Best Eco Friendly Confetti Wedding

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1. Outus Multicolor Tissue Confetti Pieces

Outus Multicolor Tissue Confetti Pieces

The battle ready kit. Everything you need for your first battle is in this kit. A gel blaster, fast charging, a gravity fed hopper, a pair of safety glasses, and 10,000 Gellets are included. The package includes approx. Enough confetti for your application. The foil circles are 2.5 cm/ 1 inch. They are packed together in different colors for you to choose from, giving you a different look. Colorful confetti are a nice choice for attractive decorations, they add atmosphere for special events as weddings, celebrations, parties, and more. You can apply these round multi-color tissue confetti on any place you want to decorate, such as spreading on the ground, table, bed or putting them in the balloons. Please store these confetti in a dry place and keep them away from children if they eat them.

Brand: Outus

👤Really disgusted. There is a The first thing we saw when we opened the bag was a foul odor. Hundreds of pieces of plastic foil are non-biodegradable. There is a We decided to separate the foil from the paper so that we could use the confetti after airing it out. There was a piece of feces at the bottom of the bag that had hair sticking out of it. Wow! The confetti was so stinky. If I could, I would not give stars to this.

👤I used these for my photography session. They were well photographed and a good size. We were going to be throwing confetti at an outdoor location and I wanted all paper confetti. I don't like to leave a message behind as a photographer. I see shiny confetti that doesn't break down. There is a There were gold foil circles in the package, but the paper was advertised as paper. We had to take out all of the gold, as well as separate circles of confetti.

👤Why jam so many of them into a bag? The inner bag was crushed by the outer bag. There was a sticky tab on the inner bag. The problem was that the tissue paper stuck to it. Some of the circles were not circles. I needed circles of tissue paper that were flat. I had to spend an hour looking for the good ones. The packaging is terrible. The size was right for what I needed.

👤It is perfect for a Noon Year's Eve celebration. I was concerned that we wouldn't have enough confetti. It turned out to be more than anticipated. The round tissue made this mom at ease since it would be in the balloon drop. The kids loved playing with the confetti. There is an abundance of confetti, so be prepared for the clean up process. I will definitely order again.

👤The bag was folded in half and put in a small pouch. Some of the confetti can't be used because it's wrinkled up. The rest of the bag is fine. If you want to ship the bag should be kept flat rather than folded.

👤It's definitely not worth $12. I wouldn't spend $5 on this because of how small these bags are. There is a bag next to it. A lot of them are torn in half or crumbled up so they are not good for goody bags.

👤The coloring of the confetti is gorgeous. I wish it didn't have the gold foil pieces. There aren't many of them. It's easy to pick them out. I use them in my business and the quantity for the price is great, so I will keep buying them.

👤Cute for my shower. It would be hard to vacuum up the glitter. The confetti gives a dramatic look. The bag is more than enough. I had a lot leftover from my shower.

👤Really nice confetti. I made 75 bags of confetti from dried petals. They were too large for each person. You could make around 70 confetti bags with this paper alone. It was well photographed and threw well. Some bits are plastic which is sad but it looks great. It was reasonable for some tissue paper to be a tad expensive. If you can wait a month, there are many cheaper options if you planned ahead.

2. Cedar Space Lavender Organic Flowers

Cedar Space Lavender Organic Flowers

Birthday party, baby shower, wedding shower, bridal shower, housewarming party, engagement party, graduation celebrations and also can be used for cake pops. They only use high-quality lavender flowers. They will never give up on their pursuit of product quality. The price advantage should be compared with others. Their pursuit is high quality. Adding a dose of lavender into your day will make you feel better. Enhance your favorite recipes with an aromatic potpourri or gift craft sachets. The nose and throat mucositis have a good effect on respiratory function. lavender food and drinks are perfect for home cooking recipes, wedding baking ingredients, lavender sugar, salt, and lavender tea, infused lemonade, mixed drinks with elegant lavender flavors. Handmade bath bombs, soap, shampoo, lavender scented gift craft sachets, body butters, candles, or wedding toss gift bags are perfect for home do-it-yourself projects. The lavender flower buds are ultra-blue and have a fresh scent. LaVENDER can damage the body and mind. It is very pleasant to smell, and will make you feel better from the beginning. The highest grade lavender flowers are purchased in Cedar Space. Their lavender buds are soft and fragrant even though they are dried. They use a unique drying process that allows them to maintain the integrity of dried lavender flowers. You can put their lavender flower seeds in drawers, closets, bathtubs, sheets, gym bags, suitcases, cars and more. Please feel free to use it wherever you please. They won't leave any bad memories. A lavender wedding toss is a perfect gift for friends and family on special occasions.

Brand: Cedar Space

👤This was shipped fast. Next day shipping was great. Buds have strong odors. It is listed as 3.5 ounces of lavender. They were weighed without being fully dried, or they were mismeasured, so it was not acceptable for a dried item to be less than 30 percent dry. I use lavender a lot. I started sneezing after they made my throat itch. This is not something I have ever experienced working with lavender. I don't know what is in this product. The listing only shows that it is imported upon receipt of the back of the item, I think it should have been more transparent from the seller. There is a I will be returning this item and looking for another vendor.

👤The bugs are in lavender. Very disappointed.

👤The label on the product is missing the USDA organic logo. There is no evidence that it is certified organic without that logo. It is illegal to market a product as "organic" without certification. There is a It is not organic if it is not certified organic.

👤I made a delicious lavender lemonade using my lavender flowers. The lavender flowers have water and ice. The family loved it.

👤I was a little unsure how it would work since I've never used lavender before, but I bought it for French Macarons. I ground it up and added it to the honey buttercream, and my customers loved the cookies. If you want to smell something else for hours, just open the bag and you'll be able to smell this product. My husband had to taste-test the macarons because he couldn't sense anything other than lavender. The purple color of the product is lovely. I recommend!

👤I bought this lavender with the intention of just adding it to some small packets of baking soda and throwing it into stinky boots. It's not overpowering but you definitely get your money's worth. My house smelled amazing for hours after I boiled it along with lemons, Rosemary, cinnamon, and rose petals for a lovely cleansing. The product is great and will purchase again.

👤My second order says many good things. A patient is at the hospital. The program is run by many nurses. I wanted to do something nice for someone. I filled the fabric hearts with cotten and lavender. They are small. It's great for the drawer. Everyone was happy.

👤It may be over powered for some people. I love the smell of lavender.

3. Country Life Chewable Adult Multi

Country Life Chewable Adult Multi

Country Life's Adult Chewable Multivitamin Dietary Supplement includes Coenzyme B-Vitamins to support energy metabolism as well as potent ANTIOXIDANTS and minerals. The benefits of this Multivitamin are delivered in a soft, delicious, chewable wafer with a convenient One-A-Day serving. Absolutely. Preservatives, artificial colors, and artificial flavors are not allowed in wheat. Every product they provide comes with a guarantee of high quality and purity in every bottle.

Brand: Country Life

👤These multi-vitamins are great for this person. Extra B-12, iron, and calcium are important for me to get every day. If the iron level was higher, I would have given this product 5 stars, but anyone who has not had a stomach surgery does not need that extra iron, so I understand why the manufacturer puts only 5mg of iron in each wafer. I am pleased and recommend this supplement. There is a It's important. The screw cap on this glass container is very difficult to open for adults and difficult to open for old hands. I think every time I order, that I might find another brand to buy.

👤My favorite supplements. The last two bottles were difficult to clean up, so I stopped ordering them. It was difficult to process the refunds because I didn't want to hurt someone. The refunds were processed quickly after I called Amazon. I would order them again if I knew they would be packaged well.

👤It's hard for me to swallow big vitamins. These are great. They are not dry. I like the taste. There are tiny hard bits, but nothing bigger than a grain of salt, and I assume it is minerals. It's better than taking a horse pill. My family takes them, even my vegetarian daughter.

👤The vitamins are very easy to take. The childproof cap made it nearly impossible to open the last two bottles. I don't have good hand strength so I won't order them again.

👤I give it 3 stars, it's not bad. I give it 5 stars for the content. It has a full complement of vitamins and minerals and a few other things that are not included in a multivitamin/mineral. ginkgo biloba. I upgraded it to a 5 because I got used to it very quickly. But... I have been buying it from a leading company for 15 years and found it cheaper. It's $1.50 cheaper and you can get a free shipping order.

👤It is hard to find a multi with both magnesium and potassium, but these vitamins have it all. The bottle lasts me a long time and I like the taste. I've noticed that my joints don't hurt as much as they used to.

👤I have chewed Country Life's Cal-Snack Chewable Calcium for years and they taste good so I was happy to discover that Country Life also makes adult multivitamins. The taste of these things is repugnant. They may be a good source of vitamins, but I'm going to look for another way to get them.

👤These are huge and might be good. Even though you chew them, the tablets are big. The bottle is like a jug. Wow. I had to send them back.

4. Colorful Confetti Biodegradable Celebrations Anniversary

Colorful Confetti Biodegradable Celebrations Anniversary

Celebratory - immerse yourself and your guests in colorful tissue confetti; make amazing photo and selfies with colorful tissue confetti floating around; surprise your family and friends on their wedding, birthday, graduation party, championship games, award ceremony, confetti day and more. Their confetti sticks are made of tissue paper which is eco friendly. The paper confetti can be used indoors or outdoors and is easy to use. It's great for party decoration, much safer than confetti cannon or confetti poppers, and it's also great for taking gorgeous photos. Their white confetti wands can make your day special. You can create a display at your events by swinging your arm and wrist. You can hide it and give your party a surprise with the 7.8inch size. You can invite your friends or kids to play with the 10 packs.

Brand: E-riding

👤We wanted a colorful photo and these were a great price. These are not "Pop" open. When you swing the tube in the air they go into the air. It is easier to time for a photo like ours.

👤This was very simple. It was perfect for our small courthouse wedding. The papers dissolved when the rain came after this photo. I was worried about that when I had theses on my wedding day. They can be biogradable.

👤It was disappointing and too expensive to get paper in a cardboard tube.

👤I think it was my fault because I didn't read the description well. They were smaller than I thought and didn't pop. You shook out the confetti after opening them. I thought they were poppers. Overall, not a bad product.

👤Sprinkle or throw confetti after removing the cap.

👤These were perfect for the party. It's fun and colorful. A great way to start a party.

👤I don't like to place a negative review. There is only a small amount of confetti in each. Very disappointing. I ordered two sets and the outer packing looked great, so I ordered two more. It was a sad day on the parade route.

👤The waste of money. You can buy a bag of confetti and throw it in the air. Way over priced.

5. Confetti Confetti Engagement Decorations Supplies

Confetti Confetti Engagement Decorations Supplies

CUTE Dictions: The table confetti are perfect for weddings. It can be used to fill invitations card, decorate the cake table, embellish presents or place-cards, or throw it in the air. Your guests will be surprised by a wonderful little surprise. PREMIUM QUALITY: The table confetti was made using high quality eco-friendly PET. This bundle includes 1.5 Ounce confetti, a diamond ring, black, white, and glitter silver, and a harmonious and charming visual effect. Not just parties. The table confetti are sturdy and glittery so they would look great as a decoration for themed parties and also be perfect to decorate your own art project. There is a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. They strive to provide exceptional customer service and are a small family business. If you are not happy with your purchase, they will give you a full refunds.

Brand: Partvon

👤I made a box for a co-worker who got married. The confetti was spread all over the gifts. They loved it!

👤The bag was open when the product arrived.

👤We are giving gift bags for people who are watching the wedding via live stream, and we put confetti in plastic champagne glasses with a split of champagne.

👤The big pieces were easy to pick up.

👤It's nice to decorate your tables.

👤This set is very cute. These were perfect for my wedding invites.

6. Confetti Cannons Compressed Celebrations Streamers

Confetti Cannons Compressed Celebrations Streamers

If there is a non-artificial product issue, they will send you a new one free. The whole party can celebrate with a bang and shower of confetti tissue paper. Party popper uses compressed air to launch confetti, making them safe for use anywhere. It's easy to use, just twist the bottom piece and it pops the confetti.

Brand: Confetti Cannons

👤The product was excellent and I gave it 5 stars. The instructions are hard to understand. You have to read it all carefully, and maybe a few times, to understand what is meant by the translation. Don't let the wrapping fool you at the bottom, twist the base. I am happy with the product.

👤There are a few things that weren't mentioned in the reviews that I read, but they are fun and cute. They are hard to pop. I was able to pop most of them by myself, but there were a few that I couldn't get to. It was a critical time and that was disappointing. A friend of mine was able to twist it. I was hoping there were confetti pieces inside. It's not. It's plastic confetti. I don't recommend using small pieces in your house. It could be in a basement or somewhere that is easy to clean. I don't think it would be good for small animals to be outside. If you have better hand strength than I do, go for it, if you're okay with the small glitter confetti. They work just like they are supposed to.

👤I bought cannons on here 12 24 and 30 and they are all good, but the giant cannon is hard to sneak around. These are awesome. The pop will scare the unexpected, and then the rain of confetti comes down, and it's small enough to carry around and use in bars parties. I put these in my cart in the morning and came back in the afternoon and the price doubled in 7 hours, so apparently there are in demand and they want to raise the price. For 24$ for 12 ill buy em they go much higher.

👤We used these for our wedding and it was a blast. They could not have been better.

👤I was disappointed in my purchase of the confetti cannon. The picture did not match what I received. They were crammed into a U.S. Post Office priority box. They decided to short me one of the cannons because they couldn't get 11 in it. There is a The instructions were hard to understand and the confetti was not really shinny, but old-school colors. "insurance card?" See photo 3. Find something better.

👤Hmm! The reviews are interesting. We were trying to use these for a shoot. We had time to open them and they were not very impressive. They were not returnable when I returned them. I will try them again and see if I can see the magic that so many other people posted and hopefully give them a few more stars.

👤Make sure you point the cannon up into the sky because some odd objects can hit someone's eye. The metal and black shape came out as a lump. The eye was okay, be careful point up never toWARD people. It is a wonderful item to end a party with.

👤We popped one of these off Christmas day. There are pieces of foil paper in it. The pieces are stuck in the air. Prepare to be a little bug times a million if you set this off outside. You can't pick up the pieces and they won't break. It's bad for kids, pets, and inside. It was bad for outside. I can't imagine a place where these would work well.

7. Hooray Rosay Biodegradable Bridesmaids Graduation

Hooray Rosay Biodegradable Bridesmaids Graduation

White tissue streamers are a great way to surprise your family and friends at your wedding, birthday, christmas, new year eve party, graduation party, championship games, award ceremony, confetti day and more. There is a package that includes 4 real dried rose push pop confettis and pink crinkle paper stuffing in a box. ECO FRIENDLY. There are flower petals. Push Pop or Wave is an easy way to get beautiful results in photos and real life. APPEARANCE A lovely gift box with beautiful real rose petals. Graduations and weddings are used. There are photos of gender reveal. Bridesmaid proposal boxes.

Brand: Doubled Up

👤The rose petals that came in these poppers were light and dry, not brittle, and they smelled wonderful. I chose this item because the petals are non-toxic, and the containers are re-useable for future occasions. There is a I was disappointed that the plunger didn't provide as much power as I had hoped, especially since we are all maintaining 6' of distance from one another. I realized afterwards that we probably would have gotten more range on the confetti if we had swung the container up through the air instead of using the plunger.

👤The poppers arrived before their shipping date and are beautiful. The color scheme matches our wedding and we end up removing some small, dried, ivory rose petals just for our own personal color preferences. The rose petals are very fragrant. This is a natural scent and no chemicals are detected. There is a Thanks to other's reviews, we're prepared and are already planning on including a custom wrap around the poppers explaining 2 other ways of using them. This is a great find because it is Eco-friendly, clean, and fragrant. Your guests should be prepared to toss the rose petals instead of popping them. The popper can be removed by removing the cap. Pouring in hand and tossing it manually. Pushing up a popper.

👤Quality product! It was nice to not have to pick up the petals after use. After the first popper, we realized that it was best to hold it high for popping for the best results.

👤I like it. I was looking for a small party. I don't want anything that would impact the environment so rose petals was perfect.

👤It is hard to not pop the base out so it flies in the air. It would be great if there was something to hold the base. I wouldn't mind much if they had been 15. The flowers are beautiful, but we had to change the picture because we were using them for pictures.

👤I bought these for a bridesmaid gift. They are made by someone who loves what they do and values their customers, and they come in a cute packaging. Will be buying again.

👤I wanted to use this for graduation photos. I only got two, instead of four. One of them was open. I tried to close it. It worked out well. I think shipping made that happen. I like how flowers replace paper confetti because it is toxic to the environment.

👤I wish I would have gotten more, they were amazing for my wedding.

8. BATTIFE Confetti Biodegradable Wedding Celebrations

BATTIFE Confetti Biodegradable Wedding Celebrations

Enjoy your party and have fun. The paper confetti can make your wedding party stand out. Every moment should be memorable. ECO-FRIENDLY - Their confetti is made of tissue paper which is Eco friendly and can degrade quickly. The fall. These heart shaped confetti is very thin and light, throwing them in the air and creating a magical display at your special day. FLUFF The hearts are vacuum packed to help with shipping. Once you are ready to use them, simply empty the hearts into a basket or large bowel and fluff them with your hands. There are 200 grams in total.

Brand: Battife

👤There is a lot of confetti. It doesn't arrive ready for use. They are stuck together and have to be separated. I tried shaking them in a box to separate them but it wasn't enough. I separated them by hand in the evenings in front of the tv.

👤We had to separate them from the packaging. There were thousands of little hearts after they were separated. It's much more than one would think. The hand separation was worth it for the pictures. There was enough for 80 people. I purchased two packages. I could have just gotten one and left. They are so airy that it is hard to sweep them up, but the evening mist made them disappear by the end of the night.

👤You have to fluff them before you pull them apart. They worked perfectly. We were able to avoid a clean-up because they are biodegradable. I believe that the fact that both of our grooms wore black tuxes made them stand out in our photos. I don't know how well they would stand out if thrown at a bride.

👤My daughter had a beautiful wedding. One bag can go a long way. 200 poppers were filled with two bags. The 4 stars are due to these not coming ready to use. You should be prepared to separate clumps. We separated for a few weeks before filling the poppers.

👤I thought I would use it for an outdoor wedding where we can't have confetti, but it's not save for the environment. I tested a few pieces at home before trusting the reviews. The ball was wrinkled up. Returned disappointed.

👤We used these instead of birdseed. My daughter is getting married. The "floating" hearts provided a beautiful send off. The pictures were amazing. I didn't have one to share.

👤This was perfect! It takes a bit of time to get the hearts ready, but the results were worth it! They were beautiful. It was a little easier to put them in a bucket because we fluffed them.

👤There were 80 people at our home. One bag was ordered by us. We added some rice. Beautiful! There are used sandwich bags.

👤It was lo. No me gust, no me estn hechas. Para el evento, es funcional.

👤La bolsa y ya llenĂ© 60 conos.

👤The photo was taken at our wedding. Highly recommend this.

👤hay, separarlos, rinden millones!

9. ALINK Biodegradable Supplies Decorations Celebrations

ALINK Biodegradable Supplies Decorations Celebrations

100 cute paper straws, 4 colors, 25 counts each design, pink wave, pink strip, gold wave, and a gold strip. 7.75" long, 0.25" wide, designs clearly printed with a nice gold and cute pink, add special touch to the decorations. Made of eco-friendly materials and food safe ink. Thick and sturdy, will not fall apart or melt in hot liquid for an extended period of time. Birthday party, baby shower, wedding shower, bridal shower, housewarming party, engagement party, graduation celebrations and also can be used for cake pops.

Brand: Alink

👤They were ordered for a bridal shower. They were well packaged and look better in person than the photos. The gold blends well with the pink. I tested one for their ability to be durable, but they are not as sturdy as a plastic straw, and will not last forever in a drink, but a small downside that outweighs environmental benefits. They will be a great addition to the bar at the shower.

👤I like these. I keep them in a cup next to our canned drinks in the bathroom, because they are cute. We walk by the fridge to the garage. I keep our drinks there. The straw is a handy grab whenever I grab a drink. A fun straw would be better than a drab straw. They are not plastic, but they do get a little limp after a while. It's not enough to be annoying, but they want to know if the straws are durable. They perform very well on the whole.

👤A dear friend has stopped using plastic straws. She is going to be happy with these straws. These are not like the flimsy paper straws of my childhood. We recently used some like this while on vacation, and found them to be perfect. I hope she shares with us.

👤Each pattern is sealed in a separate wrapping so they are very sturdy and will stay nice through a party. I bought these for my daughter's baby shower and they are perfect.

👤Each pack was packed according to the pattern. The product is described. The straws were used to get the length. It was good for what I needed.

👤These are great! They look good and are made from paper. I used most of them for cake pop stems, but they work just as well as straws.

👤I bought it for my baby shower. The color scheme is pink, gold, rose gold, white, and green. These will work out well. I ordered other things so I put them in a giant box. Can't wait to use them for the plastic stemless champagne flutes I bought for the shower.

👤These are gorgeous, but they don't oxidize quickly. I will change my response if I can remember how long it takes to break down in hot water, cold, and time. If you leave it overnight, you won't be working with the same straw. It does not fall apart completely, but it gets soggy.

👤The beverage table has a beautiful addition. I found a glass next to the straw and it was fresh. There are no issues with the straw breaking down while you are drinking. These straws are a love story.

👤The paper straw route has great colors and you get what you want. It was great to know that we were doing less harm by using paper straws for the bridal shower.

👤I use these straws to cover my Wanda mascara. They add a little spark to products given to clients.

👤The paper straws don't absorb water quickly and are durable. We use them outside. I wish the straws were bigger. When sipping pop, the pop explodes through the straw. They are perfect if they don't drink pop.

10. Sage Green Brown Gold Party Decorations Confetti Decoration

Sage Green Brown Gold Party Decorations Confetti Decoration

Every product they provide comes with a guarantee of high quality and purity in every bottle. The glitter table confetti is made from recycled paper. The plastic confetti has a soft smell and is more suited for tropical party decorations. The confetti has 300 dots. The size is larger than plastic confetti. It is much easier to clean up. The confetti can be used to make cupcakes or baby shower decorations. Adding confetti around the table is a good idea. It will make your table look better. They are perfect for jungle themed party supplies, baby shower decorations, and other decorations. If you're not happy with the color, quality or other aspects, please contact them for a full refund or replacement. Every purchase has a 30 day guarantee.

Brand: Lasting Surprise

👤It's pretty. Good quality. It is great to write someone's name on them. I couldn't find the confetti. I wrote on them for a party. Thank you.

👤I did not have 200 pieces. It is a small amount.

👤They are perfect for a holiday.

👤Thick and don't shed any glitter, that's a huge plus.

👤Our party tables looked great. I loved it.

11. Homeemoh Natural Biodegradable Wedding Decoration

Homeemoh Natural Biodegradable Wedding Decoration

The wedding party confetti is made from a mixture of flowers. 100% natural, real flower petals. Natural dried flowers can be used as confetti, wedding confetti, food decoration, cake decoration, and are also perfect for do-it-yourself projects like candles, soaps, dye, perfumes, skincare, and tea. These dried flowers are great for throwing confetti, but also great for flower girls, aisles, and are generally accepted by many venues. It's the perfect confetti for your big day. You can make confetti balloons out of these real flower petals, or put them into envelopes or gift boxes. They advise you to keep your wedding party confetti out of direct light, but they will keep for around one year.

Brand: Homeemoh

👤This was the perfect confetti to throw. I believe any facility would approve it for outdoor use. The dried flowers and leaves were lovely and natural. I didn't see a musty look or smell. There is a There are 12 little packets in each package. I think each packet is enough confetti for 2 people to throw. I used 2 packages for 48 people and we all had a lot left over. This stuff goes a long way.

👤The flower girls used them to sprinkle down the aisle at the wedding.

👤These are perfect for my beach wedding.

👤Perfect use for what I need.

👤Since I'm having a wedding outdoors, I got for my flower girls. I opened the bag and it smelled amazing.

👤The petals were great for our wedding. The guests were packing for themselves to take home after they commented on how lovely they smelt. It is 10/10 recommend.

👤The wedding I planned had these added to it. The couple was able to get amazing photos with flowers in the air.


What is the best product for eco friendly confetti wedding?

Eco friendly confetti wedding products from Outus. In this article about eco friendly confetti wedding you can see why people choose the product. Cedar Space and Country Life are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly confetti wedding.

What are the best brands for eco friendly confetti wedding?

Outus, Cedar Space and Country Life are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly confetti wedding. Find the detail in this article. E-riding, Partvon and Confetti Cannons are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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