Best Eco Friendly Fabric Softener No Plastic

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1. Snuggle Softener SuperFresh Original Eliminates

Snuggle Softener SuperFresh Original Eliminates

It doesn't just mask tough odor, it helps eliminate it and releases the freshness of the Snuggle Plus SuperFresh liquid fabric conditioner. The first-ever odor fighting regimen with liquid fabric conditioner, dryer sheets, and freshness boosters is designed to help eliminate tough odor and keep your favorites fresh. This concentrated formula gives you 2X more soft clothes, so you don't have to use as much fabric softener, and it leaves your clothes smelling fresh. It's safe for high efficiency washing machines. The package includes one bottle of SuperFresh 2X concentrated liquid fabric softener, enough for 150 loads.

Brand: Snuggle

👤I washed my sheets in this and I'm a grown man. The scent was clean and the sheets were soft, I had a dream that I was a baby and woke up sucking my thumb. I had to change the sheets again because I drank water after 6pm. Call me Tommy Tinkle. Great product!

👤Downy April has been used for a long time. I love the Snuggle Blue Sparkle, I got it recently. I saw it. The freshness and scent are wonderful and this seems to be softer than Downy. I bought the dryer sheets and the downstairs wash area smells great and the freshness lasts a long time and my bed linens and towels hold the fresh scent, I highly recommend this new line! I put towels over the cats' beds and they smell amazing. There is a This is the strangest thing ever. I only recently read on the bottles that you have to Shake the bottle in, have I been under a rock all these years? A reviewer said that it would fit well on top of the dryer, as I always have mine and don't have to lift it. I wonder if this is the reason my liquid softeners turn to sludge over time. There is a Great stuff. Now I shake the jugs. Again, a great product.

👤My husband's workout clothes don't smell the best and I have been trying to find a soap, softener, and fabric sheet combo to get rid of that smell. I have tried many combinations and decided to try the one I have been given. It worked well for regular clothes. The scent faded after 5 days. My husband's workout clothes did not work out. The smell was noticeable after a full wash and dry cycle. I think it is back to the drawing board.

👤This smells wonderful! I like fresh clean scent in my laundry, I want all of our clothes, sheets and towels to smell good. This is a really good fabric conditioner for me because it eliminates odors that are tougher. It makes the dogs smell great when I wash their bed or my husband's clothes. It's a new scent and I like it. The scent is fresh. We enjoy it in our family. I thought I'd try the fabric softener sheets and fabric softener liquid. I was amazed at the amount of scent these products added to the clothes and kept them smelling great for a long time. The fresh clean smell was great because we like a lot of scent. The clothes were soft when they came out of the dryer. A little of the liquid goes a long way. I plan to purchase more of these products. They can be delivered directly to my door, and are often less expensive than in stores, with add on discounts. Sometimes Walmart has big bottles on sale at comparable or lower prices than I pay for, but I don't think I can beat the add on price. I will purchase it again.

2. ATTITUDE Mineral Based Effective Cruelty Free Wildflowers

ATTITUDE Mineral Based Effective Cruelty Free Wildflowers

There is a plant-based fabric softener that works. With its advanced deodorizing power, their natural fabric softener gets your clothes fresh and comfy without hurting your skin or the environment. Their formula does not contain harsch chemicals and is free of many other harmful substances. There is a fabric softener. Their laundry softener is tested. It is gentle for those with sensitive skin. Suited for both HE and standard washers in the cold water cycle. This product has been certified by ECOLOGO for its sustainable use of laundry detergents and fabric softeners.

Brand: Attitude

👤I've been trying to find a fabric softener that I liked. I found it. scent is my main issue. I want one that I like and one that is subtle. I love the scent of pink grapefruit. If I could, I'd put it in a lotion. It's made everything softer. I've been using Laundress for a long time. I was happy with how my clothes turned out. I didn't know they were so soft. I don't need much, a little goes a long way. I'm hooked. I ordered 3 more bottles.

👤I was a silent buyer of this brand for a year. It is the top 1 I have ever used. The comments that say the smell of the softener goes away when the laundry is dry is not true. The laundry softener we see in store is not as strong as usual. I was looking for that kind of softener. It depends on what you have been using and what you are expecting. If you are considering to try this, but have doubts, I would recommend you to try it, it's worth it if you are looking for a nice smell.

👤It has an A+ review from the Environmental Workings Group and it does make your clothes softer. There is a It does not leave a scent and is overpriced. The scent of essential oils can be lost after being exposed to heat. If you want your clothes to smell better from the dryer, you have to use a fabric softener that uses fragrance oil. If you have washed your clothes in cold water, there will be a faint smell. For many consumers that may not be the case. If you save your money, you can use wool balls or other materials to make your clothes softer in a safer way. I give this product a low rating because it is so expensive and doesn't produce a result like that of vinegar.

👤It has finally been done. I am so happy to finally find a fabric softener that does not make me itch or break me out in hives. My laundry is clean, soft and smelling great with absolutely zero sticky messes, thanks to the Attitude fabric softener and Attitude laundry detergent. Laundry results are great and I am very happy with them.

👤They paid for the EWG certification label anyways, so I'm not really a fan of their products. I've tried all of their detergents and fabric softeners. The fabric softer is made to work with their detergent, but the clothes in my opinion come out way too soft. The fabric is not very effective at softerening when I use a different detergent like Purecy. The consistency of the fabric softener is not consistent. I've gotten bottles that were difficult to open and bottles that were thinner than water. Even though I shake them vigorously, they are very inconsistent. I'm not sure if I'll continue using the fabric softener. The wildflower scent was nauseating, I didn't mind the grapefruit, and the citrus was the best.

3. Downy Nature Conditioner Softener Lavender

Downy Nature Conditioner Softener Lavender

Downy Nature blends fabric conditioner has a touch of coconut oil. The plant-based formula helps keep clothes in shape. The scent of honey lavender is fruity and floral. It's a gentle solution for protecting clothes. A USDA-certified 70% bio-based product is gentle on sensitive skin. You can use a capful along with your favorite detergent, it's compatible with HE and non-HE washing machines.

Brand: Downy

👤The Downy April scent has been used for decades without any problems. My husband started to have a reaction to something. We don't know if they changed the formula or not. We knew we were looking for a new fabric softener. I missed some freshness in our laundry when we tried the Downy brand. We tried it out at the grocery store. I have been using it for over a year and my husband has not had any issues with it. It has a nice scent, but it doesn't stick around very long. That's okay. It makes our clothes soft and fluffy and we're good. We can't find it at the grocery store anymore, so I'm glad it's at Amazon at a very good price.

👤We have sensitive skin and allergies, so we don't get to use anything with scent in it. Our clothes are soft and less wrinkled even when I line dry, even though we have a light scent. Good purchase!

👤Regular has animal fat in it, so I will not use any other fabric softener other than plant based. I hope they never change or stop using this scent. P&G has a habit of changing items so I will be stocking up. It's not like real lavender, it's just a weird smell. I love it so much. It pairs well with the lavender clean detergent.

👤When I saw this product with a honey lavender scent, I was very excited. I ordered the set and could not wait to use it. The items were wrapped up. The first thing I noticed was how small the bottles were. Downy was a bit thicker. The scent was light. After running in the dryer, I can barely smell it. I like the scent of honey lavender but this product has very little of it. I will not buy this product again.

👤I am sharing for other people who are looking for options. I have very dry, sensitive skin and am allergic to all laundered products. It has been very hard for me. I have a sensory disorder where I can't tolerate certain sensations. I cannot tolerate touching me to the point where I wear anything with pronounced seams, or anything that has those little piles that can cause damage, or anything that is rough at all. Some of my pants are inside out because the outside is softer than the inside, and the seams are not against my body, which makes them scratchiest. I have sensitive skin that gets rash, pain, and stinging sensations on my skin, without the need for antibiotics. It doesn't happen with this softener. I've tried all of the free and clear products, as well as the approved products from all the brands in my location. I can't use any other fabric softener. It is plant based, water is part of the 30% non plant based because it does not come from a plant, it uses coconut oil instead, it is not tested on animals, and it meets more than double the requirements for its certifications. I can use it. The piles that build up from washing have gone away, the clothing is soft, and it lasts a long time. It should be used according to your machine's instructions. The all in one small unit is used in RV's and is a front loading unit. My daughter's requires more, hers is a large HE unit, and since my unit is an all in one HE unit with the lower capacity I use about 2 Tablespoons. If your unit is not HE, you would use a capful per item's instructions on a full load. The cap is small and you don't need it in any other situation. I get double the amount with my unit. There is a The product is easier to find here than in my local stores and the prices are better. It sells out within the second day of being stocked on the shelves. The mare didn't stop to put salt and pepper in the first rinse cycle. Extra rinsing of laundry to make it soft for my skin means less waste and less water usage. There are many benefits to the plant based fabric softener. I don't expect to try or use another product. If you have Sjogren syndrome, you may want to give this a try because it is not painful against my dry skin.

4. Gain Concentrated Detergent Original Compatible

Gain Concentrated Detergent Original Compatible

There is no smell or smell of drugs in this container. This simple two-ingredient formula of sodium carbonate and water is 100% fragrance-free and 100%phosphate-free, and is built off of their commitment to the environment that started more than 120 years ago. It's a clean without harsh chemicals. Same great package. 3 x 50oz bottles are made with 40% less plastic. A small size. It isphosphate free. More freshness per drop. It's easy to use the No-Drip tap. Eye irritation is a safety warning. It was harmful. If swallowed. May my eyes be hurt. Don't look in the eyes. Dispensing beverages or other liquid is not something you should reuse. Don't let the children reach you. The first aid treatment contains Biodegradable Surfactants. And things. Give a glassful of water or milk and call a poison control center. Don't Induce Vomiting. If you have eyes, rinse them with water for 15 minutes.

Brand: Gain

👤96 loads? Say whaaaat? There is a This is the smallest box. This is supposed to wash 96 loads. Gain is used often in the bottle. I think the bottles could be much smaller. It is a marketing scam. Love Gain, but come one man. The detergent should be more expensive than this.

👤The valve on my item was broken and the contents of the box leaked onto my floor. I spent $13 on one load of laundry.

👤If you're buying this to try and be a little more eco or green friendly than the big plastic jugs, then this is the same great Gain detergent we know and love. I'm not sure. The box is wrapped in a thick plastic coating and you have to tear off the cardboard to get to the detergent. I just wasn't prepared and a warning, open the nozzle slowly as it comes out super fast. The packaging for the product was not well done.

👤The blue knob on the drain does not open until 3 o'clock, so it pours at 3 o'clock if you turn it.

👤Live the box and save a lot of space.

👤Business as usual with this product. There is a You already know the brand. The packaging is up to par.

👤I love Gain products. They are the best. I got it because the Tide Plant-Based Detergent was unavailable. I thought it was eco-friendly. I am not sure if it is less plastic than that. There is a plastic nozzle on the outside of the box and a liner that holds the liquid inside. A bottle has all of them in it, but not in a box. I was hoping for an eco-friendly option, but it's still not. I prefer plant-based liquids as other liquids spill out into the water and kill wildlife.

👤The top of the box has no way to grab it. The pinch holes made it difficult to handle. Since you have to handle it every time, it could be a bit frustrating. The price is good and it works, so it's still a value.

👤I have used laundry detergent in a box before. I like the packaging. You can empty the bag when it is practically empty. You use all the detergent this way. You don't lose anything. The box and bag can be recycled.

👤I will not buy again. The box is more than a liter less than the 96 load jug, but it is still a great way to save plastic from the environment. Not worth the money.

👤I am happy about this. The packaging shown in the photos is minimal. Which is important to me. When a new variation of business is tried in the market it can cost more initially until they know there is enough sold to bring the cost down, so I chose the eco box. I hope the cost goes down. We should be rewarded by a lower price than the original plastic jug if we choose the "wine box" option again. Gain is a reliable product for me. It is considering changes to reduce. 60 percent less plastic use. I watched a documentary and it was clear that the laundry jugs are not as recycled as you would have thought. 5 stars for the world!

5. Zero Odor Eliminator Concentrate 16 Ounce

Zero Odor Eliminator Concentrate 16 Ounce

Surprise your parent, grandparent or good friend with a practical, functional and elegant laundry dispenser cover. They can use it as a farmhouse laundry room wall art decor. It's possible to put embryo in all your laundry, it's perfect for Athletic Clothes and Active and gym wear, pet bedding, blankets, smoke smell, etc. It is possible to clean your washing machine and eliminate laundry odors. It is safe to use with all detergents in traditional and HE washing machines. It's safe for humans and pets. You can add two ounces of Zero Odor Laundry to wash load at the same time you add your favorite detergent.

Brand: Zero Odor

👤A strong perfumed smell. If you buy Zero Odor products for the express purpose of having no perfumes, fragrance, or added scent, then this product won't work for you.

👤This is one of the best finds I have ever made. A friend shared her litter box odors with the pet varieties. The pet products by this company are also amazing. I found this product after I conquered the litter boxes. We should all live lives that leave our laundry stinky. Do fun things. Get out there. Take those off and get them into the washing machine when you get inside. "challenge accepted" is what this product says. It has taken on some truly funky smells with perfectly neutralizing results that pass the smell test immediately out of the wash and again out of the dryer. If it doesn't work the first time, try using more with a second wash, I have had a few items that needed a second wash, so if it doesn't work the first time, try using more with a second wash. It has not failed me. Give this product a try. I hope it works for you as well as it has for me. We all deserve to live well because we only have one life to live.

👤This product is not "Non-allergenic" or "zero odor" as it claims. I bought this because it seemed to work well for me, even though I am very sensitive to chemical fragrances. "scent" is listed as an ingredient in the attached image, but it is not shown in the item listing. I tried the product because it has a fragrant smell that I'm allergic to, but I was hoping it would wash out. I washed the clothes several times with regular allergy free detergent, and they were still unwearable after that. There is a Do not buy this if you have sensitive allergies and usually buy "free and clear" laundry soap. There is a I want the manufacturer to change their advertising because it is misleading. If there is a product that leaves no odor, I would be happy to try it.

👤I live near a lake and my house has a problem with water in it. My clothes had a lovely smell that wouldn't wash out with bleach or baking soda. I used 1/2 cup of Zero Odor with my laundry detergent in cold water and let the clothes soak overnight. My clothes smell better. I soaked the shoes. I thought I would try soaking my leather dress shoes in Zero to see what happens. My shoes smell better. The cotton clothes seem to work better with these kinds of products. I used man made fibers. I sprayed the clothing and let it dry before washing it. It seems to remove the smell.

👤It's difficult to say if this works. I use a bucket to wash my shirts. My shirts will harbor under arm stank after washing several times. I don't notice the smell coming back until I wear the shirt for half the day. I used this product to clean my car's carpets. I don't notice a big difference in smell. If anyone is wondering, the product is undyed. It feels like a detergent in the water as it makes it slippery like soapy water. I just washed my cotton undershirts with laundry detergent and this. I will update this review if the stank on the undershirts returns.

6. Grab Green Naturally Derived Compostable Fragrance

Grab Green Naturally Derived Compostable Fragrance

There is something in this: There are 32 sheets of Grab Green Natural Fragrance Free Wet Dryer Sheets. Wet Dryer Sheets are naturally effective at reducing static cling. Why was it wet? You can use each sheet twice. Their dryer sheets are free of all scents and dyes. These sheets are made from sustainable and compostable materials and are perfect for dusting after their life in the dryer. Their laundry solutions are made from naturally derived plant and mineral based ingredients to ensure the best cleaning products with no harmful chemicals. It's safer for you, your family and the planet. Grab Green's plant and mineral-based formulas are made with high-quality ingredients that are proudly cruelty-free, never tested on animals and made in the USA.

Brand: Grab Green

👤This is the most confusing product I've ever purchased. I bought this because I was looking for a safe dryer sheet. The product is described as "natural" and "naturally-derived ingredients." I carefully read the ingredients before buying and they were listed as Deionized Water, Canola Oil Based Quaternary Surfactant, Oroxel GXL, and Organic Diol. Spunlace is made from wood pulp. There are more ingredients in this product. All of the ingredients are not listed. The product contains a chemical byproduct of oil refining. It is an irritant to the skin and eyes and can be toxic to the kidneys, and has been linked to neurological, cardiovascular and respiratory issues. DiproPylENE GLYCOL is a solvent used in a wide variety of industrial products, and is used in pesticides, brake fluids, cutting oils, and as a plasticizer. BenzisotHIAZOLINONE is a type of biocide that is linked to immune system toxicity and can cause irritation to skin, eyes, and lungs. It may be linked to brain cell damage and nerve damage. I don't purchase natural products that include these ingredients because they are not safe or "all-natural". I wouldn't have bought this product if they had given me complete information about all the ingredients. I was shocked when I read the ingredients on the package and couldn't believe I didn't see them on the online page. I went back to look at the list again. They were not listed under the ingredients, but I found several lines down from the list of ingredients that said "actual product packaging and materials may contain more and different information than what is shown on our website." We recommend that you always read the warnings and labels before using a product, and that you don't rely solely on the information presented. This is not accepted. They can't market their product as natural and then list only the ingredients that sound natural and safe, then make a footnote about some of the more controversial ingredients, and it's our responsibility to figure out where they are misleading us. There is a This is meant to be a lie. I missed my window to return the product because I didn't need it when it arrived. I'm looking at this product. I can live with not getting a refund, but I'm not happy with the way the product is presented. All ingredients should be listed.

👤Another garbage product has a false claim of "natural" ingredients. It's not natural to have Propylene glycol. It is not safe and is used in antifreeze. It is known to cause skin irritation, so putting it on clothes seems like a bad idea. Stop green-washing. Either be natural or not. Own it if not. I won't buy from this company again. Duped! I'm going back to BetterLife products.

👤I bought these because I thought they were a safe alternative to the toxic dryer sheets. The research shows that the ingredients contain toxic compounds. Add 1/2 cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle if you skip the dryer sheets.

7. Whitmor Dryer Balls Friendly Alternative

Whitmor Dryer Balls Friendly Alternative

Throw in two Bounce dryer sheets for your average loads to iron less, fight more static, repel more lint, and add more freshness. For small and medium loads, toss in one Bounce dryer sheet. Hot air can flow more efficiently when laundry is lifted in the dryer. It is made from non-toxic materials. dryer balls are a natural alternative to fabric softeners. The dimensions are 2.625 x 2.625 x 2.625 inches. Wrinkles, twisting, and tangling of clothes can be eliminated. Soft spikes massage fabrics. Clothes can't rub against each other if static cling is eliminated. Over the course of 70 years,Whitmor has been bringing organization home. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Whitmor

👤I have been using these for about a month now and I can tell the clothes are the same as when we used dryer sheets. They are a soft rubbery material and don't make any more noise than what is already there. I was worried about the types that were reviewed as hard plastic being noisy, but that is not an issue with these. There will be another set to have a few more tumbling around. The only issue I have had is the dogs thinking these are toys and taking off with them, but no issues with the product itself.

👤Some people had issues with them arriving broken in half. I received mine in good condition. They seem to be in good shape after a few uses in the dryer. I think they do a good job of fluffing clothes up for the most part, however, I'm pretty sure the static cling in some of my clothes could be enough to power a small car or light a backyard bonfire. Holy cow. It's not fun to get shocked when you're trying to peel a pair of underwear from a t-shirt. Some people were worried about static cling. I didn't think I'd see a lightening storm while doing laundry. It was very bad. I think the balls and their electricity-generating tumbling contributed to the perfect folding of one of my tank tops for me straight out of the dryer! If you can deal with the static cling to avoid dryer sheets, these balls are a decent product.

👤I was tired of using dryer sheets. dryer sheets have chemicals and my kid has multiple allergies. The balls are excellent. Would buy for a family. Also a good gift. I got these because I was scared of wool ball reviews with people complaining of their smell. There is a Don't have to buy dryer sheets anymore. I think it's more eco-friendly because it's not noisy like people were saying. Convenient to toss in ready for the next load, as I've been through at least 10 loads. Does help with wrinkling. Is it static cling? I don't know what people are talking about. There are pros and cons. None so far, but will be updated if there is a change.

👤The balls are disappointing. Had I not had great ones, that did a great job of keeping my laundry soft, and lasted almost ten years. I wouldn't have known the difference. The good quality of the other brand I had originally was not retained by the Whitmor dryer balls. On a pass through TJ Maxx, I saw a package of dryer balls hanging on one of their wall displays, and you can find them here on Amazon. Only two balls to a package, but they will last you for ages and keep your clothes soft in the dryer! The dryer balls fail at that. They were created to keep your laundry soft, but they don't do it well. ;-(

👤I used them for the first time and did not use fabric softener sheets. I never paid attention to the buzzer when the cycle was over, not sure if it decreased my drying time. I bought these because I didn't need the dryer sheets. Every load has static. I purchased the product because it claimed to not need them.

8. Mrs Meyers Clean Day Lavender

Mrs Meyers Clean Day Lavender

Paper dryer sheets add freshness to your clothes. Compostable dryer sheets are made from plant-derived fibers. Garden-fresh lavender has a floral scent. There are plant-derived softening agents. Mrs. Meyer's makes dryer sheets that are free from animal products. Their products are not tested on animals. The fabric softener sheets have vegetable-derived and essential oils on them.

Brand: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

👤We stopped using Mrs. Meyer's products due to their bad ingredients. They changed their ingredients and they are just as toxic as the other standard products. I felt deceived and lied to by the company. Companies change their products all the time so make sure to always check ingredients. The Environmental Workkng Group has something for you.

👤In the southwest, we live in a very dry climate. I use a load of conventional dryer sheets to prevent static. I know it's not great, but the static is very bad here and this is the only way to resolve it. I gave woolen dryer balls a try and was thrilled that they made the laundry super soft and Wrinkle-free. I tried without the one sheet and it was static. I decided to try a more natural product. There is a I opened the box and was bombarded with a strong scent of honeysuckle. I like it, but it doesn't seem to be very common nowadays. I was happy with this. Most of the time, I am not sensitive to odors. I was so excited to try these, but sadly, they didn't work for static-fighting, and I didn't notice a difference in softness compared to the woolen dryer balls. I was willing to try and use 2 and 3 sheets a load, but sadly my clothes came out in a storm of static each time. I wanted these to work for me, but they don't. There is a The scent is lovely to me, so I am using the sheets in the closet, drawers, and shoes. They will not go to waste, but I can't recommend them unless you live in a climate that doesn't cause static in your clothing. One star for effectiveness as a product and one star for the wonderful scent. I like the scent of this product, but I would like to try some of the other products in this fragrance, as I like Mrs. Meyers for soap and cleaning sprays. Maybe I'll try the laundry detergent. There is a Sorry for the harsh review, but it is meant to help others make wise choices, so hope it helps. Good luck!

👤I recently discovered the Mrs. Meyer's multi purpose cleaner and fell in love with it. I believed all the lavender products were wonderful. Not true. I'm sad to report that these dryer sheets don't leave your clothes smelling wonderful, or particular soft, and they don't do much for static either, except make me think my kids left paper in the pockets of their. The cleaner wanted me to clean things so I could smell the lavender in the air. I have no desire to do my laundry like a clean-a-holic because the dryer sheets haven't had the same effect.

👤I love Mrs. Meyer's products for their smell. I would love to have towels, etc, smell like this coming out of the dryer. These dryer sheets are not like your typical dryer sheets. I assume the perfumed softener is attached to the dryer sheet because they have small, round bumps on one side. Every time I open the dryer after using one of these sheets, I can smell the scent and find a tightly rolled up dryer sheet. I don't think the product reduces static electricity in our clothing. I will be placing the rest of the dryer sheets in drawers, shoe bins, etc to act like a scent sachet.

9. Biokleen Natural Laundry Detergent Liquid

Biokleen Natural Laundry Detergent Liquid

There is a plant-based gardener. The cleaning agents used by Biokleen are plant-derived and leave your clothes fresh and clean. For use in high EFFICIENCY washing machines. High Efficiency washers work great with Biokleen. It leaves a fresh scent on your clothes and fabrics. Laundry products from Biokleen are 3X concentrated to reduce packaging and waste. The liquid laundry soaps from Biokleen are plant-based and eco-friendly. Their products do not contain chlorine, ammonia, orphosphates. Biokleen products are made in the USA and never tested on animals.

Brand: Biokleen

👤I really wanted to love this product from Biokleen. I have been using this product for over six months and I am not happy with its performance. There is a I have no reaction to the scent or detergent of this product, and I have sensitive skin. It is an excellent value for money at.19 per standard load. There is a My clothes don't feel clean and start to smell bad after I wear them for a while. It is very strange. It seems to leave no smell in the washer. It does not do well on most stains. I have tried smaller loads and warmer water. I love my dish powder, carpet cleaner, and bac-out spray, but the detergent and liquid dish soap are not something I like to use.

👤I'm happy to have found an inexpensive detergent alternative. The EWG gave Biokleen an A rating. After my last bottle was out for almost 7 months, I am ordering again. I initially thought our clothes weren't getting as clean as they could be, but after a bit of research I realized it was due to our hard water issue. We have to use more liquid than usual. The benefit of using this over other detergents is that the odor in my washing machine is less. The fake fragrances make the machine smell bad and make it hard to wash away the gunk. Very happy with Biokleen!

👤Something has changed in this formula. It causes skin issues in my daughter and I. I have been using this detergent for years and it took me a long time to figure it out. The rashes went away after I switched. I used to love this product. I have been using this laundry detergent for 8 months. I was a fan of the Tide. I switched to this based on the EWG "A" rating because I wanted to switch to more natural products. I live in Florida and the recommended half cap isn't enough to fight the water here. It is about.15 per load with the subscribe and save price. CHEAPER than Tide! It works just as well. I have sensitive skin. I didn't have any issues with this detergent. The scent doesn't carry to the clothes. I would like a subtle sent. I can't stand the scent of Tide anymore after using this detergent. I'm sold on this product. I like the stain booster from biokleen.

👤It seems like I'm allergic to cleaning products, especially the perfumes used in them. This detergent smells wonderful, it doesn't set off my asthma or make me itch like other detergents, and it doesn't make me itch like other detergents. It cleans my clothing well, rinses out completely, and works well as a prespotter, unlike Tide Free, which took the color right out of one of my daughter's brand new t-shirts. It's a good price and it's very concentrated, so you use a small amount. I have carpal tunnel syndrome, so this is important to me, I can pour some into a small jug that isn't too heavy or awkward for me, and it doesn't run out too fast in that small jug the way less-concentrated detergent would.

10. Downy Eco Box Concentrated Conditioner Softener

Downy Eco Box Concentrated Conditioner Softener

The same great Downy is in a package. The packaging is 75% less plastic. The liquid formula is made with renewable wind power. It was made with 30% less water. Downy Free and Gentle are dermatologist tested and are soften and refresh your clothes.

Brand: Downy

👤Some people have mentioned small pastries. Not as big as the biggest. It's more complicated. Consideration is given to cumulative, great amount. Read the instructions. For the number of loads these bottles will be a great price. I am very sensitive to scent and anything in a softener, my skin is sensitive and I get headaches from perfume-y detergent or softener. I am picking up no smell of perfume or chemicals. I am sensitive and a cent but not bad. Downy SHEETS are my favorite because they always seem scented, maybe because they are next to scented items or maybe they are just scented. I have Downy liquid for a long time. I think the new concentrated one is an improvement over the old one. There is a This was not good, as some complain about. I think it was old and stored in a hot environment. I am used to consistency from less concentrated Downy. The packaging is from the Amazon store. This was well-packaged. I am always concerned about getting a liquid, but this had a sturdy tape over each cap and great cardboard between the bottles. Well done! It came in perfect shape. There is a So... Five stars! I will continue ordering as long as the price or quality stays the same.

👤There is nothing that makes my life easier. Instructions don't help with "tear here, put tab here." The need for strength and dexterity does not exist. There is a The cardboard container is wobbly and tends to fall down, and the spout is a weird tube you have to pull out to use, so either leave it out to drips all over everything, or shove it back in. It's only much harder to use if I dare say it. A pass. I can't imagine any part of this mess being recycled.

👤The fabric was very soft. I have been using downy for many years, but no longer like the scent. I tried this with the Eco box because the Amazon brand had run out of stock. It's easy to use. I tried to refill the dispenser for another load, but found the white stuff in it. They remained in the drawer if I added more softener. I had to use paper towels. It was very disappointing. Too late to return it. Ultra concentrated may have been the problem, but never before.

👤Downy will not be in the eco box again. The plastic area that had to be lined up with white markings on the side of the box kept sliding out of position. I tried to turn the blue spout clockwise with no luck. The blue spout wouldn't turn after I taped it in place. Had to get the plastic bag out of the box and put it in other containers. Downy for Sensitive Skin will not be in this box. The box is not the product.

👤Terrible packaging. It is the messiest mess I have ever tried to use. I have wasted more.

👤I've been using Downy products for years and have always been pleased with them. Downy's name should not be on the Ultra Plus. It looks okay in the bottle and when pouring it in the cap to measure, but it becomes sticky when it enters my HE washer. It looks like soft paraffin and has to be removed from the dispensers. This stuff is really nasty.

11. Tide Purclean Plant Based Detergent Compatible

Tide Purclean Plant Based Detergent Compatible

Tide purclean is the same package. The first plant-based liquid laundry detergent has the power to clean. The packaging is made with 50% less plastic. Remove the panel to uncover the nozzle. Pull the nozzle forward. Take out a dosing cup. Line up a nozzle. The counter-clock should be twisted to conjugate liquid. The cup should be held under the white portion of the nozzle. Liquid comes out fast if you be careful. The tip box should be forwarded to make sure your final dose is paid. Store Cup on top of box Throw in wash to clean cup. Eye irritation is a safety warning. It was harmful. If swallowed. May my eyes be hurt. Don't look in the eyes. Dispensing beverages or other liquid is not something you should reuse. Don't let the children reach you. The first aid treatment contains Biodegradable Surfactants. And things. Give a glassful of water or milk and call a poison control center. Don't Induce Vomiting. If you have eyes, rinse them with water for 15 minutes. There are plant-based cleaning agents, plant-based solvent, and plant-based reducers.

Brand: Tide

👤It's a great way to buy detergent without throwing the bottles in the recycle bin. It has packaging. It flattens to almost nothing. You should keep your last bottle for refill. It works better in my experience, instead of having to manage the flow out of a new container, or waiting for it to trickle out after you're done with what you have left. It's better to just use this to refill the 65oz bottle and then use it for something else. There is a The scent is subtle and leaves clothes smelling a little bit fresher than the unscented version, which sounds obvious, but it's nice to have that hint of freshness. It is barely noticeable. I like the scent of the detergents, but I don't like the smell of detergents with overpowering smells. There is a The spout is the only issue I have with this product. It will pour out of the hole at an angle when you first open it, so watch out for it, as long as you're expecting it, you won't. The first time we bought this, we didn't expect it to fly out and end up on the floor. Other than that. It's a great product. We have a family member with sensitive skin in a couple of places and they haven't had an issue since we switched to Tide PurClean after trying a few different detergents over the years, and it gets clothes clean which is the bottom line right?

👤I've been using Tide for a long time. It's the only detergent that doesn't make my skin itch. The original Tide was good, but my clothes didn't smell as clean after a while. Two years ago, there was a ridiculous sale on Pureclean at my grocery store, so I gave it a try, and have been using it ever since. There is a The scent is sweet but not overpowering. There is packaging I refill one of my Tide containers because of the eco-box. I open the bag inside after the box is empty. Enough detergent for at least a few more loads. There is a A little goes a long way. I don't use fabric softeners and my clothes feel soft and clean after every wash. It does a great job of cleaning and moving makeup. It was quite impressed. Results are delivered at a great price. A happy customer.

👤Absolutely love the detergent. Hate the package. If you get too much, you can't poor it back in, and it's easy to over poor. If it is packaged this way, I will not buy again.

👤I got this instead of the auto-ship of two bottles of Tide in the same scent, and I switched to it permanently. 1) It's Tide. It smells great. Plant based packages are more eco-friendly. Love it.

👤I had never used Tide's Purclean Liquid laundry detergent. I don't buy a lot of Tide products because they are too strong for my sensitive skin. This product is wonderful. The product was clean and fresh for my sensitive skin. I might order it again.


What is the best product for eco friendly fabric softener no plastic?

Eco friendly fabric softener no plastic products from Snuggle. In this article about eco friendly fabric softener no plastic you can see why people choose the product. Attitude and Downy are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly fabric softener no plastic.

What are the best brands for eco friendly fabric softener no plastic?

Snuggle, Attitude and Downy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly fabric softener no plastic. Find the detail in this article. Gain, Zero Odor and Grab Green are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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