Best Eco Friendly Dish Scrubber Set

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1. Delaware Durables Kitchen Dispensing Eco Friendly

Delaware Durables Kitchen Dispensing Eco Friendly

Zero waste natural cleaning scrubbers can go straight to the compost after use. They'll plant a tree on your behalf with this purchase and gift you a free ebook to help you get started. Delaware Durables DuraSeal stops leaks. Release detergent when you want it. There is a heavy duty dish wand, 5 non-scratch sponges, and a bristle dish brush. Simple - lock the bristle dish soap brush onto the dish wand. Don't leave the hassle behind by chopping and changing as you please. Sturdy body construction, elegant appearance, reliability and resilience. The handle is non-slip. The eco-friendly manufacturing process of thermoplastic rubber is a testament to its high impact resistance.

Brand: Dd Delaware Durables

👤I blew through all these dish heads in a few months and couldn't wait to get a store brand wand. This dish wand is the leakiest I have ever had. I would let it sit on the sink between washings and the dish soap would drain out of it and get all over the sink. I had an issue with the area where you put the soap. This has a flimsy rubber plug on the side of the wand that can be removed for refill, instead of the cap that is usually used. The tab would pop off when I was in the middle of washing the dishes. There's no way to shut it down. All the soap will pour out if the lightest tug removes it. The standard head didn't scrub dishes very well unless I pressed on them hard. Go with the store brand wand.

👤When not in use, soap leaks out of the handle. I have a caddy that leaks out when I sit it upright. The button doesn't work if you press it to enter the sponge. It gets stuck at the back of the sponge and doesn't absorb into it where I can use soap to scrub. I have to grab a bottle of soap and put it on the dish I'm cleaning. It defeats the point of buying one of these. I'm not using anything fancy. I would not have paid that much for just a wand because it's decent, but it's 2 stars because it's decent as a basic sponge wand. I wanted something to hold detergent.

👤I used this to clean the bathtub with my own Dawn/vinegar cleaner and the brush came off when I started to scrub a little. I gave up and used the scrub brush without the handle. If the brush is attached securely, it would be an okay product, but I would have preferred to use a spray bottle.

👤Not impressed! When it is closed, detergent leaks out. The night before, it was filled with a wand and sponge was left on the sink ledge. The wand was sitting in a puddle of detergent and the container was closed, but the sponge had leaked out and was slimy. The sponge is not flexible enough to mold to the corners of dishes like a sponge in the hand can. I wouldn't buy it again. Have not used it with the brush.

👤It is more sturdy than other brands. The way you add detergent is nice. The amount is the right one. I am glad I bought it.

👤I love buying replacement sponges for this dish wand. It's better than the ones you can get at the store. The mechanism for letting soap into the sponge or plugging it up saves soap from leaking out, so you have exactly as much as you need. I love how quickly it is to switch back to the sponge after snapping the scrub brush on. Sometimes the scrub brush comes off unintentionally, but it's not enough for me to knock off a star. I love this little thing.

2. Full Circle Bottle Replaceable Bristle

Full Circle Bottle Replaceable Bristle

The brush should be replaced every 30 days. Only in the top rack of the dishwasher. The bottle brush is perfect for on-the-go drinking. The design is ideal for bottle necks. Replacement heads extend use and minimize waste. Stores upright for quick drying. The design is made of nylon bristles, bamboo and recycled materials. Plastic.

Brand: Full Circle

👤I ordered the Full Circle bottle brush about four months ago and it has held up better than the OXO version that I was previously using. I replaced the top part once because of the Amazon order, but I also retired the older brush to clean the bathroom tiles and tub because it works great for that. There is a The OXO bottle brush had two complaints. I was doing dishes and it would often twist apart. The bristles were worn out quickly. I used to use an OXO brush a month, but with the Full Circle brush, I only need to replace the head every two or three months, which is saving us money and the environment. The Full Circle brush looks better in the kitchen than it does in the OXO version, since it is made of a plastic. We don't have a dishwasher and cook most of our meals on the stovetop or in the oven, so I was skeptical about how the Full Circle brush would hold up. I'll probably replace the entire thing the next time I place an order on Amazon because I noticed the bamboo section was starting to crack. There is a I plan to replace my other cleaning tools with Full Circle products. Be sure to check the prices on Amazon and The Container Store. I noticed that Amazon was a bit more expensive for a few products.

👤I need this to clean water bottles. I chose it because it looked nice. An I liked the replaceable head feature. It won't fit in a water bottle I own. The bristles are very stiff and oriented downward toward the end, and the brush won't compress enough to get through the narrow bottle mouth. The square shape is good for cleaning mugs, but I'm frustrated that I need a second brush to use on bottles.

👤The kitchen is attractive and works well for its intended purpose. There is an option to replace the brush head. The brush doesn't last. I'm on my third brush. I bought the optional replacement head so I could use it if I needed it, but the handle hasn't lasted long enough for me to use a replacement. The bamboo handle has a white plastic end cap. The bare handle end of my first brush was rough enough to irritate my hand, but I liked the look of the second brush and bought it. I thought I would just deal with my scratched skin after the end cap on the second brush fell off. After a while the bamboo became more discolored and cracked, which was unattractive. There is a I bought a third brush. The end cap fell off again. I bought a tube of clear silicone caulk and used it to fix the end cap. So far, so good. I'm hoping that I can find another use for the caulk before the rest of the tube ends up in a solid mass. There is a The brush bristles are medium soft, making it easy to clean, but I needed a different brush for pots with cooked food still clinging to the inside. There is a This is an attractive brush, but a little care from the manufacturer would have made it a more worthwhile purchase.

3. MR SIGA Dispenser Holder Replaceable Sponges

MR SIGA Dispenser Holder Replaceable Sponges

Donate the plastic and live waste free. They will give you a full refund if you don't like their strong and sturdy environment friendly tableware that is perfect for camping, picnic, lunch, Catering, BBQs, Party, wedding and restaurants. It is their prophecy! The set contains a ceramic holder, bamboo dish brush, and 4 sponges. A great cleaning tool is scrubbing your pan, pot, dish, glassware, sink, stove, kitchen utensils and countertop. Use the dish scrub brush to press the sponge, which will create rich suds. Refer to B082MZ7TK9 for replacement dish brush. The handle of the dish brush is made from sustainable bamboo. It's easy to apply pressure for tough scrubbing with the ergonomics handle. Non-stick cookware is safe to use with non-scratch and odorless bristles. After every use, rinse the sponge and dish brush. The dish soap dispensers set will complement your kitchen d├ęcor. MR.SIGA's mission is to make housework easier and make the world cleaner. If you don't like the product, you can get a full refund. They are here for support and advice, so please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Mr.siga

👤I like the item. I didn't like that it said the sponges were underneath the paperboard. I tore everything apart. The bamboo dish brush and one sponge are included.

👤It looks nice. The bristles are too soft for scrubbing tough elbow grease. It could be useful for super light washes. The brush's bristles were immediately damaged when we put it in its holder. Over time, it would become badly shaped and not useful.

👤If you are looking for a heavy duty pot scrubber, this is not it. If you're like me, you need something to loosen lightly stuck on foods before you put into a dish washer or make hand washing easier, this is for you. It's easy to hold, it lathers dish soap in the little sponge in the cup, and it rinses clean after use, even if it stuck on mozzarella cheese. It comes with 3 replacement sponges for the tray.

👤I had it for a month. So. It works well. I was going to put it on the other side because it takes more space than I thought, but I decided to put it on the other side because I don't like the way my sink is. It has 3 extra sponges. You need to be careful when putting in the cup because the bristles are not hard but soft.

👤I bought this because I like scrubbing brushes over sponges. I am very pleased with the brush. The ceramic holder will last a long time. The scrub brush has sponges. It is very easy to get some suds going. Will definitely be buying more when this one is over.

👤Looks pretty to sit on my counter. I went back and forth between sets, but ultimately decided on this one because of the sponge in the bowl. Definitely recommend!

👤I like how this looks on my sink. The brush has cheap bristles.

👤The scrubber looks great. There is no more plastic wand.

4. Brush Bottle Water Scrub Scrubber

Brush Bottle Water Scrub Scrubber

The kitchen dish brush set is for use in the kitchen. Their kitchen cleaning brush kit is great for washing dishes. It has a bottle brush, a long-handle brush for dishes, and a dish scrubber with handle. You can easily clean dishes with a variety of kitchen brushes. They will do everything they can to keep your pots, pans, bowls, bottles, sinks, and other household stuff clean. Well-Performing Materials. Their bottle brushes are made of high-performance ecoABS plastic, which is known for its excellentDurability. The rubber covering the dishbrush handle ensures a firm and comfortable grip. The handles have a curved shape for easier cleaning. You can use the dish brushes in the dishwasher to remove food particles if they are dishwasher safe. Heavy-Duty sbexs. Don't wash your plates or pots before you wash them. The bristles will do all the dirty work. They are strong enough to remove stuck-on food bits from your cookware. Carefully working out every inch inside, use the dense dish bottle brush to clean bottles. After a week of use, the bristles will not bend, fall out, or distort. The cleaning was comfortable. Can't reach the corner of the containers with the old scrubber brush? The kitchen scrub brush kit will change the situation. The extra bristles at the end of the brush make it easier to get to every corner of the pots. A built-in scraper is included in the brush to help you scrub away stuck-on, burned-on food or stains. No dirty dishes, no worries. The bottle and dish brush kit will make the dishes shine. This is a great match for the most filthy bowls, plates, bottles, pots, pans, and other cooking utensils. They can be hung on the wall using the handle loop, or they can be stored in the sink caddy. They will give you your money back if you don't like the set or if you are not satisfied.

Brand: Trazon

👤It's hard to tell what you're getting, but I was pleasantly surprised at how sturdy and heavy these were. I was expecting flimsy but I got brissels and a sturdy body. It works well and is a good value.

👤If a dish scraper like this is dishwasher safe, they are pretty much the same. I usually pay half the price at walmart or target for one dish cleaner, but this nice little package offers 3 that are the same quality and function. They will last as long as other brands, but 3 is better.

👤These are the functions. Okay. The bristles are stiff. Next time, I wouldn't buy this set. I'll use it while I have it.

👤A complete kitchen tool kit is made up of three sizes. It scrubs off dried food and gentle bristles for delicate items. Large holes are easy to hang on hooks. Yes!

👤The bristles are very stiff and seem to be pretty sturdy. The set should be half the price. I have brushes from the dollar store.

👤I had some others that I liked, but they weren't available, so I tried these. Good! The bristlels are not too stiff. I would buy it again.

👤The scrubbing action is weak compared to other brushes I've owned. I have to run them through the dishwasher to get them clean. That will reduce their lifespan significantly.

👤I didn't think I'd need to write a review for scrub brushes, but they work well and deserve a review. They get a lot of stuck-on food off pots and pans, and the fact that you get three different configurations for the price of a single brush is a real bonus. I use these more than my old brush. Definitely recommend.

👤Merci, Ses presque un plaisir de faire la vaisselle. It's et Au plaisir!

👤It's too hard for dishes. For pots, okay.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. Excellent quality.

👤Awesome brushes. Excellent quality and a good price.

5. Plant Based Kitchen Sustainable Biodegradable Zero Waste

Plant Based Kitchen Sustainable Biodegradable Zero Waste

Biokleen products are made in the USA and never tested on animals. Go back to nature. The HelloNature Kitchen scrub brushes give people the chance to choose a sustainable product. Their plastic-free dish scrubbers are made from sustainable sources and free from toxic chemicals. There is no guilt over adding more plastic. Quality made and long lasting are included. Their brushes are very durable and non-scratching. It is easy to remove stains from a variety of surfaces with the use of high density bristlels. The persistent part of the oldest luffa is selected, flattened, joined and sewed together to make a thick and densely made-up scrubber. The ERGONOMIC ELEGANCE: The Beautiful, Hand Made, Natural wooden brushes and loofah sponges set is an incredible value. This will compliment your Zero waste, Plastic-free lifestyle. A comfortable holding and scrubbing design. The long handled brushes are designed to get into hard to reach places. Perfect gift idea for any occasion. Anyone who would like to join Plastic-free Journey, A Nice Christmas Gift, housewarming parties, wedding gift registry, birthdays, Mother's Day, and more will appreciate this Eco-friendly, Plant-based, vegan Friendly Brushes and Eco sponge set. 100% happy customers If you don't like your purchase, they're so confident that you'll love their zero waste product. They will guarantee your satisfaction if you contact them. Zero risk and zero waste.

Brand: Hello Nature

👤I am trying to be more green in my home, but I have a wooden scrubber mold and crack, and I have read bad reviews on many wooden scrubbers. I decided to give this set a try. I am loving it a month later. I use the brush with the head for dishes and the little one for veggies. I don't see any mold or cracks when I keep them where they can dry. They lather with my soap. The bristles are flexible. When they start to lose their shape, I squeeze them back to their original shape when I rinse them. I have only used the bottle brush a couple of times and I noticed some bristles come off so we will see how well that holds up. I haven't used anything else from the set so far. I am in love with the two brushes and will try to post an update soon. It arrived in cardboard and was A+.

👤It's a bit Meh. They are cute. I don't think they scrub as hard as the plastic brushes. There is no scraper for pans. I'm not sure if I'll buy again. The bottle scrubber isn't enough for taller bottles. It is shorter than a baby bottle cleaner. The pan scrubber handle is very thin. It makes my hand sore. It is like 3 pencils together. Very thin. They are very cute. They match the look that was going for.

👤Really like how conscientious these are. I will say that they aren't as strong as the green/yellow sponge everyone is used to using, but it's worth the change for the environment and hygiene. The bamboo has a lot of germs because it is so airy. I have to keep repurchasing after a few weeks, but I feel good about using these items.

👤One of the first steps I took was not using sponges made of cellulose. The kit of glass brush, dish brush, pot scrubber, and loofah is lit. The price is reasonable. I would like to see replacement heads for the dish brush. The packaging was Eco friendly. I make my own dish soap in bar form and the brushes suds up easily. Consider this item as your first purchase to reduce plastic waste and live a more sustainable life.

👤I love this set. I like washing my dishes with it. The bottle and pan brushes are great. I like the sponges, but I wish they lasted longer. Two of them are on the thinner side and are easier to clean with. The other is hard to bend into dishes and bowls.

👤The smell is horrendous. The bristles of the brush that looks like a candy cane come off when you use it and get all over the dishes. A few days after using, my brush developed mold. I wish I could return these because they are not what I thought they would be, and I try to use non-toxic things in my house.

👤I like the smallest scrub brush. The loofahs work well on the dishes. The bottle brush is gross. I bought a different brush for that. It is really bad. I am not sure what is happening there. All in all satisfied with my dish helpers.

6. GREENTH PRO Friendly Cleaning Ceramics

GREENTH PRO Friendly Cleaning Ceramics

The brush handle is made of beech wood, which is very durable and wear-resistant. The brush head and handle are made of metal. The brush head is harmless and non-toxic. Don't soak in water for a long time. Keep dry to increase service life. The brush is made of hard union fiber and can be used for cast iron. The brush is made with medium hard tampico fiber, which is suitable for dish and non-stick cookware. The palm pot brushes are great for cleaning cast iron skillet, steel pots, pans, dishes, sinks, vegetables, tile, carpet, upholstery, etc. One kit helps to solve the cleaning hassle in daily cleaning, fine tampico fiber bristles plays an important role in reaching and cleaning narrow crevice. It is a practical kit for creating a clean living environment. The cleaning brush is multi-purpose and professional. The scrub brush with natural bamboo grip is a good choice for cleaning a variety of dishes and pots. The easy-to-clean kit is. The kit comes with 2 scrubbing brushes to help clean up dirt and stains on a variety of surfaces. You just need to wash these brushes with detergent and let them dry. If you have any questions or are not satisfied with the products, they will do their best to solve the case, please rest assured to purchase.

Brand: Greenth Pro

👤These have been a good investment. They fit perfectly in my hand and are easy to hold, which is a major plus. I waited about 2 months before writing my review to see how the new dish brushes would hold up.

👤It comes with two different brushes. A sturdy one.

👤I'm excited. These are strong and ready to take off dirt. The ceramic bowl is perfect for what I wanted. It is definitely a good value.

👤No more sponges. Great replacement. Looks good!

👤I love that I can order replacements without the dish since I already have one.

👤The bristles are sturdy and hard, they loosen up grease and stuck on food in my pots.

👤The brushes are cute and work well after only using a few, but sometimes the wood handle cracks and causes the product to be faulty.

👤It's the right size to clean my cast iron and carbon steel cookware.

7. Subekyu Cleaning Vegetable Scrubber Bristles

Subekyu Cleaning Vegetable Scrubber Bristles

MR.SIGA's mission is to make housework easier and make the world cleaner. If you have any questions, please contact them. They are here for help. A pan brush, a dish brush, a bottle brush, a vegetable and fruit brush are included in the multi-function cleaning brushes set. It works well on pan/dish/bowl/bottle/vegetable/Potato/carrots/fruit and other kitchen items. Most brushes are used for kitchen cleaning. The pan/bottle/vegetable brush are made from coconut fibre and rubber wood. The brush for the dish is made of bamboo and sisal. It's ideal for brushing off stains. They are plant based and help save the oceans and planet being plastic free. High density firm bristles make it easy to brush off stains on a variety of surfaces. The Shorter handle makes it easier to complete scrubbing tasks. The cup brush head can be deep inside the bottle to clean. Don't place it in water for a long time. After using the item, wash it with warm water. There is a rope at the end of the pan/bottle/fruit brush. The Pan brush is 7 inches, the dish brush is 3.1 inches, the cup brush is 1.9 inches, and the vegetable and fruit brush is 9.2 inches. If their cleaning brushes set doesn't meet your standards, please contact them first. They can solve the problem for you. Enjoy the purchase.

Brand: Subekyu

👤The product is great, the ship time is great, and the price is great. I was not expecting this high of quality. The bristles stay stiff and scrub more efficiently than a plastic scrubber, yet somehow they feel more gentle on non stick materials. I'm going to buy more of these when I'm older, and I'm also going to buy some for my parents.

👤The bottle brush is coming apart over the course of two months, and I bought these in late November. The dish scrubber has helped up, but it has a large crack that will probably degrade soon. I really liked the aesthetic and function of this set.

👤After reading a lot about how germ-filled sponges are, I decided to switch to a new set. There is a The bristles of the smallest one held in the palm of your hand break in nicely after a minute of being softened. The handle on this one felt slippery initially, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. We all know we should throw out sponges more frequently than we do, so we are happy to have this set that won't hold onto germs. I always dry them brush down after a weekly soak of vinegar because the bristles are the most likely to get stuck. There is a The one with the oval shaped bristles is my favorite to mimic a sponge because you get the same pressure exertion as you would a sponge, and it has no handles that prevent you from using elbow grease when necessary. Highly recommended!

👤The smallest brush of the line is the one I use the most frequently, and I always stand it on its bristles to allow the water to drain out of it, but after a week of use, the joint where the wood meets the bristles is almost completely black. I don't scrubby big greasy pans. I'm not a big cook. I was surprised at how fast it went. After a few weeks use, the finish is ugly. I'm going to look into how I can bleach or clean the joints that hold the bristles, but don't solve the finish rubbing off immediately.

👤I like using the scrub brushes. They are made with all-natural bristles and wood handles. I use them almost every day after having them for 2 months. They are very strong. The bristles are thick and full. No bristles have fallen out. I hang mine up to make sure they dry out. They are still new. I'm not sure how much I like the long bottle brush, it might be too long if you use too much pressure. It depends on the bottle you're cleaning. I'm still getting used to it. I use the vegetable brush all the time. Overall, a very good product. If you're looking for good-quality scrub brushes, I highly recommend them.

👤The first time I used them, the brush started to fall off. The handles are straight and have no grips. 2 days after the original review, the company contacted me and offered to send me a new set free. They didn't require me to send my current set back. They addressed my product issue and are working to fix it.

8. Friendly Natural Cleaning Scrubber Vegetables

Friendly Natural Cleaning Scrubber Vegetables

It's great for washing bowls, plates, pots, pans, and other cookware or bakeware. These bamboo scrub brushes are made from high quality natural palm,sisal and renewable bamboo, all of which are Eco-friendly plant based and easily disposable. They are a good choice for each household. The set can be used as a Bamboo Wok Brush, Pan Brush, Cast Iron Brush, Skillet Brush, Wood Dish Brush, Wooden Scrub Brush For Dishes, Bottle Cleaning Brush, and the list goes on. Mini Round Reachable Design & Heat-Resistant BrillianceBrushes handles are designed to fit your palm, which makes scrubbing easier and more powerful. Sisal bristles are non-sticky because they dry quicker than plastic bristles. They are safe to use in boiling water. Keep dry after use. Don't put it in the water for a long time. After using the item, wash it with warm water. It's recommended to hand wash and air dry. The bamboo handle can split. Their gift is eco friendly. A bamboo dish brush set is a lovely and practical zero waste gift for mom, family and friends.

Brand: Wokelai

👤These little brushes are amazing, I have cast iron skillets. Love them.

👤Good buy, I like the feeling.

9. Full Circle Kitchen Bamboo Handle

Full Circle Kitchen Bamboo Handle

There is a small footprint on the planet. The bristles battle caked-on food. There are three different colors. Bamboo, recycled plastic are earth friendly materials.

Brand: Full Circle

👤The bamboo handle has a brush head on it. The handle has a big hole in it that leaves little material around it, making it prone to break. This happened to one of the brushes I bought. The brush head fell off because the second one didn't have enough glue. I made sure not to apply too much pressure on it because it could cause the head to break off. I couldn't use it in hot water or on hot pans after three months because the plastic bristles were so bad. Natural bristles don't change shape easily. There is a Don't think this product is friendly to the environment. The bamboo won't degrade for a long time because of the plastic in the brush. The short life-span of this thing makes it an unfriendly environment. I don't know how a mediocre product like this can be chosen by Amazon.

👤I wanted something more classy than the White Plastic one that had a sticker on it. I am happy with the size I picked, it looks nice with my fancy marble sink brush holder. I plan to use this for what it is made to do and for the price expect 6 months or a year if lucky to replace it. Some of the negative review photos seem to be using it for something other than cleaning. This brush is under ten dollars. I will be using this for light food scrubbing on dishes. I will buy another one when it dies. The old one should be retired to the garage.

👤I don't like the look of my old brushes because they always looked dirty. They usually don't last long. They have been rather ugly. The bristles look new after about a month of use. The bamboo handle is pretty. The brush costs a little more than most, but it seems worth it.

👤I am ordering two more because I have no complaints about the performance of this brush. I use a grocery store quality scrub brush in my kitchen, sink and cookware, and I bought this one to replace it. These brushes are very hard to use. I'm getting a spare for my house and a second one to use in my RV, where I also scrub the stove, sink, and cookware! I don't think anyone could put enough pressure on this brush to break it. The person who had that problem should have a new one.

👤The brush ended up breaking off from the handle after only a month of use. I guess you get what you pay for. I won't buy brushes over the internet again. I recommend buying a brush head that has the bristles embedded in a continuous handle, not one with a wood handle and a plastic one. The brush was good looking, but very disappointed.

👤The design looks nice by the sink. The bristles are more firm, but I like that. Food doesn't get caught in them as easily as with softer bristles, and they scrub away food well. If you don't want to be sprayed with water while scrubbing just face the dishes away from you, which is what I don't for scrubbing with softer bristles anyways. Love that they are made with care.

10. Tieralia Bamboo Kitchen Sustainable Eco Friendly

Tieralia Bamboo Kitchen Sustainable Eco Friendly

Give these to your friends and family to show your love for the planet. These sponges are ideal for people who love to clean and for people who want to make a difference. Eco friendly products that fit your everyday needs are all-in-1 kitchen cleaning. Compostable sponges and bamboo dish brushes are high quality and efficient for fighting caked on food, grease, and grime in the kitchen. The dish scrubbers are made from 100% plant based materials. Chemicals and plastic are not allowed. Their natural cleaning products are safe in your home. A small footprint on the planet but a big step to an earth conscious lifestyle.

Brand: Tieralia

👤As soon as I opened this set, I felt a sense of sustainable- thinking and patritical design. Each tool has sturdy bristles that are different in strength based on the intended use. I don't mind leaving the brushes out in the sink when not in use because they have the Tieralia logo laser engraved on them with no words. The packaging is made with paper to keep the utensils separate and a pamphlet with cleaning solution recipes which was a nice surprise. I had a bamboo short dish brush from another brand, but the full Tieralia brush set provides different levels of pressure for cleaning different messes. The short brush has a good grip and stiff bristles. The sponges have a rougher material sewn to them. The sewed on backing of the sponges is still in tact after 1.5 months of use. The round brush is great for rinsing dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. The brush gets more wear than the rest of the set. The design of the brush allows for the brush portion to be removed from the handle for easier replacement and less waste. I would be interested in Tieralia offering sets of individual replacements of each brush/sponge type so that I could replace them as needed. There is a The dish brush set is a great addition to any sustainable efforts. It's great to support a small business.

👤The items are large. I used all of the pieces while cleaning the kitchen. The brush is great for getting stuck food particles off of dishes, scrubbing gunk off of the stove and scrubbing down the sink after you finish cooking. The bottle brush looks very different from other brushes I have used. I prefer it to the others because it works perfectly. Excellent piece for glasses that are slender. The brush with handle is great for larger pots and pans. My kids love using all the pieces when they are on duty. Happy for the doubles.

👤The product arrived smelling bad and still smells even after being cleaned.

👤This set is made in China. There is a Sometimes I think I know what I want and then I find out I want more. This is one of those times. It's good! Win! The bamboo brushes are very nice. I wanted the small brush in the 3rd picture. They are perfect for that. I prefer a dishwasher for the dishes. It's a good thing. The brush has a lot of bristles and does a great job on my potatoes. The wooden handle has a cute design in the top and is finished with a laquer. Is that varnish? It's pretty and shiny. There is a The long handled brush was a surprise because it cleans a lot of places that are smaller on items that are hand wash only like the aluminum paddle for my Kitchenaid mixer that Kitchenaid in their infinite wisdom decided should be made of something that can't go in the dishwasher! The brush in the 5th picture works great on that paddle and gets into the tiny areas well and is completely clean. The wooden part of the brush is covered in lacquer or varnish. The ring on the end is not as strong as I would like it to be, but it is still very sturdy. The bottled brush surprised me. It should do bottles, but the little curl on the end makes it easy to get under the rim of a canning jar. I love that because that is an area where it is hard to get clean in the dishwasher without scrubbing it out, and that is where the food coagulates in the head space and sticks like crazy. This brush is easy to use. Great surprise! The handle on this brush is a bit stronger to be able to scrub without feeling like it will break. The handle is coated in the same color as the other wooden parts of the set and has a hole in it so you can hang it. It's in my sink organizer. There is a And finally the sponge. Oh the sponge! I have always preferred the yellow sponges with green scratchers, which smell better after a couple of days. Not so with the sponges that are natural. The scratchy side works just as well as the other one for me. They don't stink, that's the really great thing. I put it in my sink caddy and it doesn't stink. That is wonderful! It can also be put in the dishwasher to clean and kill bugs. These guys are amazing. That also fits nicely in my sink organizers. I love it. There is a This would be a great gift. The set is nicely presented and would be a great gift for newlyweds. Highly recommended.

11. MR SIGA Bamboo Scraper Kitchen Cleaning

MR SIGA Bamboo Scraper Kitchen Cleaning

The handle and bristles can be washed in hot water without losing their shape. The upper handle is made from sustainable bamboo. It's safe to use bristles on non-stick cookware because they are durable. The scraper on the brush head is built to remove stuck-on food. The handle is comfortable in your hand and easy to apply pressure for scrubbing. The hanging option on the dish brush allows for air dry. It's great for cleaning dishes, pans, pots, sink, stove, kitchen utensils and bathtub. There is a pack of 2. MR.SIGA's mission is to make housework easier and make the world cleaner. If you have any questions, please contact them. They are here for help.

Brand: Mr.siga

👤They work and are strong. The handle length and brush angle make it difficult to clean deeper bowls and pots. We would not purchase again because of the awkward angle.

👤The brushes look great, feel great, and are clean. I ordered these because I hated the old brush. They fit into all of the nooks and crannies with their soft bristles. The scraper on the back is easy to use. There is a I've ordered these brushes twice and will continue to do so. They're still the best.

👤You get two and I love the brush. It's great at cleaning. You can't go wrong.

👤It's not fun to cook with them. They feel small in your hands. The bristles are too long so they don't glide across the plate. You have to spend more time scrubbing each item.

👤The scrubber can remove food from cookware. Sometimes I need a scouring pad, but for the most part this does a good job. The bristles are bamboo and the handle is wood, but the head that holds them is plastic. It was in a package of two, and it seems like a good value. They do the job and are strong.

👤Good brush. I wish the bristles were stronger. A bit of grease is needed to scrub the pans. Nice look and works.

👤I like to use a dense bristle brush for dishes and cookware that won't scrub off the finish but will whisk away food particles with minimal effort. If something needs more attention, I use scrubber pads. These are good for general cleaning. They perform well and are a great size. It's best not to leave them soaking in water and to allow them to dry between uses. They should last a long time with minimal care.

👤These are pretty to look at, but they don't clean dishes. There is a The bristles aren't strong enough, so they fold more easily, and the handle is round, so the brush will roll in your hand if it's wet. There is a They need a handle with an oval shape and stronger bristles to get rid of the rope. The rope is going to get dirty.

👤The wooden handle is easy to hold and the long bristles are a great way to clean dishes.

👤Disappointing that the bristles are soft to clean pots, pans and other objects. After using it to clean some burnt bits, it went black. Better to use a toothbrush than this.

👤These are more stylish than the usual plastic brushes. Very well made and did the job.

👤I want to do the job as well. Hopefully it will stay that way. It seems nice and sturdy.


What is the best product for eco friendly dish scrubber set?

Eco friendly dish scrubber set products from Dd Delaware Durables. In this article about eco friendly dish scrubber set you can see why people choose the product. Full Circle and Mr.siga are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly dish scrubber set.

What are the best brands for eco friendly dish scrubber set?

Dd Delaware Durables, Full Circle and Mr.siga are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly dish scrubber set. Find the detail in this article. Trazon, Hello Nature and Greenth Pro are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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