Best Eco Friendly Easter Gifts for Preschoolers

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1. Prextex Plastic Color Easter Eggs

Prextex Plastic Color Easter Eggs

The measures are Approx. 3.15 You can fill the Easter eggs with treats. Easter eggs are 3.5 inches tall. It is high quality and beautiful. There are 6 bright colors: green, pink, orange, light blue, yellow, and purple. The best deal you can find. You will be the center of attention at your Easter party.

Brand: Prextex

👤I snapped the eggs together before and after painting them to look like dragon eggs for the dragon egg hunt. I was able to fit a lot inside the egg, including a toy dragon, a mini chocolate egg, and a tattoo.

👤Great size! I had intended for these eggs to work out. I am glad I got them. The width wasn't big enough to fit the toys I wanted to put in them, that's my fault, but that's what happened. I still have them. The little dollar store eggs are not as good as the better ones.

👤Good eggs for larger candy. It's easy to put together and they stay together.

👤I bought the eggs for Easter. Even though the bag warns that they are a choking hazard, I can't imagine how a young child could choke on a half of one. They fit in my hand like a large orange or grapefruit. They were fun for my son. They are not like the thin, translucent kind that you can get for a cheap price. There is a The reason I took one star off was because there was only one half of a blue egg. Some of them had dirt smudged on them. These issues were new and sold to me at full price. I was annoyed that these are not the cheapest eggs. I am not sure if the issue is through Amazon or the manufacturer, but someone is at fault. My son had a lot of fun with them and I was satisfied with them.

👤These are really good quality eggs. They are definitely large. You can fit a few pieces of candy in them, if you want, but you can't fit a lollipop in them. They're very sturdy and every single egg closed properly. If you're looking for good quality eggs, they're worth the higher price.

👤I don't write reviews, but I have to because I received these Easter eggs. The quality of these eggs is amazing after buying two other brands. The colors are striking. They snap together nicely. All of them. They don't fall apart. They are larger than a traditional size so you can fit a lot in them. We wanted to put packaged snacks inside the toddler's room. Thank you so much for the great product!

👤None of these eggs stay connected. I'm guessing most reviews are paid for.

👤The eggs were perfect for Easter. They are large. We wanted to give small toys and limit the candy because we have young children. We fit matchbox cars, small troll, and beaded necklaces. It was better to put treats in the plastic eggs because of the smell.

👤These are better than I anticipated. Brightly coloured and large enough to fit inside a Kinder Surprise/Joy. It's much easier to snap them together when they come in two parts. The plastic is thick enough that it doesn't come apart, but it is difficult to open. Better value than any I've ever purchased before.

👤I used these to prevent dogs from getting to the chocolates during the Easter egg hunt. They were fun and easy to spot from afar, because they were dog proof. All of them were closed and a little bit thin.

2. Creative Roots Stepping Horizon Assorted

Creative Roots Stepping Horizon Assorted

The Easter banner will be a great addition to your party and will be great for Easter party, photo props home decor or other occassions. Ready to paint a turtle. Get right to the fun as you paint fun color patterns and details your own turtle stepping stone. There is a display indoors and outdoors. Place in an indoor or outdoor garden. It is important to protect your stepping stone from the elements. Courageous creativity: that's what it's about. In your world, purple turtles exist! You should express yourself! Playful death: Adding a touch of excitement and personality to any garden or indoor planting space is a good idea. The perfect gift. For anyone who enjoys gardening, turtles, or just getting creative. There is a ceramic stepping stone in the kit. The Strip Paint Pots are easy to use.

Brand: Creative Roots

👤I bought the 2-Ladybugs for my granddaughter. There is a She is young. I am old. Both of them look like a Rainforest Ladybug.

👤I loved them! My kids thought they were amazing. They didn't want to put them outside, but I made sure they were a stepping stone, and made for this purpose. My daughter was devastated that all her hard work went to waste after a light weight person stepped on it.

👤Being that these are just paint-your-own stepping stones, I didn't think there would be anything crazy in the fine print, but I think it's a huge misrepresentation of the product to call it a stepping stone. You can't use it outside or step on it. When my kids painted these for their grandparents' garden, it was fun to give them as a Christmas gift, but they were placed in the garden as stepping stones and shattered in pieces when stepped on. This kit only comes with paint that can't be used outside unless you purchase a separate outdoor varnish, otherwise the paint will come off in the sun or rain. My kids were devastated when they shattered.

👤The stone was broken when an 8 year old niece stepped on it. Only for looks, spent a lot of time painting and only lasted 2 days.

👤You get what you pay for. You cannot step on this. No one could step on this. It's for a decoration. It isn't solid. It is cute. It should be hung on a wall.

👤Do you not want to be a baby. My children wanted to go to the stone garden. Little children can step on the stones. These are dangerous for children.

👤I ordered 2. One for all of my flower beds. I had to allow the real me to come out and paint one that was wild. The side that was painted looked like leaves and flowers. I wish it had been a little bigger so it would have been as described.

👤My daughter painted this stone as a gift and it was great. We love doing crafts. If you do this, be sure to use a seal or glaze as the rain will wash the paint away.

👤One of the three stones was missing when the item was opened in the Amazon box. My kids gave this as a mother's day gift. I can't get another because of timing. How does this happen?

👤There are only 2 stones, sun and bug, and so the item was received today. How is it possible that it states 3 pieces, but misses the butterfly? There is room for the 3rd piece. The package was taped around, but still missing a stone. I have three kids.

👤The stepping stone is good. It's a good size, well made, finished, and takes paint. My kids liked painting. There is a The kit comes with the same little paint pots as every other "paint-your-own" kit in the world, which is rubbish. You might want to have your own paints. The stone can be dusty out of the box. You can wash it, but it will absorb some of the water, meaning you can't paint it right away. Either leave it overnight to dry out or not wash it. There is a They aren't really for stepping on. I purchased these for camping, but they were not used this year. Next time we go, I would buy them again.

3. Tinabless Color Matching Egg Set

Tinabless Color Matching Egg Set

The print design of the plushie reflects its paw-sonality. The bag has a heart hug mark printed on it. 100's to collect! Cats with glasses, cats with class, and cats for school are just some of the things that cats have. ToDDLER SORTING TOY - 12 realistic eggs in a carton will help preschoolers learn to count, sort, and match! This is a great toy for toddlers to help with motor skills when they are younger or help teach colors or numbers as they grow. This is a fun educational toy. It's easy for little fingers and hands to pick up. Sturdy fun storage case. A great idea for matching colors. The high quality materials are made of plastic. There is no harm to baby skin. You will see different colors and styles when you screw these eggs. It's easy for little hands to grip. The perfect Easter gift for Prescott is interactive eggs that will improve hand dexterity, color recognition, and fine motor skills. A great easter gift for young children. They only care about your satisfaction, so they have a 100% money back guarantee. Let them know if you think the egg set didn't live up to your expectations. They promise a 100% money back guarantee.

Brand: Tinabless

👤My daughter likes this toy. I was surprised by how much attention she gives this toy. I got a learning toy for my daughter because of its good reviews and because it is a learning toy. I thought she would like it. I was not expecting her to love it as much as she does. 5 stars and recommend! Excellent quality toy as well. It has exceeded my expectations.

👤This set was purchased for toddlers. They love this toy and have trouble opening it. The box and eggs are very sturdy. We play a game with eggs. To see the colors, open them. Close them. Open two eggs and tell us what color the third one is.

👤My 2 year old blind granddaughter loves this item. My grandson loves to do it with her. There is a The case is very thick and made from high quality materials.

👤My son has been a fan of this since the day it arrived. He has always liked eggs. Since Easter, we have kept a basket of them in the living room. I thought it would be good to teach him colors, shapes, and other things with something he likes. The eggs are a great learning toy. It is an enjoyable way to learn. I like that they stay together when matched and that the carton is sturdy for storage.

👤My grandson loves it. He loves to put things together. He is learning how to play with colors and shapes. His hands are trying to put together the shapes. He is so proud of himself when he is able to do it. I am glad I got this for him.

👤My son loved them. He likes matching pieces. It can be fun to play with. Shapes, colors, and motor function are helped by it. All around a toy.

👤A toddler will love this gift. Learning colors, shapes, counting, and gross motor skills can be done with a lot of fun. It is a winner in the toy department.

👤You can't take apart half of the eggs. A toddler is very frustrated. Even as an adult, a few have been very difficult to take apart. My granddaughter loves playing with them. This has nice vibrant colors. I sprayed Pam in the cupcakes to loosen them, but it didn't have much of an effect.

4. Educational Insights Playfoam Party 2 Pack

Educational Insights Playfoam Party 2 Pack

It's a great gift for Halloween, and a great gift for a party. It's great for parties, Easter Baskets, Grab bags, schools and gifts for kids. The squishy, squashy Playfoam is fun to play with, and it never dries out. Squash the Playfoam back down and start over again. COLLECT THEM ALL! Each Playfoam Pal Pod contains one pet, and you can open a world of Playfoam Pals. There is a rare potbellied pig named Penelope. NEVER DRIES OUT! SHAPE again and again! Squash the Playfoam back down and start over again. It's a perfect gift for everyone. Playfoam is a great activity for sculpting squishy, squashy creations. The creativity never ends because Playfoam is non-toxic and never dries out. Playfoam is a great gift for toddlers and preschoolers. There is more play to be had. The teachers at Educational Insights have created free learning activities for Playfoam.

Brand: Educational Insights

👤I loved the packaging. A six pack like this means they don't have to be opened immediately. Kids being good? Asking for a prize? You can whip out one of these. They will be excited to see if they can get all the animals inside. The foam is fun to play with. The foam doesn't dry out. My kids are 5 and almost 3 years old. They destroyed our houses when we made them for the animals and started making other foam houses. It's easy to transport to grandmas for an overnight sleepover.

👤Cute animals and playfoam are always a hit at our house. It was difficult to get the foam out of the containers. I struggled with it because my kids couldn't do it. My kids love playing with the foam and creating beds or food for their new pets. Love toys that are easy to clean up.

👤Amazon replaced mine with a correct one after they arrived with only one. There is a toy inside the foam. They love foam and blind bag toys so they thought it was fun. It's difficult to get it out of the container. We got it out with some digging. They got dog surprises. The foam is fun and not too sticky to mess with. They like making figures and building with foam. There are no crumbs on her floor and they can easily clean it up. I wouldn't encourage my kids to collect them all just for the surprise toy, and I wouldn't buy it just for that. I don't know what to do with all the foam. The toy is a bonus with the foam. I would buy it for the foam. It was a hit.

👤This review is only for the toys hidden in the egg. If this is the best product that the Amazon recommends, I will not buy it. There is no surprise in the egg. Out of the 6 eggs that we got, 4 had the same toy and 2 had a different toy. You buy 6 eggs and get 2 characters. The kids were disappointed when they opened the eggs. This may be the "surprise" that the product claims to provide to its customers. If you want to use it as a surprise gift, please do not buy it.

👤This was one of the few toys I put in my kids' stockings, because they would have fun building something together, and it was one of the few gifts we had this Christmas. I feel like my 7 year old will be going to Goodwill because he was so disinterested in these, even though they might seem boring to a 10 year old. I would suggest only giving these to kids ages 3-6, for whom they are really fun.

👤I was a little concerned with the sticky feel of the play foam, but it doesn't leave a sticky mess on your fingers, which I liked! My son was more excited about this product than I was. He had me throw him to bat and play catch after he put a container together. He likes the small animal figurines that come inside each package, however, he is more interested in developing all that can be constructed from the play foam. It has kept him entertained for a long time. If you have one child playing with figurines and the other playing with creating them, it's like two toys in one-double the fun. If your child is older and still enjoys toys, it would work for them. My son is so enamored that I'm going to purchase a few gifts for him.

5. NIKUMO Dinosaurs Dinosaur Prefilled Stuffers

NIKUMO Dinosaurs Dinosaur Prefilled Stuffers

Colorful and cute animal wooden puzzles, exquisite gift boxes, and easy-to-store storage bags are included. It is the best easter christmas gifts for kids. easter eggs are made of premium quality ABS material, which is eco-friendly and non-toxic. Eggs and dinosaurs are tested and approved for safety. Each easter egg has two eggs in each colour and comes prefilled with dinosaur toys. Eggs are present for kids. The approach to Easter egg hunt is more interactive. Super Fun The top and bottom parts of the easter egg are hidden to hide the surprise inside. The pack is made for Easter egg hunting. Dinosaur lovers will be happy with an abundance of dinosaur toys. Surprise egg hunting activities, party favour bags, school classroom reward, holiday gifts, household prizes, perfect for community hunts, birthday parties and all other occasions are not just for Easter eggs. Money-back guarantee. If you're dissatisfied with your purchase of the MIKUMO eggs, you'll get a 30 day money back guarantee and Lifetime Warranty. A perfect gift is packaged in a beautiful box.

Brand: Nikumo

👤Not happy with the product. Dinosaurs don't fit in the eggs.

👤These are not prefilled as advertised.

👤Some dinosaurs are too big for the eggs.

👤The cute decorative box was completely destroyed because the dinosaurs do not come pre filled.

👤They don't fit in the eggs.

👤Pequeos, pero al nio.

👤The dinosaurs were too big to get into the eggs. Not good.

6. Coconut Wooden Spoons Suvana Market

Coconut Wooden Spoons Suvana Market

The puzzles use sturdy pegs which are not detached and there is no risk of a child getting hurt. Their toys are made from smooth-sanded, solid-wood and non-toxic paints. The Suvana Bowls are Sanded to Perfection and Hydrated with Oil by Artisans, unlike the other bowls in the market. They worked with artisans to design coconut bowls that are durable and eye catching. Suvana Bowls are your daily Tropical Escapes in the comfort of your home. Each bowl is different. They noticed that the bowls in the market did not have a flat bottom, which caused the food to spill. The process they use is called "Suvana Sandation" and it flattens the bottom of every bowl so they say balanced. The bowls are perfect for your friends and family. No spill, all smiles. So. Many. Their high grade Coconut Bowls can be used in many ways. You can make many different types of bowls, including acai bowls, vegan bowls, salad bowls, cereal, Buddha bowls, Smoothie bowl, ice cream, Kava Kava and much more. A coconut bowl and wooden spoon is a great addition to your kitchen. They love mother nature so they make sure their bowls are created in a Zero Waste process. They protect the environment by creating Suvana Bowls out of Coconut shells that would be burned as waste and have a devastating impact on the earth. Premium Jichi Wood is used to make their spoons. 100% LIFETIME WARRANTY Their goal is to make their customers happy. If you run into a problem, they will replace the bowl faster than you can say "I love Suvana Market". Their US based team is ready to help. They are happy to have you in the family.

Brand: Suvana Market

👤These coconut bowls are very good. I plan to use one as a table decoration and the other to eat ice cream. The bowls have their own marks and bumps. The wooden spoons have an elegant touch. The company is very strong with their products. Always. " These items are of high quality.

👤Excellent quality coconut bowls. They arrived with 2 bowls and 2 spoons. They are plastic free and organic. They are different from other sellers because of Suvana's charitable donation to save the environment.

👤I like the look and feel of the bowls and they are organic and natural. Adding variety to my eating vessels is what they do. I liked them. I sent a pair to my son.

👤It is an awesome bowl. Looks great. Better than the pictures! There is a We have been using it for a lot of things.

👤These coconut bowls are very cute. I use these for my home made ice cream. It makes me feel like I am on a tropical island when I eat dessert. There is a It is better than those things you find at world market. It looks pretty as an accent decor. It will make a great gift. I love them!

👤We use these bowls for yogurts and salads many times. When I got them out of the box, they looked new. The coconut shells are better than the plastic alternatives. There is a The kids were always spilling the food because my other bowls didn't have a flat bottom. Not with these ones! There is a They are used all the time by the family. These bowls are not easy to break.

👤Just received and broke. I had never made kava before. The water was warm, not hot, and 2 minutes into kneading the mix there was a loud crack and bitter liquid leaking everywhere. I will not try the other bowl for anything other than keeping plectrums. The spoons are strong.

👤I received my order of coconut bowls. One of the bowls does not have a flat bottom. The seller contacted me through Amazon after I sent a message to them. I requested a new one. The seller had issues in sending a replacement because they are based in the US and there are other issues with customers outside the US. There is no guarantee that you will get a flat bottom bowl. There is no guarantee that they can send a replacement. This was not a good experience.

👤We love using these bowls. They come with wooden spoons that match the bowls. These are the things I recommend getting.

👤Don't buy. Not a flat bottom. Un strong. One broke in the first week.

7. Learning Resources Peekaboo Counting Matching

Learning Resources Peekaboo Counting Matching

Money back guarantee. If you're not happy with your 12 Pack of Natural Beeswax Crayons, you can return them for a full refund. No risk, no fuss! Surprise toYS are colorful, countable barns that can be used to surprise a farm friend. Meet 5 adorable farm animal finger puppets, including a cow, pig, chicken, and more. Learning grows with you, from imaginative puppet play to early math and color recognition! Kids can build fine motor skills with two-piece barns. Give the gift of learning by giving Learning Resources toys, they help you discover new learning fun every time you give a gift. It's a perfect gift for Halloween, Christmas, Stocking Stuffers, Easter Baskets, or even for a home school.

Brand: Learning Resources

👤I highly recommend buying this learning tool. I work with kids with the disorder. My materials are very durable and excellent quality, so I can attest from my experience. Many of my clients are young. They have been motivated to make animal noises, label animals, 3-4 word mands, count numbers, request for more, and sing along to songs with me, because of this product. There are many ways to play with them to reach their goals. The animals are cute. Purchase this product.

👤I ordered 3 new toys for my toddler and one of them is his favorite. He loves taking the animals out of the barns and putting them back in. He takes the animals out and practices with them. The animals are very durable. They are made of high quality plastic and will hold up to the abuse that a toddler can bring to a toy. He plays with it almost every day and for a long time when he does. I'm very impressed! This toy is great for toddlers.

👤The set seems to have been made well. The design is adorable in person. The feel of the barn and animals is verydurable. Animals are stored inside the barn roofs. The colors are fun.

👤One of our favorites! My toddler and preschool love this, and it grows with them. There is a The pieces are easy to clean. The cute farm animals can be used as finger puppets. My daughter likes to play silly games with the animals in the barn. Identifying animals and animal sounds is one of the concepts we are learning. There is a It is also great for teaching colors, counting and matching, and simple instructions like putting the horse in the red barn. My child loves to play with toys. This set is fun for us.

👤The box was opened and I felt a strong chemical smell. The gross odor was caused by the animals themselves. I wouldn't give it to a child who is still putting things in their mouths if I knew what they were painted with. They were made in China. I don't want to keep them in the house, so I'll be keeping them in the garage until I can return them.

👤I needed something to stop the toy rotation after seeing these on a montessori Facebook group page. When I needed an hour, I saved them. They delivered. My 17 mo played with them all morning, opening and closing, playing with the animals. She picked up again when we came back. I don't know how long it will last, but they saved my morning!

👤I ordered this with few other things to have a few toys our two youngest grandkids can play with. With winter months upon us, we needed some things for the two youngest grands to play with and hopefully hold their interest, so we left the older ones toys to the younger ones. The little ones can put the little animals on their fingers and they are very proud of themselves. We talk about the animals, but at 1 & 15 mo, they just like being able to play with the animals. Since we received them, both toddlers have enjoyed them. Highly recommended.

8. LUKAT Stacking Matching Fillable Stuffers

LUKAT Stacking Matching Fillable Stuffers

Educational toys are great prefilled egg toys but learning toys provide real benefits for kid's learning, help develop problem solving skills, creativity and imagination. Surprise toys figurines for boys bring the community to life. Easter Egg ToYS are fun and classic. There's a new twist on stacking and nested dolls. Kids will love the way the top and bottom half of the eggs nest together and turn into happy egg family characters. Each egg toy has a different size, color and happy face that tells its own story. Babies will create new stories about Easter, and your kid will get an imaginary play. Children learn about size relationships and matching pieces from these Easter eggs. It can help develop children's ability of coordination and imagination. Kids can learn about the differences between eggs. It can be used to teach kids vocabulary. The child gets to learn while playing in the festival. There are ways to play for Easter. There is a unique Easter egg design. Kids can play with this Easter egg toy and draw their own Easter eggs for decoration or to create a fun story, and it can also be a perfect Easter-themed egg hunts toy. This cute Easter chick egg set is a perfect gift for Easter Yard Game event, Easter Hunt, Easter Basket Stuffers, Birthday Party Supplies, Prizes, Parties, Trick or Treat, Spring Summer Toy Pack, Bath Time, a Themed Party, and more! 100% PREMIUM QUALITY & best Easter gift idea! The material is made of sturdy plastic. There are no harmful effects on the baby if the toy is fully tested and meet US safety standards. Babies can play with thicker material and it is strong enough to handle scratches. Clean and light are all that are needed to carry. Pick the best Easter gift for your child. It's fun, educational and safe. The best customer service is their top priority. If products don't meet your expectations, they'll provide you a satisfying solution. LUKAT is fully behind its products. The celebrations begin at Lukat.

Brand: Lukat

👤I got this for my grandson as a Easter present and he loves stacking up the Easter eggs, they are all different colors and shapes, and it is very heavy duty, well worth the money.

👤Maybe twice. Then it was over. The nest fails to stay together except for one chick. The tower topples and the pieces scatter, causing frustration and lack of interest.

👤Great quality and cute! I bought a 7 month old child. He loves playing with them. My kids snatched them and played with them.

👤The great granddaughter loves the toy. She learns how to stack.

👤This was a cheap product. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤Initially, I received this product for my 15 month old. It is a cute set that can be rearranged. My kids love playing with this toy because it spans multiple ages. As an Easter basket addition, it's super cute.

9. Jofan Percussion Musical Toddlers Stuffers

Jofan Percussion Musical Toddlers Stuffers

The backfasten strap is suitable for kids and adults. It is very easy to put on and off different hands. It will be a great gift for your kids. The wooden percussion shake eggs are perfect for kids, girls, boys, toddlers, easter basket stuffers, easter basket fillers, easter gifts, stocking stuffers, christmas gifts, birthday gifts, school classroom rewards, carnival prizes, pinata, goodie bags, party supplies. The egg design of the shakers is a good choice for easter gifts. The sound of the sound of the black beads inside the egg can develop a sense of rhythm for kids and toddlers. It's made of high quality wooden and non-toxic paint, so it's safe for kids to play, but don't break it as small parts inside. TheSORTED colors are not big or small for children's hands.

Brand: Jofan

👤These have provided a lot of fun for my one year old, however they are not very durable. I was right there when my daughter opened one and couldn't eat the beads.

👤The eggs are cute. When you shake them, you can hear a Mexican maraca. They are painted. You can feel a ridge around the middle where the 2 pieces of the egg are connected after the beans, beads or pebbles are put inside. My only concern is that a small child or baby could choke on the beads, pebbles or beans inside. A good price for this set of 6, each one costing about $2.33 each. Cute for birthday party favors, Easter baskets, or just gifts for children.

👤My 10 month old and almost 3 year old love these things. They have been playing with them since we got them for easter baskets. Our lives are filled with music. It's a good thing!

👤This is a must buy for babies. We got these for our daughter because there isn't a lot of candy that is safe for her to eat just yet. Each egg has a different rattle and she loves them. I was worried about the paint coming off after testing it. It is holding up well so far.

👤My baby's first Easter egg hunt included this addition. I had these with my daughter to help her find her basket. My daughter plays with these little rattles daily and they are a big hit in my house. Cute and safe for babies and toddlers.

👤The 18 month old grandson likes the eggs. They only make music that is shaker noise.

👤I love these! I bought them for my granddaughter. She loves them and is ten months old. She had them in her hands. They will be pretty just sitting in a basket.

👤My son likes these. Really cool idea!

10. Infantino Bites Textured Carrot Teether

Infantino Bites Textured Carrot Teether

The teether is small for little hands, with built-in handles, and texture to help soothe the baby's tender gums. The material has a strong, yet soft biting experience. The mouth helps babies explore the world using their senses to learn about texture, taste and temperature, and builds muscles they will use later in life for eating and speaking. It is easy to clean. Infantino is a product that is loved and used daily by parents everywhere. Infantino is a product that is loved and used daily by parents everywhere.

Brand: Infantino

👤This is a hit with our twins. They are fighting over it. I bought it for their Easter basket and they love it. It's easy to grab. The thickness is good for teething. It's easy to wash and it's not hollow. The babies give it two thumbs up.

👤Pet hair sticks to teethers, so anyone who has pets knows how easy it is. It's difficult. It's an irritation with babies and pets despite the constant cleaning and vacuuming. This teether is nice because it's not as sticky as others, so you don't get that issue, and it's less likely to get bitten by a cat who thinks it's a cat toy.

👤I bought this for my baby. I picked it because it was cute. He is a little older now and I have realized how great this thing is. It is the perfect size for his little hands and it is a nice texture. There is no way that he can shove down his throat. It is easy to clean. It is a staple for him. I discovered it with my third baby. I only knew about it before.

👤My six month old loves this. We couldn't find something he could hold on to for more than 5 minutes. He held onto it the entire time he was shopping for groceries. He likes the fact that he can hold it properly, as it's not like other teethers, and he uses the carrot side and green side. Highly recommended!

👤This is a great teether. I had a hard time finding teething toys that were not a hard rough silicone or flimsy silicone. My daughter loves the squishy texture of this teether because of the thickness of the carrot. It seems that her teeth are nothing her, so it is great to put them in the freezer or fridge. It is easy to clean since this is all one molded piece, which is important since our daughter gets excited and these get winged across the room.

👤It is the perfect size for a baby to hold and grab. The price is a great deal.

👤My 4 month old loves it. She got a huge smile on her face when we held it out to her. The shape makes it easy for little hands to grasp. The bright color on her gums makes it appealing to babies. She is chewing on everything, her hands, blanket, lovey, and now a carrot. A very cute teether. It's easy to clean with dish soap and water. I want to get one for my friends who are having babies.

👤My child took to this very quickly. He has two lower and two upper front teeth, with more on the way. It's easy for him to grip and manipulate, and it's bumpy and soft for him to chew on. The adults think it's cute to see him eat a carrot.

👤The baby likes it. It's bigger than I thought. The baby likes chewing the green stem more than the tip. It was a good one.

11. Punch Balloons Party Favors Kids

Punch Balloons Party Favors Kids

punch balls measuring up to 18” in diameter are jumbo size. It is made from thick, durable, eco friendly latex that is resistant to popping and extra stretchy rubber bands for long lasting, extra fun! Kids love them because they are great for birthday party supplies, stocking stuffers, gift bag fillers, party bags, party games, decorations, piata fillers, fun games for kids, goodie bags, carnival prizes, party favor and get togethers! There are 6 vibrant neon colors - red, orange, yellow, green, blue and pink or purple. There is a guarantee. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and are very confident in their product. John & Judy are the backers of your purchase.

Brand: John & Judy

👤Don't give this to children without supervision, it's very dirty and stinky. I was buying this for a bag exchange. I need to buy other items because I am so disappointed. I can not give this to children. The balloons are dirty and have a strong odor in the bag. I didn't bother to inflate the balloon.

👤The smell when inflated was terrible. Had to drive with windows open. There are two things Dirty. When washed before indlated, the water was blackened and asymmetric when inflated. Air retention is worse than other balloons.

👤I used these in my bags for my son's birthday. On time, there was no smell or dirty smell. The kids loved them so it served its purpose but buy extra and a few kids didn't pop their balloom but the rubber band ripped off after a couple punches, luckily I had extra and gave them a different one and that one held better. I appreciated the letter from the company thanking me and checking in to make sure I was happy. I will buy from them again for future birthday needs.

👤The punch balloons are awesome. My kids liked them. The kids liked them. The kids loved them. They were a hit. There are top quality balloons with stretchy rubber bands and a great mix of colors. My son's school banned candy this year, so we gave them out instead. We handed out gift baggies. The labels say that it is a good day to love.

👤These are fun. We had a great time with them, but we ran into one that was stuck shut and couldn't be inflated with our balloon pump, and we had two pop for no reason after just a few minutes. We didn't get to use all of the balloons. It was disappointing, but we still felt good about the deal we got, because the pack came with plenty of punch balls at a great price. They're big and round and would be great as decorative balloons.

👤I bought them for my daughter's party. We didn't want the balloons to pop so we blew them up before the party started. Most of the balloons popped before the kids got them. They popped when they sat there. The balloons that didn't pop before the party popped within 2 minutes of the kids using them. We were very disappointed.

👤The balloon material is so thin that we had to go through 1/2 of the bag. Kids were playing. I was making new ones. Only one of the rubber bands broke, but the rest were so delicate that they could have fallen on the ground. Would not recommend it.

👤I bought them for my daughter's birthday party. When my kids saw them, they begged to open the package and play with them. Why not? I let them go to town. They loved them so much that they punched away for hours. Even though it's been several days, they are still going strong. I will buy them again.


What is the best product for eco friendly easter gifts for preschoolers?

Eco friendly easter gifts for preschoolers products from Prextex. In this article about eco friendly easter gifts for preschoolers you can see why people choose the product. Creative Roots and Tinabless are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly easter gifts for preschoolers.

What are the best brands for eco friendly easter gifts for preschoolers?

Prextex, Creative Roots and Tinabless are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly easter gifts for preschoolers. Find the detail in this article. Educational Insights, Nikumo and Suvana Market are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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