Best Eco Friendly Gift Bags Medium

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1. Rose Gold Gift Bags Bachelorette

Rose Gold Gift Bags Bachelorette

The blue bags are easy to store in and don't take up a lot of space. These rose gold foil bags are eco-friendly and are perfect for large gifts or to use as a tote bag. These bags have an attractive shimmer and metallic finish and are great for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and events. These bags are lightweight and can carry heavy objects multiple times. It's perfect for special sacramentals. These rose gold gift bags are perfect for baby showers, weddings, and more. This pack of a dozen bags is perfect for holidays or events, and they have a trendy metallic rose gold gift bag on hand. StrongOVEN handles are made of thick PP nonwovens and have reinforced stitching to make carrying large or heavy gifts convenient. You can use this medium-sized gift bag for a variety of purposes, including everyday tasks and toting gifts to events. The metallic rose gold gift bags are easy to store in and don't take up a lot of space.

Brand: Occasionall

👤These bags are great. Sturdy and can be used many times. You can make these truly customer bags for any party or event.

👤Don't put anything in them, they are pretty. Except super light things. They broke on me.

👤These were very sturdy and looked nice.

👤Purchased for bags for women. It's a great bag for reuse.

👤These bags were sturdy to hold all the jars of preserves and jams that I had.

👤The straps were broken even with nothing in them. They are cute.

2. Silver Gift Bags Birthdays Bridesmaids

Silver Gift Bags Birthdays Bridesmaids

The eco-friendly gift bags are made with paper from well-managed forests. These silver glitter bags are perfect for medium-sized gifts or to use as a tote bag. These bags have an attractive shimmer and glitter finish that doesn't transfer to your clothing, so they are a great gift for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and events. These bags are perfect for special occasions like New Year's Eve, Christmas, weddings, and birthdays. These bags are made from strong pp non-woven fabric and can carry small and heavy objects multiple times, and you can also spot clean bags and hang to dry. Pack of 12 - You will always have a trendy silver gift bag on hand or easily wrap multiple gifts with this pack of a dozen bags perfect for holidays or events. StrongOVEN handles with reinforced stitching make carrying small or heavy gifts or objects convenient, and they are thick with PP nonwoven handles. You can use this small bag for many things, including handing out party favors. The silver bags are easy to store in and don't take up a lot of space.

Brand: Occasionall

👤Yes. I was looking for a good value for the quantity and these are exactly that. I will be having a baby shower and I will use these for gift bags. Each small bag has a full size body wash, a full size body spray, a bag of brownie mix, a bottle of nail polish, and tissue paper for decoration without looking fat and stuffed. Very cute.

👤A good value for the price. The items are not working. The bags don't have silver all over them and it looks like they have been stained orbleached.

👤These are cute! This is the second time I have bought these in gold and silver. The glitteryness is perfect. I will be making bags for a group of girls that I will be chaperoning for. We do a field trip every year and I will continue to purchase these as long as they are available. You will not be disappointed.

👤Excellent quality and value for money. The glitter design elevated the look and they are sturdy. They don't shed glitter which is a bonus. These are smaller than standard bags but still hold a lot of items.

👤It's perfect for a small bag. There are two gatorade/water bottles and a bunch of other small snacks. The bags were very festive and sturdy.

👤The bag was very good. I used them as gift bags for my bridesmaids and they were sturdy. Wine glasses, tumblers, notebooks and many other accessories were held in these. The glitter doesn't rub off on anything so I can have sparkle without the mess. Everone will reuse the bags.

👤Read all the reviews and they are fantastic. There is a It's perfect for wedding favors.

👤Sturdy bag. The quality is very good. I was looking for something that held 3 bottles. I will be able to add candy or cookies to them as well. Is this item worth buying again?

3. TOMNK Handles Perfect Shopping Merchandise

TOMNK Handles Perfect Shopping Merchandise

You can express your love and care with their paper bags. Personalize as you please. It's simple, you have to apply your creativity, use them, and handover. 90pcs kraft paper bags, in 3 sizes, are part of the super-value pack. There are different types of paper bags to meet your needs. Paper bags are eco-friendly. Their gift bags are made of 120 gsm eco-friendly paper and are safe to use. TOMNK PAPER BUBBLES: The gift bags are easy to carry. They use heavy-duty glue to fix the twisted paper handles. The blank bag can be used to add your own creativity, such as paintings, stamps, paper-cutting, stickers, etc. Make the packaging more interesting by decorating it. TILE: The cute paper bags are suitable for celebrations. It's the perfect bag for gifts, shopping, retail, merchandise, and wedding. If you don't like the gift paper bag for any reason, please contact their customer service team and they will solve the problem for you within 24 hours.

Brand: Tomnk

👤The bags themselves are good quality, but my overall experience with them was not very pleasant. There was a big hole in the side of the package that I received. The package that my product was in looked too small for the bags to fit in, so I bought these bags for my brick and mortar store.

👤This was perfect for the assortment of bags I needed. I don't have enough space to store a full box. This assortment had the sizes I needed and was a good price. I sell ceramics that are not the lightest weight and they held up well.

👤The brown paper bags with handles are perfect for my business. We have a nice presentation for our customers with the addition of a small logo sticker.

👤These bags are very nice. Everything is described. Business owners should have a variety of sizes of goodies for sale.

👤I used them for my booth. My items are not very heavy. I don't know how they would fit in a heavy object.

👤I liked the different sizes. The handles were strong for my products. There were no bad bags in the bunch.

👤The bags are cute and durable. Some of the handles and bags were bent due to the way they were shipped.

4. Hallmark Medium Tissue Glitter Stripes

Hallmark Medium Tissue Glitter Stripes

It is possible to be versatile. These simple yet elegant kraft paper bags are good for gift warpping, customized gift bags, shopping bag, goodie bags,favor bags for a wedding or parties. It's nice to have retail bags and merchandise bags in local craft shows, art festivals and craft markets during the holidays. A medium gift bag can hold up to 5 pounds. The Medium Valentine's gift bag is perfect for wrapping candles, figurines, a scarf, standard sized books, jewelry, or chocolates. The patented pocket inside the bag holds the front and center of your card. The gift bag has a light pink design and pink glitter stripes. The package includes a gift tag, two sheets of pink tissue paper, and pink grosgrain ribbon handles. The eco-friendly gift bags are made with paper from well-managed forests.

Brand: Hallmark

👤This is for a baby shower. I liked it. It is a cute gift bag. I bought it because I couldn't get one at the store. I found this gift bag on Amazon. It was convenient because I liked the color and it would be delivered to me the next day. The only thing I didn't like about the design was the fact that the glitter falls off. It is a little on the expensive side. If you need a gift bag delivered to you, I would recommend buying this one.

👤I was a little disappointed that the bag was like this. I need to use the bag for a baby shower. It looks like a bag I pulled out of the closet. The glitter is dangerous. It is everywhere.

👤I thought the gift bag was supposed to be a medium size, but I am not so sure. It was useless to me. I ordered this bag to hold 2 shirts and a pair of jeans, but it was too small. You should buy a bigger bag if you want to put a few things in it.

👤The bag worked for its purpose. Everywhere! Car, house, room! If you don't mind getting glitter everywhere, then go for it. I got this one because it was the only one at that time.

👤The bag is nice, but be aware that the glitter goes all over the place.

👤The gift bag was of the highest quality. It came withtissue paper. The design is beautiful. I love it!

👤The bag is large enough to hold a small gift. I did not go by the medium description. Not a typical bag. Good quality, otherwise. Very cute design. I think it's too expensive for what you get.

👤The size should be small. You should be able to fit more than just 2 bottles of shampoo in a MEDIUM size gift bag.

5. Organza Jewelry Pouches Drawstring Christmas

Organza Jewelry Pouches Drawstring Christmas

Premium material bags. LYSXP The Organza bags are made of high quality sheer organza. It can be packaged into small gifts. Each color is 10 pieces. It's easy to pull items from the bag and keep them clean, because the pouch has a drawstring design. Drawstring pouch is easy to tie. The width is 3 x 4. Qty: 100. It's perfect for favors, gifts, crafts, jewelry,cosmetic, wedding, baby shower, and so on. There is a multi-PURPOSE. It's great for weddings, birthday, church, hotels. It is a good idea to give more surprise to your friends. LYSXP is committed to providing the best quality gift favor pouch to facilitate your life and let your life be happy. If you're not satisfied, you can ask for a refund.

Brand: Lysxp

👤I use these to place cute small gifts in and they fit what I need with a nice variety of colors. I put a popsicle stick in the way to give you an idea of the size.

👤I thought it would be a good product. Some of them had weird trash inside. Others looked dirty if someone stepped on them. The smell of the dark blue is strange. I suggest buying from someone else. From my mistake, learn.

👤Let's be realistic. If you are looking for high quality bags for jewelry, you can find them at other sites that cost ten times more. The bags are what they are for the price and they do the job for me. I use them to sell costume jewelry. It looks better than a bag. I try to keep the price of the products the same as other packages. I ordered both sizes with a discount and it was what I expected. The colors of 2 different sizes do not match. It doesn't matter to me but if you expect it to match then keep that in mind. I will order again when they go on sale.

👤The company that I ordered from was for 100 bags. I was able to use all of them. I filled each bag of the candy bar myself because I did a wedding bar. The cost per bag was very reasonable. You can get a bag at a higher price if you go to Hobby Lobby. The bags worked out perfectly for the event since they were a one time use. I can see them being used many times.

👤Cute and good for what I needed. I had an issue with the hair in some of the bags.

👤These bags are what I was looking for. Cute, the right size, color, and shape. I use them to make and sell earrings. They are a good value.

👤Some of the bags were so flimsy that they ripped in half when I tried to pull them. If you are looking for something that is sturdy and really good quality, I wouldn't recommend these, but if you are looking for favors or an event, they are ok. I got them to organize my own jewelry so I don't recommend it for continuous use. Let me know if you have any questions.

👤I'm happy with these for the price. They are used for packaging my small business. Customers always mention how nice it was to receive their item in a cute bag, and it really adds the extra spice to my orders.

6. Small Multi Reusable Handles Friendly

Small Multi Reusable Handles Friendly

These fabric multi-color bags are perfect for all occasions, from a birthday party to a professional event. The ultimate retractable fabric bag is the only bag you will need for any occasion. You can personalize and decorate these neon gift bags with fabric paint, stamps, and markers. These fabric gift bags are perfect for special occasion gifts or to give out party favors. Two of each color come in each pack, so you can choose from a variety of colors. Reusability and resilience fabric material. The pp non-woven material that you can spot clean and hang dry is what makes these gift bags so useful. These gift bags are very versatile and can be used for a lot of things.

Brand: Occasionall

👤You can iron these bags. I used heat transfer paper to play cricket. I give samples to my customers. I will be buying more of these.

👤Cute little bags are great for gift cards. Fun colors.

👤It's perfect for bags for parties. Excellent quality material.

👤Despite being put through torture tests with toddlers and kindergarteners, the goody bags have stayed in tact. These are better quality than some of the bags I use, but are too small to use for reuse.

👤I thought they were small, but they were used for gift bags for my son's party. The stuff stuck out, but it worked.

👤My son's birthday party was a success. They were the perfect size for small toys and candy.

👤These are bright and cute. They were used to give confirmation necklaces.

7. WenTao Organza Wedding Drawstring Premium

WenTao Organza Wedding Drawstring Premium

1. The Organza bags are made of high quality sheer organza, the seams are sewn well around the outside and on both sides of the drawstring, they are durable and well made. 2. There are ten colors in their favor gift bags. Enough for all kinds of visual projects. 3. Their bag size is approximately 4*4.7%2" and can be used for storing jewelry, craft soaps, candy, small gifts, and little gift bags. 4. The objects will not fall out, perfect for storage, and you can find them easily from the clear tulle pouch. 5. A multi-purpose is great for weddings, parties, birthdays, and hotels. During the holdays, there are gifts for co-workers and promotion gifts.

Brand: Wentao

👤I received 112 packs. I had an issue with this item because the two strings were not tied correctly. One came with a dead lady bug. That wasn't in the description. I gave it a proper burial. It is a good amount of baggies for the price. They are good quality and feel like the real thing. I think they should have more control service where they check every baggie they send out to make sure they aren't ripped or badly tied and that they have dead bugs in them. This is the reason I gave a 4 star review.

👤These are small bags. When I sell my fused glass jewelry, I want it to be pretty and lightweight. These fit the bill. They are large enough to hold larger pendants, but not so large that the customer can't drop it in their handbag. The colors are beautiful.

👤The bags worked well for Halloween candy. Draw string with ease. It was bought for Halloween candy. We plan to buy again next year. We were able to distribute candy evenly by pre-bagging. We did not run out and had to go to stores for more. During Pandemic, Halloween is fun. A 6ft craft table was used for the single bowling lane. Lifted one end of the table. The table has orange led blinking lights on it. We attached a large plastic Halloween bowl to the table. Parents were thankful for the effort we made to make it fun from 6 feet away, as kids loved trying to catch their candy bags.

👤I gave it 5 stars because I was satisfied with my purchase. I got 100 of them and none of them were broken. Since I use these for my poshmark orders, I don't mind much. If you don't mind loose strings, I would recommend these because it's worth the price.

👤I really like these. I put them in my parrot. It's like trying to find him. It takes a little effort to get his nuts from there. It keeps him busy. It works well for us. I use them for small gifts. The gift is special.

👤The majority of these bags were damaged. Most of them had holes and stitching was loose when I opened them.

👤This is a nice quality and can be found in a variety of colors. I fill them with small items in gift bags and use them to make little bags of candy. The colors are pretty, bright and pastel, and you can easily see what's inside. I used to just toss the candy into the bags, but this works better and looks nicer.

👤The bags are larger than I anticipated and should work well for me. I chose the bright orange bags over the one color bags because I was hoping for bright orange bags. The color is not a dark apricot. Most of the bags are cool colors, with the exception of the purples and the hot pinks. They seem to be well made and the price is good, cheaper and easier than I could make them.

8. Hallmark Small Paper Gift Bags

Hallmark Small Paper Gift Bags

The eco-friendly gift bags are made with paper from well-managed forests. There are 8 small gift bags that are both high and deep in this set. It's perfect for gifts of jewelry, candy, clothing accessories, gift cards, candles, and perfume or cologne. The paper gift bags with pink stiff woven handles have a simple pink and kraft design with a diagonal gold foil stripe. The gift bag set makes it easy to present a cheerful gift for celebrations like birthday parties, baby showers, weddings or everyday special moments. The eco-friendly gift bags are made with paper from well-managed forests.

Brand: Hallmark

👤Cute gift bags! A small gift can be popped into it. They have some style to them, but they are neutral. Very versatile.

👤The actual measure is 3 x 5 1/2 x 6 1/2” and not as described in the photo.

👤It was cute and more substantial than expected. The perfect size for a mug.

👤The design is great. For any occasion, use it. Add some tissue paper and you have a nice gift bag.

👤These bags are very nice looking for a male or female. I will make a new order.

👤I bought gold tissue to wrap the gift before I put it in the bag, it was simple and elegant. The bag was praised by the recipients.

👤These bags were perfect for the gifts I give to my neighbors. They were strong enough for the things I put in them and nice enough to hold them.

👤Good product. It was worth the money. They were used for teacher gifts.

👤Excellent quality. It is double the cost on Amazon.

9. Sdootjewelry Handles 8 7×3 9×7 1 Shopping Merchandise

Sdootjewelry Handles 8 7%C3%973 9%C3%977 1 Shopping Merchandise

The gift is hidden inside the bag. The Navy gift bags are made of premium paper and have soft handles. The bags measure about 22 X 10 X 18 cm/ 8.7 x 4.5 inches and are eco-friendly. Great for gift bags, goodies bags, favor bags for party or wedding, little shopping bags, kraft bags, retail bags and merchandise bags for gift stores. Their navy blue gift bags have elegant and stylish ribbon handles which make them stand alone and give you a more comfortable feeling of carrying. These dark blue kraft paper bags can be personalized with a plain and blank surface to decorate or embellish as you please.

Brand: Sdootjewelry

10. Brown Kraft Birthday Party Favor

Brown Kraft Birthday Party Favor

The brown paper bags are a convenient way to wrap gifts for a wedding, baby shower, or birthday party. Use the cute gift bags to create custom welcome gift bags, the versatile brown color will complement your rustic, bohemian, or minimal party decor. The brown paper gift bag is perfect to hold goodies, candy, toys, and small gifts. The medium gift bags are made from high-quality paper with handles to make sure the contents stay inside the bag. There are 12 bags with handles.

Brand: Juvale

👤I needed a small gift bag that wasn't fancy. These fit the bill. A pretty ribbon would have done the trick. There was extra room in the bag for a small bag of other treats, because the bag of popcorn fit perfectly in the bag without sticking out of the top. The 8”x6” gold bags were also purchased on Amazon.

👤I needed a bunch of bags for gifts. They were ordered and received quickly. They were what I needed. Not cheap, very sturdy.

👤If you have a lot of friends and families to give gifts to, it's good to prepare them. There is a The size is well made.

👤Thank you so much! The gift bags are exactly what they are described as. I will be back.

👤They are plain paper bags that look nice when dressed up.

👤I personalize the bags for gifts.

11. BagDream Handles Assorted Brithday 8x4 25x10 5

BagDream Handles Assorted Brithday 8x4 25x10 5

The gift bags are made from a thick pp non woven material which is reusable. The pp non woven shopping bags are opaque anddurable, giving your items added security. Medium paper bags are 8x4.25x10. BagDream is a collection of paper bags. The rainbow party favor bags are FSC compliant. BagDream paper bag is your first choice if you are green. The paper is from the Sturdier brand. Their colorful party favor gift bags with handles are perfect for holding products. The paper twist handles are large and the bottoms are solid. A good gift to give. You would get favor bags for each color. The rainbow colors are great for a rainbow themed party. It's a neutral color and you could use it for many things, including holidays and giftable needs. There is a bright spot for parties. You could decorate the treat bags outside with themed stickers and drawings. It's a nice gift bag to give to someone. There are multi-used paper bags. These simple yet vibrant kraft paper bags are good for many things. If you have a reason you don't like their paper bags, please email them and they'll fix it.

Brand: Bagdream

👤I received a variety of colors with matching tissue paper. I only used a few of the bags for birthday presents. Those held up well. A good purchase.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. Quality bags.

👤The bags are large and bright.

👤These were perfect for a last minute party. I had to make my own decorations because it was hard to find decorations for my toddler. The bags were a little small when they arrived. I was worried that they wouldn't look good. They went back into shape after unpacking. I am very happy with my purchase and the fast delivery from Amazon helps with last minute plans. I definitely recommend.


What is the best product for eco friendly gift bags medium?

Eco friendly gift bags medium products from Occasionall. In this article about eco friendly gift bags medium you can see why people choose the product. Occasionall and Tomnk are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly gift bags medium.

What are the best brands for eco friendly gift bags medium?

Occasionall, Occasionall and Tomnk are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly gift bags medium. Find the detail in this article. Hallmark, Lysxp and Occasionall are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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