Best Eco Friendly Garbage Bags 30 Gallon

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1. Reli EcoStretch Compostable Trash 16 25

Reli EcoStretch Compostable Trash 16 25

The liners are multi-function. Garbage bags can be used indoors and outdoors, but also for applications such as cat litter, dog dung, car waste, etc. They are easy to store and carry around. Compostable is in municipal and industrial composting facilities. Compostable. Go green! These bags are made from plants. The D6400 is certified. The liners for the trash cans are tear- resistant. Reli is the one to rely on. Quality garbage bags are delivered by them.

Brand: Reli.

👤The rolls of bags come in a plastic wrap that isn't recycled, so they are not more eco-friendly. I will not be buying these again.

👤So far, so good! I was worried if they would hold up to a week of trash. They did! I don't recommend pouring a pan of hot grease into them, but for regular kitchen waste, they are very strong and work well, even if there is a lot of wet stuff. Even with some volume to spare, the size is perfect for a tall, large kitchen trash can. It is finally an option that is safe to use. I don't mind paying more because I'm not adding to the plastic problem. I highly recommend these trash bags because they have been a good solution for me.

👤We compost for a year. The garbage bin was downsized because we are composting. I don't like smell. During the week, I use the compost bin and the bags in the kitchen to fill the bags in the kitchen. No smell and very sturdy!

👤You should read the fine print. These are only for composting facilities. Not for home composting.

👤The bags I wanted. I was angry when I found the bags were small and we were not 13gal bags. I took a chance on these bags, they have a 16-25 number. They fit my trash cans. These bags are great.

👤I was looking for compost bags that were good quality. The ones I am able to buy are expensive. These fit my bin well and are not subject to the tearing that I was experiencing with the other brand. I will buy them again in the future.

👤I bought these because I wanted to help the environment. These things are easy to fall apart. They are very thin. Look nice, smell nice, but not durable. I wouldn't use them with a lot of garbage. This is a waste of money since I have normal home garbage.

👤We use a city composting service, and they ran out of compost bin liners. Reli bags work just fine.

2. Hefty Strong Multipurpose Unscented Drawstring

Hefty Strong Multipurpose Unscented Drawstring

There are 56 Hefty Strong large, black, and 30 gallon bags in this package. The large trash bags help contain sharp indoor and outdoor debris. These strong, versatile trash bags can be used for everyday kitchen waste, post-party debris or your next big clean up project. It is easy to transport donations, seasonal items and more to the curb with the use of the durable drawstring on the plastic garbage bags. 100% satisfaction guarantee. They want you to be happy with your purchase. If you have a problem with their garbage bags, you can contact them via the hotline number on the back of the package.

Brand: Hefty

👤I ordered the Hefty Strong trash bags that said "unscented", and they are heavily fragranced. When did we start adding chemical perfume to everything? Is that lawn and leaf bags? They are going to the trash. I had to send them back because the perfume in them was so strong. I ordered the ones that said "unscented", and they smelled the same. The smell of these "fragrances" is similar to bug spray, which is what perfume is. There is a I'm angry, see what I did there?

👤I've been buying the bags for a long time. I would buy the Kirklands via Amazon after moving to a location that didn't make sense for me. I decided to try a less expensive brand and chose the Heftys. They are just as strong as the Kirklands. I keep a large Ziploc on the side of my fridge, and it helps me not to overfill my bags. I put the sharp tops of cans, plastic spoons, and screw tops from wine bottles in this because the cheap ones I use for cat food have really sharp ends. I put the bag in the trash when it's full. The Heftys have had the same result as the Kirklands: never any leaks in their trash bags. Some reviews were negative because of their smell. I have an excellent sense of smell and am sensitive to artificial fragrances. I'm glad I took a chance. When I fluffed out my first bag, I wondered if it was a scent. I had to put my nose in the bag to confirm that it was. I don't notice the scent when I put things in the bag many times a day. The scent has dissipated by the time I remove the bag. When the bags are in the closet for a few weeks, there is no scent left. I'm very happy with the bags and their value.

👤It's awful and these are scented. The ordering process doesn't give you a choice about scent or scent-free. The box does not say they are scented. The bags in the house have been a disaster because I am allergic to perfumes and chemicals. A watery eye works. The description and item selection for this product should be updated. There is no scent-free version when you add the item to your cart, but there is a text at the bottom of the page that says "Hefty Multipurpose bags are available scent-free, or with a refreshing White Pine scent and patented Odor Block Technology." It's really bad. I would have liked to check the reviews.

👤This review is for people like me who don't like artificial fragrances. The boxes and bags I had were light in scent. It was a sickly sweet smell to me. I put the contents outside to off-gas after opening the boxes. The scent lingered even after several days when I stored them outside. I like the strength of the bags, but I will be looking for a brand that is truly unscented for my next purchase.

3. Glad Drawstring ForceFlex Mountain Package

Glad Drawstring ForceFlex Mountain Package

ForceFlex technology allows the garbage bag to stretch and expand over heavy loads with sharp Edges. Clorox can help you take control of the toughest trash odors. These large garbage bags have a scent that is clean-smelling and has a hint of nature. 30 gallon black tall kitchen trash bags are large enough to tie up simple removal. Clorox garbage bags are designed for kitchen trash and tackle indoor and outdoor household chores, making it easy to maintain a clean and healthy home.

Brand: Glad

👤These things smell terrible. The smell is strong. It sticks to everything it touches. They smell like a cheap perfume and a cheap cologne. The lemon scent is strong but clean and just enough to serve its purpose. The bags are not damaged. As expected. Good bags,durable, decent quality.

👤When I opened the first one out of the box, I was impressed by how sturdy it was, and I was even more impressed by the smell. Even the most carefully washed out garbage stinks. The garbage can liner is good at what it does. I took a major fall last month when they tripped me as they shifted in the bag with the different bag company's product filled with outdated magazines and catalogs. The bag seems to stretch more with the load. I hope so. It is larger than the other one. That one was longer. I think this set will be changed eventually. Thanks for a great product.

👤Is it Force Flex? I got these because of the added scent and thought it would help in the kitchen. They are flimsy and have torn a hole in 2 bags so far. I added some broken up thin boxes, drink cartons, and it ripped a hole. I've had the same issue with Hefty. There is a The commercials they show us represent them in a good way, tearing through a bag without any problems or tears. Unless I get a bad bunch of each brand, it's a big joke. I'm disappointed in both brands, but I think they are better than the old ones. There is a I can't recommend them. You just have to hope you get good ones and don't put paper products in them. Don't overfill or they'll tear.

👤The STENCH is AWFUL. I don't know if there is a bad bunch. I don't understand how anyone would enjoy this scent. I feel like I'm going to gag when I open the trash can. The smell of the trash helps drown it out, so I'm looking forward to a full trash can. It's really bad. I hope I can make it through the whole box before I throw it in the can.

👤Why does everything need to be scented? There is a There is no smell. There is a It is not moutain air. It is not real mountain air. The bag was made to smell like moutian air. Drop the fake scent, 5 stars, they are fake, maybe not healthy.

👤I was curious about the smell of the garbage bag. Would it change anything? The answer is yes. I like putting a new bag in the can. It smells great! After the bag has had some stinky stuff put in, rotten food from the back of the fridge, and the shells from a crab legs dinner, the bag is able to block most of the can. I'm not saying that opening the lid doesn't smell, but it does help keep your kitchen from being a place where you want to throw away your garbage can. They are also strong. They have held up through all of it after being put through some real paces.

4. Reli Wholesale Count Trash Gallon

Reli Wholesale Count Trash Gallon

Premium Value is a large bag size for the toughest 33 Gal Strength. The compactor friendly bags are designed to fit and meet hefty needs. They pride ourselves in their bags' strength, quality, and convenience. Reli is the one to rely on. Quality garbage bags are delivered in bulk.

Brand: Reli.

👤The world has ever seen trash bags like this. I would say they were made by Donald Trump.

👤I was excited to receive this product as my household produces a good amount of garage daily and these bags said high density but unfortunately not only do the bag look and feel thin, the first time we used them the bag ripped leaving trash all over. Next time will look for stronger bags. There is a I realized after using a few more bags that each bag had one side that was very thick and sturdy and the other side was very thin. Maybe there was a production error.

👤The description of the thickness in microns is not listed by the seller. The number looks bigger. 16 micros is the thickness of these bags, which is super thin for a construction bag. If the thickness of the trash bags is less than microns, they are not worth comparing.

👤If you want to use these bags for trash, you will be disappointed. They are not very strong. I wouldn't put glass bottles for fear of the bag breaking, they could work for light recyclables such as aluminum cans, paper or plastic. I like them for other uses. I use them for laundry. The laundry room is in the basement. I am concerned about using laundry carts because of the Pandemic. It has to be constantly cleansed. Once I put the laundry in the machines, I put the dirty laundry in the bags and throw them out. I put the clean laundry in the new bags at the end. I use them to store clothes and bedding. Anything light. You can see what you have in the clear bags. Not for heavy trash, they come in handy.

👤I cannot wait until these are gone. If you don't have wet fingers, opening the bag is hard because it takes forever to find the perforation. You don't get 33 gallons because the bottom is folded to a fourth of the size and sealed so you can't open it to fill up like a 33 gal. Half the time I have to double bag them because they tear very easily.

👤Don't hesitate to try them. They are what I was looking for. I wanted to find them for my garbage can. The opening to my can is large, so I don't like those bags. These are perfect. They are bigger but not too big. They are not thin. They are sturdy and right. I like that they don't have a top with a drawstring and there is enough bag at the top that I can tie them. You will like them if you try them. It is made in the USA by a family company. Great product.

👤I have ordered this box of trash bags twice. I appreciate that these bags don't tear easily, and I love having a huge box delivered. We live in Italy and have to separate our trash into 4 different categories and put it in clear bags. We go through a lot of bags. I took a chance on these because I was having trouble finding clear bags in town to fit my trash cans. They don't have draw strings, but that wasn't a problem for me because I was aware of that when I bought them.

5. BIOOK 100 Compostable Biodegradable Eco Materials

BIOOK 100 Compostable Biodegradable Eco Materials

CERTIFIED COMPOSTABLE IN U.S. and EUROPE: Certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute. Tv Austria has certified the OK Compost Home. Composting facilities that are certified by OK Compost Home have 100% biodeGRADABILITY. Their trash bags are biodegradability and environmental friendly. The bioOK bags are made from high-quality PLA+PBAT and plant-based materials. When placed in a compost environment, fully decomposing in 180 days. H2O, CO2 and humus are the only gasses left in the environment. This is a notice. Oxo-biodegradable plastics with EPI Additives are not considered real products. 100% mess-free leakproof guarantee! The lines between the compost bags are clear. 25 bags per roll, each bag measures 33.5 in x 41.4 in x 1.18 mils. It's worry-free to support an active household and there's a compost bag to tackle everyday demands. It's perfect for compost bin in the kitchen, living room or office. Compostable trash bags can be used within one year of purchase if stored in a cool, dry place. Purchase as many as you can in 9 months. Help solve the global crisis of plastic pollution by being a steward of the environment. Choose their eco-friendly trash bag alternative to protect the planet. Thanks for taking care of their planet. Let them stick together to save the planet.

Brand: Biook

👤I was camping at a cabin outside. I was not comfortable going to the bathroom at night. I used these in my cabin. It worked out great. No fuss. There was no mess.

👤I live on the 3d floor so getting refuse and stuff to the cans has become an issue since my knees, hips and back don't always function well as I age. I had been using a 13 gal bag in my small kitchen compost can, but it was too small to hold the compost scraps. You can't get other sizes around here. I found these 8 gal bags which work better, even have a little after the can is full to tie off the top. They are just as sturdy and durable as any compost bag, but they do leak or rip after 3-4 days, so nothing new there. I try to do this twice a week but I'm finding it harder to do those stairs so it's only once a week. I like the size and it works.

👤Strong but thin. I use these for kitty litter. No issues were filled appropriately. There is a I put my litter and food in the trash. There is a There were no issues at all. I like them for bathroom trash, litter, and food waste.

👤I was looking for an eco friendly trash bag to replace the ones that are out of stock. I found this bag was 13 gallons. When I opened it, it seemed like it was the same length, minus the handles of my previous bags. I lost at least 2 gallons when I opened the bag, and I can't use it in my can. I am sending it back. I am back on the hunt.

👤The bag has a hole in the bottom when you try to tear it off. Completely worthless. The money was wasted. There is a When you have to throw away twice as many bags because one out of two of them won't retain the garbage, what's the point of trying to do something good for the environment?

👤I was looking for bags for portable toilet when I bought these. The bags have a few years left to live. We will not use any of them in that time. I don't appreciate not knowing that. A big waste of money.

👤I used these to make liners for the recycling part of my garbage container. They don't stay put once I put plastic containers in it and they do rip easily, but I understand I'm not really using these bags as they were intended to be used. I will probably use them for other purposes around the house.

👤They work, seem like they will break down quicker than heavier ones. Will serve the purpose of camping. If using for regular compost, it is not recommended.

👤The quality and longevity of this product surprised me.

👤Las bolsas hay quitarlas cada da, porque sudan y dejan pasar lquido. As, en casa. Q una bolsa, quiero usamos para la basura no reciclable/orgnica, tendra q durarnos 3 o 4 das. Se le das mucho uso, es decir.

6. Reli EcoStretch Compostable Trash 12 16

Reli EcoStretch Compostable Trash 12 16

These bamboo sheets will save you money and help the environment. If you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact them and they will help you out. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. Compostable is in municipal and industrial composting facilities. Compostable: Each tall kitchen trash bag is made from plant based materials. 13 gallon compost trash bags are tear- resistant and leak-proof. Reli is the one to rely on. Quality garbage bags are delivered by them.

Brand: Reli.

👤The bag is sturdy but not bio-degradable. The bag should be read. It needs a very specific facility to be processed. It says on the bag that these facilities don't exist in many communities. Always read the fine print. This company printed it and conveyed the details clearly. Many of the companies don't use slimy tactics.

👤I bought this product in hopes that I could use a more eco friendly alternative to wasteful plastic garbage bags. I think this product is close to being amazing, but it has a few issues that I hope are fixed in the future. I have a simple garbage can. The bags themselves are very sturdy and I really like them, however they are not designed for smaller garbage cans and can cause a mess if you slip the bag into the can. The top of the bag is cut at a straight line making it difficult to tie the top shut. If you added a drawstring or a rippled top to the design, it would greatly improve it. It is a nice product, but could use some improvements.

👤These are the same as advertised. They are a great replacement for the 13 gallon kitchen bags that are non-biodegradable as they are mostly made out of polyethylene. You get a lot of bags. Fast shipping and a great seller. It is nice to support these green technologies as they continue to improve and take over more of the market. I will buy these instead of the plastic ones that are found in the big box stores.

👤California has a new law that requires food garbage to be put in green waste. We didn't want to put food waste in the green waste can because it would be unsanitary and attract pests. The flip lids on our receptacles are only used. The bags are made of compost. Drop them in with the green waste when they're full. They are strong enough to do the job.

👤They aren't big enough to fit in our 13 gallon bin. They rip very easily. The Amazon box that they came in ripped the first bag in, not the end of the world for us because it is dry recyclables. The bag was pulled from under the bin because it was too short to stay under the lid. We are looking for alternative bags to collect our recycling.

👤This bag is not a great bag as there were punctures from some plastic or box edges, and we are used to compacting trash down before adding a new bag. This bag is doing the world a favor if not pressing down. I would like the bags to be a bit longer or have handles that could easily tie off, this would allow more trash per bag, as I either don't tie off or don't let trash go to the top.

👤I love the idea. I have to double bag my garbage because it's the lightest it can be. Was a lot of money. 13 out of 90 count box can't be returned, so they don't know what to do with the rest. Stick with regular trash bags.

7. Hefty E85743 Recycling Drawstring Gallon

Hefty E85743 Recycling Drawstring Gallon

There are 36 Hefty Recycling, clear, unscented, 30 gallon trash bags in this package. Hefty Recycling bags are the only bags with odor control. Arm & Hammer odor neutralizer fights odors to keep your recycling bin smelling fresh. The clear trash bags have a dependable drawstring that keeps waste in them.

Brand: Hefty

👤The bags are not compatible with recycling. I thought I could dump the whole thing in the big recycling bin. Community recycling programs can't take plastic bags. I have to dump everything out and throw the bag away because I can collect the recycling in this.

👤I use these bags for my recycling. My local recycling service told me not to use plastic bags for recycling. I asked about the bags. If the driver saw that I was using them, they wouldn't collect my recycling because it would potentially ruin the whole truck. Two weeks ago, I wrote to Hefty about this, but they haven't responded. How is a company going to promote a bag that makes everything not be recycled? I care about our planet and everyone who takes the time to recycle is mad and disappointed in this brand.

👤I bought these to help sort clothes before they are donated or moved to storage. I wanted them to be durable enough that I could keep my clothes in my storage locker, but they can't be used for that. I wanted something clear so I could easily see what was inside the garbage bags. There is a These bags are pathetic and have "runs", like pantyhose, which are legit more durable than these bags, as soon as I put a couple of articles of clothing in them. I don't believe these are marketed as recycling bags. The weight of any items in my small recycling bin would never fit in the plastic bags my company doesn't take. If you're going to use for recycling, use anything else. There is a This product is detrimental to the environment. I live in a city with a plastic bag tax mandate and I try to think of my waste in every area of my life, so I know if I need to double-bag garbage bags or throw them out. I thought I could trust the bags. I was wrong. I'm horrified that Glad would make something so bad.

👤These bags are terrible, they are thinner than grocery bags, and can't hold any weight. I will never buy them again. They are thick and never rip.

👤These bags are not good. They are stuck together. They rip when you try to separate them. To the drawing board again. I was looking for a clear contractors bag to hold my clothes so I can see what is in the bags. These are very thin and easy to rip. If my city allowed plastic bags in the recycling, I wouldn't be able to put them in them. The Hefty bags are not as strong as a regular trash bag.

👤These bags are terrible. They are made of inferior plastic which tears very easily, but I thought they were competitive. These are not what I wanted. I can't trust them to put dirty litter into it and it won't leak or tear. I thought they would be the same, but they are not as good as the glad model.

8. Reli Biodegradable Compatible Conditions Description

Reli Biodegradable Compatible Conditions Description

Reli is the one to rely on. Quality garbage bags are delivered by them. There is a product description for the Biodegradable Trash bags. 100 count for bulk value. The bag size is 40"x46" and has 45 Gal toughness. Eco certified is degradable by soil, air and water. The U.S. standard is certified. Each bag has a capacity of 30, 39, 40, 45 Gal. Reli is the one to rely on. Quality can liners are delivered by them. Reli is the one to rely on. Quality can liners are delivered by them.

Brand: Reli.

👤These bags are terrible for bagging grass clippings after mowing. The bags are very thin and the grass clipping is heavy. I have a trash can and these bags are too wide. Since there's no way to keep the bag safe from the trash can, it collapses when I start dropping grass clippings. I wanted to like them, I'm good at doing things for a better environment, but these bags just didn't work for my grass clippings.

👤Very disappointed. They are too small to fit in a regular trash can. They are too short and don't come over the sides so that you can put the trash inside. Their description is not accurate. They are very thin. We have 100 bags that don't fit in our trash can.

👤I am happy to find a bag that is not harmful to the environment. These bags are more durable than Glad bags. It wouldn't be a good idea to use for food garbage. It will leak.

👤I bought these bags because I want to help the planet. The bags are thin, tear easily, and my bag popped a hole when I was stuffing leaves into it. You need to double bag for heavier waste, like cat litter, twigs and branches, just like the old days at your local A&P.

👤These bags are used for yard trash and to save land from being filled with heavy plastic bags.

👤I received them and haven't strength tested them. I have 30 lbs of waste and he appears to be hardy enough to hold it. I will write a review when they have proven out.

👤The product was exactly what I needed.

👤These are the bags. They are large, strong, and can go on forever. The best I have ever had.

9. Hefty Strong Large Trash Gallon

Hefty Strong Large Trash Gallon

There are 38 Hefty Strong large, black, and 39 gallon lawn and leaf bags in this package. These large trash bags help contain twigs and sticks because of their extra-thick 1.1 millimeter plastic. These sturdy trash bags can be used to collect leaves, grass clippings, twigs and sticks from your lawn or garage. Transport heavy loads with confidence all year round with these plastic garbage bags. They want you to be happy with your purchase. If you have a problem with their garbage bags, you can contact them via the hotline number on the back of the package.

Brand: Hefty

👤Hefty's bags have red handles and are not scented. Hefty has decided to package their liners with blue handles in the boxes they used to use for lawn and leaf bags. We had bought a box locally and had the same problem, so I ordered these on Amazon, because the first line of the description said "unscented". These are not free. Hefty may be scenting all their bags. I returned them because I couldn't stand the smell. I don't need Hefty bags anymore. I don't know if they will be putrid.

👤I'm so upset right now. I purchased these for a road trip that I had to take so I could stay in hotels. My plan was to drape them so my family and our bags would be sitting on a clean surface to help keep COVID at bay. The description says they are essential for a household member with asthma. I open the box to pack for the trip and discover they are not unscented, but noxious toxic fumes. When you put people's health in jeopardy, it's a bad idea to advertise. My husband is wearing a disguise and going to a local store to look for things we can use. I have a picture of the description.

👤I had to write a review for this one. I assumed I had the runt of the litter, but after reading the reviews, it was obvious that there was a defect. One side of the draw string works, and the other side is melted to the bag, rendering the drawstring useless. It tears the bag when you pull on it. I thought it would be only one or two of them, since I have had a few bad draw strings in the past, but now I am almost done with the box and every one of them have been bad.

👤This holds trash. Your local donation center is likely to receive clothing. You never know, maybe a dead body. I'm not judging. If the latter applies to you, or you are considering applicability of that use case, you have larger problems than an Amazon review can help with. I'm too lazy to link to the hotline or something, so go get some help. If you want to dispose of leaves and household rubbish, you're fine. If you dump more than a cup of water at a time, they aren't always super duper watertight, but they are trash bags, if they were that awesome, you might have issues with them.

👤I use these bags to hold yard debris and waste. I recently purchased my 10th and 11th box of these, and noticed that they no longer hold up the way they used to, and the material of the bag itself has changed. The quality of construction has dropped and the bag is less sturdy because of this material change. I end up having to scoop up the yard debris a second time and double or triple bag in some cases, because the mil width is still the same, even though they claim it is the same. I can't exceed seven shovels of debris into these bags without either the top ripping completely off when carrying or the bottom coming out, or it touching my pants pocket and ripping. The reason I switched from the costco brand bags to these is that the tie handles broke off many times when trying to tie up the bag. The HDX bags have the same load and contents and hold up better.

10. Reli Biodegradable Trash Gallon Wholesale

Reli Biodegradable Trash Gallon Wholesale

It is possible to fit simplehuman H, Q, K, M, N, J liners and trash cans. The bag is kept in place by the durable drawstring. Large bag size (40"x46") with eco friendly 45 Gal toughness is the Premium Value. Eco certified is degradable by soil, air and water. The U.S. standard is certified. Each bag has a capacity of 31, 39, 40, 45 Gal. Reli is the one to rely on. Quality can liners are delivered by them. Reli is the one to rely on. Quality can liners are delivered by them.

Brand: Reli.

👤I don't write reviews. I spent the entire day cleaning up my lot. I ordered them last weekend. So. Indiana was hit by tornadoes. I had a feeling that the bags I had to pick up would not work. I told you that they are great, after I ran out and started using them. Did the sticks tear through? I kept filling up and they kept allowing me to tie up and go to the curb. Most of the bio bags I tried would rip through to the bottom, leaving them worthless. I filled 43 bags and did not misplace one. You can bet I will buy again. My neighbors were shouting from across the street asking where I got, how much, etc. I told them to stay over there and watch me build my pile. They have placed an order after shouting back. Thank you for the great bags!

👤I keep the 45 gallon bags in my trashcan. They are amazing. They seem flimsy, but they are not. We have less leaks than we did when we used the plastic bags. There is a bag at the top of my can. They are a great deal for how many you get. This is the second time I have purchased this item, and I can tell you that one box lasts my two adult household for about a year and a half, including the reams of bags I have given to friends for them to try. I suggest them to everyone.

👤These were purchased for residential use. I don't know how degradable they are. I feel better knowing that I tried to be more responsible with the landfills. I am not sure if the extra cost was worth it. When they are opened, green bags are much lighter. I have purchased other bags that are a little thicker. I wish the individual rolls were smaller. When you first start using them, the rolls are huge because I keep a spare at the bottom of my trash can.

👤These bags are used in a commercial setting. Depending on where the bags are purchased, they can be pricey. The bags are very strong and hold up well when changed. I am happy with the pricing. The number of bags per box is a great value.

👤I decided to use two of the SORTERA bins for recycling and trash. I wanted to use my bio-degradable bags because normal trash bags wouldn't work. I bought these, and they fit perfectly over the opening! The trash system is much nicer.

👤We go through a lot of trash. I thought I'd see if anyone was making bags that were not made from plastic. It's a good thing! The company does a great job. They are easy to use and make me feel better as I tread a bit more lightly on this planet. I'm going to use these bags as a starting point to cut back on plastic in our home and office. Thank you guys!

👤The bags split easily. Good idea. Unhappy with the quality. Will keep looking.

11. Reli Recyclable Eco Friendly Trash Gallon

Reli Recyclable Eco Friendly Trash Gallon

Made in America by people who are blind or visually impaired. Go Green is made from recycled content. 20% post-consumer recycled It is certified by the SCS. 150 bags (33 gallon) is a long- lasting value. It is built tough to help the environment. Can liners that are Eco Friendly. Their garbage bags are made in the US for convenience and quality. Reli is the one to rely on. Tailor-made for your house, office, car, bedroom, or business. Reli is the one to rely on. Tailor-made for your house, office, car, bedroom, or business.

Brand: Reli.

👤One star is too much. These bags are not close to a woman. They have been used in 13 gal. I buy hold more. They come to a point on the bottom where nothing fits properly. The money was wasted. B/c had to pay extra to place more bags at the curb because of the limited space in the bags. Would not recommend it. Had to pick at least one star to continue. There is a question.

👤These are not trash bags. They are too small for our trashcan. Highly disappointed. We haven't had a chance to get some from the store that are actually 33 gal bags, so I'm looking into returning them even though we've used a couple of bags out of it.

👤I tore the first bag from the roll and found a small hole in it, but it wasn't leaking yet. These bags don't feel sturdy at all, and they're 888-282-0465, which is 888-282-0465, because they don't unfold all the way at the bottom. These will serve a purpose. I have a year's supply here, at least.

👤Thank you for the alternative trash bags. Most people are using too much virgin plastic. These Reli plastic bags made from recycled materials are very good alternatives to the trillions of virgin plastic trash bags that are harmful to the planet and destroying our world for future generations. The Reli plastic bags made from recycled plastic are a great way to find alternatives to virgin plastic. Thank you for giving us this choice.

👤The trash bags are very strong. The title can be a bit misleading, so I removed a star. It is an eco-friendly statement, but it is made from recycled materials. This starts being eco friendly, but still has an impact on the environment of not being recycled. I ended up ripping the bag in half every time I pulled it out of the trash because they are so fragile. I came back to these because of that.

👤These fit my can perfectly. I love these bags. I used force flex, but these are just as good as the Glad Bag. When taking garbage out, rarely tear it. I put the box in the pantry and pull them out one by one.

👤I try to find American made products and use products that are more eco-friendly, though those products have to do the job well. These bags are very satisfied with all of the above.

👤We like to buy products that are friendly to the environment. The bags are black. I don't like to look through bags. Very happy with the purchase.


What is the best product for eco friendly garbage bags 30 gallon?

Eco friendly garbage bags 30 gallon products from Reli.. In this article about eco friendly garbage bags 30 gallon you can see why people choose the product. Hefty and Glad are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly garbage bags 30 gallon.

What are the best brands for eco friendly garbage bags 30 gallon?

Reli., Hefty and Glad are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly garbage bags 30 gallon. Find the detail in this article.

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