Best Eco Friendly Cremation Urn

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1. Handcrafted Double Heart Blue Metal

Handcrafted Double Heart Blue Metal

Their patented Memorial teardrop of love Urn is designed to be displayed with love and pride at the heart of your home, not hidden away in a bedroom or a cupboard where so many traditional cremation urns for ashes end up. They are designed to serve as a wonderful work of art that can be placed within your home on a niche. A beautiful soul deserves a beautiful tribute. Their designers are dedicated to creating urns for ashes with you in mind, allowing them to create beautiful and meaningful designs. The cremation urn has a beautiful and unique model and a lover's little red heart, making it the perfect decorative urn to celebrate the life of a loved one. The adult urn is about the size of a small car. The capacity of 200 cubic Inches can hold the remains of a 200lb person. One pound weight before cremation equals 1 square inch. The quality and resilience of these undergarments is made to stand the test of time. The Urn is made from the highest quality of aluminum and has strict quality control. It was built to last so that your loved ones are treated with respect. Adult ashes include a velvet bag and gloves. During your time of grief, they guarantee that you will get the best price for your purchase. They want you to be completely satisfied with their cremation urn, they believe it offers the highest quality and value for money. They are willing to give away free cremation urns with no questions asked.

Brand: M Meilinxu

👤The urn is beautiful. There are some flaws in the paint, but they don't detract from the beauty. My mother was about 160 lbs and was 5'9". It's suitable for the average sized adult, but not much more. There is a The arrangement of rhinestones was put in place because the heart didn't fit the look we were going for. There is a The paint is more vibrant in person than in the advertising photos. It's lovely. There is a I'm so sorry for your loss, I'm looking for an urn. I recommend this one if you must buy an urn.

👤I wanted something that looked different than an urn. I was able to get mini teardrops and the boat urn from the same company to display and people just think they are decoration, because this urn has filled that need. It is just like my mom. Would order again from this company. I have.

👤I bought an urn for my sister. I like that it doesn't look like an urn. Only my family and close friends know what it is for so far. Thank you to the designers for creating this piece.

👤The picture is absolutely beautiful, I love it!

👤I love it so much! There is a It was worth waiting for it to come back in stock. It looks like a beautiful piece of art. When I saw this, I knew it was the perfect urn. There is a It's better in person than it was. Great packaging arrived in good condition. I've bought a lot of items on Amazon, and I can't recommend it enough.

👤When our beautiful 20yr old daughter was tragically killed we had her cremated and her dad didn't want a traditional urn, said she belonged in something as beautiful as she was. I started looking for an urn that was perfect. I didn't tell him or anyone that I bought one. When my husband looked at it he asked what it was and I said, guess. His first response was a penny bank. I told him what it was, and he cried as he said, "Beautiful, just beautiful like our girl." Family members were wrong. She said that the only person who guessed right was my best friend. The piece of art is beautiful. It's heavy so it doesn't get knocked over. I like it.

👤I bought this for my sister who died recently. My cousin told me that Amazon carries this product. The ones at the mortuary are not like this. I love this one. She was a modern woman. It looks really good on the table and reflects her personality. She is very happy with my choice. I would recommend something else.

👤I bought this for my dog. He was my best friend for a long time. I cried when I held the vase. It is beautiful and reminds me of him. It is very heavy and has a large opening in the bottom for ashes. I don't understand how the heart works. It screws into the top. It should have been mounted securely. Highly recommend this!

2. STAR INDIA CRAFT Handmade Cremation

STAR INDIA CRAFT Handmade Cremation

Star India Craft's skilled Craftsmen handcrafted the tree of life engraved funeral urn to ensure it was unique and affordable. A perfect funeral gift. The cremation urns for ashes wooden box is 9 x 6 x 5. The bottom is secured with a screw. Don't trust Star India Craft, just try this urns for human ashes adult. Return it if you don't like it. You will get a full refund. The urn for human ashes adult is made from the highest quality Indian Rosewood and is brown in color with deep dark strikes. Click and add to cart today to protect packaging. They offer protection to make sure you don't get hurt.

Brand: Star India Craft

👤Over the last 20 years, I have lost four cats. The vet gave me their ashes in a box, like this one. The first cat I lost came back in a cardboard box and I couldn't get a box for her from the vet. This box makes a matching set with the other three. The bottom slides to close and there is a small screw to keep it from opening. The extra small is 5"x2" I had one that was 11 lbs. If I didn't have the other three, I would have gotten the small. A nice box. The photos show how it matches the other boxes I had.

👤There is one complaint. The sliding door needs to be a little more thick to keep mothers in it. It is peeling away. Please tell people not to open the bags of remains because it will not hold them in the box and they will fall out. I put mom in the bag and closed the door. Several people are going to get orders for these boxes even my sisters because I love the box.

👤This was a great purchase for my son. The small amount that I kept to save fit perfectly inside, the bottom slides and screws shut. Very sturdy and well made. I would recommend it to you.

👤I ordered boxes from three companies. I was concerned that something might be broken, the wrong size, or not arrive in time. There is a I used the Star India Craft box. It was good quality and had a wide range of sizes. Many brands didn't have options for large boxes. I think UncleRonnie was over 250 lbs. He was in the XXXL size. There were two boxes with the tree of life image on the cover. The Star India box cover was not as busy as the other brand. It wouldn't be noticeable unless you have both options in hand. I am not sure if I can do this. I am trying to get the info. I ordered three boxes. I used the Star India Craft XXX- Large box. The Star India box was very similar to the Hand-Carved Rosewood Urn Box. Star India was the right size. There was a colorization problem and slight damage to the Rosewood. The Indian Glance Wooden Urn Box X- Large1 was ordered by me. The smallest option was the Glance wooden box. If you want a plainer style, the Glance Wooden box is a good choice.

👤The box looks great and fits the one that the crematorium sent my mom's remains in. I think the entire family should have one of these boxes since more than one of these boxes will fit in the space we have for my parents. The funeral home wanted a price that was closer to Amazon's.

👤It was a beautiful box, but reading others' suggestions online helped me buy the right size. My mother in law was only five feet tall, so I bought a large. It was perfect. We put Mom's remains on the table in the dining room for a day before the service so we could all remember her. On the next day, her granddaughter was able to hold her grandmother for the last time as we placed the beautiful box in the ground. The promptness of the delivery, the box that was promised, and the beautiful ending helped give my mother in law a dignified and beautiful ending. I can't tell you how thankful we are.

3. Cremation Urn Human Ashes Adult

Cremation Urn Human Ashes Adult

The Flying butterfly Model Urn is a classic style. The funeral urn for human ashes is a perfect memory of the life and love you shared. Sturdy and solid design with thick Brass. The perfect lacquer coat is needed to preserve its brilliance. Its colors will never fade because of its rust protection and other qualities. The dimensions are 10.0" H x 6.0" Diameter. One pound weight before cremation equals 1 square inch of remains. Instructions are given. It's SCREW- Even if the container is dropped, the top lid will keep your loved ones ashes inside the container. There is a bag for protection and preservation of the exterior of the urn. A pair of gloves will also be presented.

Brand: M Meilinxu

👤Please believe me when I say that this picture is not doing justice. The silver and pink are very pretty. It has a nice shine to it. I think my grandmother would like it. There is a Zero stars for AMZL US delivery. I watched the person that was supposed to deliver the run pull up in my parking lot, sit for a few seconds and then drive off. He didn't try to ring my doorbell or give me my package. Maybe that person wasn't the person who was going to deliver the package. I decided to check the status of my delivery after an hour or so, and it had an interrupted delivery across the top. The agent told me that the package would be delivered tomorrow and that they would call me first. I'm cool. I stopped at WalGreens on the way back home after I went to Wal-mart to do a little shipping. I get out of the car and see a package on the porch for anyone to take off with, I leave an apartment with several units and a main door that you need a key to open. I was expecting the packing to be done tomorrow, but I didn't get a phone call today, and there was an update on my account telling me that the package would be delivered tomorrow. I don't like the new delivery service that Amazon has. The USPS/UPS/FedEX should stick with them, at least they leave stickers on the door to let us know they tried delivering a package.

👤I got this for my mother who passed and it was stunning. It feels solid and the cap screws on. When I had it displayed at her memorial, everyone was saying that it was a beautiful urn and not depressing. I am sad that it will be put in the ground at her grave site.

👤If you think the photograph of this urn is beautiful, you will be surprised when you receive it. It is more beautiful than I could have imagined. It is very difficult to put the lid on and off. The threads are67531 in the wrong place. Will you open the lid more than once?

👤Excellent quality. This was the best urn for my family's ashes. Butterflies and pink were favorites. It didn't come with a cremation bag. The funeral home needed more supplies. You can't go wrong with this urn.

👤The funeral home had a lot of options. This was a good deal for quality. It was the same as when received. It was packaged and shipped nice. How many times are you going to open it? It was large enough for two ashes.

👤There were no bad marks here. Fast and beautiful shipping in time of need. At a fraction of the price asked at the funeral home! Sorry for your loss.

👤The lid of the urn wasn't right. The threads didn't line up or grab. We didn't have time to get anything else so I shut it down.

4. Eternal Harmony Cremation Carefully Handcrafted

Eternal Harmony Cremation Carefully Handcrafted

Their cremation wristwatch is engraved to meet the most demanding quality standards. This elegant and durable urn is the perfect tribute to give your love one's remains the superior quality they deserve. The perfect seal of their Funeral URN is provided by superior craftsmanship and materials that have gone into the confection of the vase to ensure the ashes of your love one are completely protected and given the upmost respect. Their URN for ADULT ASHES will help you remember that special person and represent your love with a variety of elegant designs. It's suitable for humans of all sizes. This beautifully finished urn is the perfect place to hold the most special memorial services reception. The best value in their products is provided by Evelyn Harvey. Their full satisfaction policy offers full refunds without any questions, and their superior quality also comes with an affordable price.

Brand: Eternal Harmony

👤The urn was beautiful. I was suspicious that it was never used since I found ashes at the bottom of it. I was hoping it was dust from the interior, but it was not. Very disappointed. I need it for tomorrow. I will clean it up. Amazon needs to do a better job with their sellers.

👤It was very nicely made. The quality is high. It arrived in perfect condition after being shipped very fast.

👤I like the design. It makes me happy to put my mother's remains in it. I don't need it, it came with a felt bag. I only have 1/3 of her remains. The screwed on top is what I like.

👤Thank you so much for sending this. It was difficult to do. It was very emotional to have to do this for my husband, who lost his mother. It came as promised. I was happy that I opened it and not my husband because it was very dirty. There was dust and lint in the bag. It made me wonder if it had been used. I cleaned it up. I should not have had to do that.

👤The exterior is very close to the picture. I ordered the green. I was expecting a smooth interior but it is not. It isn't polished inside. There is a smell on the inside of mine. The threads have to match up just right to replace the lid. We decided to keep it because the outside is pretty and the inside is not important.

👤This is amazing. Friends and family compliment each other. The quality of the urn is the same as the one the funeral home had for $285 Nice price and urn.

👤My mom likes beautiful things. I knew she would appreciate hers. My mom and grandma are not with me.

👤Don't buy urns from funeral homes, they charge you way more than you should, and Amazon has beautiful options to keep your loved one's ashes. I bought this for my boyfriend because his mother had a favorite color of purple and he was happy to have something beautiful to put them in.

👤The quality and design of this vessel is what I like the most, and it sits on the fireplace in pride of place.

👤Urn for my mom! She only deserves the best, she picked it up from a locker box that was wet and dirty, and opened it to see that it was covered in dust, and I would be ashamed to send it out. I would not recommend buying it.

👤The item was beautiful and mom would have been happy with what I had chosen for her, thank you for a beautiful product, it looks way more expensive than it was. Would definitely recommend.

👤The design is very classy and I'm very happy with my choice, everybody that has seen the urn has complemented and asked where I purchased it.

5. Borealis Cremation Biodegradable Urns Scattering

Borealis Cremation Biodegradable Urns Scattering

As unique as the lives are. Their scattering tubes for human ashes are designed to serve as a beautiful work of art for your loved one's funeral, burial or scattering memorial, as they are designed to not only provide a temporary resting place for your loved one, but also serve as a beautiful work of art for your loved A beautiful soul deserves a beautiful tribute. Their designers are dedicated to creating their scattering tubes with you in mind, allowing them to create beautiful and meaningful designs. Beautiful mountainscapes are featured in these scattering urns. Each scattering urn is hand crafted to give your loved one a respectful memorial. The blue urn is the perfect way to celebrate the life of a loved one. Airport ready, bio-degradable, eco-friendly, and ready for action: Their scattering tubes for human ashes are made of all natural paper components and are earth friendly. The lid slides off, a tab is pushed, and the ashes can be gently shaken from the tube. The blue cremation urn can be recycled once the ashes have been scattered. During your time of grief, they guarantee that you will get the best price for your purchase. They want you to be completely satisfied with their blue urn for scattering cremation, they believe it offers the highest quality and value. They are willing to give away free cremation urns with no questions asked.

Brand: Commemorative Cremation Urns

👤I wanted to scatter my husband's ashes in a lake. I paid $60 for a cardboard tube because I had few other options at the time. There is a The tube is a decent size until you fill it. It didn't have the capacity to hold all the cremains. It was difficult to figure out how to use it. There was a random white sticker, but no indication of where you were supposed to put it. A basic set of instructions would have been nice. It seems like a cardboard tube should be easy to understand, but it comes apart into a few pieces, and the random sticker was confusing. We headed to the lake after filling it as much as we could. If you plan to throw the whole thing into the water, loosen the lid a bit. The tube refused to sink after we did not do this. We had to get it out of the water and loosen the lid so it would sink after 20 minutes of bobbing around. Not ideal.

👤The picture on the tube is a cardboard tube. There was a hole in the bottom and a sticker on top of it. It's not clear when the sticker would be placed over the hole. The bottom of the building is not sealed to the walls. The funeral home wouldn't use it as-is. I had to allow them to put the cremains in the plastic bag. It's not very user friendly to shake them out of the tube. There is a So it's non-biodegradable. Would you use a bag from Trader Joes?

👤I ordered this to spread my Dad's ashes. I was surprised to see that I had paid $60 for a cylinder. I returned it because I couldn't rationalize it. It is large enough to hold an adult's ashes. It was too big for scattering ashes. We used a hole cut in the bottom of the bag to make it work. The simplest ideas are the best.

👤When my mom died, I found these cremation urns. We were drawn to one of these because it had a picture of a sunset. It was perfect! Heaven on Earth is perfect for my special friend. I don't want my ashes in an expensive urn. My friend brought a little bit of heaven into my life here on earth.

👤I got this for my mother. It was bigger than I thought. It worked out perfectly. It was very pretty. A lot of my family and friends asked where I got it. I hope I don't need another one soon. I will order one again when I do.

👤When I saw this, I knew it was the perfect place for my husband's ashes to be dispersed in the gulf waters. It is sitting on my console. I can't comment on how that feature works since we haven't dispersed them. I will update my review once we do.

👤We had her cremated. She liked the beach. She loved to spend her summer vacations at the ocean and we were able to scatter her ashes in this urn. It wasn't big enough for all the ashes so order the largest one.

6. Xiweeui Necklace Cremation Commemorating Decorating

Xiweeui Necklace Cremation Commemorating Decorating

The small urn is very small, portable, and can be placed in the bag they presented, which is convenient to carry around. Well-designed. A small amount of meaningful things can be held in this urn necklace for ashes. It is close to your heart no matter where you are and that is what it means to wear it on your chest. The neutral design can be matched. The screw cap design of the mini urn and keepsake necklace can be used to ensure that the ashes of your loved ones will remain closed inside when the urn is dropped or impacted. Their small urn and urn necklace are made of high-quality STAINLESS steel, which will not be easily stained, rusted and corroded, and the surface will not fade or lose luster, which is a sign that some people will not disappear over time. Pets and people can be remembered in a cremation urn and necklace for ashes. This is a unique gift for someone.

Brand: Xiweeui

👤A friend of mine that just passed had a friend that wanted to spread the ashes on a journey, and take a little bit of the ashes on a journey. This was a perfect size and will be a great souvenir.

👤It's the perfect size for what I need.

👤The price you pay for the craftsman ship was excellent, and what you get with it was more than I could have imagined. The graving was absolutely perfect, I purchased this for my best friend.

👤I thought it was bigger than it was. It's very small. I couldn't read the words. Go up on the size of the writing you want to read. It's cute.

👤These are perfect for people who want to remember a loved one. I purchased again after liking them so much.

👤I love this set. They came with no instructions. I wonder if I put too much in the heart. The photo will show what I'm talking about. Sometimes the inscription doesn't show up when the closure is turned slightly. A big thumbs up for me!

👤He's worked out perfect for six family friends and members who wanted ashes.

👤The black one I ordered was amazing, but not as good as the silver one, and the 5 of 6 looked like they were not made of biffed right, and two of them looked like they were dropped on concrete.

7. Intaj Inc Engraved Rosewood Cremation

Intaj Inc Engraved Rosewood Cremation

The Rosewood Urn Wooden Box is made by IntAJ Manufacturing Co. Each urn is UNIQUE, AFFORDABLE, and DURABLE thanks to the True Hand-crafted product. A screw secures the sliding bottom opening of this ADULT URN. It is safe to travel. Most adults weighing up to 100 lbs have a funeral urn. The tree of life urn is 8 x 4.75 x 4.75" The capacity is 100 Cu/. In. You will see a fitting tribute to the one you love when you see their urn, because they lived and you shared together.

Brand: Intaj

👤I bought an urn for my grandmother. I wanted to look around to see what I could find since the funeral home charges a good amount for urns. I saw this and it fit my grandmother's need for nature. I like the Tree of Life. I was surprised by how well it was made. The bottom slide is holding up well, but it feels a little flimsy. I used a reviewers idea to put water tight around the bottom. A larger bag of ashes could fit in the box. The bag only takes up half the urn because my grandmother was only 90 lbs.

👤This is very pretty for a good price. Dealing with the loss of a loved one and not having life insurance was hard. I'm happy to get him out of the black plastic urn and into the beautiful rosewood urn. The only thing is a wooden box. There is a packet of gel inside. It is very easy to get inside. The bottom slides out when you remove a screw. This supports someone up to 200 pounds because my father was pushing 400 when he died and I split him between them so there was enough room to fit him in with his ashes. It is very high quality and will protect it from the elements. It is wrapped in paper and wrapped in a foam sheet to fit into a shipping box.

👤The box's bottom is not cut correctly, making it too level and spacing out. If I put my grandma's ashes in here, they would fall from the bottom. Not going to do that. The paint is outside of the lines and appears to have been moved. I was not happy. The wood is beautiful.

👤"craftsmanship", "sturdiness" and "value for money" are all ok. It appears to be bade out of cheap compressed wood. If you call it paint, it's chalky. It's very bright. It is simple. It's value for money. Don't waste your money. You will be better off finding something similar with less money. Don't even look at the urn box. This could be worth 15. I'm going to redo the paint and stain myself, so I'm stripping off all of it.

👤The urn is rustic and beautiful. Everything is what I expected. I chose this for my dog, who was 100 lbs, and she fit with plenty of room to spare. I would think you could fit 200 lbs. There is a I didn't return the urn for a replacement because it had a small chip on one of the corners, but I did not want to look at it and not notice. The urn is rustic looking, that the chip blends in enough to not be noticed unless you look for it.

👤The wood is a bit lighter than pictured and the paint is a light mint color.

👤I am very pleased with the look, Wright, and value. I was worried that I wouldn't get much for my money. I bought it for my dog. I thought this was appropriate since I can't put her near a tree. It is more than I expected. This is a great recommendation. It is a bit large for my dog.

8. Keepsake Cremation Stainless Memorial Holder Your

Keepsake Cremation Stainless Memorial Holder Your

REMATION URS: You can honor your loved one by keeping their ashes in an elegant urn. This durable cremation urn is designed for sharing. There are mini shears. A handcrafted miniature cremation urn designed for sharing portions of cremated remains ashes among family members can hold human cremains or pet ashes, flowers, dried flowers,earth from a grave site, or a lock of hair. The Small Urn has a screw-top lid. If the urn is dropped or bumped, the lid will remain closed. Workmanship is an expatriate work. The urn is made of Premium Grade Stainless Steel. The finish will not tarnish. Just like the memory it represents. Father's Day Gift: These mini keepsake urns are meant to be shared among family and friends when desired. A velvet pouch was given as a touching gift. Each Urn is small and fits in your hand and is meant to be a small remembrance.

Brand: Dletay

👤I loved the quote that touched on my feelings, so that was nice. It can hold ashes. If I were you, I would take the bag out of the urn because the crematory will fill it without the bag, meaning you will receive more ashes. I got a bigger one about the palm of my hand. I am pleased with the size of both. Also my sadness. I didn't think I would be shopping here for one of these and reading others reviews. It is sad and sorry for your loss. Keep your head up.

👤It's great for what I need. The pictures lead you to believe that it is larger than it is.

👤The ashes of my beloved parrot passed away after 27 years, and I bought an urn to hold his ashes. It was the perfect size and is very nicely made, with a pretty engraving of wings and a saying on the front. The urn is made of steel. The ashes can be screwed back into place after the top is removed. It came with a polishing cloth and a sympathy note from the manufacturer.

👤I loved the saying on these, but they are just so small, compared to the other urns I ordered. The writing on the ad is so small and dark that you cannot read it. I am returning all 3 that I ordered. They would have been perfect if they were the normal size.

👤I was touched by the message on the urn when I was looking for a "keepsake urn". This is a perfect size because I am not taking many ashes from my family. It's smaller than a shot glass, but the lid is very secure. There is a The size difference of my coffee shows how cute this urn is. I'm thankful that I planned. It arrived the day after my father's passing, so I cried as if they delivered him back to me.

👤The engraving and writing is small, so no point in having anything written on it. One can't read the small words. It is too small. I was wondering if it would be a little bigger. The money was wasted.

👤The buyer was made aware that the urn was small. The ashes of my husband had to be divided between people who loved him. He spent a lot of his time in NYC and the ashes were scattered on the streets and avenues where he worked. There is a A large urn was not necessary because the ashes seemed to be as much as a quarter full. Even though the seller had made it very clear, I was still taken aback by how small the urn was. There is a It looked very classy when I put the remaining ashes in it. My bedroom. The sentiment written on it was perfect. There is a I will keep this item for a long time. It will be buried with me. There is a There is one small note. Amazon never ceases to impress me. I bought a piece that was on the price list at the funeral home. It was five times more than I paid for. They had this item and the price was unbelievable. I am praying that Amazon will be around forever.

9. INTAJ Handmade Rosewood Wooden Hand Crafted

INTAJ Handmade Rosewood Wooden Hand Crafted

High quality, handcrafted with fine detailing. The Urns are made from the highest quality Indian Rosewood. Their wooden urns are delivered within 4-5 business days when you choose expedited shipping. Their Rosewood carvings are of top quality and do not come from imitation wood. The Urns are made of wood and can be used for human ashes, pet ashes, and other urns. This Urn will leave you completely penniless or completely refunded, because the company that cares for you, your family, and your late loved one is called Intj Manufacturing Co. Return them for a full refund if you are not completely satisfied.

Brand: Intaj

👤The Urn is gorgeous. Beautiful craftmanship! Our granddaughter died of Covid in May. She loved the Tree of Life imagery so we knew this urn was what she wanted. Absolutely thrilled with the craftsmanship!

👤It is beautiful. The bottom that you have to open is hard to get off with damage. The screws were removed. The particle board is cheap. An urn does not need to be tight. It is going into a vault. We don't understand why it has to be damaged in order to open it, and we don't have time to return it and get another. It's not something you want to deal with when your sister in law dies.

👤The quality and design of the urn is amazing, but it is impossible to open. I was unable to open the top because it was so solid, but I was able to open the bottom, which I assumed was the only way to open it. I searched for a number to call for guidance but didn't find one. The bottom was supposed to have 4 screws, but it only had one and it was impossible to open without breaking it. I had to return it. I would recommend including directions and a phone number in case. It was a total bummer.

👤I bought something for my dad, but it was lovely. This was it. The price point was reasonable and I was hoping it wouldn't disappoint. If not better, it is as hoped. The craftsmanship is amazing. I and my family are very pleased with the urn. It will be perfect when we travel with him as it is not a breakable urn. It is closed so no one can see it. This urn is recommended by me. It will be great.

👤The urn is beautiful. It was sturdy and really impressed me how you opened it. The screw on the bottom was important to me and I was worried my children would not like it. This would have been great for my father. It looks like he would have made it on his own.

👤This is for my mother who died from lung cancer and loved trees and birds. She is with me in a piece of art. It was well packaged and arrived early. I highly recommend this vendor.

👤I received it the day before. I took it out of the box and noticed that the bottom was cracked. It's too late to get another one. I noticed that others commented that it has four screws, but mine only has one. I don't know how to open the urn, so I'm going to have the funeral home open it. If they can't open it, I'll have to buy one from there, which will be 3x the cost.

👤There is a beautiful and detailed carved artwork. The urn is made of high quality materials. The first thing I checked was that some reviewers had difficulty opening the bottom access. When you remove the screw from the frame around the bottom of the urn, it acts as a handle, since the screw is in the floor of the urn. It looks impossible to do. At first glance. I bought this for my father because he loved working with wood. He would love the way the compartment opens.

10. MAKEYS Professional Decorative Cremation Burial Funeral

MAKEYS Professional Decorative Cremation Burial Funeral

MAKEY'S always strives to provide peace of mind together with Funeral homes by offering Quality Urns for human cremation remains/ashes, in strong purpose to meet even exceed families' expectation and satisfactory. MAKEY'S bamboo urns are created in a professional. The factory has modern machines, skilled workers, and experience. MAKEY's cremation urns are manufactured from STEADILY and FRIENDLY BAMBOO, with Environmentally and elegant finish. The package of urns is safe to handle and avoid damage during transportation. MAKEY's bamboo urns hold the remains of adults up to 200 lbs. The internal 9''x 5''x 5" has a capacity of MAKEY'S team is constantly working to create a Life-Celebration Present for the loved ones in their deep heart.

Brand: Makey's

👤I searched for an urn for my dad. I couldn't find anything I liked. I read the review and thought I would give it a try. I'm glad I did. This is a very nice urn, it's sturdy and flawless. One review said the lid was on. I was skeptical about that. The lid is attached. From the bottom, the ashes go in. It was supposed to arrive on Monday December 9, but I got it on Friday December 6, which is even better. Fast shipping and a nice wooden box urn. This transaction was flawless during a very difficult time, thanks to you all.

👤This would be perfect but for two defects. There is a small chip in the wood. The unit arrived with the lid detached, which is the bigger issue for me. I could hide the chip. The bottom of the lid appears to open for the placement of the ashes, so I could have superglued it. I requested a replacement hoping the new one wouldn't have the defects. I like the look and feel of the item and if the next one comes with the same defects, I will repair them myself. I don't think you should have to do that for a final resting place item. I'm hoping for better results with the second order. If you're searching for this kind of item, you must have suffered a loss, and I am sorry for that.

👤The box has a great value. The wood urn is better than the ceramic ones that I looked at. The price is reasonable. I feel bad for anyone who has to look for an urn here. I am confident that you will be very pleased with this one.

👤I assumed the liners were the same size. The wooden urns were made well but my liner wouldn't fit in them. Very disappointed to say the least. Don't know how the return process works. These urns didn't work for me. I need someone to help me get the correct size.

👤My mother passed away. It's terrible to have to make a decision to purchase something. The costs were tight because my mom did not have life insurance. The funeral parlor charged 5 times the price for the same thing. It came quickly with prime, and I added an engraved nameplate from the mall that looked amazing. I recommend it.

👤The plastic liner that came with the ashes doesn't fit on the urn, so I was very happy with the purchase. The urn is well made and affordable and the ashes fit perfectly without the liner.

👤I wanted to put the combined ashes of my two dogs together. I wanted something stately and dignified-looking for them, not an urn and not something with paw prints on it, as they both were incredibly special parts of my life, and nothing was ever too good for them. This was a huge savings compared to others I saw online, and it was perfect for what I was looking for. This is large enough for both boys and the collar and tags. I haven't used it yet, so I gave it four stars. I'm confident that it will hold up, since it's described on its posting.

11. Fedmax Urns Human Ashes Decorative

Fedmax Urns Human Ashes Decorative

SUPPORT: It's impossible to confront the death of a loved one. They send their deepest sympathies. Their customer service team is here to help and make this purchase as easy as possible. They are available to help you. Precious and beautiful. urns can cost up to $300 and are sold by funeral homes. Each of their urns is handcrafted with care. Each funeral vase has a serene design. It isdurable: It was designed to protect. The decorative urns for ashes are cast from dense aluminum and shelter contents with a secure screw-top lid. A black felt cover is used to cover scratches. A fitting tribute to Keepsake. A place of rest for a long time. They lived a unique life and should be honored with a unique vessel. These small urns for human ashes are a safe keep and they capture the essence of those they love. The cremation urns for adult ashes can hold the remains of up to 200 lbs. The dimensions are 6” W. They are light and can be carried with you.

Brand: Fedmax

👤I bought this urn at the last minute to hold my father's ashes. I was so nervous that it might be delayed in time for the funeral, but I was happy that it arrived in two days. The urn was very sturdy and beautiful, but for a fraction of the cost, as compared to the other urns they had at the funeral home. My father was a very tall man, almost 300 pounds, and it held all of his ashes. Losing a parent and planning a funeral can be very difficult, but receiving the urn so quickly and seeing the beauty and quality of it was a relief.

👤The design is classy. My dad's ashes were perfect. The screws are tight. The price is very reasonable.

👤This was not an easy purchase to make online. If you're worried about seeing something that's important to you, let me assure you that this urn was absolutely beautiful and served our purposes perfectly after my dad's passing. It is simple and elegant, but it is also of high quality and a fraction of the price we would have paid at the funeral home. The urn was beautiful and many people commented on it. This product and the seller are recommended by me.

👤We couldn't get the ashes in. We cut the top of the bag and put a zip tie on it to make sure the ashes fit in. My father was 238.

👤My husband died in March 2020. I had never dealt with cremations before. The selection of the urns offered was very small. I looked at over 100 urns. I bought this because it was simple. I was not disappointed. The urn was heavy, beautiful and just what I wanted. I bought 2. One for him and one for me. You won't be disappointed.

👤This was perfect. I gave this to my grandmother after my grandfather died. The funeral home was asking for a very high price for a simple urn. She cried because she was happy with this one. One of my grandma's worst days was when it was a small moment of light.

👤The urn looked better in person than it did online. Also, great value. There were many positive comments during the memorial. The only way to get the ash bag through the opening is to do a trick. You will need to contort your body to get it in. The bags are usually sturdy.

👤The product was covered with mold and was so bad that it caused me to have an asthma attack. I smelled it before I opened the box. The design of the urn is beautiful, but the craftsmanship is lacking, as the white part on top was not even attached, and the bottom chrome-like part was corroded in places. This is something that you don't want to have to deal with when planning a funeral. Shame on the company for not inspecting the product before sending it.

👤I wasn't sure if I should buy an urn from Amazon. I chose this one for my son's remains because of how it looks, and I'm beyond impressed with the quality. It is heavy. Solid and beautiful. If you like the look of this urn, and you are in this position, it is worth the cost.


What is the best product for eco friendly cremation urn?

Eco friendly cremation urn products from M Meilinxu. In this article about eco friendly cremation urn you can see why people choose the product. Star India Craft and M Meilinxu are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly cremation urn.

What are the best brands for eco friendly cremation urn?

M Meilinxu, Star India Craft and M Meilinxu are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly cremation urn. Find the detail in this article. Eternal Harmony, Commemorative Cremation Urns and Xiweeui are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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