Best Eco Friendly Envelopes 9x12

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1. Compostable Biodegradable Eco Friendly Packaging Zero Waste

Compostable Biodegradable Eco Friendly Packaging Zero Waste

It is easy to recycle. Curbside with paper. 100% Compostable Materials: You will receive 50 pieces of mailers made of PBAT and corn starch at an optimal thickness to achieve a great balance of compostability without sacrificing the strength and durability of the mailers. Also comes with 2 free thank you cards. It is certified. It was not certified for its ability to compost under industrial and home environments. Thoroughly tried, tested, reviewed, and adopted by businesses in the US, Canada, and the UK. The products will have the scent of cornstarch. This scent won't transfer to your content. 2.5 mil Thick Heavy-duty Biodegradable Polymailers are perfect for parcels. Even though it is unpadded, it is suitable for shipping in all climates. The mailing bag is not resealable without causing damage to the bag. They have included two strips so your customers can use the bag again. They have both black and pink mailers for you to choose from. Simple, sleek design on the front can be covered by your own branding. Even after the second glue is used, the instructions and valuable information can be seen on the back. They wanted it to be easy to read since they believe in sharing knowledge and raising awareness as the first step in fighting climate change. Social responsibility is about responsibility. Your brand is being praised for saving the environment. If given the chance, 85% of American consumers would buy a product with a social and environmental benefit.

Brand: Minliving

👤This company stand behind their products. I gave them a 1 star review, but they went way above and beyond to make things right. The company found me both of my social media accounts, messaged me, and wouldn't stop until they made things right, but they completely changed the structure of their bags, insisted to send me the new ones until I agreed, and WOW! The original bags were the biggest difference compared to the new bags that I received. They showed me how great the customer service was. I wish they had padded mailers, but the ones they do have are amazing. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, they will do whatever they can to make sure you are. There is a Thanks again for living and respecting! Keep up the great work! There were bad bags. I like the idea of them, but unless you are shipping a single sock they are not worth it. My review was original.

👤I use these for my shop. I initially sought them out because I didn't want to use bubble mailers and that's what the majority of stores on here are selling, I'm so glad to have found this store. These are not bubble mailers, they are bags, and they are not thin, so you can rest assured that they will come out just fine. If you need a cushion for delicate and fragile items, you'll have to provide that yourself, and I don't need bubbles or anything like that for the items I sell. If you bring up the smell, it's because you think it's bad, but that's not true, if you smell the material, you'll know it's bad. I'm very glad to be using these, they make me feel good about it, and hopefully my customers have also been appreciative of it, I recommend them.

👤I use these for my small business and so far so good. The peel-and-stick is easy to use and they are the perfect size for my products. I like that they are disposable and compostable because I am doing what I can to be sustainable. Definitely recommend these!

👤My first order was sent out. The adult M shirt is not tight. The seams are good and the glue is good. It's compostable and you can cut it so it doesn't get damaged during the opening, as well as reuse it afterwards. It's great for the planet and great for my customers. I'll be checking in with my customer once it arrives on how well it made the trip, but so far I'm very happy and will be ordering more when I need it, as well as getting a bigger size for mailing multiple shirts or a hoodie.

👤I am an author and have been looking for a mailer with minimal impact, but also beautiful to fit my brand and these were perfect! They have instructions for the consumer so they know what to do with it. Many sustainable products don't give clear instructions and end up in the trash. So happy with these!

2. ABC Pack Chipboard Paperboard Photography

ABC Pack Chipboard Paperboard Photography

100 envelopes per box. The draft stay flat mailers are 9.75 x 12.25. There is a pack of self-sealing envelopes. The envelope is recyclable. The brown color is natural. Stay flat. USPS, FEDEX, and DHL were approved. By using these mailers you can save time and money. 100% cardboard is a premium quality. Double-wall paper provides protection against tearing and punctures, and also prevents your products from bending or tearing. Premium quality rigid materials make a positive contribution to environmental concerns. Convenient self-seal closing with tear-strip. Surface can accept stamps and labels. The mailers are sealed. The design has a top-loading feature. It is highly economic. You can save a lot on shipping costs by using rigid cardboard mailers. Mailers are lightweight. An alternative to shipping products in cartons. Save money on shipping with lightweight mailers. There is a wide range of uses for the mailers. Mailers with high efficiency are perfect for mailing. It's ideal for post offices, express companies, shipping companies, packaging companies, mail order companies, shipping supplies, online stores, home or personal use. Retail packing or bulk packing. Money back guarantee. 100% guarantee on rigid mailers. If you don't like the product, you'll get your money back.

Brand: Abc Pack & Supply

👤I bought these to be just like the description and pictured to mail watercolor paintings safely. I received brown bubble wrap mailers. The online description is the same as the label on the bag, but it is not what you get. The envelope is not the same as pictured. The flimsy envelopes are brown. I returned and got a new one. I am very disappointed in this. There is a warning Don't order it. If you actually want what is adVERTISED, these are for you.

👤I bought these because I thought they were stronger than my watercolors and would be more reliable to ship my paintings in. I tried to reinforce it with foam board, but they still got damaged.

👤These are used to ship optical discs. USPS will ship 1st class for about sixty dollars with a slim sleeve. I haven't had a failure yet. I will re-order. I did re-order. The new bunch was not much different from the first one. The tear-open strip was white this time, instead of red, and the card stock did not have a DVD logo on it. Everything is the same. There is a The recent ones are made of the same thickness, white, thin card stock with peel and stick seals. I'm certain that the clients would have let me know that the first 25 have shipped and been received without any complaints.

👤These mailers were purchased to ship paintings. They are not strong. I have had to replace multiple orders because of the mailers being damaged during shipping, even with adding in more pieces of additional cardboard. I have purchased many other brands of cardboard mailers and they are too flexible.

👤I thought it would work well for submitting proposals. Typically, proposals are about 112”x11” I ordered these 9”x11.5” because I thought they would fit perfectly and my proposals wouldn't get bent inside. The outside envelope dimensions are actually 8 7/8” x 11 3/8” The maulers are sturdy, but the thickness of the materials makes it hard to get out, and my proposals are difficult to get out because they are stuck tightly. The material is nice, but the dimensions made them useless. I will try to return them, but I think I wasted $25 and will need a larger size now. I don't know what to do with these.

👤I was not sure what these items would be like because of the mixed reviews. The items are in a size of 6 x 9. I have some greeting cards with my photography on them that measure 4 1/2 x 7 and these are perfect for what I need. When I hold them with two fingers, they are rigid in my minD. I can load up to 5 greeting cards at once for potential customers. The brown color is better than the white. I'm very pleased with them and they're very good.

👤I usually use them to send small pieces of artwork and I also use the envelopes themselves as a base for artwork. The size and paper style of the envelopes make them perfect for framing. There is a There is art inside. There is art on the front. The address is on the back.

3. Designer Poly Mailers 10x13 Watermelon

Designer Poly Mailers 10x13 Watermelon

If you are not happy with their products, they will replace or return your money. You will get 50 prints with different patterns and a protective box. This set does not have sticky back. There is a huge pack for dorm room decor. The kit is printed on a paper. Your pictures will look great for a long time. The aesthetic wall decorations add more color to your room bedroom. Your card set will match all of your bedroom interiors. It doesn't overwhelm your room decor with its soft casual tones. There is a mix of photos and art. There are multiple uses for this wall kit, and you can either frame them, hang them, or put them on the wall. Your prints will look amazing, either way you choose. The kit is packaged in a cute box. It will be a great gift for girls and young women. Birthdays, graduations, Christmas, and so on, these are great gifts.

Brand: Ecty

👤I tried to use them, but they were small. I sell used clothing on Poshmark, so they are good to send one item in. Two if it's a small shirt. I had to use a different option when I wanted to send a pair of child sized snow pants. The prints are cute and look like little gifts waiting to go to the post office. It's a good thing.

👤A little personal touch goes a long way with customers, so if you're selling on similar sites, you know a little personal touch goes a long way. It's easy to put orders in a boring yellow envelope and not think twice. You open your mailbox to see a yellow envelope and think that your order has arrived. If you found one of these patterned envelopes in your mailbox, what would you do? That's the next level! The recipient will remember the package that came from your small business because they will get excited and see who it's from. There is a The strips are printed well with bright colors and are secure. These are not padded and are great for clothing, unbreakables or you could line your own bubble wrap. When I run out, I'll be ordering more. Mail should be fun again.

👤There isn't anything in the caption that tells you how much these hold. I expected them to be bigger because I ship out clothes. It fits a small t-shirt nicely, anything bigger than that I wouldn't advise against. The packaging is cute. The quality of the glue is great.

👤You can sell books, shirts, or tiny objects if you buy this. The packaging is hard to tear so don't worry about it opening when delivered. I used them to wrap gifts for friends and family for Christmas. I was able to fit funko pops. I use these when shipping books and shirts.

👤I sell things on eBay. These are great for sending packages. It adds a cute touch to the buyer's mailbox. The glue is strong. I have no problem getting the label to fit. I'll buy them again.

👤I have reviewed many items for this product line, it is the best thing I have ever had, it is great for any occasion if you are trying to send important documents, it will get wet or clothing or anything small that you want, it is also great if you are trying to send

👤These are very practical for mailing small items.

👤These are of the highest quality. They are expensive for how many you get. I thought I was ordering 100, but it was 30. Great quality!

4. Mailers Cardboard Shipping Envelopes Documents

Mailers Cardboard Shipping Envelopes Documents

We use vegetable oil as the base for ink. It is more eco-friendly than traditional ink because it doesn't include plastic orPVC. Stay Flat Mailers are the perfect solution for mailing photos, pictures, CDs, passports, art prints, and a wide range of documents. A strong glue bond is built right into each mailer and provides a tight seal; the mailer has pull-tabs for easy unsealing by the recipient. The thick cardboard envelopes are made to keep your documents free of bending and wrinkling. Make sure to always have some rigid mailers on hand with this bulk set of 100 white envelopes; stock up for your online business, personal use, and office supplies. The paperboard photo envelope is 6 x 8 inches.

Brand: Juvale

👤I use these to ship trading cards on eBay. I was worried that they would consider these too strong. I have shipped 75 of them. I can now offer buyers a more affordable shipping option with the peace of mind that it will arrive safely.

👤They say these mailers are rigid. Whatever you put in there will be protected. It's hard to bend or fold, but they're going to be snug and secure in there. 85 cents is the cost to mail out instead of 55.

👤I'm not sure if it's hit or miss, but my latest shipment of these mailers is considerably thicker. These are good for my laminated products because they are affordable. I will have to look at what they send next time I order. It got four stars. The original review was original. There is a I usually buy the 6x8 mailers, but this time I decided to save a few bucks and purchase these. There is a These weigh 1.2 ounces and are extremely thin. Make sure that whatever you are shipping is very thick.

👤I use mailers in my business. It is important that customers do not bend when they receive decals. These mailers are very rigid. I bent as hard as I could to see if they bulged. I highly recommend this product and I am confident using it in my business.

👤I package my orders with these envelopes. I can mail them with USPS postage of $0.65 which is great. There is a If I put more than 2 in at a time, they can get stuck in the door mechanism and I have to push them down. This isn't a problem if I'm careful, but it makes me worry that at some point these might get stuck in the same machines during the shipping process. There are two more The "tear-off" tab on the flap is useful, but it leaves a bunch of paper particles flying around when you tear it off. It's not a big deal but it's something to keep in mind.

👤If you want to use these for cheap letter mailing, get something less heavy duty. I have had them shredded twice because they are not compatible with usps sorting machines. These are perfect if you are willing to spend more money for non-machinable shipping. They didn't meet my needs for shipping photography safely and cheaply.

👤I asked for samples from I was happy with the mailers from there. I needed something. I decided to purchase these immediately. MailersUSA mailers are very thin. The MailersUSA ones are flexible for my needs. If you're looking for thick, durable, not easily bendable rigid mailers, then I would go with these ones from Amazon. They look more professional. I weighed the MailersUSA one. They came out to about 1.2 ounces. These are about 1.4 ounces.

👤The top flap of these is not sticky enough to stay down without an extra layer of tape. It keeps peeling at the edges as I fill the envelope, set it down, and get the address for it. I was hoping the 20-40 packages would save me time with a few small flat things I sell. They now take more time and tape to make sure they are ready for mailing. Save money and time by buying a different brand.

5. Brown Kraft Paper Invitation Envelopes

Brown Kraft Paper Invitation Envelopes

Large sized envelopes and 500 envelopes in every pack for a long lasting supply, perfect for everyday business correspondence and large mailing tasks. The dimensions are 5.25 x 7.25 Inches. The paper is 100 lbs. The Quick Self Seal is simple to use. They offer the best service. The company philosophy is to provide both beautiful and useful products with reasonable prices. The best services will be offered by them. Within 60 days, the products can be returned.

Brand: Azaza

👤I love these envelopes. I use them to send out stickers from my shop. I have had customers ask where I bought the quilt, they also wanted to buy some, they are that nice! These are the best craft envelope brands I have tried. I haven't received a damaged or unusable envelope yet. They are strong. I use them for shipping up to three ounces of product and have never had an issue with them. They look great and are self-sealing. I have ordered them many times. A happy customer!

👤The current description says 100lb paper, but these are not that. The paper is 24lb. You can't send photos in these because everything will bend. If they were advertised as 24lb paper envelopes, the quality would be ok, but if you were looking for that thick, substantial feel, then keep looking. There is a trend on Amazon with sellers from certain regions starting out with good quality products, and once they have 5 star reviews, they degrade the quality without updating the descriptions. Go clear.

👤These envelopes are the best ones I've used in the past 2.5 years, and they are the best ones I've used for greeting cards. The envelope is sturdy, the color is great, and the self-seal portion was a pleasant surprise. My customers like them.

👤I ordered this pack of envelopes along with a 50 pack from Luxpaper as I wanted to use them for my wedding invitations and I could see which one was better. I couldn't believe how nice these ones were. The paper was a bit thicker than the envelopes, but it was in a cute box. I received sample cards and envelopes from Minted, and the paper of these envelopes felt very similar to the one that came with those expensive cards! I highly recommend.

👤The envelopes are supposed to be A2 size, but they are just a little bit smaller than that. I'm sure you're thinking, "For crying out loud, stop being so picky!" Why does this matter? The thicker the paper, the harder it will be to put in and take out. I had to refold the top edge of the card in order to close them. I'm not sure if I can use these envelopes. I wish the paper was a bit more refined. I like how thick it is. If you are looking to use cards with heavy paper, beware.

👤I loved these envelopes for mass mailing. They were the perfect size for save the dates and invitations that are 4 by 6 inches. There is a The material of the envelopes was thick and consistent. These were thick enough to protect my photos from folding and so you couldn't see through them. Excellent quality. They held up well for international shipping. When writing, the pen marks looked nice. The sticky seal was easy to use and did not require me to lick hundreds of envelopes. It's perfect for mass mailing. There is a The only complaint I have is that one of the 200 envelopes did not have a sticky seal, but it was fixed by a glue stick. I plan on ordering more in the future.

6. Biodegradable Compostable Shipping Packaging Envelopes

Biodegradable Compostable Shipping Packaging Envelopes

The lightweight cushion mailers are ideal for online sellers shipping handmade goods, or for small businesses sending products to customers. The 100% biogenic is made of PBAT and modified corn starch and complies with the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials. The material is non-toxic and has a reduction in CO2 emissions. Your customers will be surprised and relieved to open the bags of eco friendly materials. You will be able to communicate your sense of social responsibility and the high grade of your brand with the use of biodegradable shipping supplies. Your brand and concepts will be recognized by your customers, which will boost your sales. Their poly mailers are portable, secure and easy to use. Poly bags are not allowed to open during transit if the seal is tampered with. Integrity doesn't compromise biodegradability. KTOB's shipping envelopes are resistant to a number of things. You can be sure that your parcels will reach your customers in the same state they left you. They use vegetable oil as the base for ink. It is more eco-friendly than traditional ink because it doesn't include plastic orPVC. They use vegetable oil as the base for ink. It is more eco-friendly than traditional ink because it doesn't include plastic orPVC.

Brand: Ktob

👤I love that these envelopes are compostable, but they Stink. I cannot send handmade crochet plushes in these envelopes because of the smell. It is a sad thing. I can use them for any solid items I need to send, but not for what I bought them for.

👤The bags are great, the price is ok, but it is wasteful to have to buy many in the same size, when most people need a few different sizes and less product overall. There is a An assortment of sizes and less product would solve my problem.

👤These are more durable than poly mailers and I use them for my small business. I have tried tearing one of these myself and it is not as easy as a plastic poly Mailer. The quality of this has not elicited any complaints from my customers. It's a great alternative to poly mailers for being more eco-friendly.

👤I pride myself on being sustainable. I felt like it would be hypocritical to send samples in traditional mailers, yet I wanted them to be water-proof. I was relieved to find these mailers. When you get them, I have one caution, and that is to store them flat. I put them in a box of other things and they get wrinkled. That's right!

👤I would love to be able to offer customers an eco-friendly option when they purchase things from me. These little mailers are so flimsy that I worry about sending them long distances. They almost feel like a film of some sort. I will probably not purchase these again and instead use more recycled materials.

👤I use these for my small business and they are amazing. They are thin, that is expected with environment safe packaging. 10/10

👤If something rubs against the edge, what is the point of a variety of self-adhesive mailing labels from USPS, and the like? The bags I used for the 100 have not been able to stick to the mailing label. I have to tape all four sides, and what is it about that?

👤I use these for my business and my customers always think it is great when they get these in the mail. I always get the thought that I had no idea.

7. Compostable Movement Biodegradable Packaging Envelopes

Compostable Movement Biodegradable Packaging Envelopes

The bubble mailers have a usable size of 47 inch. Compostable, 100% Opaque: While other mailers are see-through, CMM mailers are completely Compostable. They are stronger and tear resistant with a thickness of 70 microns. They will stretch out of shape before they reveal your secrets. Home Compost! Compostable Poly Mailers are made from odorless corn and can be composted in 3-6 months at home. Polymailers can take up to 20 years in the landfill, but CMM can break down in 12 months and no emissions. There are four certifications with them: ASTMD 6400, DIN EN, and BPI Compostable. OK Compost Home and TV AUSTRIA are in industry facilities. They're Reusable too. You can use each compostable poly mailer twice. Climate positive! Fix your labels in the dedicated spot. They are easy to remove when resending. There is a spot for your logo on these bags. All-Weather Proof: Poly Mailers are rain, wind, and baking-hot- sun proof. Each mailer has a small flap and a suffocation warning. Less materials and more security of the strongest bags. Eco-Remarkable! The mailing bag is 12 x 15. Today you can get 55 Opaque Black Compostable Polymailers with a shelf life of 12 months, so you can use them fast and love them, or return within 60 days. Join the Compostable Mailer movement now because the future is going green.

Brand: Compostable Mailer Movement 100% Biodegradable Seal Send Reseal Send 100% Compostable

👤Some of them came slightly ripped. The idea of these is great. They are not durable enough to ship things out. I will not be able to use them. If you don't have the time to carefully insert your item in the mailer, you're also willing to take the risk that they won't come apart at the sides during the shipment process.

👤I wanted to give these 5 stars, but some of them were torn down. They can easily tear down the sides. I am worried about the bag opening or the product getting damaged. There was a slight smell to them, but they went away after a day or two. They are great other than that. I will probably use a different mailer once I run out. I bought 100 of them. I went with these because they were the largest for their size.

👤I am very pleased with the mailers. I bought both gray and black. The material is thick and durable and they look nice. I was pleasantly surprised to find there was no strong odor when I opened the box. I have not had any problems with the shipping of books and clothes. They're not disposable. It is definitely worth the price.

👤I love these bags! The black is very sleek and the feel is nice. Will purchase in the future.

👤These stink. They smell like nail polish, which is confusing and concerning since they're supposed to be eco-friendly. I use these for shipping clothing items and I hope the smell goes away over time. They're a good size and a good price.

👤I love that they are made from renewable resources. I will not use regular plastic again. These look great. They can reseal them with the double glue.

👤The bags are great and durable. Will definitely be ordering again.

👤I ordered these bags in grey a few months ago and had no problems, so I ordered them in black. They're all bad. I had to use some of the bags as I had packages to send out, so I taped the sides closed. I thought it might be a one-off, but the tug on the opening caused bags to rip on the sides. I need to buy new bags because this was a huge waste of money.

👤I wish they had a bigger size. I find that when sending a large item. I have to leave holes at the corners because of the double seal. There is a The photos attached to this product give off a major stock photo vibe and I was scared I was not going to receive the product as described. I couldn't find any other information about them on the web, so something seemed odd to me. It would be great if there was more transparency. glad it all turned out well I like the bags. Please make more sizes!

8. Rigid Mailers Self Seal Cardboard Documents

Rigid Mailers Self Seal Cardboard Documents

Poly bubble mailers are tear-proof and water-resistant. Stay Flat Mailers. Their no bend cardboard mailing envelopes are the perfect solution for photos, pictures, CDs, comic books, and important documents. Simply peel the self-adheve seal from the rigid mailers and press to adhere the two ends together. Sturdy design of the flat mailers will keep your documents free of bends and wrinkling while in transit. The mailers are 9 x 11 inches. The cardboard shipping envelopes come in a pack of 25, so you have plenty on hand for business or personal use.

Brand: Juvale

👤I wanted something that was good thickness and not too heavy to mail out prints and calendars from my shop. I packaged several and put them aside to mail the next day. The seals had partially opened on a few of them. I wonder how many of my previous orders arrived at a customer's mailbox with the flap not sealed, because I just ran a little packaging tape to close them. I might keep getting these and seal them with tape because they're still better than the last product I tried.

👤I thought they would be thick. Not even close! Sending them back and still looking for a mailer to protect art prints. Why is this so hard?

👤I needed to mail some photos and the mailer envelope was thick. It's more rigid than some of the other mailers I've seen, so I think it will protect my photo from being bent. I had to pay more for postage because the mailer I used was not able to bend and was considered a box package so I had to pay a couple of more dollars for it. I saved more with this mailer because I was charged mostly 1st class postage. After reading a review about the quality of the glue, I decided to tape up the mailer. How old the tape is on the mailer and the temperature where it is stored may affect the adhesion. I didn't want the mailer to open in transit. I taped the edge of the flap up for reinforcement. If you don't use additional tape to secure it, be sure to press down on the area where the tape is after you fold the mailer flap down so it has time to get a good adhesion to the back of the mailer and won't open up.

👤I had to mail some paper materials that were undamaged. The contents were protected as well as I had hoped. I didn't realize that they are also heavy, so my shipping cost ended up being more expensive than I had anticipated. I was shipping a small item and this ended up eating into my profits. If you're an online seller like me, you should consider the full final shipping weight when calculating your price. There is a The envelopes are large and the strip is strong, so no need to worry about them opening. They are very sturdy, so you can be sure that your items will arrive intact.

👤I love these! I looked on Amazon for a long time before deciding on a mailer that would hold up well to protect my art that I ship out. I have used these for four times now and have received positive feedback about how my print arrived in pristine condition, even when the mailman squeezed one of these into a mailbox. Everyone gave me advice about the strip. I use some extra tape to seal off the tab after you close the mailer. I wanted to make myself feel more secure about it being closed.

9. Sealed Air Shipping Recycled Cushioned

Sealed Air Shipping Recycled Cushioned

The lightweight cushion mailers are ideal for online sellers shipping handmade goods, or for small businesses sending products to customers. There is 100 - #2 and 8x12". Genuine padded envelopes. Their mailers are made from heavy-duty kraft and have a uniform inner padding. This mailer is eco-friendly and offers excellent protection while reducing freight costs and warehouse storage space. There is recycled content. The mailers are made from recycled paper. 100% recycled newsprint is used to makeerated paper. It is easy to recycle. Curbside with paper.

Brand: Sealed Air

👤There are a lot of small lightweight items that I ship. These mailers are a great size, sturdy and seal well, however they are much heavier than bubble mailers and will often push me into the next weight class. A lighter weight option would be great.

👤I love these because they don't add much to the shipping costs. There is a I'm having trouble with my labels sticking and I'm adding clear packing tape because it's not 100% eco-friendly. Is there a label that will stick to them?

👤I ordered these mailers because I needed to replenish my supplies. The first few envelopes seemed fine, but as I got deeper in to the 100 count box, I started to find mailers with manufacturing defects. I bought these because they were self sealed, but on many of them the glue was missing or they were already partially glue together. I kept them because I used so many already and it was not convenient to tape them shut. I am not happy.

👤I've been using these padded envelopes for a while and lately I've started getting messages from my customers saying they got empty envelopes. I can see the pictures and the damaged labels from the post office, so I know it's not a scam. There is a gaping hole in the side of the envelope. They are easy to rip. The labels don't stick very well. They're coming loose on the sides or corners. I will phase out the boxes once I'm done with them.

👤The usable space is not as large as anticipated. The dimensions seem to be off by an inch. Paper envelopes are more eco-friendly than plastic because they are less likely to be thrown out, but they weigh more and cost more to ship. Depending on what is being shipped in them, it may or may not be a good option.

👤My business partner had to tape all of the mailers shut after they unglued themselves when she dropped off the orders. It was weird because we didn't notice any defects with our order, and each envelope had a seemingly intact glue/seal strip when we enclosed our items. In terms of item safety, I would recommend this to replace bubble mailers. We will probably order again because this seems to be one of the better eco-friendly mailers out there.

👤When you tear them apart, they get a bit dusty, but we love them. There's no plastic, they're recycled, and so no room for concerns from customers. We can get two bags of coffee in one, but they aren't super flexible.

👤These are more sturdy and stiff than bubble mailers. I put a strip of clear packaging tape over it to make it stick. No worries! The mailers do not provide a stick for your labels. That's just the nature of a beast. Throw some tape over it. I need protection for our mailings. Great product!

👤The mailers are very good. Canada Post over-sized letter mail is awesome. They are thick, but you could fit a medium or smaller tee inside. The next size up might work as well. These are great for branding. They're blank, so bust out a stencil and spray paint your logo on it. You should watch out for warehouse deals from Amazon. The listing stated that the mailers were in great condition, but may have had some damage. It's probably only 90 or 80 mailers. It's still a great deal. I received 25 mailers. The package stated it was inspected by Amazon. Yes, right! Only 24 mailers? What a joke! The listing did not state that you'll pay almost 2 bucks each for the mailers. I was able to get a refund as it came down to false advertising. I'll never purchase a warehouse deal from Amazon again because of their customer service. I will be buying these mailers again.

10. Security SELF Seal Envelopes Windowless Quick Seal

Security SELF Seal Envelopes Windowless Quick Seal

We offer the best service. The company philosophy is to provide both beautiful and useful products. The best services will be offered by them. Within 60 days, the products can be returned. Excellent quality envelopes are what your order comes with. You will be happy with your purchase. Feel free to buy! Their #10 envelopes are designed with a premium security tint to protect sensitive information and a super strong SELF-SEAL strip, perfect for larger documents. Their #10 envelopes are designed with a premium security printed design to protect contents and sensitive information, perfect for secure business and legal mailing. The windowless design of the envelopes makes them ideal for standard business and legal documents and sensitive correspondence. Their #10 envelopes are designed with an ultra strong SELF-SEAL adhesive strip to create a full, super secure seal across each envelope's width that won't easily open or tear, ideal for mailing larger documents without splitting. Large sized envelopes and 500 envelopes in every pack for a long lasting supply, perfect for everyday business correspondence and large mailing tasks.

Brand: Aimoh

👤Don't worry about the glue not being sticky enough, reviewers have said that. The seal was fine. The seal cannot be easily broken with a traditional non self seal envelope. Don't worry about the sticky portion not extending the envelope as a couple of other reviewers have said. I went back and looked at all my other envelopes that have non self seal flaps, and every single one of them has a small unglued portion on either side of the flap. I find these envelopes to be among the best when it comes to how much flap is secured by glue. I wouldn't worry about it. There is a The thickness of the envelope is typical. I don't think they are thin or flimsy, but I am not comparing them to an extra heavy weight envelope. The look of the envelope is typical. It seems like a typical envelope. Again, I don't think they are flimsy, or even more flimsy than a typical envelope. I don't like how envelopes feel, but these have a nice feel to them. The packaging was good. There is a Printing on a printer was fine. There is a I would recommend them. If you're like me, you don't send a lot of things through the mail anymore, so 500 envelopes is going to last me for a long time.

👤The paper is clean and bright. The envelope is securely closed with the help of a strip of glue. The blue design on the interior is nicely printed and does a good job of providing security and I would choose this brand for any time I needed envelopes. The company's owners personally addressed a small concern that I had and provided excellent customer support. Can't go wrong ordering from this company.

👤Sometimes I need to send out a lot of letters. Trying to use a wet sponge was messy. I tried a small amount of these envelopes and they worked well. I rearranged this larger quantity for routine use. I'm happy that I did. No more licking or using a sponge. I put the letter inside, pull off the protective strip, close the envelope, and press the flap down. That is it. The flap sticks well. There is a The envelopes work well in my printer. The envelopes that are excellent do not feed well or the laser toner does not stick well. These feed in my laser. The laser impression doesn't get off when going through the mail because it sticks to the envelope material. I will reuse these envelopes in the future. I tend to stick with things that seem to work.

👤The glue line has dried so that it is no longer wet. Most other brands of self sealed envelopes act the same. I wish the glue strip was more spread out so it would be more flat. I don't like licking envelopes. I've purchased security envelopes before with the peel off strip. I had no complaints about the other brands. The paper stock in these envelopes is not as thick as I would prefer, but they still block the contents from curious viewers. The biggest problem is the glue. It is a thin strip that is 1/2 the width of a running shoelace and ends before the flap. The glue strip is not uniform for each envelope and may detach if the backing is removed. The strands form when the backing is removed. The backing isn't as wide as a piece of tape. The glue strip is wet. If I don't flatten the flap, the glue strip will leave the flap slightly raised and it will flatten more. I am left with an envelope to mail that is barely sealed because it doesn't seem to be wide enough to secure the flap.

11. Mermaids Designer Mailers Shipping Envelopes

Mermaids Designer Mailers Shipping Envelopes

The interior of their bags are made with a dark lining to prevent the contents of the bag from being seen during shipping. 50x15 Premium Designer Shipping Mailers are seamlessly printed with no ugly logos. Customers should remember your brand. Their special blend of Polyethylene creates an extra strong, flexible, and tear resistant bag, while being super light weight, reducing shipping costs, and being more eco friendly. These bags are easy to open and free of strong plastic odors. The Strip is permanent and strong. The interior of their bags are made with a dark lining to prevent the contents of the bag from being seen during shipping.

Brand: Pro Supply Global

👤These are my favorite of the poly mailers that I have purchased. They make you happy.


What is the best product for eco friendly envelopes 9x12?

Eco friendly envelopes 9x12 products from Minliving. In this article about eco friendly envelopes 9x12 you can see why people choose the product. Abc Pack & Supply and Ecty are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly envelopes 9x12.

What are the best brands for eco friendly envelopes 9x12?

Minliving, Abc Pack & Supply and Ecty are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly envelopes 9x12. Find the detail in this article. Juvale, Azaza and Ktob are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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