Best Eco Friendly Floss Threader

Floss 29 Mar 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Natural Floss Picks Sustainable Flossers

Natural Floss Picks Sustainable Flossers

Simple, conscious changes can help reduce your environmental footprint. This is the reason they developed their floss picks. Their floss picks are made with corn starch material, which is better for the environment. They understand that people want to reduce their plastic waste but want the same performance as their plastic counter part. The corn starch alternative has the same effectiveness as any other flosser. They offer the highest quality floss available. They know you will love their product. The Earth needs change and they want everyone to take the first step to reduce their impact on the environment.

Brand: Innovative Life Company

👤These are not free of plastic. This is not true. They are made from plastic and are called cornstarch and ABS. It's less eco friendly than normal flossers because they can't be recycled.

👤Floss sticks work better than conventional floss. I wish there was a way to dispose of them. Can I compost in my yard?

👤The new ones are better than the plastic ones. There is a There is no mint flavor. There are two lines of floss. Get the job done.

👤My child loves flossers. The grip is good, but no flavor, double floss, and it's more expensive than plastic.

👤You can sleep at night knowing that these won't be found in the ocean.

👤Work is long lasting and sustainable.

👤I was glad to not use plastic, but I did not like these. They have two pieces of string across which makes it very uncomfortable to floss with.

👤It's hard to get the double flosser between my teeth because they're too large. I will stick with the old fashion method.

2. Natural Dental Floss Picks 4pk

Natural Dental Floss Picks 4pk

These flossers and dental picks are brought to you by dentists who care about your health, their environment and children in need of oral care products. Their products help fund oral health projects for children around the world. Go for it! Their dental floss picks include plant-based materials to minimize the stress on their environment while providing a first-class experience. 200 count in total, 50 per pack. The shape of the pick makes it easy to get to hard-to-reach places, while double threading ensures that food debris is effectively removed. These dental picks are vegan and cruelty-free. A FRESH FEEL IS GIVEN BY HIGH QUALITY, SHIVED RESISTANT. The thread is easy to slide between teeth. You will get a fresh feel with natural xylitol and mint. SUPPORT US ON FOR HEALTHIER PEOPLE ON A HEALTHIER PLANET. If you don't like your product, please contact them and they will do everything in their power to make it right.

Brand: The Humble Co.

👤I became suspicious of these picks after using them for a while. They feel, look, and burn like plastic. I soaked one in water and buried the other in compost for a while. The vendor admits that the questions are plastic. They say you can recycle them, but they won't accept small plastic items in most cities. They go to the trash. Is it vegan? Plastic is vegan. They're terrible at performance. They are hard to get in between my teeth, and don't perform as well as the cheapo ones I can get in the states. They are still painful to use after a while. A product is an all around bummer. These guys should be ashamed.

👤The picks have a two string floss system, which isn't particularly sturdy, and is not effective in my experience. The product has misleading advertising which makes it appear as if you are buying an eco-friendly product. The strings are made of nylon and the picks are made of plastic.

👤They're supposed to be free from teflon and other perflouro chemicals. They are more difficult to get in between the teeth. They do the best flossing I've ever seen, even by my dentist. I don't feel like I need to brush after using these. I do, mom. These are not composted nor are they recyclable. " Eco-friendly?" That's a marketing term that has no real definition. Is corn starch and PLA better for the environment? PLAs are supposed to degrade quicker than regular plastic. I'm not sure if the "eco-friendly paper packaging" is plastic or not, as it has a ziploc closure and lining. There is a These are intended to be single-use, like most dental cleaning devices, but I'm able to refresh them for reuse, which is probably the most effective form of " eco-friendliness"

👤The picks are lined up. My teeth are very clean. I love that they are not harmful to the environment. I don't know if the bag comes in. I like them a lot, but I need to know if the bag is made of sustainable materials.

👤When I used one last night, I was amazed. The difference between the Glide and these are much greater. It is cleaner than any other brand I have used. I will buy these again.

👤The flossers are the same as the plastic ones. They will break down and go away, unlike the plastic alternative. The price is the same. The dual strings work well with them. I have a few tight spots between my teeth but they fit and do not break like I read in reviews of competing brands. I will buy more in the future. I might buy a few for family and friends to try and get them on board.

👤You're paying more for a pick that ends up in a landfill because they're still made with plastic and nylon.

👤The design and fibers of these picks seem to upset. If you don't have any teeth, this might be useful. I regret not having regular floss-picks or floss as I am trying to pick out the black fuzz of picks 1 and 2. A psychopath would invent such a tool. I can imagine no other reason a manufacturer would invent this, to celebrate the masochistic satisfaction of its customers. I feel ashamed to toss these out in public for my clients to use, but I am embarrassed to have them out in public. This is a cursed item.

3. Natural Dental Floss Picks 4pk

Natural Dental Floss Picks 4pk

These flossers and dental picks are brought to you by dentists who care about your health, their environment and children in need of oral care products. Their products help fund oral health projects for children around the world. Go for it! Their dental floss picks include plant-based materials to minimize the stress on their environment while providing a first-class experience. 200 count in total, 50 per pack. The shape of the pick makes it easy to get to hard-to-reach places, while double threading ensures that food debris is effectively removed. These dental picks are vegan and cruelty-free. A FRESH FEEL IS GIVEN BY HIGH QUALITY, SHIVED RESISTANT. The thread is easy to slide between teeth. You will get a fresh feel with natural xylitol and mint. SUPPORT US ON FOR HEALTHIER PEOPLE ON A HEALTHIER PLANET. If you don't like your product, please contact them and they will do everything in their power to make it right.

Brand: The Humble Co.

👤I was made aware of being eco-friendly when it came to plastic.

👤I wanted to reduce the amount of plastic. The images show them in paper packaging, but inside the paper box are four plastic pouches. It's unbelievable. The target audience for these was misunderstanding. I know I won't buy them again, even though I haven't tried them yet.

👤I'm sick of single use plastic and wondered what I could do. I ordered these because we use floss sticks a lot, and it's a good place to start. These things are amazing, one of them has the double string, and they work really well. They are more expensive than running out to a store and getting run of the mill, but as with a lot of things, the price would go down if more people switched. I choose to waste my money on things I don't need and I look at it as being more aware of what I'm doing. We are trying to be more conscious of our impact to the environment because we are only one person. It's all we can do.

👤I wanted to like them. I like the idea. Execution is not good. Not economical and quality product. There is a The floss string is hard to use and not comfortable. The teeth at the gum line are not compatible with the pick end. It was not a good product. I would love a more sustainable option to flosspicks, but these just don't work, so I hope they improve upon this. I have 4 bags of them. Will probably try to return. There is a They are made with plastic and won't biodegrade. Shame on this company for the way they market their product.

👤I have been looking for floss that is not made out of plastic, but is still good. The only floss I have found are the loose kinds. I don't know how to use them. I was looking for a pick that wouldn't snap when I use it. I have used flossing picks before, but these are the best I have ever used. The double lining helps pull out food that would have been forced in with just one. My aunt was looking for the same thing and I recommended this product to her. I love it and you will too.

👤These picks were advertised as "bio-degradable", "eco-friendly", and "made from plant based materials". I decided to pay more for something more eco-friendly because I was sick of using single-use plastic picks. There is a The back jacket of the package states that the floss picks have a handle made from a mix of plant based materials and PP. PP Material is a non-recyclable, non-degradable, and not recyclable material. If The Humble Co cared about producing an eco-conscious product, they could easily substitute the bio-PP alternative. This product's deceptive marketing practices made me very disappointed. It's a great floss pick. They make their brand out to be, but I wish they were more transparent and eco-friendly. I will not buy from The Humble Co in the future.

4. Hello Oral Care Activated Peppermint

Hello Oral Care Activated Peppermint

There are three packs of hello activated charcoal infused floss. This floss is made from sustainable bamboo to help remove plaque. The activated charcoal infused floss is vegan and can glide between teeth without breaking them. There is a charcoal floss that is non-gmo and no shred. It has a natural flavor to thrill your taste buds. Be friendly. hello is vegan, never tested on animals, and made in the USA. Floss and greet each other.

Brand: Hello

👤Since I will no longer use Oral-b Glide floss, I have been trying different kinds of natural floss. It was a little difficult to get in and out of my teeth, but it was okay. I like Dr. Tung's brand the best of all the ones I've tried. The charcoal aspect of this product may be nothing more than a stunt, but I haven't studied it. I will not be buying this again until I am done with all 3 of them.

👤I have been using this dental floss for a long time and I ordered this multi-pack. It was not the same product as the one I bought at Target. The floss in this pack was not the same as the actual product, but it was wax floss. I thought it was a bad pack. The second and third packs were opened by me. They were all the same. I went back to Target to see if the floss was okay. When I opened it, it was clear to me that this was a knock-off.

👤My problem with this floss is that my teeth are very close together, and this floss just didn't work. I had no problem with the floss in general, but it was too painful to get it out of my teeth, and it was hard to get it out. I hope I can find a floss that is natural for me.

👤I don't want to floss. I feel like I'm trying to pull my teeth with the floss because it gets caught between my teeth. It starts to fall apart.

👤This floss is made of a different type of material than most floss on the market, and it goes against the grain. This floss is made from bamboo and is non-toxic. This floss is the best I have ever used. It is my main source of income. I don't mind that the information is actually made in South America, at least it isn't the PRC.

👤There were days when I didn't floss. I do it daily now. I love floss. It's neither slick nor rough. My dentist wants me to not use gliding flosses because they don't grab the rough stuff. I can floss without fighting, but I'm removing gunk. I don't want to be without it so I order in bulk.

👤This floss is the best. It is easy to use, strong, and tastes great.

👤The texture is a bit thicker than other floss, but the whole family is happy with it. You can see it better. There isn't a distinct flavor. It is chemical-free.

5. Platypus Earthwise Natural Dental Floss

Platypus Earthwise Natural Dental Floss

Healthier and wealthier. They can make small changes to promote a happier, healthier tomorrow, but they can't reverse environmental or oral health issues overnight. EarthWise natural dental floss picks can be used to support your personal hygiene and reduce your environmental impact. Green picks and packing are eco-friendly. The flossers are made from corn starch. The amount of plastic in their landfills will be reduced by 140 degrees F. It is easy and effective. The thread can easily navigate between teeth and gum lines to remove plaque and debris. The floss pick can be used to remove debris between teeth. GLUTEN-FREE & VEGAN: Unflavored, vegan, and free of wheat. The community of dental experts with over 30 years of industry experience is behind EarthWise. Flossers can be incorporated into your daily oral care routine. These flossers are not for braces.

Brand: Platypus

👤They seem fine but this version is not for braces. I didn't know platypus made flossers.

👤The floss part is very good, but the toothpick part is too thick to get stuck in food.

👤I bought these because I know that the brand is made in the USA, but they were made in China. Not only that. I'm not sure if this is an old product, because these aren't on the website. I won't buy them again.

👤I am very happy with the dental picks. The floss shreds a bit harder than my preferred picks. I am allergic to mint and I can't find the tape dental picks. These were a great substitute.

👤This is a typical flosser, but more earth-friendly. The orthodontist suggested I buy "Platypus flossers". The only type of flosser that works with braces is the Platypus style. The floss is held on one end that is very thin. I have another bag of flossers that I won't be able to use for 2 years. The company name is interesting. I should have done more research before buying.

👤I was told by my dentist that I needed to use flosser picks. These are just like the plastic ones. I feel better knowing these are not harmful to the environment.

👤It's too expensive for what you get.

6. Charcoal Peppermint Essential Naturally Eco Friendly

Charcoal Peppermint Essential Naturally Eco Friendly

Eco friendly, Bamboo fibre with activated charcoal. In about 60-90 days, it breaks down and is sent in recycled packaging. It's very easy to use and it's good for your teeth.

Brand: Lilu

👤I switched to natural toothpaste a few years ago, but still use regular floss. I decided to try it right away after seeing this one. The product did not fail to impress. It has a fresh smell and works well for me. The packaging is very cute.

👤We don't have another planet to line on so we are trying to be eco friendly. When I found this floss, I thought we should try it because we had Bamboo toothbrushes, utensils, plates and other stuff. I will order more for sure. A regular floss feels better. 5 stars.

👤The floss is the best I have ever had. I use essential oils, so I am used to the tea tree oil taste. I use charcoal toothpaste, powder and toothbrush. The packaging is very easy to use.

👤The floss is too thick for my teeth and is not waxed. I like that it comes in a glass container, but I wish it was thinner.

👤I didn't think a black floss would make a difference in how well I floss. I feel like my teeth are clean now that I do it for a long time. Just re-ordered. They say that once you go black, you remove the plaque.

👤Others have said it is a small container. Things wouldn't care for someone who has a hard time grasping. The floss is very thin. I need more. It is more than a thread.

👤I was excited to try the floss. It works very well. There is a Will order a few more for sure.

👤After my recent visit to the doctor, he told me to get some dental floss for my teeth. I have tried a number of companies and stopped on this one. It's a cute looking bottle and it's stylish. floss is strong and doesn't rip as easily as others, and it makes your teeth and breath feel fresh. Would recommend it to everyone!

7. GUM 897 Crayola Flossers Fluoride Coated

GUM 897 Crayola Flossers Fluoride Coated

Whitening mint formula improves the appearance of your teeth and leaves you with a clean mouth and refreshed teeth. Great for on-the-go dental care. Make flossing easy. There is a note. This product is not old. The cleaning made fun. The GUM Crayola Kids' Flossers help to keep the between-teeth areas clean and free of plaque by teaching them health-promoting habits from early in life. The special design for children has 3 designs and 3 colors with a delicious grape flavoured fluoride coating. They can be used by parents and caregivers. It's recommended by dental hygienists. Their products make it easy to clean hard-to-reach areas where plaque can lead to inflammation, bleeding and gingivitis. You can get to the goal of between-teeth cleaning at least once a day. Between cleanings. There are many problems between teeth. Quality products have been created to make food and plaque removal easy. The mission of the Gum Mission. They are committed to helping people of all ages have stronger, healthier teeth and gums by providing high quality, innovative oral care products that promote optimal dental health.

Brand: Gum

👤Did you know that your child's dentist will put a crown on their tooth? I'm not talking about a 6 year old's adult tooth, I'm talking about a crown on a tooth that will fall out before the procedure bill is paid. Kids are terrible things that lie to you. Did you floss? When she came out of the bathroom, I would ask. The little liar would say yes. This kid's dentist has charged me a lot of money for being naive. If you have a pathological liar on your hands, invest in these nifty little things. The kid will use floss if it tastes good. Go figure.

👤When I ordered this, I was worried that my children would not like it. I purchased the part because of its fluoride content. The grape flavor is not overwhelming and my children loved it. Some people shred the string portion after a few teeth. The back of their small mouths were easy to reach with the angle of the floss. I would buy this again. The review is based on my own experience with the product. I am not associated with the company. If this was helpful, please click here. Thanks in advance.

👤Most of us don't have a nose like this. When my daughter got these, she was happy. She could use them like the dentist did. My daughter dumped the entire package in her toothbrush drawer because these aren't the ones the dentist used. I wanted to see her use them but she wouldn't. I know kids are picky. I've always been of the opinion that I wouldn't try anything first and that's why I'm not going to make her do it. I went into her drawer and found 888-353-1299 I thought it was still. okay I tried them. I couldn't get past my tongue. I've had dental work done where I've had gross stuff in my mouth. This is very nasty. I knew I wouldn't make her use them. I threw them away. It took me a long time to get the smell out of her drawer. Everything from her toothbrush to the bottom of the drawer was caked in a smell that wouldn't go away. If you get these, keep them in their bag or find something that seals tight, you won't make your kids try them again, I swear.

👤My kids need to floss. The 5yr old had a lot of dental problems. I could see what I was doing with my hands in their mouths. There is a I ordered these because of the colors. There is a The kids say they don't taste like grape but they smell like bubble gum. I floss quickly and keep my hands out of the kids mouth. There is a The 2yr old is used to the routine and can floss his teeth. I hope the next appointment will be better.

8. COCOFLOSS Coconut Oil Infused Dentist Designed Cruelty Free

COCOFLOSS Coconut Oil Infused Dentist Designed Cruelty Free

Cocofloss is the world's best dental floss because it gently scrubs away plaque and debris. Did they mention that it smells delicious? There are brightens smiles. The floss that you use is too slick to remove plaque. It is like trying to clean dishes with a bag. Cocofloss is not the same. The textured weave gives it a maximal surface area to snatch plaque and debris from between your teeth. ECO-FRIENDLY & CRUELTY-FREE. All of their full-sized containers can be used. Leaping Bunny is the gold-standard in certification for non- animal tested products. Toxics, including sulfates, and PFAS, are not included in the SAFE INGREDIENTS. Cocofloss has a light coating of vegan wax and aromatic fruit oils. It's fun for kids. Want to get kids excited about floss? Give them floss options. Your tot will be turned into a floss boss by their fruity fragrances and durable weave.

Brand: Cocolab

👤I am not the only one who fell in love with Listerine Woven Floss and was devastated when they discontinued it. I decided to try CocoFloss because other reviews state it is a close comparison to a couple of different flosses. The flavor of cinnamon makes listerine soft and thick. It glides between your teeth. When using this floss, there are never any complaints. Now CocoFloss. The floss is more dense and packed in the picture. It isn't soft. I don't think it feels like floss. It is close to that idea. It comes in between your teeth since it is not soft. I like the mint flavor that I got and it is very mild. It leaves my mouth feeling clean. I would recommend it for someone who dislikes the wax or paper-like floss. I bought a 4-pack of Listerine and CocoFloss will do for me until I finish it. I will look for a different brand when I finish.

👤I'm happy to see that Cocofloss is on Amazon Prime. My mouth feels clean and fresh every time I use this floss. The floss is thicker than many of the big box brands out there and I can't go back to the old floss I used to use because they are so thin and flimsy. I love the scent of coconut and the packaging. It makes my bathroom more cheerful and I enjoy my self care routine. I went in for a dental cleaning three days ago and the hygienist was impressed by how healthy my gums are thanks to Cocofloss! It's a good thing. The price point of Cocofloss is high, but I haven't had a dental checkup since I switched over. Spending a few dollars more on floss is a great investment for not having to spend hundreds on dental work.

👤I was hesitant to buy this floss because of its high price. I finally placed an order because cocofloss has received superior reviews on various websites, and my dental hygienist recommended woven floss because it removes plaque better. This is great floss. floss is hard to force between my teeth, and I have really tightly spacing my teeth. Listerine Ultra clean floss stretches thinly and I can usually get it in between. It never shreds. cocofloss feels more sturdy than the Listerine brand, and falls like it's cleaning between my teeth more effectively. Even though it's woven, it has never shredded on me, and it squeezes between my teeth. I love it and will pay the high price to get it.

👤I used to use the listerine woven floss until it was discontinued, and my periodontist recommended this floss as an alternative. It's like I've upgraded from a car to a car, but in terms of how happy my teeth are! She was amazed at how healthy my teeth were after 6 months of using this floss. It's a good idea for those with gums that need extra care.

👤The quantity of floss is overpriced.

👤I don't write reviews for things like floss. Cocofloss is different. I recommend it to my friends and they love it. It's one of those things that you need to try. The floss is made of thin, fuzzy fibers that won't cut your gums and will pick up a lot of icky stuff between your teeth. The flavor is not like a smell. It was pleasant and not strong. After trying a few of the other ones, coconut is still my favorite. I always check their website for specials because they have limited edition flavors likeVanilla andPassion fruit. My dentist has a jar of Cocofloss in his office and he knows that it works.

9. Refillable Naturally Candelilla Biodegradable Eco Friendly

Refillable Naturally Candelilla Biodegradable Eco Friendly

Their floss is perfect for all of you who are trying to take a more eco-friendly approach on the world. Good on you! One glass bottle floss holder with one bamboo charcoal floss is included in this offer. You can use the glass container for as long as you please. The packaging is printed with soybean ink and can go straight to your compost pile. The dental floss is made of activated bamboo charcoal and is very strong. It has a small amount of polyester to help the floss stand up. It's made with plant-based candelilla wax and has a fresh flavor. TreeBird floss will glide between your teeth and won't break in the tightest space. It is suitable for people with sensitive gums. There was no animal testing. The floss will take a long time to biodegrade. Making their packaging as green as possible is one of the things they are constantly working on. They pack their products in a small box. The ink they use is made of soy-bean that breaks down quicker than oil-based ink. The stickers on the packaging are made of plant-based material and are designed to prevent dust from entering the packaging. All for a cleaner planet. Keep up the good work with the 3 R's. You can reuse their glass holder for as long as you want. You should not buy new plastic holders if you need to get new floss. Once the time comes, recycle the holder with glass and metal. It is easy-peasy! In rare cases, the holder can get damaged during transit and they'll move mountains to fix it. If you want to try their vegan floss, hit the "add to cart" button. If you would like to use 100% compostable floss, you should try it before checkout. If you're also looking for a new toothbrush, make sure you purchase their value pack bamboo toothbrush set for a true eco-friendly oral hygiene experience. Planet Earth was approved!

Brand: Treebird

👤I like the floss. I love that it is not made of plastic. It's in line with my goal to waste less. I didn't think to wrap my floss in bubble wrap when I traveled. The shattered glass made a big mess. I ordered another container. This one lasted about 3 months. I keep it in my toothbrush container. I dropped it and it shattered again. I would like it to come in a tin or something more durable. The glass is nice but I am not ready for it at this point in my life.

👤The floss has a star on it. It doesn't break as many as tight teeth. You get the satisfaction of seeing the nasty material between your teeth because it is black. The bottle is made of glass and has a metal top. It is a blessing that there is no plastic. There is a The loss of one star is not due to ease. We need to open the bottle. A small annoyance for a great floss. There is a An aside. I don't floss every day like my husband, but I feel better the next day if I do. I know, but should anyone else notice this, let me know.

👤I don't write a lot of reviews but I am so excited about this floss that I had to take the time to do one. Who is excited about dental floss? I know. It's crazy. I've been looking for a replacement after reading about the scary chemicals in floss. I tried Tom's. It's so thick that it's almost useless. I bought this and Wowe silk floss. Both are easy to use. The floss my dentist sends me home has all the chemicals in it. It doesn't break between my teeth, even the teeth that are tight together. There is a The reason I'm sticking with the TreeBird is that black floss makes it easy to see all the bad stuff on your teeth. I'm not sure why someone hasn't thought of this before. It's motivating me to floss more. I'm a bit clumsy so I'm a little worried about breaking the glass bottle, but I love this floss so much I'm going to keep buying it. There is a I think that this is my favorite dental floss even if I wasn't worried about it.

👤I am a big fan of this floss. The little glass jar is easy to use. It took a little more work to get this floss between my teeth, but it was never an issue. It's black so you can see what's in your mouth. I couldn't find any refill after I finished my first roll, so I got this brand of floss. It's a little easier to get in between my teeth with that one, and I feel like it does a better job of cleaning my teeth off.

👤It was great to purchase this floss for the first time. It was not very minty and never broke or shredded. I had to buy the refill. The refill is not as good as the original one. It breaks multiple times when flossing and isn't as minty as the first time. I'm hoping it's a mistake and the next batches are better.

10. Clean Idea EcoFlosser Biodegradable Sustainable

Clean Idea EcoFlosser Biodegradable Sustainable

EcoFlosser handles are made with plant-based materials that are biodenatured. The EcoFlosser handles are made with plant-based plastic and no petroleum based plastic. EcoFlosser floss material is the most shred resistant floss material available for maximum efficacy and better performance than competitor nylon floss, and the handle gives you easy access to hard-to-reach teeth, making it easy to use with no rinsing. All Clean Idea packaging is made with eco friendly paper and is plastic free with the exception of their tamper proof stickers.

Brand: Clean Idea

👤Today's recycling system does not use PLA. They are made from PLA. It was very misleading.

👤When I ran out of my usual brand name option, I bought these. I loved that they were not harmful to the environment. When I opened them, they had a box within a box that kept them contained. They got out the old plaque that the brand left behind. I think having a skinner floss allowed it to travel to areas that my regular one couldn't. From now on, I will be buying this. Great product!

👤I love the idea of flossers. I was guilty of using single use flossers. The floss catches more in my teeth than other single use flossers I've used. The curve at the end of the flosser presses into my palm. I hadn't noticed that with other brands. I'm not sure if I'll be a repeat buyer unless there are changes to the design.

👤Not the color depicted. It's too expensive.

👤I understand that the packaging is meant to be green, but there needs to be something to keep it sanitary. These come in a box that anyone can get their paws into before I stick them in my mouth. Ew. When I came back to see if this was the same product as before, I read a review that stated it wasn't actually biodegradable so I did a little bit of research. Unless they are put into an industrial compost site, they don't break down under normal conditions. Guess I will keep searching.

👤The name brand samples I used to get these were from the dentist. I feel better if I use 100% plastic ones, but I am not sure if they are truly compostable. The floss on these isn't waxed so it's harder to get it in between teeth. I haven't had the floss break yet because of my tight teeth.

👤I wanted to reduce plastic waste so I bought these. I was willing to give up some quality. I was pleasantly surprised. These are the same or better quality as the plastic ones I have been ordering. They are cheaper and come in better packaging. The box makes a small drawer so it is very convenient and organized. I love these!

👤I don't want to throw away the floss picks. I feel better using these picks. Some reviewers complain about the sharp point on the bottom of the floss pick. It's easy to move your finger and not have it affect you. The product is great for me and the environment.

11. Bridge Aid Threaders Packs Each

Bridge Aid Threaders Packs Each

You will get 50 BridgeAid Dental Floss Threaders. Floss for braces to promote healthy teeth. It helps to maintain oral health. Cleaning, brushing and flossing between teeth is done with a Multipurpose Threader Floss. floss under bridges and braces

Brand: Bridgeaid

👤I got a bridge on my teeth about six months ago. The hygienist made flossing sound easy. She demonstrated. She didn't use a threader. There is a When I tried it at home, I discovered that my mouth is too small to see where to put floss on the bridge. I knew I had to floss there. I went to a drugstore. I picked the one that I liked the most. There weren't many choices. I gave up after hours of frustration in front of the bathroom mirror. There wasn't a way to get the string into the space. I had to use my water pik until I could solve the problem. I started to search after I got online. I was willing to try anything. I ran across these theaters. I ordered some because I didn't think anything made of plastic would do it. They were delivered quickly and in good condition. I liked the limited amount of packaging they used. There are just small paper envelopes with threaders. I used standard, thin, waxed floss. I was able to find the space between the bridge and gum with the tip and it was threaded right through. I was very happy. Mission accomplished! I recommend these flossing aides for anyone who works with bridge.

👤These are great! I recommend these little wonders highly. I was intimidated by the idea of keeping my teeth healthy under the bridge, and I used a threader from my dentist. I tossed it and began the search for a sturdy object that would allow me to grasp the end of the threader easily. I tried the skinny ones from the drug store that made so many false promises, and then I tried the "super floss" with one stiff end that made me wish for better days. gagging on them is once too often. I ran across these beautiful people and am very happy with them. I like that they're slightly curved and that I can easily find the end of the bridge without a mirror. Get these. Get a lot of them.

👤I have retainers. I've neglected my periodontal health in the past, but I've been working on it. I was told to get these to floss under and between my retainers. These are not good. They are sharp and flat. I tried to pull these through my teeth, but they were slicing my gums like a knife. I am. I have attached a picture of the left side. The ones on the right should be. Don't spend your money on these. You can pay more for the good ones.

👤The large loop versions do not hold up. I had this style in the past, but it was hard to find. My mother-in-law thought the large loop style was offensive and that old people couldn't see it. I told her I'd trade her for the large loop style because I had a good supply of the small eye style. Although they were easier to thread with floss, the large loop style split easily and had to be replaced more often than the small eye style. I was only able to get the large loop style in grocery stores and pharmacy, but I was always on the lookout. When I saw them on Amazon, I jumped on them. If you rinse them with soap and water, they will last a long time. I still use the large loop style, but I haven't gone through one of the small eyes yet.


What is the best product for eco friendly floss threader?

Eco friendly floss threader products from Innovative Life Company. In this article about eco friendly floss threader you can see why people choose the product. The Humble Co. and Hello are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly floss threader.

What are the best brands for eco friendly floss threader?

Innovative Life Company, The Humble Co. and Hello are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly floss threader. Find the detail in this article. Platypus, Lilu and Gum are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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