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1. Eco Friendly Disposable Espresso Cups Compostable

Eco Friendly Disposable Espresso Cups Compostable

Don't hesitate to contact them if you have a problem with the item. The customer service team is professional. They support new replacements or full refunds without a fee. 100 pieces 4 oz. Paper cups and a wooden handle. Eco disposable cups are a great choice for serving hot beverages at party and everyday use. The microwave and freezer are safe. Paper cups are made from paperboard. cups are lined with plant-based plastic. The cups are fully compostable within 90 days in commercial facilities. The collapsible wooden handle makes your coffee break more comfortable.

Brand: Ecodeco

👤The cups are small and only have one holder. I guess my spouse. I have to share it with you.

👤This is too expensive because it only has one handle. It is useless.

👤I thought I was ordering the 4 oz cups. I ordered the 8oz so that's on me. These cups are not bad. These cups are made in China. The design on them is very neutral and I like it. They are heavy and easy to hold. They don't think they will collapse in your hand. There is a wooden holder for the cups if you want to use it for hot beverages. It's nice that they don't have a coating on them. They can be frozen or microwaved. There is a They were wrapped in 50 cups. The two sleeves were in a bag but they were not the same. The cups are not usable. These cups are really nice.

👤I am very happy that I bought these cups. I wasted my 8 ounce cups. My espresso is hot and I bought the lids. I think getting them is a good idea.

2. NYHI Disposable Ripple Insulated Drinks

NYHI Disposable Ripple Insulated Drinks

Air France, SAS, Turkish Airlines, Philippine Airlines, andIceland Air are suppliers. SIPPING COFFEE, NO MORE BURNT FINGERS. The brown paper hot coffee cups have a three-layer design. This makes your cup cool to the touch. You don't need to double your cup of joe or green tea when you sip it in the morning or afternoon. The pack of 100 cups is a great value and can be used in your tea room, cafeteria, coffee shop, kiosk, convenience store, concession stand, teachers room or office coffee station. Everyone will be impressed with the quality. You can buy a bulk pack of hot cups. The packs of 100 cups and lids are made with premium quality paper and plastic. The disposable cups are ideal for drinking on the go. The coffee cup has a secure cover and is insulated. These hot cups are not just for coffee. They are great for serving hot soups, oatmeal, smoothies, hot cocoa, herbal tea or lattes. These hot cups are great for serving guests. The disposable paper hot drink cups are made with a poly coating lining. The hot beverage cups stay warm and prevent them from getting soggy. The hot cups are very economical and can be used again and again.

Brand: Nyhi

👤I usually buy Genuine Joe cups, but for some reason I bought these. I regret it a lot. More expensive and less quality. By the end of the first use, the cups will no longer hold cold or hot liquid. I can use a GJ cup for 2 days or more before the bottom starts to look a little dangery. I drink coffee all day. These are 40 for 100 and 85 for 500 cups. These cost more even if you deduct lids. I've read the reviews.

👤Absolutely disgusting. There were bugs in the cups.

👤I got these over the normal cups because the other ones are not available with Prime. I got them and noticed that the lid was loose and didn't seal the cup. The cup spilled from the bottom of the lid as I was walking out. I looked under the cup and the lid to see what was happening. The lid is too loose. Extra tops from previous cups work well with the new one.

👤Cheaply made. The cups are cut so that they won't stay in the cup, and you end up ruining them by pulling them apart. They are made in China.

👤The cups I bought on Amazon were the worst I have ever bought. You get five when you grab for one. They leak everywhere if you try to separate them apart, and if you try to use a lid they will cave in on themselves.

👤These cups are cute. I bought them to serve hot chocolate to my students so they wouldn't deplete my supply and they were big enough to fit everyone in one cup. The tan corrugated over the white cup makes it look like a paper cup. I bought cute decorated paper straws and they were a hit.

👤The ridges on the cup allow you to hold a cup without using a sleeve. When I run out of coffee, I will order again.

👤The quality was very disappointing. The cups don't fit the ones I use and the coffee is leaking down my shirt. I used the cups without the lid at home. I won't be buying these again.

👤Imagine a spa with a salon, a cafe, and a tapa, all of which are open for business.

3. Pack Disposable Coffee Cups Tight

Pack Disposable Coffee Cups Tight

If you have a problem with their products, feel free to contact them, they will solve it within 24 hours. Coffee cups that are inconvenient. It's great for the coffee room at the office, or for restaurants, convenience stores, and gas stations, and it's also great for storing at home and grabbing a cup of coffee to go. Oz 16 Caligula: Allow friends, family, guests, customers, clients, or colleagues to enjoy their favorite beverages in classic style and convenience with large size cups. The Premium To-Go design is made with thick, high quality paper for extra insulation and has sleeves that are non-slip to hold your hot coffee when you commute to work or school. For many applications. It's great for serving guests, customers, or friends at weddings, baby showers, restaurants, hotels, and events. These coffee cups are made of thick, 100% recyclable material and are an economical solution to save money and time.

Brand: Promora

👤It is possible for someone to create a cheap knock-off of something as basic as a paper coffee cup, but you might not consider it. There is a If you want your beverage leaking under the lid and dripping down your chin every time you drink, look elsewhere. There is a If you're expecting insulation from the heat of the beverage, look elsewhere. If you think you should be able to leave a half-finished cup somewhere for a few hours before throwing it away, look elsewhere. There is a These cups are a good deal for you if none of these concerns are on your mind.

👤I only used 2 of them so far, but they were leaking from the upper part. Hopefully not all are the same. There is a I like the look and color. Little disappointment. The customer service this company has is exceptional. I received an email from them on June 4th or 5th apologizing and telling me that they would send another one for free to try if it works, unfortunately most of the cups had the same problem. They followed up with me. I hope they fix it.

👤Coffee cups are reviewed. The description sounded very similar to what I was looking for, so I chose this package. I was impressed by the way the cups, lids and cup holders were packaged when I opened the box. There is a The cups themselves are strong and I like that they are a third taller than the ones I have purchased in the past. When I came back, there were no leaks and the cardboard was as strong as when I put the coffee in it. There is a The cup holder is strong enough to keep the beverage off your hands. There is a These cups are an amazing bargain for those who are budget conscious. This product is very good.

👤I ordered these cups on Amazon because they are hard to find in the grocery stores. It would take a while to get Chinette on Amazon. The cup I chose came quickly as we needed them. They are fine. The cups are very tight on the lids. The cups are hot on your hands because they don't have great insulation. The sleeves that came with them. The glue that holds the sleeves together is not very strong. China still beats all of them, but this is good for the budget.

👤They leak quickly. The seams are not closed very well. There are nice looking cups. It is not good to worry about whether they will leak.

👤The cup is sturdy and won't collapse in your hand. A mouthpiece is a piece of plastic that is not a hole in the lid. Before I fill the cup, I twist the mouth guard off with pliers to make it less annoying to drink from. I am aware of the first world problem. I can't believe that whoever designed this ever drank out of it. It's a great cup and a great value if this is not an issue for you. I won't be buying again.

4. Pack Kraft Paper Coffee Cups

Pack Kraft Paper Coffee Cups

Paper cups can be used for hot and cold beverages. It can be used to hold food. It is suitable for many occasions, such as dinner, lunch, party, barbecue, gathering, supermarket, family, office and other. The package is 8 ounces. The hot coffee cups are from the 300 Pack. The rim is rolled for rigidity and strength. It's thick paper wall makes it great for hot coffee cups, hot cocoa cups and hot tea cups. It is suitable for a wide range of beverages. 100% safe and healthy. Enjoy the rich brown color, it adds personality, authenticity and a natural feel.

Brand: Comfy Package

👤The cups are hard to pull, but the color is right, and that was important to me, even though it was frustrating to want a cup that was hard to pull. I can reuse one of these cups many times before I have to recycle them. I'll buy them again.

👤Does not collapse when gripped. May need to double the cup for hot drinks. We reuse the cups. It's easy to have all sorts of other gadgets for holding hot cups.

👤Who wants to clean oatmeal out of a dish? I like the fact that I don't have to use a lot of scrubbing to clean my oatmeal, and I use a nice sturdy paper cup like I do, so I use these cups for oatmeal.

👤The cups need to be crushed to be used. Crazy amazashi.

👤I still use disposable cups for coffee. There have been a lot of leaks, either from the seal on the side or from the bottom. I will not be buying them again.

👤Everyone avoids these cups because they require two cups at a time in order to comfortably hold hot coffee. There is no protection from the heat. I didn't want to order these again because I wanted to avoid foam or plastic cups.

👤I bought these for my classroom. Kids were always looking for cups when the fountains were turned off. I found this to be one of the best values for cups that can hold both hot and cold beverages. They hold up well.

👤I like that they hold 12 ounces of liquid. Some are not fixed.

5. Plastic Cup Strawless Lids Pack

Plastic Cup Strawless Lids Pack

This plain paper drinking cup is perfect for cafes or coffee shops that want to personalize the cup with a customer's name or message. You can use this cup for many things, including arts and crafts, decorating, and cup stacking for kids. The 50 pack sip cups are made from a PLA plastic derived from plants, no need for straws, and are Eco-friendly. Small cups with sip lids are great for kids. So you don't have to worry about kids getting messy. There are 9 ounces of cups with vines. Take them with you wherever you go with spill resistant lids. You can get a 50 9 Oz pack of cups and straws for a low price. Eco-friendly disposable cups will biodegrade if you throw them into the trash, because they are made from a plant.

Brand: Upper Midland Products

👤The cups were too small for the small lids. I will have to return it.

6. Luckypack Hot Disposable Coffee Cups

Luckypack Hot Disposable Coffee Cups

These small cups are more than just souffle cups. They are an eco friendly way to distribute food. Coffee cups are hard to pull apart. Coffee cups don't have to be separate. Coffee cups are stronger and feel better in your hand. Their paper cups are made from thicker material to make them more durable. Coffee cups made with paper are 100% recyclable.

Brand: Luckypack

👤They are strong and can hold hot drinks. I use these at home to add to my coffee experience and they can be used a couple of times. I put milk in the microwave. I deal with all hot drinks, tea, coffee, and soup. The well know coffee shop take out cups are larger than the 12oz cup. It is worth the money. I've never had a seam or a leaking cup.

👤They are sturdy and get the job done. They don't leak, but you can refill them several times without losing integrity. They're not styrofoam. Paper is made from renewable resources. Paper is the best way to use disposable products.

👤The paper coffee cups are large enough to hold coffee. The design is very attractive. The coffee cups are easy to grasp and keep their cool. I bought them for our company use. So far, so good. We have not had any leaks. The cups were all stacked together. I'm very pleased with the design. I'll buy it again.

👤The size of coffee is great. We've gone through hundreds of cups for espresso at home and work. They're well-packaged and arrive damage-free. We just bought 600 more, and they arrived in perfect condition. The paper taste is pretty upscale. There is a corrugated cups are hard to separate These coffee cups only use an easy, gentle pull and they come apart easily.

👤I like the cups. The cups are large enough to hold that particular coffee with room to add creamer and sugar. This cup allows me to have a fair amount of cream in my coffee. They are comfortable to hold and not too hot for me to hold.

👤The coffee cups are packed in a beautiful and strong cardboard box and are in a good condition. I have used these cups for a week in the office and will order them again and again. They are the right size for a cup of tea or coffee, and the ribbed brown cardboard outer protects your hands from being burn.

👤We don't want to carry coffee cups upstairs to our second coffee maker. I ordered 100 of these cups on Amazon and they were delivered for free. I wanted the right amount of insulation protection from hot coffee and the perfect size. The cups exceeded my expectations. I like the corrugation. It makes holding the cups more comfortable. This is the first time I've seen that in a hot beverage cup. The comfortable grip is made even better by the fact that these are a little wider. It keeps your coffee hot. The cups are slightly larger than other cups and add a comfort grip. They are a nice neutral color and look better than most other coffee cups I've seen. I will not order another brand again. I love these cups.

👤Excellent packaging, early delivery! Don't worry without lids. The coffee cups are leak-proof so far. I like that they're well insulated, cost effective, and very sturdy.

👤There are cups in this product, but no lids. Don't buy this if you need a lid for the cups.

7. Count Bamboo Disposable Coffee Perfect

Count Bamboo Disposable Coffee Perfect

We always put customer satisfaction first. If you're unhappy with your disposable coffee cups, just get in touch with them and they'll give you a replacement or refund. A pack of 100 cups is ideal for family, office, restaurant, party and wedding use. It is made of high quality bamboo, Food grade, and has a hot beverage up to 221F. The paper is safe and healthy. The thick paper wall makes it a great choice for hot cups. The top diameter is 3.31", the bottom is 2.05" and the height is 4.57".

Brand: Jayeey

👤I bought these cups for my wedding. The wedding was at our house. We wanted something that would look nice in the compost. These were perfect! We only used them for cold drinks, so I can't comment on how they do with warm, but the cold did awesome!

👤These cups were not good. They tasted bad when you drank out of them. I had to use 2 or 3 cups.

👤Don't let things sit in them, they will get soggy. They lose their shape after 3 hours.

👤It was perfect for my baby shower, where we had a hot cocoa and tea table, and I wrote on the smaller side. They worked out great because there wasn't wasted beverages.

👤This is a great cup for cold drinks. Very strong. I don't know what that review was about, but I have no issues with a powdery substance. I like that these cups are not covered in a waxy coating like paper cups are.

👤The cups were made of bamboo. A good purchase.

8. Green Earth Compostable Biodegradable Sugarcane

Green Earth Compostable Biodegradable Sugarcane

You can use the tablets once a month. Pack of 50 Bagasse cups. It is Compostable, Environmentally Friendly, andGluten Free. It is made from sugarcane Fibers. It's perfect for holding food. It's suitable for hot and cold food. Oil and liquid resistant. The microwave is safe. It's ideal for use in restaurants, diners, cafes, and food trucks. It is also suitable for personal use.

Brand: Green Earth

👤I use these to make ice cream for a dog with skin allergies. Our dog is lapping it up in the cup while it is in the freezer. They are also great for day trips and vacations because they can hold single serving of food. No plastic. These are similar and bio-degradable.

👤I buy cups to make ice cream. I couldn't find anything. If you try to put one on top of the other for storage or freezing, it will not sit well. They all fell over in the freezer and it was a huge mess. The lids stuck to the liquid. The paper was stuck to the ice cream when I pulled the top off. It could be eliminated by putting less liquid in the cup. The dogs tore them apart. For a small cup of food to be put in to eat right away would be fine. I didn't like them for freezing a liquid.

👤These are just lids. I am confident that they will work well. The containers should arrive in time. These are the only things left.

👤I should not have assumed that they came with lids since I really needed containers with lids and it was too late.

👤They can be used for the guest bathroom.

9. NYHI 100 Pack Disposable Sleeves Beverage

NYHI 100 Pack Disposable Sleeves Beverage

These cups are great for every day use or business use, and they're also great to let customers know you care about the environment. The bulk pack of 100 paper hot cups is ideal for stocking up the water coolers and coffee room of your home, office, classrooms with enough disposable cups. The paper and materials are eco-friendly. The rolled rim is strong and rigidity. The paper cup is leak resistant because of the coated lining. They fit most standard coffee cup lids. When you come home, drink a cold glass of orange juice or a cup of hot coffee. The white disposable cup makes life simple. When you're done with your drink, throw it away. There is no need for mugs or glasses to be washed. This plain paper drinking cup is perfect for cafes or coffee shops that want to personalize the cup with a customer's name or message. You can use this cup for many things, including arts and crafts, decorating, and cup stacking for kids.

Brand: Nyhi

👤We received these for our wedding reception. They were sturdy and the right size.

👤The product is a great value.

👤Lots of cups seem to be very good quality. The daughter loves them.

👤The cups are long. I will not be buying these again because of the lids. You have to fight the cup to get them to fit. Both of them did the same thing, I got the 8 and 12oz.

👤I bought this item for my bridal shower and it was what I needed. I used a custom stamp to personalize the event. Several of the outside sleeves were warped due to the rubber band around them and the stamp didn't work as well on them. This wasn't a big deal, but it may be helpful for other people. Can't beat the value of this package.

10. Disposable Coffee Cups Lids 12

Disposable Coffee Cups Lids 12

You should label your cup. The white cups and sleeves were designed with a minimalist approach in mind. It's perfect for reuse now that everyone knows which cup is theirs. 85 x 12 oz to go disposable paper cups, 85 x mixer, and 85 x flat lids. All types of straws are compatible with the lid slot. disposable coffee cups Styrofoam and plastic are worse for the environment. The cups should be in the microwave. They will not add to the landfills with waste. Higher quality cups are appreciated by employees, customers, and guests. The upgrade compatible lids are leakproof and are great for on-the-go or running errand. Heavy duty cups won't leak on your clothes. The paper design keeps hot coffee out of your clothes, car, or desk. Their cups are heavy duty and stain-free. The 3-layer wall insulation paper coffee cups keep your coffee steaming hot for much longer while protecting your hand from burns. It helps eliminate the need for expensive sleeves or cups with handles. This innovation is important for paper cups. They are easy to grasp and hold. The roll up rims are comfortable. They offer 100% Risk-Free Support to let you know that they stand behind their products. If you have a question or have a problem, please contact them and they will resolve it in less than 24 hours. Enjoy their product when you place your order.

Brand: Apvgi

👤I like to take coffee to work, but it's not always convenient to have cups in my car. It becomes a daily chore to wash them after I have to carry them in. I can throw away disposable cups when I finish drinking. I don't have to worry about washing. The cups are large enough for a single coffee serving. I don't end up with any spells because the lids fit nicely and are secure. The cops are double insulated and have a ripple that makes them easier to hold. It comes with a bag of straws. I am very pleased with these cups and would buy them again.

👤I was very pleased with the cups. I bought them for a party. I serve hot spiced cider and the cups I've had in the past never seem to hold up. These cups are thick. It has a good texture for gripping. They are sturdy and fit tightly. They have stir sticks with them. Excellent quality, and well worth it, is a little pricer than I usually spend.

👤The cups are for hot beverages. I was surprised to see that the cups were stable. I reheated the cup after a couple of hours because I forgot to finish my coffee while I was in the car, but I was surprised to see the cup intact, defenitely at par with other standard coffee shop cups. Overall happy with the purchase.

👤Every time, the lid leaks.

👤The cups are made from ridged material and are easy to hold in. The fit of the lids is nice.

👤Don't buy cheap leaking stuff.

👤Good cups are easy to break.

11. Compostable Disposable Earths Natural Alternative

Compostable Disposable Earths Natural Alternative

The disposable paper hot drink cups are made with a poly coating lining. The hot beverage cups stay warm and prevent them from getting soggy. The hot cups are very economical and can be used again and again. The bamboo coffee cups are made from sustainable, renewable, and fast-growing bamboo fiber. Earth's Natural bamboo cups are made from bamboo. They meet the standard. Home composting time may vary from home to home. Earth's Natural compostable bamboo paper cups are unbleached, plastic-free, andBPA-free. Not recommended for use in microwave oven or oven. ENA's Premium coffee cups are designed to hold hot liquid like coffee, tea, hot chocolate, hot boba tea, bubble tea, etc. There are OCCASIONS. The coffee set from Earth's Natural Alternative is fully compostable. They are strong to hold for a long time. bamboo's natural and beige color is reflected in cups. It's perfect for daily use, home use, office use, commute, and rustic or elegant theme parties. The two people are Dixie and the other person. ENA's compostable bamboo cups are comparable in size and strength, but reduce carbon footprint, reduce single-use plastic, decrease waste in landfills, and reduce harmful residue in the environment. Save their planet. Better for you, better for the Earth.

Brand: Earth's Natural Alternative

👤The cups did a good job. I was worried they wouldn't hold up after having liquid in them for hours but everyone at our party liked them and even after one of the little kids chewed the top edge of her cup, it still held up very well!

👤Sturdy cups that can be composted. Not adding to a landfill is great.

👤We bought these for those times when we can't use our coffee mugs, but don't want to contribute to the landfills. These are large and sturdy for hot or cold beverages. I will be buying more.

👤The sip lid is weird and uncomfortable to sip out of. The cups don't have heat retainment.

👤It was very thick and sturdy. The brown color is nice. It's a good choice and I would recommend it.

👤Excellent product. What was needed in my classroom. We are environment friendly.

👤They should be used daily. I don't have to carry my coffee very far because they get warm once filled. I reuse a cup throughout the day. They can hold up for two to three cups.


What is the best product for eco friendly cups disposable with lids?

Eco friendly cups disposable with lids products from Ecodeco. In this article about eco friendly cups disposable with lids you can see why people choose the product. Nyhi and Promora are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly cups disposable with lids.

What are the best brands for eco friendly cups disposable with lids?

Ecodeco, Nyhi and Promora are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly cups disposable with lids. Find the detail in this article. Comfy Package, Upper Midland Products and Luckypack are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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