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1. Susty Party Supplies SPCUP18GRY116 16 Ounce

Susty Party Supplies SPCUP18GRY116 16 Ounce

Blue Party cups are lightweight, sturdy, and high volume of usage. 100% non-plastic. From plants that are renewable. Non-toxic, plastic free andBPA free. Cold liquids will melt at temperatures over 100F. Plastic wine glasses are more crack resistant than disposable ones. You can celebrate with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in cups.

Brand: Susty Party Supplies

👤I spent a little more because my usual cups were out of stock. The stars are cute. The 16 Oz size is nice, but so many of the cups were stuck together. I was very happy that Amazon gave me half the price back.

👤These cups are great. I used to use ones that were made from corn, but they wouldn't crack down on the sides.

👤The cups are not as strong as a plastic cup, but they will do just fine. They are attractive as well. I will buy them again.

👤These were a great addition to our wedding. The location of our reception was a small coastal town that didn't have anything for rent and we wanted disposable plates, cups and utensils. These were perfect for our keg beer. There is a The story behind how the company operates is the best part.

👤Cute for my wedding. The cups are a little flimsy. Plastic is flexible and thin.

👤It's a great value and it's very sturdy. We had a few parties with these cups and never had an issue with them. They are going to an option.

👤It worked out great. Sturdy cups with pretty stars. The cocktail napkins with stars looked nice. There were no broken things upon arrival.

👤I bought them for a party. They were perfect. It is pretty and sturdy.

👤It was bought for a wedding. Excellent quality. It felt great, it didn't feel cheap. The stars were visible.

👤The cups were of great quality, even though they were bigger than I wanted. Pricey. I would buy more if they were cheaper.

2. World Centric Compostable Ounce Count

World Centric Compostable Ounce Count

This plain paper drinking cup is perfect for cafes or coffee shops that want to personalize the cup with a customer's name or message. You can use this cup for many things, including arts and crafts, decorating, and cup stacking for kids. Cold cups are 12 ounces. Plant material is used to make the lining. The product is certified by the USDA. It is best used for beverages below 120F.

Brand: World Centric

👤Why is it so expensive to be earth conscious? The cups held up well and I don't mind the quality. They are wrapped in plastic and then there is another plastic to hold the two cups together. Wtf? Why is the plastic in my purchase?

👤I ordered 300 for a big party and they hold up great, so feel good about using them. A stack of them melted when sitting in the hot sun. We used them for shot glasses. It is good to know that they will compost.

👤When I got them, they were melted on the bottom. They are biodegrable, but that doesn't do much if they can't be used. I'm not happy. What a waste! They don't stand up.

👤These cups are eco friendly and I wanted to love them. My fault. I had an outdoor party and they melted within an hour. I was really disappointed that I had to go to the dollar store at the last minute to buy crappy plastic cups because these cups were not cheap. They come with a waiver that says keep out of heat and sun, but they were in the shade and still melted. I won't take them outside if I try again.

👤The problem with these cups was not with the manufacturer, but in the shipping process. They arrived all out of shape and could not be used. The cups are designed to be compostable and break down in landfills, but they cannot be exposed to excessive heat without getting soft and changing shape.

👤I throw a lot of family functions. I wanted something that was plant based and friendly.

👤We had to throw away some of the cups because they were cracked.

👤These cups are hardy and can be recycled. Drawback? They will melt if you leave in the sun. I had 50 plus cups that were all warped. Who knew? They are in extreme heat. It was humid and oppressive when we had the party.

3. Bachelorette Weddings Showers Engagement Parties

Bachelorette Weddings Showers Engagement Parties

Their mission is to make sure that their customers have a great experience with them. They want to provide affordable high-quality products and excellent service to their customers, and that's their top priority. It's better to stress less about planning your party and more about looking forward to it. A3 DIRECT aims to take the worry out of your party planning by providing premium easy-to-use bachelorette party decorations and supplies at an affordable price. It should be easy and affordable to celebrate one of the most important events in your life. Party cups for the bride and team ride. This set of BRIDE & TEAM BRIDE rose gold and white party cups will add some class to your party. The bridal shower cups are made of reflective rose gold lettering, perfect for your rose gold bachelorette decorations. The bride and her tribe are beyond red cups. Class it up and get yourself these stunning "BRIDE & TEAM BRIDE." The party cups are from the Bachelorette. Get the whole ride team involved. Is the ride deep? No problem! This is a set of people. 10 x Team BRIDE rose gold bridesmaid cups for the bride tribe and 1 x Bride customized BRIDE cup for the Bride-to-Be are included in the party cups. The rest will take care of themselves if the whole bride squad is buzzed with their supplies. Who walks around with an empty cup? No one. Take your engagement party to the next level. Post it on theGRAM, whether it be champagne, beer or cocktails, their sturdy 16 oz bachelorette party cups are up for wherever the party takes you. The rose gold BRIDE & TEAM BRIDE cups make posting on your feed irresistible. Quality cups are not the only thing that makes quality memories. These party cups will make any drink look classy. These cups are made of high-quality plastic and are likely to last longer than you. It's safe to say that it's reusable! The cups you use for your party are eco-friendly. If the party turns into a multi-day bender, you can wash last night's mistakes away by simply hand washing. They don't mess around when it comes to party supplies. You will get the best from them or your money back. It's your money back if you love it. They offer a 2 year warranty with every A3 DIRECT purchase, because they want to exceed their customers' expectations. Their promise of high-quality products and world-class customer service is backed by your complete satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with your order, they will give you a full refund. What are you waiting for? A3 DIRECT is the place to get your party started.

Brand: A3 Direct

👤The bride cup was blank. The purpose of buying the cups is not defeated by writing on it. It was very disappointing to see that. Since it has been opened, I cannot return them. They put the blank cup in the middle of the stack to hide it. Don't buy them.

👤I picked this cup because of the description, it was for my sister-in-law's part in the show. The cups I received are not Rose Gold. The Bride cup is white but the other cups are pink.

👤I feel like the cups are close enough to fit a rose gold color scheme. They are not as shiny as I 888-276-5932s would suggest. They are a decent size and good quality. I used mine for favors.

👤The hit at the party were these. We only used them for one night, but they were sturdy and durable enough to be washed and reuse. The color doesn't match the picture, but everyone still loved them. They looked more like a powder pink than a metallic rose pink.

👤Don't look the same as the photo. The cup is not broken. The cups are light baby pink and have pink writing on them. The photo appears to show them as a pretty rose gold color. Disappointed.

👤I was expecting a rose gold color, but it was a baby shower baby girl pink. Not what the bride would like.

👤They are not rose gold, but were purchased to match the rose gold color scheme. They're very light. The cups are good, but not great.

👤One set is great but the other has a mistake on the bride cup. It is not worth the hassle to return one set, and Amazon does not have the option to contact the seller.

👤La publicacin es engaosa. There is a The color of the Fotos is un lindo color oro rosado. Illegaron, un rosa plido horrible.

👤Me encantaron! venan sper, un gran detalle el moo. No tengo ninguna, estn de buen tamao, sper lindos y de las calidad. Muy recomendadas.

👤Son pequeos, pero estamos bonitos y la impresin.

👤The bride cup is the same as the photos and description, but the team bride cups are different colors.

👤Sper bonitos. There is a The cabe bastante, flexibles, and llegaron antes de lo previsto.

4. Luckypack Hot Disposable Coffee Cups

Luckypack Hot Disposable Coffee Cups

These small cups are more than just souffle cups. They are an eco friendly way to distribute food. Coffee cups are hard to pull apart. Coffee cups don't have to be separate. Coffee cups are stronger and feel better in your hand. Their paper cups are made from thicker material to make them more durable. Coffee cups made with paper are 100% recyclable.

Brand: Luckypack

👤They are strong and can hold hot drinks. I use these at home to add to my coffee experience and they can be used a couple of times. I put milk in the microwave. I deal with all hot drinks, tea, coffee, and soup. The well know coffee shop take out cups are larger than the 12oz cup. It is worth the money. I've never had a seam or a leaking cup.

👤They are sturdy and get the job done. They don't leak, but you can refill them several times without losing integrity. They're not styrofoam. Paper is made from renewable resources. Paper is the best way to use disposable products.

👤The paper coffee cups are large enough to hold coffee. The design is very attractive. The coffee cups are easy to grasp and keep their cool. I bought them for our company use. So far, so good. We have not had any leaks. The cups were all stacked together. I'm very pleased with the design. I'll buy it again.

👤The size of coffee is great. We've gone through hundreds of cups for espresso at home and work. They're well-packaged and arrive damage-free. We just bought 600 more, and they arrived in perfect condition. The paper taste is pretty upscale. There is a corrugated cups are hard to separate These coffee cups only use an easy, gentle pull and they come apart easily.

👤I like the cups. The cups are large enough to hold that particular coffee with room to add creamer and sugar. This cup allows me to have a fair amount of cream in my coffee. They are comfortable to hold and not too hot for me to hold.

👤The coffee cups are packed in a beautiful and strong cardboard box and are in a good condition. I have used these cups for a week in the office and will order them again and again. They are the right size for a cup of tea or coffee, and the ribbed brown cardboard outer protects your hands from being burn.

👤We don't want to carry coffee cups upstairs to our second coffee maker. I ordered 100 of these cups on Amazon and they were delivered for free. I wanted the right amount of insulation protection from hot coffee and the perfect size. The cups exceeded my expectations. I like the corrugation. It makes holding the cups more comfortable. This is the first time I've seen that in a hot beverage cup. The comfortable grip is made even better by the fact that these are a little wider. It keeps your coffee hot. The cups are slightly larger than other cups and add a comfort grip. They are a nice neutral color and look better than most other coffee cups I've seen. I will not order another brand again. I love these cups.

👤Excellent packaging, early delivery! Don't worry without lids. The coffee cups are leak-proof so far. I like that they're well insulated, cost effective, and very sturdy.

👤There are cups in this product, but no lids. Don't buy this if you need a lid for the cups.

5. Special Design Eco Friendly Blodegradable Compostable

Special Design Eco Friendly Blodegradable Compostable

Coffee cups made with paper are 100% recyclable. The materials are Eco-friendly. 100% food safe and made from paper. Convenient disposable for easy cleaning. It's ideal for home or office use. 50 cups in one package.

Brand: Yes!fresh

👤I used these because they claimed to be compostable and I have a vermicomposter. I pulled plastic pieces from the outside of the cups out of my compost before I could use them. It was frustrating when I researched several brands. It's Grrr...

👤I searched for plastic-free/biodegradable/wax-lined/compostable cups... These arrived inside a plastic sleeve with plastic pillows. Good grief.

👤When I placed my order, I was expecting the cups, but was pleasantly surprised to find a set that included the covers and sleeves. I don't know if the entire set is sent or not, I purchased the package of 50. We've used these on four occasions so far and have been very pleased. Even with hot liquids in them, the cups are sturdy. If the liquid is not super hot, they are comfortable to hold without the sleeves. The sleeves are a great fit if the liquid is very hot. I have put the cups in the microwave before and had no problems. The covers have not been used yet. I will update my review with that information once we do. I am happy with the purchase and will buy more once these run out.

👤I bought these as a more planet-friendly option, and they are surprisingly sturdy. The bottoms seem to give a bit when coffee is added, and you definitely need the sleeves if the drink is hot, but the lids go on easy and the seams don't show any signs of coffee leaking after an hour+. I have used one cup a day for a week and haven't had a leak. The lids don't transfer heat easily. When hot coffee hits the lid, it burns my lips because other products are so thin. That is not the case with these. I can't speak to the product's ability to stand up to either test because I haven't put it in the microwave.

👤The cups smell like perfume. I thought it was my hands or something, but they are not. I can't drink with the cups anymore. I regret buying it because I have tons of them still.

👤These are just as good as any good quality cups, but they are eco-friendly. Buy these if you can afford it.

👤I didn't want to use plastic utensils. For my birthday. I did that when I was a kid, but aren't we supposed to be past that now? I think that's correct. I used bamboo cutlerie and these cups were perfect for the cider I was serving. 5 stars. I wish they were less. A neutral color. I love green, so no complaints. That's right.

👤They say 8oz so fair that they are small. They are in a plastic sleeve that is not easily recycled. They get wet after a drink sits in there. They do work so well that they get 3 stars. I'll buy the 12oz clear ones at my local coop, they are sold in a compostable sleeve. Live and learn.

👤I like to brew my coffee at home. I want really good coffee. I like to make a few cups for my friends. It feels like we get the same quality from a coffee shop. It doesn't feel like a compromise. They have a hot jacket that keeps the coffee warm and our fingers cooler. Nothing has ever leaked out of the lids.

6. Plastic Cups´╝îDisposable Mouthwash Cups Party Drinking

Plastic Cups%EF%BC%8CDisposable Mouthwash Cups Party Drinking

Preserve Public Health is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint. By using disposable white coffee cups with lids daily, you can help preserve Public Health and protect the environment for future generations. Safety and Health-9 Oz Plastic Cups are made of food-grade safety plastic. The clear plastic cups are easy to clean at the end of the party. These disposable plastic cups are not harmful to the environment. Their clear plastic cups are perfect for birthday parties, wedding reception, baby showers, corporate events, or graduation. The package includes 300 Clear Plastic cups. For a low economical price, they provide high-quality items. They are great for cold drinks like ice coffee, smoothie, bubble tea, milkshakes, frozen cocktails, water, sodas, and juices. The convenience of these disposable cups is that they are easy to clean up after dinner. It's the perfect solution for elegant and convenient dining. Such as a wedding party. Life is more comfortable if you cut down on cleaning and dishwashing time. All of their products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If their product doesn't meet your standards, they will give you a full and prompt refund.

Brand: Turbo Bee

👤It was purchased as a gift for a relative who loves them.

👤They are great for our spa and we purchase them all the time.

👤My son had a wedding. It was very easy to use.

7. Insulated Ripple Disposable Parties Corrugated

Insulated Ripple Disposable Parties Corrugated

Easy to drink from, dishwasher friendly, anti-scald technology. Convenience culture is friendly to the environment. They can end single-use plastic together. These cups are hard to pull apart. Triple-wall white paper cups insulated two-layer corrugated keep drinks at the perfect temperature and eliminate the need for sleeves or double-cupping. These paper cups have a textured surface that makes them a better grip and a better feel in the hand. The paper and black lids are made from food grade paper. 100 sets of cups. The paper cups are microwave safe, perfect to take your coffee, tea, or favorite beverage to-go, the best choice for everyday use.

Brand: Springpack

👤I bought these cups for my wedding to avoid embarrassment of cups leaking, my boyfriend made a test for them at extreme temperatures with 5 hours, no leaking occurred, will update my review and order more and more for daily uses after the wedding.

👤Paper cups are an eco-friendly choice as they are 100% compostable, and I can throw in the trash or recycle, since I don't have time to wash my mug after drinking my coffee. I think I have depended on the craft paper cups the first time, they are easy to grasp and feel better on hands, and they are made from paper.

👤I used the paper cups for the hot chocolate bar at the Christmas party. They are the perfect size to hold hot chocolate. The children were not allowed to add too much whipped cream and topping. No one burned their hand because they were well insulated. They were easy to pull apart and remake the stacks. The size of the cup fit under the spigot of the hot water dispensers made it possible for the dispensers to stay on the table.

👤I received these paper coffee cups today and I really like the S-Ripple textured surface on them. I don't need sleeves or double-cupping. I put my coffee in the microwave for 2 minutes when it got cold, because the cups and stirrers were packed separately. The paper cups have exceeded my expectations.

👤I have purchased the best cups over the last year. I have tried many. These are my favorites. I really like these cups, they are thick and strong and hold some seriously hot coffee, and they are easy to separate from each other. If you let leftover coffee sit in the cup for 4 or so days, they won't leak. They protect your hand from the heat of the piping hot beverage. Excellent cups and lids for the price, more than I expected.

👤The cups are large enough for large crowds. It's like having a built-in sleeve on a hot cup because cups are very sturdy. I like the look of it. They protect your hand from heat without a sleeve. It's a good size for guests in our office, but not a lot of coffee. It looks nice and does the job. --

👤They are very thick and sturdy, and I like to serve my coffee in them. After each use, I remove the corrugated outer layer to use in paper crafting, and share it with other crafter.

👤The cups are made of coffee cups with lids and will not leak. I love the color of the cups. It's easy to separate the cups. Don't let the temperature get too hot outside and keep my drinks in the right temperature. They will be my new go to cups when I run out.

8. Responsible Products Compostable Biodegradable Materials

Responsible Products Compostable Biodegradable Materials

Good customer service and fast shipment are guaranteed by 100%. Responsible Products cold cup products are made from renewable plants. Cold clear cups are made from renewable plant material. Their clear cups are the most sustainable choice for serving cold beverages at special events and other occasions. LIDS sold quickly. Why should you use compostable drinkware? Compost that does not have synthetic chemical fertilizers in it is the biggest environmental benefit to using compostable products. By choosing eco-friendly products, you can help to reduce your impact on the environment and help keep waste out of landfills. biodegradable drinkware is able to be broken down by biological microorganisms without harming the environment. Many consumers are choosing to make a positive impact on their carbon footprint by choosing eco-friendly products. Eco-friendly cold cups are perfect for cold drinks. Cold cups are made from sustainable materials. Make a difference. Responsible Products provides the highest quality, eco-friendly products available to the consumer. You know you are helping to reduce energy and waste by using this sugarcane based product.

Brand: Responsible Products

👤I think the cup is sturdy and well made. I am giving it one star because it is misleading to have the lids on the cups in every picture. Even straws. I chose these ones because they didn't come with any lids, and I wasn't expecting the straws. Very disappointed and very confused. Will not be buying again.

👤We wanted to go green for our wedding. Our venue doesn't allow glass outside so we are choosing cups made of compost. COMPOSTABLE CUPS ARE NOT ABLE TO BE POSTED TO ANYWHERE IN THE U.S., AND may or may not be POSTED TO ANYWHERE IN THE U.S. So research that. We didn't want to make new plastic. I am very happy with the quality of these. Other cups we have received were warped due to heat or the lips were warped. The cups were in perfect condition. We bought these through 2 different retailers and each time they were in excellent condition. I put them on the deck and filled them with water. They didn't melt, bend, warp, or break down in the 85 degree heat. It's a good alternative to disposable plastic. They are more expensive than plastic. We knew that.

👤My family and I noticed that our cups said "Made From Plants" on the side. We were blown away, as I'd have thought it was plastic. They're durable, well-designed, and we love that they're green. We haven't bought disposable products in a long time, and we're really happy we found Responsible Products.

👤Plastic cups should not be used. You can save the planet with these products.

👤It's just like a normal plastic cup, but safe for the environment.

👤I love these cups. They're a great suze for drinks.

👤The cups are large, but the photo makes it look like the lids are sold with them. They are not.

9. Compostable Biodegradable Friendly Cups Strawless

Compostable Biodegradable Friendly Cups Strawless

The majority of consumers say it's. It's important for restaurants to use disposable packaging. Cut down on the use of straws by opting for eco-friendly straws with an easy to sip lid made with biopolymer from plants. Compostable and bio-degradable cups help cut down on single use plastic pollution and they are also good for the environment. It's great for cold drinks. The drinking cups are made of plastic and are free of lead. Eco-friendly disposable cups can be recycled and composted, so you can prevent pollution. The straws are a great way to reduce your plastic footprint, but straws are not the only way to reduce your plastic footprint.

Brand: Upper Midland Products

👤These are good for iced coffee at home. I have a toddler and a baby so one less glass to clean helps a lot. Pull the covers apart slowly because they will crack if not, because some of them were stuck together. They are great, except for that.

👤I used to like the non plastic option but the hole in the lid is too big if you are worried about spills.

10. Count Bamboo Disposable Coffee Perfect

Count Bamboo Disposable Coffee Perfect

We always put customer satisfaction first. If you're unhappy with your disposable coffee cups, just get in touch with them and they'll give you a replacement or refund. A pack of 100 cups is ideal for family, office, restaurant, party and wedding use. It is made of high quality bamboo, Food grade, and has a hot beverage up to 221F. The paper is safe and healthy. The thick paper wall makes it a great choice for hot cups. The top diameter is 3.31", the bottom is 2.05" and the height is 4.57".

Brand: Jayeey

👤I bought these cups for my wedding. The wedding was at our house. We wanted something that would look nice in the compost. These were perfect! We only used them for cold drinks, so I can't comment on how they do with warm, but the cold did awesome!

👤These cups were not good. They tasted bad when you drank out of them. I had to use 2 or 3 cups.

👤Don't let things sit in them, they will get soggy. They lose their shape after 3 hours.

👤It was perfect for my baby shower, where we had a hot cocoa and tea table, and I wrote on the smaller side. They worked out great because there wasn't wasted beverages.

👤This is a great cup for cold drinks. Very strong. I don't know what that review was about, but I have no issues with a powdery substance. I like that these cups are not covered in a waxy coating like paper cups are.

👤The cups were made of bamboo. A good purchase.

11. Special Design Eco Friendly Blodegradable Compostable

Special Design Eco Friendly Blodegradable Compostable

Comes in a case of 1, 000. The materials are Eco-friendly. It's ideal for home or office use.

Brand: A+ Design

👤I got these cups so that everyone in the household wouldn't use regular cups to carry their coffee out to their car on the way to work. Coffee mugs need to be washed and carried back and forth. There is a The cup designs are boring. The lids are very flimsy. The cups keep coffee warm.

👤When you put them on, they crack.

👤I reuse a few times. Great value too.

👤We used these at our elementary school to hold the lettuce root balls that were left over from the school garden for the students to take home. They survived rough handling by the students. They are compostable to meet the city's zero waste standards.

👤The cups I received were all of the same size and shape.

👤I bought these for my meetings and they were a hit. Thank you so much!


What is the best product for eco friendly cups party?

Eco friendly cups party products from Susty Party Supplies. In this article about eco friendly cups party you can see why people choose the product. World Centric and A3 Direct are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly cups party.

What are the best brands for eco friendly cups party?

Susty Party Supplies, World Centric and A3 Direct are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly cups party. Find the detail in this article. Luckypack, Yes!fresh and Turbo Bee are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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