Best Eco Friendly Cutlery Set Disposable

Cutlery 4 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. EcoBuddies Disposable Birchwood Friendly Biodegradable

EcoBuddies Disposable Birchwood Friendly Biodegradable

The BRC FSC has certificates. EcoBuddies has wooden disposable silverware that makes a difference. The set of 150 wooden disposable utensils is made with Birchwood and is designed to be used in style without sacrificing values. Make your next party, wedding, or event conscientious and classy. The rustic wood grain of your disposable cutlery makes it stand out from the crowd. durable. Wooden utensils work! Your disposable flatware is very sturdy and smooth, working with zero waste. Plastic utensils are filled with questionable chemicals and are not safe to serve. The wooden cutlery set is free of chemicals, dyes, and waste. Branch out with confidence in the quality of your disposable silverware set. Your set is the result of years of expertise.

Brand: Ecobuddies

👤It was horrible and unusable. They warp and crack when they touch food or liquid. My friend had a splinter on her lip. Think dry tongue depressor, wood is so dry you can't even take a bite of your food. The spoon was small and flat and warped when it touched food. The forks don't fit any food on them. They crack. We had to replace the plastic utensils after they started eating because they were so embarrassing.

👤The seller did not have any plastic wrapping for these.

👤The utensils are better than the plastic ones. It is very sturdy to hold. Great for the environment. The package is cardboard and not plastic. It is highly recommended to anyone. Will buy again.

👤I was very disappointed in the way these arrived. The box corners were tucked in but the spoons and forks were open and anyone could open them. I am not happy with the way they look, they are more like popsicle sticks than spoons and forks. I am not happy with this product and will return it.

👤I like a wood taste. I like it a lot. I've had a few that have cracked. Not really a problem for me.

👤I was having a party to start off my wedding weekend. The silverware was not a big deal in the party. I ordered these because I was interested in the wooden ones. They were better to use than I thought, but also The Daisy showed interest in the party, and if the guest had any feedback, I was impressed. I would recommend this brand of eating utensils to anyone I buy from this seller.

👤The box was missing a lot of things. They were really disappointed that they couldn't close the box.

👤We bought these for use at an elementary school since we are trying to cut down on waste. These seem great. The box is easy to store. The utensils look better than plastic and fit our needs.

2. GREENPRINT Compostable Cutlery Spoons Knives

GREENPRINT Compostable Cutlery Spoons Knives

It's perfect for crafts. The wooden spoon set is great for making crafts. The wooden utensils can be painted over, personalized, or used for a different party decoration. Enjoy your food with Non-GMO Corn Based Cutlery made in a registered facility. corn is grown and harvested ethically There are no toxic chemicals found in disposable plasticware. There is no risk of splicing. Their large utensils are very sturdy like bamboo or plastic and will allow you to cut and scoop through a variety of hot and cold foods. Their unique process creates disposable eco friendly silverware with a premium matt finish designed to be durable and hot food friendly up to 248 F. They give you a high quality feel without being hot or soft. You don't have to cut one down to provide durable utensils. I can handle it in the dishwasher. No more having to use small disposable utensils with the extra long ones. Their large compostable utensils allow for a firm grip. The tray is easy to store and display at events. They will give you a 60 day money back guarantee. It's perfect for camping, picnicking, lunching, BBQs, party, wedding and restaurants. They will give you a full refund if you don't.

Brand: Greenprint

👤Purchase these for a party since we don't have enough re-usable cutlery for everyone. I appreciated the box for keeping things organized. Sausages can be cut using a knife and fork. Would recommend. I will buy it again.

👤I wasn't sure what to think about them. We are hand- washing and re-using them because they are durable. A great price!

👤I was a bit hesitant to try these utensils. Compostable? Would my dinner party guests be upset if their fork was dissolved in their meal because of the compostable nature of these utensils? Wouldn't that stink? There is a No worries! The casual observer would think these are plastic utensils. The off-white color would make youTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkia And sturdy. STURDY. A welcome finding and a relief. There is a I buried a fork in my back yard to see if it was Compostable. I dug it up daily for the next 218 days and discovered that the shaft separated from the fork. It is on its way. There is a I am joking, for the well-grounded and skeptical readers who stuck it out past the last paragraph, of course. I did not bury anything. I wouldn't admit to anything anyway. Buy them. They work. Excellent job,PRINT. I give my cap to your engineers.

👤The packaging was terrible. I didn't know there was no lid. I pulled it out the wrong way and the forks fell onto the floor. There is a Imagine if it was outside. I would have had to throw the utensils away. The flip top should have been used to open the packaging so that it could only be opened in one direction. The product is good but the packaging is bad. Deducted one point. If I had to throw away the forks, I would have deducted more points. There is a The utensils were of high quality and can definitely be used again. It is not possible to wash in a dishwasher. It is possible to wash and reuse your hands. There is a When opening a box, be careful.

👤I am sold on Greenprint's cutlery. We had issues with their usage, but the fact that I can use their products and not have to wash sinks full of dishes everyday gets 5 stars alone! I get to not have to wash a bunch of dishes when I use this cutlery, and I also do someone wholesome for the environment. I highly recommend this set, it's great for busy parents, office supplies, or school functions.

👤This is my favorite choice of cutlery. There is a Its plant base! There is a There were no trees involved. Most of the eco cutlery is made of wood. There is a The size is the same as what you would expect from a normal home. There is a Even for meat, the knife is good. There is a The spoon isn't good for soup. There is a The fork holds a lot of food. There is a The texture of these is really smooth and the taste is not there. It was very good. I highly recommend.

3. Disposable Biodegradable Eco Friendly Compostable Disposable

Disposable Biodegradable Eco Friendly Compostable Disposable

The portable silverware set with case uses mirror polishing technology to smooth the surface and is worry-free. It is more suitable for teens and adults. A great gift for someone. Purchase it for your family or friends and let them have their own set of exclusive spoons and forks. They want to satisfy your purchase. They will provide you with a solution that will satisfy you if you contact them. The Cutlery is 100% Biodegradable. The disposable set is made from natural wood. The set of wooden utensils has 100 spoons, 50 forks, and 50 knives. The wooden cutlery is made from trees and is eco-friendly. These disposable utensils are great for weddings and other events because they are stylish and modern. Eco friendly. Their disposable eco utensils are made from wood and are non-toxic and free of any plastic. The disposable wooden spoons and forks are an obvious choice for restaurant owners. Birch wood disposable silverware are easy to use and convenient to dispose of. Save the environment. Reducing the use of plastic has become a necessity. Use wooden utensils instead of plastic to help the environment.

Brand: Wonder Care

👤The amount of plastic 888-270-6611

👤Excellent value for money, I didn't expect them to be so good.

4. Compostable Forks Spoons Knives Cutlery

Compostable Forks Spoons Knives Cutlery

We want you to receive the very best in sustainable products as they work together to care for their planet, and they know you will be pleased with the quality of this wooden cutlery set. They will buy it back from you if you are not. You can get your compostable cutlery today. The eco cutlery combo set is certified by the Biodegradable Product Institute and TUV, which complies with USA and European standards. Accept no lower standard than the BPI Certified Compostable Utensils made from renewable and sustainable plant resources. There is no guillotine. All contents are free of harmful substances. Enjoy your food with Non-GMO Corn Based Cutlery made in a registered facility. This renewable resource is grown in the USA. There are no Toxic Chemicals in disposable plastic utensils. There is no risk of splicing or Popsicles after eating or tasting Wooden Utensils. 60 day money back guarantee. They believe you will be satisfied with their products. It's perfect for camping, picnicking, lunching, BBQs, party, wedding and restaurants. They will give you a full refund if you don't. San Diego, CA is where they are based. The eco cutlery combo set is certified by the Biodegradable Product Institute and TUV, which complies with USA and European standards. Accept no lower standard than the BPI Certified Compostable Utensils made from renewable and sustainable plant resources. There is no guillotine. All contents are free of harmful substances. The eco cutlery combo set is certified by the Biodegradable Product Institute and TUV, which complies with USA and European standards. Accept no lower standard than the BPI Certified Compostable Utensils made from renewable and sustainable plant resources. There is no guillotine. All contents are free of harmful substances. The eco cutlery combo set is certified by the Biodegradable Product Institute and TUV, which complies with USA and European standards. Accept no lower standard than the BPI Certified Compostable Utensils made from renewable and sustainable plant resources. There is no guillotine. All contents are free of harmful substances. The eco cutlery combo set is certified by the Biodegradable Product Institute and TUV, which complies with USA and European standards. Accept no lower standard than the BPI Certified Compostable Utensils made from renewable and sustainable plant resources. There is no guillotine. All contents are free of harmful substances.

Brand: Ecovita

👤Next month, I will be at a wedding. I was able to overlook the higher price point in exchange for what I thought would be an equivalent quality-to-price product, because the wedding theme is a rustic, eco-friendly wedding and one look at this product packaging and the flawless number of 5-star reviews, I was able to That was not the case to me. The quality of the utensils doesn't justify the price point for me. These forks are very simple to use. When I stab food, prongs pop off. I don't think plastic fork tongs should be used in older guests' food. The descriptions were vague and not quick to give a thorough description of the product, which is what a buyer actually gets. With this review, I wanted to give a more detailed explanation of this product so that others can make a more informed decision about it.

👤I have tried other eco-friendly utensils. When I host an event where I produce waste to communicate to the public that I am doing it in a sustainable way, it is very important to me. Most products are a disappointment due to their poor quality where they break or can't pick up food. The funny taste in your mouth is caused by wooden spoons. I was compelled to write a positive review after I ordered and re-ordered from Ecovita. The word " 100% Compostable" is stamped on every utensil. I get my message out, the forks pick up everything, and the knives cut a steak. A customer asked me to give them a few so they could go camping. I was happy to accommodate the box with over 400 pieces. These are the best in the market.

👤These are better than what I have used before. I tried bamboo, recycled paper, plastic and what not. These are really good. They are much more sturdy than cheap plastic. The more expensive plastic is just as good as the cheaper ones. They have a unique feel to them. It's hard to describe, so I'll leave that part as it is. There is a The handles could be a little longer. The cheap plastic category includes this aspect of the product. You pay the premium for the more expensive plastic tableware because it covers that issue again. There is a It's better than cheap plastic and wood, but not as good as the more expensive plastic. There is a It's perfect for a picnic at the beach or on the back porch. Not meant for a formal gathering. Ron.

👤I thought these were great, but they aren't. I like the fact that they are 100% compostable, but most of the spoon and fork handles are bent when I take them out of the box. The knife cuts better than most plastic utensils. Another purchase is unlikely because of the price of these. I bought them because they are compostable, so I will look for another brand that is cheaper.

👤I sent them back. The new laws that took effect in California on January 1st are not Compostable. They are thrown into the garbage.

5. GreenWorks Compostable Individually Disposable Bags´╝îAlternative

GreenWorks Compostable Individually Disposable Bags%EF%BC%8CAlternative

We are confident that you will love this set. If for any reason you don't like the disposable BAMBOO set, they will give you a 30-day money back guarantee. Facilities that are certified commercially compostable may not exist in your area. It's healthy and reliable. It is made from plant-based CPLA. The large size is heat tolerant to 200F. 200 sets are individually packed in bags. Each set includes a fork, spoon, knife, and napkin.

Brand: Greenworks

👤The packaging could be better. It reminds me of wrapping feminine hygiene products.

👤There is a nice sized napkin in a packet. I feel good that they are made from recycled materials.

👤The individually wrapped sets are very nice. The wrapper is not completely transparent. It's convenient to have a napkin in the packet because the utensils are sturdy. I would buy them again.

👤Really nice sets! Great quality, doesn't feel cheap at all. It was good to give them to guests.

👤I was hesitant about ordering these because there weren't many reviews like other silverware, but I'm happy that I did! There is a These utensils are amazing. They are way better than any regular silverware you would get from the store. Sturdy! They are not flimsy. These are the utensils you need if you run a food truck or are looking for utensils for events. They don't have salt and pepper packets.

👤The homeless at the Long Beach Calif Rescue Mission will be served dinner with the Green Works Compostable Cutlery. They are easy to use.

👤Excellent product! The product is easy to use and convenient. I will buy it again.

👤The kit was worth the money. The utensils were sturdy. Good size napkin.

6. Disposable Friendly Biodegradable Backyard Compostable

Disposable Friendly Biodegradable Backyard Compostable

Heavy Duty and 3D Design. The utensils have a curvy grip. Bamboware utensils are made out of bamboo and are top rated.

Brand: Daisy

👤These wooden utensils are very nice. They are sturdy and good for the earth. It's much better than using plastic. People discover them and want to use them as well. That is the best part. You have to get them.

👤I liked everything about this product. It's not expensive and it's performed perfectly. Good for the planet.

👤The set was a good value and is a better alternative to the steel utensils. The only negatives are that the forks are not straight enough to catch many foods and the spoons are not deep enough to catch a lot of liquids. The knives can be used to cut soft things.

👤Not impressed. The knife was barely working. Most of the forks did the same.

👤Everyone loved it for the birthday party.

👤Great product.

👤It's ideal para su uso. Idioambiente.

👤This is worth more than cheap plastic spoons. Thank you for helping us!

7. Mozaik PM80CAM Eco Friendly Plant Based Compostable

Mozaik PM80CAM Eco Friendly Plant Based Compostable

We plant 4 trees for every 3 that they harvest. Chinese manufacturers source wood that is illegal. Today's market for disposable wood products is contributing to the destruction of the environment. 80 pieces of 100% compostable cutlery are included in the set. It is a plant based renewable resource. The high heat cutlery can last up to a year. This set is perfect for a wide variety of events. It's strong enough for steak and delicate enough for cake. It's perfect for every occasion. TUV Austria is industrial certified.

Brand: Mozaik

👤The price was worth it after my oil burner stopped working, leaving me without heat or hot water, and my 2 chihuahuas without heat or hot water. We have keys to each other's homes. I can shower there when she is working, but still have to boil water to wash dishes, so I got paper plates and these, and thought I would be happy to get a meal. I keep 2 of each for 'pup only' use and clean them last, with a small amount of the same disinfectant I use for my masks. Then rinse thoroughly with boiled water... I'm not saying that they stand up to the knife. I have used them to cut meat and they have no problem. I would think they were worthy of washing/storing in re-sealable bags for another time, but don't use your silver/flatware. Stay safe.

👤They are called compostable, but it is a bit misleading. I went to the company's website to see how long it took for these to break down after disposal, and it said that they were composted in an industrial facility. I would need to bring them to the nearest compost facility. While these are still better than plastic, I wouldn't call them "compostable" without adding a note that you need an industrial facility to compost them. The quality is great. I would. If you wanted to, you could wash them and reuse them.

👤I bought a set of silverware for the breakroom because I wanted to be nice at work. There is a dishwasher in that place, so people could just pop their dirty silverware in after use. Did they do that? Absolutely not. They rolled the dice and thought about taking the silverware out of the break room and never seeing it again. Let's do it until every piece of silverware is gone from this breakroom for the rest of our days. Plastic ware is bad for the environment, so I didn't want to buy it. What could I do? Should I go ahead with the plan that my coworkers suggested to me, which was to buy another silverware set? There is a No. They can't win. The spoons were the answer to my problems. I think they are better for the environment, affordable, and a nice shape if you want to feel fancy. My coworkers are out of luck because the box is hidden in my office. One of them came into the breakroom and said there weren't any spoons. I hid in my chair and laughed. Not my problem anymore.

👤I was sad to know that these utensils aren't naturally compostable, but they are sturdy.

👤I ordered this set to get me through the winter without water. There was no way to wash silverware and cheap plastic utensils were not appealing. These have survived a lot of meals and trips through the dishwasher. The design is clean and sculptural and they are more substantial than most. I have only broken one piece, which is very different from standard plasticware. The pieces are strong enough for reasonable use. The boxed set is a great solution for a good outdoor season.

8. Treeatery Durable Compostable Cutlery Pieces

Treeatery Durable Compostable Cutlery Pieces

Their napkins are made from sustainable paper and keep the planet clean. Zero waste. There is no guillotine. Plastic disposable utensils should not be used. All Natural Corn is their product. Compostable Cutlery is certified to compost. The contents are all free of plastic. Press your friends. Did you feel proud of making green choices? Share the eco-friendly satisfaction with everyone by using the convenient tray to serve their compostable silverware set during Special Events, Parties, Weddings, Picnics, Lunches, Camping Trips, Office Functions, and more. Naturally safe. It's naturally durable. Enjoy your food with Non-toxic,BPA Free, Renewably Sourced Compostable Utensils that slice through tough foods and endure high temperatures. Use the dishwasher to use your eco utensils again. TREEATERY pledges to plant a tree for every box of eco friendly utensils purchased in the USA and Canada. Follow how many trees they plant. They want your dining experience to be great and they will give you a 100% money back guarantee. They will give you a full refund if you don't get that satisfaction.

Brand: Treeatery

👤Being as single use plastic items are popular because of many reasons, which in turn has made these items a huge problem for our civilization. There is a If we are so busy that we have to use single use plastic items more than we have to make them sustainable and break them down into smaller pieces that are not harmful to the environment, then it is our responsibility to make them in a sustainable way. There is a They work better than other single use utensils that aren't compostable for the intended purpose. The ones that will be in our landfills for hundreds of years are a bit more expensive than the ones that will be composted, but that will change as more and more people choose the ones that are more eco-friendly. There is a We owe it to ourselves, future generations and our planet to use single use products. The reward is huge, but it will take each one of us to make the responsible choice.

👤We have been using too many plastic products. I thought I would try them. They are a bit smaller than normal heavy-duty plastic ware, but they seem to be just as strong. The spoons are the same size. The plastic in the photo is normal. Treatery is off-white.

👤We're in the middle of a kitchen renovation and I liked the idea of compostable utensils. The field address is not usable. The tines break in our food. We get plastic pieces in our mouth if we're not watching closely. It's not safe to use with kids.

👤The box did not arrive. In another box. I was afraid to use them. I opened it after wiping it down. Their study and decent. I'm too scared to buy these again. It would have spilled out everywhere if these were dropped. If you do buy them, you'll need to double box them.

👤I bought them for a birthday party and Thanksgiving. There are a lot left over. Excellent quality.

👤Unable to use product. The seals box was already broken. Couldn't be sure if they had already been handled by someone else. Had to come back.

👤I don't have to wash dishes.

9. EarthClusive Disposable Wooden Cutlery Biodegradable

EarthClusive Disposable Wooden Cutlery Biodegradable

There is a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. They are committed to ensuring 100% satisfaction for their customers and your comfort is their #1 priority. They are confident that you will like their set as much as they do. If you are still not happy with their product, they will give you a full refund or a 100% replacement. You have nothing to lose. ORDER NOW. Rubbish can be recycled. You can use sustainable cutlery that can be recycled. For every circumstance. Sturdy utensils ideal for a picnic, hiking trip, and more. Quality materials. The heavy duty fork, knife, and spoon are all made from natural wood. The purpose of the economy is friendly. They plant a tree for every set they make. 300 piece packs of eating utensils include 150 forks, 100 spoons, and 50 knives.

Brand: Earthclusive

👤Disappointed. I was pleased to purchase bamboo, but these are not up to par. The fork breaks when you try to pick up a piece of chicken. Very disappointing.

👤Helping me in saving the planet, like the looks, price, and so on. Oh! Wait! These are made of wood? Right? I am helping in one way, but not so much. The knives are sharp. I thought they have a little left in the tank for a cut. They don't.

👤No more plastic! Let's all do our part in reducing plastic in our oceans and landfills.

👤I've tried the earth friendly version of flatware for the first time. All of my party guests plan to order for their next event after COVID ends. Adding this product to my standard order will take the place of all plastic products.

👤It is not very deep, but it is really good.

👤The utensils were not strong enough for steak.

👤It's great for camping or picnicking. They don't end up in the landfill.

👤Muy buenos. Idio ambiente por apoyan.

10. Woodland Premium Disposable Wooden Cutlery

Woodland Premium Disposable Wooden Cutlery

It's possible. The silverware set can be put in the dishwasher many times. The utensil set will not end up in the environment. Waste-free cutting is possible with the Woodland Premium Cutlery made from natural Birchwood. Prepare for any event without creating plastic waste with the PLANET-FRIENDLY PARTY PACK. The jumbo wood cutlery set has 50 forks, 50 spoons, 50 knives and is packed in travel bags with 3 utensils. Eating is easier with sharper knives and deeper spoons. Nook & Fork's wooden cutlery set is so sturdy that it won't break mid-bite like flimsy plasticware. BENEVOLENT BIRCH is safe to eat with chemical-free and non-GMO disposable wooden utensils. They have a zero-waste option that you can choose instead of the harmful plastic. Backed by a lifetime guarantee, their strong, sturdy biodegradable cutlery set travel packs, and high quality serving box are strong enough to keep your table clean.

Brand: Nook & Fork

👤I like texture when it comes to what goes in my mouth. Is the Styrofoam cup touching my lips? Not a chance. The feel of wood was not pleasurable. What does this mean for me? I will use these when I backpack, to keep in my cars, and take with me when hiking, Mt biking, and other activities. The utensils are strong. I used the fork to cut waffles that were nice and toasty hard. There was no break. I used the knife to cut my waffle. I used a spoon to remove dried bee's wax from my pour rig. I tried coating a fork with coconut oil. They could be rubbed with oil like other kitchen tools. The use for outdoor activities was concluded. The packets are very good, the paper ties around the various utensils are easy to break. Will I purchase more of this product? You will. I like to treat our planet well. It is a very functional product. I don't like plastic.

👤The spoons hold more objects than plastic ones. It works well for pudding and cereals. I wouldn't try to cut meat with the knives because they are serrated and do a good job on sandwiches. The forks aren't useful for stabbing items. I tried to eat a salad with one but had to use a salad fork. There are sealed packets for the lunches to go. It is very convenient. I'd like to see smaller package sizes at cheaper prices, just as we will use the spoons the most, but there's a lot of pieces included.

👤If you have an outdoor gathering, these are perfect. The knife and fork were efficient enough to scoop up food, and the knife had no issues cutting through chicken. It took a fair amount of pressure to break them. I wouldn't use them for a family meal on a daily basis, but for pack up lunches and gatherings they are ideal. I didn't know how they would hold up in a dish washer, but I soaked in water overnight and they were still in tact.

👤I am overjoyed that more companies are making products that are sustainable. It is in a cardboard package. Nook & Fork's wooden utensils are above average, even though other wooden utensils are poorly engineered and flimsy. I can take the individually paper wrapped utensils with me when I go out the door because they are wrapped in paper. This product is very good. There is a Someone wrote a 1-star review for this product that was unfair to the wooden utensils themselves. The product should be able to stand on its own.

👤The display box is very sturdy and easy to put away, so it's not hard to put away. It looks nice and is well designed. They included little sealed up packages of cutlery sets that are easy to throw in my husband's lunch to take to work. This product is similar to plastic wear because it is not for cutting super tough things and the forks don't jab as well as silverware, just to have our expectations set. Overall, they are a good set of utensils and are very sturdy, see my video to see how they are compared to plastic ware. The feel of the wood against your mouth was not something I was happy with. It's not rough, but it doesn't slide off your tongue. Like plastic would. It's worth it to save the planet. There is a I'm happy with my purchase and I'm looking forward to seeing if my friends and family notice a difference when I take this box to an event. I'm happy to help the environment and use a well designed product.

11. Disposable Eco Friendly Biodegradable Compostable Sustainable

Disposable Eco Friendly Biodegradable Compostable Sustainable

200 sets are individually packed in bags. Each set includes a fork, spoon, knife, and napkin. Eco-friendly, sustainable, and bio-degradable. Premium quality Birchwood is specially selected to ensure a smooth texture and a more durable product. It's perfect for all occasions including camping, picnics, barbeques, vegan restaurants, coffee shops, parties and meals on the go. All natural is a non-toxic alternative to silverware and plastic. They like to please their customers. If you have any questions or concerns about the eco-friendly disposable wooden cutlery set, please contact them and they will be happy to answer your questions or make things right for you.

Brand: Ecolojiks

👤I don't like the fact that it was wrapped in plastic. The purpose of buying this is to reduce plastic use. I have bought disposable silverware that was delivered in a carboard. It isn't the end of the world. It seems to be fine. Similar to other wood disposable silverware.

👤Great for eating outside. Very strong. The knife is not sharp enough for cutting meat, but it cuts well. I use them weekly. Will bye again. The wooden spoon we use to get on top of ice cream containers is what the mouth feels like.

👤I've never bought wooden utensils before, but I love them. The spoon is on the small side. The knives are sharp. Happy with the purchase. I'm glad to do something to reduce plastic use.

👤We are very pleased with our purchase of the disposable wooden cutlery set. The utensils were strong. The forks worked well without the tines breaking, and the knives were able to cut through the thick steak. The wood did not have splinters. This product is better than similar items we've used before. The kids were able to use them safely because of the smooth edges. We are happy that we are not adding to the problem of where to dispose of plastic materials which are harmful to the Earth. Highly recommended. Will buy again.

👤I did not expect to like them as much as I did. Definitely recommend!

👤I tried these as a replacement for plastic silverware and they were great. There are some limitations though. The bowl of the spoon is shallow so it wouldn't work for soup. Picking up food on a fork that is not as long as a regular fork can be difficult. They get the job done. The knife is sharp. Everything is strong. I felt better using these instead of plastic.

👤I think these are great utensils to use. They work well.

👤The product was sturdy and good for our lunches.


What is the best product for eco friendly cutlery set disposable?

Eco friendly cutlery set disposable products from Ecobuddies. In this article about eco friendly cutlery set disposable you can see why people choose the product. Greenprint and Wonder Care are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly cutlery set disposable.

What are the best brands for eco friendly cutlery set disposable?

Ecobuddies, Greenprint and Wonder Care are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly cutlery set disposable. Find the detail in this article. Ecovita, Greenworks and Daisy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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