be stirred by the stirrers. It's an adventure trying to get a tea bag. Developing some skill in that is possible. There is a They are working out great for the reason we got them. I hope that helps anyone else who is in the same situation.

👤These are nice cups. You don't have to use extra napkins or sleeves. The cups are for hot beverages. You have to pay extra to have the rippled exterior so other cups are better for cold beverages. There is a The listing shows that they are not a problem. That is incorrect. The drinking spout is open and can not be closed. There is a The cups are nice, but they are made in China and are not the best value.

👤I saw this cup and decided to order it. Absolutely recommend this product.

👤The foam cup was strong and sturdy and the design on the cup was made to hold your hands out of the hot cup. I washed a cup and was able to reuse it, the solid and string lids cuts are very strong and build to last. I also got cups that were very good.

2. Paper Containers Disposable Storage Restaurants

Paper Containers Disposable Storage Restaurants

The straws and lid are sold separately. 50 packs of 8oz paper food cups are included. The value package saves you time, effort and money. The food containers are made of good quality material and are not easy to bent or damaged, the lids fit nicely and tight. The disposable soup bowls can keep the food nice and warm, and they are sturdy enough for hot soup. They are still the same strength after a day in the fridge. It is an excellent alternative to plastic products. The environment will not be harmed by used paper containers. The right size of disposable cups can be used with water coolers, for on-the-go hydration with water jugs, for kid-sized drinks, or snacks.

Brand: Wuadua

👤I've used them for two Christmas parties. A package of small wooden spoons, filled with chili, were tied up with red and white string and a sprig of Rosemary. They looked great. They should be put in a trail mix and tied up with string for a party. They make a great presentation.

👤I had to crush the rim of the container to get it to fit because the small lid made it hard to fit. I give these to friends and neighbors at the holidays. I have used them for a few years and never had this problem before.

👤These are amazing! I can freeze them, microwave them, and toss them. I have a subscription for them. Perfect portion sizes too!

👤The containers are adorable and advertised for liquid items and oils, but oil can leak through the bottom seal. I noticed that oil was leaking from the bottom seal of the container after 5 minutes of filling it. All of the containers had this happen to them. I would only recommend these for dry items.

👤The cups are too small for the small lids. I had a hard time fitting them. Can you imagine my guests having to remove the hot clam chowder from all over the place? I used the cups without the lids.

👤I wanted to serve a cup of soup to a church group.

👤Steel Cut oatmeal can be steams.

3. NYHI 200 Pack Disposable Sleeves Beverage

NYHI 200 Pack Disposable Sleeves Beverage

Does not fit 7 or 10 ounces. There are cups. The bulk pack of 200 paper hot cups is ideal for stocking up the water coolers and coffee room of your home, office, classrooms with enough disposable cups. The paper and materials are eco-friendly. The rolled rim is strong and rigidity. The paper cup is leak resistant because of the coated lining. They fit most standard coffee cup lids. When you come home, drink a cold glass of orange juice or a cup of hot coffee. The white disposable cup makes life simple. When you're done with your drink, throw it away. There is no need for mugs or glasses to be washed. This plain paper drinking cup is perfect for cafes or coffee shops that want to personalize the cup with a customer's name or message. You can use this cup for many things, including arts and crafts, decorating, and cup stacking for kids.

Brand: Nyhi

👤The cups are very difficult to get apart, but I like the size, the lids and the heat shields.

👤These cups did the trip and we are pleased with them.

4. Disposable Coffee Cups Lids 12

Disposable Coffee Cups Lids 12

50 cups in one package. 85 x 12 oz to go disposable paper cups, 85 x mixer, and 85 x flat lids. All types of straws are compatible with the lid slot. disposable coffee cups Styrofoam and plastic are worse for the environment. The cups should be in the microwave. They will not add to the landfills with waste. Higher quality cups are appreciated by employees, customers, and guests. The upgrade compatible lids are leakproof and are great for on-the-go or running errand. Heavy duty cups won't leak on your clothes. The paper design keeps hot coffee out of your clothes, car, or desk. Their cups are heavy duty and stain-free. The 3-layer wall insulation paper coffee cups keep your coffee steaming hot for much longer while protecting your hand from burns. It helps eliminate the need for expensive sleeves or cups with handles. This innovation is important for paper cups. They are easy to grasp and hold. The roll up rims are comfortable. They offer 100% Risk-Free Support to let you know that they stand behind their products. If you have a question or have a problem, please contact them and they will resolve it in less than 24 hours. Enjoy their product when you place your order.

Brand: Apvgi

👤I like to take coffee to work, but it's not always convenient to have cups in my car. It becomes a daily chore to wash them after I have to carry them in. I can throw away disposable cups when I finish drinking. I don't have to worry about washing. The cups are large enough for a single coffee serving. I don't end up with any spells because the lids fit nicely and are secure. The cops are double insulated and have a ripple that makes them easier to hold. It comes with a bag of straws. I am very pleased with these cups and would buy them again.

👤I was very pleased with the cups. I bought them for a party. I serve hot spiced cider and the cups I've had in the past never seem to hold up. These cups are thick. It has a good texture for gripping. They are sturdy and fit tightly. They have stir sticks with them. Excellent quality, and well worth it, is a little pricer than I usually spend.

👤The cups are for hot beverages. I was surprised to see that the cups were stable. I reheated the cup after a couple of hours because I forgot to finish my coffee while I was in the car, but I was surprised to see the cup intact, defenitely at par with other standard coffee shop cups. Overall happy with the purchase.

👤Every time, the lid leaks.

👤The cups are made from ridged material and are easy to hold in. The fit of the lids is nice.

👤Don't buy cheap leaking stuff.

👤Good cups are easy to break.

5. 120 Disposable Coffee Complete Sets

120 Disposable Coffee Complete Sets

It is best used for beverages below 120F. There is a complete 12 ounce detergent kit. It's perfect for the home, office, cafeteria, and more. Everything you need in an affordable set is in this set. 120 cups, covers, lids, and stirrer straws are included in the bundle. Paper cups are durable. A green solution. The paper disposable travel coffee mug is the responsible, disposable solution for both cold and hot drinks. All items in this kit are premium. Premium cups are poly-coated and feature a rolled edge. The travel lids are more portable. You should label your cup. The white cups and sleeves were designed with a minimalist approach in mind. It's perfect for reuse now that everyone knows which cup is theirs.

Brand: Shop Square

👤The cups and hot sleeves were great. It was difficult to get the lids on because they are too small for the cup. I had to force it on there, but it was a challenge. I used these for a small community event that I hosted last weekend, but I wish the lids were better. They could use some work.

👤This set does what it is supposed to do. The cups are sturdy and easy to hold, which is why they have a 4 star on the easy to hold question. Overall, 5 stars. I have not had a leak, the lids fit just fine. Great purchase!

👤I bought these for a hot coco bar. Good quality cups came with the package. The cups are good quality and didn't have any issues with people burning their hands, lids popping off, or cups leaking. I would recommend anyone looking for coffee or hot drink cups to buy again.

👤I was able to use these for hot cider and coffee at my son's wedding rehearsal dinner. The set was very nice. This was the second time I ordered these. When I put up Christmas decorations, I will be buying more hot cocoa for my home.

👤I served over 100 people hot chocolate. I think they were a hit. I was able to put labels on the cups. There were no complaints.

👤The cups were of good quality.

👤Some items were opened. The bag was taped together and I did not receive a full complement of products.

👤Great! Excellent quality, delivered quickly.

6. Pack Disposable Coffee Cups Paper

Pack Disposable Coffee Cups Paper

It is great for store owners and on the go. This paper hot cup is perfect for your home, office, coffee shop, bistro, concession stand, or kiosk. A bulk pack of disposable hot cups will ensure efficiency. These to-go coffee cups are great for serving up coffees, lattes, cappuccino's and more. Premium disposable cups. Classic white color displays well in any setting with the 8 oz 100 count disposable coffee cups in this package. It's ideal for water, juice, coffee or beverage. The disposable paper cup is made of thick paper and has a film inside. The paper is more resistant to compression. The film can be eaten. They are a paper cup factory with FDA certification. The hot cups are 100% food safe. Coffee cups are great for travel, party, drinking, and more. It's not necessary to clean for your life. Providing satisfactory products and services are their eternal pursuit. If you have a question about the paper cup, please contact them. Their factory is 20 years old. You can get a surprise if you contact them.

Brand: Racetop

👤I was looking for cups that were similar to what I was looking for. The cups leaked. You had less chance of leaking when 2 cups were used together. There is a Excellent customer service rating has been increased. We're going to try the cups again because they are the best cups available.

👤We stopped buying styrofoam cups at our church. These are wonderful. Our guilt has been given a rest. There is a The texture is perfect. It's not a problem to hold hot coffee. It was thick enough to do the job. We are very happy.

👤I recommend this product without hesitation. It's simplicity is beauty. I like the animal theme.

👤Me agrado mucho.

👤The cups were not what I ordered. The design is missing. I would return them. I needed them for my business.

👤They had a logo that looked like a re-sell.

👤It was purchased to use for coffee. Very strong.

👤Do not drink hot beverages. It will burn your hand. Also small.

7. Eco Products World Renewable Compostable EP BHC8 WA

Eco Products World Renewable Compostable EP BHC8 WA

You should make your morning ecology eco-friendly. Their cups can be used with coffee makers and espresso machines. They are also great for cold drinks. Compostable hot drink cup made from renewable resources. It's good for coffee and other hot liquids. The coffee cup is traditional. The standards for compostability were set by the ASTM. Comes in a case of 1, 000. Comes in a case of 1, 000.

Brand: Eco-products, Inc

👤Wanted something that was more friendly to the environment. The cups are reasonably priced, hold enough content, and will not ruin the planet for our children.

👤Nice cups! Reminder that eco-friendly products are good for the world, near and far, because of the design on the outside. We use them for coffee at church and they work well for that purpose, so there's no need for a coffee sleeve or double-cupping, which wouldn't be very eco-friendly if trying to use minimal resources.

👤The cups have a world map design that you can think about while dealing with hydration. It's fine with water or coffee.

👤cups that protect from heat There are no harmful ingredients such as plastic or foam.

👤The cup is very hot to the touch.

👤I liked the product. I was a good price for the amount we received. When we need more cups, we will buy these again.

8. Green Direct Plastic Bubble Smoothie

Green Direct Plastic Bubble Smoothie

The tight seal helps to prevent the leaking near the cup's Rim, and it also prevents spills from the liquid and ice. 100 plastic cups with lids are perfect for Flat lids and are disposable cups. It's easy to throw away after use. Perfect for all occasions, the ice coffee cups are durable. The plastic cups do not absorb liquid. Iced coffee cups with lids are great for drinks and juices. The straws are not included in the plastic coffee cups with lids because they only have a straw slot for best drinking results. The plastic cups have a bottom diameter of 2 inches and top diameter of 3 inches and height of 4 inches, it's great as plastic tea cups or smoothie cups with lids without any spills.

Brand: Green Direct

👤I needed a cup that we could hold and not tip. The base of some cups is so narrow they can tip. You pick up the cup and feel it in your hand. The lids will pop off easily. Not these! I am very happy. The lids are tight and solid. The cups are flexible but not strong enough to crack. It won't tip because it's well proportioned. My 9 year old son is rough on everything. These cups are great. I like to drink and toss. It's much easier. This review is honest. I did not get paid for it. Sharing on my own. Thanks.

👤I don't like writing negative reviews, but I'm afraid the cups. I received it. It was a poor disappointment. The cups were not able to be snapped onto the half of the lids that were not usable. The cups are sturdy and work well when the lid is on. If I wanted just little plastic cups, I could get them locally and be able to pay less for them. It's disappointing that you're buying these for the LIDS.

👤I read that the lids were flimsy. I've tried the 9oz and 30oz. I squeezed the glass and picked them up from the top, placing my fingers under the lid to keep it on. I use them for my smoothies. If you wanted to, you could hand wash them. I hope the quality stays consistent on future orders.

👤My wife is a patient of the therapy and it is difficult to track her fluid intake. The cups were the perfect solution. She only has six cups of fluid a day, so we let her know when 4 have been used that she only has enough for the rest of the day. The cups have an open section to stick a straw through, which is great. These cups are great for our grandson as they are only half the size of regular cups and they are easy to open.

👤You can use these for a bake sale.

👤The cups/lids that I received look like they never went through any quality control. Some of the cups that I received were not flat on the bottom, and some of the wrong lids that I received were not properly made so they did not snap over the cups. I'm only 5 cups into my pack of 100 and I'm not optimistic about the rest. I wouldn't order it again. There was an amendment on 09/07/2020. The cups/lids may have been damaged due to the final packaging. I think they shrink wrap the plastic with heat, which warps the plastic cups.

👤I don't want to be a negative nelly, but I want you to be aware. I put water in this cup. I saw a few things in it before I drank. I think it was a bug. The color was cream. I regret not taking a picture. I threw out the entire pack because I was so shocked. I did not want to take my chances. There is a The pack had 2 cups in it. There is a I didn't see anything in the cup when I put water in it. It looked clear. It was possible to see what was in it with the water in it. If you serve anything out of these cups to guests, I would recommend double-checking them, as they may not be perfect. There is a If you don't mind drinking dead bugs, then you're good to go!

9. Dixie Beverage Assorted Designs Disposable

Dixie Beverage Assorted Designs Disposable

The top diameter is 3.58", the bottom is 2.4" and the capacity is 15 ounces. The package contains a variety of different textured designs for the cups and lids. Their snap-on lids are leak-resistant and perfect for on-the-go and convenience at home. The cups feature PerfecTouch technology, which insulates both hot and cold beverages. Most single-serve coffee brewers have datememe to go cups. One tree is planted for every tree used. The cups are made from plant-based material. Cup contain no foam.

Brand: Dixie

👤I didn't want to believe the reviews on "leaks" but sadly there are some cups that leak and some that are just fine. These cups are cute. I use these cups for my coffee in the morning but they keep leaking, so I might have to replace them. There is an update on 12/2020. I said I was not going to buy any more of them. I couldn't find any better cups when I came back. I really like these! I have not had any leaking problems. I think they listened to the reviews. There is an update on February 17/2021. So now, its 2021. I subscribe for monthly packages, I still use these cups. I have not had a leak since I bought these. We all love coffee here at home. These are used multiple times a day.

👤I had been buying different cups for a long time. I switched to the Amazon Choice cups after they switched them to be there. I've learned from my mistake of following Amazon Choice. They were just looking for the best deal. Coffee drips out of the cup and onto my shirt on my first day. I thought I put the lid on. I have to pay to have 3 shirts and two pants dry cleaned and one ruined shirt after 30 days. They don't seal well and the cups leak liquid even when the top is on. I don't know which makes me angry, that I kept using the cups, or that I assumed Amazon would have thoroughly screened these before calling them Amazon Choice.

👤You can subscribe and save on these cups. We have been ordering these cups for a long time. The first few cups have packs of holes in the bottom of them. This has led to a lot of messes because we don't always notice.

👤We have ordered these cups many times. Almost all of the cups leaked after a short time filled with coffee. The cups would leak at the bottom if they buckled at the weak point.

👤I can't give 5 stars BC because the coffee in my cup is pretty cold after an hour in the car. I'm a slow coffee drinker. I have poured coffee all over me and/or inside my car while getting in and out of my car, which really sucks, because the lids seem cheaply-made or poorly put together. I commute in the mornings. I was looking for something disposable that would keep my coffee warm for my son and I could just throw the cup away and not worry about the cops. The knock out yeti's for $8 at Walmart are amazing at leaving beverages hot for hours, so once we've used all of them, I will probably switch over to those for our daily routine and just continue to search for a better quality.

👤These are great! This particular deal is very good. I use these every morning and have not had a spill yet. Make sure the hole on the lid is opposite of the seal line on the paper cup when you put it on. The cute little messages on the coffee cups are what make them so cute.

10. Eco Products World Renewable Compostable EP BHC10 WA

Eco Products World Renewable Compostable EP BHC10 WA

The collapsible wooden handle makes your coffee break more comfortable. Compostable hot drink cup made from renewable resources. It's good for coffee and other hot liquids. The coffee cup is traditional. The standards for compostability are from the American Society for Testing and Materials. Comes in a case of 1 000. Comes in a case of 1 000.

Brand: Eco-products, Inc

👤The cups worked. No worries, no leaks. There is a The proportions on the cup seem off. It looks like a small soup cup. I didn't see the proportions on the page before I bought it. There is a The bottom line? It worked out well. I bought them for the kids to use with our coffee pots to serve themselves coffee or hot water to make tea, cider or cocoa during our exams week. I liked the weird size because I could see if they were drinking the free hot drinks or buying drinks from the faculty lounges. I would buy this size again for the hot drinks.

11. Oz Double Wall Insulating Coffee

Oz Double Wall Insulating Coffee

Coffee cups with lids and sleeves with corrugated construction provide better grip and protection for hands. Print-free appearance is ideal for writing. There is no need for a salve. Coffee cups with double-insulated walls will keep drinks hot and drinks cool while being comfortable to hold in your hand. The coffee cup set is perfect for the home, office, cafeteria, weddings, and more. These coffee themed cups and bright white lids are a great way to celebrate your coffee drinking habits. The set is perfect for hot drinks. Paper cups are durable. A green solution. Paper disposable cups are the responsible, disposable solution for both cold and hot drinks. The items in this kit were designed to be a cut above the rest. The poly-coated cups feature a rolled edge for reduced condensation and improved insulation, and the travel lids improve portability. Coffee is a necessity and you should save it. Don't let the 50-pack of grab-and-go coffee cup sets run out of stock.

Brand: Shop Square

👤It is a plain cup, but everything is good. I thought it was going to be a black cup.

👤I ordered 20oz cups so I can put in 12oz of coffee. This is the first time I've ever bought this brand and it was much cheaper than another brand I've been buying on Amazon. I've read reviews about leaking, but I've used at least 10 and no issues. The lids are secure and go on easily. I haven't had any pop off since I was put on. They are the thickness of coffee places. The package has cups in one part of the bag and a sleeve in the other part. I would recommend them.

👤These cups were really nice. They are sturdy and could be used a lot. Nice design and lids fit well. Will definitely order again.

👤Great product. Sturdy, attractive, good price!

👤Great product! It worked well for a church function.

👤I like that these hot cups are portable and sturdy.

👤Good cups are sturdy and can be used a couple more times.

👤The cups are strong. The lids are very good.


What is the best product for eco friendly coffee cups with lids 10 oz?

Eco friendly coffee cups with lids 10 oz products from Basalla. In this article about eco friendly coffee cups with lids 10 oz you can see why people choose the product. Wuadua and Nyhi are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly coffee cups with lids 10 oz.

What are the best brands for eco friendly coffee cups with lids 10 oz?

Basalla, Wuadua and Nyhi are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly coffee cups with lids 10 oz. Find the detail in this article. Apvgi, Shop Square and Racetop are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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