Best Eco Friendly Gifts for Girls

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1. EcoRight Reusable Ecofriendly Printed Houston

EcoRight Reusable Ecofriendly Printed Houston

It's just the right size. These small canvas totes can hold up to 10 kilogram and are made of very fine quality cotton fabric with cross-stitched shoulder handles. Eco-friendly and ethical. These tote bags are powered by solar energy and are 100% environment-friendly. The packaging is made of recycled plastic. The tote bags for women are very economical and come in quirky and funny graphic prints of animals and plants, which make them the perfect gift for women. The cotton tote bags are so versatile and lightweight that they can be used as kitchen farmers market bag, utility tote, gym bag, kids school tote, cloth gift bags for birthday, library book bag, craft bag, bridesmaid tote bags! The travel totes bags are easy to clean and foldable. Put the canvas bag in your pocket and carry it around without fear.

Brand: Eco Right

👤I love this bag. It is made of cotton and will shrink if you put it in the dryer, so lay it flat to dry and use cold water. It holds more groceries than I thought, and it holds many books as well. Down with plastic. Save the sea creatures. This will fit nicely in your purse, as opposed to the other ugly bags. I put my bags in my tote size purse, and pull them out when I need them, so I don't have to remember to grab the bags from the car before I get out! The gold and black one is so pretty that it makes a nice gift bag for birthdays, etc.

👤If I'd seen it in person, I wouldn't buy it. It appears to be a $3 dollar store item. Unless you are throwing in a few paperbacks, the book bag is not worthy. There is a I'll keep it for those quick lightweight tasks.

👤It's pretty ridiculous to call this acanvas, because you can see through both runners. You're kidding me, right? Dollar Tree has gotten me better quality stuff. The price point is complete highway robbery. Absolutely trash.

👤I was looking for a small gift for my friends who love cats and this bag was perfect. The bag is a nice gift, but can also be a great container to hold more gift items. I ordered four bags, two for friends and one for myself. I'm glad I did. They were well packaged and I think they were worth the price.

👤I use them for everything. My kids get invited to billions of birthday parties and I have a few gift bags I can use. My son has a handle for his PE clothes that gives him more options than the pillow case I used to use, he started dressing down for PE this year and he has one for his PE clothes. For shopping. They aren't the largest bags we have, but they aren't always required for bulk grocery boxes. This is the perfect size for smaller items I don't want getting lost in the bulks-r-us grocery, the things I'm putting aside because they are going to a different destination than the rest of the groceries, or just to make less heavy options for helpers lacking arm The black keeps its color well. I am very happy with the bags I have already purchased and I will keep buying.

👤I plan to use this tote every day to carry my snacks, books, and smoothies to work in. I will keep it in my handbag when I go to the store. I think it will last a long time. I feel good about helping to limit our consumption of single use plastic and I can still look cute doing it.

👤She loved it when I gave it as a gift. I can see this bag being used for a lot of things. A grocery bag is not necessarily a grocery bag. There is a The bag is very cute. The person who purchased the vegan one said "truer words were never spoken." It's not for heavy duty use, so have fun with it.

2. BeKind Bristles Natural Detangling Included

BeKind Bristles Natural Detangling Included

Eco-friendly hair products for women. Their wooden hair brushes are hand polished. The hair comb comes out more rounded and smooth, which prevents harm to the scalp by redistributing the natural oil your scalp produces, the wooden bristles restore shine and texture. Wooden bristle hair brushes and wooden combs are healthier because they are not sharp and can increase your hair's natural shine. The tangling brush massage stimulates blood flow and results in healthier hair, no tangle, and no static. Benefits include a reduction in hair loss, split ends, brittle hair, and even Dandruff. The DEFRIZZ is made of 100% pure natural wood. The brush helps prevent static so that your hair stays smooth after brushing. The brush will generate less knots than synthetic brushes. It will be easier to separate hair knots with the brush. For All hair types are best with a natural bristle hair brush. Their natural bristle brush and wood combs are the perfect gift for that special person in your life. Each gift package includes a wooden bristle hair brush, a nice bag, three wood combs, and one waterproof clean claw, all packed in a colorful packaging, perfect for any occasion.

Brand: Bekind

👤This set is beautiful from the outside to the inside. I have thick hair which makes it easy to blow dry. I've lost many of the bristles in my plastic hairbrushes and plastic combs as I try to push them through my thick hair. The set seems to be pretty durable so far. The natural wood is much prettier than plastic. The brush comes with a tool to clean it out, which is great for those like me who stand in front of the trash can and pull out hair. It's great for people looking to make an eco-friendly switch or just looking for a fun and beautiful product.

👤I am floored. I was looking for a new hairbrush that could be cleaned easily and was moderately priced. I would have been happy with the paddle brush alone. The cleaning mini brush and three different combs are unbelievable. I don't think I had the package fully unwrapped before I had one of the combs running through my hair. I was also impressed with the packaging. It's just adorable and attention to detail. It would be an amazing gift for any of my friends, and definitely for Mother's Day. I can't thank you enough, I'm not normally the review leaving type. After a few weeks of use, I will update this review. My hair will be thanking me for these!

👤I like the product so far. My old brush was over 10 years old and I have longer hair. I knew I needed to make the right choice because I was going to keep the new brush for a long time and I wanted to make sure I didn't break anything. I was looking for something that was affordable and green. I needed to find something that was not made from plastic. I decided to purchase the Be Kind brand after looking over a few options and have been very satisfied with my purchase thus far. The brush is easy to clean with 3 people using it daily and the paddle fits the hand well, the bristles are sturdy and flexible, and the brush is easy to use. My son loves the fact that he has his own comb. I drilled a hole in the handle to make it easier to hang since I have a small bathroom. The wood was splintering a bit, but a little sanding. It was new and ready for its new home.

👤I've been using organic, vegan, and more natural products for my beauty and personal care items, and I came across articles and videos about the benefits of using wooden hairbrushes. I had never thought about the benefits of my hair brush, other than the fact that it could handle my thick hair without pulling it out or breaking it. I decided to make the switch because I was intrigued by the benefits. I am a Prime member, so that is usually my first stop, and I found this Be Kind 4-piece hairbrush kit. The paddle brush is large and sturdy and it handles my thick hair very well. It feels like a head massage when brushing with the paddle brush. I'm very thankful that I discovered the Be Kind brand and I'm looking forward to seeing more of their products.

3. Supplies Birthday Reusable Friendly InstinctFir

Supplies Birthday Reusable Friendly InstinctFir

The package contains 22 mini magic cubes. High quality and resilience. Black panther party favors and supplies are made from felt material. The best price is available. A pack of 20 felt masks with reinforced stitching. The elastic band is great for kids ages 3 - 12. Can fit both teens and adults. Fun is a great addition to any party for kids. Party Favors are great for your gift bags.

Brand: Generic

👤It is simply beautiful. My sons favors looked even better.

👤I gave a mask to my nephew for his birthday party. The kids liked the masks. They are made out of a strong felt and are very durable. I loved them. My nephew kept his mask on as he took pictures with his guests. The masks were a big part of his day.

👤The masks were included in the bags. The kids loved it, and it was a perfect fit for them.

👤The quality is amazing. It is sturdy and nice. They are recommended to everyone who wants to host a b-day party.

👤I got them for all the kids.

👤I love this product. I will have another batches for the party in two weeks. Well made item. I'm very happy.

👤I used these as party favors. The kids liked them. The product was strong enough to handle the rough play of the kids. Great product!

👤The material was excelente. It is ideal para nios y adultos.

4. Decorate Water Bottle Glitter Stickers

Decorate Water Bottle Glitter Stickers

The metallic rose gold gift bags are easy to store in and don't take up a lot of space. Great value and fun! A kid's water bottle with 7 sheets of rhinestone stickers has hundreds of their glitter gem stickers, a reuseable Silicone straw and a cleaning brush. It is convenient for the kid to use. The package has a carabiner and a nail sticker for kids. It is safe and high quality. Their water bottles are easy to clean with a bottle brush. The top lid is easy for kids to open and close, and the Silicone ring seals the lid between sips to eliminate spills and leaks. Surprise gifts for kids. The gift packaging has a bow design. Birthday gifts, Christmas stocking, Easter basket, and more! Ready to decorate! Everything you need to make your own bottle is included. Concentration and creativity can be improved by using their craft kit. You can peel off the sticker on the bottle. Before you peel the stickers on the bottle, create a good design planning. If you are not satisfied with the products they provide, please contact them.

Brand: Hdargon

👤My 6 year old loved it. The bottle's top broke off when she dropped it. The idea was cute, but the plastic lid wouldn't click back on. I have to buy another one for her because she got way more jewels than she needed. Will look for something else.

👤7 year old loved this as a gift and couldn't wait to decorate it and use it at school She can no longer use this as a water bottle for school because the pink plastic piece that acts as a handle and spout broke off after she first filled it. The quality of the plastic was disappointing.

👤The stickers that come with are cute, but they don't last long on the cup and the sticky mess that remains is gross. The cup is long lasting, but I am disappointed in the stickers that came with it.

👤A water bottle as a gift is not usually excited by kids. The decorating is fun. It comes with a lot of stickers. My daughter and her cousin had fun with it, but lost interest once they were done. I don't think the cousin ever used the water bottle. It was just something to kill time.

👤I bought two of them. One for my granddaughter and one for my neice. My niece lost the gems and leaking the first time she used the cup and her granddaughters did the same thing. Terrible quality!

👤There are a lot of things to do. The metal water bottle is very thin and easy to dent, but it doesn't keep anything in it for long, unlike other metal bottles.

👤My little girl loved the gift of a water bottle from Santa, she was able to use her creativity to design a bottle for school. It keeps her water cold while she is in school.

👤This is not a usable water bottle, it is not leak proof, and it will not stay shut.

5. Stephen Joseph Kids UNICORN Large

Stephen Joseph Kids UNICORN Large

Young children can play with building toy sets. They can mix and match pieces. Children with realistic early support skills are provided with a flower set. The gift bags are recycled. The colorful recycled large gift bags are great for a party. They are keeping the planet green by package a gift. The bag is extra sturdy because of the double handles. These bags are a great way to give a gift. The front and back of their gift bags are printed with imagination designs. These recycled gift bags are great for all occasions. You will find one that your child will love. The patterns of the Stephen Joseph gift bags are unique. Their gift bags are perfect for both kids and adults. ECO FRIENDLY & REUSABLE. Their gift bags are made from recycled materials. Made from 80% recycled plastic bottles. You can reuse these bags. This is a small step in the right direction. The bag is a perfect size for gifts, on-the-go, and more.

Brand: Stephen Joseph

👤The bag is beautiful, my only issue is that the one strap is ripped and hanging together by less than half of the width of the strap. I bought it to use for Easter, not the traditional basket. I will definitely buy more in the future, as I bought 2 different patterns. The other one was perfect, but it had a small defect. I am sure a 4 year old will not notice.

👤The bag is sturdy enough to be used to carry items when at grandma's.

👤Just as pictured. It was used as a gift bag. It was worth the price. The shopping bags are the same.

👤I can't wait to use these bags.

👤I crocheted a poncho for my niece's birthday and instead of using a box or wrapping paper to pack it, I used a bag. It is durable, handy, and eco-friendly.

👤The bag is cute. It was bought for niece's birthday presents. Very strong.

👤Birthday presents in a bag. It is durable and sturdy.

6. Dolphin Bottle Porpoise Design Eco Friendly

Dolphin Bottle Porpoise Design Eco Friendly

100% lifetime warranty. If your shooting game toy was broken or you got a faulty one, please don't hesitate to send an email to their service through Amazon, they will reply in 24 hours and give you a replacement or refund. The design is cool. A bottle of water and a dolphin. The light up water bottle is a combination of art and technology that creates an optical 3D illusion and challenge your mind. There are many fun themes, including dinosaur, dog, horse, and more. This is a great gift idea, get it with the confidence that any family member or friend will use it for a long time. When you purchase their 3D light up water bottle, you're also purchasing a water bottle and a night light. The clear part of the water bottle can be removed and used as a night light, so your child can enjoy the colorful 3D pattern display as they drift off to sleep. It is Colorado. All water bottles come with 8 different colors, red, green, blue, aqua, pink, white, and color changing, you'll find a color that you love. There is safety and health. It is made from tritan material. A healthy hydration for kids, school students or any kind of outdoor activity. The auto shut off timer helps freshAAA alkaline batteries last up to 40 hours. The water bottle, manual, and worry-free 12-month warranty are what you get. The water bottle, manual, and worry-free 12-month warranty are what you get.

Brand: Yuandian

7. Puzzle Eco Friendly Material Supplies Birthday

Puzzle Eco Friendly Material Supplies Birthday

Children could also make this coloring activity set into cards in the shape of animals, cakes and lollipops used for holiday decoration or to write blessings to parents. The 30Mini magic cube is made from eco-friendly plastic and has non-toxic, odorless features. The cube toy provides hours of enjoyable game play that is great for boys and girls. Party cube, mini puzzle cubes that are perfect for party favors, birthday, school class reward, or prizes to kids, are perfect for office desk toys and office decorations. Brain Teasers can improve your child's memory, dexterity and solve problems. It's a good choice to give a stickerless gift that is small to ease your boring mood and reduce stress.

Brand: Neoact

👤I included one of these 3 packages with other small toys and candy in 70 clear bags across the driveway for a socially distanced Halloween. The kids were excited about the toys. Several didn't know about the cubes, but most of them noticed them immediately. Dad, look at a domino! I sat on the porch to watch them have fun. I was surprised at how many families came out, but I was also surprised that they chose to use clear bags instead of touching everything. Most adults in a grocery store don't understand safety.

👤We brought these for my son to give to his class because he is a rubiks fanatic. He loves the "tiny" size. He asked if we could go out tomorrow. I bought the 30 pack in case there was a problem.

👤The little squares from composition are stickers. They are not plastic or paint. There is a After a few drops of water and a few pairs of little hands, Stickers can ruin them in a few minutes. There is a The seller did a good job. ManUFACTURER! Poorly thought out and made. To make it clear, I gave it 3 stars to the seller.

👤I was in charge of the gift bags for my son's holiday party and they were the perfect size. They were cute and seemed fine but there was sticky tape all over the colored and black parts that were preventing the cubes from rotating. I took it off. There is no big deal. At the party the kids were excited to play with the cubes but within a few minutes more than 5 kids came to us asking for help because their cubes had popped apart. They were easy to fix.

👤These are very cheap. It comes with a lot. It's actually the game when turned and played with caution. There is a It's easy to put it all back together again. There is a It's very cheap but you can't go wrong with the quantity. Does well for a party.

👤This is part of the gift bag for the 5 grade class. They look cool, but it's difficult to rotation. It feels like we are breaking it by rotating it. It gave a bad experience and probably deterred the kids from learning.

👤I didn't get a chance to take a picture of all the broken things, but I added these to my daughter's 10th birthday bags and some of the children that opened their bags and played with the cube broke on the spot. I am not sure what happened when the children got home. It went great with my daughter's party.

👤This is a good value for the quantity. I bought these to include in my summer gift bags for my students. Two of my students demolished these in about five minutes. This is a great value for a little something to share, and the rubies cubes do work.

8. Preschool Activities Christmas Birthday Toddlers

Preschool Activities Christmas Birthday Toddlers

The best gift option. The toy is fun to play with. It is perfect for all occasions. It can be played with more than one child. The toys set contains 4 bases, 22 stem and leaf pieces, 8 flower cores, 16 brightly colored flower pieces and a watering can. Are you still unsure of how to choose a perfect birthday gift for your girls? A 3-6 year old girl toy is a perfect choice for a surprise. Girl toys age 4-5 set are the most suitable preschool activity which can help exercising your kids' recognition of colors and shapes, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and creativity. Environmental printing and odorless materials are used in this girl toys set, which are especially safe for 3 4 5 6 year old girls. If you have any problems, please contact them. You can add your little girl to the cart by clicking the button on this page.

Brand: Gojmzo

👤This item is half the size shown in the photo ad.

👤I bought this for my granddaughter and Lego garbage truck for her twin brother so they wouldn't have to drive it. He had his eye on the flower set while assembling his truck, and she liked putting together the flowers very much. He disassembled and re-built the flowers after she left.

👤My granddaughter has been playing with this toy for hours. The pieces are easy to assemble. Love the bright colors. If your child has a tendency to put things in their mouth, I would suggest that you use this toy under adult supervision.

👤I absolutely loved it. The quality is excellent. Highly recommended.

👤The type of product is fine, with the exception of the amount of pieces. Most of the pieces are green stems which are the worse pieces to have as they keep advertising in their pictures. The item should be priced around $8 to make it worth the purchase, you can find better lots with more pieces.

👤I haven't opened or used the item yet because it's a gift for my niece who is turning three. The box was completely demolished when it arrived. Hopefully the pieces are undamaged. The box was not nice.

👤My granddaughter loves flowers. She enjoys being challenged and has a great imagination. She had a gift dumped out on the floor and started making flowers with her mother. They can do this together. She can play on her own. It was smaller than I had in mind, but it was the perfect size. A good size for little hands to handle, no tiny parts for younger siblings to find, and quite unique.

👤It looks a lot nicer on Amazon.

9. EASYCITY Marbled Colorful Stimulation Educational

EASYCITY Marbled Colorful Stimulation Educational

High quality. These mini fun animal erasers are made of non-toxic and eco-friendly rubber, and are safe for kids ages 3 and up to play as games and toys. Children will be surprised by a box filled with 24 pieces of Starry Marbled Slime, which will give them a magical outer space feeling. There are arts and crafts. Best for birthday gifts, Christmas stocking stuffers, school or carnival prizes, classroom participation rewards, baby showers or Halloween's trick or treat bag fillers, dance props, eggs on Easter Sunday, and event centerpiece. Kids love the gunk. They really like it. It is neither liquid nor solid, but can change in many ways. It's a great stress and anxiety reducer if you squeeze, fold, roll, twist and smash it. Not very stretched. SAFTY SLIME- The ECO-friendly material makes the slime that is safe for kids to play with. For ages 6+, but can not eat.

Brand: Easycity

👤This is not the same as the photo shows. I prepared to make a video after opening it, but they have dried up. How can they be sold to us? Can't imagine.

👤The description made me believe I was buying a 12 pack. The kit I received was a do-it-yourself one. There were no containers. The picture is not accurate.

👤I don't understand why this item got so many good reviews. When you try to play with it, it just broke because of the cracked container. There were several that were hard to fill. My niece was not able to play with the good ones. I am very disappointed.

👤It looks like a puffy substance. It's a small container, but will work well as a gift for my daughter's 4th birthday. We were able to open a couple because I ordered the 20 box. Not messy at all. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤The rubbery stuff was not like the stuff in the movie. It doesn't stretch, it just breaks into pieces. It was nice that it was packaged individually. I wouldn't buy it again. A bunch of rubber.

👤I know that most things are made in China but without oversight and original designs, you get terrible copies. There is a The colors are decent, but not as bright as the kids would like. It doesn't connect back together. It is virtually impossible to play with. It breaks apart and is worthless. Returning for a different description.

👤This is a wet, sticky mess, there is nothing spectacular about it. The kids will have fun with this.

👤Not a substance of any kind. A lot of it is over sticky putty. The colors look cool. It mixes into the mud. It's worse than most slime.

10. Coconut Wooden Spoons Suvana Market

Coconut Wooden Spoons Suvana Market

The puzzles use sturdy pegs which are not detached and there is no risk of a child getting hurt. Their toys are made from smooth-sanded, solid-wood and non-toxic paints. The Suvana Bowls are Sanded to Perfection and Hydrated with Oil by Artisans, unlike the other bowls in the market. They worked with artisans to design coconut bowls that are durable and eye catching. Suvana Bowls are your daily Tropical Escapes in the comfort of your home. Each bowl is different. They noticed that the bowls in the market did not have a flat bottom, which caused the food to spill. The process they use is called "Suvana Sandation" and it flattens the bottom of every bowl so they say balanced. The bowls are perfect for your friends and family. No spill, all smiles. So. Many. Their high grade Coconut Bowls can be used in many ways. You can make many different types of bowls, including acai bowls, vegan bowls, salad bowls, cereal, Buddha bowls, Smoothie bowl, ice cream, Kava Kava and much more. A coconut bowl and wooden spoon is a great addition to your kitchen. They love mother nature so they make sure their bowls are created in a Zero Waste process. They protect the environment by creating Suvana Bowls out of Coconut shells that would be burned as waste and have a devastating impact on the earth. Premium Jichi Wood is used to make their spoons. 100% LIFETIME WARRANTY Their goal is to make their customers happy. If you run into a problem, they will replace the bowl faster than you can say "I love Suvana Market". Their US based team is ready to help. They are happy to have you in the family.

Brand: Suvana Market

👤These coconut bowls are very good. I plan to use one as a table decoration and the other to eat ice cream. The bowls have their own marks and bumps. The wooden spoons have an elegant touch. The company is very strong with their products. Always. " These items are of high quality.

👤Excellent quality coconut bowls. They arrived with 2 bowls and 2 spoons. They are plastic free and organic. They are different from other sellers because of Suvana's charitable donation to save the environment.

👤I like the look and feel of the bowls and they are organic and natural. Adding variety to my eating vessels is what they do. I liked them. I sent a pair to my son.

👤It is an awesome bowl. Looks great. Better than the pictures! There is a We have been using it for a lot of things.

👤These coconut bowls are very cute. I use these for my home made ice cream. It makes me feel like I am on a tropical island when I eat dessert. There is a It is better than those things you find at world market. It looks pretty as an accent decor. It will make a great gift. I love them!

👤We use these bowls for yogurts and salads many times. When I got them out of the box, they looked new. The coconut shells are better than the plastic alternatives. There is a The kids were always spilling the food because my other bowls didn't have a flat bottom. Not with these ones! There is a They are used all the time by the family. These bowls are not easy to break.

👤Just received and broke. I had never made kava before. The water was warm, not hot, and 2 minutes into kneading the mix there was a loud crack and bitter liquid leaking everywhere. I will not try the other bowl for anything other than keeping plectrums. The spoons are strong.

👤I received my order of coconut bowls. One of the bowls does not have a flat bottom. The seller contacted me through Amazon after I sent a message to them. I requested a new one. The seller had issues in sending a replacement because they are based in the US and there are other issues with customers outside the US. There is no guarantee that you will get a flat bottom bowl. There is no guarantee that they can send a replacement. This was not a good experience.

👤We love using these bowls. They come with wooden spoons that match the bowls. These are the things I recommend getting.

👤Don't buy. Not a flat bottom. Un strong. One broke in the first week.

11. BeeGreen Pockets Aesthetic Friendly Reusable

BeeGreen Pockets Aesthetic Friendly Reusable

There is a money-back guarantee. If you have a question, please contact them. Beautiful prints and easy to do: Their tote bag with funny and graphic print of cat and hearts adds more aesthetic fellings and sense of design so that it can fit different occasions. The back side is perfect for various projects, such as heat transfer vinyl, tie dye, screen printing, printing and painting. The cotton tote bag is a good choice for women and girls to take to the beach, gym, shopping, travel, camping and school. It's perfect for size and multi-purpose. Their tote bag is large enough to hold groceries, camping gear, wallet, mobile phones, keys and umbrella, as well as school supplies, and it's cute. The tote bag is a great gift for Mother's Day, Teacher's Day, birthday party, wedding party, bridesmaid and friends. Their tote bag has two inner pockets to organize. It is possible to hold important items in one pocket, like jewelry, keys and wallet. The other open pocket can hold your mobile phone, pens and cosmetics. PREMIUM MATERIAL AND DURABLE. The canvas tote bag is made of 12oz cotton canvas, which is much thicker than most cloth tote bags. Their tote bags won't see-through because of the solid material. This bag has neat overlocking handles that are convenient for both hand holding and shoulder toting. It won't put extra stress on your shoulder and won't be broken. It is possible to wash and reuse. The cotton tote bag can be washed. You can wash it, hang to dry and iron it, and their tote bag can be used many times. Please wash it with cold water because it can make it look a little different. Plastic bags can be harmful to the environment, so choose economical tote bags.

Brand: Beegreen

👤The bag is made of a very sturdy off-white canvas and has cute bees in it. The entire construction is excellent, with no sewing errors or excessive hanging threads, and the handles are long enough to use "over the shoulder", which is what the photo shows. The bag is semi water resistant and large enough for carrying a tablet, groceries, or beach day needs. The color is light but strong and would work with any outfit. I highly recommend the bag due to its ability to be washed. The bag is printed in China, but it might refer to the plastic bag container, not the bee bag.

👤A heavy duty canvas bag can hold a lot. It's great for smaller shopping trips where you don't need a huge bag. BeeGreen products are amazing and I have been a customer for years. The customer service is excellent.

👤The bag is sturdy. I had to do something with the bees and lining it. I will order another one for you, this one will be a gift. The design is great.

👤The bag is adorable. The picture is cute and the colors are vibrant. My kids like it. We use these types of bags all the time to carry things when we go out. This one is well sewn and sturdy. I think it will last a long time. It's machine washed.

👤I got a tote with a bee design on it. I stuffed it with a 15lb weight and walked around with it. The inside is great for large things. The strap is not too large or too small and sits on your shoulder. I put it in the washer and dryer.

👤I love this bag. The canvas is sturdy and cute. It's large enough to hold a water bottle, snacks, and winter gear. It hangs at the perfect length and does not feel bulky. It folds up nicely for storage and does not leave crease lines.

👤I've gotten a lot of praise for this bag. I use it to carry my laptop and have gotten many nice comments. I think it's sturdy. My laptop is on the lighter side, but it doesn't seem to stretch out the handles.

👤It was amazing when I ordered it. I took it outside a few weeks later and it was on the dirt. I tried to wash it. There was nothing that came off. If you get stains on this bag, they are most likely to come off, but they leave big stains.


What is the best product for eco friendly gifts for girls?

Eco friendly gifts for girls products from Eco Right. In this article about eco friendly gifts for girls you can see why people choose the product. Bekind and Generic are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly gifts for girls.

What are the best brands for eco friendly gifts for girls?

Eco Right, Bekind and Generic are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly gifts for girls. Find the detail in this article. Hdargon, Stephen Joseph and Yuandian are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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