Best Eco Friendly Confetti Poppers Wedding

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1. ALINK Biodegradable Supplies Decorations Celebrations

ALINK Biodegradable Supplies Decorations Celebrations

100 cute paper straws, 4 colors, 25 counts each design, pink wave, pink strip, gold wave, and a gold strip. 7.75" long, 0.25" wide, designs clearly printed with a nice gold and cute pink, add special touch to the decorations. Made of eco-friendly materials and food safe ink. Thick and sturdy, will not fall apart or melt in hot liquid for an extended period of time. Birthday party, baby shower, wedding shower, bridal shower, housewarming party, engagement party, graduation celebrations and also can be used for cake pops.

Brand: Alink

👤They were ordered for a bridal shower. They were well packaged and look better in person than the photos. The gold blends well with the pink. I tested one for their ability to be durable, but they are not as sturdy as a plastic straw, and will not last forever in a drink, but a small downside that outweighs environmental benefits. They will be a great addition to the bar at the shower.

👤I like these. I keep them in a cup next to our canned drinks in the bathroom, because they are cute. We walk by the fridge to the garage. I keep our drinks there. The straw is a handy grab whenever I grab a drink. A fun straw would be better than a drab straw. They are not plastic, but they do get a little limp after a while. It's not enough to be annoying, but they want to know if the straws are durable. They perform very well on the whole.

👤A dear friend has stopped using plastic straws. She is going to be happy with these straws. These are not like the flimsy paper straws of my childhood. We recently used some like this while on vacation, and found them to be perfect. I hope she shares with us.

👤Each pattern is sealed in a separate wrapping so they are very sturdy and will stay nice through a party. I bought these for my daughter's baby shower and they are perfect.

👤Each pack was packed according to the pattern. The product is described. The straws were used to get the length. It was good for what I needed.

👤These are great! They look good and are made from paper. I used most of them for cake pop stems, but they work just as well as straws.

👤I bought it for my baby shower. The color scheme is pink, gold, rose gold, white, and green. These will work out well. I ordered other things so I put them in a giant box. Can't wait to use them for the plastic stemless champagne flutes I bought for the shower.

👤These are gorgeous, but they don't oxidize quickly. I will change my response if I can remember how long it takes to break down in hot water, cold, and time. If you leave it overnight, you won't be working with the same straw. It does not fall apart completely, but it gets soggy.

👤The beverage table has a beautiful addition. I found a glass next to the straw and it was fresh. There are no issues with the straw breaking down while you are drinking. These straws are a love story.

👤The paper straw route has great colors and you get what you want. It was great to know that we were doing less harm by using paper straws for the bridal shower.

👤I use these straws to cover my Wanda mascara. They add a little spark to products given to clients.

👤The paper straws don't absorb water quickly and are durable. We use them outside. I wish the straws were bigger. When sipping pop, the pop explodes through the straw. They are perfect if they don't drink pop.

2. Simplicity Wedding Send Streamer Tubes

Simplicity Wedding Send Streamer Tubes

If you're not happy with the color, quality or other aspects, please contact them for a full refund or replacement. Every purchase has a 30 day guarantee. Individual tubes pop out. The streamers measure 4.2'' H. 10 silver foil streamers are attached and spring loaded and reach 10 feet when the lever is released. A perfect wedding send off can be accomplished by Handle out Streamer Canon. Birthdays, new Year's Eve, graduations, and surprise parties can all be used with these no mess streamers.

Brand: Simplicity

👤We want streamers to pop on our wedding day. We didn't want streamers or confetti to leave a mess since it will be in the redwoods. This was a great find. There is a circular box of 14. We used one to try it. We have plenty left. The handle is easy to use and it makes small pop noise. It's important to angle it higher since the streamers are long. I would love for this product to come in gold.

👤We got married in a state park. From not being allowed. We ran the risk of an animal eating it and making them sick because roses are not a native plant. We were not allowed to do confetti because it made birds sick. The regulations made it impossible to blow bubbles. The purchase was a last minute idea. Yes, it worked. The flower girl gave these out. The adults were near the aisle. The picture is epic. It worked but it was expensive. They had time to learn how to explode the popper after they gave these to the guest. It was easy. As you pointed the switch above the object you were trying to shower in, you flipped it. There is a * I have not been paid and I did not receive this product. This is an honest review.

👤Our wedding venue wouldn't allow us to have any of those things. These were great and made no mess. They looked great in the pictures of our exit.

👤No litter to deal with, and pop with great excitement. The confetti streamers are festive without the trash, perfect for a beach wedding as it did not leave litter.

👤It looked great... The long streamers can cause tripping factor if not careful. Getting caught on shoes.

👤I don't usually leave reviews, but we were very happy with this product. The exit photos from our wedding reception were perfect for my husband and I to have fun with. We were not allowed to use confetti cannons at our venue because it was on the ocean. The cannons give the perfect effect, and the streamers never detach from the cannon, which makes it easy to clean up. These are an easy wedding exit option if you are a bride.

👤Our New Year's celebration was fun because of these poppers. The kids could pop-pop-pop away from the mess. Once popped, the unit can easily be picked up and thrown away, so streamers can be used to decorate for the rest of the night. They are shiny silver. I will buy again and again.

👤It was perfect! It's easy to clean up since they all stay attached.

3. Confetti Biodegradable Celebrations Anniversary Birthday

Confetti Biodegradable Celebrations Anniversary Birthday

5 de mayo party decorations Their white confetti wands can make your day special and romantic. You can create a display at your events by swinging your arm and wrist. The confetti paper is made of tissue paper which is eco friendly and lightweight and will degrade fast after use. Kids can play at their parties with confetti papers and there is no gas inside the tube. It is easy to use, just open the cap, swing your arm and flick the sticks, the paper confetti flick will flutter in the air, can be used indoors or outdoors. Great for celebration, you can immerse yourself and your guests in snow confetti, take amazing photos and selfies with confetti floating around, and surprise your family and friends on their wedding send-off, graduation party, championship games, award ceremony, and more. Quality and size are important. The confetti tubes are 14 inches in length.

Brand: Battife

👤I don't know if this is rice paper. Rice paper becomes sticky and fluid when it gets wet. It feels like wet paper when wet. Says it degrades rapidly. It will be like most paper one day. The wedding venue requires that it be destroyed in a day so it doesn't ruin the grounds. It is very expensive, though the kind that disintegrates on eBay is very cheap. The product will work and we just couldn't use it.

👤The cannons are filled with confetti. They are not the canons that explode in the air.

👤Adding more to a celebration is a great way to do it. Over 100 was used to cover our NYE Party. The confetti was flying in the air. More than we needed. APPEARANCE. The tubes are pretty. The shiny silver exterior shows a bit of elegance and flair. It was well blended in any situation. There is confetti inside. The colors are bright. EASE OF USE. It is incredibly simple. Just pop the cap on the end and flick your wrist in the direction you want the confetti to go. The other capped end helps keep confetti out of the air. I've used others with double open ends and they always end up with confetti falling out the bottom as you flick it. There is a This is a great way to make an easy statement that "This is a celebration". You don't need a lot to do the job.

👤The confetti wand arrived in time for my daughter's wedding. I waited until the wedding day to open and throw one because I was tempted to. I forgot to throw the confetti at the hotel so we threw it after the reception which was great because the white confetti is better at night. My daughter and son-in-law's happiness when we passed the confetti at them was unforgettable, they jumped up and down with joy as if they were 5 years old, and I kept saying "they are biodegradable" I recommend this item and buy more just for fun.

👤My son's 14th birthday was a family dinner party and I needed them for that. It exceeded my expectations. It was very easy to use. The kids were playing with them and it was hilarious. The teens were trying to get as much as they could from them. I bought them again. Highly recommended.

👤These were lackluster. I was very disappointed in them. They had to be shook very hard and each tube had less confetti than I expected. I wouldn't spend your money on them. shredding white paper and throwing it in the air is a better option.

👤These are worth a bad review. The paper was hard to shake out of. It was crushed together. It was not impressive when it came out. Paper was everywhere after that. What a mess, I know paper eventually breaks down, but what a mess. After testing a few, I emptied all of them and filled them with snow. Awesome. It is very expensive. Would not recommend.

4. Fiesta Confetti Value Mexican Colorful Confetti

Fiesta Confetti Value Mexican Colorful Confetti

Please keep confetti away from children if they eat them. The Jumbo Plus Bag is 9lb/450gr. The colors are pictured. A bag of Mexican confetti made from recycled paper. Great for Easter Eggs. Birthday Parties, New Year, and every other festive event should have fun. 5 de mayo party decorations

Brand: Fiesta Brands

👤I tried this stuff because the confetti I bought last year wasn't being sold on Amazon. It is perfect. I made the holes in the eggs. It clings to hair for fun and can be dissolved in a reasonable period of time. It was colorful and great confetti, even though some pieces had printing on them.

👤Fiesta Confetti is perfect for gifts. There is a A small amount inside birthday cards adds a bit of cheer. There is a The confetti is not paper. No plastic, sharp corners, or harmful glitter. There is a The size and thickness are related. The confetti is a little different in shape. There is a The paper is light and not heavy. I would compare it to children's notebook paper thickness, this allows it to stay aloft. A rainbow of colors, including deep violets, multiple ranges of greens, dark and light blue, bright red, and a pop of almost fluorescent orange and hot pink. There is a The range would suit any gender that likes color. There is packaging. The confetti is messy and the bag is not resealable. A 1 gallon bag is a good choice for storage. There were no odors or debris in the bag. There is a bright colored confetti. There is a The size is 2.95 lbs. A small amount goes a long way. This company would definitely order from again.

👤I bought this to use for a photo shoot and it has been amazing. It's light enough to blow out of your hands or toss in the air and it has resulted in amazing photos. I use the fun color to create a fun pop of color for any session. It has lasted a long time and many shoots thus far and I still have plenty left to get a few more, but I will definitely buy more when I run out. It's so fun! My clients love it no matter the age.

👤Great looking product and throws well, but will ruin anything it touches of water. My kids shoes died pink when I stepped in it for 5 minutes.

👤So. Much. There is confetti. The confetti I used for my photo shoot was perfect. I still have a lot of it left after throwing handfuls up in the air to get the perfect photo.

👤It was perfect for Easter confetti eggs. I filled the 90 jumbo sized eggs that I made and had some left over for next Easter. Will order again if it is cheaper. It's difficult to find where I live.

👤This stuff was very bright and small. It was used for about 18 dozen eggs and had 1/3 left over. It was a clear day when we did it and it was not raining.

👤I bought this to blow up my boss's office. We didn't use the whole bag. There was more than I anticipated. We used a fourth of the bag to cover the office. The product was better than expected. It was hard to clean but that was expected. Would definitely recommend! But remember a few goes a long way.

5. Confetti Colorful Biodegradable Celebrations Multicolor

Confetti Colorful Biodegradable Celebrations Multicolor

Their multi color tissue paper confetti wands can make your day special. You can create a display at your events by swinging your arm and wrist. Their confetti sticks are made from water dissolving tissue rice paper which is ECO friendly. You can invite your friends or your kids to play in the packs. It's much safer than confetti popper or confetti cannon to use paper confetti wands at a wide range of events. Celebratory - immerse yourself and your guests in colorful confetti; make amazing photo and selfies with colorful confetti floating around like snow; surprise your family and friends on their wedding weddings, birthday, graduation party, championship games, award ceremony and more. Enjoy your party and have fun.

Brand: Battife

👤You only get one chance to throw confetti at a wedding, and theses were a failure. I was so disappointed that I still have unused tubes. I might return them to think about it. There is a The confetti is tightly packed in these tubes. It does after 20 tries and one black eye because you've had to go through the motions of throwing confetti out of the tube and it will land in someone's face. You can save money by buying a bag of confetti.

👤They were a huge hit and I wish I had said "wands up" before we used them. It was very pretty in the photos.

👤The confetti was small enough to fly away and was highly colored. Be aware of the size. If you want a lot of confetti, these are large. It's difficult to surprise someone with confetti. I would use these for a wedding or other event since the paper is not covered in foil like other confetti sticks.

👤Pictures are not accurate. We tried hitting them on our wrists and ripping them in half. The confetti got stuck inside and we were fishing it out with objects. It was very annoying. My pictures were ruined.

👤I ordered for my daughter's wedding. It was important to have something safe for the environment because they were fun to have after the service.

👤I wanted to get ready for my wedding. I used confetti sticks that popped, which sprayed the confetti into the air, and these sticks were great for the kids who didn't like the loud popping sound, so they were able to still participate, and it kept them occupied for a while! If we needed confetti sticks again, I would get them again.

👤I thought they would pop after reading the description more carefully, they are exactly what they are described and worked well for graduation.

👤I was expecting something a bit more colorful. They are very thin and have a wand-like appearance. They have a good amount of confetti. It would be perfect for a wedding. It's easy to use because the top pops off.

6. Festive Mexican Confetti Birthday Cascarones

Festive Mexican Confetti Birthday Cascarones

There is PASTEL COLORS. The Mexican Confetti is perfect for Easter and Birthday parties. Each of their confetti bags contains 1.2 lbs. This is the best price in the market. DECORATIONS- It can be put around your party tables for a festive look or in your Easter eggs. Your guests will have a lot of fun taking photos. BIO DEGRADABLE- Their confetti is made from recycled tissue and paper that is cut into small dots. It is very easy to clean and can be used indoors and outdoors. They guarantee it. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, please send them a message and they will solve your problem.

Brand: Myparty

👤The sheer color is not as bright as shown in the image. Very disappointed!

👤Twice a year, we throw confetti bombs at my son on his birthday. It is a challenge to clean up. We find more and more days later, but it is worth the effort. This is one of the best confetti we have ever purchased.

👤I was surprised by the amount of confetti, it was really nice colors. The purpose was served but the process was a nightmare.

👤It was perfect for our confetti eggs. There is a lot of confetti. We made 10 dozen and have three quarters left. The kids were having fun with it.

👤The confetti is perfect for eggs. It was easy to use.

👤It was exactly as advertised. The ang is full of circles. The colored paper broke down in the yard without any damage or color changes.

👤Confetti is always fun. Can not go wrong.

7. Gender Reveal Confetti Biodegradable Flutter

Gender Reveal Confetti Biodegradable Flutter

If you're not happy with the color, quality or other aspects, please contact them for a full refund or replacement. Every purchase has a 30 day guarantee. ImPRESSIVE. For your gender reveal party, these confetti wands can impress. Have fun with your family and friends. Every moment should be memorable. Their confetti is made from tissue paper which is eco friendly. Their confetti sticks are safe and quiet. You can create a display at your special day by swinging your arm and wrist. It's easy to use, just open the cap of one side, lift your arm, and flick the sticks, the paper confetti will flutter in the air, it's great gender reveal party decorations, take gorgeous photos, surprise you friends. There are 12 packs of blue confetti sticks, they are good party decorations and supplies, invite your friends to play together.

Brand: Battife

👤I want to continue to give positives even though I have read so many things. The pink paper was not seen when the top was removed. It could be easily hidden if that is a good thing. There was a lot of pink confetti that was easy to release. I was expecting a lot of love for it. It is simple and easy. The pink sticker that was being talked about was hard to come off. The package was not the actual product. It was easy because of that. I threw the package away and no one knew anything.

👤I bought these confetti wands for the family to use to participate in the gender reveal and they were very easy to use. To use it, you just shake the wand and take off the cap. What is even better? If you take the cap off, you won't be able to see the color of the confetti because it's white at the top and bottom. You can't see what is after that white. Each pack has a sticker that tells you the color of the confetti. There is a It is not easy to clean but it is worth it. See video: The people are using confetti wands. The confetti cannon powder is from another brand.

👤We used this for a fun photo op for the kids. The sticks had a lot of tissue paper. I could take the 6 pack on an airplane to show the family in person because I ordered it. If the person who will flick the stick doesn't know the gender, I'd be cautious ordering this. It would've been ruined for that person if there was pink tissue on one end. It was fun and easy.

👤These were wonderful! They were easy to use and made for a nice gender reveal. We couldn't see what color confetti was inside because they had white covering the ends. The pack of 6 made a nice shower of confetti for the three of us. It's worth the $20. I'm happy that this was our choice for reveal.

👤Couldn't be more upset. My daughter's baby reveal is where I got this. She didn't know the sex of her baby because she wanted it to be a surprise for her and her boyfriend. I didn't open the box because I didn't think there was anything to it. My daughter was at the reveal and I was able to open the box while she was there. It ruined her surprise when she saw it.

👤Product was what was expected. It was easy to teach everyone how to work them. There was a good amount of confetti. It was a perfect outdoor reveal during coronaviruses. I recommend going through each stick and making sure the colored insides are hidden. There were a few where there was a small dot of blue or pink. It was easy to fix and didn't ruin the surprise for anyone.

👤The gender reveal was perfect for these. The tops are stuffed with confetti. You can not see the colors inside. Good for not revealing anything. Also non-toxic. They were gone the next day. I would buy them again.

8. Premium Shredded Squares Tissue Confetti

Premium Shredded Squares Tissue Confetti

Premium tissue paper and mylar flakes are the quality. The size is perfect. The confetti squares are about 0.25" in size. confetti are an approximation, not a perfect square. 50 grams of confetti per package, or roughly 6-7 handfuls of confetti. It's perfect to use as table confetti for baby shower, wedding, bridal shower, sweet 16, birthday parties, and more. It is possible to achieve dependability. It can be used as a table decoration, in confetti cannons to shoot out, in clear balloons, and more.

Brand: Chloe Elizabeth

👤The color is different than the picture on the website. The item in the picture is not gold, it's not in a nice color. The color is not good.

👤I'm happy I got these for the party, they are bright gold and reflective. I like that it was tissue paper. I didn't put a lot of plastic in the landfill. If I just use it on the dining table, I have enough for one big room or a few parties. I'm sure I'll find this all over the house because it gets everywhere and sticks to everything. It's a good thing.

👤When handling this, be careful. I used these for my friend's gender reveal 3 months ago and to this day, I still find random specks of it at work, at friends' homes and you just can't get rid of it!

👤The product was fun. You will still be picking up glitter after use. Each piece that is found brings a laugh and a memory.

👤This is the best option for you. I used it for my AIDS boxes. I had a lot left. Some got in my purse and it got stuck in my crotch. There is a Every now. I see some of the pests in the house.

👤My daughter uses this as part of her packaging for her self care products, she loves it, it adds the right amount of bling to her packaging.

👤I like the shine on these.

9. Battife Streamers Crackers Birthday Celebrations

Battife Streamers Crackers Birthday Celebrations

Bright, white and easy to clean up after all the fun is over, use their hand throw streamers poppers to make a grand wedding exit, made guests feel like an important part of the ceremony and provided for a great photo opportunity! You can make your wedding party even more special by putting the confetti streamers together as a project. White tissue streamers are great for celebrations, they can be used for selfies, surprise your family and friends, and more. It is easy to use, just hold the ring of popper in your hand, tear the paper from the streamers, and throw them away. It's easy to pop out, no mess, and it's much more safe than confetti cannon or confetti poppers. All of their pop out party streamers are made of tissue paper which is Eco friendly. There are 10packs of white party poppers in total, and each crackers poppers has 30pcs streamers inside, and the length of each streamer is approx 6 meters, invite your friends or your kids to play together.

Brand: Battife

👤Don't waste your money. It was an epic fail to use these for our wedding. They don't open. You're supposed to pull the part to open them. Crap product. 0 stars.

👤Each one has a lot of streamers. They were used for our flower guys during the ceremony and for our send off. They were small and easy to use, and made for great photos. I included one of my favorites. I couldn't have asked for better.

👤There are other colors mixed in as well. Wanted all white for a wedding and not pink and blue for a baby shower. Don't understand the new colors. The band on the outside looks like it's for Christmas. Come on?

👤Once you figure out how to use them, they worked well. There are a lot of streamers on each one. You have to open the paper, hold it in, and then toss it up while holding the ring. I thought they were poppers and ruined the moment. They are not poppers.

👤My daughter's wedding reception had these. They looked pretty and went far. They were perfect to use indoors since you could reel them back in without leaving a mess behind.

👤The only thing you had to do was rip off the bottom of the product. I was expecting it to come out. They blew in the wind when I was in my car. The streamers were attached all the time.

10. TECCA Confetti Specially Birthday Anniversary

TECCA Confetti Specially Birthday Anniversary

It's easy to use, just twist the bottom piece and it pops the confetti. All TECCA Party Goods and Gifts are designed in the USA. When you choose them to be a small part of your celebration, they feel so honored because they draw inspiration from their wonderful customers. There are rose gold foil, pink, ivory, white and gold glitter accents. Quality: Excellent. Premium quality materials are used to make their confetti. The tissue paper is made from renewable resources. Their confetti can be used in many different ways. It can be used for baby showers, gender reveals, birthdays, weddings, and many more. Get ready photos, photo props, wedding exits, art and craft projects, and even packaging material by decorating on tables, centerpieces, dessert tables, invitations, confetti balloons, and even art and craft projects. It is advisable to go around. A lot goes a long way with their confetti, which is made from tissue paper and foil. It's the perfect confetti for your next activity or celebration because of the number of handfuls in each package.

Brand: Tecca

👤This was great for the teachers. I had 20 students cover 6” paper plates to make their rainbow fish. I have enough dots to do this project two more times. I think we used 700 circles for the fish and there are probably another 100 on the floor. The package seems small but it really is a lot.

👤There is a small amount of tissue paper circles. There are value pennies. Very disappointed. This is 10 cents of confetti at a 99 cent store. We returned a small amount of product. About it, there is nothing premium.

👤I wouldn't call it 5000 pieces or 10 handfuls. It's more like a few handfuls. This was small and disappointing.

👤Are you looking for confetti for a cute picture where you throw it up in the air? This is the confetti you want. The pieces are bigger and look better in pictures. The bigger pieces of confetti are easier to clean up. My 8-year-old daughter likes using confetti to glue onto art projects, which makes for fun fish or mermaids. I only needed one bag as there was a fair amount in the bag when I opened it. The product is fun and makes a great picture.

👤Perfect confetti! I used them for my wedding photos with my bridesmaids and they came out amazing.

👤The confetti in the package was still nice. I am trying to use more eco-friendly versions. There are a few nice pictures, but not many as there is less confetti than described.

👤Many of the tissue circles were folded in half and couldn't be straightened out. It wasn't a big deal, but it was frustrating for my project.

👤I love these! They were perfect spread on tables for a party. They are big, and that makes them cute. You get a lot in a package. It's easy to spread apart. They are easy to clean up since they are not so small.

11. Biodegradable Graduation Decoration Lasting Surprise

Biodegradable Graduation Decoration Lasting Surprise

Please keep confetti away from children if they eat them. The material of confetti is made from recycled paper. The plastic confetti has a soft smell. The confetti is more suited for party table decoration. The confetti is round. The size is larger than plastic confetti. It is much easier to clean up. The Navy Blue Pink Rose Gold confetti can be used to make a cupcake. Adding confetti around the table is a good idea. It will make your table look better. They are perfect for gender reveal, bridal shower, birthday party, baby shower for girl, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, mothers day, christmas decorations, rose gold party decorations. If you're not happy with the color, quality or other aspects, please contact them for a full refund or replacement. Every purchase has a 30 day guarantee.

Brand: Lasting Surprise

👤I was happy to say that this had a nice mix of colors, despite being mostly pink, because the Navy is so bold. Even though it was a summer evening event, I received many compliment on my Navy/Rose theme because it came off as classy.

👤The dots are not what I expected. I have to make my own confetti out of them because I didn't have time to send them back. Would not buy again.

👤I think small when I think of confetti. I think I should have read the measurements. The person getting them may be happy that they are not smaller. They are bright and pretty.

👤The items were needed for a baby shower. A little pricey for something that is going to be used for an hour and thrown away, but this fit the theme.

👤The pieces are bigger than I expected and the colors are bold.

👤The colors were the same. I liked the larger confetti. It was perfect as part of the table centerpiece.

👤Absolutely love the product. The chips are pretty and the clean up is very easy.


What is the best product for eco friendly confetti poppers wedding?

Eco friendly confetti poppers wedding products from Alink. In this article about eco friendly confetti poppers wedding you can see why people choose the product. Simplicity and Battife are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly confetti poppers wedding.

What are the best brands for eco friendly confetti poppers wedding?

Alink, Simplicity and Battife are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly confetti poppers wedding. Find the detail in this article. Fiesta Brands, Battife and Myparty are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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