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1. Downluxe Lightweight Alternative Reversible Comforter

Downluxe Lightweight Alternative Reversible Comforter

It is easy to wash separately in a washing machine. It was tumble dry. Do not use bleach or iron. The Queen Down Alternative comforter set includes a bed comforter that is 88 inches x 92 inches and a pillow sham that is 20 inches x 26 inches. The pillow sham has 2 inches of space. The 100 Percent brushed Microfiber fabric is a premium fabric that provides extra soft, comfortable, fade resistant and Wrinkle resistant. Popular design. The filling of this Solid Comforter Set is less likely to rip or tear because of better stitching. The comforter set is perfect for all seasons. The best way to bluff is with the following tips: The comforter set is machine washed. The machine wash has cold water. Air under sunshine to dry, or tumble dry in low heat. There is no return of unprofitable businesses. The Downluxe Reversible Comforter Set is a great gift for a loved one. If you have a suggestion for the best solution, please contact them.

Brand: Downluxe

👤This is the perfect weight for me because I am a really hot sleeper and it keeps me warm. I have had this for many years and still love it.

👤This is a very lightweight comforter, perfect for summer or a hot climate. I can't sleep without a blanket but the combination of these 90+ degree summer days and having my bedroom at the top of the house means tossing and turning and waking up sweaty. This is light and not heavy enough to add much warmth. It was perfect. There is a The turquoise sheets match the color of the picture perfectly. I like the fact that it can be changed up without much effort.

👤I bought this comforter for my daughter. The quality is beyond my expectations and the value is unparalleled. The microfiber is warm and comfortable and the diamond stitching keeps the filling where it should be. The reversing capabilities are a plus even though I didn't think about them at the time. My daughter's hair is easy to clean from this fabric. The comforter has proved itself over the last 2 months, so I'm planning on buying one for my guest bedrooms as well. The comforter is one of the smartest purchases I have ever made, because I consider myself a smart shopper and look for quality in deals. No regrets!

👤I got this comforter for my daughter's room. She thought she was all grown up and was ready to upgrade to something a little more "not baby" in her words. I was a fan of the design. I like the grey and white colors. I am a huge fan of this. I like the side that is more white and it goes well with her furniture. It's a cute design. There is a I am happy with the comforter. It's soft and cute. Since I swapped to the down comforters, I have been a huge fan of them. It's easier to wash than traditional comforters. It seems to be made to last. It's cool because it isn't too hot like some others. We like to keep our house cold at night. I like how big it is. I prefer my comforter to fit over it. It's what I was looking for and I would recommend it to others.

👤The material feels like a sleeping bag and is the reason I knocked off a star. The pattern is cute and the stitching is good. Overall I like it. I like that the king hangs over the side of my bed.

👤I was wondering if it would be too thin for my liking or if it would be rough. We've had a horrible winter so far, so it's been a little colder than I'm used to, but this comforter is perfect. I love that it's changeable. I can't speak on whether it holds up after a wash, so I will add to this review on that front. It will be a lot softer once washed, not that it's not soft now.

2. Bedsure Pieces Queen Size Light

Bedsure Pieces Queen Size Light

The machine wash is gentle with cold water. Air dry or tumble dry. Their comforter is easy to care for. Warm and Fluffy is ideal for getting sturdiness without sacrificing softness. This queen comforter set is made from 100% microfiber. A fluffy comforter is created by a cloud-like down alternative filling. One side is gray and the other is light gray. The queen comforter set will make your bedding look better. It pairs well with pillow shams. The bed skirt completes the look of the comforter set without exposing any space underneath the bed. The diamond pattern quilting design prevents the fill from shifting or clumping. The pillowcases have an inside hem that is designed to keep pillows in place. A fitted sheet with a deep pocket can pull over any mattress up to 14" deep. An additional layer of comfort and protection is created by a flat sheet. The Bedsure bed can be washed in a bag of cold water on a gentle cycle. The Bedsure Bed in a Bag Queen includes a comforter, bed skirt, and fitted sheet. It is recommended to hang out the bedding set in the sun and gently tap it for increased fluffiness since the bag comes in vacuum-sealed packaging.

Brand: Bedsure

👤There was a knife in my comforter. I would imagine that a defect happened during manufacturing. This is my first ever review on a product on Amazon and I wanted to raise awareness of this company to double check their product before packaging it because of a dangerous defect. If I were to order it again, I would be happy, but the safety issue inside of the product is unacceptable. Imagine if kids were playing with a comforter. Very dangerous.

👤Just arrived. The color is not the same as the picture shows. It feels very comfortable. We'll see how it holds up in the wash.

👤We were looking for a comforter set that didn't cost an arm or a leg. Our dog likes to pull the cover off. We chose this set because we found a few and were happy with it. The comforter is not too thick and keeps you warm. The comforter and sheets are very soft. I would buy this brand again.

👤Is the bed in a bag? It's like a dream in a bag. There is a Every night, the bed in a bag set is of the highest quality. There is a The sheets and comforter are very soft. After a long day at work, my husband looks at the bed with distane from our old comforter set, how disappointed he was. There is a My husband comes home happy with the new gray bed. He gets a full nights rest. Our day starts off slow because of the gray coloring. Just right. There is a Some steaming is in order. It gets a bit hot during the winter. I received it a few days ago and I see some issues with the pillow cases. There is a The thread is coming undone. It still feels great, but it doesn't look as good. I only had it for a month.

👤This comforter is light gray. I like how it has diamond stitching so that the polyfill stays in place. The dust skirt is not the same as the white one. I have a white one that is used for that and a gray one that is used for that. The sheets are soft and pale gray. I made a curtain with the top sheet.

👤You can't go wrong with the price. The comforter is light and would be better suited for the warmer months. You can't expect a perfect stitching at this price point. My daughter loves it and it was for her bedroom.

👤I try not to leave bad reviews, but I am very disappointed with this product. I was excited to get a new bed after trying different ways to fit it on my king size bed, but it turned out that this was a queen fit. I own a queen size bed in my guest room and I wanted to be sure that I was not mistaken, even though the paper said it was a king bedding. I'm almost happy that it didn't fit, because there is nothing exciting about this product. It is very plain. I am not looking forward to dealing with this item, I have to go through all the trouble to return it. Period.

3. APSMILE Luxurious European Comforter Ultra Soft

APSMILE Luxurious European Comforter Ultra Soft

We care about their customers and take pride in providing an enjoyable shopping experience. If you dislike your purchase, they will give you a full refund. Do not hesitate to contact them. They will answer your questions on 7/24. There is a 3 fill weight option for the Queen, King, and Twin sizes. The Queen size feather down comforter is 90x90 inches and 46 Oz fill weight, it provides medium warmth without compression, the best choice for all seasons, use it no matter the weather, and it is made of feather down. The collection for bedroom, guestroom or hotel bedding is good. Their premium duvet insert is filled with highly fluffy feather down, which can absorb sweat when a person gets too warm, and cooling the person down, also trap a body. The ultimate comfort is created by the combination of soft and bulkiness. The morning begins bright. The feather down comforter shell is made of 400 Thread Count poly-cotton blend fabric. Breathable, plush and silk touch give you a noiseless and super cozy night sleep. Aesteiron is a leader down feather and bedding manufacturer with 36 years of experience. They design new products that are tailored to a consumer's unique and personal ideals of what they want in a good night's sleep. You can use their comforter with confidence. The gift bag is for storing the comforter. The cotton package bag can be used as a gift. Give this feather down comforter to a friend or loved one and they will receive their newest favorite cuddle. They are reliable. Buy with confidence from the factory brand.

Brand: Apsmile

👤Ask what you were expected to. This is one of the lightest options out there. If you live in a warm area or someone who sweats at night, this is a great option. Would buy again 10 times.

👤The pic has a cover over it. You can tell this is a cloud. There is a Light weight is still warm. Perfect filling within the boxed stitching. I was a bit weary when I took it out of the box. I put it in the dryer for 15-20 minutes to fluff it up. I have never written a review on Amazon and now I'm taking time out of my day to do so because... I've been looking for a duvet insert for a long time because I wanted it to be light and fluffy. I finally found it! I wanted to avoid having to buy and return one since it's hard to not be able to touch it in person. I'm very happy with my purchase and can't wait to get into bed. I wanted to help others since these previous reviews helped me so much, but I had other duvet inserts in my cart.

👤Very soft. I gave it a 4 stars for weight because of the use to the Eider down. We have ever owned or felt the most soft outer shell. It is light enough to not be called heavy. It's great for year round temperatures. It's very much recommend to others.

👤This comforter is medium weight and I like heavy ones. It is very soft and fluffy. I've read about similar products and the stock picture is not quite what I've seen. The smell out of the box is nice. Those contain both feather and down. I like my purchase and would recommend this product.

👤We bought a comforter a month ago and are very happy with it. Give it a long time to get used to it. We would shake the blanket and it would work perfectly. The comforter is made of white, soft material. Purchasing a size up is recommended. We like the overhang on our bed, we purchased the California King and have a queen. We were very happy with our purchase.

👤I love this! An older down duvet bit the feathers. Everywhere... Put it in the dryer for 15 minutes to fluff it up. And it was wonderful. The stitching is done nicely and should last a long time.

👤This comforter is amazing. Over the course of a year, I have been trying to find one that was not too expensive. I went to buy one at Macy's. I saw the price tag. I am not going to spend that much money on it. I started researching. I found this one. And it is perfect. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a nice comforter.

👤It was received in the mail quickly. Absolutely love the blanket. Excellent material. I live in Florida. It's the right weight for our hot climate.

👤I am very pleased with the piece of furniture. I did a lot of research before buying this. I compared the weight, fill power, and thread count of various high priced duvets at The Bay and also checked the ikea store. This one was a lot cheaper than the high priced ones at The Bay. I put it in the dryer for 30 minutes after spraying it with fabric softener and water. It was very fluffy. The product was fast shipped and I am happy with it. Let's see if it will hold up during the Ontario winters.

4. Bedsure Comforter Alternative Cationic Lightweight

Bedsure Comforter Alternative Cationic Lightweight

Easy care. Regardless of whether you need a queen size, a king size, or a twin size, they should be easy to clean. All of the duvets in this collection are machine washed and dryer safe. The Bedsure cationic comforter is filled with 300 GSM 100% polyester and has good puff to keep you warm and cozy for all seasons. The comforter can be used as a comforter itself or as a duvet insert. Keeping the comforter in place is helped by the durable stitching design. The brushed cationic dyeing shell has a simple yet classy double-color visual effect, and fits various type of decoration adds more beauty and coziness to your bedroom. It's suitable for sleeping naked. The queen comforter set comes with one comforter and two pillow shams. The machine wash is gentle with cold water. Air dry or tumble dry. Their comforter is easy to care for.

Brand: Bedsure

👤This was very nice. I tried my best to steam out all thewrinkles as much as possible because I know it will look better than the way it was vacuumed in the box. It is the same as pictured. It was soft and perfect for the weather as it gets hot for the summer. My cat is also fond of it. I would recommend this to others.

👤I tested it out over the weekend and am ready to give a review. It's a great comforter. It is very soft and silky. When it came out, it was flat as expected. Whenever we get new sheets and blankets, we always wash them. We washed it in hot water in the washer and then bought the grey crosshatch patterned Amazon microfiber 16” inch deep sheets here. After the load was done in the washer, I hung the comforter up and let it air dry for 15 to 20 minutes. I dried the new set of Amazon sheets on high heat under the Sanitize setting since it is a setting of my dryer that uses intense heat to kill off anything that could possibly be on the sheets. After drying the sheets for 15 minutes, I put them in the dryer and let it cool off for five minutes. There are a lot of reviews about the issues if you dry the comforter in high heat. I decided to dry it on a low heat setting. I shook it up to see if there were any spots that weren't getting dry. The cover needs to be put back in for a final 20 minutes. It was dry and fluffed. A nice density and fluffiness. The bed set is great and goes well with the grey crosshatch sheet set. Good reviews from me.

👤I love this comforter. I was skeptical because it was in a small vacuum sealed package, but once I opened the seal it puffed up. I have never had a comforter like this before. It is difficult to find because it is large enough to hang over both sides of the bed. I would recommend this to everyone.

👤This set is suitable for a married couple. It's light and soft but might be too thick for warmer nights. The appearance and softness appealed to us, but the quality after washing decreased. The instructions state that drying in a dryer or out in the sun will help the comforters fluff. I dried it on low heat. I wash everything that goes on my bed before I use it. I followed the instructions on the tag to make sure there wouldn't be any issues. The comforter bunched up in some places, making it look odd when laid out. This was after one wash. I was hoping that the dryer would help in re-fluffing after moving the set from the washer to the dryer. This wasn't the case. The end result was not a good one.

👤Just got the blanket. Put it on the bed. It seems cheap. The bed in a bag is the same quality. There is a I don't think it was worth much. There is a I bought a California king for my bed because it would be larger. I got a dark green color. Not happy with the purchase.

5. Utopia Bedding Alternative Comforter White

Utopia Bedding Alternative Comforter White

It is manufactured using high-quality filling. Box Style Stitching is a comforter that features Piped Edges with an elegant Box Style Stitching pattern that prevents the fill from shifting during the night, ensuring a comfortable sleep. Soft material with a Siliconized fiber filling provides a comfy and cozy feel throughout the night. The queen comforter has a comforter insert that measures 88 inches by 88 inches. Machine wash in a gentle cycle with cold water, sun-dry or tumble dry on low when needed.

Brand: Utopia Bedding

👤There is an update. A bed bug was on this blanket. Someone needs to talk to me asap.

👤After only one washing, the item is not usable. I would love to hear back from the vendor and give them a chance to correct the issue.

👤It was very soft to sleep under. I was planning on buying 3 more after the first night of use but I was lucky that the stitching was so weak that the stuffing was coming out all over the place. It fell apart in a month. Happy Amazon gives you a window frame. This one is leaving.

👤I had this for about 3 weeks now and there is a huge tear in the stitching, which I noticed a week ago. I was very disappointed since this was exactly what I was looking for and it is really comfortable. The stuffing is not as fluffy as it was when it first arrived, and some of it has already come out. It looks like I'm not the only one who had a big rip in theirs after reading some other reviews.

👤So comfortable! It was nice and soft. It's good enough to keep warm in the winter. Would definitely recommend this!

👤I loved this comforter. It is soft and comfortable. It makes a great insert for my comforter and the holes allow me to tie my comforter to my duvet.

👤I wasn't sure what to expect from my first purchase. I love it! I was not sure how it would fit in my first cover. It was a little difficult. The insert has little corner tabs, but my cover did not. It fits in nicely. I was worried that the box pattern wouldn't show on my cover. It is perfectly over my bed. I was devastated when I washed it because it was a big mess. I thought I would give it a try after I found a similar pattern. The comforter is amazing. Not heavy, not fluffy, not flat, not light. It is very soft. A lot of people used this as a stand alone comforter. I wish I had taken a picture of this before I put it in my bed. No smell to it is another plus. What do you think?

👤I am going to be honest. I left a review for this item. Most of the things I buy on Amazon are things I really like. I don't leave a review for most of the stuff I buy because I don't have the time to write one. I felt that I had to write a review about this comforter. The color is white, not yellow-ish or off-white, but a bright white. It is very soft and warm. I used it without a cover for the first few days and it looked amazing. I decided to buy the same brand of cover for the comforter because I didn't want to have to wash it often, so I thought it would be easier to just wash it. It's still great if you don't have a duvet cover, but you can use it with or without one. The most important thing about this comforter is that it keeps me warm at night. Before buying this comforter, my boyfriend and I used to sleep with a sheet and two comforters because he used to get really cold at night and just one comforter wasn't enough. When I bought this comforter, I wanted to try it on my own, so I took the sheets and comforter with me. My boyfriend asked me to bring back the two comforters just in case he got cold that night. I told him to try it because I wanted to see if it would suffice. When we woke up the next morning, my boyfriend looked very happy and said that he had the best night sleep he had in a long time, so I donated the other two comforters and just kept this one. It keeps us warm but not hot, and I feel like I am sleeping in a fluffy white cloud because it is the perfect body temperature for sleeping. I am in a 5 star hotel room and feel like I am on vacation. This thing has changed my life. It makes me want to sleep when I enter my bedroom and look at my bed. It is wonderful. My dog absolutely loves this comforter and I should mention that. My dog sleeps with us every night and sometimes we can feel him moving around in the middle of the night trying to get comfortable, however, since I got this comforter, my dog has been sleeping through the night. I don't feel like he's trying to find a spot on the bed anymore. He is relaxing on the comforter.

6. Bedsure Pieces Alternative Comforter Pillowcases

Bedsure Pieces Alternative Comforter Pillowcases

There is no return of unprofitable businesses. The Downluxe Reversible Comforter Set is a great gift for a loved one. If you have a suggestion for the best solution, please contact them. The comforter set is made from brushed microfiber fabric and is ultra- soft against the skin. A fluffy comforter is created by a cloud-like down filling. Multiple pinch pleats comforter set create exquisite geometric patterns and look more stunning. The bed skirt of the queen bed in a bag gives the bed a stylish look without exposing any space underneath the bed and makes your room look more elegant, also great for kids. 14” deep pocket fitted sheets cover your mattress firmly. The pillowcases are easy to put on. The decorative lace of the pillow sham matches the space you have. It's easy to care for. The Bedsure bed set can be washed separately on a gentle cycle. Since the bag comes in a sealed container, it's highly recommended to gently tap the bedding set to make it fluffier before putting it on your bed. The Bedsure bed set includes 1 comforter, 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases.

Brand: Bedsure

👤In this case, I write reviews. I will. I knew if I wanted this or not because I was looking through every review before buying. I'm usually never satisfied after buying cheap bed sets. Hope this helps! There is a It's medium weight and very soft. As long as you know the size of your matress. A lot of people complain about the tears after getting this, but mine had no tears. It's probably a 50% thing. There is a I ordered grey and it was purple lavender. I wanted grey, but this will do it for me. It's not meant for heavy use. Standing on. If you have a child that likes to jump on the bed. You should not get this. It would be great for a guest room. After putting the blanket/sheets in the dryer, it will come wrinkled as can be, but right after that, it will be dewrinkled. They came out right away. This came in a small box, but do not give it to someone. It's all there, and it's vacuum packed in plastic, which makes the shipment package look small. I'm not sure if I'll wash this yet, but I'm pretty sure you'll need to wash the blanket and the sheets separately. The water was cold and gentle. I think it will shrink after wet and then dry. There is a Hope this helps!

👤I was hesitant about purchasing this color due to my 7 year old son, but I am glad I made the decision. It is perfect, comfortable and as described. I washed it once and it was in perfect condition.

👤I love this set. I need to buy two more pillows for the decorative pillow cases. Before you use any sheets, I recommend you to wash them. The sheets that come in this set are very soft. There is a Before purchasing, I read reviews of people who were told not to wash the comforter because of the pinch pleats. I am completely disgusted. Before you use it, wash it. There is a The material had a warehouse smell when it was out of the package. It's a must to wash. I put the sheets, comforter and other items in the dryer. I put the comforter on the lowest heat and it came out so bad that I had to take it off. There is a It was relatively flat out of the package, but now is like a cloud. It was so much fluff. There is a heart-eye symbol here. Please wash the furniture. You won't stop it! The dryer should be put on the lowest dry settings.

👤I absolutely adore this comforter set. Very soft! It's worth the money. I wasn't sure if I would buy one offline. I don't regret this purchase!

👤I don't give a 5 star because I don't think there is a warning that things can melt together, this was my first set of queen sheets with comforter for my first queen sized bed. I didn't know that there were different washing instructions and that a warning would be nice in the future.

7. Sleep Restoration Goose Alternative Comforter

Sleep Restoration Goose Alternative Comforter

Your first 30 nights are on them. It was literally. Send your comforter set back if you don't like it. Their lightweight queen and full size comforter is the height of luxury and comfort. It's so soft you'll feel like you're in the clouds. A bed comforter for all seasons is an exceptional way to stay cozy. On hot summer nights, their extra fluffy comforter will keep you cool. This premium down alternative comforter is made from the finest quality material. Each one is made with soft, absorbent materials and durable hems. This full and queen size comforter comes in 8 different colors and can transform any bedroom into an upscale sleep sanctuary. Easy care. Regardless of whether you need a queen size, a king size, or a twin size, they should be easy to clean. All of the duvets in this collection are machine washed and dryer safe.

Brand: Sleep Restoration

👤I absolutely adore this blanket. I had to write a review for this. I have lived in the basement of my home for the past 4 years. It is. Is. Always. It is cold. Down. There. I sleep with a heating device. I was skeptical when I purchased this. Some of the reviews were frightening because of the poor quality or how it arrived. I knew I could return it. I got it. Wow! It was vacuum packed, which was nice. It was tied with a ribbon. I noticed it was heavy. It has a lot of weight. Maybe I'm not used to the things in life. I like the fabric. It feels good to me. The first night I had my heater on, I was so hot that I had to go to sleep. I turned off the heat. The second night I decided to sleep without a heat source. I was warm. It isn't just because of the current situation. I know this. I got out of bed in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Was. It is freezing. I was going to get back under my blanket. This is the best blanket I have ever purchased. It's warm, cozy, and will save me money on my electric bill because I don't have to constantly run my heater. Not for you if you're a hot box. I will try to remember to update after a while.

👤I am very happy with this purchase. The comforter is vacuum sealed. As soon as you open the package, it gets really puffy. Sleeping under this comforter is heavenly. The feeling of being in a nice hotel bed is similar. I would definitely buy again. We have a queen size foam mattress, but I bought the king size. Hangs over the right amount on a thick queen.

👤The bed comforter is navy blue and grey. I put it into the dryer on medium heat for 5 minutes to get all of the wrinkling out. I put it on my bed and smoothed it out with my hand while it was still warm. It looks good on my bed. It's the perfect weight because it's not too heavy or light. It feels good. The fabric feels good to me. I will need some navy blue pillow cases to dress it up a bit, but I am very happy with the purchase. The comforter has no pillow shams. The price was right for me. I have never been happier with a bedspread. I love it!

👤I spent 2 weeks combing through reviews on Amazon to find a comforter that would keep us warm in the winter. I was going to order a size up from our queen mattress to make sure my boyfriend had no more excuses. :P I am happy I finally bought this one. I was a little scared by the negative reviews about it falling apart in the washer, but I believe it was because people tried to force these giant puffy blankets into standard washers and dryers. The king comforter will not fit in your standard washer/dryer, and even a queen may be a stretch. The comforter was washed in a big washing machine at the laundry mat and then dried in giant dryers along with 3 tennis balls, and it came out perfect. It is the perfect amount of warmth, even in what is still considered summer here in Texas, and unlike the comforter we had before this, my legs don't freeze sleeping next to our window unit at night. The filling is almost like silk, but still very puffy. The outer material is soft enough that I can't tell when the sheets are on. I have dry skin on my feet and hate when material sticks to them, but this just slides right over them as if I just got a pedicure. The blankets you buy are not going to be as puffy as the pictures make them out to be, just get that out of your head right now. I think this blanket is the perfect amount of undergarment for me. If you don't mind the extra steps of washing it in an appropriate sized washer and dryer, this is a great buy. If you don't do that, it will be torn apart. We already wash our clothes at the laundry mat, so it is not a big deal for us. If you don't wash it right away, it will need a day to puff out. I absolutely adore this thing.

8. Kingsley Trend Alternative Microfiber Hypoallergic

Kingsley Trend Alternative Microfiber Hypoallergic

Machine wash with cold water and a gentle cycle. The comforter is packed tightly. When you receive it, please shake it. Leave it for a few hours and they will be in better shape. Their extra soft queen comforter can be used as a down alternative comforter or as a queen duvet insert, and it keeps its white comforter colortone after many uses. Perfect sleep. Their comforter are made from the highest quality materials and are backed by their LIFETIME WARRANTY, they use 3d stitching to create the softest woven materials, which give you the sleep you deserve with the right temperature at any time. Their comforter has a warm feel to it and can be used as a down comforter queen for winter or as a summer comforter. The Plush white comforter is a queen size design that stays as a plush comforter with their quality stitching. This makes it the perfect white queen comforter for any bed because it keeps its shape and prevents pilling. All white bedding queen duvets are machine wash and dryer friendly. It is best to wash the comforter in cold and dry conditions. White comforter queen is 90x90 inches.

Brand: Kingsley Trend

👤This is a perfect insert. I bought it to replace a comforter that had become a bitch after a lot of washings. I cannot sleep if it is too warm. I was interested in the reviews for this item, as well as its claim to be for all season. There is a The other reviews stated that it comes super tightly vacuum-packed, which causes it to be wrinkled when first opened. 30 minutes in a hot dryer is all it takes. The box stitching on my old comforter will prevent the lumpiness I experienced with it. It was easy to put a cover in. The burrito method of putting duvets is available on the internet. You will thank me. There is a I now have a super soft, lightweight comforter for my bed, which is both plush and comfortable, thanks to my cover. The price is higher than other comforter/duvet inserts. I'm quite pleased with the claim that it's for all season use. It is light enough that I don't get warm, but heavy enough that my cold nature is not an issue. This item is perfect for anyone looking to update their bedding.

👤I'm hesitant when something seems too good to be true. I'm surprised that the insert is so nice. It's light and warm, just like a comforter. I was skeptical when I opened the package because it seemed like it was going to be a thin sheet. It was fluffed up after washing and drying. Couldn't be happier! A photo shows what it's like inside a cover.

👤Like the light and comfort. It's soft! What I am looking for.

👤I was looking for a comforter like this. I read a lot of reviews before buying but was a little hesitant due to the low price and the few people who seemed to have a bad experience with it but it was worth it. It is very light and warm. I would recommend it to everyone.

👤I went to the stores to look for a cheaper one before I went to the internet to buy a comforter. The quality is beyond perfect for the price, and I am in love with this comforter, I read all the reviews before purchasing it, and I am so happy with it. This comforter is recommended for anyone to purchase. It is soft.

👤This is a great comforter. It was so fluffy that it took 30 minutes to dry in the dryer. I was worried that it wouldn't be fluffy enough, but it has the right amount to be soft and comfy, but not too warm in the summer. Perfect balance! I put this inside my cover and it is perfect. Such a great deal! Will buy more for my other rooms. You will not be disappointed.

👤It's light, but warm. Warm but not hot. It's perfect for the fall/ winter season. There is a It was vacuum-sealed in a small box. Excellent.

👤This is a very affordable insert. I washed on gentle. It came out fluffy and even. It fits my bed perfectly. Not too cold but warm. It looks great inside my bed sheet.

9. Utopia Bedding Comforter Duvet Insert

Utopia Bedding Comforter Duvet Insert

The comforter insert is 88 inches wide and 88 inches long. The comforter with the box style stitching has piped edges that prevent the fill from shifting. Soft material with an alternative filling provides a comfortable feel. The four corner tabs make it easy to put on a comforter and secure it in place. Machine wash is done with cold water, line dry or tumble dry on low heat.

Brand: Utopia Bedding

👤This blanket is great. I almost didn't buy it because of the chick review where she said it was really thin and dollar store quality. That is not true. Once you get it, you should wash it. It will be a little flat at first, it has been sealed and vacummed. I was concerned about washing it because others said it was bad. It was falling apart. I have an old crappy washing machine that does not do that and I put it on gentle cold. Just fine. I did the low heat setting. My blanket was so soft. My boyfriend and I both love it. You can get a king size blanket for 33 dollars. Would definitely recommend. It makes my bed feel very plush. I like to lay in it and pretend I'm in a cloud, the other is to show it as thick as a chapstick with its soft fluff.

👤My girlfriend for the past couple years. I've gone through a few cheap ones. They never impressed us because we never gave much thought to them. I have fond memories of when I was a child using a down comforter. I had moved out and gotten my own comforter, so I hadn't experienced the warmth and comfort that I had experienced now. This has been in the back of my mind ever since. I wasn't sure if I wanted to give that kind of money for a blanket and also have to dry clean it. We don't want to support an industry in which the down feathers from geese are taken from them and that's not something we wanted to support. We started looking into the down alternative. The first thing that made me question these products was their price. I was raised with the belief that you get what you pay for and I was weary when looking at these products. I always compare products and read the reviews before buying something. I decided to take a chance on this one, as it seemed to be the highest rated by customers. I liked the images provided by the customer. I wasn't too worried if I didn't like it because the price was low. There is a I wasn't at home when it arrived. My girlfriend confirmed that it was very flat, as was expected. It appeared to be fluffed by the time I got home. The material is soft and comfortable on your skin and I was pleasantly surprised at the thickness. It is a light blanket, similar to a down blanket. I slept with it one night and it kept me warm. The temperatures in Wisconsin this week have ranged from -10 over night to single digits during the day. I had been using 2 blankets before getting this one, and sometimes I would wake up in the night feeling cold. It was a pleasant surprise to stay warm with this blanket alone. I think that the material used in the shell may have something to do with the fact that this doesn't remind me of my down blanket. You're not going to be able to recreate a down blanket that isn't using down. If you're looking for something that feels like down and won't be satisfied otherwise, this might not be for you. If you are looking for a good quality, warm, fluffy and affordable blanket that will give you that "cloud" like feeling, I think you would be really happy with this blanket. There is a I can't comment on the longevity of this blanket, but I am hoping that it will hold up over time. There is a Our cats fell in love with it, it is their favorite spot to nap.

10. Linenspa All Season Alternative Hypoallergenic Microfiber

Linenspa All Season Alternative Hypoallergenic Microfiber

The microfiber comforter has side loops to secure the cover. The microfiber down alternative fill has a 300 gsm fill weight, which provides the cozy comfort of down without the feathers, odor, and sharp quills. It is possible to match your decor and mood with the reverse color design. The box stitch design keeps the fill in place, so the comforter has a fluffed look. The queen size comforter is 88" x 92" and is machine wash in cold water on a gentle cycle, then air dry or tumble dry on low to maintain quality, freshness, and comfort.

Brand: Linenspa

👤It was marketed as being easy to clean. The care instructions recommend against washing at home when I got it. I have a washer and dryer that could probably handle the blanket. I don't like companies that are shady. You can do it if you want, but you really, really shouldn't because the blanket is machine washed the same way a sweater is.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. I live in Miami. I have always been looking for bedding that won't capture too much heat. I have tried a lot in the past. It is light-weight and perfect to put inside a duvet. It is not thick or puffy. The comforter I bought is made to be inside a duvet. The comforter has loops on the corners so it can be tied to the duvet and not slide around. Genius! It is like it was meant for the duvet, but maybe I am new to the bedding world. Primary Goods bedding is an all linen bedding set that does not trap heat and is perfect for people who live in a hot climate and need the right bedding. It's heavenly linen that keeps you comfortable. is a website. You will thank me later. It is the only comforter/duvet insert I have ever recommended to anyone who needs something light, not too puffy or bulky, yet still keeps them cozy.

👤I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone. The quality of the product was poor. There were several places on the comforter with thread bunching and the sewing was sloppy. The thread bunching areas were not sewn through all the way. I took photos of the product with the intention of returning it, but I had already purchased bedding for a family member moving in and I didn't want to use it. I ordered other bedding from Parachute and hope it will be better constructed and last longer. The chocolate brown and sand color was pretty and the down fluff inside the blanket felt very comfortable. I have always wanted to try LinenSpa, but this product was not high quality.

👤The blanket is hot. I loved it for the first year because it was so warm and fluffy, and I lived in a very old, drafty apartment. I started to get too hot to sleep under it. I would wake up wet. If you live in a cold climate and sleep with the AC blasting, I would recommend this, but not as an all year comforter. I can't use it if the temp is warmer than 50. I feel like I got my money's worth because we used it for a couple years. If you run hot at night, go for something lighter. I spent a long time researching and trying to find the perfect comforter. I don't have to fight with my boyfriend for covers at night because this is the only comforter I've ever had that covers my entire Cal King bed. It's very warm. I wish I could have gotten it in a different color, but I'll try to find a duvet cover this size. I took off a star. I have had a comforter for about five months. At one of the seams, it's starting to come apart. I don't have a cover, so that may help, but it's terrible that it's coming apart so quickly.

11. All Season Alternative Quilted Comforter Insert

All Season Alternative Quilted Comforter Insert

Keep sharp objects away from the waffle weave blanket to prevent it from being hooked. When washing, put the waffle weave blanket inside a mesh bag. The waffle weave blanket can be washed separately on a gentle cycle. The queen is 88 x 88 inch. Their comforter is the perfect choice for all people of different ages because of its premium whole-piece filling and luxuriously soft brushed fabric cover. There was no concern for shifting or clumping filling in the box. No need to worry about loose thread or leaking hemming. You can secure the comforter with one corner tab at each side. Simple and elegant design can be used as a comforter. Perfect for year round use, lightweight and warm at the same time. It was easy of care. This comforter can be dried on low heat, which is convenient and energy-saving. After washing, look brand new. Excellent quality and service. Their priority is your satisfaction.

Brand: Cohome

👤I find it hard to fall asleep because I get hot easily and wake up drenched in sweat throughout the night. I decided to do research about getting better sleep because I like to be covered at night. After reading dozens of different reviews, researching what types of materials work best for hot sleepers, and wanting to stay under $80, this was my final choice. I'm happy with my decision. Falling asleep is much easier now. I have not woken up with night sweats. I am very happy with the price and the way it is, I wish it was a little heavier because weighted blankets help with my anxiety, but I am happy with how it is. It is a good idea to invest in sheets that are Breathable as well as a good duvet cover. It's worth it! I went with a double BRUSHED microfiber duvet cover, and am very pleased with it.

👤The comforter is soft and luxurious. The filling is fluffy, but not as light. I like the weight in my blanket to help me sleep. I did not sweat in the middle of the night because of the cover material. It's perfect for me in Seattle where the outside temperature is 35 degrees F at night and the indoor temperature is around 70 degrees F.

👤This is about perfect, as I just got it, but not washed yet. I will update if the washing doesn't work out. They make that choice. It's not very lightweight, but it's just about perfect.

👤I just got this comforter and I love the white color and it's very comfortable. I need a comforter that will keep me cool no matter what the weather is like, and this is very lightweight and perfect for my bed, I would definitely recommend this comforter.

👤I got this blanket on a lightning deal and absolutely love it. The blanket is soft and flexible, unlike some that you have to wash first. If you want to read a book or watch a movie, it lays out perfectly, but also bunches up around you, so you don't have to unbunch it. I like to tuck the fabric around my legs a lot, but they don't bother me at all, and I am pretty sure they would come out in the dryer. The photo shows the color correctly. I've used this alone and with another blanket as the temperature has changed and haven't had any problems with overheating or being cold. I used to kick the blankets off at night. I love that this blanket doesn't slip off of my other blanket when I layer it. It's light so it won't pull itself off the edge, and the material isn't slick so it won't slide. There is a My mom tried it after I told her how great it was. She got herself a blue one. A few friends and family have asked for one, as word is spreading.

👤I bought my son's set earlier. The duvet is very light and fluppy, perfect for summer use. The stiches were carefully sawn. It doesn't smell bad out of the bag. It was very comfortable and worth it.


What is the best product for eco friendly comforter queen?

Eco friendly comforter queen products from Downluxe. In this article about eco friendly comforter queen you can see why people choose the product. Bedsure and Apsmile are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly comforter queen.

What are the best brands for eco friendly comforter queen?

Downluxe, Bedsure and Apsmile are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly comforter queen. Find the detail in this article. Utopia Bedding, Sleep Restoration and Kingsley Trend are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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