Best Eco Friendly Floss Picks Kids

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1. Biodegradable Refillable Stainless Candelilla Peppermint

Biodegradable Refillable Stainless Candelilla Peppermint

You can now buy the new option of the bong in this beautiful STAINLESS STEEL CONTAINER after the success of their bong in glassware container kit. They sell at craft fairs and artisan markets. AMAZON - If you feel guilty buying the VEGAN Bamboo Charcoal Dental Floss with refillable STAINLESS STEEL container and extra refill, feel free to buy it on AMAZON. The Floss length is 33yds x2 from a family owned company. Their floss is made from bamboo charcoal fiber so it breaks down fast. All packaging is made from recycled materials. Help the environment while using a high quality product with the amazing deal. Their ECO FLOSS is very easy to use and very comfortable. 10% of their profits are donated to ocean and environmental preservation. Their packaging is made of recycled materials. They will make it right if you don't like your purchase. Click "add to cart" for their ECO FLOSS and check out their refill 4 pack before checkout. They are constantly developing products that are convenient to use. Mother Earth. Thanks a lot.

Brand: Me Mother Earth

👤I was looking for biodegrade floss to reduce plastic use. It's also very good floss after trying it. Not boasting. I was a Dental Tech in the US Navy and I know a bit about floss. I have very tight contacts that destroy floss. The plaque has a rough texture. Wax and flavor are good. It's easy to hold because it's not slippery. There is no reason to keep the plastic floss and plastic dispensers. Yeah, that's right.

👤I rarely write product reviews, but I am excited about this floss. My New Years resolution has been to floss daily for the past 15 years. I used to use the tape kind because of my tight contacts. I had a couple of kids in the past couple of years, so my flossing has taken a back burner to everything else, plus I've been trying to cut back on single use plastic. I didn't know what to do with floss. I used a water pick but it didn't help the plaque build up. I assumed that the floss wouldn't work for my teeth because of the reviews. I finally decided it was worth a shot and bought it, and I'm happy that my assumptions were wrong. I was prepared for some changes to my flossing routine, but I had no problems with it, even if I had to use different parts of the floss. It's thinner than regular floss, but thicker than tape, so it's just as strong. In places where floss gets stuck in my teeth, there were some gentle back and forth movements that got it out. I wouldn't feel bad grabbing more if it broke. I will be getting back into my flossing habit and will be subscribing to refill.

👤The floss is the best I've ever used. It doesn't break or clean in between teeth. The dispensers are refillable. I will buy more.

👤I like the taste of the charcoal. I double it up because it is thinner than the floss I have been using. It has not splintered or shredded between my teeth. I like all of the factors, but not the expansion. It is a trade off. I will definitely buy again.

👤I bought this not expecting to like it, and I love it. There are no issues with flossing, great taste, and easy to use. It arrives with no plastic wrap and is refillable. Will purchase again and refill.

👤The price is reasonable. My teeth are very tight so it's a bit easier to break than my last floss. I would buy again and recommend it.

👤I have not been paid to write this review. The floss package made me think of something a hobo might carry, so I bought it. It gives the spaces between my teeth a deeper clean than other flosses. It cuts easily. I'm a big fan of this and will be buying refill for it.

👤This jas worked well for me. I think they could make it easier to cut floss by turning the cutter to one side. I wish they could make it cheaper.

2. Plackers Micro Dental Floss Picks

Plackers Micro Dental Floss Picks

Plackers Micro mint flossers are easy to use. The world's strongest dental floss is used to prevent Tuffloss. It is possible to remove food debris between teeth. Removes plaque and food debris from hard to reach areas with a protected tartar pick. Minty flavor leaves your mouth and teeth clean.

Brand: Plackers

👤This is the worst floss you can buy. I bought this kind before and loved it. I ordered from Amazon and it is not good. I wasted $10. The floss is in pieces. The thread shreds so bad that it gets into my teeth and I have more gunk in there than before. I was disappointed.

👤I feel bad, but every night I think to myself, "you really need to update your five-star review for these flossers because all of them stink!" They don't completely suck, some of them are still good, but after writing a positive review and re-ordering these flossers multiple times, they keep coming apart on me! At first I thought my teeth were too close together and that the flossers were getting damaged, but then my husband mentioned that the floss quality was not as good as it used to be. I was not going to let this one go because I am a believer in honest reviews. We have had better results with flossers we have gotten from the dollar store. * I used to dislike flossing. It took so much work to pull out the string and wrap it around my fingers that I felt wet food juice on my fingers. I didn't purchase these kinds of flossers because I thought they were frivolous, something a rich tooth snob would buy. I got married to a tooth snob. I used one for the first time and had a hard time justifying it. I also became a tooth snob. They are quite affordable. You actually use them because of the ease. I have to floss my teeth at night, so I have to tell my dentist. Or don't. He doesn't remember me because I haven't had tooth issues since using these. There is a It is easy for my toddlers to use them. I don't have to wrap a string around my fingers to get food juice on me. They can do it on their own. It makes them feel like real men. That's important for their emotional and gum health.

👤I like to be prepared in case of emergencies. I like to have flossers on hand for those days when you might accidentally have some spinach in your teeth after a lunch date. I used to have a snack baggie full of these in my purse, but they now have a carrying case. It is a must have in my bags. The bright color of the case makes it easier to spot when I need a placker, so I don't care about the colors of the case at all. I will be buying more just so I can have them in multiple bags and not worry about transferring them when I want to switch bags.

👤I've ordered these before and sometimes it's a toss up whether you get the real ones or the imposters. The imposters will break easily. I got the real ones this time. Unless you have a jaw that's crazy or a magic hand, flossing is the only way to get every part of your mouth out. A pack of 4 with 150 each. These should last a long time. I do not make them use only. Is that gross to some people? Yes, whatever. I use them about 3-4 times before throwing them out, so I get more use out of the package. The bag is resealable. I take a few and put them in a small bag and have them in my car, work bag, sports bag, etc. When you need floss or a toothpick, you never know. These are always there to help. The mint flavor doesn't last very long. I won't complain once it is there. If you want a strong mint flavor, just chew gum. There is a I have a problem with how much plastic trash they create. Plastic is going to end up somewhere. But. Yeah. I don't have a solution to it. Despite the fact that they are easy to use, I feel bad for throwing them out.

3. Biodegradable TreeBird Refillable Dispenser Compostable

Biodegradable TreeBird Refillable Dispenser Compostable

Have you thought about going green? They have created a bundle of starter packs with TreeBird's Silk Dental Floss. It is just as thorough and fresh as traditional plastic floss. It provides a clean without a footprint. Either give it as a gift or use it yourself. It's good! You're probably not going to save the world by using plastic-free dental floss. You can help the earth by making eco-friendly choices when buying everyday items. TreeBird's Pure Silk Eco Floss is a 100% natural product with no plastic in it so it won't be left behind for hundreds of years to litter their planet and harm wildlife. Better for you, organic Ahimsa Silk floss is definitely better for you, because you feel like a boss for making better choices. It's made from natural silk, Waxed with plant-based Candelilla wax andFlavored with all-natural mint essential oils for a fresh feeling. It works the same as regular dental floss, but is completely non-biodegradable and free of artificial nasties. It's sustainable to get floss and refill in a bundle pack which includes a long silk spool in a holder and 2 refill spools, a total of 99yds of freshness. If you have used up all the floss, you can get a refill of TreeBird silk floss and keep using the glass holder until the end of the day. The packaging is printed with soybean ink and can go straight to your compost pile. If you want to floss like a boss, wrap the floss around your fingers and gently glide the clean sections between your teeth and gums. If you're not happy with your product, just contact them and they'll do everything they can to make it right.

Brand: Treebird

👤Silk floss is hard to use, even if you are careful, it always breaks, even if you are very careful. I have to use 2 or 3 pieces each time I floss. It may work better for you if you have larger spacing between your teeth.

👤When buying an eco friendly product, it's preferred to be in eco friendly packaging. The product is not as large as expected. I don't like smelling mint or taste it, but I don't like scent. There is a Myquip brings this down to three stars because I have metal filling between my teeth and floss breaks a lot more easily when trying to get by them. It took me three tries to get it. I think it will get easier and less breaks over time.

👤Most people need to adjust their expectations. Eco friendly floss is not normal floss. This should be allowed more grace because of it. This is doable if you have tight teeth like me. I use floss picks on most days, even though I don't have the capacity to deal with yanking hard. I don't have any other issues. There is a The reviews are not the fault of the floss company. The floss packaging is made of paper. Amazon handles boxes and shipping material. Simply recycle and reuse those materials if you're really worried.

👤I gave it 2 stars for being eco-conscious, but it just doesn't work. It is very fragile. It breaks no matter how careful you are. It just doesn't happen when I try it a few times. I might be able to get it to work for a few tooth spaces. It's so frustrating. I don't want to say I'm going back to the old stuff, but this doesn't do the job.

👤Natural has a better texture and seems absorb more Yuckyiness. I realized I was eating plastic. I use synthetic floss because pieces always end up in my mouth. The cuter is not the easiest to use. I don't know if there is a better one. * Even so.

👤I wanted to like it. The small glass container is a great size and I loved the idea of getting something more sustainable but the floss is weak. I have wasted so much floss trying to get to the back of my teeth.

👤The floss is very thin. It's not good for someone who needs extra dental floss. I will buy again for myself.

👤Really like this floss. I was looking for something that was eco friendly. Will definitely be buying again.

4. Plackers 303869518 Gentleslide Flosser 90 Count

Plackers 303869518 Gentleslide Flosser 90 Count

90 dental flossers are specially designed to slide between teeth. The fiber is soft. The access to teeth in hard-to-reach areas is made possible by the smooth slide between tight teeth. Fresh Breath: Enhance your oral hygiene routine with their dental flosser picks, which include mint blast flavors of dental floss. You can reach and clean hard-to-access areas between your teeth with dental toothpick. Plackers dental flosser picks arrive in a re-sealable bag for easy and convenient on-the-go or at home storage, making your life simpler.

Brand: Plackers

👤It's amazing... The other reviews should have been read by me. If you want to floss all your teeth, you will have to use 3-6 of these. You can floss up to 3-4 teeth. It becomes a game for me to floss my teeth before they come out.

👤The plackers brand is a disgrace. After 3 teeth, the floss is useless. The plastic frame doesn't fit between my teeth and is narrower at the opening. I threw the 2 packs in the trash.

👤I have been using Plackers for a long time, but they are useless if you have tight teeth because the ends of the floss are not firmly attached to the handle. I have to pull the floss out of the handle every time. The floss pulls out of the handle when I try to remove it.

👤5/30-21 is an update. The price of these has gone up too much. I will not be reordering because I knocked 2 stars off. The price is triple now. They used to be $2 a bag, but now they are $7. I will have to find a different floss as I go through one bag a month on my own and my other family members use these daily too so not paying the new price. The original review is below. I've tried a lot of floss sticks, but these are my favorite. I am an obsessive flosser. I don't like floss that hurts on my fingers. The thin round floss is liked by some people. These are not like that. These are flat to get between teeth. I pulled out too many of the other kind and this is the only one I will buy. I like how easy it is to use. Sometimes they break before I floss, and the pick sometimes gets into my hand. The only downside is those. I can't live without them.

👤These must be very short. I love Plackers and decided to buy them through Amazon. It's a total waste of money. They were packaged well and looked like legitimate Plackers, but they were junk from China. It took four Plackers to floss all my teeth, but it was still a fight. The floss on each one stretched to the point that it was almost useless. Plackers are only useful for the pick, not floss. Don't recommend at all. Don't waste your money.

👤These are really, really useless, even if I received a bad batches. I would only use one flosser to get the job done with other brands. I'm going through these until I find one that doesn't break. If they break, it's on the first tooth. The floss won't disengage from the holder even if it is used on non-tight teeth gaps. It's a waste of time trying to find one that works when I break several of them. I should have spent a bit more money to get something that will help me get the job done on the first try.

👤I have used green Plackers in the past and they were very satisfactory, perhaps once a week one would break. One would hope that these purple ones with the "Gentleslide" feature would be even more slide-y and less prone to break. There is a That would be incorrect. In my experience, it takes 3-4 to finish my mouth. Something about the manufacture here causes the ribbon to pull through the far end of the unit, which is encased in plastic. I asked for a replacement because I thought there was a bad lot made. The new bag was just as bad. This applies to bags received in Q3 2021.

5. Plackers Twin Line Dental Floss Picks

Plackers Twin Line Dental Floss Picks

Plackers Twin-Line Dental Flossers are 75 Count. The world's strongest dental floss, Super Tuffloss, is used to not shred, break, or stretch. The Twin-Line dental flossers can slide between teeth. Removes plaque and food debris from hard to reach areas with a protected tartar pick. Whitening mint formula improves the appearance of your teeth and leaves you with a clean mouth and refreshed teeth. Great for on-the-go dental care. Make flossing easy. There is a note. This product is not old.

Brand: Plackers

👤My boyfriend told me I should floss more and I thought I needed to upgrade my oral health game. He is my ex now. Totally text message broke me. I still want a clean teeth revenge. There is a The twin floss is really good. I like it. Not like the old people who used to string your fingers together. He was too old for me.

👤I had a year's worth of supply when I brought this in November of last year. There is a I told the dentist that I use double line floss with a C shape. There is a Those are not good, she said. It will not remove the build up's, cuts your gum pointer, and can cause bad pain and bleeding. There is a Since double can cut off your gum pointers in between teeth, she recommends only one line long string floss. Waterpik is the best water jet flosser because it won't cause bleeding to your gums. There is a This product is dangerous. It looks good but it's not. I don't know what to do with the 3 bags I left, but I will use them for something, and I don't want to harm anyone with them. Only use one long floss. Not this product. There are blessings.

👤I didn't think I'd get passionate about a dental hygiene product. This is the best flosser out there. I have thrown away all my flossing products because it is so meticulously engineered. The strings are strong and will remain that way through flossing. There is no damage to these strings. The strings are made of a good shape and texture. I hated the strings in a floss, they just slide around your teeth and never remove gunk. The Plackers have a pick built in. When you first use the flosser, it is folded up so that it doesn't poke your gum when you don't need it. You fold it out when you need it. It's thin and flat and works better than a wooden tooth pick. That design is really good. You're going to get gunk on this floss, so just rinse it in the sink and keep flossing until you're done. I used to be embarrassed when the dentist asked how much I flossing. My usual answer is "Not enough". I can finally say "every single day" since using this tool. I'm not associated with this company, I'm just a loyal customer.

👤Every time I get serious about flossing, I buy a bag of floss picks. Get all excited about my health and then SNAP! They break. All the time. The little suckers can't stay together so I'm using 3-4 at a time. Not these. Boy, not these. One floss pick. There are many teeth. There was no breaks. I don't know what these guys are doing, but they make the best floss picks I've ever used. I am flossing now. Go to me.

👤I don't like flossing with regular floss. I don't like putting my fingers in my mouth and I don't like wrapping floss around my fingers. I used dental floss picks to save my life. There is a Flossing is more important than brushing your teeth since it is meant to remove food from between your teeth that the toothbrush can't remove. I have tried a few but this is the best. Here is the reason. The strings have been doubled. They will not push the food around or press it down against your gum because they will capture it. There is a I don't recall having broken one of the strings yet. There is a You can break the handle to use the toothpick. There is a The price is very affordable. All of these make me happy. 5 stars.

6. Practicon 7045281 SmileGoods FlosSeas Flossers

Practicon 7045281 SmileGoods FlosSeas Flossers

Pre-strung to prevent shredding or breaking. It's great for introducing younger patients. nylon floss is high-quality. The model number is 7045281.

Brand: Practicon

👤These are very cute. My daughter likes flossing her teeth with them because they are so fun. I call it a win. They will last forever if you get a lot of them in this order. I tried them and they aren't great for adult teeth, at least not for me. I thought I'd try them because there were so many of them. They are thick and hard to slide between my teeth.

👤These shapes are cute, but I found that the string broke much faster than other shapes I have used. The dollar store ones held up better. We gave them away at a dental themed Halloween treat and the kids liked the fun shapes, but I wouldn't buy them for my own kids. Not strong enough.

👤I am giving this product a single star because the individual wrapping is one of the most egregious uses of plastic I have ever seen. The floss part is a little too thick. There is a I will re- write the review if the company changes the single-use wrapping.

👤These are perfect for when we travel with our son, as well as at home. I wish I could find them without the excess packaging when we are home. The flossing part of his oral hygiene is easy with him being 3. He likes to have conversations with sea creatures.

👤My kids ask me to "fish-floss" now that they are individually wrapped. We are flossing with them regularly because we are playing a game to pick one of the different ones.

👤My 4 year old is excited to use them every night to floss her teeth because they are cheap at $20 for 200 of them. I think its well spent if they teach her good tooth brushing habits. Each box of 100 is wrapped individually.

👤I had to return because the floss is too rough and bad for tight teeth, it shreds and hurts my kids gums, and they are not recycable, so I had to use another floss.

👤My 4 year old was given a few of these at the dentist and he was hooked, no more plain floss picks for him! I was glad I could order them on Amazon, though the price is a bit high, I'm just glad he likes to floss. Individual wrapped items are put in a labeled box.

7. Reusable NO Waste Cleaning Interdental Unflavored

Reusable NO Waste Cleaning Interdental Unflavored

Random color. PP plastic is high quality. It's dishwasher safe. The dental floss holder's design makes flossing easier. flossing by hand or other tools can not help you clean your back teeth. You can buy any brand of dental floss you want with this product. It's suitable for any type of dental floss. The quality of dental floss may affect its shape during use. The floss needs to be tightened again. It is more convenient. The figure on the left shows how to use it.

Brand: Yapoola

👤The floss holders are very similar to the Reach or Listerine daily flossers, but the handle is a bit shorter. I like being able to use floss that I like, and throwing out less plastic, as it's a re-usable handle. My teeth are very close together and my hygienist won't floss between them. Only Glide floss can slide between my teeth. I can use that with this handle. Since my teeth are so close together, I end up wrapping floss around my fingers to work with it by hand, or I can use a floss holder. I have also tried the Floss Aid for the same reasons. My kids wanted floss holders, so I would have just stayed with the Floss Aid. The Floss Aid is too big for them. If the smaller handle makes them want to floss more often, I'm okay with that. There is a If you are a typical sized adult, you will be fine with the less expensive "Floss Aid" as my hygienist has told me that I have a really tiny mouth. I have no idea. I know that I don't find these things to be too large, so it's much easier for me to floss my teeth. There is a The flosser on the left is the only thing I don't like about it, it's too large to fit in my toothbrush holder, and I mis-read the listing and expected 4 handles instead of 3. Neither is a problem. There is a The re-usable floss handles are just slightly different in design and I think they are great.

👤The upper and lower arch are very different. I can't hold floss in my fingers because I have an allergy to it. I used to use the Quips flosser, but after the cutter broke twice and the mechanism rusted, I was looking for an alternative. There were two kinds of floss that had the floss in them, and the classic Y shipped flosser. The y shaped mouth is too big for me. The two that have the floss embedded don't have the tension. Thequip is quick to grab, but it doesn't keep tension. I used one piece of floss for a couple of teeth and replaced them with another piece. There is a This one is quick to load and keeps the tension high. It's small enough to be maneuverable but large enough to not scratch my teeth. It can floss my whole mouth with just one set up, which is the only downside. I'm more likely to be redistributingbacteria as I go along, but it's probably not a big deal if it's washed under water occasionally.

👤I have used a disposable device for years and wanted to use a more eco-friendly option. I've bought 3 options. All 3 are good, work well, but this one is the closest experience to the disposable one I have used so far. I can bite on it to push the floss in between my teeth because of the design. The smaller size of the item gives it a better feeling than the other two options. The look is not very sleek or contemporary, and the color ispastel, which is not something I like. You can hide it in your cabinet.

8. OhmFloss Biodegradable Refillable Compostable Eco Friendly

OhmFloss Biodegradable Refillable Compostable Eco Friendly

ECO-FRIENDLY FLOSS: A gift for your smile. All natural silk floss is made from plants. Simply toss into the compost with peace of mind and do your part in the world towards a zero waste environment. Their floss holder has a lid to keep floss clean. You can travel with it on vacations, camping, road trips, and keep one in the car. Reducing pollution wherever you are is an environmental friendly solution. Zero waste packing. The box for the floss is made out of compostable paper and the ink on it is not harmful to the environment. VEGAN CANDELILLAWAX & MINT is a book. The dental floss is vegan and has natural Mint extract. The floss is great for sensitive gums. They hear about a plastic free life every day. This is the first step towards living a plastic free life. You only need to order once, then get your Floss refill so you don't run out. You have this!

Brand: Ohm Earth

👤I bought this item for environmental reasons. I am trying to keep plastic waste out of our oceans and landfills. The floss is not as strong as your typical floss, which is why it is compostable. I contacted the company because it seemed to me that it was easy to tear. I support women owned businesses and the owner sent me two refill to make sure it wasn't a problem with the floss, she also gave me some pointers on how to avoid the shredding. I floss differently now, 888-247,

👤I purchased this because of the bamboo packaging which is easy to use and looks great if left on the counter. It closes for hygiene reasons as well. The actual product is my issue. It's a bit rough on my teeth, but I appreciate that it's sturdy. I am careful not to floss aggressively, but I think a little more wax on the floss would give me a better result for someone with tender gums. I floss twice a day, so I don't think I over do it. I don't know if I will buy again. Dr. Tung's floss has terrible packaging.

👤This floss does not get caught in my teeth even though they are close together. It occasionally breaks, but not enough to be a problem.

👤The floss does a great job of cleaning between the teeth and the freshness is really nice. The dental floss and packaging are not harmful to the environment. Every little bit helps. Clean teeth and help the environment.

👤I like the bamboo floss holder. It works well and is always in my bathroom. It's nice to look at.

👤It is to thick. It doesn't fit between my teeth because of this. It will break if I try to fit it between my teeth. It is very frustrating.

👤I like the floss. Sometimes it breaks in between my teeth and is thicker than I was used to.

👤It is not to smooth over your teeth.

👤The bamboo container is the best of all the containers I've received, and the blade for cutting floss is very good. The floss works well for most teeth because of its irregular weave. I need to use a thinner floss for a couple of teeth where the gaps are tighter. I would rate this product with 5 stars because of the minor problem.

👤This is a great product. This is a win for someone who is always looking for ways to reduce their plastic use. The container is easy to open and refill. It has a light mint flavour and is not too thick. Even if you don't refill floss, the container is a good size for storing small objects.

👤Le boitier en bois is a chouette. There is a a nettoie vraiment!

👤Fantastic product! It works great despite being plastic, and loves all it's eco-friendly qualities. The bamboo container is very convenient and easy to refill. Quite happy with the purchase.

9. GumChucks Faster Flossing Disposable Refills

GumChucks Faster Flossing Disposable Refills

Each pack contains 30 disposable flossing tips that are compatible with all of their handles. It's convenient and easy to use. The flossing tips are made with twisted fiber. The floss has a high-shred tolerance that allows it to glide underneath the gum line. Gum Chucks has a unique two-handled system that allows you to create the Dentist-recommended "C-Shape" technique while flossing. The test was approved. A study conducted by the UCLA School of Dentistry found that children ages 4-9 using Gum Chucks were more effective at removing plaque than children ages 10-15 using regular floss. There is no more cut-off circulation from floss-wrapped fingers. It's not necessary to adjust the length and tension of the floss to Floss faster between all of your teeth.

Brand: Gumchucks (gumca)

👤I have never been able to floss my teeth, until a friend discovered them at 47. It was impossible with plain floss or flossing tools I could find, because of my hands and dexterity. I tried using things like Water Picks and Hydro Flosses, but they were not enough. My dentist was talking about referring me to a periodontist after I had a lot of deep cleanings. After 6 months with floss chucks, my dentist was amazed at the progress. I use them every day without fail and I am working to get multiple angles on and around each tooth. A year of cleanings every three months, flossing with floss and brushing, and there is a reduction in all pockets, and only a couple of spots. For the first time in years, I am not afraid of going to the dentist and I am not afraid of losing my teeth, because these things are the only way I can floss. Huzzah!

👤I was looking for a way to get my kids excited about flossing. They found it fun to launch the floss heads out of them when they were done. Whether it's on yourself or someone else, these are difficult to use. I thought you would be able to use this with regular floss, so I should have paid more attention to the packaging. I was looking for an alternative to flossers and didn't want to buy something that was wasteful.

👤I've been using these things for a few years now, they were recommended by my dentist. I used to buy them directly from the manufacturer, but now they're on Amazon at a lower price. There is a My dentist told me to use one for a few days until it gets too thin and then rinse it after every use. There is a Unless you put too much pressure on the handles, they will crack or break.

👤I have always flossed before I go to bed but never because my teeth are close together and I had to force the floss between my teeth many times. The floss handles give me more control, because I no longer have to cut my fingers. I don't have to touch the used floss as I can press on the tips of the handles directly into the trash can and the floss piece drops in.

👤Just like all floss. This should not be used again. One time use per floss piece is on the packaging. Hopefully that will clear up some questions. I've used these a total of four times. I like the design of these. I think it's easier to floss the correct way. The handles make the "C" rotation easy. I am giving this product 4 stars because it is almost perfect. It is almost halfway through flossing. Which is not a big deal. Do you think about flossing? You shift using multiple parts of a large piece of floss. You only have a small piece of floss to floss over and over in your mouth. It makes sense that it is going to fall. I still think it's worth the money and I like the clean feel. The refill is recommended. You are supposed to dispose of them after a single use.

10. Biodegradable Charcoal Candelilla Peppermint Essential

Biodegradable Charcoal Candelilla Peppermint Essential

You can buy refill after the success of their bread. They sell at craft fairs and artisan markets. Feel free to buy this 100% Biodegradable VEGAN Bamboo Charcoal Dental Floss Family Pack refill on AMAZON. The Floss length is from a family owned company who helps the environment. The ECO floss is made from bamboo charcoal fiber and breaks down in 60-90 days. All packaging is made from recycled materials. Help the environment while using a high quality product with the amazing deal 4-pack of the best floss. The ECO FLOSS is very easy to use and very comfortable. 10% of their profits are donated to ocean and environmental preservation. Their packaging is made of recycled materials. They will make it right if you don't like your purchase. Check out. Click "add to cart" for their ECO FLOSS and try their PREMIUM collapsible straw and foldable spork kit before you checkout. They are constantly developing products that are convenient to use. Mother Earth. Thanks a lot.

Brand: Me Mother Earth

👤This is the best floss I have ever used. I've tried a lot of different flosses. The floss is strong and thick. The silk floss broke multiple times in flossing. The other bamboo brands were too thick and hurt my gums when floss snapped to the bottom of my tooth when I pulled it in between my teeth. There is a I recommend this floss. Nobody asked me to do a review or give me anything.

👤I ordered this thinking that it's not like the thick stuff. I'm not going to like it. I'm buying it because it's good for the environment. Surprise! The product quality is terrific, and the glass container is great for storing things. The floss does not break between the teeth. I don't notice much of a scent or flavor, but it performs well. It is easier to use than the thicker stuff. The glass container, the compostable/recyclable packaging, and the compostability of the floss itself are all things that I appreciate.

👤A good product. It's pretty thick. I have very tight contacts and my wife and I both have to floss between our teeth before it breaks or we hurt ourselves.

👤I have gum issues and have to floss. I switched to this product a few months ago from regular dental floss, which is probably Teflon-coated. This floss works just as well for me. I don't have to worry about toxic substances in my mouth and I don't have to worry about hard-to-degrade products in the environment. The glass container takes up very little room in my medicine cabinet. I gave the charcoal floss 4 stars for "flavor," but this is not a criticism since the floss has no flavor that I can discern. I wanted to answer "non-applicable".

👤Many of the leading brands contain toxic PFAS chemicals. There is a This floss is perfect for flossing because it doesn't break or shred, it's the right diameter. You can buy a glass container without the refills.

👤I bought this because I hate buying plastic that I'm going to throw away and it looked like a good option. There is a The first couple of times I used floss on my teeth, I hated it. I realized that commercial floss had left my teeth in a bad state when I stopped using it for the third time. My teeth are being cleaned very soon. It cleans my teeth much better than the big floss brands.

👤I tried this floss to reduce my plastic use. I asked my dental hygienist to give me her opinion. We both agree that it is strong and does the job. It composts quickly in my home composter and I can distinguish no taste. It costs pennies more per yard than the plastic floss I had been buying. I would recommend it to others.

👤I want to love this product, but it is not as user friendly as I would have liked. The floss is easy to pull out of the container, but in use on tight contact teeth it tears your teeth. There is still a search for the best option.

11. Toughness Toothpicks Sticks Vegan Eco Friendly Sustainable

Toughness Toothpicks Sticks Vegan Eco Friendly Sustainable

Their sticks are more eco-friendly than plastic picks because they are made out of corn starch. 50 count per package comes in a 100% recyclable paper package. High quality, skilled worker: TheBamboo charcoal floss is easy to break, and it is easy to get to those hard to reach places for a deep clean. The dental floss handle is made from corn. Mint flavor leaves your mouth feeling clean. There is a non-sLIP handle design. Dental floss can remove plaque that the toothbrush can't reach. It can be used as a toothpick. The middle part has a design that enhances the hand feeling and protects the teeth. It's easy to carry dental floss in your pocket, backpack, car, or wherever you need it, because it's packaged in eco-friendly paper. Quality guarantee. If you have a problem with their products, please contact their customer service team, they will be glad to assist you.

Brand: Razoko

👤These are floss pics, so they are fine if you like them. The floss is strong. The pointed handle makes it easier to use as a toothpick. They haven't been easy for me, so I haven't tried with my dad. The environmental benefits leave a lot to be desired. It takes four passes instead of two to cover my teeth. For more details, read on. There is a I'll floss after I finish with the floss pics. It takes more effort to cover all the spaces between the teeth. I need to use string floss to wrap around the curve of the back tooth and the front tooth, then use it to move between the teeth. Since pic floss doesn't curve, I have to go down the back tooth with an angle toward my cheek side, then again with an angle toward my tongue side. There are two more It was difficult to learn to use the pics. I realized that I needed to put my fingers on the plastic part. It was hard to get these to go between my teeth when I held the pic by the extended handle. It takes a sawing action and the right angle to get the floss out of my teeth. Even though I was pulling up hard, the floss would get stuck. I was worried that I would have to remove one of my crowns. It was scary until I figured out a better way to use these. The purpose of buying them was defeated because I couldn't see my dad using them. There are 3 more I think string floss in a cardboard dispensers makes more sense. The plastic in these pics is made from PLA, which takes 80 years to break down in nature, and "compostable", which means industrial composting at high temperatures. Under normal back yard composting conditions, PLA won't compost.

👤I have a bad time with floss. The floss in these picks has held up well. I am very impressed. It's compostable to boot. Excellent product.

👤Plackers mint flavor is used for tight teeth. The product felt a little harder to hold when I first used it. The fold out pic on the end is something I like about Plackers. The pic isn't sticking out all the time and you have to fold it out to use it. I like the way the platter looks for design and taste. It was important for me to find an eco-friendly product that I could throw out the window of my car. I want to carry them with me and use them more often if I have a more disposable product. I have become satisfied with them after using them for 3 to 4 uses.

👤These are great. The plastic seems to hold up better than a normal store. There is a The lower profile head is deep enough to get all of the tooth, but it is a bit easier to use than the deeper store bought. There is a They say it's eco friendly. I don't know how but if they are that is a bonus. I would pick these over any other picks.


What is the best product for eco friendly floss picks kids?

Eco friendly floss picks kids products from Me Mother Earth. In this article about eco friendly floss picks kids you can see why people choose the product. Plackers and Treebird are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly floss picks kids.

What are the best brands for eco friendly floss picks kids?

Me Mother Earth, Plackers and Treebird are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly floss picks kids. Find the detail in this article. Practicon, Yapoola and Ohm Earth are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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