Best Eco Friendly Flossers for Adults

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1. Toothbat Dental Floss Holder Eco Friendly

Toothbat Dental Floss Holder Eco Friendly

Perhaps the best Flosser in the world. The easy flossing experience is provided by Toothbat. Your companion is reliable to prevent gum diseases. In USA, Germany, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong and Asia, there are international design awards. There are over 30 countries with patent registration. Highly recommended by the dental professionals, especially for the elderly and people with special needs.

Brand: Idi Toothbat

👤This product is pretty genius. I don't want to admit it. I have never been a regular flosser. It has always been a pain. I have insisted that I do it despite not liking it. I was looking for something that would make the process more enjoyable. I've tried a lot of things, but the creativity in the Toothbat design is amazing. I have found easy access to be helpful. I don't have to worry about getting my big hands into my small mouth. It was such a frustrating feeling. The toothbat has floss on all three sides for different access angles. It is easy to setup. A few seconds. floss around your fingers It is easy to tighten. The floss can loosen after being used for several teeth. The floss is now taught again after a simple twist and click. It's easy to keep it taught. There are four You can see what is happening. The challenge of finger flossing is having an idea of what is happening. Maybe it is me. I worry about not flossing high enough or not knowing. I can see what is happening. There is a If you like flossing with your fingers, this may not be a good idea. If you don't floss currently or want to do it for yourself, give this a try. There is a The construction and quality is excellent. This product is well designed. I've been using it for two weeks and haven't had any issues.

👤I was a little afraid of the price point and other poor reviews. I had an idea for a similar product for a long time, and this overstepped my expectations. There is a You can get it done twice in the same time, and you don't have to rinse your flosser stick after every tooth. The flosser has a built in TWIST TO TIGHTEN feature that makes the floss 100% super tight and people were complaining about it. People should read the features better. There is a bottom lid that holds extra floss. This is an amazing design and I use it with Bust Expanding Floss and can't be happier with my dental hygiene. Thank you so much!

👤This is not a necessary item for flossing, but if you set it up right, it will do a great job. Many of the disposable flossers I've purchased have eventually broken, so you can buy stringable flossers that thread parallel to the handle. This does fulfill the role of a novelty item that also happens to be the best flosser I've ever used. There is a I don't understand some of the comments here, I didn't thread it right on my first try, but I was still intuitive for everyone. There is a Their website has a video that does a great job of explaining it. I've never had any issues since. It's great to have a flosser that's easy to use and floss both your upper and lower teeth at the same time. I bought them for family members who also love them, because it's a great travel-size.

2. Amazon Brand Solimo Dental Flossers

Amazon Brand Solimo Dental Flossers

It is designed to slide between teeth. The pick can be used like a toothpick. They invite you to try Solimo Mint Flossers if you like Oral-B Complete Glide Dental Floss Picks. They are proud of their products. If you don't like it, they'll give you a full refund within a year of purchase. 1-877-485-0385

Brand: Solimo

👤I have used standard flossers for years, and usually only use one or two. It can take 10 or more because the floss keeps detaching from the flosser. I have never had a problem with any other brand of teeth. If they held up, they would be a good value, but as it is, they are a big waste.

👤I am not sure who would ever need this many flossers. There is a They are cheap and you need 3 flossers to finish the job. I would suggest buying a bigger brand. The floss breaks after two teeth, the plastic is flimsy, and the pick doesn't work as well.

👤Amazon sells a lot of toiletry items in bulk for an excellent price. I trust products with a 4-5 star rating and I love the Amazon brand. These are the worst quality plackers I have ever used. The floss is in between my teeth. I have had to use another flosser to remove what the first one left behind when I used these to floss. They leave more stuff in between my teeth than I had to begin with. I regret buying these because I trusted Amazon to have better quality stuff.

👤I was very happy at first. It was a good deal. The floss got torn as I slid it between teeth when I started a new package. The picks in the specific package tear themselves. See the picture.

👤I was greeted with a strong plastic smell when I opened the package. I was hesitant to put it in my mouth because of the chemicals they use, but I got over it quickly. The pick is a little heavier than others, but that's not a big deal, the floss does the job. My husband needs strong floss because his teeth are close. I don't think he's had time to relax. This product works well and is a good value.

👤I had a problem flossing. I did not. Not until my 30's. I'm pretty sure I can blame someone else for that. There is a I hate flossing. The process makes me angry. I floss because I find flossers. Some are good, some are bad. The ergonomics and the floss's longevity are important factors. The handles with fold-out tooth-pick are usually more expensive. I have used flossers with toothpicks. They are usually not very pleasant. The paradigm shift in comfort is what these are. They feel good in their hand. The head is fine and wouldn't change anything. I take that as a positive thing. The head is flat on the back and this improves your ability to guide and press the object with your other teeth, like when you push it into a tight gap with your jaw closing. Full marks. There is no strings, small amount of spreading of the string. It's usually weaker. There are brands that do not change. I can't remember them. Floss is not too thick. It will clean the tooth and not just slide. I was told by my dentist that I needed a robust string to clean. I buy in bulk for cheap. I found my new go-to in these after running out of stock. I have 5 stars and no complaints. These units combine all the functions and features I wanted. Will buy again. It comes with a lot.

3. Natural Dental Floss Picks 200

Natural Dental Floss Picks 200

Happy Eco creates flossers and dental picks that are Eco friendly, sustainable and friendly to the environment for both adults and kids. The non toxic vegan floss is made out of cornstarch, which is better for the earth than standard floss sticks, and comes in a 100% recyclable paper package. The floss has a strong thread to ensure that food debris is effectively removed, the shape of the tool makes it easy to access those hard to reach places, and it can be used as a toothpick. Strong and fast. The thread is resistant and has a mint flavor for a fresh feeling in your mouth and breath. They love these flossers, and they are sure you will too, but if you don't, no worries! Let them know. They will do everything they can to make you happy.

Brand: Happy Eco

👤The product is packaged in paper. There is a plastic bag in the packaging. Will not be buying again.

👤I like the idea of companies going green. They often create products without focus groups. This product is one of those instances where a focus group would have helped with development. There is a The pros include: ergonomics, eco friendly design, and function. There is a A floss that is too thin and dry to be comfortable is one of the cons. The floss is very thin. I didn't have a good time using this product, even though I tried to adjust my usage. There is a If you have a bit of space between your teeth, you will be better off than me. If they found a floss that was more comfortable. I would think about it. I bought a box of 200pcs that I can't use and won't recommend.

👤There are many different names for the products that the company is selling. These are made in China, but I put them in my search. The packaging isn't paper as advertised. What does that say about the product? Americans who care about the planet are being tricked by clever salespeople.

👤They are made from biodegrade and made of cornstarch. It's not necessary to add more plastic to the world for flossing your teeth. I am happy that they work well. I am one with tight close together teeth and might suggest trying to make floss a bit tighter. I flossed once and it lasted for hundreds of years, so I'm happy just to have a good product. The product is definitely worth the price.

👤My daughter still needs to use flossers. It felt wasteful to throw away so much plastic, so I wanted a more echo friendly solution. She doesn't seem to mind using them. They have a sharp point on the end. If you want to use it, other brands will tuck the point in. This poking point is not good for small kids or for packing for travel. I took a pair of scissors and cut off the sharp points so my seven-year-old could use it safely. Even if you are trying to reduce plastic in the planet, it may not be safe for younger children.

👤I don't like using flossers. It's hard to floss with two skinny strings on each flosser because there are only one flat string of floss. I think the idea is that two strings will clean teeth better but for people like me who have bumps in between my teeth the double string makes flossing more of a pain than it already is. I like that the material is not plastic, but I am going back to my plastic flossers now.

👤I like to use floss picks. The old version of Placker's Micromint is at the very top. The store brand of the same design, the hard polymer ones that are completely worthless, and finally, there is the store brand that is completely worthless. There is a These are between the two. They don't have a taste. I can't detect a whiff of mint on the package, even though it says " mint flavour" on the package. The packages have a strong solvent smell, but it goes away after a while. There is a They are good for chewing on, but there isn't a mint flavor. The floss arrangement is not perfect. I like single thread picks better than I have in the past.

4. GUM Crayola Twistables Flossers Fluoride

GUM Crayola Twistables Flossers Fluoride

TheSISTANT DENTAL FLOSS: Between teeth cleaning, kids need dental floss. The flossers were made with shred-resistant dental floss. A twisted dental floss that flattens to easily slip through teeth is one of the fun flossers for kids. The flossers kids will love are Watermelon, Grape, and Apple. FluoRIDE-CO FLOSS is a drug. These flossers are great for removing food particles, but they are also coated with fluoride. The handles are designed for smaller hands so they can reach the front and back teeth. TheSISTANT DENTAL FLOSS: Between teeth cleaning, kids need dental floss. The flossers were made with shred-resistant dental floss.

Brand: Gum

👤I bought these for my 3 year old because of the fun flavors. I'm a little disappointed in how thick the floss is, but she thinks they taste great. I can't get it between my adult teeth and the little kid's. She says they hurt. I've been using them for myself. I wouldn't recommend for small children.

👤My daughter has been flossed every night since she was 1 year old. I bought these floss sticks because I couldn't find my previous ones. They don't fit in my son's and my daughter complains that they hurt her mouth. The floss is larger than the sticks that we have from Target.

👤We normally get the GUM Crayola floss, but decided to try the Twistables ones for our kids because they look fun. It was harder to hold for the kids. The floss string broke easily when our kids were using it. The design is fun, but we went back to using the normal design because they seem more durable.

👤The tooth fairy dropped it. The child was expecting a fruity smell when they opened it, but it smelled like plastic. The string is thick but doable. Kid is happy and that's all that matters. Do not suggest for an adult. For kids. Yes.

👤I use these for my sons. I use them as well. These help decrease arm and hand pain. They work well on my sons as well. They like the design and colors. Overall happy with the purchase.

👤The floss is hard and thick, so it's not useful if the kids teeth are far apart.

👤These do a good job. They are great for young kids. My 12 year old hates the flavor. The handle is large. It may be great for younger kids. I won't buy them again, but they are not terrible.

👤My 5 year old is perfect for these closets. The curve in the handle makes flossing easy for him. The flavors are good and the colors are fun. I love that they clean between his little teeth. The value for how many you get is amazing. We will continue to purchase.

5. Eco Friendly Floss Picks Biodegradable

Eco Friendly Floss Picks Biodegradable

Their company mission is to limit the use of plastic and therefore their flossers are made of natural corn resistant starch and every floss stick is eco-friendly. You will love their picks. All dental floss picks are WRAPPED for you safety and hygiene, and you can use them anywhere. It is a flosser for any occasion. Adults and kids can use their toothpick flossers. The dental flossers are made of natural material and are not easy to break, and the tooth picker handle is long enough to reach the back teeth. The mint string floss is strong enough to glide between the teeth. A pack of teeth flossers, box, or bag of toothpicks is not enough. PREMIUM PACKAGING design is their focus, they believe that even eco friendly products could have an outstanding design, and it is refillable and will fit in any place you put it. 180 individually wrapped dental picks are included in a pack of 4 teeth flossers. If you are unhappy with their organic flossers, just let them know and they will do everything they can to make it right.

Brand: Premium Eco Products

👤They are individually wrapped. I carry one in my pocket when I need it. The pick is perfect. Not big and has between the teeth. The only problem is floss. It is very small. It breaks quickly. I would have liked my floss to be a bit thicker. This is a perfect travel and daily use dental aid.

👤I love that I can toss the floss in the compost. They are wrapped individually so I can take them on the go. When empty, a nice cardboard container will be used. Highly recommended.

👤I put these in a plastic container to take with me on the road as my job includes flying constantly. I feel less bad using these because they are Eco friendly. I can't use basic string floss. There is a I usually finish my whole set of teeth before these picks snap. If you have to have these pick styles, do recommend.

👤The packaging is great. The flosser works well. The picker is too heavy. The point is a little more rounded and thick than other ones I have used, so it's not as comfortable as others. There is a It is still a great product.

👤This is the only tooth flossing picture that did not break before I got done. I will never use another flosser again. 11/09/

👤The first thing you'll notice is that they are very durable. I've had pictures before that broke after the first few teeth, but not these. If you want, you can use one pic for your entire mouth. They are wrapped individually. I love that I can just throw these in my toiletry bag and not have to find another plastic bag to put them inside, since I'm planning a trip out of state. It's very convenient to use them because they are self-contained. If you put them in a glass jar on the bathroom counter, you'll keep them clean and sterile since most bathrooms have the toilet flush near the bathroom sink. I think you'll like the features of these pics. They have a long handle that makes it easy to reach your back teeth. I love these pics and can't find a single complaint to share. They're a great value.

👤I use Glide brand dental floss because it's easier to get between teeth and causes less damage to the gums. I use regular dental floss and it can be too thick to get between my teeth and I end up cutting my gums using too much force. I was surprised by how hard it is to get between my teeth with this floss. The floss is a bit ruff. There is a The big draw for me is that they are not plastic and are non-toxic. I didn't think about flossers being plastic until I saw them and they were 888-609- I recycle all the plastic I can, including bags, which I take to Walmart as they actually recycle them, whereas my local landfill only recycles the plastic that's in them. I'm forced to get used to these flossers in order to reduce my use of plastic in another area that I hadn't even thought of. I would like to see them have floss like Glide on them. I can recycle the tubes, box and wrappers because of the good price.

6. Bamboo Charcoal Dental Refills Eco Friendly

Bamboo Charcoal Dental Refills Eco Friendly

Each floss refill package contains 5 bamboo charcoal floss refill. Their floss is made from strong woven fibers that are stronger than floss made from silk and corn fiber. Eco-friendly floss. The perfect low waste product is made from their floss, which will cut down on your plastic use. Their vegan floss is made from fibers that expand to remove plaque. The candelilla wax makes it easy to slide between teeth. Each package contains 5x floss refill for a total of 165 yards of floss. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee because they think you will love their floss. Return the bamboo charcoal floss if you are unhappy.

Brand: Hemlock Home Brewing

👤I usually buy a different brand of bamboo floss but decided to use this one last time. It was a better value for a bulk package of floss. I regret it. It is easy to load into a glass container and the flavor is good, however it breaks very easily. It breaks on me when I pull it out of the container, and on my husband when he uses it. I am on the second spool and it is doing the same thing as the bad one, maybe I just got a bad one. I think you get what you pay for.

👤It works well and is strong. I'm not sure if it's plastic free. It burns like plastic after I burned it. There is a hard thing to remember. Try it and see.

👤I like the flavor of this floss. I think it is close to the perfect thickness for my tightly spacing teeth, and it is too thin and not grabbing anything. This floss can tear. I don't tear this floss. I wish the glass container had a better lid design, it is a bit annoying to get used to the angle you need to tear the floss at, but it is not a deal breaker. I have been using this floss for 4 months now and I feel this is a good amount of experience to write a review. My husband likes this floss.

👤The original vegan bamboo floss had a container with three rolls of floss. It was used once a day for almost a full year. The five roll refill pack is the same stuff. Even with tight gaps, this floss works well. The surface seems to be clean. The flavor is subtle and I don't notice it until the pack has been opened for a while.

👤I bought this because of a review that claimed it was the strongest floss they had found. This is the strongest floss I've used. My teeth are very close together and the floss I was flossing broke frequently. I used a lot of floss. There is a This floss can save time and money. It breaks once in a great while. The quality is more important than the appeal of the black color. I recommend this dental floss because it will save you time and money because you won't replace it as often.

👤I like the fact that I have zero waste when I buy more floss. I like the charcoal because it is easier to use and it is not making my teeth whiter. Great floss. It's not easy to hang onto slippery floss in those plastic containers.

👤The floss gets stuck between teeth. It is better for the environment, but it is not a perfect product.

👤floss does not shred easily and gets through between teeth In the past I used regular plastic floss, but now I use speed. My husband uses glide to move his teeth. He didn't like the floss that he chose. It is too thick.

7. Listerine UltraClean Access Flosser Refill

Listerine UltraClean Access Flosser Refill

There is a set of one flosser and four flossing heads. There is a pack of mint refill.

Brand: Listerine

👤The best floss out there. If you use it vertically, you will have great breath and perfect oral hygiene because you will get in the grooves of the gums and pull out the debris. Don't use it if you have injured gums. I've been using this product for over a decade and my dentists have never had a recommendation for me about flossing differently. I don't have blood in my mouth when they work on my teeth. Flossing is important for your health. Most people don't know that. Those who don't floss, or not enough, will die before they should. This is a fact. The rest of the body can be accessed through the mouth and oral cavity. If you use tobacco or use a device that harms you, you will die before you should. I've worked in healthcare. I know. This product will help you. Buy it. Use it. Floss that gets stuck between your teeth, makes your fingers red, and requires throwing away are better than floss that gets stuck between your teeth. It will make your life easier. Stick one in your car and 2 in your home. You will thank yourself later.

👤It's much easier to fit two fingers into the back of my mouth with these. I used to use a battery-operated flosser, but the company stopped making them. I had to find a way to floss without making me gag. It doesn't feel worse than a regular toothbrush and will reach all the way to the back teeth. I'm flossing more often and longer. It's a win all the way around. There is a My daughter is doing a better job at flossing because she likes using it more than trying to twist it around her fingers. There is a The mint-flavored heads can be a bit strong, but they don't seem all that consistent, one will be very minty and the next will barely have any flavor at all. There is a If you rinse the floss well and put it back in the package, it won't get dirt and dust on it, and you can use it more than once.

👤Can't go wrong with mint. There is a It is very good to be able to do a flossing maneuver without being pulled out the top of the teeth. If your teeth don't cut up the floss, you can re-use the actual heads. I rinse mine between uses and use them a few times. The arm can be used until you lose it or your child eats it, though I would recommend dedicating a toothbrush to cleaning it as the crevasse can be hard to clean. There is a The heads of the floss are plastic, whereas the floss itself is very minor environmental waste. Plastic based flossers are more wasteful than plastic products because they are small. I have always hated flossing. It can be hard to get the floss to stick to my back teeth because of the spit. The flossers are the same as when you're flossing, but you don't have to stick your fist in your mouth. The main disadvantage is that you can't drag the floss out, you have to pull it out. I've always done that, but the dentists don't recommend it if you have crowns or other dental work.

8. VeriFresh VeriFlosser Swivel Head Flosser

VeriFresh VeriFlosser Swivel Head Flosser

The flosser has a head that rotates and is designed to make flossing a habit. It rotates to multiple angles to give you control over access to the front and back teeth. The long handle helps you not put your hands in your mouth. The floss can conform to the shape of your teeth for a deep clean. Get rid of dental plaque with your Go-To Flossing Kit. The teeth cleaning kit has small and medium-sized floss heads that target specific areas of your mouth and clean tight tooth spaces. Save as much floss as you can without putting your oral health at risk. You can change the floss heads with its sliding lock. This flosser is ideal for adults and kids ages 6 and up. You can experience flossing with confidence by clicking 'add to cart'.

Brand: Verifresh

👤Not very comfortable to use. Most of the floss "bows" were loose and one was missing because the packaging was inadequate. I can't imagine those nine remaining bows will last long when I clean my teeth. It was great to have your original floss holder. I used mine until it broke.

👤The item rotates so that it doesn't allow for a nice, secure fit of the floss head after atttaching it to the body. It moves while using it. There is a I couldn't locate the refill packages for purchase because I couldn't find the replacement floss heads. There is a I gave this item a one star rating because it was a waste of time and money. Beware!

👤Absolutely worth it! There is a I take it with me everywhere. I like floss. I love that one, it's very easy to use and you can swirl it.

👤The head makes a difference. Highly recommended.

👤Mi esposo tiene 93 aos.

👤The product is easy to use and functional.

👤The floss holds up well.

👤Just got a flosser. I like it! It's a simple design that feels good in the hand. The head is made of metal. I can change it to the way I want it. I don't have to squeeze my fingers into my mouth anymore. An improvement in my quality of life. Changing the head was not easy at first. I looked at the picture and it made sense. There is a I would recommend this product.

👤The Zahnseidenhalter is in Ordnung. Im Witz ist fr man. Zahnseidenhalter ist fr den Preis.

👤Fr ist der VeriFlosser, das ist vernnftige Zahnseidehalter. Ich bin Zahnseidehalter nennen darf. Die Zahnseide reisst sofort, wie Gummi and die Zahnseide. Nicht beim VeriFlosser. Man ist stabil und man ist etwas bung. The VeriFlosser ist leider oft vergriffen. There is a Besser is a man. Zahnseideh ist m.E. Daher volle Punktzahl.

👤Ich bin ungeschickt, was Zahnseide angeht. Den Verifresh Veriflosser Zahnseidehalter ist das easy. Ich bin begeistert nun, an Zahnreiningung nutzen.

👤Man natrlich Ersatzkpfe ist in allem in allem, so beispielsweise. Allerdings ist man wieviel Geld, ob man davon. Zahnseide hat ist die Herkmmlicher. Zahnseide ist geraten pro Zahn, braucht man fr jede Komplette. Ihren ergibt natrlich, aus konomischer Sicht. Sinn, da 20 Aufstze 9.-EUR kosten. Man is so nutzt. Alle Zhne und sorgt so fr die herkmlichen Zahnseide. There is a Fazit: The Alternative: GUM Flosbruch Automatic will be Empfehlenswerte.

9. Biodegradable Refillable Stainless Candelilla Peppermint

Biodegradable Refillable Stainless Candelilla Peppermint

You can now buy the new option of the bong in this beautiful RAINBOW STAINLESS STEEL CONTAINER after the success of their bong in glassware container kit. They sell at craft fairs and artisan markets. AMAZON - Feel guilt free buying their VEGAN Bamboo Charcoal Dental Floss with a refill and extra refill. The Floss length is 33yds x2 from a family owned company. The ECO floss is made from bamboo charcoal fiber so it breaks down quickly. All packaging is made from recycled materials. Help the environment while using a high quality product with the amazing deal. The ECO FLOSS is very easy to use and very comfortable. 10% of their profits are donated to ocean and environmental preservation. Their packaging is made of recycled materials. They will make it right if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. Click "add to cart" for their ECO FLOSS and check out their refill 4 pack before checkout. They are constantly developing products that are convenient to use. Mother Earth. Thanks a lot.

Brand: Me Mother Earth

👤I have been trying to buy household products that don't use or contain plastic for several years. I know this can be done because I am almost 67 years old and I know that back in the day, nothing came in plastic. There is a People liked plastic packaging because it didn't break, like glass, or use paper shopping bags for the trash, in the 60s. There is a 55 years later, we are aware that we are destroying the planet with all the plastic. The stores and manufacturers are not helping with recycling, it's up to the consumer. I was surprised to learn that dental floss is plastic and that its packaging is also plastic. There is a What is the solution? Floss is made from silk and packaging is made from steel. There is a The product is decomposable and performs very well. It takes a few times to get used to it. It is not the Teflon coated plastic floss that we are used to. If you floss a couple times a day, you are dropping strands of plastic into the environment that will not degrade for a long time. Our grandparents used thread floss. I wish it was made in the United States. Well done.

👤I was not sure if this would work for me. It breaks, which is better than getting shredded and stuck in your teeth, and it's not bad. As far as trying to find something more eco friendly, it's okay. I tried some of the floss from the CO and it got stuck and shreds like crazy. This would be a better option.

👤I was not sure if this could work as well as the plastic floss that you can find at the store. Oh my goodness. I was pleasantly surprised. I will never go back to regular floss because of the amazing stuff. My teeth fit together really well and I have trouble with floss getting stuck. Not with this stuff. The flavor is subtle and not overpowering like others I've tried. I like that it's black because I can see what's missing by brushing alone and it makes me floss more. It is completely plastic free, and that is the best thing. The case is made of steel. The rainbow is beautiful and it is a plus. I would recommend this floss to anyone.

👤It works great, I didn't buy it for the eco-friendly factor. My main gripe with normal floss is that it is always slick andwaxed as it is to remove gunk from it. There is a This floss is very absorbent and abrasive, so it grabs gunk. Thin enough to fit between tight spots and thick enough to give good coverage. Being non-biodegradable is a bonus. I got the metal case first and it broke when I dropped it on the counter.

👤I decided I didn't want to eat plastic every time I flossed, so I tried this. I only use Glide brand floss because it's the only floss that doesn't get stuck between my teeth. I have had this break before. That is not as good as regular floss. I am happy that it does a better job of grabbing junk from between my teeth than any floss I have ever used. I don't like the taste of artificial sweeteners and this has little flavor of any kind, which I really like. The roll has lasted longer than I thought it would. I got the container because I knew I would break it. I will purchase another kit for my purse and refill for both. I will not use plastic floss again.

10. Platypus Orthodontic Flossers Increase Compliance

Platypus Orthodontic Flossers Increase Compliance

It is made in the USA and it is recommended. Dentists, orthodontists, and hygienists all recommend the Platypus dental flossers for braces to help keep your teeth and gums healthy. It's easy! You and your child are more likely to floss with flossers from the platypus than traditional methods. Flossing compliance has increased. It's safe! The patented structure of the orthoflosser uses the tooth's structure to floss correctly, eliminating worry of damaging wires and brackets. Quick! No more threading. The flosser for braces has a spatula end that fits under the arch wire. It's great for on-the-go and after meals. You can floss in less than 2 minutes. It's unique! The only flosser pick that fits under the arch wire between teeth and up into the gums is innovative. The pick end on the opposite end of the flosser is designed to remove plaque from brackets.

Brand: Platypus

👤The orthodontist suggested this style of flosser because regular ones are too big to slip through the wire. This flosser saves me a lot of time. I used to have to fish floss through wires.

👤I don't floss in 4 months because I don't like the time it takes with braces. I flossed with these boys.

👤It is great to ensure easy cleaning with braces, but it is a lot more expensive than normal floss. The string wears out quickly when I do all my teeth. I try to floss from the front teeth as they are the most visible, but by the time I reach my back teeth, the floss is saggy and looks like it is about to break. Does the job and using 1 a day is enough for a 40 day supply? It's worth it to save time.

👤These work well. Not for someone who just got braces and have trouble getting floss under the wires, but once you are used to them they are great. Buy them and you won't be sad. A little pricey but worth it. You don't have to feed the floss. If you have young children. Can't wait to get these off and get back to simpler flossing.

👤I don't think these work well for my household. Nobody in the family can use braces. They were recommended by other people with braces. These are not compatible with our brackets and wires. I have metal braces. The fat part of the pick was too big to fit behind my wires. We will use them as regular flossers for people who don't have braces.

👤I can not fit this between my brackets. I had high hopes. It's terrible to be unable to use the tool intended to help because of the food in your teeth.

👤My son's orthodontist recommended these when he got his braces on and my son says they are easy to use and should help him keep the spaces between his teeth clean while the braces are on for the next few years. They arrived quickly and son is happy to use them.

👤The product did not live up to my expectations. It will stretch if you apply pressure to your teeth to get floss through. It doesn't hold up between my teeth. I have to angle the flosser so that it slides between my teeth. I don't think I get the same level of clean as I do with floss and a threader. I don't think I will purchase this product again, but I will use what I have.

👤It was a big help when wearing braces. Flossing time is cut by half.

11. Natural Floss Picks Sustainable Flossers

Natural Floss Picks Sustainable Flossers

Simple, conscious changes can help reduce your environmental footprint. This is the reason they developed their floss picks. Their floss picks are made with corn starch material, which is better for the environment. They understand that people want to reduce their plastic waste but want the same performance as their plastic counter part. The corn starch alternative has the same effectiveness as any other flosser. They offer the highest quality floss available. They know you will love their product. The Earth needs change and they want everyone to take the first step to reduce their impact on the environment.

Brand: Innovative Life Company

👤These are not free of plastic. This is not true. They are made from plastic and are called cornstarch and ABS. It's less eco friendly than normal flossers because they can't be recycled.

👤Floss sticks work better than conventional floss. I wish there was a way to dispose of them. Can I compost in my yard?

👤The new ones are better than the plastic ones. There is a There is no mint flavor. There are two lines of floss. Get the job done.

👤My child loves flossers. The grip is good, but no flavor, double floss, and it's more expensive than plastic.

👤You can sleep at night knowing that these won't be found in the ocean.

👤Work is long lasting and sustainable.

👤I was glad to not use plastic, but I did not like these. They have two pieces of string across which makes it very uncomfortable to floss with.

👤It's hard to get the double flosser between my teeth because they're too large. I will stick with the old fashion method.


What is the best product for eco friendly flossers for adults?

Eco friendly flossers for adults products from Idi Toothbat. In this article about eco friendly flossers for adults you can see why people choose the product. Solimo and Happy Eco are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly flossers for adults.

What are the best brands for eco friendly flossers for adults?

Idi Toothbat, Solimo and Happy Eco are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly flossers for adults. Find the detail in this article. Gum, Premium Eco Products and Hemlock Home Brewing are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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