Best Eco Friendly Gifts for Men

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1. Natural Reusable Makeup Friends Eco Friendly

Natural Reusable Makeup Friends Eco Friendly

You can discover the benefits of their 12 pure essential oils with the free guide included in your set. Adding fun and color to your life or your friends' lives is what this makeup bag with funny theme combination will do. The bag is made from canvas. It is more durable than canvas. The bags are 10 x 8 inches in size. Each bag is designed by a professional. Patterns that highlight your personality and taste. There is always a suitable pattern for you or your friends. This makeup bag is a perfect gift for you. It's suitable for different scenes and festivals. Their bag is a great choice for holiday gifts, such as birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, etc.

Brand: Ihopes+

👤I had this for a week and the seam came apart.

👤It's so cute and funny. It is a perfect gift.

👤Great gift! My sister-in-law liked it.

2. Professor Fuzzworthys Conditioner Australian Essential

Professor Fuzzworthys Conditioner Australian Essential

The Professor Fuzzworthy's Beard Shampoo & Wood Magnetic Soap holder Gift Set is a must have for grooming. The Eco Friendly wood soap dish is an easy way to store your beard bar. Highest rated, best price and highest quality is what the #1 Best Beard Shampoo is. The beard wash contains no extra water, sulfates, parabans, or chemical fillers. A bar of beard soap is equal to 3 bottles of liquid hair care products. Eco friendly and travel friendly! Made with unique organic ingredients and essential oils, the balm is made with Leatherwood honey and bees wax from Australia to fortify a healthy full beard, relieve beard itch, and encourage beard growth. Simple to use for a clean, healthy, softer and fluffy beard and all in one grooming routine. The harsh chemicals used to wash your beard stunt beard growth. Storage of soap is eco friendly. This in shower storage container is made with sustainable beech wood and is an elegant and practical solution to keep soaps dry.

Brand: Beauty And The Bees

👤Don't spend your money on high dollar products. You are looking at something on your screen. It is the best on the market. I have had a bar for almost four months. It goes a long way.

👤After reading the mixed reviews on this product, I have come to the conclusion that some people expect miracles overnight or after a single use from a bar of soap, because they aren't realistic enough to realize its just soap, or that they lack a brain. It took me a few days to notice a change. What works for one does not always work for another. This is a cure for all the bad things about your beard. I really like this hair product, it's a bar form, or more precisely a block. It is a very woodsy scent. It does not replace a good quality beard balm or beard oil, but is a great compliment to these products. I used to only use a good quality conditioner and a small amount of hair wash to keep my beard from being the Brillo pad. I use this soap along with a good beard balm, as it did get rid of the dry skin and beard dandruff that was caused by my original method of care. My beard is softer and more manageable, so it did as it said it would. It won't make your beard straight or de-tangle it, that's what a comb and/or a brush is for. It won't make your beard shine like your wheels on your Honda, but it will be more shiny. It's an all natural soap that does a good job of cleaning and conditioning. The $12 price point is the only negative that I found in this block. It's up to you to decide if a product that can replace two others and keep your beard clean is worth it.

👤I couldn't get rid of the beard flake. I use beard oil and beard balm, but it doesn't seem to help the bear dandruff from snowing. I found out that head wash is one of the worst things I can use on my beard. I tried the dandruff wash but it didn't make a difference. I decided to do some research and discovered beard cleanser was the thing to use. beard and hair are completely different animals as they serve different purposes. Professor Fuzzworthy's Beard Shampoo was at the top of a list of the best beard washes I had researched. I was confused by the cube of soap I received. The benefit of this is that it lasts much longer than a liquid hair product. The magnetic shower holder is a must have. If it sits in the water, it will be dissolved. If you allow it to sit under the water. There is a I decided to give it a try and see if it works. The first few days I didn't notice much of a difference. I decided to stick with it for a while as I knew it would take time to do it. The beard was less noticeable after the fourth day. After a week, it was gone with no sign of beard hair. The beard oil and balm is still done after the shower. I wash my beard every other day, but it still doesn't look right. It seems to make the beard softer as well. After a week or so, my wife noticed a difference in the texture. If you have a beard, buy it for yourself. You will say thank you later.

3. Cheese Board Knife Set Housewarming

Cheese Board Knife Set Housewarming

The mechanic gloves with flashlight come with 2 CR 2016 button batteries in glove and one screwdriver for easy battery replacement. The battery can be replaced after 30 hours. How do you get your family and guests to compliment your design? Place the board on the table. It is a board that will serve you well when you need it. The hidden drawer inside the large wooden cheese board has a special touch. It has specialty bamboo cheese knives, slates with a marker, a wine opener, and a carrying bag. You will no longer have to wonder about weddings, bridal showers, birthdays and housewarming occasions. Your gift recipients will love this cheese board. Stopping and high end. A well-made item is a Bambsi item. The cheese board set is made from bamboo. The cheese cutting board has a high standard. GroOVE AT THE EDGE. The grooves on the bamboo cheese board give you more space to lay your crackers, nuts or fruit. It is possible to fit a lot of food and wine into a small space.

Brand: Bambüsi

👤I received this item as a gift for my bridal shower and it is one of my favorite pieces. It has been a huge hit with my dinner parties. I bought it for a friend as a gift because I loved it so much. The drawer is easy to pull out and the cutlery is great. I would recommend someone to get a cheese board.

👤I bought this cheese board for my girlfriend. We've only been able to use it twice, and there's a crack in the board. She keeps the cheese board in the original packaging whenever she doesn't use it. It's not the cheapest cheese board out there, so I'm pretty upset. I would have given this 5 stars if it wasn't for the crack in the board. She was excited to use the gift when given the chance. It looks cheap and we don't want to give it to guests when they're over.

👤My husband is obsessed with food. He loves to cook and just eat. I thought about what better gift to give him for his birthday. He loved it! It was very easy to clean after using this to put all our meat and cheese on, as it's made out of bamboo. No complaints here! We will be using this product a lot in the future.

👤I bought this for my husband and Garden Tub times. This is a great place to put cheese and other Appetizers. The cheese knives are a cool part of this piece. We are very happy with the purchase and would recommend it to others. Fast shipping!

👤I have tried many of the cheese board and cutlery sets and have drawn a comparison in my review of all of them. These tips will add more value to your cheese board. Home Sleek Home has the top selling cheese board and cutlery set. We have Oaklyn Products, Hazelwoodhouse, and Picnic at Ascot Inc. These companies seem to be the most preferred choice when it comes to a perfect cheese board and cutlery set. There is a This product is a must have for home party lovers. All of the knives are constructed in a way that makes them cut perfectly. It makes it easier to clean as the drawer comes out completely. It has aBamboo Handle that makes cutting easier for me, and a blade that is shirless. It is also an ideal gift and helps in a perfect presentation. * Home Sleek Home is the best choice if you are looking for high quality and value for money. There is a If you try it, the 100% Bamboo Cheese Board & Cutlery Set with Slide-out Drawer will work best.

👤I finally had the chance to use this weekend. It's amazing and cool. I was able to place 3 different types of crackers, 2 small containers of dip, cheese squares and salami on the top area. It's pretty large. I used very little water to wash the bamboo and used bounty brand napkins to finish it off. If you love to host parties or just like placing cheese and crackers out to eat, I recommend this product.

4. Transparent Creative Whiskey Decanter Stainless

Transparent Creative Whiskey Decanter Stainless

High quality clear borosilicate glass has heat-resistance quality. 5mm-thick glass is harder to break and is more safe to use. Creative design is very cool for fans. You can put it in a cabinet. You can take it out when you want to have a drink or share it with your friends. The curves and edges are more defined when it is filled. The product is made of food-grade # 304 STAINLESS STEEL, which will keep your liquor cool for longer than other regular "whiskey stones". It is more sanitary, durable and will not affect the taste of your liquor. You can store more than just wine, whiskey, brandy, and other libations, and use the glass carafe to store fresh juices, water, and mouthwash. The perfect gift and brand guarantee. The decanter is packaged with a nice gift box. For Christmas, birthdays, or other holidays, you can surprise your friends with a gift. If you have questions about the product, please contact the VADUZ after-sales team.

Brand: Vaduz

👤I moved to a new house that had a wet bar installed. I already have a stormtrooper decanter and it adds a little something to it. I was able to fit a 750mL bottle of tequila in this decanter. I think so. I added water with food coloring to see what it would look like and compare it to the clear tequila that I poured inside. The tile on my bar is white and makes it look like a stormtrooper, so I prefer this with clear alcohol. The quality of the decanter and glasses is amazing. The glasses are delicate and different. The mask inside is hallow so you get the full effect of the design. The cork top makes sure no air gets in while it's being displayed. I have decided to push it all the way in the back in case. The quality is great and the price is not a problem.

👤I would like to give this 0 stars. The glass was light and cheap. I have bought glass at the Dollar Tree that is nicer. The cork is cheap and the mouth is small. The cube kit was heavier than the decanter. I will definitely return this.

👤I have a standard set of glassware that was showing its age. I decided to purchase this for myself as a birthday gift and an upgrade to my drink collection. I say I am a die hard star wars fan. I had to order it. I was very impressed with the detail that went into the packaging. The box is a nice collector's piece. The set comes with a decanter in the shape of a storm trooper helmet, two glasses that have helmets suspended in the glass, a funnel and 4 whiskey cubes. The suspended helmet provides a really cool visual when a glass is filled. I expected the glass to be thinner but I haven't had any issues with it breaking easily. The decanter and glasses are smaller than a normal set, so keep that in mind. They don't hold as much pour. It wasn't a concern to me, but it could be to others. #realworld problems.

👤This was a gift. It looks really nice when you get it. The shot glasses and the decanter are so thin that they won't take much to break. I'm afraid to sneeze in its direction. It may be better to use it as a shelf ornament. Also... The metal ice cubes look great. When you pick them up, you should expect them to stay cool for a while after being dropped in liquid.

👤One of the glasses was cracked after 6 months of use. The only glass that is damaged is the bottom part which does not come in contact with the ground. It seems the glass cracked on its own because of poor quality. It was noticed after slowly spilling 12yr old Scotch. The product description states that customer service is BS. When you call the phone number from the order, the machine answers with a different company name, it seems like the seller is not legit. We tried to reach them for a week and even left a voicemail, but they never answered.

5. Hanes Ecosmart Fleece Sweatshirt Medium

Hanes Ecosmart Fleece Sweatshirt Medium

A 7.8-ounce fleece made with up to 5 percent recycled plastic. The fabric has high-stitch density. The collar is washed after it is washed. The comfort of Hanes with a tag-free collar. Remove the tear away tag for comfort.

Brand: Hanes

👤I was looking for an oversized sweater because I was cosplaying as Number 3 from KND. I weigh 120 lbs. I bought a medium hoping it would be large but not big. The size is what you would expect from the reviews. The sweater is very soft and not too heavy. If you live in a cold place, this may not be enough to keep you warm.

👤I wanted an over sized sweatshirt to be long and comfy, and to cover my butt so I can wear leggings without being triggered by old people. I don't think it was long enough. It's just right for me.

👤I like to wear hoodies that are big enough to wear with leggings. I'm in a big one. It is the right amount of cozy. I just had a baby. The weight is 195 lbs. This was perfect because I usually wear an large shirt. I added my own vinyl and personalized them.

👤I really like cozy crewnecks. I've tried the Jerzees brand and the Gildan crewnecks from Amazon. This brand has lost a lot of its softness after about five washes. It's still good. I was hoping the inside would stay soft for a while. It didn't. It is still warm and thick. There is a This is very cozy and soft. I got a large because I was looking for an oversized fit and the reviews were conflicting. I'm 5 feet 5 inches tall. I wish I had a medium. The baggy super fit is still very comfortable and I will keep it. I might order another one in Medium for wearing in public or underneath my jacket, as this large looks more like a weird dress on me and the sleeves are very long. I'm comfortable!

👤A 5xl wants an extra baggy, long sweatshirt. I'm a female. It is definitely baggy. That's wonderful! It's no longer a 3xl though, which is disappointing. I'll still wear it, but I won't be able to wear it with leggings I wanted.

👤I bought this for my dad. He and I were concerned about how thin it was. I thought it was cheap fabric and offered to return it. Within a few days, he called to brag about how warm it was, because he decided to keep it. It is light and thin, but it is warm. It was warmer than my others. I can't say how it will hold up in the wash, but for now we are very pleased!

👤I bought a red sweatshirt for Christmas. I fit in the normal size.

👤It is slightly larger than expected and gets longer. This sweatshirt fits around my 36J chest with room to spare, and I am female, 5'8'', 170 lbs. The inside is very soft and fleece-y, but it does pill in the dryer. It was well washed, but shrank slightly. The arm cuffs fit me well. The sleeves are too long and can be pulled down to keep my hands warm. The neckline is not unbearable. It takes a few minutes to get used to. I would call it a medium-weight sweatshirt. It's light enough to wear inside without sweating, and I would also wear it outside to 45F. I am very pleased with this sweatshirt. It is reasonably priced and it is warm.

6. BeKind Bristles Natural Detangling Included

BeKind Bristles Natural Detangling Included

Eco-friendly hair products for women. Their wooden hair brushes are hand polished. The hair comb comes out more rounded and smooth, which prevents harm to the scalp by redistributing the natural oil your scalp produces, the wooden bristles restore shine and texture. Wooden bristle hair brushes and wooden combs are healthier because they are not sharp and can increase your hair's natural shine. The tangling brush massage stimulates blood flow and results in healthier hair, no tangle, and no static. Benefits include a reduction in hair loss, split ends, brittle hair, and even Dandruff. The DEFRIZZ is made of 100% pure natural wood. The brush helps prevent static so that your hair stays smooth after brushing. The brush will generate less knots than synthetic brushes. It will be easier to separate hair knots with the brush. For All hair types are best with a natural bristle hair brush. Their natural bristle brush and wood combs are the perfect gift for that special person in your life. Each gift package includes a wooden bristle hair brush, a nice bag, three wood combs, and one waterproof clean claw, all packed in a colorful packaging, perfect for any occasion.

Brand: Bekind

👤This set is beautiful from the outside to the inside. I have thick hair which makes it easy to blow dry. I've lost many of the bristles in my plastic hairbrushes and plastic combs as I try to push them through my thick hair. The set seems to be pretty durable so far. The natural wood is much prettier than plastic. The brush comes with a tool to clean it out, which is great for those like me who stand in front of the trash can and pull out hair. It's great for people looking to make an eco-friendly switch or just looking for a fun and beautiful product.

👤I am floored. I was looking for a new hairbrush that could be cleaned easily and was moderately priced. I would have been happy with the paddle brush alone. The cleaning mini brush and three different combs are unbelievable. I don't think I had the package fully unwrapped before I had one of the combs running through my hair. I was also impressed with the packaging. It's just adorable and attention to detail. It would be an amazing gift for any of my friends, and definitely for Mother's Day. I can't thank you enough, I'm not normally the review leaving type. After a few weeks of use, I will update this review. My hair will be thanking me for these!

👤I like the product so far. My old brush was over 10 years old and I have longer hair. I knew I needed to make the right choice because I was going to keep the new brush for a long time and I wanted to make sure I didn't break anything. I was looking for something that was affordable and green. I needed to find something that was not made from plastic. I decided to purchase the Be Kind brand after looking over a few options and have been very satisfied with my purchase thus far. The brush is easy to clean with 3 people using it daily and the paddle fits the hand well, the bristles are sturdy and flexible, and the brush is easy to use. My son loves the fact that he has his own comb. I drilled a hole in the handle to make it easier to hang since I have a small bathroom. The wood was splintering a bit, but a little sanding. It was new and ready for its new home.

👤I've been using organic, vegan, and more natural products for my beauty and personal care items, and I came across articles and videos about the benefits of using wooden hairbrushes. I had never thought about the benefits of my hair brush, other than the fact that it could handle my thick hair without pulling it out or breaking it. I decided to make the switch because I was intrigued by the benefits. I am a Prime member, so that is usually my first stop, and I found this Be Kind 4-piece hairbrush kit. The paddle brush is large and sturdy and it handles my thick hair very well. It feels like a head massage when brushing with the paddle brush. I'm very thankful that I discovered the Be Kind brand and I'm looking forward to seeing more of their products.

7. Reusable Washable Microfiber Cleansing Eco Friendly

Reusable Washable Microfiber Cleansing Eco Friendly

Premium quality Any skin type or sensitivity can be gently removed with the super soft makeup removing pads. The cleansing facial pads can be used to remove face makeup, as well as to clean the baby's eyes. It's perfect for selfies or as a gift. Makeup removal pads are round in shape. You can keep some in your travel bag, purse or overnight bag, it's convenient to use, and it's 4 color. They believe in doing their part to make the planet a better place. One of their pads can be used over 1000 times. The 18 pack of pads will keep 16,000 cotton rounds from ending up in a landfill. It is so nice to have an option that is less wasteful than makeup wipes. You're making a difference. Once it's dirty, you throw it in your laundry bag and wash it. 18 packs are provided so that you always have a set available. You will be happy with how much you will save because these pads can be used up to 1000 times. Provide a safe way to remove makeup. You know you are buying a trusted brand with 100% satisfaction. They have always focused on the environment, and are in full compliance with the regulations. Feel free to contact them if you want to know more about their products and service. The 7* 24 Hours Service Team is always here for you. Click and buy.

Brand: Nugilla

👤I gave these to my students to use. They loved using them, and they all commented on how soft they were.

👤I like these. I've been trying to cut back on single use items as much as possible and I'm so happy I found these. They work well for removing makeup or small wipes. I use mine with micellar water because they can work like a makeup eraser. They have a mesh bag for the dirty ones, you just zip it closed and toss in the wash. Some of them have a light grey tint to them, but they are not dirty, just a little stained. To be expected is what I feel. The colors are fun. They are in a jar on my sink top. I recommend these if you want to replace cotton rounds or makeup wipes.

👤I like the set of cleaning pads. It's easy to put the dirty ones in the net bag and toss them in the wash because of the hooks. One thing I would recommend is to thoroughly wet the cleaning pads. You won't need much to take off your makeup if you put a cleanser on them. It will be easier to see if you've gotten it all off if you use a different color than what you're taking off.

👤Very soft and works well. It takes me about 5 minutes to clean my makeup off, but with these methods it takes less than a minute. I like how fast they work. When I take my makeup off, I don't have to worry about chemicals getting into my eyes.

👤I've purchased similar products on Amazon and loved them. I decided to use this product because of the color assortment. I should have bought the ones I had before. The material on these rounds is very thin. I have to fold them in half.

👤I love these makeup removal cloths. They work well and are easy to clean, I just throw some soap on after taking my makeup off. Cleaned! I love it! Thank you Amazon!

👤I was not sure if these cloths could remove makeup on their own. They are amazing. Good for people with soap allergies, it can be used on skin to clean. My daughter is getting better. It's a great gift idea for teens and young ladies.

👤It doesn't clean with just water so you use it once and put it in the hamper. It is necessary to find a good place to store them during dry time so that they don't cause a leak on the bathroom floor.

8. GIFT Something Embroidered Handkerchief Together

GIFT Something Embroidered Handkerchief Together

A unique moment. – The gift is simple and delicate. A gift wrapped in twine that comes from the heart will last a lifetime. Soft and smooth. The cotton is 100% natural. The embroidered blue text and hearts will not fade. The 12” x 12” (30 cm x 30 cm) handkerchief is a multi purpose item. Perfect bridesmaids, best man, parents, brothers, sisters, son, daughter and special guests wedding accessories or registry idea. Cute flat envelope packaging keeps handkerchief and eco friendly cardboard set undamaged. The handkerchiefs are stored in a sealed poly bag for added item protection. The handkerchief can be washed with cold or warm water in a bucket, sink or shower, and it's replaceable. The handkerchief can be safely washed.

Brand: W&f Gift

👤This came very quickly and was very pretty just like the picture shows. It is handmade and sewn. I was afraid to wash it before the wedding because it was not as soft as I wanted it to be. It is 100% cotton, however it has been either steamed or ironed, so it is slightly stiff. I don't want to open it because it was a gift and I didn't want to roll it around in my hands. I want it to be used on the face, so hopefully after holding it or applying a little bit of heat to it, it will make the face softer. The blue is a baby sky type blue and it is almost pure white. It looks and feels good.

👤I bought this for the mother of the groom's mother. She was very emotional about her son's wedding. She was a bit tense and nervous when I got there. I gave her this and it broke her eyes and made her laugh. She used it during the ceremony. It's much nicer than tissues.

👤Two weeks ago, my best friend got married. She's type A to T. I knew she was going to be very emotional and tense, so I gave her this while we were getting ready. She laughed when she opened it. It broke the tension and was something blue. The wedding was beautiful and the bride was happy.

👤The product was packaged in a way that it showed up in reverse. I had to unwrap the whole thing and repackage it so that the writing was readable and forward-looking. Otherwise fine. Cute packaging.

👤My husband gave this to my daughter when she did her wedding dress reveal. They both cried and this made them laugh. Excellent quality. My son-in-law received one as well. I would recommend it.

👤Very nice! The handkerchief is funny. Excellent quality. A nice gift.

👤The best gift ever. A sad member of the wedding party was ready to take on the super human. This is for the bride and her mother. They would love it.

👤I didn't have Blue for my wedding so I ordered this. The packaging is very nice and well put together. There is a The quality of the handkerchief is great and I like that it is a funny saying. I would recommend this for yourself on your big day.

👤It was exactly as pictured and arrived on time.

👤There was a place to leave a note in the package. Absolutely adore this gift!

9. Corkor Wallet Minimalist Leather Durable

Corkor Wallet Minimalist Leather Durable

If you're not completely satisfied with their products, they'll give you a full refund or a free replacement. The Bifold Slim Design has enouth storage for the minimalists. It fits nicely in your front or back pocket. Trendy and stylish without animal suffering was approved. The gift idea. It's a quality replacement for leather. There is a 2-year manufacturer warranty on the synthetic leather.

Brand: Corkor

👤The wallet is sturdy and soft. I think it looks nice. The black has some of the cork pattern, but it doesn't make a difference to me. I only noticed that the edges were covered in plastic when I was writing this, which I think adds someDurability. There is a The slots between the cards and cash are very small and tight. I had to use a credit card to push in the check because it was folded in half. I would like to keep my old wallet. I wanted to post a comparison picture. The old wallet had the same layout, but the hidden compartments could hold more. It was very thin. I don't think this is a slim wallet. If I had seen it first, I wouldn't have bought it. If my dogs hadn't torn up my old one, I wouldn't use this one.

👤I love how this wallet is free of animal products. Stuffing it with all your cards is not something you can do with it. If you are looking for a wallet where you can put multiple cards in each pocket, this isn't the one for you. The cork can rip if too much is stuffed in it. The back pocket for cash is large so it can hold a lot. There are invisible pockets under the card pockets, so that was a nice surprise.

👤I got this wallet yesterday and it will give me four stars. There's a weird patch on the front of the wallet that's the reason I'm taking a star away. The back of the wallet looks a lot like the ones in the pictures. I briefly considered using the wallet backwards, but decided against it, because the back looks better to me. The patch on the front of the cork is different from the rest of the cork and I don't like it. The wallet is so soft that it can fit in my back pocket. I've never experienced anything like this before. You have to feel this wallet in your hands to appreciate it. All of my cards fit in the slots. The cashier at the drug store stared at the wallet I put on the counter while I paid. She didn't say anything, but it caught her attention. The color is rich. The patch on the front is bothering me. You don't see that kind of thing in the photos that they use to promote the wallet on Amazon. I will update this review as I see how the wallet holds up.

👤The wallet has exceeded my expectations. I was looking for a wallet that was free of animal products and this was one of the best. It seems very durable and feels high quality. I think this will last many years. It is thinner than my old trifold. The cards are in their slots. There is a It was only a few days. I think this is the best wallet I have ever owned.

👤This is a very nice wallet. I was looking at a wood wallet, but it was too stiff. The cork wallet is right. The flexibility of the cork is very similar to leather. It is a little thicker than I thought, but nothing of consequence. I think the cork will compress over time. Great purchase.

10. Swedish Dishcloth Cellulose Sponge Cloths

Swedish Dishcloth Cellulose Sponge Cloths

250 eco friendly napkin paper towel Their Swedish dishcloths for kitchen and bathroom cleaning pick up spills and splashes like magic. Paper towels are reuseable. This Swedish dishcloth can be thrown in the wash after use and it will be good as new. These kitchen dishcloths can be used for scrubbing or drying dishes, cups, mugs, sinks, tubs, and showers. You can get 10 dish rags in your choice of blue, grey, lime, pink, purple, watermelon red, white, yellow, or assorted colors. The color packs shown are based on availability. When wet, the dish cloth becomes soft to the touch, and it's not too hard to clean when dry.

Brand: Swedish Wholesale

👤The product was marketed as "Made in Europe". The marketing on their site says "European Made - Don't settle for low quality Chinese alternatives!" The over-use of the word "Swedish" leads you to believe that they are from Sweden. I am ok with buying from any European country because they all have high labor standards, pay reasonable wages, place a lot of importance on sustainable practices, and maintain high standards to protect the health and welfare of consumers. The package that arrived said it was made in Europe. There is a package in China. What?! How is a product that has been sent half way around the world to be put into a plastic bag? You can't put the cloths in a plastic bag where they are manufactured for less money than shipping them to the other side of the planet, not to mention the environmental cost. The dish cloths are expensive. I am happy to pay a higher price to buy from a country that has good business practices. I have the feeling that something is not right here. The fact that China is involved in any capacity makes me angry because I was looking for a product that was free of China. I ended up doing business with China at European prices. Not good! Not good at all!

👤It's much better than all cotton dishcloths because they are absorbent, easy to wring out after use, and can be used to wash dishes. They don't stink. I threw them in the washing machine and hung them up to dry, but I didn't put one in the dryer until after I'd gotten home. It was at least an inch smaller. "Maybe if you run water on it, it will get big again!" my husband said. I ran water over it and it came back to its normal size. If you want, they can be put in the dryer. I am very happy with this purchase and recommend them.

👤I don't understand why people like these. They are stiff and awful. They stain. They don't dry flat and look wrinkled when they are dry. The purchase was the worst of my life. If I could, I would return them. I kept trying to convince myself that I liked them. Terrible. You can save $18 by buying a 6 pack of white wash rags from Target.

👤I feel they were misrepresented. I searched for products made in Sweden. These came up. I was disappointed when I saw nothing in the product description to indicate they were made in China. Maybe the country of origin was disclosed, but I didn't see it. After the Chinese dog food debacle a few years back, I don't allow Chinese products in my kitchen. These will be returned.

👤These are weird, but not bad. They are not as flexible as regular kitchen towels. You can tell they are a weird hybrid. They leave nothing behind. The color makes it look like I'm using hospital sheets to wipe my counter. They are dry to sheets that refuse to lay flat after washing per manufacturer instructions. They're not bad, but they're not usable for some purposes. I like to lay out a clean paper towel for spills in the morning. I intended to use these instead. After washing, they are so weird you can't even place a spoon on them. There is a They are not bad for general purposes and have washed well. If you use a rough towel, keep an eye out for bits falling off. When they get grungy, we throw them in the compost bin. I won't buy these again. I expected them to be softer for the price. It's very expensive for what you get.

11. MRD Detangling Brushes Hairbrush ECO Friendly

MRD Detangling Brushes Hairbrush ECO Friendly

ECO-friendly: The set has a standard brush, mini brush, and hair combs. The hairbrush is made of sustainable bamboo. The bamboo pins will not damage the hair like a standard plastic pinned brush and will help create a sleek and shiny hair. For all hair types, it's suitable for children with long short thick curly straight natural dry or wet hair. The rounded ends of the brushes increase blood flow to the hair and make it grow faster. With more blood hair follicles, they get more nutrition and produce more sebum. It means you have good hair care. Their wide tooth comb is great for wet or dry hair. The Rat tail comb is the perfect tool for distributing product through your hair with ease. A gift idea. The perfect gift for that special person in your life is their bamboo combs and brushes. It's a perfect gift for your girlfriend, wife, mom, and friends on any of the following days: Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Anniversary, and Birthday. They are very confident in their product. If you have a problem, please contact them.

Brand: Mrd

👤Small brush is great for travel. Didn't try the comb yet. The big wide tooth comb is the reason I give this product 3 stars instead of 4. The first day it was used, it started to splinter. I didn't like that it started to split so quickly, but it was great at coming with wet or damp hair. All of the teeth splintered, not just one tooth. All products are sturdy.

👤Really like the bamboo brushes. They feel better on my head. I have a dry and sensory hair. I also have long hair. I hate long hair but live in poverty and my elbow doesn't work as well as it used to because of arthritis. It is getting longer and more prone to tangle. I prefer using a wide tooth comb when my hair is wet. When putting up a messy bun, use a brush at night. The brushes are working. The tiny one is adorable. I'm not happy with the combs. I don't think they should make them if they can't figure out the splinter issues. The fine tooth comb began to break. The tooth comb is a bit longer. Maybe 6. I'll have to buy some sand paper to fix it. If not, I would be left with small splinters in my hair or my hair would be pulled out of my head. The brushes are worth it for the price. I think they need to either charge more for the sand or give you sand paper to do it yourself.

👤I have curly hair that tangles easily. It would hurt more to comb my hair with the wooden comb and brush that I looked at. I like using these more than my plastic products.

👤I have had these for a while. I would recommend these to anyone who would like a good set at a good price. The small brush is perfect for both of my son's hair, one has thick hair and the other has medium-thick hair, one has tight curls and the other has straight hair. My hair is down to where my pants begin. My hair tangles easily. The brushes have held up so far, maybe one has broken, but that is great considering how difficult my hair is. I will purchase another set when the time is right. I think these have helped my hair.

👤My wife likes this set. The brush doesn't damage her hair. The combs are great for beard hair. The wife uses one of the combs. Our family gives it.

👤No es el cepillo ideal para grandes, pero para nudos manejables...

👤I love this set of brushes. I have a sensitive scalp and my hair tangles quickly, so I have never had a brush that didn't hurt my head. The brushes glide through my hair. I'm so thankful to have them. My daughter loves them and I bought another set for her. It's worth the price as you get a big brush, a small brush, a large comb and a smaller comb, they are all sturdy and well made. Thanks!


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