Best Eco Friendly Dish Soap Tablets

Soap 6 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Ginger Lily Farms Fragrance Free 802309

Ginger Lily Farms Fragrance Free 802309

The concentrated formula cuts through the toughest grease to make dishes clean and bright. It's designed for washing dishes. Their tough foaming liquid dish Soap is made with plant-based ingredients that are gentle on the skin and make grease disappear. Their dish soap is made withAloe Vera extract and glycerin, making it safe for all kitchen utensils. The formula doesn't contain any of the harmful substances. The formula is safe for all users, especially those with sensitive skin. The refill size helps reduce plastic consumption and is ideal for refilling dish soap dispensers at home. 128 Ounces is 1 gallon.

Brand: Ginger Lily Farms

👤The soap is so concentrated that it doesn't feed well. I added 25% water to make it work better. It's as good as any I've tried. It is very affordable in the gallon size.

👤Use my dishwater to water the garden. Most plant based dish liquids don't cut grease. This product is good for Earth. I love it!

👤I am allergic to anything that has a scent. My regular product became very expensive. So I tried that. There is no smell, suds up and cuts grease. What else can you ask? I use it as a hand soap in my dispensers. The gallon size reduces my impact on the environment. I recommend this product.

👤It's good. It has less suds than the store, but it cuts grease and grime as well.

👤I hate scented detergents. There is a All of my plastic food storage containers and plastic drink ware are rendered useless by the scent of dish soap. Who wants food that tastes like detergent? Not me. There is a I use the unscented brand of dish detergent from Costco. My local warehouse is not keeping their brand in stock. I bought this as a work-around and have found it to be nearly the same as the one I bought. The smell of the Gingerlily detergent is very similar to the smell of the Kirkland brand. There is a The fact that it creates less suds than other dish detergents is not important to me. In removing oils and fats, it performs very well. Win.

👤The natural dish soap at my store is only $12 a gallon, and it works better. I have to use twice as much as another reviewer said.

👤Although there are no ingredients in this that I'm allergic to, it still caused a lot of irritation on my and my son's hands. Will not be buying again.

👤Since Chlorox stopped making "Green Works" dish soap, I have been on the hunt for a better one. The first place is currently occupied by Ginger Lilly farms. The soap lasts, no smell, and the feel on hands and dishes is good, dishes come out of the sink without being slippery. The soap is important because I wash a lot of dishes.

2. Puracy Natural Dishwasher Detergent Enzyme Powered

Puracy Natural Dishwasher Detergent Enzyme Powered

Plant-powered performance. Puracy Free & Clear dishwasher tabs are free of harmful substances. A single dishwasher Pod can quickly remove gunk without pre-rinsing or soaking. This 99.5% natural dishwasher soap can do all the work if you just stack the dishes. It is a trusted formula. The dishwasher tablets are tried, tested and trusted. The dish washer clean Pods are at the top of their game, passing many real-world tests with diverse water types, dishwasher models, and realistic usage. They believe they have created the perfect detergent to clean your dishes. Puracy dishwashing Pods are a grease-cutting, spot-free, automatic detergent that is perfect for all dishwasher safe items. These dish tabs are easy to clean because of their cleaning power. These dishwasher tabs are designed for all types of dishwasher-safe items. It is made with natural ingredients. Are you looking for a dishwasher detergent that is plant-based, cruelty-free, and biodegradable? Those who want to steer clear of harmful chemicals should check out these dish washerpods. The powerful Pods leave no trace of food stains. Keep your dishes clean with this soap. Pure Love Guarantee Puracy is passionate about creating products that are tested by doctors and PhD chemists. Your happiness is important to them. Let them know if you're not happy with any of their products. They'll give you a full refund of your purchase.

Brand: Puracy

👤I saw an ad for this brand and thought, "Hey, why not try a different natural brand?" For a long time, we used seventh generation. The first time use was a failure. I didn't read the instructions, so I emptied my dishes before loading the dishwasher. The dishwasher overflowed with suds. You are not supposed to rinse your dishes after reading the packaging. I put everything in with food stuck to it. The results were better this time. Everything was completely clean. I don't give this 5 stars because I don't like waiting for the dishwasher to fill up completely. Sometimes the dishes need to be washed in order for it to be half full. If you don't have your dishwasher filled to capacity, you cannot use this product. We keep a box of seventh generation powder for the smaller loads. I will switch completely if you make a measurable powder in addition to yourpods.

👤The first generation dishwasher packs left a film on plastic and silicone, but worked great on glass and stoneware. I washed all plastic and silicone by hand. I ordered immediately when I heard of the third generation dishwasher packs. The order was received about 15 minutes ago. I made sure I had plastic and silicone in the dishwasher. There were pieces with butter on them. I wanted a representative mixture in the dishwasher for the first run. Everything is perfect after the dishwasher just finished. No film, no grease, no cashews. Puracy third generation works better than the other two. Happy day!

👤The negative review is likely to be an outlier because the detergent components are clearly labeled. We have a mid-to-high end dishwasher that has served well and never had a problem. Puracy replaced our typical dishwasher packs because we wanted to remove all potential offending chemicals from the home. I came into the kitchen early in the morning to find water on top of the kitchen counter and a puddle on the wood floor after the first wash. It was strange because no one ran water in the sink overnight. I ran the dishwasher during the evening and walked into the kitchen to find a lot of foam coming out of the bottom of the dishwasher, and running across the floor. There was water pooling as the suds sat for a few minutes. The dishwasher was filled with suds when I opened it. This soap appears to create foam that spills out of the door of the dishwasher, possibly due to the increased pressure inside the dishwasher. If you have a Miele dishwasher, you should keep an eye on it during the first few washes using this soap.

👤This is the first time that this has happened with a different soap.

👤The best dishwasher detergent! The machine smells clean after each cycle and it does not leave any messes on our dishes. lemi-shine detergent did not clean. The seventh generation did not clean our glasses. The Puracy dishwasher detergent gets our glasses super clean, no smoothie or vitamins C or D. I have been looking for a product that cleans our dishes and is non-toxic for our family. It rinses off. There is no soap taste on utensils or drink ware. The Eco brand dishwasher gel detergent will leave your dishes worse than when they were put in the dishwasher, so don't bother buying it. It may cost more than other brands, but it is worth it because of your health.

3. Finish Dishwasher Detergent Powerball Dishwashing

Finish Dishwasher Detergent Powerball Dishwashing

Help make it easier to remove food like baked-on lasagna and dried-on oatmeal. Powerful cleaners remove stains. No need to pre-soak or pre-rinse with Powerball cuts through grease and scrubs away burnt and dried-on food. The premeasured dose of detergent is provided by each individually wrapped Finish Powerball tab. The rinse agent action helps rinse away messes and eliminate spots. Finish is the leader in dishwashing and is recommended by more brands than any other brand. They are here to support your shopping experience. You can call or visit them on social.

Brand: Finish

👤The dishwasher tablets use a hardened powder approach instead of encapsulated liquid. The tablets usually clean my dishes. I don't find streaks or water marks. I would say that the tablets do a great job. There is a As someone who tries to reduce the amount of plastic waste I produce, I was disappointed with having each tablet individually wrapped in foil. I threw away plastic waste because it seemed unnecessary. I will probably go with a different brand from this point forward despite how wonderful this product was. If you are concerned about small children mistaking your dishwasher tablets for candy, these may make you feel better. I look forward to the day when I don't feel guilty about producing excess plastic trash.

👤It has been updated. They were told that every Pod was just powder. I have never heard that in my 12 years here. I sent the video of all the Pods PUFFED UP filled with air and powder all over the outside of the box and inside of the Amazon shipping box to them, so that they could see it. I waited to write the review because I wanted to deposit the coupons and buy more dishwasher Pods, but I didn't get a check so I waited. Going forward, Finish is a different brand. I'm not sure how to post the video here with a review. There is a This is the one I use for the dishwasher. They come in a cardboard box. I prefer the old style plastic tub because I can re seal it easier and it keeps out any water that could be under the sink. I set the stage. When I get a new box, I change old to new. I tip the old out on the counter and get ready to put the new ones in, the first one is called "All Powder" and I can feel the round ball, I grab another and another and so on. There are at least ten broken into powder. When I think of it, the other item in the box is covered in soap. The Finish box is fine, it can't be a shipping issue. I tried to call the Finish company but missed them. I researched on line and found that the Pod needs to be in its entirety and not broken up. I said the box is fine and I am confused by this one. Is this a manufacturering issue? Anyone have seen this before?

👤There is a powder on everything. The dishwasher has to be hand-washed. It feels slick when it's rewetted like the way chemicals with a high pH feel on your hands.

👤I've used this product for a long time and have always been happy with the results. This last box... I had to wash the dishes on the bottom rack. It's not the machine that is a year old. I cleaned the filters to make sure there was no issue. Two more full loads of dishes did not come out clean. I don't know if this is a new formula or a counterfeit version. I'm trying another brand and I'm going to sell this box at a local store. I ran a load of dishes using a different brand and they came out sparkling clean. The problem was the Finish tabs.

4. Cascade Dishwasher Detergent Liquid Essence

Cascade Dishwasher Detergent Liquid Essence

Cleaning for your family. Formulated with biobased and other thoughtfully selected ingredients. The only dye-free liquid top is Pure Essentials. There was no chlorine bleach orphosphates. A perfume is infused with essential oils. It's easy to use the ActionPacs. There was no finicky wrapping.

Brand: Cascade

👤I've been using cascade in powder form for a long time. There is a It's not always possible to buy the same product. I bought 2 bottles of the "healthier" version in reserve. I've only been using it for a week, but I've already run the auto cycles twice. There is a The product doesn't work. For the first time in my life, I am seeing some dishes utensils coming out still dirty and porcelain tea mugs still have tea stain around the lip and drips along the side. These are examples of less than acceptable performance. I'm suspicious that there may be invisible remnants of ineffective washing. There is a The quality is not good and I have wasted my money. It seems that the quality is not what it used to be.

👤The scent is barely noticeable, but I don't care. It doesn't clean my dishes, and it discolored some of the baking pans I have used for over two decades. I have two jugs of this stuff. I will never use this again as my main detergent, but I do sometimes use some for the pre-wash. It will probably take a long time to use this up, no idea if it does anything.

👤I have severe allergies to fragrance and the version of their product that I could use was discontinued. The product was recommended by the rep but it was not found. I can tolerate a scent of lemon, but be warned- it has a perfume smell. The smell was not taken away even after 5 washes in the machine. I stored glasses, dishes, and utensils in all the drawers and cupboards. I will give away 4 of these that I bought. I have switched toFinish because I am so disappointed that cascade has gone to a heavy fragrance in all their products. It has an odor, but it is light and does not linger, and I still do an extra rinse on my dishes. It is just 1- not 5.

👤Don't buy this item. The dishwasher bottles are small compared to what you get at Walmart. You will get 6 lbs of product for $12-$15 if you buy these bottles. You can get 10 lbs of soap at a brick and mortar store. Don't buy this, the prices are too high.

👤I had previously ordered the dishwasher Pods from Amazon Prime. The dishwasher leaked the first time I used it. The next three times it happened, even after the maintenance team replaced the seal. I switched to this product and was very happy. I have never tried a liquid detergent that was as good as this one. I am sold and the price is great.

👤Leave an odor on the dishes. I was hoping for a better outcome. I could see that it had some scent, but I hoped it was not too strong. It is not. I had to wash dishes several times. Instead of using the complete version, use regular Cascade.

👤I like this product. It gets my dishes clean and there is no mess on my glasses. I will definitely be ordering this product again.

5. Mrs Meyer´s Clean Lemon Verbena

Mrs Meyer%C2%B4s Clean Lemon Verbena

Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap is original. Do not add bleach. Not for use in the dishwasher. Grease is cut through to keep dishes clean. Grease can be made disappear by using plant-derived cleaning ingredients. The dish soap is made from renewable resources. The lemon verbena has a light, mild scent. Mrs. Meyer's produces soaps that are free of animal products. None of their products are tested on animals.

Brand: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

👤The product is not green certified and is rated a "C" by EWG. It contains ingredients that have the potential to cause acute aquatic toxicity, respiratory effects, and nervous system effects. Why am I aware of this? My skin was burning and I couldn't get the smell off my hands. There are things that are not so good in the ingredients that are not disclosed. My skin is cracking after a rash this morning. The smell is overpowering and I don't think it's a scent from nature. Do not get this product if you have asthma, skin sensitivities, or just really want something green. Very disappointed.

👤I received my new 3 pack shipment today and it did not have a seal and the product was more watery than usual. I picked up my last bottle from an April shipment and the ingredients have changed. There is a This is not made without Chlorine and Formaldehyde according to the new bottle's list. Have I been deceived? Is this an updated Mrs.Meyers product ingredient list?

👤When a member of the family ordered this, I was skeptical. We'd been using national name-brand dish soap for generations, and this seemed like another fad product, complete with retro label and chic ingredients. The price confirmed my suspicions. There is a We used it up and then used more. I didn't remember about it. There is a When we ran out of Meyer's, we picked up a bottle of the national brand, but it was hard to clean. Meyers rinses quickly. The scent and taste of the National Brand was always on account of the previous point. The dishes were left clean. The scent of the National Brand was repulsive. The scent of Meyer's was a bit lighter. The National Brand required more product per wash-load than Meyer's. There is a We're sticking with him. Mrs. Meyers is a brand of the Caldera Company. The S.C. Johnson corporation is a corporation. S.C. Johnson is owned by Colage-Palmolive. Maybe Madge's last name is Meyers? As long as the product is decent, we'll buy it. If the formula changes for the worse, we're not attached to any brand.

👤That doesn't leave my hands itchy or cracked. I've tried many natural/natural-ish liquid dish soaps that didn't lather or cut grease, and most left my hands dry. I use gloves most of the time but sometimes it's not convenient or I forget and I have to pay a lot of money for just a few minutes of bare hands in soapy water. I don't have to be very careful about wearing gloves. The smell of Mrs. Meyer Lemon Verbana is wonderful, but it is not overpowering the senses or linger on washed items. I've used it for everything in the kitchen, from cooking under the sun to cleaning up after projects. I never went back to the other bathroom when I filled a couple dispensers. We wash delicate clothing by hand and even toothbrush after brushing. The smell of lemon is appealing to me. It was easy to recommend. There is no free or discounted products for writing reviews.

6. ATTITUDE Mineral Based Dishwashing Hypoallergenic Cruelty Free

ATTITUDE Mineral Based Dishwashing Hypoallergenic Cruelty Free

The soap refill is biodegrable. Their bulk to go container uses less plastic and has more product than the bottle counterpart which means less time running and less packaging waste. Their grease-cutting formula with Green Tea helps remove food remnants from dishes, pots and pans. Their formula is made of ingredients that meet the highest health standards. Free of phenoxyethanol, MIT, and CMIT. Because they care about the most sensitive skins, their dish soaps are dermatological tested and non-irritating. Their products are vegan because they are never tested on animals. It is also ECOLOGO certified.

Brand: Attitude

👤It works well, but it is not concentrated, unlike most detergents nowadays. If a detergent is concentrated you don't have to buy it as often, it doesn't have to be shipped as often, and it weighs less than non-concentrated. The net effect on the environment, in terms of resources consumed to manufacture and ship the product, is the same, as long as one of these boxed-bag detergents is used to refill a smaller bottle. It was wasteful. Not any better for the environment than a small bottle of detergent.

👤I am afraid to use this product, but I want to. The box was leaking when it was opened. I don't have a way of knowing. If the ingredients are what they say, it was a return. I will never buy your product again because I expect it to be in new condition and there is no way to contact the seller.

👤I decided to try this brand of soap after reading a lot of great reviews. Doesn't tackle grease. Will be going back to seventh grade.

👤I end up paying more because I can't buy dish soap in a plastic container. I think that this product is reasonable. The bag in the cardboard box is plastic, but it is not a full on plastic bottle. The scent of this dish soap does not bother me and it performs better than several other brands that I have tried. I will buy it again. Thank you.

👤I use a little more dish detergent when using Dawn. I like this because it is environment friendly and I use my old plastic dish soap dispensers with it.

👤I started using this product this week after purchasing it. I wanted to try it out instead of using the other soap. I like the fact that this one comes in a bulk container, instead of small bottles. I wish I could recycle everything that came in, but the plastic bag doesn't seem to be recycled.

👤The soap was not very good. The system was too slow to use and hard to press. There is more plastic involved in ecological than if you just buy a bottle.

👤This soap is the only one that doesn't dry out my hands and I like it. For caked on food, you may need to let your dishes soak for a while. It works well, even though it's a bit dilution. It is a pleasure to use.

👤I have been using this dish soap for months and it has no scent at all, and I have been using it for a long time. It's a good thing. For the first time in my life, I can wash dishes without gloves. The eco-refill size is what I now buy.

👤I used to buy the 700ml bottle from the supermarket, but then I discovered that Attitude had bulk packs in cartons with an inner plastic bag as the container of the liquid. The power of cleaning grease is not affected by the mild soap. It is friendly to the environment and gentle to the skin. A box lasts 8 months. I cook 3 meals a day. I reduce the plastic bottles by 7 to 8 per year. This is the one I recommend if you want to take care of your environment.

7. Seventh Generation Fragrance Dishwasher Detergent

Seventh Generation Fragrance Dishwasher Detergent

The formula leaves dishes sparkling clean by cutting through grease and food waste. There are no fragrances, dyes, or chlorine bleach. Just toss the dishwasher Pods into the dishwasher. The product is USDA certified. The packs are easy to use. For the next seven generations.

Brand: Seventh Generation

👤The product was awful. I don't write reviews but I want to spare you from ruining your glassware. I have tried hand washing, re washing in the dishwasher twice with cascade and can't get rid of the dirt on our silverware, but it's only been used one time. Half of our cups and silverware were ruined. I will have to replace them. I am for safer products, but they need to work and not ruin your dishes. Don't buy!

👤Seventh Generation made the transition to less chemicals easy for me. They clean my dishes and dishwasher well. This is a scary mom moment example. As I walked in to see my 10 month old, he bit into the one that I held. I picked him up off the ground to wash his mouth out. I called poison control and they said he would be okay since he only took a small amount of the Seventh Generation brand. He threw up once, but was fine after I moved them high out of reach. It was an eye opener for me. I will not use any other tabs from this brand.

👤I have purchased Seventh Generation products since purchasing my dishwasher. I was very happy until I bought the "Powerful Clean" Free & Clear version of the Pods. These 2 bags are full of Pods that do not clean well, which is something I have not had before. They leave a powdery white film on the dishes. Will not purchase from this vendor again. I hate wasting money, but these are useless.

👤We used these for about 5 months and then stopped because of issues with packs that were not dissolved during the cycle. The packs were either completely intact or turned into a cakey mess. I'm not sure if we received faulty products. Some glassware came out looking frosted. I had to buy a product at Target to fix the problem. I don't know if the Seventh Generation packs caused the frosted glass problem or if there was something wrong with the water. We have switched dishwasher detergent brands and have not had the same problems. Will not buy it again.

👤Don't order it. These! There was a white stain on my dishwasher and on my forks. I can't get it off. I've tried everything. This product ruined my dishwasher. I am taking a picture.

👤I used this product twice in a row because my dishes were not clean the first time I used them. The next day, I ran my dishwasher. I used these again and it didn't clean my dishes. The dishes were clean and not caked on food. I had a garlic press in there and it still smelled like garlic after the second wash. Don't bother with these! I will be going back to my previous dishwashing unit. They did a better job.

👤Will not be buying again. Even if you use an additional rinse agent, the film will leave and build up. The remaining packs will be given away.

8. Cascade ActionPacs Dishwasher Detergent Packaging

Cascade ActionPacs Dishwasher Detergent Packaging

50% more cleaning power is available in the dishwasher detergent from Cascade Platinum ActionPacs. Dissolves fast and release Dawn's grease-fighting power, while food-seeking enzymes break down food into small particles so they can flow down the drain. Powerful enough to clean food for 24 hours. Convenient, premeasured ActionPac. It isphosphate free. For the best clean, use the Cascade Power Dry rinse Aid and the Cascade Dishwasher Cleaner. Save up to 15 gallons of water per dishwasher load when you skip the pre-wash and run your dishwasher. More dishwasher brands in North America recommend Cascade than any other automatic dishwashing detergent brand.

Brand: Cascade

9. Finish Quantum Infinity Shine Dishwashing

Finish Quantum Infinity Shine Dishwashing

The new Finish Quantum infinity shine scrubs, degreases, and shines deliver their best ever in clean and shine. The power to break down and remove toughest stuck on food in one wash. Grease cutting power handles are tough. LIQUID POWERBALL. Filled with power actions that dry and give a finishing boost. Compost is recycled. Before removing the plastic sleeve, remove it.

Brand: Finish

👤I threw this out because I was tired of coffee with detergent in it.

👤The dishwasher broke down after the review was written. The detergent was not the problem, it was the machine. I can't tell you if the new machine washes everything well with any detergent we've used, but I can tell you that it does. I'll be buying the Infinity again when we use up the old detergent packs. Why did you stop making Quantum Max? It was great! It left the glasses sparkling, and didn't leave a nasty aftertaste on my dishes, and didn't need the help of a booster like Lemishine to perform really well. You left Quantum Max behind. Why did you try the 'New Coke' strategy? The classic coke of quantum max should be brought back. Please! There is a I'll keep using this stuff in hopes that you will return the QMax!

👤I know what you are going to say about your dishwasher not getting clean. I have a brand new Bosch dishwasher. It isn't working properly. I don't think this is the issue. When I pull my dishes out, they still have a slick coating on them, and they smell and taste like soap, especially cups and my other glass containers.

👤I've tried at least a dozen different brands and even tried a few different formulas on my own chemistry lab at home. In a time after controlling the algal blooms of the 90's by outlawing the use of salt in food, was it the dishwasher? I have found modern dishwasher do not do anything other than waste time and energy. I use either Finish Quantum or Costco's knock off of it. The knock-off always stinks to high heaven. The Finish brand is inconsistent, it sometimes stinks to high heaven and other times its smell is vey faint, and that is comparing apples to apples, not comparing scented versus unscented. The cleaning power is consistent. This and the knock-off of Costco do some magic that I have not reproduced at home, so please do not play with chemicals at home. It can be dangerous, especially caustic lye, a common classical ingredient in soaps, as well as acids, which are sometimes used as rinse aid, even though household 2% vinegar is relatively safe, and soda ash and the likes are relatively harmless but don't play with chemical at home. Leave that to dumb rednecks and pros.

👤This is what came with my dishwasher and I don't have anything to compare it to. I bought the exact same thing after I found it was fairly priced compared to the competitors and it was what I got with my GE dishwasher. There is a I like the scent of the results. It is a clean smell and leaves the dishes clean. There is a Also, note: To anyone dumb like me that never had a dishwasher before, you just put the whole thing in the machine. The film on the outside of the dishwasher breaks up without assistance. I spent a lot of time trying to open the first one and put it in the reservoir. I have to add this note in hopes others will see it. I saw a lot of reviews about how "crappy" these were, and that they didn't actually work. You are not loading your dishwasher wrong. I had this happen a few times. I realized that my silverware caddy is in front of the little door where the detergent goes. If I put a big item like a soup ladle or tongs there, it stops the door from opening and stops the detergent package from dissolving properly. When the sequence ends and you open the door, you can see that the dishes are dirty and the tablets are not dissolved. I bet it will work if you run it again with nothing in front of the door. I never had the undissolved tablets happen, but I am now aware of it.

10. Biokleen Dishwashing Concentrated Eco Friendly Preservatives

Biokleen Dishwashing Concentrated Eco Friendly Preservatives

It doesn't use toxic chemicals to remove baked-on-food and grease. The dishes, glassware and flatware will come out clean. The orange peel extract is made from the seeds of a grapefruit. It's safe for high-efficiency dishwashers.

Brand: Biokleen

👤The detergent smells great. A scent of orange. Excellent price for the size. The top good points are those. It works like a natural detergent would. It works great for dishes that are lightly dirty, but it doesn't work for dishes that need more than one wash before loading the dishwasher. If a good sale happens, I would be willing to purchase and use again. I would use small plates and glasses for breakfast and lunch. I will stick to my name brand detergent, which cleans everything you throw at it.

👤We are pretty much a biokleen household. When I saw that I could get dishwasher soap, I didn't think twice. It didn't clean my dishes at all. I was surprised. Had to return it.

👤It seems like a good deal because of the amount, but the soap is very thin and it pours out very fast, and I have had to wash my dishes twice because the soap leaves a visible stain on the dishes and inside the dishwasher. I opened the washer to check the suds, it's not worth the savings. I wouldn't buy this again.

👤Another review was negative. The dishwasher detergent left a white stain.

👤I wanted to like it. I enjoy the environment. I enjoy clean dishes. I don't like artificial stuff on drinks and food. All the signs point to this being great. Wrong. I tried this for a while. The glasses come out foggy and not clean. The silverware is not shiny. There is junk on the glass bowls. I'm sick of gross dishes so I'm going to switch to another brand. Sorry fish. We need clean cups.

👤I'm sorry that I bought such a large jug of this product, because it's an enormous disappointment. The water left on the glassware in the top shelf of the dishwasher is not appropriate for a large, heavy item and the opening is not appropriate for a small cup of water. It did not do a good job of removing coffee marks from the inside of white coffee mugs. I had to rewash or rinse off multiple items after I used them, which makes it inefficient and potentially not safe.

👤Eh. I don't like how this works with our dishwasher. I like Biokleen but this liquid detergent doesn't seem to work for me. Most of the crud is removed by it. If there is more than just a basic layer, it won't come off. We've tried different ways to use the liquid. It does a decent job for a more natural solution. I like the scent, the packaging, and the fact that it doesn't contain harsh chemicals.

👤I am not happy with this liquid. The dishes were not clean. I don't like the smell of it on the dishes when they come out of the dishwasher. It is not thick. Would not buy again.

11. Dishwashing Soap Block Buzz Biodegradable

Dishwashing Soap Block Buzz Biodegradable

Zero waste and long lasting is what the fight against PLASTIC is about. There are plastic bottles in the kitchen sink. Grease can be cleaned on pots and pans. The coconut coir rest is included. VEGAN, FRAGRANCE free. Clean your dishes in a way that is friendly to the environment. There is a multi-PURPOSE. Cleaning the home and kitchen. It's great for removing dirt and stains. This is an eco-friendly alternative to liquid washing-up cleanser.

Brand: Eco Buzz

👤Almost there. The package had plastic tape circles on the sides to seal it. It smells good, foams well and doesn't leave a trail. This review will be updated about durability. There is a I advise not using the natural fiber draining rest, it sticks and the soap stains and isn't very sanitary, I got a plastic one that works better and can be cleaned often. I got a double sided microfiber rag that works well as a sponge. I noticed that my sink isn't shiny. I might buy again, but I will compare other brands.

👤I am very happy with this product. It lasts as long as bottled dish soap. I clean. I'm happy to find another eco friendly product in my house. The day dish soap is only sold this way. Win the war on plastic.

👤A friend of mine told me about this soap block and I am very happy she did. I'm always looking for eco-friendly products, but sometimes I'm hesitant to try ones I'm not familiar with. I jumped on the recommendation. The product does a great job washing dishes and it also lightens the mess around my sink. Most of the things I wash are things I cook. We are talking about pots and pans. I highly recommend!

👤This arrived without any damage or defects. I think it's worth a try. It has preformed well so far. The lil coconut pad is easy to fall apart. The soap is gentle on your hands. It left my dishes clean. It leaves my items a bit cloudy after they are washed. Good product, 4 stars.

👤I wanted to use less plastic packing and purchased this product. It is the first time that a bar is used for hand washing. This isn't for you if you want to fill your sink with soapy bubbles. It is best to wash individual items with a scrub brush.

👤I didn't think this would replace my dish detergent. But it did! The bar is a great way to suds up your cleaning dish rag or brush. The bar of soap left my glasses clean and sparkling. It left my pans oil free after I made chicken fried rice. Never going back to a bottle of dish soap again. Oh! The coconut fiber soap coaster is practical and cute.

👤This product is very expensive. I barely got through it, and I wouldn't buy it again at that price. Looking for a more economical option.

👤If you lather up the water in your hands, it will suds up the sink. There was no plastic bottle that had any leftover. I put it in a wool or cotton case for hand washing. It does not last as long as a bottle of liquid. Saving the planet requires change. I like this one in my house.


What is the best product for eco friendly dish soap tablets?

Eco friendly dish soap tablets products from Ginger Lily Farms. In this article about eco friendly dish soap tablets you can see why people choose the product. Puracy and Finish are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly dish soap tablets.

What are the best brands for eco friendly dish soap tablets?

Ginger Lily Farms, Puracy and Finish are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly dish soap tablets. Find the detail in this article. Cascade, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day and Attitude are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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