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1. Juvale Pieces Kraft Envelopes Graduations

Juvale Pieces Kraft Envelopes Graduations

We offer the best service. The company philosophy is to provide both beautiful and useful products with reasonable prices. The best services will be offered by them. Within 60 days, the products can be returned. Excellent quality envelopes are what your order comes with. You will be happy with your purchase. Feel free to buy! Save time and money by mailing out invitations for an upcoming kids birthday party, baby shower, holiday celebration, or wedding with this bulk set of v-flap kraft paper envelopes. The cute 4x6 envelopes are perfect for mailing thank you notes, holiday cards, greeting cards, invitations, announcements, stationery, photos, postcards, and pen pal letters. For All Occasions, you can create custom invitation envelopes with calligraphy pens, lettering, stencil stamps, paint, glitter, stickers, markers, or ribbon. Their card envelopes are made from high-quality brown paper that won't easily rip or tear in transit. The perfect size is each invitation envelope that is 4.5 x 6.2 inches and has a fun photo print with your handwritten letter or card.

Brand: Juvale

👤I saw an account on IG and they decorate their envelopes whenever they write to their pen pals. I decided to help the USPS purchase some stamps and send some mail just thinking about you, because I enjoy receiving friendly snail mail. My friends live in different states. Even to my local ones! The picture was attached to the decorated envelope. They have brightened up many days, which was my goal since 2020. You know. A ride. Extra folding of my letters is required because they are not as wide.

👤These envelopes were nice thickness, no see through. What looks like glue is nothing. It doesn't stick after you wet it. These are not compatible with glue.

👤I use these to make cards with my Cricut. They fit the cards I make. I like the look. The glue has not worked on any of the envelopes that I have used. I have had to tape them shut for the ones that I have mailed, which is annoying. These are fine if I send the card to someone else or send it in a package with something else, but not the best for mailing on their own.

👤I make a lot of greeting cards so these envelopes fit nicely. Most of my cards are 4 1/4" X 5 1/2". The price is reasonable and the color is nice.

👤I was satisfied with the product I received. I think that 50 envelopes for what I paid for is better than most office depot stores because of the fact that the glue is not the best. There is a Cheap and huge are the pros. The glue is pretty weak.

👤I bought postcards from the lavender farm because of the pictures on them. I wanted the pictures but didn't want a personal note on the post card so these envelopes are the perfect fit. I will need to buy more postcards because there were so many of them. There is one more thing. This is also very worth it because of the cost. It is not close to the purchase price of a greeting card. It is easy to send and receive. The quality is there and I recommend them.

👤This is a 2 star. I saved the dates with these. I put a magnet in the postcard. When I couldn't keep these envelopes closed, I should have taken the first warning. I promise you that it was not because they were too thick. I had to hold them down until they dried so I could open them. I was working on a craft project. There is a A few people messaged me and asked if I was being silly by just sending a blank card with "put this on your fridge". They said they didn't receive the magnet. It ripped through the envelope. It's too late. A lot of people said their envelope had tears in it, but luckily the magnet didn't come out. If you are placing a magnet or something like that, do not use these reviews. The weight can't be handled by it.

2. A7 Envelopes Invitations 50 Count Invitation

A7 Envelopes Invitations 50 Count Invitation

You can stock up on boxes of 50 for value. A7 Invitation envelopes: There is a pack of 50. Birthdays, graduations, holiday, party invitation, letters, greeting cards, and Business Direct Mail are all perfect. The paper is high quality. Brown paper is great for multiple uses and is used in classic square flap envelopes. Simply peel off the attached white paper film from the flap and press down for a secure seal. Printer friendly. You can print on their envelopes with your Laser and Inkjet Printers. The envelopes are perfect size and weight, never worry about them being smudged by your printer. DIMENSIONS The envelopes are 5.25 x 7.25 inches.

Brand: Best Paper Greetings

👤Exactly what I was looking for. I love the look of paper. I like to make my own greeting cards, and I try to incorporate some of the elements from the movie. It made sense to get these. The envelopes are made of paper. They are fine for formal greeting cards. The paper is very smooth and not a bit rough. I like that the back flap is shaped for a more formal letter or card, and that it has rounded edges. They feature a peel and stick seal which is great because you don't have to lick it, it looks better, and they seal a lot better too!

👤The description doesn't say that you can't use a laser printer with these. The envelope has a slightly waxy finish that won't stick to the printer. We only needed to write a few invitations.

👤I have purchased a lot of these. I put my items in the envelope or on the top to close it, but there was no glue on the sides. Had to use tape to shut it down.

👤The craft paper envelopes were very high quality. They have a peel off sticker which is great for people who don't like licking things. ha! Would buy again.

👤I had purchased them before and they worked well. The strips on the envelopes are dried out. There seems to be an inconsistent product quality.

👤I used my own Christmas cards to mail. They're very high quality, nice heavy paper, and I love that it has a self-adhesive tape strip. These would be good for crafts.

👤I don't like buying envelopes online because you can't tell the quality. These were made from sturdy materials. The glue strip worked well. My invitations fit perfectly. Would definitely recommend and purchase again.

👤I bought them for my wedding invitations. They are made of heavy paper. Some of them had unglued at the seams. I had to be careful with my invitation. I used a glue stick to seal it. It worked out fine.

👤They were easy to use and would recommend them.

3. Dynamic Boxx Invitation Envelopes Assorted

Dynamic Boxx Invitation Envelopes Assorted

Small business supplies can be used with their 100 stylish greeting cards. The blank back of the greeting cards give you a writing space to write on. For business or sacramental use. These envelopes have a sleek and elegant look because of their natural color. Invitation envelopes with cards are included. Self-sealing. The edge of the envelope has water-based glue on it. There is variability of sizes. The package includes envelopes and cards of different sizes so you can find the right invitation envelope for your project. For any reason. You can use this brown envelope to send mail. The perfect paper envelopes for wedding invitations, greeting cards, baby shower, and more. Personalized mail is what it is. If you're planning to add a handcrafted touch to your mail, then these kraft paper envelopes are just what you need. They're easy to write on, so you can make them your own. Adding stickers, stamps, and twines to these mini envelopes will make them more noticeable.

Brand: Dynamic Boxx

👤The cards and envelopes are inexpensive. I ordered them to make junk journal flips, and they are what I wanted. You get more for the $ than other brands. The cards are just one side. They don't open. I will order again.

4. Brown Kraft Paper Invitation Envelopes

Brown Kraft Paper Invitation Envelopes

Large sized envelopes and 500 envelopes in every pack for a long lasting supply, perfect for everyday business correspondence and large mailing tasks. The dimensions are 5.25 x 7.25 Inches. The paper is 100 lbs. The Quick Self Seal is simple to use. They offer the best service. The company philosophy is to provide both beautiful and useful products with reasonable prices. The best services will be offered by them. Within 60 days, the products can be returned.

Brand: Azaza

👤I love these envelopes. I use them to send out stickers from my shop. I have had customers ask where I bought the quilt, they also wanted to buy some, they are that nice! These are the best craft envelope brands I have tried. I haven't received a damaged or unusable envelope yet. They are strong. I use them for shipping up to three ounces of product and have never had an issue with them. They look great and are self-sealing. I have ordered them many times. A happy customer!

👤The current description says 100lb paper, but these are not that. The paper is 24lb. You can't send photos in these because everything will bend. If they were advertised as 24lb paper envelopes, the quality would be ok, but if you were looking for that thick, substantial feel, then keep looking. There is a trend on Amazon with sellers from certain regions starting out with good quality products, and once they have 5 star reviews, they degrade the quality without updating the descriptions. Go clear.

👤These envelopes are the best ones I've used in the past 2.5 years, and they are the best ones I've used for greeting cards. The envelope is sturdy, the color is great, and the self-seal portion was a pleasant surprise. My customers like them.

👤I ordered this pack of envelopes along with a 50 pack from Luxpaper as I wanted to use them for my wedding invitations and I could see which one was better. I couldn't believe how nice these ones were. The paper was a bit thicker than the envelopes, but it was in a cute box. I received sample cards and envelopes from Minted, and the paper of these envelopes felt very similar to the one that came with those expensive cards! I highly recommend.

👤The envelopes are supposed to be A2 size, but they are just a little bit smaller than that. I'm sure you're thinking, "For crying out loud, stop being so picky!" Why does this matter? The thicker the paper, the harder it will be to put in and take out. I had to refold the top edge of the card in order to close them. I'm not sure if I can use these envelopes. I wish the paper was a bit more refined. I like how thick it is. If you are looking to use cards with heavy paper, beware.

👤I loved these envelopes for mass mailing. They were the perfect size for save the dates and invitations that are 4 by 6 inches. There is a The material of the envelopes was thick and consistent. These were thick enough to protect my photos from folding and so you couldn't see through them. Excellent quality. They held up well for international shipping. When writing, the pen marks looked nice. The sticky seal was easy to use and did not require me to lick hundreds of envelopes. It's perfect for mass mailing. There is a The only complaint I have is that one of the 200 envelopes did not have a sticky seal, but it was fixed by a glue stick. I plan on ordering more in the future.

5. Top Flight PSTF10NWT Envelopes Security

Top Flight PSTF10NWT Envelopes Security

500 count per box is long lasting supply. The country of origin is the United States. The paper is made in the US. The package weight is 6.1 lbs.

Brand: Top Flight

👤The envelope was good for the price. I don't need the amount of envelopes in this order. A trip to the drug store or the dollar store is the most common way to get a box of twenty five. The majority of bills and correspondence are done on the computer. Why purchase? Most of the tenants in my complex don't drive anymore because it's designed for the handicap. Home health aides or friends and relatives are not required to drive. The chat was about how things are packaged for families when we were at the card tournament. Meat at the grocery stores, envelopes, and more. You end up paying a premium when you purchase smaller amounts. Before we left, we agreed that we could purchase larger amounts which we could share and save a few dollars. envelopes were one of the items. The cost of the 500 envelopes was shared by ten others and brought the price to each of us. We meet once a week over lunch to see what we need.

👤For me, it is a big flaw. When I open up the envelope and go to insert the contents, there is a gap in the glue that seals the edges to the backside and the paper slip that I put under it is completely inside the envelope. This slows me down when I have to stuff the envelope since the paper slip won't fit. The backside is separated from the side fold due to glue not running all the way to the top. I would give it a 5 star rating if it weren't for this flaw. I have not tested other envelopes, so maybe this is an issue with all of them? Some of the reviews claim that they have a peel strip to seal them, but they do not.

👤I bought these for my mailings. I didn't want to lick 100 envelopes. I won't buy this brand again. When you try to wrangle a stack of 50 stuffed envelopes, the edge of the envelope flap is not covered by the glue, so you end up with a folded edge. I can see them getting hung up because of that.

👤When I needed to do a bulk mailing, I bought these envelopes. The quality was great and it was cheaper than buying smaller packs at the store. I've purchased envelopes where they weren't very flat and they got stuck in the printer, but these went through with no issues at all. There is a The container they come in is sturdy and is great for storing leftover envelopes. I can't say much more about these, but I feel like they lived up to their promises, right size, security tinted so you can't read through the envelope, and good glue.

👤The envelopes are very high quality. This is less expensive than an office-supply store and a big-name retail chain store. There is no problem getting items into the envelopes due to incorrect interiors. The inner corners are easy to insert. The strip is secure enough that it doesn't come off before you want it to. I will be buying more of these for our rescue.

6. Security SELF Seal Envelopes Windowless Quick Seal

Security SELF Seal Envelopes Windowless Quick Seal

We offer the best service. The company philosophy is to provide both beautiful and useful products. The best services will be offered by them. Within 60 days, the products can be returned. Excellent quality envelopes are what your order comes with. You will be happy with your purchase. Feel free to buy! Their #10 envelopes are designed with a premium security tint to protect sensitive information and a super strong SELF-SEAL strip, perfect for larger documents. Their #10 envelopes are designed with a premium security printed design to protect contents and sensitive information, perfect for secure business and legal mailing. The windowless design of the envelopes makes them ideal for standard business and legal documents and sensitive correspondence. Their #10 envelopes are designed with an ultra strong SELF-SEAL adhesive strip to create a full, super secure seal across each envelope's width that won't easily open or tear, ideal for mailing larger documents without splitting. Large sized envelopes and 500 envelopes in every pack for a long lasting supply, perfect for everyday business correspondence and large mailing tasks.

Brand: Aimoh

👤Don't worry about the glue not being sticky enough, reviewers have said that. The seal was fine. The seal cannot be easily broken with a traditional non self seal envelope. Don't worry about the sticky portion not extending the envelope as a couple of other reviewers have said. I went back and looked at all my other envelopes that have non self seal flaps, and every single one of them has a small unglued portion on either side of the flap. I find these envelopes to be among the best when it comes to how much flap is secured by glue. I wouldn't worry about it. There is a The thickness of the envelope is typical. I don't think they are thin or flimsy, but I am not comparing them to an extra heavy weight envelope. The look of the envelope is typical. It seems like a typical envelope. Again, I don't think they are flimsy, or even more flimsy than a typical envelope. I don't like how envelopes feel, but these have a nice feel to them. The packaging was good. There is a Printing on a printer was fine. There is a I would recommend them. If you're like me, you don't send a lot of things through the mail anymore, so 500 envelopes is going to last me for a long time.

👤The paper is clean and bright. The envelope is securely closed with the help of a strip of glue. The blue design on the interior is nicely printed and does a good job of providing security and I would choose this brand for any time I needed envelopes. The company's owners personally addressed a small concern that I had and provided excellent customer support. Can't go wrong ordering from this company.

👤Sometimes I need to send out a lot of letters. Trying to use a wet sponge was messy. I tried a small amount of these envelopes and they worked well. I rearranged this larger quantity for routine use. I'm happy that I did. No more licking or using a sponge. I put the letter inside, pull off the protective strip, close the envelope, and press the flap down. That is it. The flap sticks well. There is a The envelopes work well in my printer. The envelopes that are excellent do not feed well or the laser toner does not stick well. These feed in my laser. The laser impression doesn't get off when going through the mail because it sticks to the envelope material. I will reuse these envelopes in the future. I tend to stick with things that seem to work.

👤The glue line has dried so that it is no longer wet. Most other brands of self sealed envelopes act the same. I wish the glue strip was more spread out so it would be more flat. I don't like licking envelopes. I've purchased security envelopes before with the peel off strip. I had no complaints about the other brands. The paper stock in these envelopes is not as thick as I would prefer, but they still block the contents from curious viewers. The biggest problem is the glue. It is a thin strip that is 1/2 the width of a running shoelace and ends before the flap. The glue strip is not uniform for each envelope and may detach if the backing is removed. The strands form when the backing is removed. The backing isn't as wide as a piece of tape. The glue strip is wet. If I don't flatten the flap, the glue strip will leave the flap slightly raised and it will flatten more. I am left with an envelope to mail that is barely sealed because it doesn't seem to be wide enough to secure the flap.

7. Mead Envelopes Security Press 75026

Mead Envelopes Security Press 75026

An excellent value. Bright White paper makes a good impression on business and personal correspondence. White envelopes have a seal for privacy. The size is 4 to 1/2 inches.

Brand: Mead

👤My bad. I was suckered by "Mead" and "security." These are 20 LB stock and can bend under their own weight. I would not have purchased this item if the 20 LB spec was listed in the product description. Unless you bought cheap junk paper, your laser or ink jet paper is heavier than the industry standard. I can see through the envelopes if I hold one up to the dim lighting in my dining room chandelier. There is a The flap-gap makes it easy to un-seal and re-seal Security. I need you to spare me! There is a Aimoh has 100 24 LB envelopes for a couple of bucks.

👤I would have liked to read the negative reviews before buying these. I thought the business envelope was a business envelope. I was wrong. These are not very strong. The strip did not go all the way across. I'm afraid that the envelope will get caught in the postal scanning machines. These envelopes don't inspire confidence. I am not happy about it. I never thought I would be wrong ordering a regular old envelope.

👤They won't allow me to return them. There is a The security marking on the paper bleeds through so you have light blue envelopes instead of white ones. Unless you care about people, don't use them for your business. There is a What is it that is difficult to extend the glue closer to the end of the flaps? The equipment at the post office has loose ends. I've had postal workers tape the ends of my envelopes shut when I bring them in to save the post office the hassle. There is a The generic brand envelopes I got at Walmart last year were thicker. Very disappointed!

👤Horrible... The paper on these envelopes is really flimsy. If you want quality envelopes, look somewhere else. My package was damaged and resealed.

👤These envelopes are terrible. They don't stay closed. An envelope is supposed to do that one thing. There is no glue on the side of the flap where there should be. Two corners are not attached to the face of the envelope because of the short glue strip. The lack of a complete closure and the very low quality glue that is easy to open leaves you with an extremely secure envelope. It's a big sign that your envelope is low quality if it comes open in a brief case.

👤The envelopes are not damaged. There is one critique I have. The end of the flap is not reached by the glue. There is no glue at each end when you remove the strip. The flap at each end doesn't stick to the back of the envelope because of this. It sticks well in the middle. It's not a big deal. I still buy these. I add tape to seal the envelopes. I think I should look at alternatives. Thank you for reading.

👤I didn't think I would have to review a paper envelope. I was disappointed by the weight of the envelopes after opening them. It might be cheaper to send postage on the bright side. I think so. I looked at other reviews after opening the box because I didn't think I could review these. I sealed the envelope for fun, and then I could open it and reseal it, which was great for security. I can't imagine that the seal will get better with more time. There is a I only have two things to mail so it will do the job for me. I was looking for the cheapest box of envelopes. I found it. I will probably have more than 40 envelopes for years to come to see how I do most things by email.

8. AmazonBasics Security Tinted Envelopes White 500 Pack

AmazonBasics Security Tinted Envelopes White 500 Pack

The size is 4 to 1/2 inches. Business letter envelopes for home or office. The smooth surface of the envelopes works well for direct printing. Interior security tint for privacy. There was no need for any moistness in the peel-and-seal closing. Product dimensions are 9 inches by 8 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I send between 50 and 250 letters a week. These envelopes are terrible. There is a The side of the back isn't completely covered in glue. The gap is up to one inch. There's more than a production run error. There is a The letter gets hung up in that small gap. Time wasted. There is a I have to tape every one of the flaps so they don't get stuck in the post office because the flaps aren't long enough. This is a real problem when you send as many letters as I do. It happens more than you think. Time wasted. I can open the envelope after it's been sealed. It's not obvious that it's been reopened. I use a lot of tape and have a lot of time on my hands. I'm tired of seeing "inexpensive" and "junk" on Amazon.

👤I was dismayed to see how easy it was to peel them off, because I do large mailings with labels. There is a I compared labels on two brands. It is much more secure. The Amazon envelopes have a rough surface. The paper surface of the label is not enough to hold it in place. It's a bit like trying to stick a cup to a piece of glass. The Office Works envelopes held my labels tightly. There is a I need secure mailing. I'm returning these to Amazon because of their generous return policy.

👤The first few envelopes were okay. I had to tape them closed after I noticed that many of them were missing the peel strip. The next 20 or so were all defects, missing the peel strip, crooked plastic window, envelope not even glue on sides, and so on. The components that make an envelope were missing from others. I had to toss a few before they were usable. I still have to tape them closed because the plastic windows are missing. I'm only about 1/3 of the way through the box, but only a small portion of the envelopes I've seen were usable with tape. I'm a little annoyed because they were a little less expensive than the others, but it's not like I ordered the cheapest envelopes under the sun. I have had to throw out many. It would have cost less to buy the more expensive box.

👤I wanted to do a mass mailing for a community organization. I am staying up late to get a simple job done because I am disappointed with the envelopes. The majority of the envelopes are stuck together. I was able to get my envelopes mailed on time because I had a glue stick. I have wasted time making these envelopes work. I would have returned them for a full refund, but I only opened the box tonight. I don't have to change my weekend plans because I was able to make enough work to get my letters ready. I have had good luck with other Amazon products. The first two pictures show the sides with glue, the third and fourth show the edges with glue, and the last picture shows the edges without glue. I tried to show one of the unglued ones. I won't be buying these envelopes again, and the envelopes aren't deserving of a single star I had to give them in order to write this review.

9. Biodegradable Compostable Shipping Packaging Envelopes

Biodegradable Compostable Shipping Packaging Envelopes

The lightweight cushion mailers are ideal for online sellers shipping handmade goods, or for small businesses sending products to customers. The 100% biogenic is made of PBAT and modified corn starch and complies with the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials. The material is non-toxic and has a reduction in CO2 emissions. Your customers will be surprised and relieved to open the bags of eco friendly materials. You will be able to communicate your sense of social responsibility and the high grade of your brand with the use of biodegradable shipping supplies. Your brand and concepts will be recognized by your customers, which will boost your sales. Their poly mailers are portable, secure and easy to use. Poly bags are not allowed to open during transit if the seal is tampered with. Integrity doesn't compromise biodegradability. KTOB's shipping envelopes are resistant to a number of things. You can be sure that your parcels will reach your customers in the same state they left you. They use vegetable oil as the base for ink. It is more eco-friendly than traditional ink because it doesn't include plastic orPVC. They use vegetable oil as the base for ink. It is more eco-friendly than traditional ink because it doesn't include plastic orPVC.

Brand: Ktob

👤I love that these envelopes are compostable, but they Stink. I cannot send handmade crochet plushes in these envelopes because of the smell. It is a sad thing. I can use them for any solid items I need to send, but not for what I bought them for.

👤The bags are great, the price is ok, but it is wasteful to have to buy many in the same size, when most people need a few different sizes and less product overall. There is a An assortment of sizes and less product would solve my problem.

👤These are more durable than poly mailers and I use them for my small business. I have tried tearing one of these myself and it is not as easy as a plastic poly Mailer. The quality of this has not elicited any complaints from my customers. It's a great alternative to poly mailers for being more eco-friendly.

👤I pride myself on being sustainable. I felt like it would be hypocritical to send samples in traditional mailers, yet I wanted them to be water-proof. I was relieved to find these mailers. When you get them, I have one caution, and that is to store them flat. I put them in a box of other things and they get wrinkled. That's right!

👤I would love to be able to offer customers an eco-friendly option when they purchase things from me. These little mailers are so flimsy that I worry about sending them long distances. They almost feel like a film of some sort. I will probably not purchase these again and instead use more recycled materials.

👤I use these for my small business and they are amazing. They are thin, that is expected with environment safe packaging. 10/10

👤If something rubs against the edge, what is the point of a variety of self-adhesive mailing labels from USPS, and the like? The bags I used for the 100 have not been able to stick to the mailing label. I have to tape all four sides, and what is it about that?

👤I use these for my business and my customers always think it is great when they get these in the mail. I always get the thought that I had no idea.

10. Mailing Envelopes Self Seal Businesses

Mailing Envelopes Self Seal Businesses

Each envelope has a dimensions of 9 inches. 24 lbs of high quality envelopes are at a fraction of the price. It's very convenient to not have to worry about the floss. The self seal is nested. Just peel and stick. The size is 9 1/2 in. The security printing pattern on the inside makes it impossible to see what is inside. The envelope is windowless. 500 count per box is long lasting supply.

Brand: Splendoress

👤The left side is from a different brand. They are both 24lb paper. They don't feel like it. After reading all the reviews on different envelopes, it seems that all have the same one. Everyone says they are too thin. Same complaint. I think I buy the highest rates ones. Well, guess what, the same story. I have a picture to prove it. I took a picture after fluffing them. This is the best way to see how cheap the paper is. It was difficult to take the peel paper from the glue. It's difficult to take a picture of thin paper. I bought AMPAD envelopes after returning them. I used them before and they did well. I do a lot of mailing. I think I try some brands from AMAZON. That was a bad choice.

👤The envelopes are not the same as the picture on the box. The inner lining is a darker blue that says "Splendouress", which is a reference to the fact that the original ones were more sturdy and thick of paper. The glue doesn't cover as much space as it could on the new ones. There is a larger amount of loose paper on the edges that can be used for theft. Really unhappy! The quality of the 10 boxes I bought was half as good or worse than it used to be. I've seen a few thousand of these and they do not seem to be the same quality as before, and have a strip of glue to seal it that isn't as wide, which leaves more opening for tears, and I have had little issue with that.

👤I have a Brother printer that eats envelopes. These envelopes do not jam the printer. It was better than a batches that cost twice as much. It's much better. The strips are perfectly aligned for my hands. They don't stick together. These buggers seem to work. I didn't think I'd write a review for envelopes. The best bargain I found was these. I was able to stop myself from replacing the printer.

👤The envelopes come in a box that is 888-282-0465. I am able to store them neatly in the box they arrived in. The strip is very easy to stick to. No more licking envelopes. The security crosshatch on the inside of the envelope is nice. It doesn't completely obscure the contents of the envelope, but it makes it difficult to read the writing inside which is good enough for me. This is a great deal at 4 cents per envelope. If I ever get through all 500 envelopes, I will order these again.

👤I bought this product last year and was very happy with the envelopes. The original order was shown in the advertising pictures on the product page. A nice box with nice quality envelopes. The box is the same as shown. I ordered the same product after using them up. Why wouldn't I? This time, what I received wasn't very close. There is a I received the same thing you see in the pictures I attached to the review. There was no product box at all. There is a pile of loose envelopes in bubble wrap that are shipped in a plain Amazon bag. The envelopes are not the same. They may or may not be the same weight of paper. The flaps for closing are half the size of the prior envelopes, and the one I pulled out had almost no glue on it. The privacy markings on the interior were different and had a different pattern. The pictures on the product page are different. I could live with the cheap packaging, but for the envelopes themselves to be different and less quality is sad. This product listing is at best, misleading and bordering on bait and switch, because of how the product has changed to a much lower quality envelope, lack of packaging, and haphazard shipping. Immediately!

11. AmazonBasics 10 Security Tinted Envelopes

AmazonBasics 10 Security Tinted Envelopes

Don't place your finger on the sidewalk. Don't approach small children. 500 envelopes for business or personal use; security tinted interior for added document privacy. Premium white woven paper is used in the design of the v-flap. Business checks, folded letter size documents, resume or personal letters are secured. Each envelope has a dimensions of 9 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I've been using this to pay off girlfriends and short romances of a man who will be anonymous. I can tell you that these envelopes can fit up to $130,000 in cash and insulate the big guy from scandals. I have a lot of recording to keep me safe if that doesn't work. I wasn't that serious when I said I would take a bullet for him. I don't want to say that my single client is busy, but I'm almost out of the entire box due to the buy offs and payouts, so I'll just say that it's a great buy.

👤Needed envelopes, didn't want to pay office store prices The entire box is partially sealed with 1 inch of the flap already sealed to the envelope. I will have to open each envelope before I can use it. They appear to have been made like this, with no water stains on the box.

👤They are white envelopes. There is a security lining. There was nothing exciting there. I liked that they were made from a lighter weight paper than the last envelopes I bought. Why is that a good thing? I will tell you! It's because they go through my printer easier and with less wrinkling than the last box of envelopes I bought. Good quality, they're just plain, basic, white security envelopes.

👤Amazon stop the reminders. I will review it. The are not black. They work as an envelope. They are a size 10. I put a stamp on the paper and mailed it. It arrived. Don't start me on the AA batteries.

👤Don't ever try to use these envelopes in a printer because of the security tint and glue. The paper has 500 bumps on it. They went and used the paper anyways, as if it was wet before they were made into envelopes. I knew the envelopes wouldn't work in my printer. I tried to see, and the first one got jammed up. Is it possible that you can see them in the photos? The paper got bumped up where it was once wet because of the bumps. I have to use my old man's hands to write every address. Not happy with the purchase.

👤I can't open any of the 500 envelopes that I bought in August of last year. The envelope will be useless if I try to open it. Do not buy them. The envelopes should be covered with a film strip.

👤I don't know why I thought I needed so many envelopes, but they are good. I sealed half of the envelopes shut on the side of the box closest to the sunny wall, so that they wouldn't get very hot, and I think you should not store them anywhere that it might get very hot.

👤Couldn't find a better price outside of catalog and bulk ordering. The envelopes are strong. The standard size for printing on these envelopes is easy. They are thin enough to feed without hanging up/double feeding from the paper cassette, and I have not had a single jam when using this product, where with other manufacturer's envelopes I have had to resort to labels due to printing errors and jams. Good product and quantity.


What is the best product for eco friendly envelopes letter?

Eco friendly envelopes letter products from Juvale. In this article about eco friendly envelopes letter you can see why people choose the product. Best Paper Greetings and Dynamic Boxx are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly envelopes letter.

What are the best brands for eco friendly envelopes letter?

Juvale, Best Paper Greetings and Dynamic Boxx are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly envelopes letter. Find the detail in this article. Azaza, Top Flight and Aimoh are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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