Best Eco Friendly Cutlery Set

Cutlery 29 May 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. AltoEco Friendly Reusable Utensils Portable

AltoEco Friendly Reusable Utensils Portable

Simple and modern design, smooth texture, pastels. A travel utensil set with case is a perfect gift. If there is a problem, please contact them so they can provide lifelong replacement service for you. The pack includes a set of portable wheat straw utensils in various colors. Each of the 4 sets has a knife, fork, and spoon. The wheat straw plastic used in the set is eco-friendly and sustainable. These sets have a better impact on the environment than regular plastic utensils. The portable wheat straw utensils are stiff and can hold up without breaking. This is better than regular plastic utensils as they do not bend and snap easily. All sets of utensils come with a flat bottom side that allows them to stand up on any flat surface, as well as a unique 3 in 1 set for maximum ease of use and portable. It's easy to use a utensil for school lunch when traveling, camping or at the dinner table. Each set is dishwasher friendly and microwave friendly, and it's made to be reuse and washable. Enjoy getting the most use out of the wheat straw set. The knife is either 16.5 cm or 6.5in, the spoon is either 16.9 cm or 6.7in, and the fork is either 16 cm or 6.3in.

Brand: Altoeco

👤The configuration of putting them together like a puzzle appealed to my grandson.

👤It's great for camping. You can bring to work or not. Awesome product. I might buy it again.

2. Reusable Chopstick Tableware Friendly Non Toxin

Reusable Chopstick Tableware Friendly Non Toxin

If you have a problem with their product or service, please feel free to contact them. Each cutlery case set includes one fork, one spoon, and one knife. The microwave and dishwasher are safe. Natural wheat straw is pp food-safe. Compostable, sustainable product, non-Tox, renewable, Renewable, Compostable. The case box is 22x6x 2.5 cm, the knife is 19x7x 7.5 cm, and the spoon is 16x6x 6.1inch. It's widely used and portable. It's used for daily meal, take out with the case for work lunch or travel, just being to go utensils sets for your lifestyle needs. It's healthy and eco-friendly, lightweight, smooth texture and pastels. A healthy life begins with a healthy set of utensils. It's a perfect gift for your family or friends.

Brand: Lnrkai

👤I pack my lunch for work. I don't want to find plastic utensils at work or home. Good silverware is not being taken from home. These have been in the dish washer for a long time. I like the case. The spoon depth is great for yogurt. The fork can also be used as a spoon.

👤This is just okay. The spoon is long and looks like it came from a hibachi restaurant. Looks like return policy isn't great. I won't be coming back. They don't speak proper English, so they don't know who wrote the description.

👤These are for the Disney Flower festival. Very strong. The knife cuts well. The container was closed.

👤I bought these sets of wheat straw for my family to have their own color. We all have our own plates and bowls. We wash our own dishes. You rely on yourself for your next clean dish because this prevents an abundance of dirty dishes in the sink. There is a Also... I don't like hearing metal against my teeth or against anyone else's. The noise and feeling it gives me are prevented by using these. We've been using them for a while. I had to buy more because they got lost or thrown away.

👤One of the forks broke easily with only a few uses. Children's utensils don't pierce well and aren't strong, so they work similarly to children's utensils. They work well, though not horrible.

👤These are great for my lunch box. My employer doesn't provide plastic ware for work lunch, so this is a more cost effective and eco-friendly way to eat lunch. They are easy to clean and pretty. You will not be disappointed by these.

👤I am very happy with them. They can be used anywhere. I use them for my work lunch at the beach picknick. I gave them to my family and some of my coworkers. They are easy to clean.

👤I keep these in the break room at work. Not breaking tines or bowls when handling food is much better than flimsy plastic forks, knives, and spoons. It's easy to use if needed.

👤If you use red sauces or dark sauces, they seem to be permanently discolored. The spoon is an awkward shape and you end up sleeping the food off of it as it is a bit deep with higher sides than a typical spoon. It gets the job done.

👤The lunches are perfect for kids. Excellent quality. No staining, wash up great. I am happy with these. I bought them. No more using single use plastic.

👤The kids like the colors. It is easy to clean and lightweight. The container keeps the utensils tidy and clean.

👤It's Beau, it's grandeur! Parfait pour mon 5 ans. Mais assez grand, je puisse le utilisé aussi. There is a 3 sur 4 des petits transports sont arrivés brisés...

👤I bought the best utensil for my boys. All five stars! Each set has a travel case that is easy to clean and light weight.

3. Disposable Wooden Cutlery Set Compostable

Disposable Wooden Cutlery Set Compostable

TheANDY HOLDER DESIGN is perfect for serving compostable utensils and easy storage. The silverware holder is made from recycled paper and is fully recyclable. The disposable plastic cutlery can take up to 1000 years to break down. Their eco friendly products are made from bio degradable, compostable, and recycled wood and make no negative impact on the environment. Make their planet green by playing your part. Don't create any plastic waste by attending events. Their wooden cutlery sets can be used for many purposes. Each pack has 50 individually wrapped sets. The set contains a spoon, fork, knife, paper straw and napkin. How many times have your flimsy plastic utensils broken during a meal? Their premium natural birch wood cutlery is heat resistant and splinter free so that you can enjoy your meal worry free. Birch wood is ethically sustainable and is used in their products as per the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE is their number one priority. They want to give the best quality wooden cutlery sets.

Brand: Saveware

👤This company is completely dishonest. There is a fork, spoon and knife in the product description. The packets did not have a spoon and fork, but a "spork", which is a combo of the two in one utensil. I hate sporks so I chose this product.

👤You have all you need in a sealed pouch.

👤The utensils have chips in them, but not in the spoon. This is pure garbage. So dissatisfied. These are terrible for a baby shower. Purchase another brand.

👤I had a baby shower. They were great! The utensils, a straw and a napkin were wrapped individually. We used the utensils for kindling in the firepit.

👤It's great for get togethers. You don't feel guilty if you don't wash after. They are a bit flat. They won't be like normal silverware. We used to keep it in the garage for Christmas. Individually boxed meals for everyone.

👤This was a great way to have sanitary party utensils.

👤Not what I was expecting. The set is flat. It is difficult to scoop food items.

👤It's perfect for our grad party. The individual packets allowed people to move quickly through the line. The utensils were very sturdy.



Take out with the case for school, work lunch or travel is a multifunctional use. It's a perfect gift for your family or friends. It's healthy and eco-friendly. A healthy Flatware set is needed for a healthy life. A sustainable alternative to disposable cutlery is 100% natural and plastic-free. Enjoy your events with the convenience of single use. They guarantee that BAMBOO is safe. You can compost in your backyard in 4 weeks. In just 3 years, BAMBOO will break down and be absorbed into the ocean and landfill. Premium quality is guaranteed with 100% authentic BAMBOO and polished to perfect smoothness. You can't have a taste of wood with your meal. Superior QUALITY, HEAVY DUTY, HEAT RESISTANT, DURABLE, and more SUSTAINABLE than Wooden, Bio-Plastic, and Plastic disposable Utensils. It doesn't break in your mouth like disposable Silverware. The Enlightened Science and Enlightenment are both related. Add a spoon full of class to any indoor or outdoor event with this disposable BAMBOO cutlery set. It's convenient for weddings, picnics, parties, BBQ, camping or travelling. Show your guests how much you care and throw them away. Enjoy your meals with peace of mind because they are FDA, RoHS, and FSC tested. They made sure that their disposable utensils sets are free from harmful chemicals. They are confident that you will love this set. If for any reason you don't like the disposable BAMBOO set, they will give you a 30-day money back guarantee.

Brand: Xpressive

👤The bamboo wooden silverware is wonderful. It is a regular size for silverware. I bought wooden silverware as well. I will be buying bamboo from this company because the bamboo is much stronger and more precise. It is much safer to put plastic in your mouth than it is to have splinters. I want to rid our family of plastic that is harmful to our bodies. I serve bamboo silverware when we go camping or have a large group of people.

👤I like the idea of being friendly to the environment. I purchased these for an event, but realized that there are other less expensive options out there. If these items are thrown away in sealed plastic garbage bags, they will have a harder time decomposing.

👤These are flat and a little different from a fork. The forks are strong and we like the idea of recycling. Very happy with the product.

👤I was surprised at how sturdy these are compared to plastic utensils and they are at a price point that is reasonable. I will buy again.

👤I bought these along with bamboo plates for an engagement party. I plan to keep these on hand for future entertaining.

👤I read that bamboo can help patients with side effects. My dad was in a nursing facility. The product was helpful.

👤The bamboo utensils were used for the meal. I believe only one fork broke. I wouldn't use them for steak but Turkey and the trimmings were fine. No plastic!

👤These are more sustainable than plastic and backyard compost. All my guests liked them.

5. EarthClusive Disposable Wooden Cutlery Biodegradable

EarthClusive Disposable Wooden Cutlery Biodegradable

There is a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. They are committed to ensuring 100% satisfaction for their customers and your comfort is their #1 priority. They are confident that you will like their set as much as they do. If you are still not happy with their product, they will give you a full refund or a 100% replacement. You have nothing to lose. ORDER NOW. Rubbish can be recycled. You can use sustainable cutlery that can be recycled. For every circumstance. Sturdy utensils ideal for a picnic, hiking trip, and more. Quality materials. The heavy duty fork, knife, and spoon are all made from natural wood. The purpose of the economy is friendly. They plant a tree for every set they make. 300 piece packs of eating utensils include 150 forks, 100 spoons, and 50 knives.

Brand: Earthclusive

👤Disappointed. I was pleased to purchase bamboo, but these are not up to par. The fork breaks when you try to pick up a piece of chicken. Very disappointing.

👤Helping me in saving the planet, like the looks, price, and so on. Oh! Wait! These are made of wood? Right? I am helping in one way, but not so much. The knives are sharp. I thought they have a little left in the tank for a cut. They don't.

👤No more plastic! Let's all do our part in reducing plastic in our oceans and landfills.

👤I've tried the earth friendly version of flatware for the first time. All of my party guests plan to order for their next event after COVID ends. Adding this product to my standard order will take the place of all plastic products.

👤It is not very deep, but it is really good.

👤The utensils were not strong enough for steak.

👤It's great for camping or picnicking. They don't end up in the landfill.

👤Muy buenos. Idio ambiente por apoyan.

6. Disposable Wooden Cutlery Set Biodegradable

Disposable Wooden Cutlery Set Biodegradable

Trust their brand! Their utensils are made from smooth Birchwood that is non-toxic and chemical free. Their cutlery has been tested to make sure it is safe for both children and adults. You are all set, from setting the dinner table to packing a picnic. The convenience of single-use silverware and the reliability of ordinary silverware are what you get with your 300-piece compostable cutlery set. Your 120 biodegradable forks, 90 biodegradable knives, and 90 biodegradable spoons are all Eco-friendly. Go Green uses plastic free packaging so you can avoid putting plastic in your house. QUALITY CUTLERY Go Green utensils are easy to use and attractive. Birch wood is stronger than oak. Your wooden utensils are an upgrade from flimsy plastic silverware. Help build a zero-waste planet with an easy change to your single-use silverware. Go Green biodegrades in a fraction of the time that plastic does. They want you to receive the very best in sustainable products as they work together to care for their planet, and they know you will be pleased with the quality of this wooden cutlery set. They will buy it back from you if you are not. You can get your compostable cutlery today.

Brand: Go Go Green

👤I had to return them. They were bought for use in our office. The spoon isn't big enough to hold liquid. The fork tines can't hit food. They aren't functional but they are eco friendly.

👤It's not cheap wood and it's not plastic. I was worried that I would get splinters. They don't. Let's start by saying what needs to be improved. There are some things that are CONS: For soup it would be difficult because the spoon is a bit flatter. It still has some depth, but it's not as deep as it could be. It's hard to grab food with the fork prongs. The knife is a joke as it doesn't cut anything harder than a pancake. There is a There are pros and cons. It's a great way to support the planet. You can use them for kids. Simple foods that don't require much force to cut or pick up do well. Since they're made out of wood, you don't feel guilty throwing them away. I use them from the compost. I would like to see more companies offer sustainable options. I hope that the company redesigns their design to address the issues.

👤I ordered these because I didn't want the guilt of using plastic utensils in the ocean for the rest of my life. They held up through dinner. A couple of forks broke from the force of the turkey. They looked great with the table setting, felt substantial in your hands, and didn't have any splinters. Some of the utensils had stains, but they were from the natural process of the wood. I will order them for future events.

👤I like the idea of saving the earth and going green, I try to consume eco friendly products. I don't like that the spoon can only be used once and it gets flat after a few bites. In my opinion product should be sold for less. If the price drops, I might buy again.

👤They are perfect for my family that hates washing dishes. Everything works the way it's supposed to. I don't feel bad when I dispose. I have been able to cut everything with the knife. I don't use the spoons with liquid things like soups or cereals because they're not deep enough.

👤I used plastic utensils in my office. I bought these because you can't recycle plasticware. They are very sturdy and very easy to cut with a knife. Good product. The texture is similar to a popsicle stick and they will take getting used to. A small price to pay for a product that is eco friendly.

👤It was used for a chili party. It was made fun of but I was doing my part for the environment. I liked them a lot. Strong.

👤These are not made of plastic. These are not plastic or real silverware and can break under pressure, so you have to be aware of that. A kitchen renovation doesn't include a dishwasher or a working sink. It's convenient for time being and more eco friendly.

7. BRITUMS Lightweight Unbreakable Chopsticks Tableware

BRITUMS Lightweight Unbreakable Chopsticks Tableware

It can be used for daily meals or carried with you for school, work or on the go. The gift is perfect for family or friends. The tableware set is made of healthy wheat straw and includes 1 pc chopsticks, 1 pc fork, 1 pc spoon, and 1 pc knife. It's enough for a day's use. Portable& Stylish Beautiful design, stylish,removable,compact, and portable suitable for school lunch box, camping, go just being on the go for your lifestyle needs. Reusable travel utensils set is eco-friendly. A good replacement for disposable plastic is a good replacement for plasitic flatware. Just take up little space, carried on backpack or hand bag or luggage at ease, with a lightweight carrying case. It's perfect for office, school, lunch, travel, camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Four different colors of wheat straw cutlery sets are orange, blue, green, and yellow. It's a perfect gift for your family or friends.

Brand: Britums

👤I like that these utensils are portable and come in a useful case. So far, they seem to last a long time. They are easy to clean. The pictures on the seller's page are in the same colors. So far, so good.

👤What a great idea. You can see from the pictures that the handles have to be disconnected to fit into the case. I leave this in my bag because I always look for utensils to take to work with.

👤The set is easy to assemble and designed well. We are going to Europe and I bought this set for us. It will fit in my purse and will be great to have with me when I travel. Love the color!

👤I was eating a salad, not a bowl of rocks, when the fork and knife broke. I could not interchange with another stem because of the broken fork and knife top. I bought the set to be eco-friendly and it will have to be thrown away after one meal. It's a waste in every way. The plastic fork and knife that are meant to be disposable are infinitely stronger. I'm amazed at the positive reviews. This is the worst product I have ever bought.

👤Don't plan on eating anything other than cereals with the knife, it was the first to break cream cheese to put on a bagel. The chopsticks are plastic and hold nothing well while trying to grab things, and the spoon is an awkward depth for spooning purposes. I might be just mad. I can't return these and they are completely trash, just spend 10 extra dollars and get a nice set.

👤I have been using bamboo utensils, but wanted something more compact. The knife broke during its first use. I think the fork is close behind. It is back to bamboo.

👤This set is great to have in my bag. The container is small and light, and the utensils are sturdy. It's a great item to include in kids' or grown-ups' lunch boxes.

👤I loved it. These are not good. I can't use my fork anymore because it broke. These were perfect for a small lunch box.

8. Benail Compostable Biodegradable Eco Friendly Cornstarch

Benail Compostable Biodegradable Eco Friendly Cornstarch

It's healthy and eco-friendly, lightweight, smooth texture and pastels. A healthy life begins with a healthy set of utensils. It's a perfect gift for your family or friends. Eco-friendly, durable and disposable. A good alternative. Better for the planet and the health. The disposable plastic cutlery is difficult to recycle. Let them achieve their goals. It's good for any food choice and can be used for many things.

Brand: Belinlen

👤The utensils look nice and the price is good, however, I'm a bit troubled by the fact that there is no indication of their biodeficiency on the packaging. They do not have any certifications that are eco-friendly. This makes me question their compostability, even in a commercial facility. They have no indication that they should dispose of them with the other compostables. The listing for this item doesn't mention any certifications, which makes me believe that "compostable" and "biodegradable" are used to sell more plastic. I have doubts about that, but it would be amazing if it was proven to be fully compostable. Some of the utensils have blue dots. It's true.

👤These aren't certified to be compostable. My facility wouldn't take these.

👤I will continue to buy them because they are compostable. There is a Pros: Compostable/biodegradable, utensils can endure heat, and they do not work as well as regular plastic forks. Cons: Forks are flimsy and they do not work as well as regular plastic forks.

👤I went camping in NC and had fun. It was nice not to use plastic utensils. These are made of corn starch and become part of nature as they are thrown out.

👤These are great! I think they are stronger than disposable cutlery. The pointed tines on the fork will pierce your food. I find blunted fork tines annoying. They look like they would do the job if they were given the chance. I can't believe these aren't high quality plastic. It's so strong and durable.

👤The backsides of these utensils are not comfortable to hold, and we have been using them for a while now. I've had better designed products, but I love that they are compostable.

👤They quickly got in touch with me to fix the issue. I would definitely recommend this seller. The utensils work well. It feels like using plastic.

👤It's amazing how technology has evolved over the last two decades. These are great. There are no products on the market that match up to these.

👤I was expecting them to be weird or flimsy. But- They're not the same as regular plastic utensils. No issues were worked on.

👤It's convenient for me to have a single kitchen sink. When company arrives. I don't have to feel like a dirty person. There is a Good price too!

👤It worked like a regular fork and spoon.

👤The product was delivered in a brown box. I sent the product back because I don't think it's compostable or biodeficiency.

👤It would be better if they were wrapped individually.

9. WoodAble Disposable Alternative Biodegradable Replacements

WoodAble Disposable Alternative Biodegradable Replacements

CONVENIENT - Throw them away and have peace of mind. WoodAble takes an estimated 90 days to compost and performs better than flimsy plastic. They can eliminate plastic waste and bad experiences. WoodAbles are a better product because they are very durable, smooth and splinter free. For a better experience, each product is created for 3-6 hours. WoddAbles are the only disposable wooden utensils certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. WoodAble is the only manufacturer and supplier that can certify that its product is from a sustainable source. Their utensils are made the same way they've been making wooden products for many decades. Their parent company has been tending the same land for more than 115 years. They plant 4 trees for every 3 that they harvest. Chinese manufacturers source wood that is illegal. Today's market for disposable wood products is contributing to the destruction of the environment.

Brand: Woodable

👤They looked amazing, came as ordered, undamaged, and made for a really cute display. I wouldn't have bought it if I'd known how gross it felt on the tongue and how hard it was to pull them out of your mouth. I bought them for my daughter's rehearsal dinner. People could not use the forks or spoons, they discarded them and found my silverware drawer. They were intolerable to everyone. They couldn't even make a salad. My daughter had to ask for substitute because I wasn't paying attention to how they were being discarded. You'll look super cool and conscientious if you have these, but you'll end up using them to stir coffee and then discard.

👤These are packaged nicely and are an alternative to plasticware. I think you will be happy with your purchase. There is room for improvement. The spoons are too shallow. This is true. soup would be impossible to eat. This needs a redesign with a deeper bowl. There is a The wooden material works well and is sturdy. There is a texture that is dry and unplesant. Think of a popsicle stick. I am not sure if they can engineer it out, but you will experience it. There is a They are functional, good looking, and we may but them again. If I can find another brand with a better spoon design, they will earn my business.

👤These are durable and disposable. I have good comments about it. It was very comfortable and resistant to all kinds of food, and also resistant to plastic ones. It gives the party a bit of fanciness since they have a nice natural-wood color that fits well with any type of decoration. The best thing for ecofriendly people like me is that it is recyclable. I will buy again.

👤When I moved to America, it was hard to find tree safe utensils in store. I found these on Amazon and they are very similar to the ones at home. I am very happy that I can continue to use wooden disposable utensils. They can scoop rice, cut chicken thigh, and pick up meat. No bending. The wood has a soft smell and taste similar to a couple we tried. Most of the families who have relocated to America that I know from my home, I referred them to this as we come from the same lifestyle. I would recommend anyone not to use plastic to not harm forests. Extra benefit. The preservation of the trees and forest in the Chilean forest is something that I really appreciate.

👤. It's disgusting to eat off of. It was like eating from a cardboard box. I wanted an eco-friendly alternative to cheap plastic utensils, but they don't serve the purpose if no one will eat them. I'm happy to have saved the landfills from 200 plastic forks. I can't recommend.

👤We ordered the 100 mix because we were looking for an alternative to plastic utensils. We've used them a few times. The knives are better than the plastic ones because they have no problem cutting through meat, and the forks are stronger than cheap disposable plastic forks. The utensils have smooth edges and we haven't found any splinters. There is a The cardboard box they come in is great since it can be used to store unused utensils and is easily recycled. We've tried other brands which pack the utensils in plastic bags, but they are bound by a paper strip. There is a We will definitely be ordering again soon.

10. Bamboo Disposable Utensils Carbonized Cutlery

Bamboo Disposable Utensils Carbonized Cutlery

It's not composted, so it's a natural alternative for plastic and wooden utensils. 100% BAMBOO UTENSILS are Carbonized. The bamboo utensils are the most sanitized on the market. Their bamboo products are more special because of the carbonization process. The product gets smooth and humid-resistant as it becomes deep sanitized. SUSTAINABLE & BIO DEGRADABLE. One of the fastest growing grasses is bamboo, which self-regenerates from its own roots. Unlike bio-plastics, Bamboo can be easily made at home. There is an economical package. They want to reduce waste from the package. The box is made from recycled paper. Their bamboo utensils are wrapped in a plastic bag and desiccant, which increases their lifespan from 6 months to 2 years, and reduces the amount of waste going to the planet. Full function. Heavy-duty utensils are what they use. The 2nd generation designs have improved curvy grip. Their spoons, forks, and knives are sharp and can cut hard materials. Theirs can endure heavy pressure like plastic utensils and they don't crack easily. They are long. Consuming bamboo supports nature's sustainable practices. They need your support for bamboo utensils for replacing unsustainable products. 60 day money back guarantee. 100% customer satisfaction is their goal. Within 60 days of purchase, your money will be returned if you are not completely satisfied with Bamboware. Heavy Duty and 3D Design. The utensils have a curvy grip. Bamboware utensils are made out of bamboo and are top rated.

Brand: Bamboware

👤Our wedding is perfect for these. It is disposable but not harmful. We tried them before the event and they were great, but I wanted a 1/2 star for the spoon. It doesn't fit in your mouth like any other spoon, it's just a tiny bit oddly shaped. We aren't serving anything that would require using it.

👤One broke on me, other times forks bent. Not much as to be unuseable. They seem thinner than Infinite Baemboo products, but they are still a better choice than plastic or bamboo products that come poorly sealed and can be sterile. The problems are not frequent despite the issues above. If Infinite Baemboo isn't available, I would buy these again.

👤I used them for my wedding. I liked them because they came individually packaged and I wanted to minimize touching and contaminating things at the event. They are more eco-friendly than plastic, which was important to me. They are not great for cutting meat and I wish they were more resistant. I think I would order them again, but maybe for a more casual event.

👤They were used for an event with over 300 people. Everyone asked for the brand name to be purchased in the future because no problems were reported. I was very pleased with my purchase.

👤I was worried about the bad reviews with this product because it was rough on the mouth and wouldn't pick up things. My guests loved them too and I found that not to be true. A sustainable way to feed guests is finally here.

👤We used them at our wedding party. Everyone was happy using their own sealed cutlery. We found these in time.

👤These are better than wood versions. The bambo is a lot better.

👤I love it. I am not using plastic disposables.

11. ECOLipak Compostable Biodegradable Disposable Silverware

ECOLipak Compostable Biodegradable Disposable Silverware

It's perfect for any circumstance. Their utensils set is made of plastic. The pre rolled napkin and cutlery is suitable for any event, from a birthday party to a wedding. ABulk Flatware Set. The set includes 150 forks, 100 spoons, and 100 knives, and they give you more forks in the package for your daily use. You can use these utensils for many things. You can enjoy convenience and environmental protection at the same time. Their cutlery set is made from a plant-based material that can be quickly regenerated. It is suitable for composting. It is plastic-free and does not cut down trees, which is different from traditional disposable flatware set. It's very green. Safe and durable utensils. The eco-friendly cutlery sets are made from heavy-duty materials that have good heat resistance. You don't have to worry about them melting or breaking when you use them for hot food or hard food. The smooth design of the cutlery keeps you away from fragments of wooden utensils. You can reuse them if you want. The simple appearance is in harmony with any scene. You can use these utensils for daily meals, parties, picnics, weddings, birthdays, barbecues, and more. You don't have to worry about the mess of the table after the entertainment because you can enjoy it easily. They are committed to providing their customers with high-quality disposable silverware sets. If you have any questions about their products, please contact them immediately and they will be happy to give you a satisfactory answer.

Brand: Ecolipak


What is the best product for eco friendly cutlery set?

Eco friendly cutlery set products from Altoeco. In this article about eco friendly cutlery set you can see why people choose the product. Lnrkai and Saveware are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly cutlery set.

What are the best brands for eco friendly cutlery set?

Altoeco, Lnrkai and Saveware are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly cutlery set. Find the detail in this article. Xpressive, Earthclusive and Go Go Green are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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