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1. Special Design Eco Friendly Blodegradable Compostable

Special Design Eco Friendly Blodegradable Compostable

Coffee cups made with paper are 100% recyclable. The materials are Eco-friendly. 100% food safe and made from paper. Convenient disposable for easy cleaning. It's ideal for home or office use. 50 cups in one package.

Brand: Yes!fresh

👤I used these because they claimed to be compostable and I have a vermicomposter. I pulled plastic pieces from the outside of the cups out of my compost before I could use them. It was frustrating when I researched several brands. It's Grrr...

👤I searched for plastic-free/biodegradable/wax-lined/compostable cups... These arrived inside a plastic sleeve with plastic pillows. Good grief.

👤When I placed my order, I was expecting the cups, but was pleasantly surprised to find a set that included the covers and sleeves. I don't know if the entire set is sent or not, I purchased the package of 50. We've used these on four occasions so far and have been very pleased. Even with hot liquids in them, the cups are sturdy. If the liquid is not super hot, they are comfortable to hold without the sleeves. The sleeves are a great fit if the liquid is very hot. I have put the cups in the microwave before and had no problems. The covers have not been used yet. I will update my review with that information once we do. I am happy with the purchase and will buy more once these run out.

👤I bought these as a more planet-friendly option, and they are surprisingly sturdy. The bottoms seem to give a bit when coffee is added, and you definitely need the sleeves if the drink is hot, but the lids go on easy and the seams don't show any signs of coffee leaking after an hour+. I have used one cup a day for a week and haven't had a leak. The lids don't transfer heat easily. When hot coffee hits the lid, it burns my lips because other products are so thin. That is not the case with these. I can't speak to the product's ability to stand up to either test because I haven't put it in the microwave.

👤The cups smell like perfume. I thought it was my hands or something, but they are not. I can't drink with the cups anymore. I regret buying it because I have tons of them still.

👤These are just as good as any good quality cups, but they are eco-friendly. Buy these if you can afford it.

👤I didn't want to use plastic utensils. For my birthday. I did that when I was a kid, but aren't we supposed to be past that now? I think that's correct. I used bamboo cutlerie and these cups were perfect for the cider I was serving. 5 stars. I wish they were less. A neutral color. I love green, so no complaints. That's right.

👤They say 8oz so fair that they are small. They are in a plastic sleeve that is not easily recycled. They get wet after a drink sits in there. They do work so well that they get 3 stars. I'll buy the 12oz clear ones at my local coop, they are sold in a compostable sleeve. Live and learn.

👤I like to brew my coffee at home. I want really good coffee. I like to make a few cups for my friends. It feels like we get the same quality from a coffee shop. It doesn't feel like a compromise. They have a hot jacket that keeps the coffee warm and our fingers cooler. Nothing has ever leaked out of the lids.

2. Insulated Ripple Disposable Parties Corrugated

Insulated Ripple Disposable Parties Corrugated

Easy to drink from, dishwasher friendly, anti-scald technology. Convenience culture is friendly to the environment. They can end single-use plastic together. These cups are hard to pull apart. Triple-wall white paper cups insulated two-layer corrugated keep drinks at the perfect temperature and eliminate the need for sleeves or double-cupping. These paper cups have a textured surface that makes them a better grip and a better feel in the hand. The paper and black lids are made from food grade paper. 100 sets of cups. The paper cups are microwave safe, perfect to take your coffee, tea, or favorite beverage to-go, the best choice for everyday use.

Brand: Springpack

👤I bought these cups for my wedding to avoid embarrassment of cups leaking, my boyfriend made a test for them at extreme temperatures with 5 hours, no leaking occurred, will update my review and order more and more for daily uses after the wedding.

👤Paper cups are an eco-friendly choice as they are 100% compostable, and I can throw in the trash or recycle, since I don't have time to wash my mug after drinking my coffee. I think I have depended on the craft paper cups the first time, they are easy to grasp and feel better on hands, and they are made from paper.

👤I used the paper cups for the hot chocolate bar at the Christmas party. They are the perfect size to hold hot chocolate. The children were not allowed to add too much whipped cream and topping. No one burned their hand because they were well insulated. They were easy to pull apart and remake the stacks. The size of the cup fit under the spigot of the hot water dispensers made it possible for the dispensers to stay on the table.

👤I received these paper coffee cups today and I really like the S-Ripple textured surface on them. I don't need sleeves or double-cupping. I put my coffee in the microwave for 2 minutes when it got cold, because the cups and stirrers were packed separately. The paper cups have exceeded my expectations.

👤I have purchased the best cups over the last year. I have tried many. These are my favorites. I really like these cups, they are thick and strong and hold some seriously hot coffee, and they are easy to separate from each other. If you let leftover coffee sit in the cup for 4 or so days, they won't leak. They protect your hand from the heat of the piping hot beverage. Excellent cups and lids for the price, more than I expected.

👤The cups are large enough for large crowds. It's like having a built-in sleeve on a hot cup because cups are very sturdy. I like the look of it. They protect your hand from heat without a sleeve. It's a good size for guests in our office, but not a lot of coffee. It looks nice and does the job. --

👤They are very thick and sturdy, and I like to serve my coffee in them. After each use, I remove the corrugated outer layer to use in paper crafting, and share it with other crafter.

👤The cups are made of coffee cups with lids and will not leak. I love the color of the cups. It's easy to separate the cups. Don't let the temperature get too hot outside and keep my drinks in the right temperature. They will be my new go to cups when I run out.

3. Pack Disposable Hot Cups Insulated

Pack Disposable Hot Cups Insulated

We want you to be happy with your purchase. They can help if you have any issues with their cups. The disposable coffee cups 8 oz will keep your beverage hot. The ideal insulated disposable coffee cups will let your hot beverage warm from the first sip to the last. Do you feel uncomfortable with paper coffee cups that offer minimum insulation? No need to wear sleeves. Fit Meal Prep's travel coffee cups have double layer rippled construction that makes them safer for kids. 50 pack disposable insulated cups is a great deal. It can be used as hot drink cups, hot cocoa cups, hot chocolate cups, or disposable tea cups for your food truck, cart, cafe, bistro, or restaurant. Food quality and safety are important. Quality assurance and food safety are what made each insulated ripple cup great. Fit Meal Prep's 8 ounces coffee cup is great for enjoying a hot beverage anywhere. Fit Meal Prep's hot coffee cups are made with black paper that is recycled. The manufacture of this insulated coffee cup follows strict Good Manufacturing Practices controls.

Brand: Fit Meal Prep

👤Great looking products.

👤The ribs are for grip, and the product is colorful.

👤Poor quality. The cups were being pulled off by the corrugated cardboard.

👤Muy resistente y lavable.

4. Disposable Coffee Cups Lids Eco Friendly

Disposable Coffee Cups Lids Eco Friendly

Fit Meal Prep's hot coffee cups are made with brown paper that is recycled. The manufacture of this insulated coffee cup follows strict Good Manufacturing Practices controls. The cups have tight fitting lids that make sure your drinks don't leak or spill in your car. The insulated cups keep the drink hot or cold. cups come with built-in sleeves and will never burn hands on grip. Sturdy, durable and good for your money, cups are equipped with the finest materials which make them durable. They can be used for a couple of days after cleaning. Don't waste money. These cups are made from renewable paper materials that do not harm the nature. This cup is designed for both parties and everyday use. The bulk size of 100 pack of cups and lids will last you a long time.

Brand: Basalla

👤I love them. These cups are used for hot or cold beverages. The lid is stable and doesn't leak. It was very comfortable in hand. It is easy to hold. It's perfect for car travel with coffee or tea. They can be used many times. The design on the cups is very fancy and cute. Overall very satisfied, good quality, great shipping and packaging, and a great value.

👤Coffee Cu-s are too small for 8oz. You have no room for anything else after your coffe. The tops on these cups are very elastic and will come off at any time. Please be aware.

👤The construction of this cup made it an excellent choice for our cups. We were absolutely delighted with the quality. Would purchase it again. The fast delivery was appreciated.

👤We had been using cups that were eco friendly, so I was looking for something that would do the job. I didn't feel like we had to give up any features to do these, they fit the bill.

👤I bought them for my party. Everyone loved them. Excellent quality for the price.

👤The cups are pretty and sturdy. It will save on having to use additional cup sleeves.

👤The lid is snug and these are very sturdy. When you lift the cup, it doesn't pop off.

👤The price is great. They are of excellent quality. What else is there? It's a good thing.

5. Disposable Paper Coffee Beverages White

Disposable Paper Coffee Beverages White

Use this disposable coffee paper cups at home, office, party, wedding, picnic, camping, storing different small items, like snacks, dried fruits, etc. It's perfect for espresso, latte, cocoa, water or any other beverage. The package contains 500 paper disposable cups. It's ideal for juice or beverages. The tightly rolled rim of the cup makes it mess-free to sip from. The Togo hot coffee cup is made of thick paper and has a film inside. The paper is more resistant to compression. They are a paper cup factory with FDA certification. The paper cups are food safe. Coffee cups are great for travel, party, drinking, and more. It's not necessary to clean for your life. Their top priority is 100% satisfaction. If you have a question about the paper cup sets, please contact them. They are with you all the time.

Brand: Racetop

👤The cups I had before and after fit the lids perfectly, even though these didn't. There is a The rolls at the top of the cups aren't tight enough to bite the lid and create a seal. I had to get rid of these cups because they were a spill risk. There is a I don't know why cups and lids aren't universal, but they didn't work for my shop. It doesn't mean it won't work for your lids. There is a I use Eco-Products EcoLid 25% recycled content hot cup lid, it fits 10 to 20 oz hot cups, white, case of 1000.

6. Plastic Glasses 1 Disposable Cups Party Whiskey

Plastic Glasses 1 Disposable Cups Party Whiskey

It's your money back if you love it. They offer a 2 year warranty with every A3 DIRECT purchase, because they want to exceed their customers' expectations. Their promise of high-quality products and world-class customer service is backed by your complete satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with your order, they will give you a full refund. What are you waiting for? A3 DIRECT is the place to get your party started. The 500 pieces clear hard plastic shot glasses are made of thicker PS material, which will not cause crack damage, and it is more reliable to use. The design is clear. The transparent cup of the shooting cup allows you to add bright colors to the food and drinks at your party. Their plastic eco-friendly shot cups are easy to clean and safe to use. These disposable shot glasses are not harmful to the environment. Great value. 500 plastic shot cups are included in every package. You can save the shot cups in a box for the next event. It can be cleaned after use. The jello shot cups can be used for many occasions. The Party shot cups are perfect for all occasions such as a wedding, Thanksgiving, Christmas party, picnic, buffets, and other events. They're the perfect party cup for wine tasting, whiskey, and more.

Brand: Jolly Chef

👤The plastic shot glasses are very well packed and come with a box with bubble wrap. There have been no broken glasses so far. Some of the other cheap shot glasses do not stick together. Will buy again. Good value for money.

👤I wanted to keep things sanitary at my day spa, so I bought these. The size is convenient and I like that the bottom is flat, but they can be difficult to separate and I have cracked a couple trying to get them apart. I'm not sure if I would purchase them again.

👤The cups are very sturdy but they are difficult to separate and I used as many cups as I needed. Touching items used for food and drink in a Covid climate is against the law.

👤These are the best sampling cups I have yet to purchase. In my profession, I go through 500-1000 of these in a month and other companies I have bought from in the past have charged the same if not more money for cups that were easy to crush and difficult to separate. I highly recommend ordering from them and have already referred my coworkers to them as well. They arrive in boxes that are crush-proof and ready to use.

👤Had to cancel because of carbon dioxide, but I bought these as containers to serve at the Christmas party. It was the perfect size for sushi rice topped with poke. I was imagining using two different types of poke, but it would save for Christmas 2022. There is a It may not be to everyone's liking, but you may like it. You could use these containers for other things.

👤I like the glasses, but they were stuck together. There is a It took me five hours to package again, and I would send them back in the future.

👤Product is described, shame that Amazon decided to take political sides as I was a big shopper, but that will slow down and become a thing of the past as soon as I find suppliers elsewhere.

👤The are good shot glasses, but they are hard to separate. I tried to wiggle them out, but I broke more and used.

7. Luckypack Hot Disposable Coffee Cups

Luckypack Hot Disposable Coffee Cups

These small cups are more than just souffle cups. They are an eco friendly way to distribute food. Coffee cups are hard to pull apart. Coffee cups don't have to be separate. Coffee cups are stronger and feel better in your hand. Their paper cups are made from thicker material to make them more durable. Coffee cups made with paper are 100% recyclable.

Brand: Luckypack

👤They are strong and can hold hot drinks. I use these at home to add to my coffee experience and they can be used a couple of times. I put milk in the microwave. I deal with all hot drinks, tea, coffee, and soup. The well know coffee shop take out cups are larger than the 12oz cup. It is worth the money. I've never had a seam or a leaking cup.

👤They are sturdy and get the job done. They don't leak, but you can refill them several times without losing integrity. They're not styrofoam. Paper is made from renewable resources. Paper is the best way to use disposable products.

👤The paper coffee cups are large enough to hold coffee. The design is very attractive. The coffee cups are easy to grasp and keep their cool. I bought them for our company use. So far, so good. We have not had any leaks. The cups were all stacked together. I'm very pleased with the design. I'll buy it again.

👤The size of coffee is great. We've gone through hundreds of cups for espresso at home and work. They're well-packaged and arrive damage-free. We just bought 600 more, and they arrived in perfect condition. The paper taste is pretty upscale. There is a corrugated cups are hard to separate These coffee cups only use an easy, gentle pull and they come apart easily.

👤I like the cups. The cups are large enough to hold that particular coffee with room to add creamer and sugar. This cup allows me to have a fair amount of cream in my coffee. They are comfortable to hold and not too hot for me to hold.

👤The coffee cups are packed in a beautiful and strong cardboard box and are in a good condition. I have used these cups for a week in the office and will order them again and again. They are the right size for a cup of tea or coffee, and the ribbed brown cardboard outer protects your hands from being burn.

👤We don't want to carry coffee cups upstairs to our second coffee maker. I ordered 100 of these cups on Amazon and they were delivered for free. I wanted the right amount of insulation protection from hot coffee and the perfect size. The cups exceeded my expectations. I like the corrugation. It makes holding the cups more comfortable. This is the first time I've seen that in a hot beverage cup. The comfortable grip is made even better by the fact that these are a little wider. It keeps your coffee hot. The cups are slightly larger than other cups and add a comfort grip. They are a nice neutral color and look better than most other coffee cups I've seen. I will not order another brand again. I love these cups.

👤Excellent packaging, early delivery! Don't worry without lids. The coffee cups are leak-proof so far. I like that they're well insulated, cost effective, and very sturdy.

👤There are cups in this product, but no lids. Don't buy this if you need a lid for the cups.

8. Pack Kraft Paper Coffee Cups

Pack Kraft Paper Coffee Cups

Paper cups can be used for hot and cold beverages. It can be used to hold food. It is suitable for many occasions, such as dinner, lunch, party, barbecue, gathering, supermarket, family, office and other. The package is 8 ounces. The hot coffee cups are from the 300 Pack. The rim is rolled for rigidity and strength. It's thick paper wall makes it great for hot coffee cups, hot cocoa cups and hot tea cups. It is suitable for a wide range of beverages. 100% safe and healthy. Enjoy the rich brown color, it adds personality, authenticity and a natural feel.

Brand: Comfy Package

👤The cups are hard to pull, but the color is right, and that was important to me, even though it was frustrating to want a cup that was hard to pull. I can reuse one of these cups many times before I have to recycle them. I'll buy them again.

👤Does not collapse when gripped. May need to double the cup for hot drinks. We reuse the cups. It's easy to have all sorts of other gadgets for holding hot cups.

👤Who wants to clean oatmeal out of a dish? I like the fact that I don't have to use a lot of scrubbing to clean my oatmeal, and I use a nice sturdy paper cup like I do, so I use these cups for oatmeal.

👤The cups need to be crushed to be used. Crazy amazashi.

👤I still use disposable cups for coffee. There have been a lot of leaks, either from the seal on the side or from the bottom. I will not be buying them again.

👤Everyone avoids these cups because they require two cups at a time in order to comfortably hold hot coffee. There is no protection from the heat. I didn't want to order these again because I wanted to avoid foam or plastic cups.

👤I bought these for my classroom. Kids were always looking for cups when the fountains were turned off. I found this to be one of the best values for cups that can hold both hot and cold beverages. They hold up well.

👤I like that they hold 12 ounces of liquid. Some are not fixed.

9. Disposable Party Smoothie Beverage Transparent

Disposable Party Smoothie Beverage Transparent

The party was 16 ounces. A plastic cup is built to last. The disposable plastic cups are easy to clean and take up less space than regular cups. Get ready for your party, event and everyday life with Fabulous Party drinkware. The cup is made of a transparent plastic with high clarity, which makes it look like food and drink, and brings you the enjoyment of fresh and colorful. 100%BPA-free, non-toxic, eco-friendly, recyclable and perfectly safe for food and drink are some of the benefits of using PET plastic. Do not use this cup for hot water, hot coffee, or hot tea, and do not put it in a microwave oven. Food and drink with a temperature greater than 140 degrees Fahrenheit will not be served in disposable cups. Multipurpose Drinkware is designed to hold all kinds of cold beverage such as fruit juice, smoothie, iced coffee, cold tea, sparkling, lemonade, soda pop, beer, wine, cocktails, BOBA, bubble tea, milkshake, yogurts, mixed drink and also ideal food containers for serving They are the essential disposable cups for a lot of things. disposable drinkware is necessary for social gatherings such as birthday party, home party, graduation, wedding and all kinds of social events. Say goodbye to boring housework and enjoy your happy hours.

Brand: Fabulous Party

👤They were perfect! They were just good.

10. Disposable Cocktail Whiskeys Halloween Bachelorette

Disposable Cocktail Whiskeys Halloween Bachelorette

They are the essential disposable cups for a lot of things. disposable drinkware is necessary for social gatherings such as birthday party, home party, graduation, wedding and all kinds of social events. Say goodbye to boring housework and enjoy your happy hours. Paper cups never shatter in shipping or create sharp plastic edges at your party. These disposable shot glasses have a similar cup look but won't cause injury that could ruin the night. These eco-friendly cups are better for the environment if you are celebrating a birthday, Halloween, or a wedding. You and the earth party together. It is easy to measure and know how much alcohol you are pouring. Before you know it, you have gone from tipsy to oops with those shots of fancy cocktail, margarita, gin & tonic, rum, whiskey, tequila, Jager bomb all start to add up. With these cups, you can know how much you drink. Did someone say beer pong? America's Favorite Party Colors has some cool drinking games. Their bulk pack set makes for a lot of jello shots and much more. Do you need dessert or small snacks? These cups can be used as mini snack holders and dessert containers.

Brand: Nextclimb

👤There are cups for safe treats. They are free of guilt because they are not plastic.

11. Count Bamboo Disposable Coffee Perfect

Count Bamboo Disposable Coffee Perfect

We always put customer satisfaction first. If you're unhappy with your disposable coffee cups, just get in touch with them and they'll give you a replacement or refund. A pack of 100 cups is ideal for family, office, restaurant, party and wedding use. It is made of high quality bamboo, Food grade, and has a hot beverage up to 221F. The paper is safe and healthy. The thick paper wall makes it a great choice for hot cups. The top diameter is 3.31", the bottom is 2.05" and the height is 4.57".

Brand: Jayeey

👤I bought these cups for my wedding. The wedding was at our house. We wanted something that would look nice in the compost. These were perfect! We only used them for cold drinks, so I can't comment on how they do with warm, but the cold did awesome!

👤These cups were not good. They tasted bad when you drank out of them. I had to use 2 or 3 cups.

👤Don't let things sit in them, they will get soggy. They lose their shape after 3 hours.

👤It was perfect for my baby shower, where we had a hot cocoa and tea table, and I wrote on the smaller side. They worked out great because there wasn't wasted beverages.

👤This is a great cup for cold drinks. Very strong. I don't know what that review was about, but I have no issues with a powdery substance. I like that these cups are not covered in a waxy coating like paper cups are.

👤The cups were made of bamboo. A good purchase.


What is the best product for eco friendly cups disposable party?

Eco friendly cups disposable party products from Yes!fresh. In this article about eco friendly cups disposable party you can see why people choose the product. Springpack and Fit Meal Prep are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly cups disposable party.

What are the best brands for eco friendly cups disposable party?

Yes!fresh, Springpack and Fit Meal Prep are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly cups disposable party. Find the detail in this article. Basalla, Racetop and Jolly Chef are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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