Best Eco Friendly Dish Brush with Replaceable Head

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1. Agile Eco Dish Brush Sponge

Agile Eco Dish Brush Sponge

Kchenprofi was founded in Germany in 1923. Their products are of the highest quality. This wooden dish scrub brush set is a must-have for a successful transition to a low-waste lifestyle. They are made from beech wood and natural fibres, and they do good. The eco dish brush set is made from recycled materials. Their kitchen scrub brush is made from 100% natural fibre bristles from the Sisal and Palmyra plants. The hard-wearing bristles are perfect for a low-waste home. Their kitchen brushes for dishes wouldn't be complete without their eco washing up sponge made from the loofah plant. A cotton loop makes the washing up sponge easy to dry. The dish cleaning brush has 3 interchangeable heads that transform the beechwood handle into a vegetable scrubbing brush for gentle cleaning, a wooden scrubbing brush for stubborn pots and pans, as well as a kitchen/cleaning brush for around the house. This dish scrubber brush and loofah kitchen sponge set is vegan and sustainable. They believe that low-waste products and plastic-free products are the way forward.

Brand: Agile Home And Garden

👤The only thing I use is the brush. The brush is small and doesn't do anything. The sponge is hard and doesn't remove food so it defeats her point of cleaning.

👤I like this product. I can't get the first head off so I don't need the extra heads. They might work as palm scrubbers. It might be good for that. All seems sturdy. I was disappointed that the pack came in a plastic bubble wrap envelope. Get a grip on Amazon! If suppliers let Amazon know that customers don't want their products wrapped in plastic, that would be great. The heads are easy to interchange after a bit of use. Result.

👤What can I say? The brush looks the part. The box it arrived in had no plastic wrapping at all. I read the instructions on how to remove the head. It would be easy so I gave it a try. It was not given up after about five minutes. I think I'm yet to master it. I have had this brush for a month now and it does a great job. I am not able to remove the head because a few of the bristles are starting to come out of the one I am using. The metal that holds the head is thin and I don't want it to bend when I need to give a good scrub. There is a It comes with no plastic. I'm not sure if it will last as long as I hoped. I'm hoping it will be looked after with care. This is an update. There is a The head has started to crack a couple of weeks after the review was written. You can get these brushes in many places for a fraction of the price. I bought this item and realized this. There is a I would recommend shopping around now that I have dropped this from 4 stars to 2. You can find better things elsewhere.

👤I don't know if it's because I'm avoiding plastic as much as I can, or if it's because this product isn't as good as I've used before, but it is. There is a The brush is not treated in any way and after only 2 uses, the brush is cracked and appears to not tolerate water at all, hence the indication that the brush is discolored. There is a The bristles have lost their shape. This isn't designed to last. This will become a very expensive affair on the long run because of the price of the replacement brushes. Even though most people buying this type of product are already using eco friendly detergent and watch their impact on the environment, treating the Wood would not make this brush a problem.

👤A replacement part was posted to me after the supplier sorted out the missing email. Customer service is a good experience. It doesn't make the chore a pleasure but it does make you feel a little better about using less plastic. Chairman Mao said the longest journey begins with the first step.

2. Full Circle Bamboo Handle Replaceable

Full Circle Bamboo Handle Replaceable

A-1UX has a sale service for a worry-free experience. Customer support and lifetime warranty are provided by them. If you're tired of using your plastic brush, click "add to cart" and order their wooden brush. If the brush has a problem, contact them for a replacement and take advantage of their warranty. Cleaning powerhouse. A shape that fits in your palm. The bristles won't scratch. The absorbent sponge can easily wipe away messes. The materials are bamboo, recycled plastic.

Brand: Full Circle

👤Full Circle has improved a lot in the realm of product development since 3 years ago, and most of the negative reviews you'll read about this product are from that time. It's best to read newer reviews than the ones from last year. I bought this brush because I was tired of throwing away my entire dish brush every few months, and I couldn't help but notice the impact that has on material resources and my environmental footprint. I have never had a brush head problem since I replaced it about four months ago. There is a The shape of the brush makes it easy to fit into coffee canteens and water bottles, and the scraper just above the bristles is nice for cleaning pans. It's light, so you don't get tired after cleaning up a feast. The handle is beginning to look a bit worn after four years, but I wouldn't say it's an eye-catching. There is a The only thing that I would suggest is to reduce the cost of replaceable heads. Ringing in at $10.61 is not an attractive price to get consumers to buy replaceable heads rather than a whole new brush with a head for $12.45 or one of their other brushes without a replaceable head for $6.45. If you're shopping for an eco-friendly dish brush, you're probably willing to spend that, but Full Circle could make that price a little more attractive to the average consumer.

👤If you want a brush that lasts, don't buy it. I bought the same brand of dish brushes again. The bristles wore out so quickly that they were no longer useful. I bought this brush expecting it to perform the same as before. The bristles are already broken and worn into a mess after less than a month.

👤I have been using these handles daily for seven years. I like that I can replace the head and still use the handle. I wash the heads in the dishwasher to shorten the life of the handle. It is easy to remove the head and clean the connection. The glue between wood and plastic will break if you were the handle in the dishwasher. It takes about 18 months for the handle to be replaced. The heads go faster when the bristles are bent. The flat end of the head is great for cast iron. It does a great job of cleaning up, and I feel like a lot less plastic ends up in a landfill.

👤Works well. I wasn't sure if I needed a separate bottle brush to wash jars and water bottles, but so far it works. The design of the brush allows it to stay put on the edge of the sink and it dries so it is more sanitary. The brush head can be washed in the dishwasher. The bamboo handle feels good in the hand. If the brush head and bristles were made from plants, it would be the only improvement. This is the best dish brush I've found yet. I still think it's a decent brush, but I'm downgrading my review from five to three stars after using it for a few months. The plastic portion of the brush handle broke off when you tapped it on the sink basin to remove food from the bristles. The handle is supposed to last a long time as brush heads wear out. The brush handle needs to be more durable.

3. Bamboo Scrubber Kitchen Cleaning Vegetables

Bamboo Scrubber Kitchen Cleaning Vegetables

Their replacement brush heads attach securely and never pop off while cleaning. The bamboo dish brush is perfect for kitchen cleaning. The round handle head is comfortable to grip. Sturdy and durable, bristles can easily remove stains. It can be used for non-stick pans. There is a multi-functional cleaning brush. It is a great scrub brush for cleaning dishes, pots, pans, vegetables, sinks, and so on. The kitchen brush has a natural bamboo handle and high-density, odorless, firm bristles. The diameter of the bristles can be used for a variety of cleaning. No-risk purchase. If you're dissatisfied, they will give you a 100% money back guarantee.

Brand: Uklay

👤It has a nice handle. I have been using it for two months. It's still doing great! I bleach it once a week.

👤My sink set up has been added. I like the look of this scrubber. The wood handle does not look like it will hold up. The brush is cheap to use. I am using it as decor. Maybe it was meant for that.

👤I used this for everything after buying it to scrub cast iron. It's perfect.

👤The brush is all natural and useful. It does a great job cleaning up. It is easy to keep clean. I am very pleased with it.

👤This brush cleans well on my cast iron pans.

👤This is not a Cheapo. It is well made and pretty. I put soap and lotion on the tray. It looks great. I have not yet used it.

👤It does fit well and works with the grove co sudsy holder. It is easy to hold.

4. FEBU Vegetable Scrubber Dishwashing Biodegradable

FEBU Vegetable Scrubber Dishwashing Biodegradable

If you put the brush in the soap dispensers, you need to drain the water of the soap dispensers. You want to make an impact with a zero waste home, but don't know how. The FEBU plastic free kitchen scrubber set is 100% compostable and is more durable than plastic. Tough on grease and gentle on your hands. Their new formula makes sure that your family can use your new kitchen sponges and scrubbers. They stay fresh for months and are odorless. durable and powerful- The wood handle dish brush, coconut husk scouring pad, and sink scrub brush have staying power. The tough bristles allow you to clean with minimal effort. Make sure to dry thoroughly. The Tawashi Scrubber can be used as a cast iron cleaning brush, vege brush, fruit brush scrubber and floor scrubber. It works as a dish scrubber, skin exfoliatior, bar of soap holder, and soap saver. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - If the Eco Dish Scrubber set is not what you want, just message them and they will give you a full refund or replacement.

Brand: Febu

👤I never had a chance to use the cleaning tools that I love, but I love the idea of using them. The bottle brush is too short to clean my bottles. The bottle brush is only 8 1/2 inches long.

👤I bought this for the skinny bottle brush and vegetable scrubbers because I wanted natural products, but the bristles keep coming out and that's a huge pet peeve for me. I think natural is not for me. One of the sponges was split in half and not really usable because it is so thin. I tried to use the sponge, but they're pretty awesome. I didn't know how much they would expand. The broken one is weird on the backside and I think I can use both pieces as their own sponges, so it's like I ended up with 3 sponges!

👤Overall, it looks great. The loofah sponges are useless, but I support a zero waste product. They sliced it in half and looked like they had taken a thin sponge. Not a lot of waste about that. I made the second one last as long as possible to try to make up for the first one that fell apart. The rest seems to be of decent quality. Maybe it was a mistake.

👤I hang to dry after washing with these. I love the quality of the brushes and they never mold. The set is great for dish washing and scrubbing counter tops, but I can't clean bigger bottles because the handles are short. The small detail of the loofah can be easily brushed off.

👤These pieces are easy to use. I bought this for the bottle cleaner, but I have used all of the pieces, and they all worked well. The only thing I don't like is the rope on the scrubber, it gets wet and will get water everywhere if I'm not careful. It is an easy fix because I could easily cut it off. I have not tried the pieces yet, but I am happy that they are fully compostable. It is recommended to everyone, even my friends who are not green. My most materialistic friend swears by this set.

👤I decided to stop using single use household supplies and plastic after moving into my new home. I settled on this set because of the price for value, after looking and looking for the right kind of dish brush set. I haven't used the sponges yet, but the brushes are great. I wait until the bristles have softened up a bit before using on more sensitive surfaces. Their strength gets the food off. I hang mine to dry and after a month of daily use I don't have any issues with it falling apart/molding, so I would say that hanging these to dry out completely between use is a must! The pan brush has a good idea of a handle, but it does tire the wrist more than a top grip would, so I think it's time to change it.

5. ELDR Supply Beechwood Bristles Glasses

ELDR Supply Beechwood Bristles Glasses

We stand by their products and would be glad if you paid with a free purchase. To issue a full refund. If you don't like your purchase, you can complain. The sustainable multi-purpose cleaning solution can be used to clean water bottles, coffee pots, and baby products. Tough to reach wide mouth flasks. The vegetable brush is often used beyond cookware. The extra length of the long handle allows you to reach hard to reach areas of glassware or containers. It can be used as a wand in washrooms. The goal was zero waste and 100% natural materials, this strong bamboo like handle fits need of a reliable cleaning solution while reducing plastic waste impact. Their packaging is made of no plastic. Hand wash your brush after you arrive to keep it clean. Store in an open space for drying. If it is damp after use, it should be dry. The vegan Sisal Hemp bristles are very strong and can be used to remove coffee stains. Horsehair bristles that fade over time aren't ethicallysourced. It's ideal for wide mouth bottles.

Brand: Eldr Supply

👤I don't have anything against China. I don't think it's possible to trust the bristles from china to be what they're supposed to be. The implication that the product was made in Germany was a big part of why I chose this product. The product is labeled "made in china". It is wrapped in brown paper and has a leather thong, but it is not what I was expecting. To be fair. It is not said that it is made in germay. It says "German beechwood handle". I wonder if my fault is. Why would they import beechwood from Germany?

👤I know this brush is not a toilet brush, but it is perfect for that purpose. It is the perfect length and sturdy. It's perfect for the bathroom because of the dense and strong bristles, but it was ordered for a different use.

👤This brush is good for cleaning jars, but not for cleaning water bottles, even though it would fit a plastic jar or 64 ounce Klean Kanteen. I expected the bottle brush to clean a regular sized glass bottle, not something as small as a bottle from aPepsi company. I trimmed the bristles to make it fit, but I just sewed it up so I could return it and use a bottle brush that isn't good at cleaning bottles.

👤The brush is not marketed as a toilet brush, but reviews say it is a good brush for the loo. As an eco-minded individual in the market for a toilet brush, I thought this wooden brush with a repurposed jam jar would be perfect. Black mold started to grow where the bristles meet the shaft after it was perfect for about a month. There is a The brush had plenty of air to dry out between uses. I don't know if it would get more or less moldy if it was used as a bottle brush, but I just bought an expensive eco-replacement brush because this one had to go in the trash. At least it will break down.

👤I used a cheap brush. I loved it and it lasted. The brand I ordered with replaceable heads was terrible. The bristles were flat for one week. Send it back. So far, so good, I ordered this one. I don't know what the reviews are about. I like the smell of it to be natural. I use it to wash my dishes. I don't use aromatheraphy. This is a good little helpers and it is easy to clean. I like it.

👤If you like onion small, this bottle brush is for you. It smells like the bristles are made of onions. I was surprised. I washed it. It was soaked in white vinegar. I tried the dishwasher. The bottle brush was de-onioned. It's ironic to spend so much time trying to clean a product. I can't imagine how my water bottles and jars would smell and taste after being cleaned with this Onion on a Stick. I can't report on that because I didn't try. The Onion was returned for a credit. My rating is there because the thing is sturdy. All attempts to get rid of it were natural. It's durable too.

6. Casabella Bottle Brush Natural Black

Casabella Bottle Brush Natural Black

Environmental protection is imported, functional and evironmental friendly. Eco-friendly bristle brush: A round recycled plastic head makes it easy to reach into glasses, bottles, cups, mugs, and more to keep them clean and sustainable. The New YorkLON BRISTLES are DURABLE RECYCLED. It is possible to offer a superior and faster clean yet be gentle enough to prevent scratching or damaging the surfaces of bottles. There is an ethnographic beechwood handle. A long length of 14.75 in. is strong and attractive. The brush is easy to use. The replaceable brush head is interchangeable between dish, palm, and soap brushes. It's great for washing bowls, plates, pots, pans, and other cookware or bakeware.

Brand: Casabella

👤Most Casabella products I like. I bought this because it had a new head. I have had it for months and can't find it. I got it because I hate throwing stuff out. I got mine at Target. I don't know what the issue is because they have other brands with replacement heads. I will switch brands.

👤I thought the head was replaceable. It's not. There are no replacement heads for sale. This is a clever lower plastic alternative, but it's also another over-designed gimmick. I guess the handle is bio-degradable.

👤The bottle brush broke when I used it for a few months. I liked it. It's hard to recommend when it's not durable.

👤I love this brush. I use it in my kitchen for pots and pans. Great purchase.

👤The glasses and vases are different to clean.

7. Full Circle Kitchen Bamboo Handle

Full Circle Kitchen Bamboo Handle

There is a small footprint on the planet. The bristles battle caked-on food. There are three different colors. Bamboo, recycled plastic are earth friendly materials.

Brand: Full Circle

👤The bamboo handle has a brush head on it. The handle has a big hole in it that leaves little material around it, making it prone to break. This happened to one of the brushes I bought. The brush head fell off because the second one didn't have enough glue. I made sure not to apply too much pressure on it because it could cause the head to break off. I couldn't use it in hot water or on hot pans after three months because the plastic bristles were so bad. Natural bristles don't change shape easily. There is a Don't think this product is friendly to the environment. The bamboo won't degrade for a long time because of the plastic in the brush. The short life-span of this thing makes it an unfriendly environment. I don't know how a mediocre product like this can be chosen by Amazon.

👤I wanted something more classy than the White Plastic one that had a sticker on it. I am happy with the size I picked, it looks nice with my fancy marble sink brush holder. I plan to use this for what it is made to do and for the price expect 6 months or a year if lucky to replace it. Some of the negative review photos seem to be using it for something other than cleaning. This brush is under ten dollars. I will be using this for light food scrubbing on dishes. I will buy another one when it dies. The old one should be retired to the garage.

👤I don't like the look of my old brushes because they always looked dirty. They usually don't last long. They have been rather ugly. The bristles look new after about a month of use. The bamboo handle is pretty. The brush costs a little more than most, but it seems worth it.

👤I am ordering two more because I have no complaints about the performance of this brush. I use a grocery store quality scrub brush in my kitchen, sink and cookware, and I bought this one to replace it. These brushes are very hard to use. I'm getting a spare for my house and a second one to use in my RV, where I also scrub the stove, sink, and cookware! I don't think anyone could put enough pressure on this brush to break it. The person who had that problem should have a new one.

👤The brush ended up breaking off from the handle after only a month of use. I guess you get what you pay for. I won't buy brushes over the internet again. I recommend buying a brush head that has the bristles embedded in a continuous handle, not one with a wood handle and a plastic one. The brush was good looking, but very disappointed.

👤The design looks nice by the sink. The bristles are more firm, but I like that. Food doesn't get caught in them as easily as with softer bristles, and they scrub away food well. If you don't want to be sprayed with water while scrubbing just face the dishes away from you, which is what I don't for scrubbing with softer bristles anyways. Love that they are made with care.

8. Classic Beechwood Replacement Cleaning Supplies

Classic Beechwood Replacement Cleaning Supplies

The hanging ring keeps the brush dry. The long handle design of the dish brushes can help you clean the toughest kitchen messes, it fits comfortably in your hand. The natural scrub brushes are made of beechwood and fiber, which is durable and solid to use, soft and flexible bristles, can endure high heat, provide you deep and comprehensive cleaning, can accompany for you long time. Natural cleaning brushes can be used to clean pots, pans, bowls and dishes in the kitchen, bathroom, table, wall, floor, window and so on. The pot brush is moderate in size. The replacement brush head is 1.6 inches in diameter. The rounded brush head and extra-long handle are easy to reach into corners and crevices. You will get a piece of natural dish brush and 2 replacement brush heads in the package, good combination and sufficient quantity can satisfy your daily cleaning and replacement needs, making your housework cleaning easier and quicker.

Brand: Boao

👤I want to give this brush a better review, but it fell apart less than a week into use and is impossible to use. I have been buying similar brushes for years and have never had this happen. I have a broken holder and two extra brush heads.

👤The scrub head turns black after a week or so of use, but it does what it is supposed to. This is frustrating because I believe it is mold. We like to use things up until they can't be used anymore, so I could just switch the head out after a few days. The bristles will last a long time. Even though we store the brush to the side of the sink when not in use, the wood starts to mold. We got used to it and wish the handle was a bit larger for a more comfortable hold. We will definitely get something similar to reduce our plastic, but we won't purchase this particular one again.

👤I don't think the heads have been sealed. After a few uses there is a black appearance to the head of the brush. I allow it to dry and not leave it submerged.

👤The brush handle is light and sturdy. The brush handle we used was from The Earthling Co., and it broke recently, but I'm happy with this replacement. It works just as well as being more affordable. You can replace the brush heads as well.

👤The brush is better than the plastic ones because it has soft bristles. The wood head does not blacken if you store it upside down.

👤The dish brush is from a time when people did their dishes by hand. It works! It does not contain PLASTIC. There is a replaceable brush head. More things like this are still possible. I'm giving them to every member of my family because they're great.

👤I wanted to retire my old plastic scrubber for a more sustainable one. This isn't the one. The head of the scrubber is black after the first use. The unfinished wood is not comfortable to hold and the handle is flimsy. I had to put the head back at an angle so that it would be easier to scrub the pans. Will be going back to the plastic IKEA scrubber.

👤They came and were on time. I haven't used it yet. They are compostable.

9. Full Circle Bubble Ceramic Dispenser

Full Circle Bubble Ceramic Dispenser

The palm of your hand has a scrubbing power. The ceramic base is a soap dispensers. Extra suds will be created by spring-loaded. Comes with a replaceable brush. Bamboo, ceramic, recycled plastic, and recycled steel are earth friendly.

Brand: Full Circle

👤I bought one in each color because I only wanted the white parts. If you turn the base upside down, it slides out, so I was happy to hear that it wouldn't be difficult to take off. It will be easier to clean. The bristles are flexible, which I like. I gave the green/grey one to a friend who has grey cabinets, and it looks great. Everybody wins.

👤This product is a great concept, but could use better bristles. The pictures explain it all. Maybe the soap dispensers are a little bigger. Longer bristles would allow for more suds and less wear and tear. On the hunt for something new.

👤I was initially overjoyed with this product, but my enthusiasm waned over time. The handle is made of bamboo, which is prone to developing black mold. I have tried to remove it but no luck, the soap tends to slop over the side when you press down on it, and in general I feel like it's a nice concept that needs more thought. There is a black mold. I don't have enough room on my sink to put a dish under it, so I am putting the brush on the windowsill to try and retard the mold. I wouldn't buy this one again. I'll buy a new scrubber when the one I already have is thrown away.

👤I thought it was cute. It's the most useless thing in my home. The brush is hard to use and it gets gross when you use it. I'm throwing this thing in the trash because I'm sticking to regular sponges. Please save your money!

👤I bought this because I was looking for a decent dish brush, but I can't stand it. Your hands are covered in soap and water when you're short. The length and broad width make it impossible to wash glasses. The water splashes on the counter top when you dip the brush into the soapy water mixture. The bristles are already curling after a month of use. It looks pretty but is impractical.

👤Once again... I have been bamboozled. I read a lot of reviews. The comments on this site must be fake. They must be! I have bought replacement dish brushes before. They get gross over time. This thing takes the cake! The thing is a breeding ground. The brush looks bad after a few uses and it stinks. Complete failure! Do yourself a favor and buy a regular brush that doesn't sit in water and create stank.

👤I love this little guy. If you don't shake the water out of the brush, it will fill the soap chamber with water and make it hard to wash your dishes. I only shake the water out of the brush after I use it, but the rest of my household does not and I have to clean and change it often. You won't have to worry about dirty water/brush/soap if you are a single person who lives alone or living with someone who is conscious. They have two color options that can be used with any kitchen decor you may have. I recommend this to people who are willing to try it.

10. Full Circle Soap Dispensing Bamboo Handle

Full Circle Soap Dispensing Bamboo Handle

Dispensing your favorite soap. The replacement head keeps things clean. The bristles tackle grease and dirt. It was made from recycled plastic. Plastic, bamboo, plant fiber, and recycled plastic are earth friendly.

Brand: Full Circle

👤The handle will likely last forever because the pads will fall apart in 5 minutes. I bought a set of brushes from the Full Circle line. The brush pad falls apart in the first use. This is the first use of the pad and it only took 5 minutes to do plates. I understand why the brush heads are out of stock for this on the Full Circle site, and cost 4 times as much on Amazon, at best a rip off and at worse a scam by Full Circle to sell the pads. I will not spend money on more pads that will likely do the same thing. I found a plastic brush of design for $1 at my local Dollar Tree. I will return for a new one so that it can sit in the holder and not be used. The included pad is obviously faulty, so Full Circle should replace it with replacements.

👤This full circle. There are some things that are called "suds." The Up Soap Dispensing Dish brush is a piece of she-ite. I had trouble finding replacements for my brushes. I thought I'd give it a try. I am so sorry I did. The damn thing doesn't have soap at all. Something must be wrong with the design. I tried to contact the seller to find out if there was a secret to using it, but there is no way to contact them via feedback. " That must be a good reason. They don't want feedback because they know their product is useless. It was waste of my money.

👤The button is hard to use and it leaks out of the bottom, but the bristles are nice and it's a nice thickness. It's a really good idea, and I love the fact that it's more eco-friendly, but whoever decided that it should be refilled from the bottom needs to be fired. The seal isn't strong enough to properly plug the bottom, so it leaks soap into my countertop. All of the soap leaked out within a day after I filled it with soap. I will be buying an alternative from a different company when I return this item.

👤The replacement heads are eco-friendly and save on waste of sponges, as well as being cost effective. This function stopped working after 2 months on my recent purchase, last time it stopped working after 6 months. The soap button was ripped open.

👤The brush head lasted a long time. The product seems well made and feels nice in my hand. It looks nice on my counter. There is a I had to use a knife to pry the end cap out every time, it is too hard to remove the end cap where you add more soap. It was difficult to refill soap because it waspens too much at once. Nobody else who used it seemed to be able to balance it properly. It had a good run, but I am going to replace it with the regular Full Circle brush.

11. Full Circle Bottle Replaceable Bristle

Full Circle Bottle Replaceable Bristle

The brush should be replaced every 30 days. Only in the top rack of the dishwasher. The bottle brush is perfect for on-the-go drinking. The design is ideal for bottle necks. Replacement heads extend use and minimize waste. Stores upright for quick drying. The design is made of nylon bristles, bamboo and recycled materials. Plastic.

Brand: Full Circle

👤I ordered the Full Circle bottle brush about four months ago and it has held up better than the OXO version that I was previously using. I replaced the top part once because of the Amazon order, but I also retired the older brush to clean the bathroom tiles and tub because it works great for that. There is a The OXO bottle brush had two complaints. I was doing dishes and it would often twist apart. The bristles were worn out quickly. I used to use an OXO brush a month, but with the Full Circle brush, I only need to replace the head every two or three months, which is saving us money and the environment. The Full Circle brush looks better in the kitchen than it does in the OXO version, since it is made of a plastic. We don't have a dishwasher and cook most of our meals on the stovetop or in the oven, so I was skeptical about how the Full Circle brush would hold up. I'll probably replace the entire thing the next time I place an order on Amazon because I noticed the bamboo section was starting to crack. There is a I plan to replace my other cleaning tools with Full Circle products. Be sure to check the prices on Amazon and The Container Store. I noticed that Amazon was a bit more expensive for a few products.

👤I need this to clean water bottles. I chose it because it looked nice. An I liked the replaceable head feature. It won't fit in a water bottle I own. The bristles are very stiff and oriented downward toward the end, and the brush won't compress enough to get through the narrow bottle mouth. The square shape is good for cleaning mugs, but I'm frustrated that I need a second brush to use on bottles.

👤The kitchen is attractive and works well for its intended purpose. There is an option to replace the brush head. The brush doesn't last. I'm on my third brush. I bought the optional replacement head so I could use it if I needed it, but the handle hasn't lasted long enough for me to use a replacement. The bamboo handle has a white plastic end cap. The bare handle end of my first brush was rough enough to irritate my hand, but I liked the look of the second brush and bought it. I thought I would just deal with my scratched skin after the end cap on the second brush fell off. After a while the bamboo became more discolored and cracked, which was unattractive. There is a I bought a third brush. The end cap fell off again. I bought a tube of clear silicone caulk and used it to fix the end cap. So far, so good. I'm hoping that I can find another use for the caulk before the rest of the tube ends up in a solid mass. There is a The brush bristles are medium soft, making it easy to clean, but I needed a different brush for pots with cooked food still clinging to the inside. There is a This is an attractive brush, but a little care from the manufacturer would have made it a more worthwhile purchase.


What is the best product for eco friendly dish brush with replaceable head?

Eco friendly dish brush with replaceable head products from Agile Home And Garden. In this article about eco friendly dish brush with replaceable head you can see why people choose the product. Full Circle and Uklay are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly dish brush with replaceable head.

What are the best brands for eco friendly dish brush with replaceable head?

Agile Home And Garden, Full Circle and Uklay are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly dish brush with replaceable head. Find the detail in this article. Febu, Eldr Supply and Casabella are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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