Best Eco Friendly Diapers Size 4

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1. Pampers Swaddlers Disposable Diapers SUPPLY

Pampers Swaddlers Disposable Diapers SUPPLY

Trusted protection. The #1 U.S. recommended brand is Pampers. LockAway Channels absorb and lock it away. The Breathefree Liner helps soothe and protect the baby's skin. Soft side for a comfortable fit. Pampers Swaddlers disposable diaper is free of latex and Parabens and is gentle on baby's delicate skin. The Umbilical Cord Notch protects your newborn's belly. It's a wetness indicator. New! Soon, swaddlers Wrap and Protect Waistband will be available. For a limited time, the product and packaging may be different.

Brand: Pampers

👤I have been buying all of my Pampers diapers here for over a year. When they looked different, I should have known. The last order did not have the Sesame Street characters, but instead little kitties, which I thought was a new marketing tactic. I started to notice the difference. They were different in size and thickness. They were very thin and flimsy. The tabs were ripped off several times. Many of the diapers had dark brownish spots under the material, which I was too afraid to put on my son, so I ended up throwing at least 8 away. They left little white pieces of material all over my son's bottom and he never got diaper rash. I ran to my local Target to get a new box of quality products after throwing them out. Fast forward to last week, when I decided to check the reviews on Amazon, I was met with concern by many parents. When I placed my order, I was sure to order a new box of Sesame characters, but I was disappointed when I realized that the new box was not the same as the old one.

👤For the past 16 months, we have been using the products. They have been very good. Until recently, we love them. The tabs rip off often, and the diapers seem to leak more often. We went from a month supply of 164 size four diapers to a month supply of 150 in this recent order. What gives? That gives 14 less diapers, the same price, and cheap quality. We are not sure if we will continue with the subscription. I bought a package at the store and it was the same design as the ones I thought were knock offs. Since getting rid of the Sesame Street designs, the quality as well as quantity has been lowered. We buy beauty products because they are the best. It was very disappointing for the diapers.

👤I received a fake box of diapers. The artwork on them is not the same as the artwork on the previous diapers I bought. When my baby leaked through his diapers 3 times in a row, I noticed that they didn't look like the other ones I have. Total scam! Don't buy these diapers.

👤I don't like the new design. Our child misses the Sesame Street characters. I'm paying a premium for the premium diaper because it feels thinner and not as good. They're cutting corners because their diapers are costing them less to make, and yet they're charging the same for less diapers per box! This isn't fair to consumers. It's time to bring back Sesame Street!

👤For the last 5 years, we've used the swaddlers from Pampers. The swaddlers on Sesame Street were thick and absorbent. We could put the kids in swasddlers and not worry. Not so with the latest batches. The diapers are thin, cheap, and non-absorbent, and Sesame Street is gone. The last straw for the "new Swaddlers" was two huge overnight leaks. We had to go to Target to buy the overnight huggies. We still have over 100 of the new crappy swasddlers left, but we will only use them up when we can change frequently. The price of a box of garbage diapers is not good for the brand. We want to join Costco so that we can buy the better quality brand of diapers from the company. Until then, it is Huggies.

2. Honest Company TrueAbsorb Technology Strawberries

Honest Company TrueAbsorb Technology Strawberries

Double poo pockets front and back protection to help trap blow ups. The Quilted Bubble Liner quickly dries out. It is nice to know when your baby has left. The plant-based materials are chlorine-free. Quick Absorb Channels keep leaks under wraps.

Brand: Honest

👤I'm a first time mom. I didn't have an interest in any particular diaper brand. I have to say that Honest diapers are the worst. My daughter had a BM for a 2 month old and it went up all over her belly and created a huge mess, the absorbency is weak and she had a regular size. The most basic design feature of a diaper is the wetness indicator. I would like to return the rest of the box.

👤We've been happy with the diapers. We can only use Honest or Pampers Pure on our son because he breaks out in cheaper diapers. I've been very impressed with the amount of poop they've been able to hold in, and he hasn't had a single rash with these. I've asked myself how it's still contained. If your baby wears a lot of white clothing, you should know that most of the patterns will show through a little. I wish these had a wetness indicator. I didn't stock up on these when I had the chance, but I'm regretting it now.

👤I am so upset. I have been using honest diapers for 5 years and am very loyal to the brand. There is a The latest delivery of size 2 painted feathers/strawberries has leaked every single day and night. I hope it was just a bad batches. It was almost like the diaper was made wrong and leaking straight out. It's not fun waking up to a wet crying baby and having to change the bed and the baby. There is a The new design is causing the problem. Considering a brand change after all these years.

👤We use Honest Diapers when we travel. I love them! They are cute, ecofriendly and soft. We've tried other brands, but they're not as good. I prefer cloth when I'm on a trip.

👤I received a sample of the nappies after my baby was born. My newborn had a bunch of things to do. I have also used huggies with my baby. I didn't like them. I was amazed at the difference between the sample nappy and the luvs when I tried it. There is a My little boy has a pee that shoots up and around to the back, even when pointed down, and he wets his onesie, bedding and blankets because he misses the nappy. This hasn't happened with these nappies. The absorbent part goes further up the back and is very effective. These don't go as squishy after being used and hold up well at night. They absorb more of the poop so there is less poop on my baby's bottom and they trap the smells better. The designs are sweet. I wouldn't pay more for a nicer diaper. I think they are excellent but they are expensive. I think they are worth it even though they use sizes 1-2. There is less per pack after that. I bought an open box from Amazon for $35, which is $10 more than the big box, and I'm very happy with it. The box is a beat up one. The nappies are still sealed.

3. DYPER Ingredients Alternative Eco Friendly Hypoallergenic

DYPER Ingredients Alternative Eco Friendly Hypoallergenic

Better for your baby. Natural plant-based disposable diapers are designed for sensitive newborn, preemie, and toddler skin. The outer and inner layers are made with 100% Bamboo Viscose. It is soft to the touch, absorbent, and thoughtfully made with clean and pure ingredients. They feel more like yoga pants than conventional diapers. SORBENT, SAFE, TILE: OEKO-TEX consumer safety standards are certified. A 5-star rating was given by the dermatologists. It's a great cloth diaper alternative for potty training boys and girls. Plants are eco-friendly. Their infant diapers are non-toxic and are free of chlorine, latex, alcohol, perfumes, and other harmful chemicals. They are unprinted, unscented, and cruelty-free to protect the next generation. There are 46 Size 3 (Medium) diapers in each package.

Brand: Dyper

👤Excellent diapers! The best I have tried so far. There is a It was very soft, but sturdy. Side clasps are different from other brands, but in a good way, they feel more gentle and do not stick to clothes while changing a diaper. These run very big and hold a bit. My baby is just over 8 lbs and these in Newborn size fit a bit bigger than other brands. It would be too big for premiees. These are more wide. I've been using it for a week and it hasn't caused any problems. There are no prints. Why waste ink? The diaper will end up in the trash. I wish brands focused more on comfort, safety and practicality. That's the last thing on a mom's mind. Excellent quality, happy overall! I have tried almost every natural diaper under the sun, and these take the cake.

👤The diapers are perfect for baby. We use cloth diapers during the day but need something disposable that is safe. It is overnight. I have used 7th Generation for 5 of my kids, but decided to use a better brand. This is it. The quality was very good and definitely worth the money.

👤If you need disposables for any reason, cloth diapering moms are great. We needed them for our baby boy who was 22 lbs when we were away from home for 6 days. The things were very absorbent. We had him in them for 12 hours at night, and we had zero urine leaks. Follow the tips from other reviews for the best fit.

👤It is not as expected. I'm used to getting the earth's best. Also, has a strong smell. It's not sure if it's safe or not.

👤We have a baby who is almost 8 lbs and have been trying to find a newborn alternative. These diapers are large. They're the biggest of the brands we've tried. They wouldn't fit her. We will keep trying when she's bigger, however I don't think that will happen much. Can't say what their function is.

👤I feel like they don't fit well on my 8lb baby, even though they are bigger than others. I used to use hello bello, and they leaked a lot. Dyper brand has helped with blow out diapers. They are long enough from the back to catch the pop. My baby seems to like these. They seem to be very absorbent, and I feel like we change diapers less with Dyper diapers. I didn't notice any odors from the diapers, as another person claimed. I'm not sure if I just got lucky. The texture from the outside is different from other brands, but it's not something I care about.

👤There is an update. We tried them on a baby. They leak. I change her every 3 hours at night with feedings, but it wasn't very full, but it was wet, like the pee wicked through the diaper and the whole thing was wet. I can't wait to get back to Honest company. I can't comment on the function of these diapers yet, but upon opening them they are huge for a newborn diaper - see photo comparing them to an Honest brand diaper. These are more like a small size.

4. Amazon Brand Gentle Touch Diapers

Amazon Brand Gentle Touch Diapers

There are four packs of diapers, each with a solid white and polka dot print. If you are a first-time user, you should consider getting the size of your animal. If the fit is snug, size up. Hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. Free from harmful chemicals. The Wetness indicator shows when it is time for a change, and the Diapers are a great value with up to 12 hours of leakage protection. Thin design with a flexible fit. The outer cover helps keep baby's skin dry.

Brand: Mama Bear

👤The original Mama Bear Diapers were compared in this review. There is a The Original is more comparable to Huggies in size than the Gentle Touch, as they are both longer and narrower. The Gentle Touch are not as soft as they could be. The waist band on the Gentle Touch is thinner and narrower. The pee indicater is included in these, but the dye used to turn the whole diaper area blue is not as good as it could be. I think the Gentle Touch are similar to Target's Up & Up brand and the Original Mama Bear. I had high hopes for these, as they were more sustainable, but sadly the quality just isn't there. I have had no leaks or rashes, so I'll be sticking to the Original Mama Bear diapers, even though they're $7 more.

👤I had always hesitated to buy the Mama Bear brand because of the fact that it had a diaper with better ingredients. I was really disappointed. They are very thin and soft. They remind me of the Up&Up brand by Target, which is 1/3 less expensive. The Up&Up brand has a similar feel on the outside and clump up and hang low when wet. Up&Up is free of chlorine, lotion andfrangrance. The quality is the same. When you are busy, the availability of 1 day shipping is great, but I don't think I'll order again after this box is out. I will stick with my favorites. There are Honest and Cloud Island diapers. Excellent ingredients and function make it slightly more expensive.

👤I have been using Pampers swaddlers for three years. I wanted to send the diapers to my parents before Thanksgiving. I didn't have to pack them because Mama Bear had a small pack that didn't require Amazon Fresh to be delivered. I am floored by how great these are, I am trying them out this week. The diaper pail refill for my diaper genie was my first Mama Bear purchase. The brand name refill is just as good as the cheapest ones because they are exactly the same. I know this because the box it ships in has the Playtex logo on it. There is a I was wondering if it would be a similar situation with the diapers, and I think there is a good chance they are made by Pampers. My son is comfortable as a Pampers swaddler because they are soft, absorbent, and have the yellow line that turns blue. They are the same color as the Mama Bear logo on the waistband. The package has the same message about the absorbent material as it does about Pampers. I wish I had known that the fasteners are legit, because I could have saved a lot of money on diapers. Next I will have to try Mama Bear wipes.

👤The diapers are in the middle of two other brands. These diapers are thin and soft and comparable to swaddlers. The only thing I don't like about them is that they seem to be too small for our size 5s, which could be a size issue or the diaper itself, which could be not as stretchy as they could be. I prefer the original mama bear diapers over every other diaper we have tried, and after trying these, the original mama bear diapers remain the favorite. I have a little one with severe eczema and sensitive skin, and his skin issues around the diaper area seemed to clear up while using these. There was no change in diaper rash.

5. Pampers Overnights Disposable 58 SUPER

Pampers Overnights Disposable 58 SUPER

Extra absorbent for dry nights is the Pampers swaddlers overnights. It can keep wetness away from the skin for up to 12 hours. LockAway Channels are designed to keep skin dry. The BreatheFree Liner lets skin breathe and helps soothe and protect it. Soft Flexi- Sides provide a cushiony stretch for a comfortable fit. Natural rubber and Parabens are not included in the overnights of Pampers swaddlers. There are 8 nighttime prints for the sweetest dreams. New and improved! Product packaging may be different.

Brand: Pampers

👤Regular Pampers swaddlers are the same as the overnight ones. There is no difference between the two diapers, except for the picture graphic on the front of the diaper. We have been using Pampers for a long time and were looking for a dependable overnight diaper, so we thought our favorite brand would do the trick. I immediately felt the same as our regular Swaddlers when I received these overnight diapers. It turned out to be true. I feel betrayed by the brand. During one overnight use, our suspicions were confirmed after we tested these diapers against our regular swaddlers. There was no difference in the two. Buyers beware!

👤I almost didn't buy them because of the reviews that said they were the same as regular pampers, but as a scientist I remembered that the thing that creates the absorbency is in between the cloth layers. It sucks up the liquid which makes a wet diaper heavy. I decided to try these and they are amazing. He was peeing through the swaddles when we used them, so we used full capacity so his pee would sneak out the top. He has never had a leak with these. I know we are only 4 days in, but they are more absorbent than the regular ones. The diapers are not being rebranded as overnight. I highly recommend these to anyone.

👤The feel and look of the regular swaddlers we use during the day, other than the graphic printed on it, were not different when we bought these. The regular swaddlers do not hold up overnight. I don't recommend these and won't be buying them again.

👤The reviews mentioned that they were the same diaper as the normal swaddlers. That worried me until I realized that it was the inside. The inside has more absorbency than the outside. My son and I have been using these for a week now and haven't had any issues. With the regular swaddlers, he would fill his diaper so full that it wouldn't leak, but he would just soak it in on his clothes and bed. These have not done this from night one. He can be in it for 12 hours at night, and his clothes are dry in the morning. Very happy with them!

👤They looked and felt like the regular swaddlers we use during the day. I looked at the website and couldn't find a difference in the description. Don't waste your time buying these diapers. I should have done more research before buying.

👤Since writing the review, our baby has had 2 minor leaks and I found that the diaper was not tight enough. I still think these work well. There is a We've tried all three lineups of the Pampers brand for overnight protection and would rate them as follows. The overnights are better than the reg. The swasddlers are 3. Pure. Our baby would sleep for 12 hours a night without waking up, but around 5mo he started to sleep on his tummy, and that's when the leak problem began. We tried to find the right size. There is still little help. He had a bigger diaper. It helped most nights. We would point his peepee down. Sometimes he'd sleep on his side and we'd find the tabs leaking, which doesn't have coverage. We decided to try the Overnights and Pure because we like the fit of the Pampers swaddlers. We tried all three with the same device. He doesn't poop at night, so I can't say he does overnight. There is a There are thoughts on the overnights. I agree with other reviewers that they are almost the same. When you open the package, they have been compressed and flattened. I set aside all three to compare and discovered that the Overnights puffed up a bit after a while. They were more padded and thicker in appearance. It was very different from the Swaddlers. You can't tell the difference in the picture but they feel like they have more material to absorb than before when they were removed from packaging. There is a We've used them before for daytime, but didn't like how they fit. They are larger than the Swaddlers. He'd have regular blow ups because there wouldn't be a good enough seal. I thought this would be a clear winner because of how thick these diapers are compared to the reg ones, but they simply don't fit well at all and he'd still leak around his inner thighs. There is a If your baby is within a close range of the next size, then placing the diaper in the next size is important. Making sure the diaper was high enough and that the pad was not peeping out the diaper. The tabs had to be flushed against one another. There is a The overnight line worked best for us. The Pure is not worth trying again.

6. Honest Company TrueAbsorb Technology Feathers

Honest Company TrueAbsorb Technology Feathers

Strength for the wiggles and wobbles is provided by the Super Stretchy Sides. The Quilted Bubble Liner quickly dries out. It is nice to know when your child has left. The plant-based materials are chlorine-free. Quick Absorb Channels keep leaks under wraps.

Brand: Honest

👤I was told by customer service to "air out" the diapers. Excuse me? They suggested that is offensive. I don't understand why I have to air the chemicals out of baby's diapers. Size 3 is the other bad review. Maybe they were left in a hot humid warehouse. I expected more concern from them. A strong chemical smell hit me when I opened the diapers. I have never had this happen with any other diapers before. The diapers smell terrible. Sending back.

👤I have been using the Honest Diapers since my son was born and I was really excited about the new wet indicator as it was the only thing missing. As soon as I opened a new diaper, I could tell it was different. This wouldn't have been a problem if he was leaking through the diapers. I thought it was a coincidence but it has happened many times now. I received birds and stripes instead of the breakfast and robot package that I ordered, it just wasn't what I ordered. The absorbency was amazing if it was the old versions.

👤The diapers are soft enough on the inside and have great prints. It gave off a terrible scent because it had prints. I know it is hard to have everything. The diapers weren't very absorbent. I didn't leave the baby's diaper to soak wet, so it was fine with urine, but poop was a different story. The cinched waistband made it look neat, which may be for a sleek and less bulky look compared to another brand. There isn't much absorbency so poop leaked everywhere and sawped out of the waistband. It is pricey too. It works out well for other people despite the fact that these didn't work out for my baby. Consistency of poop may be a factor. Breastfed babies may have a more watery consistency than formula fed babies. Neither is wrong. It didn't work for my baby.

👤Since my oldest daughter was born, I've been using Honest diapers, they were clean, cute, absorbent, and reasonably priced, so I've been using them for my kids. My last two packages have not been delivered. I was hoping that the smaller pack was a change that would last. I don't care if they have a line to "tell" you when your child is wet, but I'm paying a premium price for a product that is now much thinner, less absorbent and actually leaks urine. I have had to change my child's clothing several times because urine isn't being absorbed as a diaper, and I'm frustrated with Honest right now. We had three big situations. It was baffling and irritated. Let's start again for a quality, clean diaper that absorbs... Any recommendations?

👤Really wanted to use these diapers. I don't see what all the hype is about. The cost is way more than hellobello. I like the smell of scented diapers because it makes your child pee unattractive. The smell of the swaddlers is amazing and it comes with an indicator. If you want something that is more eco friendly. I suggest hellobello, they feel the same and cost less. I have tried some pure ones, and I will say they are okay. I switched from pampers to other brands because of the leave on my son. I am a fan of cruisers and may try one again once I finish these. I couldn't find them in a size 3 anywhere. It's nothing special to break your bank for no reason.

7. Huggies Snug Diapers Month Supply

Huggies Snug Diapers Month Supply

Size 4 fit babies are 22 to 37 lbs. The weight is 10 to 17 kilograms. Up to 12 Hours of Day or Night Protection is provided by the Huggies trusted Leak Lock System. Absorbs in seconds to help keep baby dry and comfortable. Improved Absorbent Technology helps baby stay dry longer. The shape of the baby diaper makes it better for leakage protection. Hypoallergenic and free of chemicals, natural rubber latex is the only harsh ingredient. There are Disney Mickey Mouse designs. The packaging may be different from the image shown.

Brand: Huggies

👤There were little hard pieces in the diaper absorbent area after opening a pack of these. It is almost like they were exposed to the elements. I don't think that would be made like that. If I hadn't noticed, my son would have been very annoyed by this. The top of the absorbent area is located inside the diaper. Right where I am pressing in the video.

👤My son had an allergic reaction when the blue gel came out of the diaper. I have only used the Huggies lil movers and they are completely different. At 16 months my son has never had a diaper rash and after a few of these he was speckled red, almost like raised little welts. The little man looked like a ring of fire. I am angry that a product like that is available. There is a class action suit against Huggies for this problem, I found out after this happened. I am returning the rest of the diapers that I received. I only used a few out of the 180. Thankfully, I stopped using the diapers and he is healing up, but I can imagine how many children will be in the hospital if these diapers are not eliminated. There is a I only bought these because they looked like they checked the same boxes as lil movers or snugglers, and I don't like the fact that they have a rubber band around the neck. My husband and I agree that the strange smell that is emitted from the diaper is like buttered popcorn. There is a What the heck are they? There is a Why are these still being sold by Amazon? Look at the reviews. Spend the extra money on a diaper. You will change less diapers and your baby will be happy. Don't buy them!

👤I bought some at Walmart in size 4 and 5 to see if they were the same as the ones I got from Amazon. I think it is just the way they are now. I have to use them until I find something cheaper because my son gets yeast infections when he uses them and luvs gets wet when he uses them. The only ones that don't leak at night are the Huggies Overnights, and they are still great. They are soft and not as rough as the regular ones. New, but not improved. I have used all of my children's Huggies and never had a problem until this box of diapers. The size 3 was very soft and plush. They are not as big as you might think. You can feel the hard spots inside of them. The first bag out of this box was okay. I grabbed one out of the second bag and realized these were wrong. The bags that came in the box were the same as the ones I opened. Some are better than others, but none are soft and some are so bad that they crunch when you bend them. I am going to buy a box from Walmart to see if this is a new design issue or an Amazon issue, since I have requested a return for these. If this is the new quality, then I will not have a choice, I love Huggies and would hate to switch. There is a The size 3 diapers have red dots on the sides, but the size 4 has a diamond design on the sides and around the waist. The size 4 diaper leg and back ruffle is different. Size 3 is bigger and has more elasticity so it has a snug fit, the size 4 is shorter and stretched out. I didn't notice that on the first bag, but that could explain the couple of leaks we had for the first time since using huggies.

8. Pampers Swaddlers Diapers Size Count

Pampers Swaddlers Diapers Size Count

Their diaper is very soft. New absorbent layers help soothe and protect baby's skin. The BreatheFree Liner helps keep baby's skin dry and healthy. Where leaks happen most, their dual leak-guard barriers protect. Hypoallergenic and free of latex, gentle on delicate skin. The wetness indicator shows when a baby is wet. There are new prints. The love between a baby and a parent is illustrated in hand-drawn animals. New and improved! Product packaging may be different.

Brand: Pampers

👤I suspected that the diapers were not real. I have been buying size 4 Pampers swaddlers for the past few months, but they look completely different. The box said "Swaddlers Active Baby". I described everything to them when I called them. The customer representative looked at the barcode and asked several questions. He said they are really Pampers. He said that the product design of the Swaddlers has been changed this year. The diapers seem to be performing okay so far. Since my baby was born over two years ago, I have only used Pampers.

👤I would love to give this product a few more stars. I will not be purchasing any more from Amazon. My child is 12 months old. I bought them because they were priced well. They leave cotton on my son's skin. I have to give him a bath to get the white diaper material off, even though I try to clean it with wipes. They don't have overnight absorption. It would be safe to assume that the diapers would have worked because he isn't a pee crazy child. Sadly, they did not. LUV's is my trustworthy brand. The diaper material that is left on my son's skin is the most upsetting thing to me. Hopefully it is just a bad bunch, but definitely not buying these diapers again. I will be returning the size 1 I got for my baby to avoid these issues.

👤It's great for a 3.5 year old who is too small for clothes.

👤Dad to a special need son who just went to the hospital. 30 months is a long time. He has been medivac'd at all 3 hospitals. Boston, Miami, Cincinnati Children use these. I tried all of them after he left. To those Hippyish made from recycl tree bark. All bad! These are the best and worth the extra money. There is a blue stripe that appears when he pees. It can show the intensity of the discharge. Is it light dribbles or full blown change time? Buy em ladies! Don't cheap out on your kids.

👤The brand is trusted from birth. I don't understand why the wait band is rough. I have to change his diaper every two hours and in his sleep I change it at least twice because it looks like he's packing with urine and it will leak through his clothes. I went to the bank with him and the line was so long it took 20 minutes to get to the teller and then 4 hours to get back to me. I catch my son itching where the waistband is and it feels cheap. The quality of this brand has declined over time. The pure holds more urine due to the extra cotton added and the swaddles are the same quality as the dry test.

👤A fake product caused a horrible rash on my daughter. We use the same brand all the time, but after trying to get the rash to go down, I noticed the diapers are not the same quality or material as the ones we use. There is a We are looking at a doctors appointment because I am concerned that this may not be a rash, but a burn. There is a If you have a question about any of these purchases, I recommend returning them or disposing of them.

9. Friendly Premium Disposable Andy Pandy

Friendly Premium Disposable Andy Pandy

A world of no diamonds! A baby screaming in agony from a diaper rash is nothing better than that. They are so happy to announce that they have the solution you've been waiting for. The Andy Pandy Diapers are the "Bees Knees" when it comes to comfort. Your baby's skin is protected from getting painful irritation and rashes by the bamboo. Enjoy a happy baby and happy you! As a baby's pacifier, diapers are soft. BOTTOM! You want to give your baby the best possible start in life. Their bamboo disposable diapers are very soft to the touch, and they are very anti-bacterial to prevent irritation. The Andy Pandy diapers have a liner to keep your baby's skin hydrated and prevent itching. It is the best thing for your baby's bottom. There are two types of tape: Velcro tape and glue. They believe they can get back to where they were. Did they mention that they love children? As a mother of four wonderful kids, I can not see another child suffering without wanting to help. That is what they do as mothers, right? Their company is the same. St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is a partner of ours. With your purchase of Andy Pandy Diapers, you will be contributing to a wonderful cause and you can also feel proud. The ultimate baby gift! What would be the most perfect baby shower gift? They would definitely recommend Andy Pandy eco-friendly bamboo diapers. When your friend opens her gift to see that you took the need for necessity and comfort and took it to a whole new level of awesome, they are sure to be a show-topping success. The best bamboo diapers are available on the market. Enjoy their lifetime without a guarantee. I made it my mission to create a superior leak-proof diaper because I didn't want anyone to have time for that. Their diapers can be used to handle blow-outs that may spontaneously combust. They will give you a full money back on your Andy Pandy Bamboo Diapers if you are not in love with them. Click the yellow button to experience their sustainable diaper difference.

Brand: Andy Pandy

👤I was determined to get the most chemical-free diaper for our baby, and did a lot of research. There is a Andy Pandy was the best option. I was willing to take the blame for the poo spills out the side and overlook the night-time leaks in order to avoid chemicals. The diaper rash caused by these diapers wouldn't go away. The liner of the diaper isn't effective in keeping baby dry. It doesn't mean much if it's made of a plant. We went through about 12 packs. Honest Diapers were not strong. We didn't get through a pack, they just weren't worth it. Naty was interesting. The texture was papery. They leaked at night, soaking the baby's clothes and sheets. They kept their poos in check during the day. I found that the edges of the diapers were papery. I haven't tried the white packaged version of Bambo, but it has been the best. There was no diaper rash. The winner! There is a TruKid cream is recommended. The diaper rash that we had with the Andy Pandy diapers was healed by that.

👤It was manufactured in China. The first time the diapers were opened there was a strong smell. I let them go out for a while and they still smell. I'm not sure if the smell is from the manufacturing process or the ingredients. The bag of diapers is still being used. The outer surface of the diaper seems to get wet when the urine leaks through the front of the diaper. We will save our money when this bag is finished. There is a * I decided to give them another try after the owner contacted me. She replaced my order for free. The replacement pack held waste well and had no chemical smell. We are satisfied with the owner's handling of this. I am changing my review to 5 stars because of her attention to customer service. I wish more people were like this.

👤2 stars for being chemical-free. They are soft. I can't recommend them because they leak every time my baby poops. Every time. Single. Time. I thought I was putting them on the wrong way. No. It wasn't a user error. I am done with the diapers. It isn't worth it. There is a I ordered these 3 times so I gave them a chance.

👤My wife and I love these diapers. We've tried many brands, including Honest Company diapers. Andy Pandy is our favorite. There is a lot of gel stuff in them and they have a net-like upper layer. Huggies don't fit right around the thighs and leak all the time. Even though babyganics and Earth's best run a bit small, they are definitely better for the baby. They don't stretch. It seems they are not comfortable for him. Different patterns of Honest Company diapers are offered. They are softer than Babyganics and Earth's Best. They were a bit stiff and paper-like. They don't have a wetness indicator. There is a The Andy Pandy diaper is perfect. They are soft on the outside and inside. The company uses bamboo which makes them soft. Our son gets diaper rush from the non-green diapers, but never from Andy Pandy. The diapers are green because they are made from bamboo. There is a We like the Andy Pandy diapers in plain white. They look nice. They have a yellow strip that goes down the middle and turns green when wet. There is a The side tabs and back panel are very stretchy which makes them very snug. Our son is 2 months old and the small size fits him very well and will fit him for the next 2 months as well. It would have been good from about 9 lbs. If you want to use it on a 6-7lb newborn, it may be a bit big. It is very soft and stretchy so you can get a snug fit. I heard that the company is going to make a small size that is perfect for newborns. There is a Our son sleeps for 6 hours straight at night now, and at times he would only wake up for a quick 10 minute breastfeed, as he was too tired to sleep at night. We left the diaper on for 10 hours because he fell asleep and we didn't want to wake him up. When we changed the diaper in the morning, my wife touched the inside of the diaper and it felt very soft. The diaper is soft and dry. There is a Andy Pandy should be offered on subscribe and save by Amazon. We would not join the Amazon Mom program if they were new. Andy Pandy is the only diaper that we would want to pay for.

10. Honest Company Diapers TrueAbsorb Technology

Honest Company Diapers TrueAbsorb Technology

Double poo pockets front and back protection to help trap blow ups. The Quilted Bubble Liner quickly dries out. It is nice to know when your baby has left. The plant-based materials are chlorine-free. Quick Absorb Channels keep leaks under wraps.

Brand: Honest

👤A cute print. Lousy absorbents. It was very flimsy. When my baby pees and when she sweats, they come apart. My daughter had a lot of hair. Maybe I just got a bad batches. Who knows?

👤I wanted to like them. We can't use them because they haven't had any leaks. My baby had a terrible rash because of the diapers. The rash went away when I went back to her usual delivery. If you have babies with sensitive skin, I can't return a huge box of expensive diapers.

👤Good diaper. Fun designs. It's hard to tell if the kid peed if only a small amount of pee went into the diaper, since they're ultra absorbent and the doctor wants to know how many wet and dirty diapers the baby is. I would buy them in the future.

👤The old style without the indicator line was not advertised. My baby is smaller than the ones I ordered so I thought they were the newer style, since they fit a bit snugger. This company has never had an issue with it. I am very upset that I received the wrong diaper. Not what I would have spent my money on.

👤I like these diapers. The newborn size worked well for our baby until she was 10 pounds at her 1 month check up. She weighed 8.6 lbs when she was born. She started getting blow outs. She didn't have anymore blow outs after we switched. I guess we are using that as a basis for her size. The designs are fun and absorb well, they don't cause any irritation or rashes. Very happy mother.

👤Cute prints are offered in a diaper. They are a nice alternative. I thought they would be softer than other brands but they are just average. There is no indication line for pee. The diapers hold a lot of urine. Sometimes you can't tell if the diaper has urine. The ability to tell if they are full may have to do with the design prints. If they had a wetness indicator, I would pay the price.

👤My daughter is getting a terrible burn on her skin when she uses honest diapers, but I want to use them. Some of the diapers are fine, but some of them cause a terrible reaction. If this keeps happening, I will have to change my diaper.

👤I gave the old style honest diapers five stars, but the new version is a joke. The old size 2 and new size 3 are still bigger than the old size threes, but I have a pack of them. The new diapers are so small that they are ridiculous.

👤Size 1 is good for baby's 7 to 10 lbs. They added a wet strip indicator. When diaper blows, it is a minor event. Have only used size 1. The floral diapers are smaller than the bunnies, which is nice. We used the smaller ones first and then the larger ones, which was between the small and size 2. I plan to use size 1 until our cloth diapers fit. I will be buying these for my friends who are trying to get their kids into a healthier lifestyle. The value is great compared to other disposable diapers.

11. HONEST Conscious Multicolored Giraffes Packaging

HONEST Conscious Multicolored Giraffes Packaging

Super Stretchy Sides have strength for those wiggles and wobbles. The Quilted Bubble Liner quickly dries out. Diaper Duty Wetness can be touched. It is nice to know when your partner is gone. The plant-based materials are chlorine-free.

Brand: Honest

👤My baby girl has bad diaper rash since she was born, only honest diaper rash. We fell in love with them immediately and have been buying them ever since. She's now 1 and a half years old. She could wear these for long periods of time with no problem as they were super absorbent. The new design is terrible. We have had many leaks during the day and have had many blowouts. The old diaper must be brought back. I need a new diaper brand. I will cancel my subscription and save because I will not be buying another box of these.

👤This is the first time I have ever written a review, because of how serious this was. Since my baby was born, we have used honest diapers. They have always been ordered off of Amazon. We used the first diaper on our son after getting a new box. I didn't think much of the diapers when I opened them, they seemed different from the ones we received in the past. We took it off for bath time and noticed he had a large raised rash around his genitals. We contacted his doctor via video and she said it looked like a severe contact rash. She told us that we need to throw out the new diapers. I would be very cautious if I bought these. This was the first time we have had an issue with honest and so we are ordering a new box and I will review after receipt if this happens again. Very frightening.

👤I don't know if these are a generic Honest Brand of diapers or not. But they are bad. It feels like a diaper is hairy and if you don't change baby throughout the night we have leaks. We have a major blow up when she poops due to the odd fit. We have used honest brand in the past and I don't recall them being so cheap. The box is the same as my subscription, but the diapers are not as good. Don't do it! You should go through the Honest Brand website to make sure you are getting real Honest Brand quality.

👤We have never had a problem with the Honest Co. diapers that we have been using for our 15 month old twins. We switched to size 4 and they both broke out in a diaper rash with multiple layers of skin peeling off. We made sure that it was not from another source, such as the wipes or diaper rash cream. These are the culprits. We can't use them again because this rash was so severe that we can't take the risk of using them again and subject our kids to that suffering again. The Honest Co. nighttime diapers work just fine for us. I've seen other reviews about diaper rash and it seems like it's a problem for others as well.

👤We 800-273-3217 They were so cute that we decided to give it a try. There is a Even though you buy the same size, these diapers are smaller. The flaps are cheap. They get saggy right away. It doesn't last throughout the night at night time. Your child will wake up soaked if you don't wake up to change at night. I have never had a problem with beauty products. I would have paid more for this box.


What is the best product for eco friendly diapers size 4?

Eco friendly diapers size 4 products from Pampers. In this article about eco friendly diapers size 4 you can see why people choose the product. Honest and Dyper are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly diapers size 4.

What are the best brands for eco friendly diapers size 4?

Pampers, Honest and Dyper are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly diapers size 4. Find the detail in this article. Mama Bear, Honest and Huggies are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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