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1. NYHI 300 Pack White Paper Disposable

NYHI 300 Pack White Paper Disposable

Enjoy the rich brown color, it adds personality, authenticity and a natural feel. The bulk pack of 300 paper hot cups is ideal for stocking up the water coolers and coffee room of your home, office, classrooms with enough disposable cups. The paper and materials are eco-friendly. The rolled rim is strong and rigidity. The paper cup is leak resistant because of the coated lining. They fit most standard coffee cup lids. When you come home, drink a cold glass of orange juice or a cup of hot coffee. The white disposable cup makes life simple. When you're done with your drink, throw it away. There is no need for mugs or glasses to be washed. This plain paper drinking cup is perfect for cafes or coffee shops that want to personalize the cup with a customer's name or message. You can use this cup for many things, including arts and crafts, decorating, and cup stacking for kids.

Brand: Nyhi

👤I bought these paper cups when I realized I was fed up with washing dishes. They are strong enough to hold coffee. The cups are great for snacks. This cup size is perfect for a quick glass of water or juices when we drink a lot of ice water. There is a If I have a used cup, I might use it to hold a hot cup of coffee. These cups are strong for everyday use. If you have company for their drinks, it's perfect.

👤The cups are not suitable for use in dispensers because they don't separate with two hands. I tried to separate them before. They are great cups.

👤A cup. It was plain white. I loved my first order. The cups were stuck together the second time I bought them. I do my own yard work. I have to pull them apart. Please fix the factory machine so it isn't compressed.

👤They were used for a school dance where either water or coffee could be put inside. They worked well. It is a perfect size to reduce waste. A clear plastic cup is not as pretty.

👤It depends on where you live. If your utility bill is too high, you can go somewhere else. I saved time and money by doing my math. I use it in the microwave to warm up food or cook eggs.

👤Happy to find a cup. It took a while to find the right size, but it is a good price.

👤It was hard to use in the cup dispensers.

👤I bought these off the reviews because they fit the standard cup holders. They did not fit in and were returned immediately.

👤I am trompée in front of ma commande, and I am retourner le produit pour un crédit. Donc pour un crédit de 42.00 $, ma coutait 47.00 $ de frais de livraison.

2. White Disposable Bathroom Espresso Mouthwash

White Disposable Bathroom Espresso Mouthwash

100 plastic medicine cups were included. 3 ounces. White paper cups are great as espresso cups, bathroom cups, shot cups, kids drinking cups, medicine cups and rinsing cups. The rim is rolled for rigidity and strength. The thicker paper wall is leak-proof and makes it a great choice for hot or cold. There are 300 bulk saving and separated in multiple packs for easy storage. The classic white color is well suited for any setting.

Brand: Comfy Package

👤I was looking for a small cup. I have a cup holder for the sink. There are cups. I have bought generic brands of edinburgh cups in the past. They fit the holder well. These cups are much smaller than the 3oz. The other 3 oz. is called Dixie or the other. The cups are generic. The cups don't fit in the cup holder. They are small and don't catch on the rim of the holder. I can put the smaller cup inside my old one. Unless this company has a cup holder for this size cup, I don't think you'll find a cup holder for these smaller cups. The cup isn't an actual 3 oz cup. Disappointed.

👤Three stars because they're cups, they hold water and they don't stick to each other, but they don't fit in my bathroom cup dispensers that hold other three ounce cups. These are too small.

👤We used these for a chili cook off so we could have trays of each sample in the cook off and also used color circle stickers to label each sample type for the blind taste test/voting. Other cups were too small and not strong enough to hold hot food. The cups were even better than I imagined. Every year I will save this order in my Amazon account and then order it again.

👤Let's be realistic... These cups don't leak. There is a As advertised. There is a Good for me.

👤The paper cups are perfect for the bathroom. They are strong. They are much stronger than the cups you buy at the store. They fit my dispensers. They are better for the environment than plastic.

👤These cups are strong. If you only use them for a quick rinse after brushing your teeth, a single cup might last for a week. I don't notice any strong paper flavor. When I ordered these off-brand cups, I was pleasantly surprised that they out-performed the name-brand cups that I ran out of.

👤I used the 3 oz paper cups to sample my tea at the bazaar. They were the perfect size, and people loved having the option of free samples. Would order again. There is a Thanks.

👤It's perfect for my needs and worth the money. Will definitely buy more.

👤The paper is good for samples of food.

👤I needed them for the job and also for recycling.

👤It's useful when you have to take pills every day.

👤Prompt delivery. An ideal size and quantity will be used for the find raising drinks tasting event.

3. BEELEEVE 50 Pack Strong Compostable Coffee

BEELEEVE 50 Pack Strong Compostable Coffee

Food grade Polyethylene is coated for resistance to leaking. Enjoy your coffee without guilt. Coffee cups made of bio-degradable materials are better for nature as they won't end up in a landfill or pollution of the oceans. Their paper coffee cups can be used for hot or cold drinks. Need disposable cups for your event? Their bulk pack of single-use paper cups is a great choice for a cheap price. Your health should always come first. Their disposable coffee cups are made out of unbleached paper with a coating that protects them from harmful chemicals. They always put customer satisfaction first. If you're unhappy with your disposable coffee cups, just get in touch with them and they'll give you a replacement or refund.

Brand: Beeleeve

👤I don't like filling up landfills. I have to use disposable paper products to make life simpler since my husband's surgery. These cups are great. The hot beverages stay hot. The cups are plant based and biodegrade. We love using them.

👤We had cups in the past that let the liquid get cold quickly and begin to soak warm liquids through the seams, but we didn't have that problem with these. I am sure that will happen eventually since they are compostable. They were sturdy for the time we used them for. I will definitely buy them again.

👤No leaks make cups great. Water, tea, coffee, and other liquids are great here. The cup will eventually absorb the liquid up its seam on the inside, but nothing ever leaks. It's almost like a stain.

👤It works. The product is compostable and that's why I bought it. I need to follow it up in several months to see how efficient it is. The price point wasn't as hard on the pocketbook. This works for now but is still being determined.

👤If you pass by it you will miss out on a good thing. Buy it by it.

👤You can feel good about it.

👤Do not use cardboard for workmen in your house.

👤I brought these cups to use in the salon, they are a good size at 10oz, and they don't have that cardboard taste either, and perfect that you can recycle after.

👤They were trying to find a holder for the hot drink that was good quality for the price.

👤They seem good quality and will purchase again.

👤It was on time and in a good condition. Thank you.

4. Compostable Disposable Earths Natural Alternative

Compostable Disposable Earths Natural Alternative

The disposable paper hot drink cups are made with a poly coating lining. The hot beverage cups stay warm and prevent them from getting soggy. The hot cups are very economical and can be used again and again. The bamboo coffee cups are made from sustainable, renewable, and fast-growing bamboo fiber. Earth's Natural bamboo cups are made from bamboo. They meet the standard. Home composting time may vary from home to home. Earth's Natural compostable bamboo paper cups are unbleached, plastic-free, andBPA-free. Not recommended for use in microwave oven or oven. ENA's Premium coffee cups are designed to hold hot liquid like coffee, tea, hot chocolate, hot boba tea, bubble tea, etc. There are OCCASIONS. The coffee set from Earth's Natural Alternative is fully compostable. They are strong to hold for a long time. bamboo's natural and beige color is reflected in cups. It's perfect for daily use, home use, office use, commute, and rustic or elegant theme parties. The two people are Dixie and the other person. ENA's compostable bamboo cups are comparable in size and strength, but reduce carbon footprint, reduce single-use plastic, decrease waste in landfills, and reduce harmful residue in the environment. Save their planet. Better for you, better for the Earth.

Brand: Earth's Natural Alternative

👤The cups did a good job. I was worried they wouldn't hold up after having liquid in them for hours but everyone at our party liked them and even after one of the little kids chewed the top edge of her cup, it still held up very well!

👤Sturdy cups that can be composted. Not adding to a landfill is great.

👤We bought these for those times when we can't use our coffee mugs, but don't want to contribute to the landfills. These are large and sturdy for hot or cold beverages. I will be buying more.

👤The sip lid is weird and uncomfortable to sip out of. The cups don't have heat retainment.

👤It was very thick and sturdy. The brown color is nice. It's a good choice and I would recommend it.

👤Excellent product. What was needed in my classroom. We are environment friendly.

👤They should be used daily. I don't have to carry my coffee very far because they get warm once filled. I reuse a cup throughout the day. They can hold up for two to three cups.

5. Compostable Disposable Stirrers Integrated Sleeves

Compostable Disposable Stirrers Integrated Sleeves

It's perfect for outdoor events and celebrations. Their disposable cups with lids are the perfect choice for summer events, concerts, outside gatherings, celebrations, birthdays, corporate occasions, picnics, and other fun-filled events. These plastic coffee cups have lids. 100% satisfaction guarantee is provided by them. There are certifications for bioCUPS, LIDS, and stalkers. Their product is Compostable and free of any petrochemical derivatives, which is why it has been certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute. The integrated shearling design of their BIOCUPS gives you 2X more insulation capacity and eliminates the need for a separate sleeve which means lesscluttering to carry. Every cup makes a difference, and you can use them for every day. Show your support for BioCUPS! The LeAK-PROOF experience is a good one. Their cups are double-lined at the seams and have secure fit lids. The BIOCUPS are guaranteed to provide a mess-free drinking experience. Make your morning ecology eco-friendly. Their cups can be used with coffee makers and espresso machines. They are also great for cold drinks.

Brand: Lb Living Balance

👤The cups were perfect for on the go. If the drink is too hot to hold, the double wall serves as a barrier. The stir sticks are sturdy and can go a long way if you need two or three to stir the drink. The cups have a tight seal. There is a I was able to leave my drink in the cup for hours without it leaking, one of the best features of the cups. I have experience with the seal beginning to degrade after a few hours. There is a Thanks for the product. I would buy it again.

👤The double wall provides insulation and protects the hands, but it feels different in your hand than a single wall. I've already used these cups for coffee, tea, soda, mixed drinks. The cups fit the bill perfectly. When I tipped the cup, there were no leaks. It's easy to keep your drinks at the right temperature. It's a green product that doesn't break the bank. Will get them again!

👤I was looking for a disposable cup that I could use for coffee and other beverages when we have visitors. I am very happy with this product as they have kept my coffee warm for my morning commute, an excellent design, and of course, eco-friendly.

👤I bought these cups because I wanted a more eco-friendly option for my coffee. The cup and lid are made from renewable resources. The integrated sleeve on the cup protects your hand from the hot liquid. The taste of the drink remained the same, without any platic-like taste to it. The materials don't get all malleable after pouring coffee. The people at the office liked the product. It would be great to have it in your house.

👤I love the wooden spoons. There is a This is the whole thing. All cups, lids, and stirrers are made from compost. I hope more people use products like this.

👤I loved them. Got to the graduation party. We wanted to go sustainable, and these are compostable as well. We only offered cups. They drank wine and soda and it was fine.

👤I use these cups to serve coffee and soft drinks at my meetings. I knew I needed to buy disposable cups but I wanted something that was not bad for the environment. This company has a great value product. The cups become a conversation piece. I think we are changing how we care for our environment one conversation at a time. I need to buy more when I run out.

6. 500 CT Disposable Beverage Ripple Design

500 CT Disposable Beverage Ripple Design

The set of 5 cups is green. The 12-oz gray paper cups alleviate the need for separate sleeves and are a great bargain. There are different types of lid sold separately. The insulated, ripple-wall design keeps the heat in while the customers' hands stay cool. These coffee and tea cups are made for recycling. The right size for coffee and tea is 12 ounces. Coffee cups are shipped in bulk in a 500 count box.

Brand: Restaurantware

👤I have added photos without a lid to show that the leaks have nothing to do with what lid you use. The leak is from the bottom seam and not from a lid. The cups leak from the paper. Sometimes you end up with a big puddle under your cup, sometimes it is just a drop or two on your coaster. You can either use or throw away the five hundred cups. Money and paper are both waste. There is a This was our second order and it is horrible. It takes two grown men to remove the cups from the smashed stack. The cups leak at the seams. All of them. We have never had a cup leak at the seam. Attached is a photo. White cups are not worth much. The box we received was heavy and we now have a knife. It's not the most convenient to ship back. The money was wasted.

👤500 of these (4oz, Red) have been used for espresso at home and work. They're well-packaged and arrive damage-free. We just bought 500 more in the gray color, and they arrived in perfect condition. The paper taste is pretty upscale. The red color is a little light, but I have some of them sitting next to a fire-engine red Nespresso machine at work, so I would prefer more of a fire-engine red than a carnival-red. Theeparating the cups is a bit of a puzzle. They're difficult to separate if you try to twist them or pull them apart. An easy pull. They come apart easily. They are like the old Chinese finger traps. You'll see what I'm talking about if you get them. We're back for more, and I can recommend them.

👤I had a chance to try these cups several times. The design is very attractive. They are easy to grasp and cool to the touch with a hot beverage. I bought them for our company use. So far, so good. We haven't experienced any leaks like with previous reviews. All seem to like the blue color. The sleeves can be difficult to separate and require a little patience. I didn't pay attention to the fact thatIDS aren't included. They can be purchased separately, but I think they are too expensive. Who expects a cup without a lid to be portable? In summary, 3 stars. I think there are other options that work just as well as the ones that work but are more economical when you add the cost of the lids. Just an update: Follow up. I had a stack of cups and they fit perfectly.

👤The cups are not 4 ounces. We have been selling chocolate drinks for nearly 10 years. The cups hold 3.5 ounces. See the attached photo. I would like this company to test the volume of this cup before trying to sell it to customers.

👤The 100 pack I reviewed today was a bit more expensive than these cups. We had to go this route because it was cheaper. The 100 batches were everything. Nice looking. This order came with the cups, unlike the 100. It was still a better price to buy the universal tops and stirrers. We need 500 cups of coffee a day. The only downside is that the cups seem to be a bit hotter to hold than the ones in the 100 batches. It's not bad enough to be a dealbreaker. They look the same as the 100. We are struggling to pull these apart. I plan to do that in advance.

7. CantaGreen Heavyduty Paper Count Beverage

CantaGreen Heavyduty Paper Count Beverage

Make your morning ecology eco-friendly. Their cups can be used with coffee makers and espresso machines. They are also great for cold drinks. Heavyduty cups are strong. It's perfect for hot and cold drinks. Food grade Polyethylene is coated for resistance to leaking.

Brand: Cantagreen

👤The below review has been updated. I contacted the seller to express my disappointment in the cups. My intentions were not to get a refund, but to get the seller's attention. The seller's response expressed an interest in customer satisfaction, and is going to implement better quality control procedures to make sure cups are not passed onto future customers. The seller decided to issue a refund after they believed my order was faulty. I did not expect this kind of courtesy from the seller. I will keep using 2 cups for each cup of coffee to keep it from leaking through. I might make another purchase after a while. Cuppa are my favorite brand of hot cups, but they have been out of stock for a long time. I tried the above for hot beverages. Within a minute or two the bottom leaks. The only positive thing about these cups is that they are good to hold. I think the Keurig machine was one of the more convenient appliances to enter the marketplace. No washing of a pot, no waiting to boil water. I don't have to wash a cup each time. The hot paper cups that I bought can be used a few times during the day. The CantaGreen cups leak, the coffee goes everywhere but where it's supposed to be, and the bottom of the cup has brown spots which is confusing to me as I drink my coffee black. The first time I used these cups, I was reading a book while waiting for the coffee to brew. I picked up the coffee and it was all over the table. The coffee needs to be used in 2 cups at a time. I have to use another k cup in order to enjoy a cup of coffee because this is wasteful, inconvenient, and costly. I thought buying a bigger quantity would last a long time. I will stay away from anything named CantaGreen.

👤These are cups. The packaging of the cups was great, I purchased 150 of them. Each row is wrapped individually in a solid box. They have hot coffee. I don't think the initial touch is hot to the touch. An excellent purchase.

👤These cups are great. A good size, no leaking, and you don't need a jacket for these. I like the fact that I don't have to pay for the lids I don't need, like I did with the other brand. I don't use lids and waste them. The white is nice.

👤They are paper cups. They're made out of paper, and they hold your liquids, so not much to say.

👤A great cup for holding little objects. They're not great for drinks. They add an industrial flavor to things. It would probably turn off party guests. They still turn my drinks into machine tea even after a few rinses. This was before I used them to hold parts. I was not tasting old radio.

👤This is the total value for money. This didn't burn the pocket for a person who is almost fully go-green.

8. Treeatery Durable Compostable Cutlery Pieces

Treeatery Durable Compostable Cutlery Pieces

Their napkins are made from sustainable paper and keep the planet clean. Zero waste. There is no guillotine. Plastic disposable utensils should not be used. All Natural Corn is their product. Compostable Cutlery is certified to compost. The contents are all free of plastic. Press your friends. Did you feel proud of making green choices? Share the eco-friendly satisfaction with everyone by using the convenient tray to serve their compostable silverware set during Special Events, Parties, Weddings, Picnics, Lunches, Camping Trips, Office Functions, and more. Naturally safe. It's naturally durable. Enjoy your food with Non-toxic,BPA Free, Renewably Sourced Compostable Utensils that slice through tough foods and endure high temperatures. Use the dishwasher to use your eco utensils again. TREEATERY pledges to plant a tree for every box of eco friendly utensils purchased in the USA and Canada. Follow how many trees they plant. They want your dining experience to be great and they will give you a 100% money back guarantee. They will give you a full refund if you don't get that satisfaction.

Brand: Treeatery

👤Being as single use plastic items are popular because of many reasons, which in turn has made these items a huge problem for our civilization. There is a If we are so busy that we have to use single use plastic items more than we have to make them sustainable and break them down into smaller pieces that are not harmful to the environment, then it is our responsibility to make them in a sustainable way. There is a They work better than other single use utensils that aren't compostable for the intended purpose. The ones that will be in our landfills for hundreds of years are a bit more expensive than the ones that will be composted, but that will change as more and more people choose the ones that are more eco-friendly. There is a We owe it to ourselves, future generations and our planet to use single use products. The reward is huge, but it will take each one of us to make the responsible choice.

👤We have been using too many plastic products. I thought I would try them. They are a bit smaller than normal heavy-duty plastic ware, but they seem to be just as strong. The spoons are the same size. The plastic in the photo is normal. Treatery is off-white.

👤We're in the middle of a kitchen renovation and I liked the idea of compostable utensils. The field address is not usable. The tines break in our food. We get plastic pieces in our mouth if we're not watching closely. It's not safe to use with kids.

👤The box did not arrive. In another box. I was afraid to use them. I opened it after wiping it down. Their study and decent. I'm too scared to buy these again. It would have spilled out everywhere if these were dropped. If you do buy them, you'll need to double box them.

👤I bought them for a birthday party and Thanksgiving. There are a lot left over. Excellent quality.

👤Unable to use product. The seals box was already broken. Couldn't be sure if they had already been handled by someone else. Had to come back.

👤I don't have to wash dishes.

9. Responsible Products Compostable Biodegradable Materials

Responsible Products Compostable Biodegradable Materials

Good customer service and fast shipment are guaranteed by 100%. Responsible Products cold cup products are made from renewable plants. Cold clear cups are made from renewable plant material. Their clear cups are the most sustainable choice for serving cold beverages at special events and other occasions. LIDS sold quickly. Why should you use compostable drinkware? Compost that does not have synthetic chemical fertilizers in it is the biggest environmental benefit to using compostable products. By choosing eco-friendly products, you can help to reduce your impact on the environment and help keep waste out of landfills. biodegradable drinkware is able to be broken down by biological microorganisms without harming the environment. Many consumers are choosing to make a positive impact on their carbon footprint by choosing eco-friendly products. Eco-friendly cold cups are perfect for cold drinks. Cold cups are made from sustainable materials. Make a difference. Responsible Products provides the highest quality, eco-friendly products available to the consumer. You know you are helping to reduce energy and waste by using this sugarcane based product.

Brand: Responsible Products

👤I think the cup is sturdy and well made. I am giving it one star because it is misleading to have the lids on the cups in every picture. Even straws. I chose these ones because they didn't come with any lids, and I wasn't expecting the straws. Very disappointed and very confused. Will not be buying again.

👤We wanted to go green for our wedding. Our venue doesn't allow glass outside so we are choosing cups made of compost. COMPOSTABLE CUPS ARE NOT ABLE TO BE POSTED TO ANYWHERE IN THE U.S., AND may or may not be POSTED TO ANYWHERE IN THE U.S. So research that. We didn't want to make new plastic. I am very happy with the quality of these. Other cups we have received were warped due to heat or the lips were warped. The cups were in perfect condition. We bought these through 2 different retailers and each time they were in excellent condition. I put them on the deck and filled them with water. They didn't melt, bend, warp, or break down in the 85 degree heat. It's a good alternative to disposable plastic. They are more expensive than plastic. We knew that.

👤My family and I noticed that our cups said "Made From Plants" on the side. We were blown away, as I'd have thought it was plastic. They're durable, well-designed, and we love that they're green. We haven't bought disposable products in a long time, and we're really happy we found Responsible Products.

👤Plastic cups should not be used. You can save the planet with these products.

👤It's just like a normal plastic cup, but safe for the environment.

👤I love these cups. They're a great suze for drinks.

👤The cups are large, but the photo makes it look like the lids are sold with them. They are not.

10. Leak Free Cup Set Recyclable Disposable

Leak Free Cup Set Recyclable Disposable

Providing satisfactory products and services are their eternal pursuit. If you have a question about the paper cup, please contact them. Their factory is 20 years old. You can get a surprise if you contact them. The 100% eco-friendly set is good for the environment. Paper cups, cardboard sleeves, and wood stirrers are completely compostable. Shrink your carbon footprint with their cups. LeAK PROOF CUPS ARE NOT EMBARRASSING. Don't worry about your customers spilling their favorite hot beverage with their thick, stackable paper to go cups that won't leak on their clothes or car. It is guaranteed for life. They offer a lifetime satisfaction guarantee on all of their coffee travel cup kits. They will make it right if you send them an email at any point. For your peace of mind, there is no toxic substance. Don't worry about the plastic in your drink. Their cups, sleeves, and stirrers are non-toxic and completely free of the harmful substance, BpA. More convenient than a travel mug, but still eco-friendly. It's easy to lose a reusable tumbler, and they're pricey and hard to wash. When you're done with their cups, you can compost them.

Brand: Avant Grub

👤They appear on the picture. There aren't any lids. It isn't advertised to have lids. Our cups were made with wood stirs and cardboard sleeves. The design is as pictured.

👤My search for non toxic cups turned out to be a disappointment. I notice a film on my coffee.

👤I liked the combo product for our coffee service. The bio-degradable characteristic is a plus for our class.

👤They were great for hot drinks. We didn't add to the landfills with these.

👤It was nice for fall. It's definitely necessary to have the sleeves with hot beverages. The stir sticks are too thin and short. The cups did their job.

👤Chocolate caliente para una reunin.

👤Great! They came with stir sticks, so they were kept warm. They were great for the price, but I wish they had lids.

11. Green Earth Compostable Biodegradable Sugarcane

Green Earth Compostable Biodegradable Sugarcane

You can use the tablets once a month. Pack of 50 Bagasse cups. It is Compostable, Environmentally Friendly, andGluten Free. It is made from sugarcane Fibers. It's perfect for holding food. It's suitable for hot and cold food. Oil and liquid resistant. The microwave is safe. It's ideal for use in restaurants, diners, cafes, and food trucks. It is also suitable for personal use.

Brand: Green Earth

👤I use these to make ice cream for a dog with skin allergies. Our dog is lapping it up in the cup while it is in the freezer. They are also great for day trips and vacations because they can hold single serving of food. No plastic. These are similar and bio-degradable.

👤I buy cups to make ice cream. I couldn't find anything. If you try to put one on top of the other for storage or freezing, it will not sit well. They all fell over in the freezer and it was a huge mess. The lids stuck to the liquid. The paper was stuck to the ice cream when I pulled the top off. It could be eliminated by putting less liquid in the cup. The dogs tore them apart. For a small cup of food to be put in to eat right away would be fine. I didn't like them for freezing a liquid.

👤These are just lids. I am confident that they will work well. The containers should arrive in time. These are the only things left.

👤I should not have assumed that they came with lids since I really needed containers with lids and it was too late.

👤They can be used for the guest bathroom.


What is the best product for eco friendly cups disposable small?

Eco friendly cups disposable small products from Nyhi. In this article about eco friendly cups disposable small you can see why people choose the product. Comfy Package and Beeleeve are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly cups disposable small.

What are the best brands for eco friendly cups disposable small?

Nyhi, Comfy Package and Beeleeve are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly cups disposable small. Find the detail in this article. Earth's Natural Alternative, Lb Living Balance and Restaurantware are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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