Best Eco Friendly Diapers Size 6

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1. Honest Company TrueAbsorb Technology Strawberries

Honest Company TrueAbsorb Technology Strawberries

Strength for the wiggles and wobbles is provided by the Super Stretchy Sides. The Quilted Bubble Liner quickly dries out. Diaper Duty Wetness can be touched. It is nice to know when your partner is gone. The plant-based materials are chlorine-free.

Brand: Honest

👤I'm serious! The diapers pose a hazard. I've pulled fuzz from my baby's mouth twice today, and I've changed her diaper multiple times. There is a The picture was taken after she changed her diaper. She can easily remove material. I am not buying the product again. There is a The company told me they knew the diapers could shed material. It's not cool!

👤The best natural diaper in the market. I wanted to use natural, disposable diapers for my daughter. It hurts my heart to see all of them go to waste. I don't have the time to wash and dry cloth diapers. It had to be disposable for me. Honest diapers are the best. After trying many brands in the market, they would either leak or the material inside would clump up, making my daughter uncomfortable. These diapers are leak proof, super cute, and have a low chance of diaper rash. We started to use them when our daughter was small, and we are still using them today. We love them!

👤My first child was potty trained. I cloth diapered my second daughter until she was 15 months old. After 3 years of cloth diapering, I got tired of washing them every 2 days and the constant soaking of her crib at night. My second machine is a pooping machine. I was looking for a diaper that would help my daughter's skin. It was a close second to cloth diapers. Honest Company Diaper is very good. There is a The designs are adorable. There are no leaks or rashes. When she wakes up in the morning, we change her after every nap, if she goes # 2 or if her diaper is dirty. At 15 months, we are at an average of 5 diapers a day. At this age, that is normal. Changing children can prevent the rash in a child. There is a If you compare brands for sensitive skin, you will see that they are the same price, with the same amount of diapers, but you will pay a little more. It's the same in the end.

👤The last time I bought the honest diapers in size 3 for my toddler, they were noticeably different and not in a good way. They don't absorb as much as the old version. My daughter's cute clothes have ended up soaked in pee since she sat on them and used these. I used to brag to my family and friends that I never had an issue with them containing the pee or poop. I didn't mind spending more on these. I thought they were worth it. Until now. This will be the last time I buy them. I will no longer buy for my daughter and son. I will either look or go back to huggies.

👤I used Honest diapers for my first child and have been using them for my second. They are absorbent, rarely a rash of any kind. I have turned friends onto me as well. The Honest company started making diapers with a wetness indicator. We had never had a leak with the original diapers, but I now get leaks after every pee. When I ordered the original diapers, they sent me the new ones. I am changing over to Hello Bello.

2. Pampers Disposable Hypoallergenic Fragrance Protection

Pampers Disposable Hypoallergenic Fragrance Protection

The liner is made with premium cotton grown in the USA. It is clinically proven that shea butter protects your baby's skin. It is made without harsh ingredients like chlorine and fragrance. It's possible to lock away from skin for up to 12 hours. When your baby might need a change, the Wetness Indicator from Pampers is reassuring. The designer prints that make Pampers Pure the complete package of style and protection.

Brand: Pampers

👤The papers are pure diaper size 4. I have never written a review in Amazon. It was so shocking to find a sharp plastic piece from inside of the diaper twice. I don't check the inside of the diaper before I use it because I don't think anyone would find a plastic piece from it. There is a I found the piece after my baby was wearing a diaper for hours. She had it stuck on her skin. I tried to understand until I found the second plastic piece from the diaper. From the same box.

👤These are the best! The swaddlers are pricey but the tabs are better and the designs are cute. They keep my baby girl from getting the skin disease on her thighs. I love knowing they are natural. The points value is not correct. I should have received 72 points, but I only got 60 points from each pack, and the box comes with three packs inside. Come on, get it together, and stop being greedy with the points. There is a It makes no sense that the pampers cruisers give more points than these.

👤I was very excited to try the new line. Since we brought our daughter home from the hospital, we've been using Pampers swaddlers. I have never experienced any intense explosions. Our daughter developed the worst diaper rash of her life after one day of using the new line. The rash subsided when we stopped using the diapers. It's not always the friendliest for your baby's butt to use "environmentally friendly" diapers. We're throwing away all the remaining diapers and buying new swaddlers.

👤Don't waste your money on these. I was excited to have a diaper made from pampers but I would rather use a different brand. Every night my son has a diaper leak. He wakes up 3-4 times a night for a bottle and a diaper change, and the next day he is in a small puddle of his own urine. Sometimes his diaper is full, but most of the time it is a little dirty but still leaking out of the top or sides. It's not worth it to wash sheets every day and put him in dry pajamas at night when he cries and wakes up crying. You can choose a different brand. I thought I was doing something wrong, maybe I was putting them on wrong or he was in the wrong size, but no. They are leaking diapers. I liked them because they aren't stiff like the other "clean" diapers, but they aren't worth your money. Don't buy these. I will urge everyone I come across to go to another brand.

👤The smell of these diapers is not like others. Which I do not recommend. I think they are the safest diapers you can buy, and they are very transparent on the packaging. They use a material called polypropylene. This is the safest plastic material on the market and is better than other materials. They control leg blow outs better than most diaper companies. I wish the back was a tad longer or a bit more layers to control blow outs that go up the back.

3. Luvs Leakguards Disposable Diapers SUPPLY

Luvs Leakguards Disposable Diapers SUPPLY

Triple leak guards help stop leaks before they happen. Nightlock Technology can keep you safe for up to 12 hours. The sides are secure and stretchy. The wetness indicator tells you when your baby needs a change. No latex natural rubber. Two designs make your baby look cute. Your packaging and product may be different because of an upgrade.

Brand: Luvs

👤I thought I'd try different brands, but I think I should stick to Huggies. I wasted money on this brand because it's cheap. The side stickers to hold the diaper can break when put on. That's not even the issue, it's a fake advertisement. My son leaks out every morning. He's not in the diaper for more than 8 hours and his clothes are wet every morning because he leaked out. I would be able to keep him in it for up to 12 hours at night but I would have to change my kid at midnight to make sure I didn't leak. I can't. Total BS. I don't think this brand is a good one. If you want your money's worth, you should spend a couple more bucks on Huggies. They're comfortable for the kids and durable.

👤Very disappointed. We have been using these diapers for a couple years and have not had any problems. The new ones were changed because of the subscribe and save. They are awful. They caused a rash on our boys very quickly. Will try to return one box and see if we can get the old versions somewhere. The old versions have a monkey. The new ones have a giraffe. Beware!

👤The new design is terrible. Thinner, cheaper and doesn't fit my baby well. I've been using luvs diapers on my son for over a year and they were always great. My most recent delivery has a fish on it instead of a monkey. He's had many victories. I will have to change brands. Very disappointed.

👤A totally different diaper is in the same box. I don't like being sent these slogans. I expected the luvs that are advertised to be with the bees. The slogans are "woke up like this" and "little boss". It's so dumb. I don't understand if these were supposed to be night diapers. What is going on with this? I am confused. Some are different from the others. I think I have to take a loss because returning is so difficult. It is unfair.

👤When my two oldest children were small, I used Luvs. They are 10 and 12. The diapers were amazing. They were just as good as the expensive brands, but it was much easier on the budget. Four years ago, when I had my daughter, I started using Huggies. When my shipment was behind, I decided to give it a try. When my child would crawl or walk it sounded like she was wearing plastic bags. They barely fit because they weren't true to size. I could smell it if she urinated a little bit. They came out with a new design. I thought about why not. They were $20 cheaper a month than my Huggies. The new design is softer and not as loud. The "old design" is a little bigger than the "new design". They don't hold up as well. My son is 21 months old. Any movement of the bowels can be smelled. A months supply doesn't last long. We are currently potty training and these will be used for now.

4. Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers Packaging

Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers Packaging

The size 2 fit babies are 12-18 lbs. The weight is 5-8 kilograms. The GentleAbsorb Liner has a premium layer of protection for sensitive skin. The pocketed waistband helps keep the diaper mess out. Don't flush. The Leak Lock System helps prevent leaks for up to 12 hours. It is free of chlorine and natural rubber latex. Double grip strips help keep the diaper in place while crawling, moving or walking. The packaging may be different from the image shown.

Brand: Huggies

👤I have tried many different brands of diapers. There is a It is hard to find the size 4 huggies in the store. I need to use Amazon. I like Snugglers because it doesn't soak through quickly, it's soft and sturdy, and it's not paper thin. Hugs are better around thighs. There is a The poop trap at the top back of the diaper is the best part and you have some extra insurance on a blow-out. There is a My children wear them during the day. We don't use them at night. We have a 2 diaper system for zero nightime blow outs, which means any size 4 non-chlorine diaper on 1st and a small slit cut in front of the diaper where pee accumulates and then a size 5 overnight of any cheap diaper over it. An engineer told me to do that. The cut in the diaper is against the baby's skin. overflow to the 2nd diaper is allowed.

👤I have no problem with the diapers themselves. I opened a pack after I got through most of the box, and realized that it was a defect. There was a ripped tab on all the diapers. No refunds or replacements were allowed. I have to return all the diapers. The other 130 are not filled with poop or pee. I am out of luck.

👤I wasn't ready to upgrade to the little movers because I was having difficulty finding size 3 in the snugglers at my local club. I found a similar one on Amazon. I expected the same quality of diapers as I had used huggies of smaller sizes. I bought a premium size 3 huggies little cuddlers and received a knock on the door with the same design. 1. The box was larger than the standard 2. The absorbent fluff was thin and off centered, and didn't have the same soft fluffy dots as the previous sizes. I'm out $45, hope this helps you. The diapers are generic in quality. Not worth my money or reputation.

👤My daughter has been using these for 3-4mos. We used pampers swaddlers when she was a baby. They wouldn't be full and they always felt damp on the outside of the diaper, so we went on to use Honest Co. We liked them, but she started having red hair that looked like it was growing out of her ear, and I couldn't get her to stop using different creams. I was sick of having to figure out the best time to order and sometimes I wouldn't get the pattern I had chosen and they would send me random ones without even notifying me. I decided to go out and see what I could buy locally, and tried everything, but didn't like them, and tried the huggies with Mickey Mouse on them. I decided to try the huggies. Best decision ever! I love these diapers for many reasons. They have double velcro that helps keep the diaper in place and harder for babies that like to strip their diaper. They are soft and beat. Her bottom has never been so clear. We will try again in October and I will be stocking up for the next one. I've seen posts that are fake. I'm not sure how you counterfeit a diaper. I received the same box as the ones I purchased from Target. There is a The smaller package in my pictures is from Target and the bigger package is from here.

5. Baby Diapers Huggies Little Movers

Baby Diapers Huggies Little Movers

The size of the diapers is 6 fit babies 35+ lbs. 16+ lbs. The #1 fitting diaper has a 5-way fit system with a contoured shape to move with a baby. The DryTouch Liner absorbs wetness on contact and the Leak Lock System helps prevent leaks for up to 12 hours. Don't flush. The diaper is in place while the baby is moving. The indicator changes color when the baby is ready for a diaper change. It is free of chlorine and natural rubber latex. The SizeUp indicator lets you know when a baby needs to be moved. The packaging may be different from the image shown.

Brand: Huggies

👤The new Lion King variety is terrible. My toddler has left sores on his upper thighs. It doesn't seem like it's any different. I have been buying these since she was a baby. I am so disappointed in these. I don't want to have to buy a new diaper brand since we will be potty training in the near future, so I'm hoping I'll still be able to buy the old variety in stores.

👤The new ones are terrible. They don't go up as high on my daughter's back. She leaked out of the sides. She had a big blow up because the diaper doesn't fit the same. She is 9 months old. She was 6 months old when she started breastfeeding. It was not a BM that would cause a blowout BM. I'm very sad. I have been a fan of huggies for 2.5 years and have never been disappointed. I have sent an email to the company. I will switch to a different brand if I don't get a refund or exchange for the old version.

👤I don't think my review will be posted since they have deleted most of the reviews. I can not click on the pictures to read the review. The diapers I have been buying from Amazon have been great. The diapers I received were of a lower quality. They are a little smaller. I will be looking for an alternative because my 13 month old is leaking through them at night.

👤The new style costs $10 more but has 8 less diapers. It's not a month supply, it's more like 3 weeks. We often need to buy extras. There is a The new design seems to fit around the bottom better, which could cause leaks. The top has caused some degree of sagging. There is a The diaper has not caused a rash like other reviewers have.

👤I thought I saved money by buying these, but I would be better off spending an extra buck on a bad diaper. TheHuggies diaper are not as good as the diapers you can buy at your local store. The diapers look full because the material clunks up all together. Not only that. You can feel the urine leaking out when it is full. My son drinks a lot of fluids and this is a waste of money. I don't want to have diapers.

👤Did the material of these diapers change? They don't have as much liquid in them. My daughter woke up in the morning with urine all over her bed. The old style of mickey mouse is more absorbent. I don't have the option to choose what style I received as these are one of my subscribe and save items.

👤This review is for the new book. There is a The leak protection and absorbents have not changed. The size has changed a lot. There is a My daughter is wearing a Mickey print. We tried the lion king print and it has to be a smaller size. I'm not impressed. The print looks cheap and the size is terrible.

6. Earth Eden Baby Diapers Count

Earth Eden Baby Diapers Count

Up to 12 hours of superior leakage protection is clinically proven gentle on your baby's skin. The cotton enhanced dryness layer and the hypoallergenic inner liner help keep your baby dry and comfortable. Fit-grip technology offers an enhanced fit, while soft, stretchable waists and sides move with your active baby. Not tested on animals, the fluff is made with SFI Certified sustainable sources and printed with non-toxic water-based ink. Made in the USA with domestic and imported materials.

Brand: Earth & Eden

👤The diapers are tearing off. I thought it was a coincidence, but now it is every diaper doing this.

👤I was excited to try these as I have been an avid user of Honest and would love a more affordable option. Seeing people say these were comparable to honest made me hopeful. They are very soft and I like that they have a strip of grip on the diaper tab to keep it in place. The back seems to hold in blow outs. My son is almost 11 months old and he has never leaked in his honest diaper. He has woken up every night since I switched him. Their claim for 12 hours of protection is out of the window because he only sleeps 10 hours a night. My son is sensitive and he likes these diapers. I might as well stick to Honest for both if I have to buy two different diapers. There is an update. My baby has turned red after a week or two of wear. It's clear.

👤When Amazon came out with these, I was all for giving them a try because my daughters have sensitive skin with the chemicals in conventional diapers. I've used them for 3 years now, and my 18 month old is currently using, so I'll break them down. There is a The diapers feel very soft, comparable to Andy pandy. Slimmer than Honest, Babyganics and Andy Pandy, does not irritate our baby's skin. They don't hold a lot of liquid, especially when our baby turned 1 and started peeing a lot during the night. They don't hold up for a long time, even with barely any pee in them, so they need to be changed every 3-4 hours, even if they have little pee in them. There is a Overall, I recommend these. These work well for what we need them to do. You just have to make sure you change them frequently. We use these during the day and then use Andy Pandy at night to combat the overnight peeing/leaking problem.

👤When my youngest daughter needed to move up to a size 5, they were nowhere to be found, even though I have been an avid Earth's Best diaper user for my two girls. I am not sure if that played roll during the beginning of the Pandemic. I needed a diaper that worked for us. I use the products we use the most. We want natural items that are free from toxic ingredients. I tried a number of natural brands like Honest Company. The prints were cute, but the absorption was terrible. We found ourselves with a lot of accidents and a high price tag. I reached out to my sister who recommended them. I regret not doing it sooner. I was able to get a size 5, 150 count for $35. I was paying $50 for the diapers. The savings made me worried that Earth would not be as good as it could be. They turned out to be the best we had tried. A strip that changes from yellow to blue when wet is absorbers, great fit, and a strip that changes from yellow to blue when wet. If your child is in size 5 by the time they are born, you will know if a diaper is wet or not, but this feature is especially helpful for the first few days and weeks when a newborn needs to be monitored closely to make sure they drink enough formula or breastmilk. I like the brand of diapers.

7. Honest Company Diapers TrueAbsorb Technology

Honest Company Diapers TrueAbsorb Technology

Double poo pockets front and back protection to help trap blow ups. The Quilted Bubble Liner quickly dries out. Diaper Duty Wetness can be touched. It is nice to know when your partner is gone. The plant-based materials are chlorine-free.

Brand: Honest

👤I'm a first time mom. I didn't have an interest in any particular diaper brand. I have to say that Honest diapers are the worst. My daughter had a BM for a 2 month old and it went up all over her belly and created a huge mess, the absorbency is weak and she had a regular size. The most basic design feature of a diaper is the wetness indicator. I would like to return the rest of the box.

👤We've been happy with the diapers. We can only use Honest or Pampers Pure on our son because he breaks out in cheaper diapers. I've been very impressed with the amount of poop they've been able to hold in, and he hasn't had a single rash with these. I've asked myself how it's still contained. If your baby wears a lot of white clothing, you should know that most of the patterns will show through a little. I wish these had a wetness indicator. I didn't stock up on these when I had the chance, but I'm regretting it now.

👤I am so upset. I have been using honest diapers for 5 years and am very loyal to the brand. There is a The latest delivery of size 2 painted feathers/strawberries has leaked every single day and night. I hope it was just a bad batches. It was almost like the diaper was made wrong and leaking straight out. It's not fun waking up to a wet crying baby and having to change the bed and the baby. There is a The new design is causing the problem. Considering a brand change after all these years.

👤We use Honest Diapers when we travel. I love them! They are cute, ecofriendly and soft. We've tried other brands, but they're not as good. I prefer cloth when I'm on a trip.

👤I received a sample of the nappies after my baby was born. My newborn had a bunch of things to do. I have also used huggies with my baby. I didn't like them. I was amazed at the difference between the sample nappy and the luvs when I tried it. There is a My little boy has a pee that shoots up and around to the back, even when pointed down, and he wets his onesie, bedding and blankets because he misses the nappy. This hasn't happened with these nappies. The absorbent part goes further up the back and is very effective. These don't go as squishy after being used and hold up well at night. They absorb more of the poop so there is less poop on my baby's bottom and they trap the smells better. The designs are sweet. I wouldn't pay more for a nicer diaper. I think they are excellent but they are expensive. I think they are worth it even though they use sizes 1-2. There is less per pack after that. I bought an open box from Amazon for $35, which is $10 more than the big box, and I'm very happy with it. The box is a beat up one. The nappies are still sealed.

8. Pampers Swaddlers Disposable Diapers SUPPLY

Pampers Swaddlers Disposable Diapers SUPPLY

Their diaper is very soft. New absorbent layers help soothe and protect baby's skin. The BreatheFree Liner helps keep baby's skin dry and healthy. Where leaks happen most, their dual leak-guard barriers protect. It's gentle on delicate skin and free of latex. The wetness indicator shows when a baby is wet. There are new prints. The love between a baby and a parent is illustrated in hand-drawn animals. New! Soon, swaddlers Wrap and Protect Waistband will be available. For a limited time, the product and packaging may be different.

Brand: Pampers

👤I have been buying all of my Pampers diapers here for over a year. When they looked different, I should have known. The last order did not have the Sesame Street characters, but instead little kitties, which I thought was a new marketing tactic. I started to notice the difference. They were different in size and thickness. They were very thin and flimsy. The tabs were ripped off several times. Many of the diapers had dark brownish spots under the material, which I was too afraid to put on my son, so I ended up throwing at least 8 away. They left little white pieces of material all over my son's bottom and he never got diaper rash. I ran to my local Target to get a new box of quality products after throwing them out. Fast forward to last week, when I decided to check the reviews on Amazon, I was met with concern by many parents. When I placed my order, I was sure to order a new box of Sesame characters, but I was disappointed when I realized that the new box was not the same as the old one.

👤For the past 16 months, we have been using the products. They have been very good. Until recently, we love them. The tabs rip off often, and the diapers seem to leak more often. We went from a month supply of 164 size four diapers to a month supply of 150 in this recent order. What gives? That gives 14 less diapers, the same price, and cheap quality. We are not sure if we will continue with the subscription. I bought a package at the store and it was the same design as the ones I thought were knock offs. Since getting rid of the Sesame Street designs, the quality as well as quantity has been lowered. We buy beauty products because they are the best. It was very disappointing for the diapers.

👤I received a fake box of diapers. The artwork on them is not the same as the artwork on the previous diapers I bought. When my baby leaked through his diapers 3 times in a row, I noticed that they didn't look like the other ones I have. Total scam! Don't buy these diapers.

👤I don't like the new design. Our child misses the Sesame Street characters. I'm paying a premium for the premium diaper because it feels thinner and not as good. They're cutting corners because their diapers are costing them less to make, and yet they're charging the same for less diapers per box! This isn't fair to consumers. It's time to bring back Sesame Street!

👤For the last 5 years, we've used the swaddlers from Pampers. The swaddlers on Sesame Street were thick and absorbent. We could put the kids in swasddlers and not worry. Not so with the latest batches. The diapers are thin, cheap, and non-absorbent, and Sesame Street is gone. The last straw for the "new Swaddlers" was two huge overnight leaks. We had to go to Target to buy the overnight huggies. We still have over 100 of the new crappy swasddlers left, but we will only use them up when we can change frequently. The price of a box of garbage diapers is not good for the brand. We want to join Costco so that we can buy the better quality brand of diapers from the company. Until then, it is Huggies.

9. Honest Company TrueAbsorb Technology Feathers

Honest Company TrueAbsorb Technology Feathers

Strength for the wiggles and wobbles is provided by the Super Stretchy Sides. The Quilted Bubble Liner quickly dries out. Diaper Duty Wetness can be touched. It is nice to know when your partner is gone. The plant-based materials are chlorine-free.

Brand: Honest

👤I used to like the design of the Honest Company's diapers. I am changing my 2 year olds pants daily because the new design leaks. I would not recommend these diapers to anyone now that they have been sent the new design instead of the old one. My child needs a diaper that keeps him dry and comfortable.

👤I have used Honest Co for 4 years with no issues. The diapers are TERRIBLE after they changed to a clean conscious diaper. My 2 year old has leaked through his diaper multiple times, including once at the grocery store while sitting in the cart, which leaked onto all my food below him! I had to switch to a different brand of diapers because I love the idea of eco-friendly ones. I wanted to make sure other people don't waste their money. We were not given a choice between the new and old diapers. They did a bait and switch that didn't make me happy. It was sad to say goodbye to Honest. I can't have my child leaking through his diaper all the time.

👤I have tried many brands of diapers but they are the best. I don't bother with anything else. They don't fall down on my baby's butt. They don't smell and are absorbent. After my baby pees, some of the diapers start falling apart and I find them on her skin. That has never happened with these. I think they're perfect. They are more expensive but the quality is great. If you use these, you won't have to change your diaper as often. Just last longer.

👤I bought these because they were on sale, and I wanted to see if they were worth the change from my go to diaper brand. The only thing I loved was the prints. The size is a bit funny. My child was in a size 5. I got a 6 because he was going to need to move up a size soon, and the size 6 was just as tight as the size 5. My 3 month old was in a size 3 and ordered a 4 and those fit a lot bigger than the 5 and 6 he was in. It's a bit inconsistent. They do not have the wetness indictor strip that my previous brand had. I didn't realize how much I missed it until it was on these. The pee smell is still in the air because they don't absorb it as well. I think ew. I am trying to write an honest review. They get bunched when my toddler is playing. I'm not a fan of them. I am glad I gave them a chance. They are not going to work for us.

👤Honest diapers used to be great. My daughter was a few months old when we used them. The diapers are terrible and there are constant leaks since they changed the design. She leaks through the leg holes now that they are thinner and quilted with a wetness indicator. We need to change her pants at least once a day. The old design rarely had this happen. They decided to change them. I will not be purchasing again and will be using other healthier, eco-friendly diaper brands as a replacement.

10. Seventh Generation Diapers Supply Sensitive

Seventh Generation Diapers Supply Sensitive

A happy baby is a dry baby, and their Size 4 diapers provide the 12-hour protection that keeps those smiles coming. The absorbent core in their diapers is not bleached or processed with chlorine, which prevents harmful toxins from entering waterways. The FreshAIR Breathable Layer helps release humidity and pulls water away from baby's skin. It is made free and clear with no fragrances, soaps or bleaches. It is made using only FSC Certified, sustainable harvest plant-based pulp.

Brand: Seventh Generation

👤I've purchased size 2 seventh generation diapers in the past and remember liking them, but now that my son's 2nd birthday, I've got these size 6 diapers and they're terrible. If you've used honest or even huggies, you can tell the difference in these diapers. I don't mind thin diapers as they are thin as well. I have never had a diaper break apart in my entire 2 years of being a mom. My son's wet pee came out of his pants and left a trail that was impossible to pick up, who would want to use their Dyson to suck up pee? How do you make a size 6 diaper so cheap when 2 year olds are moving around so much? If you want to clean up a mess, you should buy these diapers. It took me an hour. A mom is also working from home. It's ridiculous.

👤I am not sure what is going on with the seventh generation. Very disappointed. The quality is not good anymore. I have used them for 2 years with my daughter because she is so sensitive. I ordered here to make sure I had diapers when COVID-19 started getting crazy. The quality has not been there over the past few months. When I go to change my daughter, she will urinate once. She has the inside diaper pieces. So disappointed.

👤We've used Seventh Generation diapers for a long time. The beads on my little one's butt were left by the broken lining of the media. A message to the Seventh Generation has gone unanswered for over a week.

👤I recently saw someone else mention that their baby's diaper has little gel beads in it, and they wanted to say that the same thing has happened to us recently. I have been using these diapers for a year with my baby and we have never had this problem. I noticed the gel beads when I started using the diaper pack we bought from Here "Amazon". These diapers are not good.

👤I used to love these diapers and decided to switch to this brand as they were not only absorbent but also Breathable. The diapers leak and bulk up, and as a result require multiple wardrobe changes per day of left unchanged longer than 1-2 hours. I need to get through the last two boxes so I can switch back to the competitor brand. I change my one year-old every hour to avoid diaper leaks.

👤I thought I was buying the best quality diapers for my daughter. At the end of August, I thought I was wrong when I said that we also use the regular day time sensitive seventh generation diapers. My daughter developed a yeast infection at the end of August. She just started using the overnights. She had a yeast flareup recently. It hasn't gone away in a couple of weeks and even after seeing the doctor we said to slowly rule out products and food until we find the reason behind the flare ups. The first flareup happened when we started using the overnights. The first thing I did was change her diaper. Someone said that their twins had the same rash. She suggested that her twins use honest diapers, which did better than Millie moon diapers. My daughter has a rash that is almost completely gone on one day, and I spent more money on these diapers for her than I did on anything else. They are not as clean as they claim. I will never buy seventh generation diapers again because I feel guilty for putting these on my daughter for so long.

11. Honest Company Diapers TrueAbsorb Technology

Honest Company Diapers TrueAbsorb Technology

The sides have strength for those wiggles and wobbles. You can touch the crinkle liner for dry skin. It is nice to know when your partner has left. The materials are made with sustainable, chlorine-free fluff. Quickabc caulk keeps leaks under wraps for dry air.

Brand: Honest

👤Do not buy the new version. They are terrible. The original version of Honest's diaper was the best on the market and they would change it. I am sad that we have to change diaper brands after using Honest for so long. Please go back to the original version of the diapers.

👤Absolutely hate the new version! I don't need a wetness indicator for size 5, I just need the original. These are very similar to a spa.

👤I love these diapers. I buy them for my kids from Target. I decided to buy them here because of the price. The reason I am giving them a 4 star review instead of a 5 is because they have an odd smell. They are fresh and smell nice when I get them from Target. I don't know if it's because they're old or not, but they don't smell good. Forget about it when the baby pees in them. It is not pleasant. Sometimes it smells like the baby has pooped, even when it only pees in the morning. The smell of the diaper is gross. I might buy them again from Target.

👤I have been using honest diapers for my daughter's entire life. There were a lot of manufacturing defects on our most recent box. I reached out to Honest Co. They said they wouldn't be able to help because I bought it on Amazon. They refuse to help me because I have to throw so many diapers away.

👤We only use Honest diapers for our son. We never had diaper rash or redness because they worked so well. I was excited to see that Honest had new designs and a wetness indicator. I didn't know that Honest has completely changed their diapers and aren't selling the old style anymore. There is a The new style is very poor. My son's diaper has become stuck. The absorbent pulp has a "channel" design. The diaper feels cheap and flimsy because of the light through the channel. The channel keeps the wetness from being absorbed by other areas of the diaper and the skin of the baby. He was red when I changed his diaper. We are moving away from Honest. If your baby has sensitive skin, steer clear of them.

👤They changed the design and it was a constant leak. They are thinner. Why change something that was fine?

👤I have been buying honest diapers for the last 2 years and this is the first time I have ordered from Amazon in a while. The diapers are thinner than what I get at the store. It is super thin. I have the old one and the new one to compare. If I hadn't opened them, I'd be back. My son was the first to leak through these. I was disappointed.

👤The pandas are old and the food is new. You can see the difference. I thought it was an upgrade in the diaper design, but it is not. I have used wipes and diapers on my boys because they have very sensitive skin. I subscribe and save because I know we need them. I have never had an issue before. There is a The channel makes leaks more likely by keeping water from being absorbed. It allows a path for stool to move through the diaper. My son used to sleep for 2 hours without an issue, but now he leaks through his diaper during naps. There wasn't much kept in the diaper in the one hour he soaked through it in the car. He is breaking out now. His bottom is red because the water isn't easily pulled away. The outside of the diaper must be different because his leg is broken out where the diaper rubs. Poor design on their part. They need to change it.


What is the best product for eco friendly diapers size 6?

Eco friendly diapers size 6 products from Honest. In this article about eco friendly diapers size 6 you can see why people choose the product. Pampers and Luvs are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly diapers size 6.

What are the best brands for eco friendly diapers size 6?

Honest, Pampers and Luvs are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly diapers size 6. Find the detail in this article. Huggies, Huggies and Earth & Eden are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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