Best Eco Friendly Confetti Eggs

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1. Dreidel Company Fillable Colorful Assorted

Dreidel Company Fillable Colorful Assorted

This wonderful set will allow you to collect them all. The dinosaur kit is great for cognitive learning. The cute dinosaur figures will make for a great imaginative play for the child. The Hit of every party is the Colorful Bright Plastic Filled Easter Eggs. You can fill the egg halves with a surprise for your little one. It's fillingable. Give these cute easter eggs to children as holiday gifts or party favors. Party Favor: The Easter Eggs will add fun and atmosphere to your party. Birthday Parties, Carnival Prizes, Classroom rewards, Goodie bag Fillers, and many more are what they are for. The material and size are important. The Easter Eggs are made from plastic and have a hinge. BUY RISK-FREE. They have a 100% money-back guarantee at The Dreidel Company.

Brand: The Dreidel Company

👤I don't remember about my 4 kids. I have a cat. She won't play with any other toys except a half of an Easter Egg. In the spring, Easter comes and goes. My supply was lost or stepped on by the plastic gnomes that hid under the shoe rack where my cat usually loses her eggs. The plastic was slapped at 2 a.m. The winter was going to be very cold. I realized that Amazon could help. I ordered the plastic eggs. They were at the front door the next morning. I'm not sure if cats see all colors, but I like pink plastic Easter eggs. There were many of them in this pack. Enough to get us through until April. The other colors are vibrant. My cat will have more exercise because of the Easter Eggs from The Dreidel Company.

👤I would send back half of the ones that don't snap together, but I would use them for prop decorations and they will be hot glue, so I wouldn't use them for Easter baskets or hunts.

👤Half of the pack was missing the top or bottom half. They were supposed to be open, but they were not. I wouldn't buy this again.

👤Half of them wouldn't shut when we filled them with prizes, but we ordered them for the carnival. The machine that made them must have been malfunctioning. You know which piece goes with which piece because the 2 halves are still attached. They wouldn't stop clicking.

👤They were used for an Egg Hunt. They were filled with candy, jewelry and money. The looks on the Mom's faces when they saw the eggs was fun to see. Will definitely buy again and maybe have a Graduation Egg Hunt. Oh...mmmm... There are so many possibilities.

👤There are rough edges for toddlers when eggs are detached.

👤The bag contained three colors, orange, blue, and 10 yellow mustard. 3 of the yellow ones were not usable because they had something black smeared on them. The other eggs were used. Some parts of the plastic were shiny and others were dull. Some of the plastic Easter eggs had small holes in them.

👤These eggs are terrible. I had to fight most of them. I don't know how many times I tried to get these to close.

👤No llego, pague el de 100 piezas, and llegaron 50.

👤No leer, 12 unidades (12 huevos), por 350 pesos.

👤The producto is practico. Cumplen su funcion.

2. Tissue Confetti Biodegradable Wedding Balloon

Tissue Confetti Biodegradable Wedding Balloon

The weight of the confetti is 1.6 ounces. Tissue Paper HeartConfett can be used to fill balloons, gift box, wedding toss and table decoration. These confetti can be applied to a wedding, baby shower, gender reveal, birthday party, anniversary and more. The tissue paper used to make these Heart Confetti is friendly. Please keep confetti away from children if they eat them.

Brand: Huionvia

👤It was cute and did the job, but it is still in the grass three weeks later. Not all of it. It is taking forever to degrade.

👤I was disappointed in the item I received. I got a messy surprise when I opened the white bag, it was mailed to me. The confetti hearts contained in the bad had exploded. The hearts are floating through the air. When and wherever the hearts land... they stick. I bet I will find these pink hearts for weeks because they are static charged from the bag they were mailed in.

👤These are not circles that heat.

👤We stuffed black balloons after buying these for the gender reveal party. It was a decoy for the reveal and it went well. It is easy to clean.

👤The product was great and I loved it.

3. BATTIFE Confetti Biodegradable Wedding Celebrations

BATTIFE Confetti Biodegradable Wedding Celebrations

Enjoy your party and have fun. The paper confetti can make your wedding party stand out. Every moment should be memorable. ECO-FRIENDLY - Their confetti is made of tissue paper which is Eco friendly and can degrade quickly. The fall. These heart shaped confetti is very thin and light, throwing them in the air and creating a magical display at your special day. FLUFF The hearts are vacuum packed to help with shipping. Once you are ready to use them, simply empty the hearts into a basket or large bowel and fluff them with your hands. There are 200 grams in total.

Brand: Battife

👤There is a lot of confetti. It doesn't arrive ready for use. They are stuck together and have to be separated. I tried shaking them in a box to separate them but it wasn't enough. I separated them by hand in the evenings in front of the tv.

👤We had to separate them from the packaging. There were thousands of little hearts after they were separated. It's much more than one would think. The hand separation was worth it for the pictures. There was enough for 80 people. I purchased two packages. I could have just gotten one and left. They are so airy that it is hard to sweep them up, but the evening mist made them disappear by the end of the night.

👤You have to fluff them before you pull them apart. They worked perfectly. We were able to avoid a clean-up because they are biodegradable. I believe that the fact that both of our grooms wore black tuxes made them stand out in our photos. I don't know how well they would stand out if thrown at a bride.

👤My daughter had a beautiful wedding. One bag can go a long way. 200 poppers were filled with two bags. The 4 stars are due to these not coming ready to use. You should be prepared to separate clumps. We separated for a few weeks before filling the poppers.

👤I thought I would use it for an outdoor wedding where we can't have confetti, but it's not save for the environment. I tested a few pieces at home before trusting the reviews. The ball was wrinkled up. Returned disappointed.

👤We used these instead of birdseed. My daughter is getting married. The "floating" hearts provided a beautiful send off. The pictures were amazing. I didn't have one to share.

👤This was perfect! It takes a bit of time to get the hearts ready, but the results were worth it! They were beautiful. It was a little easier to put them in a bucket because we fluffed them.

👤There were 80 people at our home. One bag was ordered by us. We added some rice. Beautiful! There are used sandwich bags.

👤It was lo. No me gust, no me estn hechas. Para el evento, es funcional.

👤La bolsa y ya llenĂ© 60 conos.

👤The photo was taken at our wedding. Highly recommend this.

👤hay, separarlos, rinden millones!

4. Hooray Rosay Biodegradable Bridesmaids Graduation

Hooray Rosay Biodegradable Bridesmaids Graduation

White tissue streamers are a great way to surprise your family and friends at your wedding, birthday, christmas, new year eve party, graduation party, championship games, award ceremony, confetti day and more. There is a package that includes 4 real dried rose push pop confettis and pink crinkle paper stuffing in a box. ECO FRIENDLY. There are flower petals. Push Pop or Wave is an easy way to get beautiful results in photos and real life. APPEARANCE A lovely gift box with beautiful real rose petals. Graduations and weddings are used. There are photos of gender reveal. Bridesmaid proposal boxes.

Brand: Doubled Up

👤The rose petals that came in these poppers were light and dry, not brittle, and they smelled wonderful. I chose this item because the petals are non-toxic, and the containers are re-useable for future occasions. There is a I was disappointed that the plunger didn't provide as much power as I had hoped, especially since we are all maintaining 6' of distance from one another. I realized afterwards that we probably would have gotten more range on the confetti if we had swung the container up through the air instead of using the plunger.

👤The poppers arrived before their shipping date and are beautiful. The color scheme matches our wedding and we end up removing some small, dried, ivory rose petals just for our own personal color preferences. The rose petals are very fragrant. This is a natural scent and no chemicals are detected. There is a Thanks to other's reviews, we're prepared and are already planning on including a custom wrap around the poppers explaining 2 other ways of using them. This is a great find because it is Eco-friendly, clean, and fragrant. Your guests should be prepared to toss the rose petals instead of popping them. The popper can be removed by removing the cap. Pouring in hand and tossing it manually. Pushing up a popper.

👤Quality product! It was nice to not have to pick up the petals after use. After the first popper, we realized that it was best to hold it high for popping for the best results.

👤I like it. I was looking for a small party. I don't want anything that would impact the environment so rose petals was perfect.

👤It is hard to not pop the base out so it flies in the air. It would be great if there was something to hold the base. I wouldn't mind much if they had been 15. The flowers are beautiful, but we had to change the picture because we were using them for pictures.

👤I bought these for a bridesmaid gift. They are made by someone who loves what they do and values their customers, and they come in a cute packaging. Will be buying again.

👤I wanted to use this for graduation photos. I only got two, instead of four. One of them was open. I tried to close it. It worked out well. I think shipping made that happen. I like how flowers replace paper confetti because it is toxic to the environment.

👤I wish I would have gotten more, they were amazing for my wedding.

5. Printed Cartons Recycled Carton 250 Pack

Printed Cartons Recycled Carton 250 Pack

Gifts for all ages and occasions. The push bubble bracelet toys are great for people of all ages. A great gift for a birthday. Print has FDA safe handling and keep refrigerated instructions. Phrases include farm fresh, hand gathered, laid local, and happy hen.

Brand: Henlay

👤The crease on the outside of the carton is not perfect. Since we received a bulk order, I can't say how many will be this way, but the carton is sturdy and not flimsy. They look great for market customers. Since the standards have changed, I would prefer pasture raised. Free Range USDA standards only require an open window. "Pasture-raised" means a happy hen that is outdoors. Quality of cartons has been our biggest concern with the many egg carton companies we've ordered from. It's important that they separate easily from the stack. They were delivered in excellent packaging so they weren't damaged in the delivery process. We applied Amazon credits from the prime card to reduce the cost, but it would be nice if the price was less. There is a The printed thank you card is a nice touch. Thank you for providing a good quality carton. Our pasture raised, non-certified organic chicken eggs are brown, white, and blue.

👤If you own your own laying hens, these cartons are perfect. We give chicken and duck eggs to family and friends. When you gift someone a carton of styrofoam, you can only hope they return it empty, because you can only reuse it. If I run low on these particular cartons, I can personalize them with my own stamp. Should I need to throw one out, I like that they are non-toxic. The styrofoam cartons were thrown in the fire pit because I knew how bad they were for the environment. Saving this listing will allow me to purchase more later.

👤I love these cartons. They have started producing eggs after rescue of 3 ducks. The jumbo size eggs my girls give me can only be held in these cartons. I put a sticker for a duck on the carton, but instead of saying "happy hens", I wrote "duck" on the carton. They are sturdy, made with quality, and store my eggs well. I will buy more egg cartons.

👤The cartons have a stamp on them, but every other carton has a different stamp. Before ordering bulk, we bought the 25 pack to see the quality and how much we liked them. We will use a different kind of carton next and get our own stamps and labels. These are nice quality and durable, but I wish the printing system the company uses would fix the misprint issues.

👤We started selling our eggs last year and have had a hard time finding a carton that was legal for us, but not from stores. The cartons are the perfect fit for us and allow us to be unique from other local farmers. Thank you!

👤I sell eggs at my stand on our property and have purchased both versions of this carton. Both are very high quality and hold up well. I keep a flock of 75 laying hens, as well as turkeys and Khaki Campbell ducks, and I sell those in half dozen cartons. I do not grade my eggs. It's appreciated that these don't say "Grade A" or anything like that. I have a stamp that says UNGRADED and a stamp for my farm name. I put a 2x2 sticker in the middle of our logo and a line where I can write the date on. It's perfect! I would like to see you sell them in 500 pieces. Highly recommended.

6. Silly Rabbit Confetti Eggs Cascarones

Silly Rabbit Confetti Eggs Cascarones

Child safety is important. Meet the US safety standard. The test was approved. Non Toxic. 36 Easter eggs are included in the Easter party decorations set. It's great for kids, and adults of all ages. It's perfect to use as Easter party favors, Easter egg hunts, and anything else. The whole family will enjoy hours of entertainment.

Brand: Fiesta

👤Only one egg was damaged in shipping. I think that is a great job. The kids wouldn't notice that 1/3 of the confetti is from the egg, so I gave a 4. I ordered a pack of doz a month ago. There is still a show about shipping. I was grateful that the seller quickly returned my money and that I could still get some of these.

👤It was the first time I had ordered them from Amazon, and it was great to give them to my kids, nieces and nephews, because it brought back so many memories from my childhood. They loved it! If cracked open first and thrown, the eggs did not open. It was a great experience for the kids and the adults. The adults got involved in the fun too, rather than just having an egg hunt for the kids. It was great. Don't use nice clothing as the dye comes off on the hands and clothes.

👤My kids love easter eggs. They love smashing them open when they find them. Ours seemed easy to break open, because we don't crack them on like some reviewers. Babies and toddlers will put everything in their mouths. The inside confetti is made of small circles of tissue paper and should be easy to digest, but some of the egg shell pieces can be a bit sharp.

👤We lost an entire dozen out of the three dozen we shipped, but I had factored in the loss into my purchase. They were colorful, full of confetti and a fun addition to our celebration. I would buy again. I let the seller know the loss quantity so that they could continue working on better packaging for their product.

👤The brand I ordered arrived quickly and no eggs were damaged. The eggs were all colorful. It's easy to clean up egg shells in the grass as you can't miss them. The only thing I can say about these eggs is that they were very hard to break, harder than other brands I've tried, but they were good for birthday parties and Easter.

👤Eggs were broken when they arrived. I lost a carton of eggs when inventorying. I don't think shipping had anything to do with the damaged eggs. When we tried to break the other eggs over people's heads, we discovered they were very thick shells. The eggs were brightly colored and what I was hoping to get, but I lost 1/3 of the order before I got it.

👤Thank you for having a beautiful tradition. Casarone eggs were broken by 3 out 12 confetti. There is a We will be celebrating my 8th month pregnant daughter's birthday this weekend and wanted to surprise her with something. A theme celebration.

👤We needed to continue our family tradition without having to do the work or store the shells all year. There is a So much fun! There were no breaks in shipping.

7. Original EggMazing Easter Egg Decorator

Original EggMazing Easter Egg Decorator

There is an attractive void fill for baskets and gift boxes. It can be used for any occasion, such as Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Valentines' Day, Christmas and etc. Excellent entertainment: endless entertainment. You can decorate your own eggs. Egg designs can be created all year long. No dyes and no smells means no messy clean up. The design of the Egg Mazing keeps all the colors in one place. The unique spinning action and touch of a marker allow for endless exciting designs. Anyone can use Egg Mazing. All year long, decorate eggs for holidays and Easter. The Egg Mazing Spinner and 8 markers are included in the kit.

Brand: The Eggmazing Egg Decorator

👤Our family tradition of painting Easter up has been kicked up a notch by this egg decorator. It is truly eggmazing and while I still prefer Doc Hinkle's egg dye for my first choice, this is really fun. I don't understand why a paper is hidden inside the box telling you not to eat the eggs after using their product. There should be no problem if they are nontoxic. What am I missing? Shouldn't this be on the front of the box?

👤This product is difficult to use. I was so eager to use it, but it malfunctioned within the first few geishas. The first egg was canceled, but the others were not as pleasant. I'm not doing anything unethical. Don't buy this product. The egg geyser can go to shelter.

👤The egg flips and turns when the spinners aren't in sync. So disappointed. There is a I returned the first one and ordered a new one hoping it was a mistake. The replacement seems to have been a dud for someone else. I can see that it is covered in permanent marker, even though it is in a box. The second picture has been added to the post.

👤This was fun in theory and practice. I had to throw my full dozen eggs. My kids loved doing it when we started, but then the coloring got on the wheels and after I tried to wipe it off, the eggs wouldn't stay put. I had to dry off the wheels to make sure I kept going. I could definitely deal with it. After reading that the 'do not eat' notice was a legal one, I wondered why PAAS or other egg kits don't have this. I was ok with the easter eggs, but I peeled a few to eat because of the safety issue. The marker ink was on the hard boiled egg. I didn't buy any different types of eggs than I normally buy for this, and the ink on the egg white was the same as on the shell. I peeled 4 of them and every egg had pink and blue lines. I eat eggs that have a normal looking shell, but I don't eat eggs that have marker dye all over them. I will keep it around for next year to see if I can use some other kind of dye with qtips.

👤The note inside said not to eat decorated eggs. Did anyone else see that? Is it possible to eat their eggs?

👤The pros are 1. It's much more fun than dying. 2. It was easy to use. 3. Nice results. 4. The rubber wheel left a mark when it was used with another color. There is a The rubber wheels pick up the marker color and transfer it to the next egg. 2. After using a damp paper towel to wipe the rubber wheels, and drying with no marks left on the clean, dry towel, the wheels left marks on the next egg. 3. If you touch the marker to the wet area on the egg, the colors will blend, but they are now on the tip of the marker. If you do this, wipe the tip of the marker before you use it again. 4. Make sure your eggs are dry. Eggs were taken out of the refrigerator. The markers won't work on eggs that are damp. 5. The markers don't see to really "dye" the eggs because the colors bled after sitting in the egg carton. I used the contraption on 4/15/17 after buying it for $24.99 on 3/26/17. The price has gone up to $49.99. $24.99 was a bit much to me. If it was higher than that, they would have lost a customer. The main website had them for $19.99 at one time. I understand this is a seasonal product, but it's a shame to raise the price so much. There is a We had to snap the lids on when we put the markers away. I wonder if the markers will be good next year. If the markers don't work, are they going to be so expensive to replace that they're disposable for us? We will see! I'll update the review in the new year.

8. Outus Multicolor Tissue Confetti Pieces

Outus Multicolor Tissue Confetti Pieces

The battle ready kit. Everything you need for your first battle is in this kit. A gel blaster, fast charging, a gravity fed hopper, a pair of safety glasses, and 10,000 Gellets are included. The package includes approx. Enough confetti for your application. The foil circles are 2.5 cm/ 1 inch. They are packed together in different colors for you to choose from, giving you a different look. Colorful confetti are a nice choice for attractive decorations, they add atmosphere for special events as weddings, celebrations, parties, and more. You can apply these round multi-color tissue confetti on any place you want to decorate, such as spreading on the ground, table, bed or putting them in the balloons. Please store these confetti in a dry place and keep them away from children if they eat them.

Brand: Outus

👤Really disgusted. There is a The first thing we saw when we opened the bag was a foul odor. Hundreds of pieces of plastic foil are non-biodegradable. There is a We decided to separate the foil from the paper so that we could use the confetti after airing it out. There was a piece of feces at the bottom of the bag that had hair sticking out of it. Wow! The confetti was so stinky. If I could, I would not give stars to this.

👤I used these for my photography session. They were well photographed and a good size. We were going to be throwing confetti at an outdoor location and I wanted all paper confetti. I don't like to leave a message behind as a photographer. I see shiny confetti that doesn't break down. There is a There were gold foil circles in the package, but the paper was advertised as paper. We had to take out all of the gold, as well as separate circles of confetti.

👤Why jam so many of them into a bag? The inner bag was crushed by the outer bag. There was a sticky tab on the inner bag. The problem was that the tissue paper stuck to it. Some of the circles were not circles. I needed circles of tissue paper that were flat. I had to spend an hour looking for the good ones. The packaging is terrible. The size was right for what I needed.

👤It is perfect for a Noon Year's Eve celebration. I was concerned that we wouldn't have enough confetti. It turned out to be more than anticipated. The round tissue made this mom at ease since it would be in the balloon drop. The kids loved playing with the confetti. There is an abundance of confetti, so be prepared for the clean up process. I will definitely order again.

👤The bag was folded in half and put in a small pouch. Some of the confetti can't be used because it's wrinkled up. The rest of the bag is fine. If you want to ship the bag should be kept flat rather than folded.

👤It's definitely not worth $12. I wouldn't spend $5 on this because of how small these bags are. There is a bag next to it. A lot of them are torn in half or crumbled up so they are not good for goody bags.

👤The coloring of the confetti is gorgeous. I wish it didn't have the gold foil pieces. There aren't many of them. It's easy to pick them out. I use them in my business and the quantity for the price is great, so I will keep buying them.

👤Cute for my shower. It would be hard to vacuum up the glitter. The confetti gives a dramatic look. The bag is more than enough. I had a lot leftover from my shower.

👤Really nice confetti. I made 75 bags of confetti from dried petals. They were too large for each person. You could make around 70 confetti bags with this paper alone. It was well photographed and threw well. Some bits are plastic which is sad but it looks great. It was reasonable for some tissue paper to be a tad expensive. If you can wait a month, there are many cheaper options if you planned ahead.

9. Fiesta Brands Biodegradable Confetti Cascarones

Fiesta Brands Biodegradable Confetti Cascarones

DIMENSIONS Each piece is 0.1 inches in length. A bag of Mexican confetti made from recycled paper. Jumbo Bag.88lb/400gr is a value offer. The colors are pictured. Great for Easter Eggs. Birthday Parties, New Year, and every other festive event should have fun. 5 de mayo party decorations

Brand: Fiesta Brands

👤The dots are tiny recycled paper hole-punched pieces some with print on the back, but there are remnants of plants/ red powder in the mix, don't know what it was The bag is good but won't order again because the pieces are too small.

👤Just love it! It is perfect for my mail.

👤The confetti has words on it and we are hole punched to make the confetti pieces. I wish it didn't look like I holed punched a book to make it, but I'm glad to be reuse a recycled and biodegradable product.

👤Great colors! I can fill myself with these. It's less expensive and easier to load.

👤I was looking for something similar to make confetti eggs for my daughter's birthday.

👤A large bag is used for wedding photos. No staining of hands or dresses was experienced by the colors shown. Great purchase.

👤We used this product in our classroom. My class enjoyed exploring the colors.

10. Festive Mexican Confetti Birthday Cascarones

Festive Mexican Confetti Birthday Cascarones

There is PASTEL COLORS. The Mexican Confetti is perfect for Easter and Birthday parties. Each of their confetti bags contains 1.2 lbs. This is the best price in the market. DECORATIONS- It can be put around your party tables for a festive look or in your Easter eggs. Your guests will have a lot of fun taking photos. BIO DEGRADABLE- Their confetti is made from recycled tissue and paper that is cut into small dots. It is very easy to clean and can be used indoors and outdoors. They guarantee it. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, please send them a message and they will solve your problem.

Brand: Myparty

👤The sheer color is not as bright as shown in the image. Very disappointed!

👤Twice a year, we throw confetti bombs at my son on his birthday. It is a challenge to clean up. We find more and more days later, but it is worth the effort. This is one of the best confetti we have ever purchased.

👤I was surprised by the amount of confetti, it was really nice colors. The purpose was served but the process was a nightmare.

👤It was perfect for our confetti eggs. There is a lot of confetti. We made 10 dozen and have three quarters left. The kids were having fun with it.

👤The confetti is perfect for eggs. It was easy to use.

👤It was exactly as advertised. The ang is full of circles. The colored paper broke down in the yard without any damage or color changes.

👤Confetti is always fun. Can not go wrong.

11. Cedar Space Lavender Organic Flowers

Cedar Space Lavender Organic Flowers

Birthday party, baby shower, wedding shower, bridal shower, housewarming party, engagement party, graduation celebrations and also can be used for cake pops. They only use high-quality lavender flowers. They will never give up on their pursuit of product quality. The price advantage should be compared with others. Their pursuit is high quality. Adding a dose of lavender into your day will make you feel better. Enhance your favorite recipes with an aromatic potpourri or gift craft sachets. The nose and throat mucositis have a good effect on respiratory function. lavender food and drinks are perfect for home cooking recipes, wedding baking ingredients, lavender sugar, salt, and lavender tea, infused lemonade, mixed drinks with elegant lavender flavors. Handmade bath bombs, soap, shampoo, lavender scented gift craft sachets, body butters, candles, or wedding toss gift bags are perfect for home do-it-yourself projects. The lavender flower buds are ultra-blue and have a fresh scent. LaVENDER can damage the body and mind. It is very pleasant to smell, and will make you feel better from the beginning. The highest grade lavender flowers are purchased in Cedar Space. Their lavender buds are soft and fragrant even though they are dried. They use a unique drying process that allows them to maintain the integrity of dried lavender flowers. You can put their lavender flower seeds in drawers, closets, bathtubs, sheets, gym bags, suitcases, cars and more. Please feel free to use it wherever you please. They won't leave any bad memories. A lavender wedding toss is a perfect gift for friends and family on special occasions.

Brand: Cedar Space

👤This was shipped fast. Next day shipping was great. Buds have strong odors. It is listed as 3.5 ounces of lavender. They were weighed without being fully dried, or they were mismeasured, so it was not acceptable for a dried item to be less than 30 percent dry. I use lavender a lot. I started sneezing after they made my throat itch. This is not something I have ever experienced working with lavender. I don't know what is in this product. The listing only shows that it is imported upon receipt of the back of the item, I think it should have been more transparent from the seller. There is a I will be returning this item and looking for another vendor.

👤The bugs are in lavender. Very disappointed.

👤The label on the product is missing the USDA organic logo. There is no evidence that it is certified organic without that logo. It is illegal to market a product as "organic" without certification. There is a It is not organic if it is not certified organic.

👤I made a delicious lavender lemonade using my lavender flowers. The lavender flowers have water and ice. The family loved it.

👤I was a little unsure how it would work since I've never used lavender before, but I bought it for French Macarons. I ground it up and added it to the honey buttercream, and my customers loved the cookies. If you want to smell something else for hours, just open the bag and you'll be able to smell this product. My husband had to taste-test the macarons because he couldn't sense anything other than lavender. The purple color of the product is lovely. I recommend!

👤I bought this lavender with the intention of just adding it to some small packets of baking soda and throwing it into stinky boots. It's not overpowering but you definitely get your money's worth. My house smelled amazing for hours after I boiled it along with lemons, Rosemary, cinnamon, and rose petals for a lovely cleansing. The product is great and will purchase again.

👤My second order says many good things. A patient is at the hospital. The program is run by many nurses. I wanted to do something nice for someone. I filled the fabric hearts with cotten and lavender. They are small. It's great for the drawer. Everyone was happy.

👤It may be over powered for some people. I love the smell of lavender.


What is the best product for eco friendly confetti eggs?

Eco friendly confetti eggs products from The Dreidel Company. In this article about eco friendly confetti eggs you can see why people choose the product. Huionvia and Battife are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly confetti eggs.

What are the best brands for eco friendly confetti eggs?

The Dreidel Company, Huionvia and Battife are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly confetti eggs. Find the detail in this article. Doubled Up, Henlay and Fiesta are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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