Best Eco Friendly Gift Bags for Kids

Bags 29 May 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Pieces 6x3 1x8 2 Assorted Colors Handles

Pieces 6x3 1x8 2 Assorted Colors Handles

The gift bag is made from high-quality paper. There are 6 different colors of eco-friendly small gift bags. There are many bright colors, including yellow, rose, light blue, light purple and light green. The color that children like the most is the closest to the real rainbow. High-QUALITY: Their party favor bags are made of high-quality paper and are not easy to break. The rope is high quality and not easy to fall off. You can make your own candy bags with your own unique style, because they are designed in pure color, without any patterns. The raft paper is recycled and can be used multiple times. It is possible to make a multi-purpose plan. A set of favor bags for various uses such as shopping bags, merchandise bags, gift bags, party bags, hospitality bags, candy bags, cookies bags, wedding gift bags, Christmas bags, party gift bags, etc. Birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, bachelor parties, Christmas, Thanksgiving are all ideal for them. Their 7* 24 friendly customer service for peace of mind is what you get with the 16 pieces gift bags.

Brand: Romeda

👤They were used for a birthday bag for school kids. Great strength and size. The colors are bright. Highly recommended.

👤It was pretty good. Nice colors. It's good for many different holidays and people.

👤The bags are the best for return gifts. It's worth money.

👤Birthday goody bags were perfect for these cute bags.

👤Mi opinin es decir, pero un buen producto resistente colores. As, lo recomiendo.

2. Reusable Handles Friendly Grocery Assorted

Reusable Handles Friendly Grocery Assorted

These fabric multi-color bags are perfect for all occasions, from a birthday party to a professional event. The ultimate retractable fabric bag is the only bag you will need for any occasion. You can personalize and decorate these neon gift bags with fabric paint, stamps, and markers. These fabric gift bags are perfect for children's birthday parties, either to wrap a gift or to hand out party favors. Two of each color come in each pack, so you can choose from a variety of colors. Reusability and resilience fabric material. The pp non-woven material that you can spot clean and hang dry is what makes these gift bags so useful. These gift bags are very versatile and can be used for a lot of things.

Brand: Occasionall

👤I'm going to return the bags. These are not large enough and not 10x10 as advertised. These are 8x8. I used a regular 8x10 sheet to show you the dimensions. This is what you are looking for if you plan to get a smaller bag. The quality is great, but the measurements are incorrect and the advertisements are incorrect.

👤Our gift favor bags were themed after TROLLS. The size and colors were great. We tried to find a variety of colors, but have no pink. It was a boy party. We used hot glue and super glue on the bags and it didn't bleed onto the other side. It was a major plus. We loved them. Highly recommended.

👤There are a few 1 star reviews. If you didn't fully read the description, it's unfair to give 1 There are three sizes of bags: 6x6, 8x8 and 10x10 inches. I bought 10x10” bags for the birthday party. I was very pleased with the quality of the bags. The material is very sturdy and the colors are bright. There is a The kids had fun choosing their favorite color. Some of the mothers have told me what their kids are using their new bags for. One child painted flowers and a hand print for his grandmother. Cute! There is a This is an excellent choice if you are looking for a low price, quality, and reuse.

👤The goodies for the 3-year-old party had to be non-choking, so I needed some gift bags. A small bag wouldn't do. I like the idea of giving something that can be used again. The bags are the right size for kids and the colors are beautiful. I would use them again.

👤I bought these for my class. Thought they would only last a few months, but they are still holding up well and being used everyday!

👤A cute bag. It was a perfect size for what I wanted, but I couldn't personalize with HTV. Even at the lowest setting, they melted immediately. I kept them because they are cute and I plan on making them my own.

👤All of the girls had their own color bag and decorated it with fabric paint, so use these for the arts and craft party. They used the bags the next day to carry their artwork home.

👤The quality was better than expected. It will stand on its own. Have ordered in different sizes before.

3. Metallic Reusable Birthday Weddings Occasions

Metallic Reusable Birthday Weddings Occasions

The design of the Set of 5 best bags allows you to use it anywhere you go. Those are disposable bags. They have a feature that allows you to fold them into a pouch and store them in your purse, pocket, car or handbag. This multipack is for you to enjoy while you help save the earth. These blue glitter bags are perfect for medium-sized gifts or to use as a tote bag. These bags have an attractive shimmer and glitter finish that doesn't transfer to your clothing, so they are a great gift for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and events. These bags are made from strong pp non-woven fabric and can carry small and heavy objects multiple times, and you can also spot clean bags and hang to dry. Pack of 12 - You will always have a trendy blue gift bag on hand or easily wrap multiple gifts with this pack of a dozen bags perfect for holidays or events. StrongOVEN handles with reinforced stitching make carrying small or heavy gifts or objects convenient, and they are thick with PP nonwoven handles. You can use this small bag for many things, including handing out party favors. The blue bags are easy to store in and don't take up a lot of space.

Brand: Occasionall

👤I wanted to love these bags so much, but they fell short of what I was expecting. I bought a similar bag from a different store. The bag was dull and not worth the hassle to return. Some colors are flat and some are beautiful.

👤I was pleased with them. We painted ours. I put tissue paper in the bottom to help it stand up. They worked for us. Would purchase again.

👤These were great for the Denim and Diamond party I threw.

👤The bags were purchased to use at the book talk. It is the perfect size for my small book and gives a special touch to all purchases. The bags are not disposable. The color is bright. The writing on the book cover is similar.

👤It's not too big, not too small, and Sturdy for a candy bag.

👤The gift bags were made for the Blue Jeans and Bling themed event.

👤I love these. Birthday party favor bags are perfect. glitter does not fall off, a big plus! I will buy for the next party.

👤These little bags are great. They were what I was looking for. The company colors are royal blue and gold, and the bag has gold specks that are glittery, perfect. I put them with gold tissue paper and they looked amazing. The bags are sturdy and can be used again. Couldn't be happier with this purchase.

4. Coconut Wooden Spoons Suvana Market

Coconut Wooden Spoons Suvana Market

The puzzles use sturdy pegs which are not detached and there is no risk of a child getting hurt. Their toys are made from smooth-sanded, solid-wood and non-toxic paints. The Suvana Bowls are Sanded to Perfection and Hydrated with Oil by Artisans, unlike the other bowls in the market. They worked with artisans to design coconut bowls that are durable and eye catching. Suvana Bowls are your daily Tropical Escapes in the comfort of your home. Each bowl is different. They noticed that the bowls in the market did not have a flat bottom, which caused the food to spill. The process they use is called "Suvana Sandation" and it flattens the bottom of every bowl so they say balanced. The bowls are perfect for your friends and family. No spill, all smiles. So. Many. Their high grade Coconut Bowls can be used in many ways. You can make many different types of bowls, including acai bowls, vegan bowls, salad bowls, cereal, Buddha bowls, Smoothie bowl, ice cream, Kava Kava and much more. A coconut bowl and wooden spoon is a great addition to your kitchen. They love mother nature so they make sure their bowls are created in a Zero Waste process. They protect the environment by creating Suvana Bowls out of Coconut shells that would be burned as waste and have a devastating impact on the earth. Premium Jichi Wood is used to make their spoons. 100% LIFETIME WARRANTY Their goal is to make their customers happy. If you run into a problem, they will replace the bowl faster than you can say "I love Suvana Market". Their US based team is ready to help. They are happy to have you in the family.

Brand: Suvana Market

👤These coconut bowls are very good. I plan to use one as a table decoration and the other to eat ice cream. The bowls have their own marks and bumps. The wooden spoons have an elegant touch. The company is very strong with their products. Always. " These items are of high quality.

👤Excellent quality coconut bowls. They arrived with 2 bowls and 2 spoons. They are plastic free and organic. They are different from other sellers because of Suvana's charitable donation to save the environment.

👤I like the look and feel of the bowls and they are organic and natural. Adding variety to my eating vessels is what they do. I liked them. I sent a pair to my son.

👤It is an awesome bowl. Looks great. Better than the pictures! There is a We have been using it for a lot of things.

👤These coconut bowls are very cute. I use these for my home made ice cream. It makes me feel like I am on a tropical island when I eat dessert. There is a It is better than those things you find at world market. It looks pretty as an accent decor. It will make a great gift. I love them!

👤We use these bowls for yogurts and salads many times. When I got them out of the box, they looked new. The coconut shells are better than the plastic alternatives. There is a The kids were always spilling the food because my other bowls didn't have a flat bottom. Not with these ones! There is a They are used all the time by the family. These bowls are not easy to break.

👤Just received and broke. I had never made kava before. The water was warm, not hot, and 2 minutes into kneading the mix there was a loud crack and bitter liquid leaking everywhere. I will not try the other bowl for anything other than keeping plectrums. The spoons are strong.

👤I received my order of coconut bowls. One of the bowls does not have a flat bottom. The seller contacted me through Amazon after I sent a message to them. I requested a new one. The seller had issues in sending a replacement because they are based in the US and there are other issues with customers outside the US. There is no guarantee that you will get a flat bottom bowl. There is no guarantee that they can send a replacement. This was not a good experience.

👤We love using these bowls. They come with wooden spoons that match the bowls. These are the things I recommend getting.

👤Don't buy. Not a flat bottom. Un strong. One broke in the first week.

5. Hallmark Birthday Reusable Grandchildren Drawstring

Hallmark Birthday Reusable Grandchildren Drawstring

The size is. The large bag is approximately 15" wide by 19" high. The red and blue flag designs on the canvas gift bag read "Happy Birthday" and have a coordinating cord closure. It'sTILE: It is easy to wrap gift-shaped gifts like stuffed animals, toy trucks, frying pans, and bundt cake pans with fabric bags. A fun competition. It's perfect for wrapping gifts for birthdays. ECO FRIENDLY. Gift bags made of fabric can be recycled year after year.

Brand: Hallmark

👤There is nothing big about this bag. It's cute, but can't be used for larger items. It probably holds less than a plastic grocery sack. You can fit items in the opening.

👤I had to figure out how to wrap my sister's hoodies when they weren't in a box. I was happy to find this bag, which fits the two hoodies. The bag says happy birthday. I wish it was in one banner and not two small flags. I am sure my sister won't care. She is going to be surprised that there are two hoodies in it, instead of one that she is expecting.

👤It is a great size bag with a nice design, but it is stinky when you get it out of the packaging. It has a strong smell. I used it to count down to my birthday, taking one item from the bag each day. I would have been very embarrassed if I had to give someone a gift in this bag. I washed it right after the clock struck midnight, it faded a bit but was not stinky anymore.

👤I couldn't believe how bad the smell was when I opened the bag, it was wrapped in plastic and sitting on a boat for 2 years. I threw it away after I tried to wash it. I liked the idea of it, but was disappointed in the product.

👤My daughter-in-law received this because my grandkids live in a different state. She can use this handy bag for wrapping without having to go out and purchase more gifts.

👤The piece was wrapped in bubble wrap and was 12 x 16. I didn't want a paper bag because it would be ruined in shipping. The recipient was very excited to receive the piece and bag. It was good quality and heavy duty when it was received. If you are sending a gift, I would recommend this purchase.

👤The bag is sturdy. I had a large selection of toys and clothing for my granddaughter and this was an easy and uncomplicated way to have them wrapped and the size of the bag was perfect. I left this at their home so they could use it.

👤This is a cute bag. If it gets dirty it can be washed. If you don't want to wrap it, it can fit a lot of stuff.

6. CCINEE Easter Burlap Drawstrings Double

CCINEE Easter Burlap Drawstrings Double

Fruits, Herbs, Spices, Coffee Beans, Party favors, Wedding Favors, Toys, Dust covers, Candles, and Jewelry are used. The package includes 36 gift bags, each pattern has 6 bags. Please confirm the special type of "Easter" before ordering. The easter linen bag can hold small easter gifts or candy for your children. The easter candy sacks are made from natural burlap and can be recycled several times. Chicken, bunny, flower and egg are easter patterns. The bag has a drawstring, which makes it easier to attach the sacks. Different designs meet your needs. Easter bags are great for candy, party favor, or small gifts, Also great favor bags for rustic weddings, showers, reception, and other festive occassions. The bags are perfect for Easter and holidays.

Brand: Ccinee

👤Great Easter bags that can hold a small amount of candy.

👤I thought maybe they were a little bit bigger but it all worked out.

👤Goody bags were used at the Easter Egg Hunt.

👤I'm pretty sure the Easter chick is drinking a beer, they are just stickers that peel off, and "Easter" is spelled wrong on all of them.

👤These small bags are decorated with Easter candy. They were in the baskets I created for them.

👤It was perfect for what I was looking for.

👤These are very cute. Well out together for easter.

7. Extra Large Tissue Paper Birthday

Extra Large Tissue Paper Birthday

Each bag is just the right size. The bag has a H and a W. There is a pink bag with 3 sheets of tissue paper. You can write your best wishes on the bag with the ribbon handles. The gift bag with tissue paper is perfect for baby shower, kid's birthday party, girl's birthday present, birthday gift bag for women and so on. The gift bag is made from high-quality paper.

Brand: Suncolor

👤This gift bag is very nice. Beautiful colors. Would buy again.

👤The bag is sturdy and high quality. Not skimpy on the tissue either.

👤This gift bag is very good. The price is too good.

👤It was the perfect size for the birthday gift.

👤The bag is big and made well.

👤The gift bag is of good quality.

👤Product is nice, but not cheap. It is not.

8. Mini Magnetic Drawing Board Kids

Mini Magnetic Drawing Board Kids

It is advisable to go around. A lot goes a long way with their confetti, which is made from tissue paper and foil. It's the perfect confetti for your next activity or celebration because of the number of handfuls in each package. Get creative! A pack of 12 drawing board backpack clip sets is fun for children of all ages. These mini drawing boards are great for playing with and help foster your kids creativity and imagination. Lots of fun! The kids ages 3 and up will be busy for hours drawing and writing on paper. They can make drawings without using paper. They'll be ready to draw again when they erase. The mini magnetic drawing boards are lightweight and easy to pack, which makes them great for when kids are in the car or need a quiet activity. Learning toy! Enlightenment and imagination are two things. Encourages kids to use their imaginations and helps them develop fine motor skills. The brain boosting activities help kids learn while having fun, so that each board becomes a fun artistic endeavor. The magic board for kids is packaged individually. Better than candy! Great for party favors and goodie bags. The magna doodle is a great gift for classmates, birthday parties, stocking stuffers, Christmas party favors, and much more. You will be thanked for this unique party favor instead of candy. Better than candy! Great for party favors and goodie bags. The magna doodle is a great gift for classmates, birthday parties, stocking stuffers, Christmas party favors, and much more. You will be thanked for this unique party favor instead of candy.

Brand: Bedwina

👤My 1st graders received a pack of drawing boards. I keep a drawer full of rewards under the desk to give when they do something good or do nothing bad. You have to keep an eye on my students, but I love them all the same.

👤This is a classroom party gift. My son said that 5 kids came up to him after he opened them. The picture of the product is not accurate. The hook is not connected to a key ring. It was kind of sad. My son was embarrassed by the situation.

👤The drawing boards are cheap. The board is being pulled away from each other. The outer part of the board has a zip tie on it. A zip tie! Really? They feel like they're about to fall apart because of the use. I would give 0 stars if I could. So disappointed.

👤I was excited for these to be used in a goody bag, however, they were cheap, and half the boards wereruined, if you could never clear the board. I was testing out the pen and it popped off, it was very dangerous for little kids who might think to sallow it. There is no silver ring holding the clip, it is a zip tie. Unless you are ok with any of the defects I mentioned, don't bother buying.

👤These mini magnetic drawing boards are a great way to entertain your kids and they make really cute key chains. They have a number of different colors that they can choose from.

👤Don't waste your money or time on this. They are not worth anything. An image drawn on them is hard to see due to the background and it does not clean up as indicated. Very disappointed. Returning mine.

👤I can not open and try all of them because they were purchased for party favors. I let my son play with the one that stopped working after a few uses. They look neat, but they are not happy with the experience other children will have. It's a shame.

👤La fiesta de Mi hija tiene calidad-precio.

9. Large Tissue Paper Colorful Birthday

Large Tissue Paper Colorful Birthday

Their friendly customer service is what you get with 16 Pieces Gift Bags. The bag has a carrying capacity of just over 14 ounces and is made of environmental paper bag. You can write your best wishes on the white sheets of tissue paper and greeting card in the large gift bag. The gift bag with tissue paper is perfect for a birthday party for a kid or a mom. The gift bag is made from high-quality paper.

Brand: Suncolor

👤I didn't want to go to the store to get a bag for a gift. I searched on-line and found these. I needed value, appearance, and durability, and they provide them.

👤I love that I can't get to the store to find what I need at Amazon. My needs were filled by this birthday bag.

👤The bag had everything needed to frame a gift. The gift was small and the tissue paper came in a clutch. The gift card was easy to use. The price would buy again.

👤These bags are thick and sturdy. I used them to gift picture frames at my wedding rehearsal dinner and they stood upright even with awkward objects inside.

👤The bag is pretty, but it's a shame that there was no envelope.

👤My daughter loves colors so I decided to purchase this bag instead of going to my local store. I was skeptical that it would hold what I bought for her. I was wrong. I was able to fit a Lego set with a friend's set and a watch in the box. Everything was perfect. The 4 pieces of white tissue paper were used to place the gifts. The gift bag did not change its shape. The card is small, but that's okay. She was 10 years old. You can write your own thoughts or feelings for the birthday girl in the Happy Birthday space. I will be ordering more as I get older.

10. Elcoho Non Woven Grocery Friendly Handles

Elcoho Non Woven Grocery Friendly Handles

Their 7* 24 friendly customer service for peace of mind is what you get with the 16 pieces gift bags. It's a good size for a single bag, 25 x 25 x 8 cm / 9.8 x 9.8 x 3 inches when opened, it can hold some party gifts, food and so on, it's a good size to check before buying, it can hold some party gifts, food Their party bags are made of high-quality non-woven fabric with fine seams, which are light in weight, foldable, strong and durable, not easily damaged, environmental friendly and sanitary, and can be used for a long time. The bags are bright in 6 colors, including red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, and the quantity is enough to satisfy your needs. It is easy to carry their party bags with a handle and a bottom, you can carry it by hand or hang it on your arm. Party bags can be used as gift bags or storage bags to hold some toys, candy, snacks, scraps, and other items that are suitable for parties, holidays, and other occasions to use.

Brand: Elcoho

👤Had I more time, I would have looked for bags that were more expensive, but these were reasonable and delivered when I needed them. A lot of goodies in them. The bags have a lot of capacity. I put a tub of sidewalk chalk, 4oz bubbles, two rice krispies, a 4x6 satchel full of candy, stickers, 2 pencils, 2 stampers, a heart shaped stress ball, activity pad, wristband, and a plush on top of the tub.

👤I bought these to make survival kits for nurses that I work with. I could only make 21 because several of the bags were missing the handles.

👤Twice, I bought these bags. I only had a first pack of 18 bags. The 2nd Pack had 20. I have to make work with what I have after I counted all 48 bags. I'm not about to do that. There is another pack.

👤I used them for birthday bags. It's much nicer than plastic. The bag has a pleat at the bottom so it can stand up and hold more.

👤I used these for student gift bags. Two paperback picture books, a small bottle of bubbles, a 4-pack of sidewalk chalk, and a couple treats were all I could fit. I love the bright colors and they were perfect for what I needed. I will be buying a pack of these at the end of the year.

👤These are cute and a nice smaller size, but when I tried to put in a larger book, the side began to tear. Be aware of that!

👤The bags are large enough to hold birthday party favor.

👤I did a project at work that required these. I was taking these to a center filled with things that would make it easier for the patient. These bags were great. It was just what I wanted.

11. Sandflower Coloring Carnival Animal Guestbook

Sandflower Coloring Carnival Animal Guestbook

The brush and comb set is a perfect gift for a new mom. It would be a perfect baby shower gift as the baby care kits don't have grooming set. Non-woven fabric is eco-friendly and safe. You can color your own bags with markers or colored pencils. Encourage children to use a pen. The products are 9.1" tall with a handle of 8.6" wide and can carry a box of up to 2.2 in. Each set has 6 kinds of bags, both side print, and 12 patterns in total. The colors of the handles are random. The PCS bonus bags can be used for the guestbook. It's great for classroom activity, Halloween candy bags, Christmas Bag, Donate bags, art theme party, toddler crafts, and toddler play day. It's slightly waterproof but not include markers. If you need more than one bag, please look for sandflower coloring bags.

Brand: Sandflower

👤These bags are very cute. They were a hit with 4-5 year olds. These bags are small. If you think they are the size of the shopping bags, you will be disappointed. The bag for party guests to sign was also included. I took party favors in these bags to my child's VPK for his birthday and asked the teachers to sign the free bag. It was a great souvenir. The kids were coloring the books. I might buy these bags again next year.

👤I thought these bags were good for money. There is a little abstract as far as their pictures are concerned. One side is like a bunny with a wand and the other side is like Christmas stuff. I don't know if it's a theme or not, but it's kind of different. If that doesn't matter to you, then go for it.

👤Kids can color with cute bags. They are made of sturdy fabric and last a long time. Three of the designs had a Christmas theme on one side. I couldn't use any of the bags because they were for a party. Take a close look at the bags. Three of the Christmas designs are on bags.

👤My daughter will be having a birthday party with these bags. She decorated hers with crayons. They are perfect for party favors. I included a picture of what we put inside. They are strong enough for kids to use again.

👤The quality is there. It is perfect for kids of all ages and it is very easy to do. I only gave it 3 stars because I ordered the circus animals. There was a mixture of Christmas scenes and castles. I didn't have time to request new ones as they came the day before my child's birthday party. The random scenes would be fine, but Christmas and winter would be worse. I would have been very happy if that was what I wanted.

👤I have ordered these for kids at my wedding, baby shower, my kids birthday parties and all other celebrations where kids may come and need entertainment. The bags are cute. I love them so much! Will order again and again.

👤I bought these bags for my child's birthday party. They were amazing. I was worried that they would be too small, but they held everything I needed. The kids loved coloring the images in the bag.

👤My daughter's 1st birthday was a perfect occasion for this bag. The bag is about the same size as a computer sheet. I have 6 green and 6 yellow. I wish I had gotten more colors, but it was worth it.

👤The images on the bags were not normal. There were some Christmas pictures mixed in, which did not match the animals theme.

👤Muy padres! There is a Muy lindos unas originales! Para ponerles varias cositas, detallitos de fiesta infantil!

👤Quality worksmanship, well packed designs, and beautiful designs. This is more sustainable than plastic or paper bags. I will give away the party bags.


What is the best product for eco friendly gift bags for kids?

Eco friendly gift bags for kids products from Romeda. In this article about eco friendly gift bags for kids you can see why people choose the product. Occasionall and Occasionall are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly gift bags for kids.

What are the best brands for eco friendly gift bags for kids?

Romeda, Occasionall and Occasionall are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly gift bags for kids. Find the detail in this article. Suvana Market, Hallmark and Ccinee are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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