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1. Mrs Meyers Clean Day Multi Surface

Mrs Meyers Clean Day Multi Surface

It is easy to spray on dirt. Blue-violet and floral fragrances are present in the garden-fresh Bluebell cleaner. It's safe to use as a hardwood floor cleaner. Mrs. Meyer's produces cleaners that are free from harmful chemicals. Their products are not tested on animals.

Brand: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

👤Where do I start? I'm a "smells clean" girl. The smell of bleach or Windex is what it is for me. I know, not the best smell. That's how I know it's clean. This stuff has me excited because it smells great. It cleans my sink, kitchen counter, and stovetop. I haven't cooked something greasy that splatters everywhere yet, but I'm pretty hopeful that this stuff can do the job base on its performance thus far. My previous experiences with "environmentally friendly" products have been bad. They smell great, but they don't clean well. Can it clean like my Clorox Cleanup? Oh wow... Yes, it can. The smell is great. I got a lemon. In a way, that's right. In a couple words. The scent is clean and fresh. The bottle is sitting in my sink. I usually use Cameo on it. For those who don't know, that's a cleaner made of aluminum and a piece of steel. I sprayed it to see what it would do. You can see what it did. It's shiny. The lights in my kitchen are not on. My sink wasn't as dirty as it was when I was on vacation and my kids haven't bothered to clean it. It shined it right up after a week of use with a family of 4 and extra friends and family using it. I'm not sure if I'm giving up my Cameo yet. I ordered their scrubbing powder for the dirty jobs like the shower floor, bathtub, and kitchen sink. I guess we'll see. I will leave a review here for that one as well.

👤I forgot to open this bottle when I went to clean the kitchen counter this morning, so I sat it in the cupboard. I have been spritzing here and there, but more important the cleaning power. It cleaned and left a fresh sparkle and the cleanest scent ever. I went to the kitchen, the sink, the stove, the microwave, and the refrigerator door, and I am going to the bathroom. This is not me! It's easy and efficient, why stop now? I immediately ordered more so as not to run out.

👤I'd heard a lot of good things about Mrs. Meyer's Multi-Surface Cleaner. The scent was very pleasant. I felt better using the product around my kids than using harsher chemicals. I wasn't sold on the cleaning power of the product. After using a bit of the product, I had to use my nails to remove the mashed bananas, gummy rice cereal, and dried applesauce from the floor, as my toddler threw her high chair. That would be one thing if I had the same nails as the character. I don't like having to use a paint scraper every time I clean, so I will be using bleach wipes.

👤This arrived quickly without any damage. I am impressed with this brand again. This is the second product I have tried. It is a beautiful and soft floral scent. It's hard to describe, but you will find a variety of notes of lemon, bergamot, jasmine, lavender, and ginger. The most pronounced are the flowers. It's simply nose candy. The multi surface cleaner was excellent preformed. I have used one of Meyer's signature fragrances. I feel for the whole experience. This product was a good value for its price. I think this brand giftable too. It's great for a house warming gift. I don't think you can go wrong with this brand. Five stars!

2. Mrs Meyers Clean Day Honeysuckle

Mrs Meyers Clean Day Honeysuckle

Paper dryer sheets add freshness to your clothes. Compostable dryer sheets are made from plant-derived fibers. The scent of garden-fresh Honeysuckle is sweet and has a mix of flowers and fruits. There are plant-derived softening agents. Mrs. Meyer's makes dryer sheets that are free from animal products. Their products are not tested on animals.

Brand: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

👤We stopped using Mrs. Meyer's products due to their bad ingredients. They changed their ingredients and they are just as toxic as the other standard products. I felt deceived and lied to by the company. Companies change their products all the time so make sure to always check ingredients. The Environmental Workkng Group has something for you.

👤In the southwest, we live in a very dry climate. I use a load of conventional dryer sheets to prevent static. I know it's not great, but the static is very bad here and this is the only way to resolve it. I gave woolen dryer balls a try and was thrilled that they made the laundry super soft and Wrinkle-free. I tried without the one sheet and it was static. I decided to try a more natural product. There is a I opened the box and was bombarded with a strong scent of honeysuckle. I like it, but it doesn't seem to be very common nowadays. I was happy with this. Most of the time, I am not sensitive to odors. I was so excited to try these, but sadly, they didn't work for static-fighting, and I didn't notice a difference in softness compared to the woolen dryer balls. I was willing to try and use 2 and 3 sheets a load, but sadly my clothes came out in a storm of static each time. I wanted these to work for me, but they don't. There is a The scent is lovely to me, so I am using the sheets in the closet, drawers, and shoes. They will not go to waste, but I can't recommend them unless you live in a climate that doesn't cause static in your clothing. One star for effectiveness as a product and one star for the wonderful scent. I like the scent of this product, but I would like to try some of the other products in this fragrance, as I like Mrs. Meyers for soap and cleaning sprays. Maybe I'll try the laundry detergent. There is a Sorry for the harsh review, but it is meant to help others make wise choices, so hope it helps. Good luck!

👤I recently discovered the Mrs. Meyer's multi purpose cleaner and fell in love with it. I believed all the lavender products were wonderful. Not true. I'm sad to report that these dryer sheets don't leave your clothes smelling wonderful, or particular soft, and they don't do much for static either, except make me think my kids left paper in the pockets of their. The cleaner wanted me to clean things so I could smell the lavender in the air. I have no desire to do my laundry like a clean-a-holic because the dryer sheets haven't had the same effect.

👤I love Mrs. Meyer's products for their smell. I would love to have towels, etc, smell like this coming out of the dryer. These dryer sheets are not like your typical dryer sheets. I assume the perfumed softener is attached to the dryer sheet because they have small, round bumps on one side. Every time I open the dryer after using one of these sheets, I can smell the scent and find a tightly rolled up dryer sheet. I don't think the product reduces static electricity in our clothing. I will be placing the rest of the dryer sheets in drawers, shoe bins, etc to act like a scent sachet.

3. Mrs Meyers Laundry Detergent Lavender

Mrs Meyers Laundry Detergent Lavender

The detergent formula is gentle on clothes. The cleaning ingredients are derived from plants. There are 64 loads of laundry per bottle. It is possible to use HE laundry detergent in high efficiency and conventional washing machines. The lavender scented laundry soap has a clean floral scent.

Brand: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

👤I am sensitive to airborne chemicals. I bought this because it said it was made with essential oils, plant-derived and other thoughtfully chosen ingredients for products that are powerful against dirt and grime while being a pleasure to use. I should have done my homework. There is a I went back to the laundry room to transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer after washing a load. The lavender smell in the laundry room would not bother me. I wondered why I was coughing and becoming congested from being in the laundry room. I use lavender essential oil in my bath from time to time, so it probably wasn't the problem. The lavender in Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Laundry Detergent earned it a "C" rating. It has ingredients that can cause respiratory concern, along with an "F" rating. I need to look at all the ingredients in products.

👤I fell in love with the scent of Mrs. Meyer's lavender multi purpose cleaner. I bought the detergent, laundry scent booster and dryer sheets because I thought they were aromatic. I am very disappointed. The detergent did not impart any scent on the clothes, towels, and sheets that were being used. I didn't buy it just for that. I bought it because I wanted my towels and sheets to smell like lavender, but it doesn't.

👤LO doesn't have any sensitivity but the smell is great. They aren't nearly as nice. They seem to have been watered down. This one has no issues with it. Have ordered it already. There is a * If you think this was helpful, please help and select.

👤This product made me realize that Mrs Meyer's products are not what we think they are. I asked my wife if she had changed over to the new Mrs. Meyer's laundry detergent yet, because I noticed my skin getting increasingly itchy. I did my research after she confirmed that was the case. Mrs. Meyer's products aren't as good for our skin as advertised. If I had read the ingredient label before buying, I would have seen a red flag. The household chemical industry uses a vague term called "fragrance" to disguise their trade secrets. I was not happy with the marketing used by Mrs. Meyer's products that lead us to believe they are actually not. After this incident, I switched to Charlie's Soap Detergent, and my skin irritation cleared up.

👤It is marketed for baby laundry, but adults only in our house. For the past 2 years, I have exclusively used this laundry soap. It smells nice but is not overpowering like a big brand. My husband works with oils and chemicals in his job and his clothes are filthy but this effectively cleans them. He is sensitive to regular detergents and will get a rash, but this has never caused a problem. When I used to use a big brand detergent, I noticed less fading in my clothes.

👤I can't say that this product does anything. After a few months of using this product, I feel like it was almost like washing my clothes with half a dose of regular detergent, where my clothes weren't to par of my standards after months of washing them. The washer had a smell after so many uses. I'm aware that it might come up, it's the washer or you're doing it wrong. I switched to a regular detergent for a day. All my clothes stopped smelling like sweat after the smell was gone. After ending my subscription, I used the detergent that was in the test and overdosed on wash and prewash. You need a lot of this detergent to get the same results as regular detergents. By regular detergents, I mean All, Ecos, dreft, seventh generation, and babyganics. I've been experimenting with detergents while taking care of my baby. My baby's clothes don't smell like rotting breast milk.

4. Botanical Origin Plant Based Softener Parabens

Botanical Origin Plant Based Softener Parabens

Nature's freshness and softness are powerful. Their plant-based fabric softener gives your clothes the feeling of being soft and long- lasting. It reduces static cling. Enough for 48 loads of laundry. There is no chlorine, brighteners,phosphate or artificial preservatives in the water. Nature inspired the cents. It is possible to get a formula with scent, which is not always the case. Think of jasmine and lavender. A relaxing laundry day is on the way. Good for sensitive skin. Their formula is tested for skin problems. There is more to love. The fabric softener is made from recycled plastic. It was formulated for all water temperatures. It works with regular washers, high-efficacy washers, and even for hand washing. You can get plant-based cleaning without compromising performance.

Brand: Botanical Origin

👤My family has extremely sensitive skin and nobody has had any issues with the scent. This is the best natural fabric softener I've ever used.

👤It smells good. I don't like it when you can smell your own stink and your clothes aren't clean. I work in the heat. I don't like smelling sweat that didn't wash out. The product was very comfortable and smelled great. It was nice to be able to smell clean on my clothes, so I hope I don't become immune to it.

👤I have been using lavender fabric softeners for the past 2 years. I have a skin condition. I need to avoid perfume products. The brand I was using before is no longer on the shelves. I was looking for an alternative because I don't know if I can get it at any given time. I was a bit worried that it would be too perfume-like. It is a light scent. I would prefer it if it was plain lavender. It is okay. There was nothing overpowering. My skin is in agreement with it.

👤I bought the Botanical Origin fabric softener for the first time, it was in the scent of Fresh Jasmine & Wild Lavender. I use Mrs.Myers fabric softener. It's been out of stock or over priced. I needed to do laundry and I needed to find an alternative so I read reviews for a couple brands and decided to use this one. I have two sons with different skin conditions. I can't use the bigger brands because they have all the chemicals and artificial fragrances. I received my package and I didn't have any issues with it spilling out or breaking as some have mentioned and they were package very well. I grabbed a few items from each of the boys because I didn't want to do a whole load. You don't need a lot of this stuff for a normal load. This stuff is light and smells great, but it's not so strong that you don't smell it when your clothes are dry. It smells like spring. Neither of my boys had an issue with it. I really like this fabric softener. It seems like a good value for the quality of the product. The lid is double as a measuring cap, but it is hard to see the line, it is the only issue I have with this product. I measure it at the half way mark in the bumped portion of the cap. It says to use one and a half caps for a full load, so I use 1/3 of one cap full, it works great for me. I'm going to try it. I still love her. I will use this as well.

👤I bought this stuff because I thought it was a natural product and I was hoping it would have essential oil for the smell, but I was disappointed that it didn't. It has perfume. Bummer!

👤The fabric softener works well. It makes my clothes smell great.

5. Mrs Meyers Orange Kitchen Basics

Mrs Meyers Orange Kitchen Basics

Mrs. Meyer's soaps and cleaners are free of harmful chemicals. None of their products are tested on animals. Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Orange Clove Kitchen basics set.

Brand: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

👤Can you smell it? You can! This is the best everyday cleaner I have ever purchased from Mrs. Meyers. My six year old left a weird pile of gunk on the kitchen table and I clean my counter, sink, dishes, and hands. Do you own pets, kids, hands, or dishes? You could benefit from this set of cleaners as well. The orange smell is not strong enough to make anyone think you have a bag of oranges for them to eat in the kitchen.

👤Mrs. Meyer's is a great product, but you should shop around before buying. I was under the impression that this scent was no longer available, but I'm normally much better about that. You can get this set from the official Mrs. Meyer's website for one third of the price. I feel stupid and wasteful now. The scent and the products work well for me.

👤I like the Mrs. Meyers products. At the holidays, I have to have a drink. I saw this scent and decided to try it. I use it in March and it is pleasant. I enjoy it. I would like to see Mrs. Meyers add more hand conditioner to the hand wash. I wash my hands. Mrs. Meyers is in the kitchen and the bathroom. My hands are very dry. The essential oils moisterize. I use the Mrs. Meyers kitchen spray on my counter tops daily. The bottle of dish soap is in the kitchen sink. I'm sticking with their products now.

👤I was expecting a strong clove scent from this, based on how strong the basil scent is in the other Mrs Meyer's basil products, I'm a huge fan of orange, cinnamon and clove. The clove scent is toned down in this and it smells like a cheap air freshener, rather than an essential oil-based cleaner. Others would love the scent. I'm just trying to use it up quickly so I don't have to go back to the other Mrs Meyer's scents.

👤I love the smell of this. I could smell it in the box. The spray cleaner is leaking out of the bottle. Not really happy. We will come back here.

👤The price is relative to what you would pay in store. It was delivered to APO. The package arrived intact. It smelled great. I would recommend the seller.

👤I have recently purchased several different scents of the Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Kitchen products. There is a The scent of the holiday spirit lifted my winter gloom. It was more expensive than others, but it was worth it. I would definitely purchase again if they continued to make this.

👤I love all of Mrs Meyer's products. I'm a fan of the smell of orange so I decided to try the limited holiday scent. There is no orange smell with this product. The clove dominates. A good cleaning product.

6. Mrs Meyers Laundry Set Basil

Mrs Meyers Laundry Set Basil

The detergent formula is gentle on clothes. The cleaning ingredients are derived from plants. Paper dryer sheets add freshness to your clothes. Compostable dryer sheets are made from plant-derived fibers.

Brand: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

👤I have been having a problem with sensitive skin and wanted something that smelled good. My mom told me about this brand. I have had no issues with itching since I switched to this brand and the basil scent is light and fresh, it's something I like to wear when I go out.

👤I use a free and clear type of laundry soap because of my sensitive skin. This scent was clean and gentle on the skin. Love it.

👤It smells great and cleans very well. Will buy again and again.

7. Organic Ecoigy Reusable Softener Alternative

Organic Ecoigy Reusable Softener Alternative

The set of 6 Original Ecoigy Premium 100% New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls is 70mm in size. Soften your clothes without the harmful and toxic chemicals found in fabric softeners and dryer sheets. All natural and organic. Eco-friendly and fragrance free. It's perfect for babies and sensitive skin. Eliminates waste. For over 1000 loads, it's 100% Biodegradable and Reusable. It prolongs the life of your clothing. One of the best zero waste products. Time and energy can be saved. Saving electricity and dryer wear and tear is achieved by speeding up drying time. Without dryer sheets or fabric softener, laundry is soft. Wrinkles, static cling and lint are reduced by anti-static properties. A gift bag is included. The bag is made of cotton. A unique and fun gift for baby showers, bridal showers, housewarming, mother's day, your best friend, or college kids about to start their own laundry.

Brand: Ecoigy

👤I used these with smaller loads of wash a number of times. I put my comforter in the dryer with the balls. I have to do three - four drying cycles using Heavy Duty or Permanent Press to get the comforter completely dry. I put the comforter back in the dryer when I take it out to make sure the edges of the comforter are against the drum. The last time I used a cycle was 40 minutes ago. The last time I took the comforter out of the dryer it was ruined with tan colored stains. I had a good comforter that was stained by a dryer ball, now it is a $200 comforter.

👤I wanted this to be a great product and it is. It does a good job for towels and other cottons. They are soft. I don't smell anything. They work well in cotton clothes. I wore a lot of dark clothes, including knit yoga pants and tee shirts. They were covered with lint. I used a roller to get the lint off. I will use them for cotton. I don't want to get out the lint roller every time I dry knits.

👤Ok! Can I say how cool it is that these exist in the first place? I used to love smelling like the Snuggles Factory, but now I don't like smelling like them as much. I thought my friend was crazy when she told me about the laundry balls. Until I got these! It must get! I tested them with my sheets and they did what my old sheets did. They have to dry them a second time because they come out a ball of wrinkled mess. Not anymore! If you want to stop that mess... Immediate! They can also fast.

👤I looked at a lot of wool dryer balls before making my decision. They work well. I have been using wool dryer balls for many years and felt it was time to buy new ones. I went with this brand because of the money back guarantee, they're all natural and organic. This shows that they are behind their product. I used them immediately after receipt and they exceeded my expectations. They and this company are recommended by me.

👤It is amazing! The hair on our cats and dogs never goes away. Not only is there no hair on the clothes, but they smell clean. I have sensitivities to a lot of things so I'm going to get rid of my dryer sheets.

👤I was very appreciative of the 6 Dryer Balls. I use them 3 times. They are soft and do what they are intended to do. I don't use dryer sheets anymore. I don't need to shake the clothes so much before putting them in the dryer because the balls fluff them. The sheets leave a mark. It's important for towels that these don't.

👤My only comparison is dryer sheets. I have used free and clear dryer sheets for years, but my husband likes the smell of the other kind. I have noticed that the lint trap feels different when I pull it out. I can only describe it as not having a weird film on it. I never thought about it, but it has me thinking now. If not better, softness is the same as for drying time. Wrinkles are my fault.

8. Freshener Non Aerosol Infused Essential Honeysuckle

Freshener Non Aerosol Infused Essential Honeysuckle

Water content is at least 94% naturally derived. It is made with essential oils and plant-derived ingredients. Any room should be refreshed quickly.

Brand: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

👤If you are considering this spray, you already know what Mrs. Myers Basil smells like. For the price, you get some good value. Sometimes a room just needs a little refresh, so that time-frame between when a window is opened or a candle is lit, and the room feels the effects, is shortened. The spray does a good job. I would recommend it to others. If you are a fan of their Basil scent. The smell won't linger for hours on end. There are no words. I put a lot of time into reviewing everything I buy on Amazon for personal or business use so I can help other people find the item they're looking for. If you found my review helpful, you should hit the "helpful" button below.

👤I use a lot of the Mrs. Meyers products in my house. There is a The spray does not smell like fresh real basil, but it does have a pleasant scent. There is a The bottles arrived undamaged and well packaged. There is a The scent of this product is too light and it will evaporate very quickly. There is a It makes my floors sticky. There is a The Room Air Freshener Spray is a complete waste of money because it is not performing as expected. I will not be buying this spray again.

👤The product smelled great, but the packaging was gross. After trying to save what we could, we only got one full bottle after ordering the minimum of two. There is nothing to cushion the product inside the box.

👤All general purpose cleaner and laundry detergent liquid are included. I ran into this brand in my small town yesterday, and it's rare to see it in stores. It is costly compared to prime prices. I cannot be the best judge with all the Honeysuckle I use.

👤The product is good. The smell is amazing. They did not tape the lid to the bottle for shipping, and one bottle came completely empty, and the package was soaked.

👤One of the bottles was completely empty. I am not sure if it broke or spilled, but I am short half of my order.

👤I love the scent of Mr. Meyer's products. The price on Amazon is great and the store that carries Mr. Meyers is hard to find. This is a great scent. I use it to spray the inside of my car. The scent lasts a long time. The product is a 10 and I wish the spray was a bit sharper.

👤I bought this. I have a bird that is sensitive to cleaning. This product is recommended for use around animals. It works great. The smell is heavenly.

👤Mrs Meyer's home cleaning products are expensive but they don't smell as bad as Zoflora. They work and they last. Thank you.

👤The hand wash smells almost chemical and there's no trace of lavender in it. It was recommended to me for it's delicious scent, but I'm very disappointed. It's very harsh. I will not buy it again.

9. Mrs Meyers Laundry Pacs Honeysuckle

Mrs Meyers Laundry Pacs Honeysuckle

Convenient, pre-measured laundry Pods are easy to load into the washing machine for a quick and powerful clean. There are cleaning ingredients with dirt and stain-fighting enzymes. Laundry detergent Pod formula is gentle on clothes. The HE laundry Pods are made of renewable materials and can be used in high efficiency and conventional washing machines. The scent of the laundry packs is a mix of flowers and fruits.

Brand: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

👤I switched from the Armor Hammer to the one that tested on animals. Highly recommend this product, it works on tough stains.

👤I love the scent in the bag or bottle. I would like my clothes to smell the same. They don't smell bad, but they don't have any scent from the detergent or the dryer sheets. They clean well. I'll probably keep using them. I like the brand that makes my clothes smell great. It's priced at $100 a gallon.

👤My daughter's wardrobe is black. She was excited to take thepods to college because she was a clean freak. We use a lot of Mrs. Meyers products, but this was the first disappointment. My daughter said the Pods left marks on her laundry. We don't think they are stained, but it's not convenient for her to have to do another load of laundry on campus. We won't be using them again.

👤If you use cold water on a larger load, they can sometimes not be completely dissolved. I own a washer. I use warm water. It is a great scent, it is not overpowering.

👤Five stars for the smell. There is a Two stars because the pacs didn't open in the wash.

👤I like the idea of a lightweight packaging. It's easy to use and it's scented. When I show people this product, they have a hard time believing that a small amount can clean laundry. The amount of packaging needed has been reduced because the water has been removed. Dry sheet laundry soap works well.

👤I love Mrs. Meyer's products and this review is disappointing. I'm left with a small brick at the bottom of the washing machine because I haven't gotten one of these things to dissolved in the wash. I'm only getting half my money's worth out of the product, so it's hard to rate it positively. I'll be using liquid detergent again.

👤I've been using Mrs. Meyers laundry stuff for a long time. I like scented laundry products. They don't make my allergies worse, they're not overpowering, and the scent itself is pleasant and doesn't smell fake. *

👤I wanted my clothes to smell like the other cleaning products. These pacs don't smell like anything.

👤The scent is non-existent. Save money.

👤Do not work well. I will drink the liquid.

10. Mrs Meyers Clean Day Softener

Mrs Meyers Clean Day Softener

The ingredients for the garden-fresh fragrance are plant sources, cotton extract, and essential oils. Water content is included in 99% of naturally derived ingredients.

Brand: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

👤I do the laundry in the house and I've been doing it for 15 years, so this review is not written by me. Please don't hold me back if I use "smells pretty" as a term. There is a My family doesn't live in an area with a Meyer's, so the name was foreign. After seeing a lot of great reviews and looking for a fabric softener that works past the 5 minutes after you pull it from the dryer, we pulled the Trigger and hoped for the best. Oh my. I could smell lavender when I transferred my clothes to the dryer, but I felt like I was using less fabric softener. For the first few loads, I skipped out on dryer sheets in order to get the full experience of the fabric softener. I felt a big change in my clothes after one load. It feels like life has been restored to the threads of a shirt that has been sweat and dirt ground for years. The lavender field of cotton goodness is laid over the top of born again cotton. For some reason, I get to wear this. Day after day. We have been using this for a long time and I have put Meyer's dryer sheets into the mix. It's an amazing upgrade to have a teddy bear and baking soda in our laundry. I'm very happy with this purchase and will keep buying it for a long time.

👤I have been using Mrs. Meyer's softener for years. I couldn't find it in the store. I ordered it here. The consistency does not match the typical consistency when it arrived. I tried to use it, but it didn't work. I had to disassemble it to clean it out as it was so thick it wouldn't fit in the water after a while. The bottle has been kept at the wrong temperature. I bought another bottle at the store and it was obvious something was wrong with it.

👤The fabric softener is great. I haven't had any issues with it leaving clothes soft. It's so thick that you have to be very careful how you put it in, because it will stay in the middle of the water. The first or last water pour is more difficult to get rid of. I wish I didn't have to do this every time.

👤Sometimes I just want to use a fabric relaxer to make my clothes look better, and sometimes I just want to use rubbing alcohol and a small amount of fabric softner, and mix it all together.

👤When I opened the bottle, it was a hardened goop, I was so excited to try Mrs. Meyers fabric softener. The smell was not lavender. It was gross. I was given a refund after I asked for one. Purchase at your own risk. The seller is good but the product is questionable.

👤After the items come out of the dryer, the scent is subtle and not overpowering. It has a natural scent, not the strong cloying chemical scent that you can smell on other people's clothing. It is a light scent that will make you smile when you rest your head on your pillow. There is a You don't have to always add this to your wash cycle. Let it dry on a clean washcloth. Throw the wet clothes into the dryer and it will act as a dryer sheet. Continue to use it until there isn't much left. It makes the bottle last longer. I bought a lavender colored washcloth for this purpose so I can tell which one it is. It is getting harder and harder to find this product. It was always available at my organic/natural grocery store, but no longer, and other retailers are not carrying it either.

11. Downy Concentrated Conditioner Softener Compatible

Downy Concentrated Conditioner Softener Compatible

The same great Downy is in a package. The packaging is 75% less plastic. The liquid formula is made with renewable wind power. It was made with 30% less water. Downy April Fresh is a bright, floral freshness.

Brand: Downy

👤It doesn't smell like downy, it's a white color, and you can use it one time to see if it's blue, but it doesn't make your clothes smell good. I had no other choice but to choose 1 star.

👤Pros and cons of doing things. It is easy to use for me. I have trouble with my hands when I have a flare. Lifting the bottles or pushing buttons on the dispensers is impossible. Issues have been resolved. It works great with my ball. Really like the smell. Will buy again. It's a great value for the size. It is difficult for me to open. The noosle was covered with cardboard. Just need to be careful. There is a The good outweighs the bad.

👤I got a coupon for $3 that made Downey better, it's all recycled.

👤It smells like Downey to me. It is not black. I thought the box was 180 loads. If you were to use the smallest amount recommended for the smallest possible load, 180 loads would be the number. We all look past another misleading product advertisement. 30 loads of laundry can be obtained from this box if you use a full capful. An average deal with a coupon.

👤I wish it was a pantry item because there is a lot less plastic.

👤Absolutely terrible packaging. The stuff is in a box. You have to remove the knob to use it, but be careful because the kit is on the wrong side of the wall, and it sprayed all over the wall when I removed it. It has a place on the top for you to store your lid. The person that measured the hole and the person that held the cup never talked to each other. If you try to store the cup in the hole, it will launch out of it. You have to force it into the hole. It was launched in the air. The mess this stuff makes should not force one to wash their clothes. Nice try. I want to cut back on waste if I can. I am not going to pay for it. I have to purchase something to store this in order to use it. There is a I think I will buy another large plastic bottle of Downy and use it as a refill. I will switch brands if this is their new packaging.

👤Fresh and recycled packaging. I have a front loaded cup that I don't really use, but I just slide the box to the port and pour what I need. There is a holder at the top of the box to keep the cup off the machine and the solution is white not blue.

👤This product smells amazing.

👤It smells like home. Great product.

👤Downie is hard to find in Australia. I love the fact that this package only has a plastic bag in it, which is better for the environment and easier to dispose of. There is a The design uses 75% less plastic. I believe it. Downy is an excellent fabric conditioner.


What is the best product for eco friendly fabric softener meyers?

Eco friendly fabric softener meyers products from Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day. In this article about eco friendly fabric softener meyers you can see why people choose the product. Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day and Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly fabric softener meyers.

What are the best brands for eco friendly fabric softener meyers?

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day and Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly fabric softener meyers. Find the detail in this article. Botanical Origin, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day and Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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