Best Eco Friendly Dish Brush with Handle

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1. TXV Eco Friendly Natural Cleaning Scrubber

TXV Eco Friendly Natural Cleaning Scrubber

The replacement brush heads attach securely and never pop off. The package includes a long handle dish cleaner/ scrubber, short dish scrubber, bottle brush, and loofah dish sponge. Environmental-friendly materials. The handles are made from beechwood, the bristles are made from sisal, and the dish sponges are made from loofah. The handles and bristles are made from renewable resources. Their eco-friendly products make your home more elegant and green. Fruits and vegetable scrubber brush can be used multiple times. It's perfect for dishes, kitchen or bathroom cleaning tools. Paper packaging is 100% recyclable.

Brand: Txv

👤There are a few things to note. The scrubbing pads are not as abrasive as I would like them to be, and the bottle brush is too flimsy. The long handled brush bristles don't hold their shape very well. The short head brush is my favourite and it has not had a lot of shed but it is cracking. The wood on these products needs to be oiled regularly. The set was worth it because I would buy the short scrub brush in a heard beat.

👤Everything is perfect. I can upgrade from my sponges to cleaning sets. I think it's a good idea.

2. MR SIGA Dispensing Storage Kitchen Cleaning

MR SIGA Dispensing Storage Kitchen Cleaning

The package is 14.866 inches in H, 17.52 inches in L, and 9.0528 inches in W. Sturdy body construction, non-scratch and odorless nylon bristles, and they are safe to use on non-stick cookware, make them durable and long last. To open it, turn the upper part anti-clockwise and then inject soap to fill the body. The button on top will light up when it squirts soap. The brush head can be removed. It's a convenient grip because it fits right in your palm and it's non slip, so you don't need to apply a lot of pressure. The body can be filled with soap. The palm brush head can be replaced with a new one. The replacement brush refill is sold separately. The non-skid tray catches water drips and keeps the countertop dry. Put the brush head into the tray tip after cleaning.

Brand: Mr.siga

👤I was not expecting to be excited when this arrived. All the soap leaked out if I sat it down, because my last scrubber broke within 2 days. I don't like wasting money. I used it until it was gross. I read all the reviews and thought this model looked good. There is a Well, call me stupid and slap me. I should have bought this a year ago. This model holds soap and works better than last year's model, so there is no comparison. It's comfortable to my hands. I will recommend this to friends and family.

👤I have used the OXO brush for a long time and it is more generous with soap than this one, but I like that it is more generous with the soap. I like the stand and have no issues with leaking.

👤I wanted to like this product until it was dropped. The drop was nothing special, it fell from my grasp into the sink and the threaded soap-valve snapped off. This design focuses a lot of the force on the bristle head on a thin nub of plastic. There is a I was humiliated by dealing with the 4 pack of brush refill that I bought from Amazon. I disliked the Oxo palm scrubber because it was hard to clean and it had a band of steel on it. It didn't fall apart, so I would rather buy one.

👤I decided to buy the scrub brush because I was so happy to buy an off brand. I have been using the oxo brand for a long time and finally got tired of them breaking on me. I have had this one for almost a year and have never had any issues. The brush sits elevated so it dries out. Yucky water would build up in the dish when the oxo brand sat in it. It's nice to have a good brush to help you clean dishes and other things.

👤The brand was tried after OXO had its brushes break in less than a month. This lasted about three months and then broke in the exact same way. We don't use soap with the brush, so the connection wasn't really being used. Disappointing. I don't know why everyone has gone with this flawed design, the original OXO design did not have this flaw.

👤The bristles are not very stiff so they are not for scrubbing dishes that have been sitting with food. It works well for normal washes. A lot of soap comes out when you press the top. The best part of the tray is that it holds it up so that it can dry quickly.

👤This and one 4 pack of replacement bristles were purchased by us. We have had this for a little over a year and it is not the only scrubber we use. It worked until today when it was time to change the scrubbers. I gave it a gentle turn and it came off. The new scrubbers won't be able to screw to the base because part of the plastic came off. We have had scrubbers like this for a long time and we just change the scrubbing bristles. I tried to change the bristles, but it was not possible. We are trying to decide if we should order another or go with a different brand. I liked it even though it was in one piece and I gave it a low score on the durability section.

3. Larga Vitae Renewable Replacement Scrubber

Larga Vitae Renewable Replacement Scrubber

The scrub brush for dishes will last for a long time with proper care. It's best to hand wash and air dry. The handcrafted, Bamboo brushes are great for cleaning. Don't use the scrub brush for dishes in the water, keep it dry. The lifetime of the scrub brush for dishes will be increased by hanging each brush to air dry with a rope. They are here to help. Thank you for your purchase. The dish brush can be thrown in the green bin. The wooden dish scrubber is made from sustainable bamboo and tampico fiber, instead of slow growing beech wood. The tampico dish brush is perfect for all-purpose kitchen cleaning. The natural fiber dish scrubber is finished to resist mold. Their bamboo dish brush handles are designed to fit comfortably and reach up to 9” Their replacement brush heads attach securely and never pop off while cleaning.

Brand: Larga Vitae

👤I was looking for a brush to help me wash my dishes by hand. I like that the brush is made of bamboo and natural fiber. The handle is useless and the brush head is good. The handle is very smooth and very slim. The dish sink has soap and hot water. The brush twists and turns in my hand making it hard to use. I have to hold the brush directly to the dish to keep it in contact. The brush head is good quality and my 2 star rating is based on the disappointing handle. The handle needs to be thicker, it needs finger grips carved in it, or it needs a triangular shape. It is disappointing that I will use the brushes without the handle.

👤It looks nice, right? Looks like a sustainable option. Not the case with my purchase. The replacement brush heads are no longer held by the metal components of the handle. The handle was useless before I could use the replacements. The seller doesn't give warranty information or give any means of contacting them.

👤I was hoping the brush would be a good idea to cut down on plastic. There are no instructions on how to remove the old brush head, and if I replace it the way I think it would need to be replaced, I'll need to use pliers. The brush head is discolored. I'm not sure. It has turned black in large areas and no bleach. In this case, the cleaner will remove it. It looks unattractive. The handle was not finished well and there was raw wood in some areas. It was a disappointment.

👤It is easy to change the heads out, but they are sturdy and it is difficult. They are not as stiff as normal plastic scrubbers, but that wouldn't deter me from buying them again. I was worried that the bamboo head and handle would expand in the water, but so far have not had any problems with that. I found a sustainable alternative to plastic scrubbers.

👤I have been using the product for a few months and haven't had to replace the heads. The product should last a long time. Does a great job cleaning cast iron pans.

👤The brushes last a long time. They are very easy to hold in your hand. The handle is hard to hold. When trying to scrub a flat surface like the sink or counter, it's better to use a straight angle brush. If you are cleaning a plate that is held in the other hand, it's okay. I like to hold the brush without the handle. I would order again for the brushes.

👤The handle and brush heads are the same. The bristles are a bit shorter and stiffer than a brush that was bought locally. The Larga Vitae brush heads fit my old brush handle, which is still in good condition. I'm happy!

👤The brush is very nice. There is no plastic waste! The food can be removed from the plates. I cut the bristles down to 1/3rd so that I can get more pressure on the iron skillet. Best when bristles are notbent.

4. MR SIGA Bamboo Scraper Kitchen Cleaning

MR SIGA Bamboo Scraper Kitchen Cleaning

The handle and bristles can be washed in hot water without losing their shape. The upper handle is made from sustainable bamboo. It's safe to use bristles on non-stick cookware because they are durable. The scraper on the brush head is built to remove stuck-on food. The handle is comfortable in your hand and easy to apply pressure for scrubbing. The hanging option on the dish brush allows for air dry. It's great for cleaning dishes, pans, pots, sink, stove, kitchen utensils and bathtub. There is a pack of 2. MR.SIGA's mission is to make housework easier and make the world cleaner. If you have any questions, please contact them. They are here for help.

Brand: Mr.siga

👤They work and are strong. The handle length and brush angle make it difficult to clean deeper bowls and pots. We would not purchase again because of the awkward angle.

👤The brushes look great, feel great, and are clean. I ordered these because I hated the old brush. They fit into all of the nooks and crannies with their soft bristles. The scraper on the back is easy to use. There is a I've ordered these brushes twice and will continue to do so. They're still the best.

👤You get two and I love the brush. It's great at cleaning. You can't go wrong.

👤It's not fun to cook with them. They feel small in your hands. The bristles are too long so they don't glide across the plate. You have to spend more time scrubbing each item.

👤The scrubber can remove food from cookware. Sometimes I need a scouring pad, but for the most part this does a good job. The bristles are bamboo and the handle is wood, but the head that holds them is plastic. It was in a package of two, and it seems like a good value. They do the job and are strong.

👤Good brush. I wish the bristles were stronger. A bit of grease is needed to scrub the pans. Nice look and works.

👤I like to use a dense bristle brush for dishes and cookware that won't scrub off the finish but will whisk away food particles with minimal effort. If something needs more attention, I use scrubber pads. These are good for general cleaning. They perform well and are a great size. It's best not to leave them soaking in water and to allow them to dry between uses. They should last a long time with minimal care.

👤These are pretty to look at, but they don't clean dishes. There is a The bristles aren't strong enough, so they fold more easily, and the handle is round, so the brush will roll in your hand if it's wet. There is a They need a handle with an oval shape and stronger bristles to get rid of the rope. The rope is going to get dirty.

👤The wooden handle is easy to hold and the long bristles are a great way to clean dishes.

👤Disappointing that the bristles are soft to clean pots, pans and other objects. After using it to clean some burnt bits, it went black. Better to use a toothbrush than this.

👤These are more stylish than the usual plastic brushes. Very well made and did the job.

👤I want to do the job as well. Hopefully it will stay that way. It seems nice and sturdy.

5. Natural Dispenser Plastic Scrubber Cleaning

Natural Dispenser Plastic Scrubber Cleaning

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - If the Eco Dish Scrubber set is not what you want, just message them and they will give you a full refund or replacement. The brush bundle is for cleaning many tasks. You will receive a light bristle pot brush, heavy bristle pot brush, long handle scrub brush, and bottle brush in this set. The wood dish brush set is built to last and can handle tons of wear and tear, unlike some kitchen brushes that break, bend or lose bristles after a few uses. Have you ever picked up an item and instantly knew you were going to love it? The handles are comfortable to hold and actually enjoyable to use, that is the feeling you will get with these bamboo cleaning supplies. Seeing products wrapped in layers upon layers of plastic always gets me a little down, but they will never do that, they are committed to sustainable, earth friendly products, and their products are wrapped in recyclable protective packing paper. If you don't believe that this is the set for you, they also include a soap dish that will come in handy when you're cleaning.

Brand: Eco Being Sustainable Products

👤The brushes work better for getting our dishes thoroughly clean than our old sponges and scrubbers, and we are using less dish soap. I love the wood, it looks nice, feels good, and when they reach the end of their lifespan, I can toss it in my compost, and be happy knowing my old cleaning implements won't be hanging around junking up the environment for the next million years or so! There is a The wooden parts of the scrubbers do not seem to be treated with anything, but I was considering rubbing a little beeswax on them to keep them going a little longer, and still be safe to compost at their end of life. The packaging was all cardboard and paper. Thank you for not packing them in plastic. There is a Five stars all around!

👤The way they look and the fact that they aren't plastic make me happy. The wood handles have cracks. They will not be worth the price.

👤I am trying to stop using plastic. I usually use a plastic brush to wash my dishes, but I was excited that I could use wood instead. Within a week of using them, they started getting mold. I am sad to say that I am back to using the plastic brushes, because they are more heavy duty, last longer, and are much cheaper than the old ones. I don't have to buy plastic brushes anymore, but for now, that's what works because I'm still looking for that long-term solution.

👤I bought the set because the bottle brush was too big to fit in a smaller bottle. If you have a wide mouth water bottle, it would work for cups as well. The brush won't fit through the opening of a typical water bottle. There is a The quality of the set is ok. It is unclear what the white ceramic dish is for. I am not sure if there was a dish for the 2 handle-less scrubbers that make sense to sit on, since there is only one of those included.

👤This set was very exciting to me. The scrub brush split in the middle after only one day of use. It's a waste of money. Really disappointed in this. It worked well for the day.

👤The first week of use was when these started cracking and losing bristles. I don't think these will hold up very well before I buy something else. I wouldn't recommend them. I was hoping that it was more durable.

👤I ordered this set because I needed a new dish brush and I like wooden handle brushes in the past. I absolutely needed the regular dish brush and bottle brush that it included. I didn't think the two smaller brushes would be useful, but they have been. I use one of the smaller brushes to caked food off pots and pans. It works well.

👤These are perfect because my husband and I have been making little changes to a more substantial life style. We like the different brushes for different clean needs. The little brushes set on the white plate allow you to put soap in water. It is a plus that there is zero plastic packaging. You can't pass this up because of the price. For get so little. Make the change now!

6. Natural Durable Scrubber Cleaning Vegetables

Natural Durable Scrubber Cleaning Vegetables

The bottle scrub brush is made of elastic and is easy to clean. It's dishwasher safe. The bristle of 2 pot brushes are made of stiff union fiber and the bristle of 1 pot brush is made of medium stiff smal. The palm pot brushes are great for cleaning cast iron skillet, steel pots, pans, dishes, sinks, vegetables, tile, carpet, upholstery, etc. Flexible and heat-resistant braches. The stiff but flexible bristles are designed to work effectively on a variety of surfaces. They are safe to use in boiling water. The handle of the cleaning scrub brush is made with nature bamboo with a round finish and is comfortable to hold and protects your hand from being scratched. The easy-to-clean kit is. The kit comes with 3 scrubbing brushes that can be used to clean a variety of surfaces, such as kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and garage. You just need to wash these brushes with detergent and let them dry. If you have any questions or are not satisfied with the products, you can contact them and they will respond to you in a short time. Please be assured to purchase.

Brand: Greenth Pro

👤This product is a closed loop. Once the brushes are no longer usable, you compost them and they return to the Earth. There is no need to send it to a landfill. They are vegan. The light bristles are good for delicate ware, while the dark bristles are good for pots. If you don't want to use it as a storage box for your brushes, they come in a cardboard box that can either be composted, recycled, or re-used. I have been using them for a week. I still love them! There were no complaints here.

👤This is one of the nicer items I've ever received from Amazon. The box is tied with twine. The brushes are in the box. I thought I would give this as a gift. The whole cleaning-item is a gift taboo. They are that nice looking. There is a They're really strong. I'm using them to wash and clean a molcajete that I just bought and in the battle of brush vs basalt, the brush is winning hands down. After grinding the brush against the rock for over an hour, I didn't lose any bristles. basalt is impressive in its ability to take a beating and keep on cleaning, even though cast iron is nothing compared to it. There is a One of the best products I've ever purchased on Amazon.

👤These are exactly what I was looking for. I needed a new one but didn't want to pay $7 for it. I searched for the set and found it for only $12. I bought them. They are just as good, if not better, than Grove. Will purchase again.

👤These are so stinky when they are wet. They smell like a dirty dog or a wet horse. I couldn't use them. I had to throw them away.

👤They look nice, I just got them. There is a They do smell. Natural things have strange smells. They weren't wrapped in plastic. I'll let you know how the hold up is. I set it down as instructed, but it just doesn't dry. See the updated photos. It's hard to clean if you get something in it.

👤Little scrub brushes are great. I have been using the first brush daily for scrubbing dishes and pans for 4 months now and it has held up so well that I haven't even gotten around to using the other two that came in the box. The bristles are long and not short, and it does a great job of scrubbing. The long brush bristles flick water everywhere. It is easy to keep clean with food or even cheese sticking to the bristles. The wood has split more than expected, but I have not had any bristles come out, and it is constantly going through the process of being submerged and dried out. I bleach the darn thing about once a week. I think this product is very good. I have been an Amazon customer for many years, but this is my first review.

7. Plant Based Biodegradable Vegetable Replaceable Eco Friendly

Plant Based Biodegradable Vegetable Replaceable Eco Friendly

100% of customers are happy. If you don't like your purchase, they're so confident that you'll love their zero waste product. They will guarantee your satisfaction if you contact them. Zero risk and zero waste. Go back to nature. The HelloNature Kitchen scrub brushes give people the chance to choose a sustainable product. Their plastic-free dish scrubbers are made from sustainable sources and free from toxic chemicals. There is no guilt over adding more plastic. Quality made and long lasting are included. Their brushes are very durable and non-scratching. It is easy to scrub out stains on a variety of surfaces with the use of high density bristles. This set of brush will compliment your Eco-friendly, Zero waste, Plastic-free lifestyle and also your kitchen. A comfortable holding and scrubbing design. Long handled brushes are designed to get into hard to reach places and cut through tough grease. Perfect gift idea for any occasion. This vegan friendly brush set is a gift that will be appreciated for Christmas Gift, housewarming parties, wedding gift registry, birthdays, Mother's Day, and more. 100% happy customers If you don't like your purchase, they're so confident that you'll love their zero waste product. They will guarantee your satisfaction if you contact them. Zero risk and zero waste.

Brand: Hello Nature

👤I was excited to get this but the hands were too thin and the set was too short for me. I told the company I would review the brushes I cold use because of the outbreak. I'll start with favorite to favorite. The bristle brush was too short. It was difficult to get to the back of the water bottles. The brush part was too skinny and didn't reach the sides of the bottle because it was straight. There is a I felt like I was poking at the cups with a hard stick, because it didn't really clean glasses. I had to wash off the fibers and original goop from my coffee cups as some of them stuck to them. If there is no handle, the POT BRUSH would be a B. The Handle was hard to scrap at burnt food in pits with anything but the edges of brush. When I had a large skillet, I squeezed a brush with my hand and scrubbed it with the FLAT side of the OVAL, which worked well because the fibers were stuck to the pan. It was really shocking! A lot of fibers came off the pan. If this was a hand brush that had a small handle on one side, and used all the FLAT side, you could get into the sides of the pan with the hard edge of the brush, and it was a lot easier to remove the food that sticks on. I think it's somewhere between a B- to an A Beautiful to look at, and has a nice texture. Don't know if it should be used as a body brush or a dry brush. I don't want to be digging out bits of purple skin from the brush, so it's too nice to use as a veggie brush. I'm not sure if it's a tub brush or something to scrub shower scum off walls and glass doors. During the monsoon season, I think it's a good idea to carry a squirt bottle in the car to scrub off mud on the front and back of the car. There is a I won't use a brush in the crowded sink area. D-E) Replacement head for the Dish Scoop. A+ some days and C others. I liked this brush at first. $30 for the rest of the set was not enough for me. Even though the stick is small, it fit my hand well. I liked the way it cleaned the pot. It seemed to do it fast and with just a few twirls of my wrist, instead of my whole hand squeezing my Adobe and my wrist twirling in all directions! I gave up the Adobe for this brush because I wish it had a short handle. There is a On my bad arthritic days, the TOO skinny handle combined with the shorter bristles that are shorter than the above mentioned brush just feels heavy and hard to get into the sides of a rounded skillet. It could be me and my illness, but it doesn't feel comfortable every day. There is a This brush is my favorite in the set. It comes with a replaceable head, which makes me happy. I need my husband to replace my handle, but it's too skinny on a good day. On a good day, I have to grip tighter because of that skinny, which is tiring and painful. There is a It is amazing for only a few dishes. It only takes 3 seconds to twirl around a big plate. It is easy to serve silverware. A short handle option would make bowls as easy to use as plates. I think of old movies where barbers swirl SOAP on a man's face and I think of my brush swirling SOAP on the bowl's face. It makes a nice lather that just sings "CLEAN!" There is a My favorite set would be the DISH BRUSH with a wider long handle and the replacement head with a 2 inch handle. The POT BRUSH with either no handle and held like a SOS pad or with a 2 piece set would be an amazing addition to the 3 piece set if they could attach the fibers tighter together so they didn't shed as much and make it easier to remove food. There is a The company is amazing and I will be looking at their store every now and then to see what they have. I wouldn't have asked for a return for the DISH BRUSH!

8. Kuechenprofi 2 Pack Replacement Classic Washing

Kuechenprofi 2 Pack Replacement Classic Washing

Not dishwasher safe. It is recommended to rinse and dry soap dish and bamboo brush air dry after each use in order to prolong life of natural elements. The dish scrub brushes are suitable for composting. There are hardy braches. The bristles on the dish brush are made from durable materials. There is a natural bristle brush. beech wood and natural Agave bristles are used to make these scrubbers. Replacement brushes fit Kchenprofi's scrubber handles. Kchenprofi was founded in Germany in 1923. Their products are of the highest quality.

Brand: Küchenprofi

👤I bought the replacement heads because my old brush finally wore out. I was so impressed with the quality of the original brush that I bought the replacements, but I realized they are a different shape and smaller than the brush for my handle. I was disappointed that Kitchenprofi changed the style of the brush, or that there are two different models. There is a The brush head holds in the handle, but it's maxed out with the metal tightening slide.

👤It works well for my handle and lasts a long time if you remember to not leave them somewhere wet, they will get crazy pretty quick. After each use, I put my handle in a jar on the sink. When they are worn out, they go into the organics bin. There is a My only complaint is that the bag has a piece of paper in it. The product is attractive to people trying to reduce plastic use and waste, so a change of packaging would be appropriate. It is not as plastic as a plastic brush. It is still better.

👤The brush works well for dishes and cookware. The brush should be reformed after every use to avoid having it go flat. Other brushes retain their form better than I have used.

👤The product is simple and works well. It may take a bit of getting used to, if you are used to a clunky dish brush or sponge. The metal handle is easy to clean and is similar to a coat hanger. The brush heads are easy to clean even when pots and pans have cheese. The replacement brushes will last for several months. If you are a little obsessive about having your sink clean and tidy then this is a product you should try.

👤I didn't like these at all. Hardly lasted a month. The brush head that came with the item was great. These aren't that much. We switched to bamboo scrapers and are happy and save a lot of money.

👤I have been buying replacement brushes for a long time. There is no plastic anywhere. There is a I put the brush head on and it smelled like garlic. I don't feel like I'm getting things clean. I am wondering if I can get a replacement pack and see if it is a problem with a whole bunch of brushes.

👤The deep passion I have for the dish brush is a sign that I am an adult. It is easy to use. Each head lasts about a month. I make sure to rinse it out after each use so it doesn't get pressed overnight. The bristles are gentle enough that I am not worried about scratching. I always have a replacement when I buy 3 packs at a time. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤You can use the sink and get wet frequently. The wood is not protected. It will get dry rot within a few days. It defeats the purpose of cleaning. Within a week, my first one was trash. I make sure to keep the second one dry. It lasted about 2 weeks. I will say it. The brush is clean. The bristles are natural. They don't seal the wood. I can't justify buying them again.

9. Natural Cleaning Eco Friendly Cleaner Bristles

Natural Cleaning Eco Friendly Cleaner Bristles

Purchase with confidence. They will always offer a replacement or your money back if you choose to do so. The plastic free kitchen brush set is environment friendly. It's not something most people like to do, but by using a plastic free and zero waste kitchen brush set, you can help reduce the amount of plastic going to landfill. The kitchen cleaning brush set is made of beech wood, coconut bristles and sisal bristles. Natural colors look great in a kitchen. The hanging loop on the wooden pot brush, bottle cleaner and dish scrubbing brush makes it easy to store and dry when not in use. Take your Ecological Footprint and reducue it. – It can be hard to go plastic free, but if you make small changes such as changing from plastic brushes to this sustainable kitchen brush set, you will be making a difference to their planet. The cleaning brush set can be used to clean and scrub other surfaces, such as the kitchen sink, stovetop or bathroom sink. The pot brush can be used on cookware, cast iron pots, frying pans, and bottle cleaner brush is perfect for cleaning cups and mugs. The scrubbing power provided by the brushes is needed for dirty pots, pans and dishes. The coconut and sisal bristles are easy to clean. You will be surprised by how durable and firm they are, and how well they clean your pots, pans, cups, dishes and more. The bonus dish scrubber replacement head is included to make sure the plant based cleaning brush set keeps doing the work for you.

Brand: Ruby & Sol

👤I love these! When you get excited about a dish brush, you are grown up. I feel like I save a lot of money on soap because of the long soap life on the round brushes. These are worth the extra money because they will last longer than any brush you buy in the store.

👤I think they will last a long time, they seem to be well made. I like the assortment for cleaning different types of vessels. I wanted to get away from dish cloths and sponges because they are so stinky and ugly and don't work well, and these work great and don't do either of those things.

👤The brushes are sturdy. When you first start using them, some of the bristles detach, but that's only at the beginning. If not, would order again.

👤November 2021. The cleaning brushes have one wooden handle and are not very durable. brishwork It's not as effective as a Dobie scrubbing sponge, but the handles are long enough to reach into taller vessels such as beverage glasses and water bottles.

👤The product will be recommended.

👤I bought these expecting them to fall apart. That is not the case. I haven't had to break out the rest of the set because I only used the dark brown bottle brush. The soap seems to last much longer and the scrubbing is lovely. I'm considering buying a second set for my mom. Well done!

👤The brushes are the best. Being free of plasitc is something I enjoy.

👤These are great. They are easy to clean. It was perfect for what I was looking for. You will not regret it, it is an excellent buy.

10. Friendly Scrubbers Cleaning Vegetable Bristles

Friendly Scrubbers Cleaning Vegetable Bristles

If you don't believe that this is the set for you, they also include a soap dish that will come in handy when you're cleaning. Ecological and economical: Go green and use their organic Eco Friendly Bamboo Dish Brushes. The bamboo dish scrubbers are a great replacement for traditional dish sponges. Natural bamboo, coconut, and sisal fibers make cleaning easy. Save Mother Nature. Their Natural Bamboo Dishwashing Brushes are Zero Waste, Plastic Free, Compostable, along with their packaging, help redefine a lifestyle with Eco-safe products, creating sustainable living and helping nature. Quality materials and great design are important. These bamboo scrub brushes are made from high quality natural bamboo, coconut fibers, and sisal, all of which are Eco-friendly plant based and easily recyclable. They are a good choice for each household. There is a multi-purpose set. The Bamboo dish brush set includes a dish brush with handle, two replacement heads, two mini round dish brushes, a bottle brush, and a cleaning brush to meet all your cleaning needs. Natural brushes can be used to clean vegetables, fruits, and dirt. There is a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Their water bottle cleaner brush feels great. While cleaning. Their products are of the highest quality. If you don't like your purchase, they would be happy to give you a full refund.

Brand: Jk

👤I only used the wooden scrubber 2 times because it is cracking. Customer service wasn't available for the item, so I tried to contact it. I could return it, but who would want to go through the trouble of returning the full kit for one brush? I have no doubt that the others will crack when they are used. This set looked great in my kitchen.

👤I was quite happy with these. The small round bristles are good for dishes and are sturdy enough for most cleaning. You can't replace a sponge completely. The pan corners need to be scrubbed with a sponge. I discovered that there was a dark mold between the bristles after a couple of weeks. It was quite nasty. I followed the instructions and did not leave the bristles in the water. The wooden handles look good.

👤The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was the smell. I'm not sure. Why? It does. Every time I use the sink, I smell that weird smell. I don't like smelling that odd smell. I wanted to like them. I'm on week two of using them and the small brushes are cracking. I like the way they look. I wouldn't purchase this again because of the weird smell and the crack in the wood. I hope the smell goes away.

👤After a month or less of use, mold is growing on each brush. It might have been mold. I tried to bleach them in water, but it didn't work. I would like to return them for the guarantee. I don't see anything. I'm interested in exchanging them for new if I get a bad batches. Or get a refund.

👤These things work. I got them because I was tired of the scrubbers scratching my pans. The brushes have been great to use. The lighter one is better for small debris and the darker one is better for stubborn food particles. Great brushes!

👤These were stored under the sink. I don't know why these were molded. It was super gross. Throwing away something. I was given a refund by the customer service team at Amazon. There is a I thought these would last more than a year.

👤A friend's baby is the same birthday, sign, blood type and zodiac sign as mine. I pledged to reduce the amount of plastic products in my house. The products are part of it. Whenever I use them, I feel like I'm contributing to him and the planet.

👤The bamboo cleaning set is very nice. The scrubber brush is amazing. The brushes are strong and you can scrub without the handle feeling flimsy. You can smell the bamboo witch when I use it.

11. Bamboo Scrubber Kitchen Cleaning Vegetables

Bamboo Scrubber Kitchen Cleaning Vegetables

Their replacement brush heads attach securely and never pop off while cleaning. The bamboo dish brush is perfect for kitchen cleaning. The round handle head is comfortable to grip. Sturdy and durable, bristles can easily remove stains. It can be used for non-stick pans. There is a multi-functional cleaning brush. It is a great scrub brush for cleaning dishes, pots, pans, vegetables, sinks, and so on. The kitchen brush has a natural bamboo handle and high-density, odorless, firm bristles. The diameter of the bristles can be used for a variety of cleaning. No-risk purchase. If you're dissatisfied, they will give you a 100% money back guarantee.

Brand: Uklay

👤It has a nice handle. I have been using it for two months. It's still doing great! I bleach it once a week.

👤My sink set up has been added. I like the look of this scrubber. The wood handle does not look like it will hold up. The brush is cheap to use. I am using it as decor. Maybe it was meant for that.

👤I used this for everything after buying it to scrub cast iron. It's perfect.

👤The brush is all natural and useful. It does a great job cleaning up. It is easy to keep clean. I am very pleased with it.

👤This brush cleans well on my cast iron pans.

👤This is not a Cheapo. It is well made and pretty. I put soap and lotion on the tray. It looks great. I have not yet used it.

👤It does fit well and works with the grove co sudsy holder. It is easy to hold.


What is the best product for eco friendly dish brush with handle?

Eco friendly dish brush with handle products from Txv. In this article about eco friendly dish brush with handle you can see why people choose the product. Mr.siga and Larga Vitae are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly dish brush with handle.

What are the best brands for eco friendly dish brush with handle?

Txv, Mr.siga and Larga Vitae are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly dish brush with handle. Find the detail in this article. Mr.siga, Eco Being Sustainable Products and Greenth Pro are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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