Best Eco Friendly Dog Poop Bag Dispenser

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1. Biodegradable Compostable Eco Friendly Leak Proof Certified

Biodegradable Compostable Eco Friendly Leak Proof Certified

Thank you for choosing a 100% compostable bag, they appreciate your contribution to protecting their planet. Extra Thick is 30% thicker than normal bags, it's super strong, and it's leak proof. Their bags are super eco-friendly because all the materials are recycled, and they care about your health, safety and the environment. Bunkoma poop bag is certified by OK Compost of Tv Austria, which means the bags are 100% Biodegradable in home composting units. There is an extended warranty. Bunkoma's goal is to provide you a hassle-free and extreme purchase experience, their after-sales team will still provide excellent after-sales service for you asap even if it's exceed Amazon applicable time, please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any issues. Leading a plastic-free life. As the plastic pollution has become more serious and it is found in the ocean and even in animals like birds, fish and whales, they feel responsible to make a greener world and they start to make more eco-friendly but economical bags, luckily they met you here! Leading a plastic-free life. As the plastic pollution has become more serious and it is found in the ocean and even in animals like birds, fish and whales, they feel responsible to make a greener world and they start to make more eco-friendly but economical bags, luckily they met you here!

Brand: Bunkoma

👤I try to open a bag with care, but these split down the seam. useless After 6 split bags in a row, I had to just pick the 90lb dog pile up with a flattened bag and hold it in my palm until we got home.

👤The bags are great. I don't smell the poop in the bag. The bags are able to handle the load of the big dogs. There was never an issue with bags breaking. I would like the bags to have a scent to them.

👤I needed bags for my poop. These looked sturdy and just what I need.

👤These bags are strong enough to clean up after my Rottweiler. Definitely recommend!

2. Biodegradable Dispenser Unscented Leak Proof Tear Off

Biodegradable Dispenser Unscented Leak Proof Tear Off

The scented poop bags come in a pack of 12 rolls. If you purchase these waste bags more than once, your puppy will get different colors of bow ties. Eco- clean dog waste bags keep your hands safe. Dog poop bags are leak-proof for sanitary handling. It is easy to open and detach from the roll. A carabiner-style clip for attaching the dispensers to a leash is included. They use recycled materials in their packaging and roll cores because they matter. You get 24 rolls, a bag and a dispensers. The bags are 13 x 9 inches and fit all types of leash dispensers. You get 24 rolls, a bag and a dispensers. The bags are 13 x 9 inches and fit all types of leash dispensers.

Brand: Eco-clean

👤I put a bag of boiling water in it. Then again. One more time. If boiling water can't make the plastic soft, they are not a good substitute for a grocery bag. UV rays can break it down over time, but it's not truly biodeficiency. They look and act like a grocery bag. They'll find you if you don't need it.

👤Those are plastic bags. It really feels like plastic. The package doesn't say what the bags are made of. There is a I know from the package that they are made in China.

👤These bags are great. I would give them 5 stars if they were plant-based. I have two medium dogs that are between 45 and 60 lbs and can easily get both of their poops in one bag and still have enough bag to tie a knot in the top and to clip onto my leash. They tear off the roll very easily, which is a huge plus in my opinion, as I dog sit and am often walking multiple dogs who don't always have the same speed and direction in mind. I haven't had a tear yet. Definitely recommend.

👤These bags are not made of compost. Next to nothing is what they are called. They look and feel like regular plastic, although they are green and have the word "eco" stamped on the side. There is a Kate Bailey, policy and research director at Eco-Cycle, a nonprofit recycling organization, says that the truth is that biodegradable gives you the same amount of information as natural. The product will break down at some point in the future.

👤I have had different brands of dog poop rolls. These are the best that I have tried. Picking up dog mess is less gross because they feel so durable. I stuck my nails through other brands. Yuck. These are great for my 50 pound dog since she goes on walks twice a day. I have given my neighbor some rolls. He liked them so much that he paid me with cash. I can not recommend this brand enough. The dog bone clip is very convenient. She always has poop bags on her leash. I would like to see them sell 1,000 count cases.

👤I use them to pick up things in the cat pan. I put cat stuff in the bag while the bag is open. When I take my dog for a long walk, I pick up dog stuff. I have gotten other bags that were more difficult to open, but these are easy to open. They never broke and helped up and then went off the roll. I will keep buying these. They come in bulk.

👤These bags are the best I've ever bought. I have two dogs, and one bag is large enough to hold both of their offerings, even if they are extra generous. There is a The thickness of the bags makes me feel safe. There is a The dispensers provided are the best I have had. The screw on end is the best because it does not have a pop-off cap, a small slit to pass bags through, or a large slit to place bags. It's a bone shape in a great color.

3. BOTEWO Biodegradable Dispenser Eco Friendly Disposal

BOTEWO Biodegradable Dispenser Eco Friendly Disposal

EARTH FRIENDLY-- They care about the environment. Their dog waste bags are made of 100% oxo-biodegradable and comply with the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials. Their boxes and cardboard cores are made from recycled paper. Their poop bag is made of high-quality vegetable-based ingredients, such as cornstarch, and other renewable resources. It degrades over the course of 12 to 18 months, unlike traditional plastic bags. Their poop bags are good for you, your pet, and the planet. The large pet waste bag can provide plenty of room to pick up 2 or more dog waste. Their waste bags are leak proof and thick so you don't have to worry about getting your hands dirty on dog walks. The dog poop bag is easy to use. It's easy to tear off. It's easy to pick up pet poo. The handles will tie into a knot when you are done with the pet's waste. The value pack is super. All dogs can use their poop bags. You get a pack of 26 refill rolls, each consisting of 15 pieces, to keep you going for up to 4 months. Get more value for money with high-quality pet poop bags.

Brand: Botewo

👤The description is a complete lie. These bags are not made of compost. They are plastic bags that damage the environment. I called AMAZON to complain about the bags and they are giving me a refund. Do not buy these bags. They are not accessible. You can return them to AMAZON.

👤I fell for this product because it was very misleading. These are not really dog poop bags. I looked up the standard called the ASTM D6954-04, which refers to the usual grocery bag plastic plastic, and how it degrades over time. It's not really "degradable" or "compostable" in a truly environmental way. If that's what you're looking for, shop around. The plastic is of good quality, and you can get a lot of bags for the buck. I award a star for including a free carrying container with my dog's leash. This is a nice touch. There is a I would give this product a 4 or 5 star rating if it weren't marketed as a green product.

👤There is nothing on the packaging or the bags to indicate that they are actually compostable. I haven't used enough of them to review them further.

👤The first order from 2020 was very good. Roll after roll has many bags open at both ends. Quality decline between first and second order was disappointing.

👤These bags are sturdy and good sized. I carry a bag that accommodates multiple pickup without tearing it. The smell is subtle and not overwhelming when I tie the bag off. I don't compost them in the winter so I can't attest to their biodegradability. I like the included dispensers and it is easy to reload, but I don't know if it will last with multiple changes. The bags are a great value and I don't care.

👤I have had 3 rolls of bags where the tear-off line doesn't line up with the opening and I couldn't open them with a scissor. I've had this issue with other bags before but it seems that the remaining bags behave the same, I can't carry a scissor or a knife every time I go on a walk with my dogs. There is a This product fails because it doesn't make sure the poop bags' content doesn't leak and open easily, and because it doesn't do two things: make sure the poop bags' content doesn't leak and open easily.

👤These little baggies are great for picking up messes outside. There is a hanging device on the outside door. Just tear one off, place hand inside and pick up "doggie doodles" and turn bag inside out and tie it. Throw away in the trash can. Love them!

👤These are the worst bags I have ever owned. Half of them are not usable. I wanted to buy a more eco conscious choice, but I was wondering if it was even eco conscious if you go through twice as many because half of them are wasted. I am so annoyed that I have so many left that I am tempted to throw them all away, but that would be an even bigger waste. It was infuriating!

4. PET Biodegradable Compostable Eco Friendly Certified

PET Biodegradable Compostable Eco Friendly Certified

Composted poop bags made from bio-based material can be composted in municipal and industrial aerobic composting facilities where pet waste is accepted. The highest Eco-Certified is by US standards. Their dog waste bags are vegetable-based and contain no plastic, which is 100% Earth-friendly. Pet parents can use the Compostable Dog poop bags. There were no problems for the plastic ban places. The first bag will not be torn when you use the sticker. The bags have a "open" arrow that makes it easy to tear off the bag and detach it from the roll. The standard size of poop bags for dogs is 9-1/8" flat bottom.

Brand: Pet N Pet

👤The bags are thin and difficult to open. This is definitely true with these. If I wanted better quality bags that are easier to open, I would go with the Earth rated brand. The problem with these is that they are just plastic bags made of recycled materials. The Pet N Pet bags are made from recycled materials. I decided to not buy the bags that were easiest for me to use in order to protect the Earth a little more.

👤I covered the full bag with six inches of dirt to see if it biodegraded. Sixty days later, there was no sign of that green bag or poo. I'm happy with these bags because they're not as durable as the plastic ones, but I'm careful not to pock my finger through them.

👤Excellent! It's finally afforadable. I am not going to compost but these are fast and free of plastic. I use bio bags for my compost and they sell do poo bags, but I took a chance on these as some of my dogs are mega poopers and these hold up, plenty big enough and I do the double poop with them. It feels so much better to use something that is truly green, will 100% buy again and will be encouraging friends to try it. I can't stand that fake perfume smell on some bags, they have a faint smell of a natural scent, if you put it right to your nose, it's corn. I didn't think I'd be so crazy over poo bags. Don't leave yours full on the trails, invest in a poosack and carry them with you to a bin, Cheers.

👤Compostable is better than "biodegradable" when it comes to poo bags. I was very happy to find these bags. They work well and are economical. We have these on a subscription for 3 months, and that might be too much for our dog.

👤The bags are made from 100% plant based material. The bags are easy to open and tear. The rolls fit in my dispensers. After I put the poop in, the knot still has a long tail. I did not receive a batches with holes. The bags are large enough to hold a lot of stuff. It's great for travel or everyday use. I will buy from Pet N Pet again.

👤Over the past 2 years, I have bought these bags 3-4 times. These bags were thick enough to pick up poop without my fingers getting dirty. There is a This latest shipment is junk. You can check out my photo. You can see through them now. They are so thin and flimsy that it is easy to poke a hole. Nope, will look for another brand.

👤It makes sense that these bags are expensive. I don't want to add to the landfills by using regular plastic bags. There is a Almost everything will break down at some point in time and leave traces, so "biodegradable" does not mean much.

👤I feel qualified to say that these bags do not rip or tear, and they do, in fact, break down quickly. If it's a hot mess, dump the poop into the toilet and flush it. Throw the bag into the trash or compost. I hope that as more companies try compostable bags, some competition will drive down the prices.

5. Biodegradable Dispenser Compostable Vegetable Based Eco Friendly

Biodegradable Dispenser Compostable Vegetable Based Eco Friendly

We produce their products with high-quality materials. The bags emit zero harmful chemicals and will become carbon dioxide and water instead of micro-plastics. Their boxes and cardboard cores are made from recycled paper. There is no Micro-Plastic, no Pollution. Compostable difference is 60 counts. Compostable pet bags are included. Every bag is vegetable-starch based. The roll cores and packaging are made from recycled materials. Their bags are 15microns and have a 100% leak-proof guarantee. The bags measure 9 x 13 inches. They view delivering the best customer experience as their first priority, and they are eco-friendly as well. You can easily open and tie the bag if you tear it off the roll. The rubber ring style clip makes it easy to attach to a leash. Compostable bags are made from plant starches and contain no polyethylene. The bags are easy to use and great for the environment. 4 Rolls /60 bags with dispensers storage in a cool, dry place and use within one year of purchase is the usage and storage. You have to use it in 9 months. Don't let children and pets near you. 4 Rolls /60 bags with dispensers storage in a cool, dry place and use within one year of purchase is the usage and storage. You have to use it in 9 months. Don't let children and pets near you.

Brand: G Boowin

👤No leak waste bag. It does what you want it to do. The thing I appreciate the most is not plastic. There are cheaper poo bags out there, but they will be around a long time. You can feel good about using this bag.

👤You have to wear incontinence pads or underwear if you are urinary incontinent. When you have to go to doctor appointments, what do you do? You have to make a pit stop after the appointment to get into the car. What do you do? You have a spare kit. Put your replacement underwear, wipes, and dog poop bags in a discreet container so you can change in the bathroom, wash your hands, and leave the bathroom. If you use a bag made from plants, you can protect mother earth more, as it can be used to dispose of the bad from the roll. There is a I already have some other bags that will fit the dispensers nicely. You don't want to have to rip a bag off the roll in the bathroom stall.

👤I have used bags made from recycled materials, but wanted to use bags that were completely non-biodegradable. So far, I would recommend them. I can not speak to how they compare to other bags, just how they compare to regular bags; hopefully my comments will help others make the switch. The pros I have seen so far include a good/standard size, easy to use, tear well at the perforation, sturdy, and no scent. Potential cons: a light color clearly shows bag contents, a shorter shelf life, and less "plastic" quality creates a more "tactile" I have two small dogs and have been able to use a single bag per walk with no breaching, but compared to my old bags, I am more aware of what is in the bag I am carrying. A less transparent bag is still a plus for me.

👤If you put the bags in the compost bin or trash can immediately, they are great. If they get wet, they start biodegrading and then the smell gets out. They are great for composting, but bad for people who don't put them in the trash. These bags are easy to open, are thick, and the best part is they are non-biodegradable. I use my own roll, even though it comes with one, because it fits nicely in our poo bag holder. They are easy to work with and don't stick to your hands as some other bags do. Please leave a helpful vote if this review was helpful. Thanks a lot.

👤There are pros and cons. I like that they are not harmful to the environment. The bags are soft. They are strong. The bag that ripped at the most inopportune moment was the soft texture. They are strong. The bags are large. They are easy to open. It is summer. I don't have a problem opening the other bags in the summer. There are some things that are CONS: The bags are light. A bag is not good. You can see what's in it. It is recommended that you use them within 9 months. I usually buy enough bags to last half a year. These will not last long. There is a They say it's compostable. If they are filled, you shouldn't use them for compost. Dog poop is not good for compost. 4.5 - 5 stars. The dispensers open differently than mine. You have to remove the strap before you can remove the top. They are good bags at a good price. Most items that are good for the environment are bad for your wallet.

6. PET Counts Unscented Doggie Refill

PET Counts Unscented Doggie Refill

A value pack can provide more than a year if it has a 0.02 count. The bags are made from recycled materials and meet USDA Certified standards to offer a much green way to dispose of dog waste. Large dog poop bags are large enough for all sizes dogs and cats. All standard-size leash dispensers are compatible with each roll. The purpose of PET N PET is to be a part of sustainable living. The poop bags are made of bio based materials. They are actually 16.66% thicker than before and are strong enough. From now on, let's benefit their earth. The sticker of the bags is easy to use and doesn't tear the first bag. The bags have a "open" arrow that makes it easy to tear off the bag and detach it from the roll.

Brand: Pet N Pet

👤I was a little too obsessive about buying doopie bags. I read a lot of reviews. I was not disappointed when I bought these from PetnPet. They are the same size and thickness as the bags I bought before. The bags work well for picking up after a large animal. I like the green colour, it matches her harness and life jacket. I am a bit obsessive. It's a good thing. Good deal good bags. If you care about people seeing what you are carrying, get the black bags. The green are a nice colour if you don't. There are a few other plus points in no particular order, just as I thought of them. The little sticker that you have to pull off to start the roll is easy to remove and does not tear other bags. 2. These are so easy to pull off that you don't have to tear bags or find the end to tear off. 3. They have a centre core so they roll easily. Cardboard is good for recycling. 4. The bottoms are sealed. There were no holes sealed. 5. Thankfully it wasn't scented. These ones are not fake nasty migraines that cause gross perfumey "scent" on them. We all know what it smells like. 6. Fast free shipping on bags 7. Customer service is friendly.

👤The product I purchased was no longer in stock. I saw people complain about the description being misleading and the bags being hard to separate. Check the other rolls if you encounter any of these issues. Return the other rolls if they are the same. You may get one detected. I haven't had these issues yet. The bags are larger and easier to separate from. One reviewer said that the bags were flimsy, but the bags are not. The cardboard core was another complaint. The plastic ones hold up well and spin just like the core. I have to give a 5 star review due to the ease of use. If they were bad, I would send them back and swap them for another box to make sure it wasn't just a quality control issue. These are highly recommended. It saves you money in the long run. I used the final bag after buying the previous product last May. I paid 14.99. I think these will last longer since it's more bags.

👤A good supply of poop bags is the norm in our household, having had over 20 dogs in the past 3 decades. The best ones we have used have been bought from Costco, but the supply is sporadic at best. The bag from the store is 1 1/2 inches longer. It is still sufficient to pick up large poop from our Rottweiler and seal it. There is a This Pet N Pet is a better alternative. The reviews are not representative of its actual thickness. For its intended purpose, find these more than adequate. The center cardboard roll is not an issue because we're using a poop bag pouch instead of plastic cylinders. These are the best value for the quality. It is easy to pull apart and open. The printed indicator makes finding the opening easier. There is a The boxes of bags should be good for a year with our dogs. Will be buying them again.

7. Earth Rated Lavender Scented Completely

Earth Rated Lavender Scented Completely

Bag pOOP better: 9”x13” doggy bags keep your hands safe. There is enough capacity for large dogs. The customer said that the bags were much thicker than the ones he bought at the store. The scent is not overpowering. Each order includes 270 premium pet poo bags. A total of 8 rolls have 15 dog bags and a 100% leak-proof guarantee. They use recycled materials because they matter. Stress-free walks are available. The smell of poop doesn't smell like roses because it's blocking lavender-scent locks. It's simple to open and tie securely so you can enjoy a walk with your bud. No need to rush! Customers prefer to pair Earth rated bags with their leash dispensers. This is an awesome duo because of quick and easy access. They will do the heavy lifting for you. Why is the earth rated? They are a Canadian company with top-notch customer service. All of their products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They work closely with animal shelters and rescues to give as many bags as they can.

Brand: Earth Rated

👤I never thought I'd be writing reviews of dog poop bags on the internet. I guess when you are standing outside waiting for your dog to poop while he smells the same spot for 20 minutes, you start to think about things. There is a I have a dog that I like to call anxious tummy. Sometimes people scare him in the hallway, and he ends up on the steps. This is the time to have an easy-to-open poop bag. I have noticed that a lot of poop bags are hard to open, which is not ideal when you're trying to clean up an embarrassing mess before your cute neighbor who you saw on a dating app steps in it and you're publicly shamed. My dog likes the feeling of mulch as he relieves himself. It's difficult to pick up poop from mulch without also getting a bunch of mulch. These bad boys are able to handle the mulch without tearing it or ripping it, which is awesome in my opinion. There is a I don't like the smell of fake lavender, but these actually have a nice scent that does a good job of blocking scent. It's great for someone like me who is lazy and will put it in my garbage can instead of going to the nearest waste station. Don't judge. It is very important. See the cute neighbor anecdote. I would like to thank you for reading my dog poop bag review.

👤I thought they were made from compost. I am very disappointed. If I had known, I would have bought the other brand. They make it sound like they are made of recycled materials. The core of the roll is recycled. It was a shame. Thank you for confusing everyone.

👤Is it possible to like a dog poop bag? Yes! I've tried many brands of bags over the years, but since I discovered the Earth rated dog waste bags, I use no other. The smell of feces is masked by the scent of scented bags, so you don't smell like it on a long walk. I like unscented things because I have a sensitive nose, and Earth rated offers non-scented bags. The Earth rated bags are a bit longer than other brands. The bags are heavier than many other brands and have better sealed seams and high quality separation. The bag holders I have are easy to glide in the central cylinder. An important detail... Do you know the small piece of tape that holds the new roll together? If you don't carefully remove the tape, it will put a hole in the bag if you pull it off. A hole at the top of a bag is not a big deal, but further down can lead to leaks. The Earth rated tape is nice. My first bag is not destroyed. The bag is very strong and has never let me down. It can hold any load and won't leak or tear.

👤These bags are much thicker than the ones you buy at the store. The scent is not overpowering. --- There is a If you found my review helpful, please click the "Yes" button.

8. Biodegradable Counts Dispenser Eco Friendly Disposal

Biodegradable Counts Dispenser Eco Friendly Disposal

Leading a plastic-free life. As the plastic pollution has become more serious and it is found in the ocean and even in animals like birds, fish and whales, they feel responsible to make a greener world and they start to make more eco-friendly but economical bags, luckily they met you here! The dog bags for poop can degrade naturally within 12 to 18 months. The packaging box and roll core of the product are made from recycled materials. In this day and age of overflowing trash, they should be more eco friendly. Their poop bags are leak proof and keep your hands clean. You don't need to worry about getting your hands dirty. It makes walking with your dog more enjoyable. The break-point design of the doggy poop bags makes it easy to tear them off. The carabiner clip makes it easy to securely connect the dispenser to the dog leash. It's convenient to carry them. The 9*13 inch puppy poop bags for dogs is a practical size and can handle the largest of dog poop. It is suitable for all dogs. 60 dog poop bags are included in the pack and are available for you to use for at least a month. The rolls are small and easy to carry. It's great for use when you and your dog go for a walk. 60 dog poop bags are included in the pack and are available for you to use for at least a month. The rolls are small and easy to carry. It's great for use when you and your dog go for a walk.

Brand: Portworld

👤The bags are great but the holder is weak. Would not buy again.

👤It is easy to tie up the poop bags because they are quite long. The container it came with was cute. A bonus to a nice product.

9. Pobby Biodegradable Unscented Leak Proff 360 Count

Pobby Biodegradable Unscented Leak Proff 360 Count

Eco Friendly: The technology speed up biodegrade. Comply with the standards of the company. Roll cores and packaging are made from recycled paper. 9 x13 inches bags have a 100 percent leak-proof guarantee to keep your hands safe. The double seal design is stronger than most bags. The bags are easy to separate from the roll. It's easy to open and load the dispensers. It is easy to open and load the free dispensers. What you get is 24 Rolls, 24 bags, and 1 Dispenser with Carabiner.

Brand: Pobby

👤These used to be thick and durable, but recently changed. The bags are now super thin and the quality has gone bad. Look at how thin they are compared to how thick they used to be. Not durable now. They rip easy! I need to find another brand of poop bags.

👤These bags feel sturdy. When I pick up after my dog, I don't worry about them having holes. I don't think I'll buy them again if they're nit-picky. They are hard to open up. I usually have to work at the bag to get the top open. I don't like having to do things in winter. I bought them in the first place because they are also solid waste bags. There is a The seller reached out to me and gave me a full refund. He said that they're looking into ways to make the bags easier to open, so I might consider buying them again in the future.

👤These feel like plastic. Not the same as the other bags I've used. There is a They do rip off the roll, but not easily. When I'm with my dog, I don't want to lick my finger to open it. There is an update on 11/6. The seller contacted me and paid me back for my unhappiness. Their customer service is very pleasant.

👤I don't need to use the dispensers just carry a roll of bags in my pocket. I reuse my dog 3-4 times per walk. These are large and strong, so I can fold them back for the second pick up. I think a small dog can do three times as much as a big dog. I have never had a hole in them, they are 14 micron thick. The double seal in the bottom is the most durable. I never had a problem with breaking or tearing.

👤The dog waste bags are great. I use them because they are eco friendly. The cheapest dog bags are not the best. It's up to us to demand eco friendly plastic bags so please don't buy cheap bags. They will only sell the eco bags if we don't buy them.

👤The bag opening end didn't open so I was disappointed in buying a year's worth of these. They are sealed shut. If I'm not careful, I have to rip a hole in it myself. As the bag is torn off, an optimal bag would open. There is a They sent a supply of now bags that function with a pull through canister holder with a caribbeaner clip so the roll doesn't just unfold into a messy streamer that can't be rebound easily otherwise. Thank you!

👤The role is held closed by a small piece of tape, the first thing I noticed. In the past I've held the poop bags together with a small sticker that is made of paper so you can easily slide your nail across it and pull out the first bag. If you are walking and trying to pull the tape off, you are going to ruin the first bag of every role, which seems pretty wasteful. The bags are of decent thickness but they don't feel like the traditional plastic, I'm not an expert. I'm not sure if they're different types that are non-toxic. It's just something to notice. The bags seem to be of a decent thickness and size.

10. Eco Clean Rolls Dispenser Unscented Strong

Eco Clean Rolls Dispenser Unscented Strong

A group of animals called ALPHA PAW CARES. They want the best for your furry companion, and they are committed to helping them live happier, healthier, and longer lives. They don't use flimsy materials or questionable policies. They design high-quality products for pet parents because their pet is worth it. Their dog and puppy supplies are always top-notch, and this is an exceptional, top-quality dog poop bag from your friends at Alpha Paw! Dog waste bags can be ripped, but they are leak-proof. The bags for poop are made from extra-thick plastic with tear- resistant seams. The bags are thick enough to ensure there are no messes, and large enough to fit even the largest dogs. Their poop bags are leak-proof and extra thick, so you don't have to worry about your hands when you pick the poo up. Eco- clean poop bags are made from recycled packaging and roll cores to offer a more green way to dispose of dog waste. There are 900 dog waste disposal bags in the box and a leash clip. There are 900 dog waste disposal bags in the box and a leash clip.

Brand: Eco-clean

👤You can pick up the moist, warm, scented droppings left by your best friend without having to use your hands, if you place these over your hand. You can put used diapers in a garbage can indoors, and the adorable child can put their aromatic contributions in a tied off poop sack, instead of being rushed out to an outside garbage can. Winning product!

👤Out of every roll, at least two to three bags are torn or sticky when you try to pull them apart. Such a large waste. It's not worth the money to throw away un-useable bags.

👤You need 2 hands to open and tear the bags. It is hard to walk a fully leash trained puppy. Before I go on a walk, I tear off a bag and put it in my pocket. There is a The bags are very sturdy and do not fall apart like I thought they would. Highly recommended. I will be buying another set of 900 bags to make sure they don't leave.

👤Unless the first bag on the roll is a poop bag, they do their job. The bags are strong, but the stickers holding the rolls together are stronger. These are your bags if you don't mind poopy hands on the first pick up.

👤The packaging could have been better for these bags to collect dog poop. The box was completely disassembled when the package arrived in a flimsy plastic bag. It would have been nice to have them in the box. The off brand bags are larger than the bags that are used to carry things. These bags seem to be a bit thicker. I don't like picking up poop and having the bag tear on me. The designated tear line may be a better place to tear the bags at. Over the years, Amazon has been shipping items that are not acceptable. I wish they would go back to the days when packaging was more important than the item.

👤The bags are not flimsy and they tear off easily. The bags are biodegraded in about two weeks, so they are good for weekly trash pickup. If the box has gone away, reordering can be difficult.

👤I like the amount of money you get. I liked the way it came with the dispensers. I am happy that there is a non-toxic alternative. That gives me peace of mind. I will buy these again.

👤This was the second time I ordered these. They are large enough to hold a lot of dog poo. They are thick and don't hold as many as other plastic bags, but they are strong and break down unlike other plastic bags.

👤It's perfect sized and strong.

11. TreatPod Waste Bag Dispenser Blue

TreatPod Waste Bag Dispenser Blue

Carry treats and poop bags on your leash. It is possible to attach a versatile clip to all types of leashes. Reinforce good behavior with treats. There is one roll of Treat Pod Extra Strength bags included. Your money back or guaranteed satisfaction!

Brand: Treatpod

👤Over the last 5 years, I have purchased quite a few of these. It is a great design and pops open. The part that you remove to get to treats does not really tighten and you are spraying treats all over the place. My dog loves it if he is around for the treats falling everywhere, but it is a hassle. You lose the bottom piece if it pops open. Some come and work better than others, others come and you breathe on it, it pops open. I didn't buy another one because it broke very first day, I forgot to return it and the maker didn't even respond to my request for a refund.

👤This is a really good dispensers. It comes with a clip, which we put on the handle of our leash so we don't have to carry anything when we take our puppy out somewhere. The treat compartment is small so it fits smaller treats well. The compartment for waste bags is small but it fits the ones we get from Walmart, and it is very convenient. It holds up well, but is not too thick. The only downside to this dispenser is that you have to remove the part for the treats to get them out, and then screw it back in to put it away. It is a great design and holds up well for our needs. Our puppy is now 5 months old and 25 lbs. If we want to make her treats portable, we may need to get something different to hold them.

👤I've bought poo bag dispensers for a long time. Most of them are durable. I was looking for something that held treats and poo bags. This has done that. I have never had a pop open. I keep it on my hip. It can be difficult to remove the treat compartment because you have to be careful to hold it steady. I only have to refill the treat compartment once a week because I use small training treats. I got 5 stars from you!

👤We have a puppy that I am constantly treating. We are out on walks. I don't have to carry treats in my pocket because I have a few on hand. The treat Pod has taken a few short drops and hasn't broken. The clip is difficult to use. It's nice that it's secure but when we see other dog friends on our walks and they circle, sniff, and twist their leashes, I wish I could quickly remove it so I don't end up dropping it on the pavement. I can change it out for a carabiner, but that's the only reason I gave it 4 stars.

👤The treat holder is part of the poop holder. My dog doesn't want to leave the beach and go back into the car. I lure him in with the treats that are hanging off the leash. Excellent!

👤We love this bag. It will hold any bags that we have tried. It clipped our leash. The treat holder is the best part. It was perfect for helping to potty train our new puppy because it held a few training size treats.


What is the best product for eco friendly dog poop bag dispenser?

Eco friendly dog poop bag dispenser products from Bunkoma. In this article about eco friendly dog poop bag dispenser you can see why people choose the product. Eco-clean and Botewo are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly dog poop bag dispenser.

What are the best brands for eco friendly dog poop bag dispenser?

Bunkoma, Eco-clean and Botewo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly dog poop bag dispenser. Find the detail in this article. Pet N Pet, G Boowin and Pet N Pet are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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