Best Eco Friendly Confetti Gun

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1. Toilet Paper Blaster Skid Shot

Toilet Paper Blaster Skid Shot

You can buy yours now for your next outdoor activity such as a summer party, street party, birthday, family get together, picnic, day at the beach, park or anywhere where you have lots of room to make bubbles that count. The toilet paper blaster fires up to 30 feet of toilet paper. It turns toilet paper into Spitballs. Water does not spit, clean up is easy, and does not stain. 2 ply works best to wipe out the competition. The package includes 3 cutout targets and no batteries are required. Don't call a plumbing professional if there is a slight water leak.

Brand: Tp Blaster

👤It leaks. I don't understand why people are surprised that it leaks. There are holes in the paper and water. There is a program called "RTFM." Yes, it jams. You're wet! If you follow the directions and use it correctly, it will work well, then you clean it, and then you use it. The fun only lasts so long because it's a novelty item. You get a few rounds in with cleanings in between and get wet so you tire from it quickly. Pulling a longish length, twisting and feeding it in seems to be more effective than just letting it unroll. It's not as fun to buy one and two, so I think there should be a deal for that. Make sure you clean up. It's difficult to clean up after it dries. When you're done, make sure to clear the chamber and jams. You don't want dried tp inside the tube. I love these stupid things. I'm not sure if I said it before, so make sure you do it.

👤Who could refuse this? A friend of mine shared this and I decided to buy two. The thing is fun and accurate when you get the loading steps down. My house is filthy. I will buy another one if this thing breaks.

👤Absolutely unnecessary toy. If my boys don't like it. The cost of a few rolls of toilet paper. I was worried about the mess. It is not an issue. The water is clean so the wet stuff doesn't stick. No mess on the walls, wood, windows, photos, or anything else they shoot. It's easier to clean up than Legos or a nerf gun. You will find this to be funny even if your kids are old or just the big boy who is kid at heart. There is a We have a couple at home. nerf darts have never run out of ammo. The issue we have had is the littler kids shooting the gun twice. The gun will jam up. It happens when they are doing a battle and excited. They forget the order of the steps. However- The jams are easy to fix, and the large wad is big enough to be catapulted at your enemy, just lacking the aim piece. Even as a mom, I recommend this. It's better to have clean, wet toilet paper than it is to have nerf darts.

👤Too expensive and cheap to make. The idea behind this product was fun for my 10 year old grandson. It would be something that we could play with. He loaded the shooters with TP after reading the directions. I got a chance to shoot mine but the cheap plastic part jammed, so he shot them a few times to get them working. His dad tried to fix the reloading lever. I have to mail the 2 shooters back to me, but I can't put them in the original boxes. I bought a large box and unfolded the original packing boxes so I could send them back. The postage for this box will be more than the cost. I was unable to contact the seller. I hope they read the situation. I hope my bad experience saves someone else from overspending.

2. Atlasonix Giant Bubbles Mix Concentrate

Atlasonix Giant Bubbles Mix Concentrate

It's ideal for skills training. There are giant popcorns. That won't happen. The latest natural way to make enormous loads and loads of bubbles has never been seen before. A quantity of 7 gallons of bubble solution can be made with tap water and dish soap. Quality dishwashing liquid such as Fairy, Dawn or Joy create the ultimate mixture and bubbles. BUBBLES, BUBBLES AND MORE BUBBLES. There is no denying the joy of making and playing with bubbles. You will love using it with all types of wands for giant bubbles and in a bubble machine. This is a hobby that never dies. Children learn through play. This is an excellent opportunity for parents and teachers to teach magic concepts such as elasticity, surface tension, chemistry, light, and even geometry, or you could just do what they do and see who can make the biggest bubble and make it last the longest. You can buy yours now for your next outdoor activity such as a summer party, street party, birthday, family get together, picnic, day at the beach, park or anywhere where you have lots of room to make bubbles that count.

Brand: Atlasonix

👤I was going to buy the Big Bubble Mix for 18 bucks but decided to use the product for less. The results are the same, but it's cheaper and makes 7 gallons. I made a 5 gallon batches in a 5 gallon water bottle, but it didn't let me stir it as much as I could have. Add the powder to the water with a sieve in a large bowl. I used the blue dawn soap and it worked better than the bubbles mix we had already. Shake the ready bubble mix before you use it since the product settles in the bottom of the bottle.

👤I started going to community markets and public gatherings to blow bubbles. There is a They bring people to a state of joy and delight. Adults and kids get a happy look when a 6ft bubble explodes in their face. It's a beautiful thing. Light a candle instead of cursing the darkness. I have gotten serious about finding a good bubble solution since this is something I do two or three times a week. The best mix I have found is this Giant Bubble mix. I didn't want to pay $17 per bottle after the first one, so I went to work to develop my own. I've tested many solutions, including sugar, elmers glue, and hydroxyethylcellulose, which they use to make slime in science class. There is a I haven't found anything that performs as well as this stuff. I can see how silly I've been, I've probably spent $50 on researching all of these other materials and some of them just went straight down the drain after the first test. Just do yourself a favor and get this stuff if you want to make giant bubbles. It costs $2 per gallon to make it. If I focus on drips going back in the bucket, a gallon lasts me at least 3 hours. I use a heaping amount of giant bubble mix and 1/2 cup of glycerine. Add the mixture to the soap. I've been using 1c non-ultra joy and 1c pink ajax because they are cheaper. Add water. Allow a few hours of rest. You can use it immediately, but 6 hours of rest will make a difference. The recipe calls for 16 cups of water. There is a lot of evidence that tap water works. There is a Most of the best bubble solutions mix better in cold water. I usually just add whatever I have to the jug and fill the rest with water, since I mix in 1 gallon jugs. I use less than 16 cups.

👤This is 888-270-6611 There are bubbles. The colors are dead. Don't buy.

3. Streamers Crackers Birthday Celebrations Multi Color

Streamers Crackers Birthday Celebrations Multi Color

It's Romantic and Special because it's bright, colorful and easy to clean up after all the fun is over, guests feel like an important part of the ceremony and provided for a great photo opportunity. You can make your wedding party even more special by putting the confetti streamers together as a project. You can use colorful tissue streamers to make selfies, surprise your family and friends at your wedding, and more. It is easy to use, just hold the ring of popper in your hand, tear the paper from the streamers, and throw them away. It's easy to pop out, no mess, and it's much more safe than confetti cannon or confetti poppers. All of their pop out party streamers are made of tissue paper which is Eco friendly. Each crackers poppers has 30 streamers inside, and the length of each streamer is approx 6 meters, so you can invite your friends or your kids to play together.

Brand: Battife

👤I ordered these to surprise my nephew. I wanted to do something extra special since he had to cancel his party the day before last year due to the swine flu and this week he is missing. I needed something that wouldn't leave a mess at the park where we are meeting for the picnic. I just tried one and it blew my mind. I used the pipe cleaner to twist the ring tightly on my middle finger and then pretended to throw a baseball. The streamers exploded out of the base and went much higher than I anticipated. It rained down beautiful colors all around me and each little roll went far without unfurling. There is a I received two of each outside color, and it was delivered quickly. There are streamers inside. I will definitely order more to have on hand for special occasions in the future.

👤These are great for indoors. There were no loud popping sounds. The streamers stay connected so they are easy to clean up. 98% paper is what they're composed of. One thing... We weren't sure how they worked. They came with short instructions. We will be buying them again.

👤The children loved them when they were given them for New Year.

👤These were great. Special Olympics athletes love them and I used to do a Virtual dance party with them.

👤I bought these to include in my isolation party kits. They were fun to use for a photo or video. A streamer popped into a lot of fun memories.

👤They are horrible in general and not good for the environment. Don't work that way.

👤Clean up is easy with these streamers.

4. RESTARDS Birthday Confetti Supplies Decorations

RESTARDS Birthday Confetti Supplies Decorations

We plant 4 trees for every 3 that they harvest. Chinese manufacturers source wood that is illegal. Today's market for disposable wood products is contributing to the destruction of the environment. You will get 4 paper fan cake toppers, 1 happy birthday round cake, and 1 confetti balloon cake for decorating your birthday cake. To make your birthday cake even more beautiful, they designed this set of gold series cake toppers. Their cake is made from merterial. The happy birthday cake topper has a protective film on it. All of their cake toppers are brightly colored and make your cake more wonderful. They are a great way to show your love for your partner at your birthday party. Adding more joy to your birthday party and creating a very romantic atmosphere is suitable for decorating cake desserts or other pastries.

Brand: Restards

👤The size of the cake is 9 inches and it looks beautiful, I bought it again because it is the perfect size for an 8 inch or 10 inch cake.

👤Great cake decoration! It offers prime. I got it in time for my last minute cake order. I didn't like the fact that I didn't know how to attach the ballon to the straw stick, so I used Scotch tape. The bow on the order was pink. I already had a bigger gold one.

👤I think this listing was worth less than other similar ones, but I should have gone with the cheaper one, I think I wanted the free return option. I thought one of the main pins would have a rusty hue, but it was just gold. A fun set of decorations. The balloon is flimsy with the weird two piece stick, I lost one when I was trying to stage the cake for presentation. There was no directions for the balloon, but a flyer about how it goes on top of cakes. It was cute and worth it, but not sure it was worth the extra cost.

👤The decorations look good on the cake. They are not individually wrapped and must be cleaned before use. The small wooden sticks are not smooth and you need to clean the stray fibers so they don't end up in the cake. The decorations look great and are reuseable.

👤The quality of the cake is great. I bought this for my husband. It is sturdy and beautiful.

👤I love that you can make any type of cake look amazing with this topper. It was easy to assemble the cake and it was versatile. I put it in a small cake for my mom to eat.

👤I bought this cake accessory for a friend who I was asked to make a 40th birthday cake for and the color was burgundy. The gold accents with the cake were amazing. I painted some white chocolate details in gold luster dust to match the cake topper. It was perfect! You can blow up the balloon to any size you want.

👤The cake toppers are very beautiful. My cake was made over the top. I had to put the confetti back in the balloon since it spilled in the box, but I loved it! I used my own paper straw to cover the balloon stick, but the one in the box was a different design. I chose to cover the balloon cup and knot with gold curling ribbon because the pink bow that came in the box was too feminine.

5. Hemway Friendly Biodegradable Cosmetic Eyeshadow

Hemway Friendly Biodegradable Cosmetic Eyeshadow

If you don't love the order, simply message them or return it, and they'll give you a full money back guarantee. No.1 Eco Biodegradable Premium Glitter is specifically designed for use with Glass, Art, Nail, Floristry, Body Art, On skin usage, Hair, Face, Nails, Makeup, Flowers, Beards, Cards and much more. This product has the highest grade of glitter. It is easy to apply & long lasting sparkling glitter results because they use the best raw materials within this product. All of their glitters are non-toxic and safe for the environment. It's the same premium Hemway glitter but made from sustainable natural resources. Hemway. Adding Eco Friendly Biodegradable Glitter is a great way to add extra sparkle. Hemway Eco friendly is a revolutionary multi-purpose product that means you can get glittery without harming their planet. There are 42 beautiful colors and 6 unique sizes to choose from.

Brand: Hemway

👤I have seen glitter biodegrade in person and I can say that it does. I was hoping to use this for a hair gel, but after a couple of weeks the glitter disappeared. The glitter is biodegraded by heat and liquids. I won't give it a bad review because biodegrading is what it is supposed to do, but I would caution people working on projects with it that it will not last long in wet or warm material. It could be good for paper projects. It would work well if it was added over the top of wet make up.

👤The Eco Friendly Biodegradable Glitter 100g / 3.5oz is $9.03. I tried it on my own skin. Half of the glitter looks gray, and the shininess is less than average. The glitter turned into something thick and sticky when I burned it over a candle. I'm not sure if the glitters in the market are "biodegradable". I hope it's degradable. The true bio-glitter is made from plant cellulose. There is only one manufacturer that has certification that they use eucalyptus that is responsible and that is the only plant-based manufacturer we work with. Aug 28, 2018).

👤I love that it is non-toxic. A little goes a long way with this glitter. The package was larger than expected and that is always a plus. I used it for a BathBomb kit for my daughter and she loves it.

👤The amount of glitter in the package is very high. It's a steal for the price. I plan on using this glitter to make bath bombs, so I'll update my review later on. I love the color selection of the company and will definitely be trying other colors in the future. I can't wait to try this color out.

👤Eco-conscious glitter lovers, you're in good hands! There is a glitter choice that you don't have to feel guilty about. I have heard that glitter is bad news for the environment. My husband doesn't like glitter for the messy factor. My daughter wore this for her Halloween costume. She was evil. I put Aquaphor on her arms to make it stick. I sprayed her hair with a spray that made her glitter stick. I don't know how long the glitter held onto the hairspray. There is a better solution for glitter glue for hair.

👤I was excited to find a good price for the glitter with Prime shipping. The color is perfect, the sparkle is eye catching, and it will be perfect for a friend's party. A standard sharpie marker is next to the photo.

👤I was concerned about the effect on the environment. I bought this because I want to put it on black table clothes for art shows. There is a lot in this container and it looks great. I hope I use all of it. Oh, that's right!

👤My daughter is making lipgloss. You can feel it on your lips, but wont buy it again.

👤I am a professional face painter and glitter artist. The white, fine glitter and the silver holographic glitter were purchased by me. The delivery was fast. The white, fine glitter is not very shiny, but it is different to others I've used. It has a hint of sparkle but is ok to add to a blend. Good size pieces are theChunky silver holographic. I spoke to the company about the white glitter, they replied quickly, and I can exchange it for something else at no problem. I have ordered more from this company and I am very happy with it.

6. Hand Toss Multi Streamers Streamers Performance

Hand Toss Multi Streamers Streamers Performance

There are multicolor decorations. The paper streamers are full of color and are great for any celebration. The bulk colors party streamers are great for weddings and bridal showers. This 13ft long will make a great visual. You can add their 10pack colored bombs to the large gunpowder. It is easy to clean, easy to grasp one end of the ribbon and arrange it. You can use the ring handle to rip the bottom paper of the throw streamer and toss it up at a 45 degree angle. There is a guarantee of success. Their product is tested. Their USA customer service team is here to help. Their top priority is your satisfaction.

Brand: Maui Mon

👤I was photographing a wedding and these worked well. I showed the guests how to open and direct throw, and they all figured it out. I picked these over the confetti cannon to make it easier to clean up after a shot. It was very easy. The guests helped clean up the streamers in less than an hour. They looked great in the picture.

👤This streamer is awesome. The sight of us throwing a rainbow arcs of ribbons is amazing. 1. It is easy to clean when no one tears off the streamers attached to the ring. 2. Throwing all the streamers in one place can be difficult. Put the streamer in your palm. All the streamers in the ring can be untangled if the cover is torn off. We will buy it again.

👤They are colorful and shoot out pretty far with no mess. Everyone loved it.

👤I ordered these for my birthday party and they were great. The kids liked them and it made them think it was a party.

👤This product can be used for gift wrapping. I have used them for decorating.

👤A lot of fun. It is easy to clean. It was easy to use. Will buy for the birthday every year.

👤It was fun. They were used for a party. The streamers travel far. The hand held part is easy to clean up.

👤These were great! They were perfect for a work celebration where we didn't want to make a mess. Will definitely order again.

7. ArtCreativity Purple Blaster Bottles Solution

ArtCreativity Purple Blaster Bottles Solution

Don't call a plumbing professional if there is a slight water leak. It is exciting and fun. ArtCreativity has a fun bubble gun set. It comes with (3) 7.5” cool bubble guns that are blue, pink and purple, perfect for a multi-kid household or thrilling kids at any party. Every bubble blaster gun comes with batteries and 2 bottles of bubble fluid, so you don't need to go shopping for more accessories. The complete bubble blower set is included in the box. The bubble shooter toys have a cool design and produce a light show and sound effects. The kids will be distracted for hours by the visual and sonic feast of the set. Attach the bubble solution bottle to the base of the bubble blower toy and shoot away. No dealing with messy solutions. The bubble blowers for kids with high-quality plastic are made to last as the kids have fun. A great gift idea. The bubble blowing gun kit is a great gift for a birthday, holiday, or just because gift for a little boy or girl. The lighted bubble gun set is a great party favor. Click on the button to add to the cart.

Brand: Artcreativity

👤My wife freaked out after five minutes of that horrible noise that they make, and I don't blame her. There is a The fix is to open a paperclip, put a little hook on the end, and fish it into the speaker through the front nozzle. Give that sucker a yank. One of the two that came off the speaker came off the board and stuck to the end nozzle. Pull it out with your fingers if that happens. Look at photos. There is no more noise. The end!

👤The noise factor has to be figured out. I thought it was cool, but it gets old really fast and it is loud, although they do vary in sound level. I took a cue from another reviewer who showed how to turn off the noise. I had to do something different so I will include my steps here. It wasn't hard to make a hook out of a paperclip and it wasn't hard to get the wires hooked, but yanking it out was a little beyond my strength. I pulled the wires forward so that I could insert the scissors and cut them. It worked out well. The lights and bubbles are still on. This is going to be great for a bubble fight next week. I think it will go through the little bubbles container quickly, so you want a larger bottle to refill the small ones with. I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens.

👤It was even better than expected. The lights are bright and fun, all three guns worked out of the box, but some took a little time to get started. If you put them on their sides, they will leak and you will need to remove the bubble solution to store them. I would buy them again. My children enjoyed them equally.

👤My nephew and niece were the ones I bought these for. They really liked them. Each gun in the pack comes with two bottles of bubble mix. Any adult should be able to screw in the bubble bottle. All the batteries you need come pre-installed in the guns. The kids liked the loud noise of the laser gun when it was held. It serves as a good alert that the kids are using the guns, even if adults don't like the sound. There is a The kids were 4 and 5 years old and this was a great treat for them, making me their favorite uncle again. I don't know how long these will last but for 20 bucks you can have three guns, batteries, and bubble mix. It was a solid purchase.

👤These work well. The battery compartment was broken and the batteries fell out. I smelled smoke when I put them back in. I had to glue the metal plates back in place so they wouldn't start a fire. It's just that. The other two were fine. However, that is not true. Oh my gosh. I was not a fan of that sound for a while, but luckily another reviewer posted a fix. I was able to remove the wire that made the sound terrible. The bubble blaster is silent now, and everything is sailing smoothly. Kids love bubbles. I don't like that they don't stand up on their own. The bubble tube is too short so it doesn't touch the table at the same height as the base of the gun, and you don't want to lay it down flat because the bubbles will spill out. We just lean ours up again, so it's not a big deal. The guns are pretty good.

8. Outus Multicolor Tissue Confetti Pieces

Outus Multicolor Tissue Confetti Pieces

The battle ready kit. Everything you need for your first battle is in this kit. A gel blaster, fast charging, a gravity fed hopper, a pair of safety glasses, and 10,000 Gellets are included. The package includes approx. Enough confetti for your application. The foil circles are 2.5 cm/ 1 inch. They are packed together in different colors for you to choose from, giving you a different look. Colorful confetti are a nice choice for attractive decorations, they add atmosphere for special events as weddings, celebrations, parties, and more. You can apply these round multi-color tissue confetti on any place you want to decorate, such as spreading on the ground, table, bed or putting them in the balloons. Please store these confetti in a dry place and keep them away from children if they eat them.

Brand: Outus

👤Really disgusted. There is a The first thing we saw when we opened the bag was a foul odor. Hundreds of pieces of plastic foil are non-biodegradable. There is a We decided to separate the foil from the paper so that we could use the confetti after airing it out. There was a piece of feces at the bottom of the bag that had hair sticking out of it. Wow! The confetti was so stinky. If I could, I would not give stars to this.

👤I used these for my photography session. They were well photographed and a good size. We were going to be throwing confetti at an outdoor location and I wanted all paper confetti. I don't like to leave a message behind as a photographer. I see shiny confetti that doesn't break down. There is a There were gold foil circles in the package, but the paper was advertised as paper. We had to take out all of the gold, as well as separate circles of confetti.

👤Why jam so many of them into a bag? The inner bag was crushed by the outer bag. There was a sticky tab on the inner bag. The problem was that the tissue paper stuck to it. Some of the circles were not circles. I needed circles of tissue paper that were flat. I had to spend an hour looking for the good ones. The packaging is terrible. The size was right for what I needed.

👤It is perfect for a Noon Year's Eve celebration. I was concerned that we wouldn't have enough confetti. It turned out to be more than anticipated. The round tissue made this mom at ease since it would be in the balloon drop. The kids loved playing with the confetti. There is an abundance of confetti, so be prepared for the clean up process. I will definitely order again.

👤The bag was folded in half and put in a small pouch. Some of the confetti can't be used because it's wrinkled up. The rest of the bag is fine. If you want to ship the bag should be kept flat rather than folded.

👤It's definitely not worth $12. I wouldn't spend $5 on this because of how small these bags are. There is a bag next to it. A lot of them are torn in half or crumbled up so they are not good for goody bags.

👤The coloring of the confetti is gorgeous. I wish it didn't have the gold foil pieces. There aren't many of them. It's easy to pick them out. I use them in my business and the quantity for the price is great, so I will keep buying them.

👤Cute for my shower. It would be hard to vacuum up the glitter. The confetti gives a dramatic look. The bag is more than enough. I had a lot leftover from my shower.

👤Really nice confetti. I made 75 bags of confetti from dried petals. They were too large for each person. You could make around 70 confetti bags with this paper alone. It was well photographed and threw well. Some bits are plastic which is sad but it looks great. It was reasonable for some tissue paper to be a tad expensive. If you can wait a month, there are many cheaper options if you planned ahead.

9. Confetti Biodegradable Celebrations Anniversary Birthday

Confetti Biodegradable Celebrations Anniversary Birthday

The colors of the festival are known as the color fight powder. It's perfect for a wedding, birthday, graduation party, championship games, award ceremony, confetti day and more. Their confetti sticks are made of tissue paper which is eco friendly. The paper confetti can be used indoors or outdoors and is easy to use. It's great for party decoration, much safer than confetti cannon or confetti poppers, and even kids can play together, just take gorgeous photos, surprise you friends. Their white confetti wands can make your day special. You can create a display at your events by swinging your arm and wrist. You can hide it and give your party a surprise with the 7.8inch size. You can invite your friends or kids to play with the 10 packs.

Brand: E-riding

👤They were easy to use and perfect for my daughter's wedding. No one had a problem. Would purchase again. Very happy.

👤It was used for a wedding. It worked well and arrived quickly.

👤An outdoor wedding has a beautiful effect. Have a camera with you to capture the moment.

👤This is not a Canon confetti.

👤They were easy to use and the confetti came out very quickly. I was worried that the Confetti would get stuck in the tube, but it didn't. It came out well.

👤The bride and groom were leaving the reception. They were easy to use for small kids and made for fun photos.

10. Confetti Biodegradable Balloons Party Decoration

Confetti Biodegradable Balloons Party Decoration

100% satisfaction guaranteed. The confetti is 1.6 ounces. Paper confetti can be used to fill balloons. These confetti can be applied to a wedding, baby shower, gender reveal, birthday party, anniversary and more. Friendly. The Circle Confetti is made of tissue paper and can be used in a sustainable way. Please keep confetti away from children if they eat them.

Brand: Huionvia

👤The item was described as having 5000 pieces. It did not come with 5000 pieces. The purple table confetti has 5000 but the gold does not.

👤It was great for a gender reveal party. Guests can throw in the air with the smaller brown craft paper bags. The balloons didn't have enough confetti initially, so we put it in black gender reveal balloons.

👤These were ordered for a fun addition to wedding photos. They were cute and made the pictures more fun for everyone. They are difficult to clean up and I'm not sure they are made of sustainable materials. Each person should only throw a small handful because a little goes a long way.

👤These are quite large and lightweight. They blew around in the wind and we will find them in the yard for months.

👤The dining tables were great for my wedding. This was perfect as it was an outdoor wedding and I wanted something non-toxic.

👤No near 5,000 pieces. Not even 500 pieces. Total rip off!

👤I couldn't believe how far this went. My kids will be getting a fun surprise on St Patrick's day. It didn't take much to cover a large area. They were easy to vacuum.

👤There is a lot of them, they are cute, the color is nice, and we don't have to clean them up.

11. Star Confetti Metallic Bachelorette Decorations

Star Confetti Metallic Bachelorette Decorations

The whole family will enjoy hours of entertainment. There is a pack of confetti with star-shaped cutouts. 7 ounces of table confetti means there's always enough to throw at birthday parties, baby showers, on Valentine's Day, holiday parties or wherever you want! Not just parties, use this confetti to decorate your personal notebook, interior decorating, or even your own art project for a colorful twist. It is durable plastic. The confetti is made of plastic. You can add them to gift baskets, goody bags, glass jars, or other party favors. Small parts are not suitable for young children. DIMENSIONS Each piece is 0.1 inches in length.

Brand: Juvale

👤The purple color is more of a magenta than purple. Very disappointing. It is a great buy because there is a lot of it.

👤Very cute. My pre-k students loved them and we had plenty left over.

👤Exactly what I was looking for when searching for confetti. Lots of it.

👤Good quality and more than I expected.

👤There was a lot of confetti. I am. . It was a few handfuls of stars. The stars are small, but it was perfect for what I needed.

👤It looks like he has a picture. It's gorgeous! You get a lot.

👤I bought this for my daughter and she loved it.


What is the best product for eco friendly confetti gun?

Eco friendly confetti gun products from Tp Blaster. In this article about eco friendly confetti gun you can see why people choose the product. Atlasonix and Battife are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly confetti gun.

What are the best brands for eco friendly confetti gun?

Tp Blaster, Atlasonix and Battife are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly confetti gun. Find the detail in this article. Restards, Hemway and Maui Mon are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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