Best Eco Friendly Confetti Poppers

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1. Streamers Confetti Throwing Streamer Graduation

Streamers Confetti Throwing Streamer Graduation

Each crackers poppers has 30 streamers inside, and the length of each streamer is approx 6 meters, so you can invite your friends or your kids to play together. The package contains 20 pieces that can be thrown from high to low in 2 colors: gold and rose red. Approx. the lenth of streamers. Please store them in a dry and cool place so that they don't get eaten by children if you keep them away from children. Each streamers popper has 30 tiny streamer ribbons, colorful throw streamer, add a surprise to your party. The colorful confetti streamers are a great choice for attractive decorations, adding atmosphere for special events such as weddings, celebrations, parties, and more. How to use: hook the ring handle and rip the bottom paper of the throw streamer, then toss it up at a 45 degree angle.

Brand: Outus

👤I bought this item for our party. It looked interesting. We found the item difficult to use when we opened the box. We had to hit the streamers against a surface in order to get them out. It was hard to take out because we had to bang it several times. I don't know if I would buy it again.

👤These are a great alternative to champagne poppers. It is less messy than champagne poppers or other party items that release confetti because the confetti stays contained. You simply put a small ring on one of your fingers and ripped the package open. The confetti streamers are attached to the ring in your hand. No mess, no fuss! It's worth it, but a little on the expensive side.

👤It would have been better to pay more attention to the description. We had fun with the streamers after figuring out how to throw them. If you can throw from above to down to your guest, they will work better, but it would be difficult for little kids to throw up and out far enough to get full effect. They are a nice alternative for people with noise sensitivities.

👤My wife and I used these as a send off at our wedding. If the two sides of the aisle are too close, the tangle streamers will make a spider web that we had to stop and climb out of.

👤I bought the multi color for Christmas and birthdays. The white ones would be stunning. They are fun to toss up and clean. I will always have these on hand.

👤The product did not work as it was described. They wouldn't open or pop for that matter. Attempted to use for a small wedding send off. It was difficult to tear open the product since it didn't pop, and once open, it didn't stream as described. Very dissatisfied.

👤These things are awesome. They were a huge hit and I have never seen them before. I don't know if the throwing and uncurling is the best part. I haven't had to clean up streamers and confetti until March because I had a New Year's Eve party this year.

👤It would be nice if the came with little instruction cards.

2. Confetti Biodegradable Celebrations Anniversary Birthday

Confetti Biodegradable Celebrations Anniversary Birthday

5 de mayo party decorations Their white confetti wands can make your day special and romantic. You can create a display at your events by swinging your arm and wrist. The confetti paper is made of tissue paper which is eco friendly and lightweight and will degrade fast after use. Kids can play at their parties with confetti papers and there is no gas inside the tube. It is easy to use, just open the cap, swing your arm and flick the sticks, the paper confetti flick will flutter in the air, can be used indoors or outdoors. Great for celebration, you can immerse yourself and your guests in snow confetti, take amazing photos and selfies with confetti floating around, and surprise your family and friends on their wedding send-off, graduation party, championship games, award ceremony, and more. Quality and size are important. The confetti tubes are 14 inches in length.

Brand: Battife

👤I don't know if this is rice paper. Rice paper becomes sticky and fluid when it gets wet. It feels like wet paper when wet. Says it degrades rapidly. It will be like most paper one day. The wedding venue requires that it be destroyed in a day so it doesn't ruin the grounds. It is very expensive, though the kind that disintegrates on eBay is very cheap. The product will work and we just couldn't use it.

👤The cannons are filled with confetti. They are not the canons that explode in the air.

👤Adding more to a celebration is a great way to do it. Over 100 was used to cover our NYE Party. The confetti was flying in the air. More than we needed. APPEARANCE. The tubes are pretty. The shiny silver exterior shows a bit of elegance and flair. It was well blended in any situation. There is confetti inside. The colors are bright. EASE OF USE. It is incredibly simple. Just pop the cap on the end and flick your wrist in the direction you want the confetti to go. The other capped end helps keep confetti out of the air. I've used others with double open ends and they always end up with confetti falling out the bottom as you flick it. There is a This is a great way to make an easy statement that "This is a celebration". You don't need a lot to do the job.

👤The confetti wand arrived in time for my daughter's wedding. I waited until the wedding day to open and throw one because I was tempted to. I forgot to throw the confetti at the hotel so we threw it after the reception which was great because the white confetti is better at night. My daughter and son-in-law's happiness when we passed the confetti at them was unforgettable, they jumped up and down with joy as if they were 5 years old, and I kept saying "they are biodegradable" I recommend this item and buy more just for fun.

👤My son's 14th birthday was a family dinner party and I needed them for that. It exceeded my expectations. It was very easy to use. The kids were playing with them and it was hilarious. The teens were trying to get as much as they could from them. I bought them again. Highly recommended.

👤These were lackluster. I was very disappointed in them. They had to be shook very hard and each tube had less confetti than I expected. I wouldn't spend your money on them. shredding white paper and throwing it in the air is a better option.

👤These are worth a bad review. The paper was hard to shake out of. It was crushed together. It was not impressive when it came out. Paper was everywhere after that. What a mess, I know paper eventually breaks down, but what a mess. After testing a few, I emptied all of them and filled them with snow. Awesome. It is very expensive. Would not recommend.

3. Gender Reveal Confetti Biodegradable Flutter

Gender Reveal Confetti Biodegradable Flutter

If you're not happy with the color, quality or other aspects, please contact them for a full refund or replacement. Every purchase has a 30 day guarantee. ImPRESSIVE. For your gender reveal party, these confetti wands can impress. Have fun with your family and friends. Every moment should be memorable. Their confetti is made from tissue paper which is eco friendly. Their confetti sticks are safe and quiet. You can create a display at your special day by swinging your arm and wrist. It's easy to use, just open the cap of one side, lift your arm, and flick the sticks, the paper confetti will flutter in the air, it's great gender reveal party decorations, take gorgeous photos, surprise you friends. There are 12 packs of blue confetti sticks, they are good party decorations and supplies, invite your friends to play together.

Brand: Battife

👤I want to continue to give positives even though I have read so many things. The pink paper was not seen when the top was removed. It could be easily hidden if that is a good thing. There was a lot of pink confetti that was easy to release. I was expecting a lot of love for it. It is simple and easy. The pink sticker that was being talked about was hard to come off. The package was not the actual product. It was easy because of that. I threw the package away and no one knew anything.

👤I bought these confetti wands for the family to use to participate in the gender reveal and they were very easy to use. To use it, you just shake the wand and take off the cap. What is even better? If you take the cap off, you won't be able to see the color of the confetti because it's white at the top and bottom. You can't see what is after that white. Each pack has a sticker that tells you the color of the confetti. There is a It is not easy to clean but it is worth it. See video: The people are using confetti wands. The confetti cannon powder is from another brand.

👤We used this for a fun photo op for the kids. The sticks had a lot of tissue paper. I could take the 6 pack on an airplane to show the family in person because I ordered it. If the person who will flick the stick doesn't know the gender, I'd be cautious ordering this. It would've been ruined for that person if there was pink tissue on one end. It was fun and easy.

👤These were wonderful! They were easy to use and made for a nice gender reveal. We couldn't see what color confetti was inside because they had white covering the ends. The pack of 6 made a nice shower of confetti for the three of us. It's worth the $20. I'm happy that this was our choice for reveal.

👤Couldn't be more upset. My daughter's baby reveal is where I got this. She didn't know the sex of her baby because she wanted it to be a surprise for her and her boyfriend. I didn't open the box because I didn't think there was anything to it. My daughter was at the reveal and I was able to open the box while she was there. It ruined her surprise when she saw it.

👤Product was what was expected. It was easy to teach everyone how to work them. There was a good amount of confetti. It was a perfect outdoor reveal during coronaviruses. I recommend going through each stick and making sure the colored insides are hidden. There were a few where there was a small dot of blue or pink. It was easy to fix and didn't ruin the surprise for anyone.

👤The gender reveal was perfect for these. The tops are stuffed with confetti. You can not see the colors inside. Good for not revealing anything. Also non-toxic. They were gone the next day. I would buy them again.

4. HICONFETTI Shower Gender Reveal Confetti

HICONFETTI Shower Gender Reveal Confetti

We guarantee it. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, please send them a message and they will solve your problem. Point, shoot, and shoot! You and your loved ones will be showered with confetti and gender reveal smoke when the gender reveal pops up. Care for the Earth. 100% biodeGRADABLE CONFETTI. Their cannons are filled with tissue confetti and corn starch powder that is completely safe and non-biodegradable so you won't be left with a load of paper mess in your garden. It's suitable for outdoor or indoor gender reveal parties. These poppers are made with lightweight vibrant tissue, seamless confetti deployment and a high trajectory, which makes them a perfect way to reveal the excitement at your gender reveal party. The pink and blue gender reveal powders are made out of non-toxic HOLI and are safe for expecting moms and kids to be around. The powder shoots over 15 feet. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. It is risk free to purchase. They are certain that you will love their product. Let them know if there is a product fault and they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Hiconfetti

👤We did two of them at the same time because one didn't work. We already knew the gender, so it wasn't a big deal, but still a bummer. Since it is done, they are not sure how to make sure it works. The vast majority of people don't have any issues. Oh well!

👤The cannons did not work. I threw the reveal for my sister and brother in law.

👤I ordered packs of 4 to 888-269-5556. I already have 2 boys so having a girl was exciting. We are currently stationed in Hawaii. It is difficult to schedule a get together with everyone in attendance. I wanted everyone in my family to feel included with the ongoing Pandemic and the distance. I asked them to record their reactions so I could see them. I put together all of their reactions into a single video to let everyone know. I received a quarter of the videos back, but that is better than none. I loved that they are non-toxic. There was no worry about having to clean up messes.

👤My friends asked me to find out the gender of their baby and then order the correct powder cannons. If I had not asked someone else to open the package, the surprise would have been ruined because of the pink stickers on the cannons. I assumed that since they were all pink, the color on the bottom would be covered up, since they have to be on the bottom to tell which is which. There was pink powder that had leaked from one of the cannons. The cannons worked out perfectly for the reveal, but don't send them to a couple expecting them to be neutral.

👤The poppers were easy to use and elegant. There is a Fast shipping! There are stickers to cover the color.

👤There are only 4 cannon of this brand. There is a This was a huge surprise. It made the sky pop with its color. The difference was made by the powder. There is a The confetti was hard to clean but it was worth it.

👤Two of them shot backwards and hit us in the chest. Be careful.

👤The cannons are very fancy and made it feel special. There is a mess to clean up, but confetti makes that easy. The stickers to cover the gender on the bottom are a smart idea. If there is a next baby, I will buy again.

👤Los caones tienen un producto. Funcionan, me parece, son de gran calidad.

👤The packaging is beautiful. Very happy with the outcome of the product. It was worth the celebration reveal when you bought 4 blue.

5. Simplicity Wedding Send Streamer Tubes

Simplicity Wedding Send Streamer Tubes

If you're not happy with the color, quality or other aspects, please contact them for a full refund or replacement. Every purchase has a 30 day guarantee. Individual tubes pop out. The streamers measure 4.2'' H. 10 silver foil streamers are attached and spring loaded and reach 10 feet when the lever is released. A perfect wedding send off can be accomplished by Handle out Streamer Canon. Birthdays, new Year's Eve, graduations, and surprise parties can all be used with these no mess streamers.

Brand: Simplicity

👤We want streamers to pop on our wedding day. We didn't want streamers or confetti to leave a mess since it will be in the redwoods. This was a great find. There is a circular box of 14. We used one to try it. We have plenty left. The handle is easy to use and it makes small pop noise. It's important to angle it higher since the streamers are long. I would love for this product to come in gold.

👤We got married in a state park. From not being allowed. We ran the risk of an animal eating it and making them sick because roses are not a native plant. We were not allowed to do confetti because it made birds sick. The regulations made it impossible to blow bubbles. The purchase was a last minute idea. Yes, it worked. The flower girl gave these out. The adults were near the aisle. The picture is epic. It worked but it was expensive. They had time to learn how to explode the popper after they gave these to the guest. It was easy. As you pointed the switch above the object you were trying to shower in, you flipped it. There is a * I have not been paid and I did not receive this product. This is an honest review.

👤Our wedding venue wouldn't allow us to have any of those things. These were great and made no mess. They looked great in the pictures of our exit.

👤No litter to deal with, and pop with great excitement. The confetti streamers are festive without the trash, perfect for a beach wedding as it did not leave litter.

👤It looked great... The long streamers can cause tripping factor if not careful. Getting caught on shoes.

👤I don't usually leave reviews, but we were very happy with this product. The exit photos from our wedding reception were perfect for my husband and I to have fun with. We were not allowed to use confetti cannons at our venue because it was on the ocean. The cannons give the perfect effect, and the streamers never detach from the cannon, which makes it easy to clean up. These are an easy wedding exit option if you are a bride.

👤Our New Year's celebration was fun because of these poppers. The kids could pop-pop-pop away from the mess. Once popped, the unit can easily be picked up and thrown away, so streamers can be used to decorate for the rest of the night. They are shiny silver. I will buy again and again.

👤It was perfect! It's easy to clean up since they all stay attached.

6. BATTIFE Confetti Biodegradable Wedding Celebrations

BATTIFE Confetti Biodegradable Wedding Celebrations

Enjoy your party and have fun. The paper confetti can make your wedding party stand out. Every moment should be memorable. ECO-FRIENDLY - Their confetti is made of tissue paper which is Eco friendly and can degrade quickly. The fall. These heart shaped confetti is very thin and light, throwing them in the air and creating a magical display at your special day. FLUFF The hearts are vacuum packed to help with shipping. Once you are ready to use them, simply empty the hearts into a basket or large bowel and fluff them with your hands. There are 200 grams in total.

Brand: Battife

👤There is a lot of confetti. It doesn't arrive ready for use. They are stuck together and have to be separated. I tried shaking them in a box to separate them but it wasn't enough. I separated them by hand in the evenings in front of the tv.

👤We had to separate them from the packaging. There were thousands of little hearts after they were separated. It's much more than one would think. The hand separation was worth it for the pictures. There was enough for 80 people. I purchased two packages. I could have just gotten one and left. They are so airy that it is hard to sweep them up, but the evening mist made them disappear by the end of the night.

👤You have to fluff them before you pull them apart. They worked perfectly. We were able to avoid a clean-up because they are biodegradable. I believe that the fact that both of our grooms wore black tuxes made them stand out in our photos. I don't know how well they would stand out if thrown at a bride.

👤My daughter had a beautiful wedding. One bag can go a long way. 200 poppers were filled with two bags. The 4 stars are due to these not coming ready to use. You should be prepared to separate clumps. We separated for a few weeks before filling the poppers.

👤I thought I would use it for an outdoor wedding where we can't have confetti, but it's not save for the environment. I tested a few pieces at home before trusting the reviews. The ball was wrinkled up. Returned disappointed.

👤We used these instead of birdseed. My daughter is getting married. The "floating" hearts provided a beautiful send off. The pictures were amazing. I didn't have one to share.

👤This was perfect! It takes a bit of time to get the hearts ready, but the results were worth it! They were beautiful. It was a little easier to put them in a bucket because we fluffed them.

👤There were 80 people at our home. One bag was ordered by us. We added some rice. Beautiful! There are used sandwich bags.

👤It was lo. No me gust, no me estn hechas. Para el evento, es funcional.

👤La bolsa y ya llenĂ© 60 conos.

👤The photo was taken at our wedding. Highly recommend this.

👤hay, separarlos, rinden millones!

7. Premium Shredded Squares Tissue Confetti

Premium Shredded Squares Tissue Confetti

Premium tissue paper and mylar flakes are the quality. The size is perfect. The confetti squares are about 0.25" in size. confetti are an approximation, not a perfect square. 50 grams of confetti per package, or roughly 6-7 handfuls of confetti. It's perfect to use as table confetti for baby shower, wedding, bridal shower, sweet 16, birthday parties, and more. It is possible to achieve dependability. It can be used as a table decoration, in confetti cannons to shoot out, in clear balloons, and more.

Brand: Chloe Elizabeth

👤The color is different than the picture on the website. The item in the picture is not gold, it's not in a nice color. The color is not good.

👤I'm happy I got these for the party, they are bright gold and reflective. I like that it was tissue paper. I didn't put a lot of plastic in the landfill. If I just use it on the dining table, I have enough for one big room or a few parties. I'm sure I'll find this all over the house because it gets everywhere and sticks to everything. It's a good thing.

👤When handling this, be careful. I used these for my friend's gender reveal 3 months ago and to this day, I still find random specks of it at work, at friends' homes and you just can't get rid of it!

👤The product was fun. You will still be picking up glitter after use. Each piece that is found brings a laugh and a memory.

👤This is the best option for you. I used it for my AIDS boxes. I had a lot left. Some got in my purse and it got stuck in my crotch. There is a Every now. I see some of the pests in the house.

👤My daughter uses this as part of her packaging for her self care products, she loves it, it adds the right amount of bling to her packaging.

👤I like the shine on these.

8. Homeemoh Natural Biodegradable Wedding Decoration

Homeemoh Natural Biodegradable Wedding Decoration

The wedding party confetti is made from a mixture of flowers. 100% natural, real flower petals. Natural dried flowers can be used as confetti, wedding confetti, food decoration, cake decoration, and are also perfect for do-it-yourself projects like candles, soaps, dye, perfumes, skincare, and tea. These dried flowers are great for throwing confetti, but also great for flower girls, aisles, and are generally accepted by many venues. It's the perfect confetti for your big day. You can make confetti balloons out of these real flower petals, or put them into envelopes or gift boxes. They advise you to keep your wedding party confetti out of direct light, but they will keep for around one year.

Brand: Homeemoh

👤This was the perfect confetti to throw. I believe any facility would approve it for outdoor use. The dried flowers and leaves were lovely and natural. I didn't see a musty look or smell. There is a There are 12 little packets in each package. I think each packet is enough confetti for 2 people to throw. I used 2 packages for 48 people and we all had a lot left over. This stuff goes a long way.

👤The flower girls used them to sprinkle down the aisle at the wedding.

👤These are perfect for my beach wedding.

👤Perfect use for what I need.

👤Since I'm having a wedding outdoors, I got for my flower girls. I opened the bag and it smelled amazing.

👤The petals were great for our wedding. The guests were packing for themselves to take home after they commented on how lovely they smelt. It is 10/10 recommend.

👤The wedding I planned had these added to it. The couple was able to get amazing photos with flowers in the air.

9. Confetti Biodegradable Balloons Party Decoration

Confetti Biodegradable Balloons Party Decoration

100% satisfaction guaranteed. The confetti is 1.6 ounces. Paper confetti can be used to fill balloons. These confetti can be applied to a wedding, baby shower, gender reveal, birthday party, anniversary and more. Friendly. The Circle Confetti is made of tissue paper and can be used in a sustainable way. Please keep confetti away from children if they eat them.

Brand: Huionvia

👤The item was described as having 5000 pieces. It did not come with 5000 pieces. The purple table confetti has 5000 but the gold does not.

👤It was great for a gender reveal party. Guests can throw in the air with the smaller brown craft paper bags. The balloons didn't have enough confetti initially, so we put it in black gender reveal balloons.

👤These were ordered for a fun addition to wedding photos. They were cute and made the pictures more fun for everyone. They are difficult to clean up and I'm not sure they are made of sustainable materials. Each person should only throw a small handful because a little goes a long way.

👤These are quite large and lightweight. They blew around in the wind and we will find them in the yard for months.

👤The dining tables were great for my wedding. This was perfect as it was an outdoor wedding and I wanted something non-toxic.

👤No near 5,000 pieces. Not even 500 pieces. Total rip off!

👤I couldn't believe how far this went. My kids will be getting a fun surprise on St Patrick's day. It didn't take much to cover a large area. They were easy to vacuum.

👤There is a lot of them, they are cute, the color is nice, and we don't have to clean them up.

10. Mybbshower Confetti Wedding Birthday Decoration

Mybbshower Confetti Wedding Birthday Decoration

There are 200 grams in total. This pinks confetti is perfect for adding to your invitations or cards. The circle is 1 inch wide. Use it for your wedding tables, birthday party, baby shower, bridal shower, anniversary, gender reveal party, or any other event as lovely decor or in goody bags. The paper is 17 gsm. There is a beautiful pink, blush and hot pink.

Brand: Mybbshower

👤It's perfect for a gender reveal. Two packets of confetti were used. Some reviewers separated the circles. If you put them in, fill with helium and shake the balloon, they came apart.

👤I wouldn't recommend it for scatter on the tables. The pieces were very hard to separate from. It's possible for a box or gender reveal related purpose.

👤I was throwing a baby shower and I bought these. I put a few on each of the 8 tables and it looked great against the white tablecloths. It's a great alternative to expensive decorations. There is one bag.

👤The gender reveal balloon had confetti in it. When we popped the balloon, it was light and spread nicely.

👤It was used for a gender reveal. It was perfect. The paper is very thin. It's perfect for inside the balloons.

👤They do stick together, but they are really pretty. They were used for the gender reveal.

👤It was used for our gender reveal balloon. You get a good amount of colors for the price. We are happy with our purchase.

👤You have to manually separate the confetti in order to have separate pieces. Take a look at the photos.

11. Streamers Crackers Birthday Celebrations Multi Color

Streamers Crackers Birthday Celebrations Multi Color

It's Romantic and Special because it's bright, colorful and easy to clean up after all the fun is over, guests feel like an important part of the ceremony and provided for a great photo opportunity. You can make your wedding party even more special by putting the confetti streamers together as a project. You can use colorful tissue streamers to make selfies, surprise your family and friends at your wedding, and more. It is easy to use, just hold the ring of popper in your hand, tear the paper from the streamers, and throw them away. It's easy to pop out, no mess, and it's much more safe than confetti cannon or confetti poppers. All of their pop out party streamers are made of tissue paper which is Eco friendly. Each crackers poppers has 30 streamers inside, and the length of each streamer is approx 6 meters, so you can invite your friends or your kids to play together.

Brand: Battife

👤I ordered these to surprise my nephew. I wanted to do something extra special since he had to cancel his party the day before last year due to the swine flu and this week he is missing. I needed something that wouldn't leave a mess at the park where we are meeting for the picnic. I just tried one and it blew my mind. I used the pipe cleaner to twist the ring tightly on my middle finger and then pretended to throw a baseball. The streamers exploded out of the base and went much higher than I anticipated. It rained down beautiful colors all around me and each little roll went far without unfurling. There is a I received two of each outside color, and it was delivered quickly. There are streamers inside. I will definitely order more to have on hand for special occasions in the future.

👤These are great for indoors. There were no loud popping sounds. The streamers stay connected so they are easy to clean up. 98% paper is what they're composed of. One thing... We weren't sure how they worked. They came with short instructions. We will be buying them again.

👤The children loved them when they were given them for New Year.

👤These were great. Special Olympics athletes love them and I used to do a Virtual dance party with them.

👤I bought these to include in my isolation party kits. They were fun to use for a photo or video. A streamer popped into a lot of fun memories.

👤They are horrible in general and not good for the environment. Don't work that way.

👤Clean up is easy with these streamers.


What is the best product for eco friendly confetti poppers?

Eco friendly confetti poppers products from Outus. In this article about eco friendly confetti poppers you can see why people choose the product. Battife and Battife are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly confetti poppers.

What are the best brands for eco friendly confetti poppers?

Outus, Battife and Battife are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly confetti poppers. Find the detail in this article. Hiconfetti, Simplicity and Battife are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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